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Because there are different official sonic styles, and not all these styles have the same proportions.

The Last in this series so far.


Sonic is ownd by SONIC TEAM.
The Sonic pictures (reference pics) are ownd by SONIC TEAM.
The compilation and idea is by me.
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couldn't resist.... sorry, just a fast mash up...
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For those that don't know, this is PotatOS from Portal 2.

This is still very much a WIP. The texture was, well frankly, a mess; had to re-map half of it and patch up seams like you wouldn't believe. It's orders of magnitude better in this shot, but I'm still working on that one big one down the back...

The actual mesh wasn't too bad; I did a bit of simplification, but I wanted to leave a lot of the detail in, so it's still going to be a fairly complex model.
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~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~

Here's a little something I've been doing on and off for the past few days: models for the dA llama badges!

I plan on making all the "costume items" for the different levels removable; i.e. once you make the regular Llama, you can turn it into a Super Llama, Ninja Llama, Fancy Llama, Spartan Llama, King Llama or Wizard Llama by swapping out the different capes and accessories. The two Albinos, the Golden and Rainbow Llamas however will need to be completely built on their own (for obvious reasons).

Of course, upon posting this I realized that all of my models are mirror backwards compared to the original icons... Yea, easy enough fix, just a nuisance...
I can't believe I didn't even see that when compiling the screenshots for this picture...

I don't think the Albinos are white enough... I'll have to touch up their textures a bit more.
The gold one was the most fun to texture; it's so simple, and its got those nice big "shiny" waves!

Also, I'm not entirely convinced the rainbow llama is a legitimate level. Some people say it is, but I've yet to see anyone with it.

Double also, only 234 40 more till I get the Wizard Llama! ACHIEVED!

Minor Update: 6/19
Added the Bowtie and fixed the Wizard a little, made his cloak longer and shifted the colors to be a little bluer

Major Update: 6/22
Pretty much finished the remaining llamas, went through and made little touch-ups to the others (I'm much happier with the Albinos), and mirrored everything to match the icons (they were all backwards before). I'm still not sure what I'm going to do for the sunglasses, I'd have to stretch each eye really far apart and hold them together with a very wide and skinny bridge... which I could do, it'd just look weird. I think I'll just omit it for now. Also, I'm not sure what to do for the Spartan's beard; originally I was planning on the accessories being permanent, i.e. just gluing the beard on the face, but now that I'm going for a mix-and-match approach I'll probably have to make a thin piece to wrap over the top of the head... I'll sleep on it.
Also, I just realized I forgot to texture the Ninja's sword...
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A paper model(paper craft) of Oblivion keyblade from Kingdom hearts 2 that I made.

Since people have been asking, here's how I did it

1. Find artwork of Oblivion keyblade and separate the picture into different parts.
2. zoom in on the artwork and start drawing out the pieces(or trace if you want)
3.Scan the pictures into the completer and flip it horizontally ( for the second side cause I'm lazy :P)
4. Cut the pieces out and the rest is just building + some adjustments along the way (Being experienced in papercrafting helps too)

Note: I kind of painted and build it at the same time because I often notice parts that will be hard to paint if you glue it first.

Detail wise: I tried to make it as detailed as possible so there are many pieces that would of been able to be one piece but I made it two pieces.

The above is the run down of how I made oblivion Keyblade. I am currently working on Oathkeeper Keyblade( coz I just finished KH 358/2 Days which motivated me) and who probably show how I did it step by step if anyone wants to know. nvm, I finished Oathkeeper long ago and forgot to take pictures of the process ^^'''

Btw, Thanks for all your comments. I really enjoy reading them. :)
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The keyblade papercraft is now complete! this is the free commission for my friend's at school! ^_^
It took a whole 3 hour and 21 minutes to build this nasty small thing!

I'm very tired @.@

note: Warning, large sized file... ;b
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Name: Davon
Age: 17 years
Rank: Cook
Species: Cat-dragon hyrbrid
[Honest]:bulletpurple:[Clumsy]:bulletpurple:[Loner]:bulletpurple:[Hard-working]:bulletpurple:[Easily frustrated]:bulletpurple:[Curious]
[Honest] Davon is always honest to a fault, and almost will never lie. If you want someoneís opinion without any makeup to it, Davon is the one you should turn to. However, this can cause him to be a little brutal if he has a negative opinion on the matter and he is a horrible liar whenever he is forced into a situation that calls for it.
[Clumsy] With words and actions, Davon isnít exactly your definition of Ďsmoothí. He fumbles a bit with words and says things before thinking, and sometimes he isnít quite focused on everything around him. Davon has embarrassed himself several times in the past when he simply said the wrong thing at the wrong time.
[Loner] Whenever he fumbles and says the wrong thing, Davon shuts down and lingers in the back of the group. He tends to do this naturally, since heís incredibly self-conscious of his actions, but heíll just shut up and move away at the first sign of embarrassment.
[Hard-Working] Davon is always desperate to please, constantly trying to go the extra mile in order to be positively recognized. In all due honesty part of it is just insecurity and Davon wanting to be told that he did the right thing.
[Easily Frustrated] With himself and others around him, Davon can be very impatient. Heís the kind of person that always wants to get going and get it done quickly, and whenever he messes up heíll beat himself up about it. He wonít lash out at you, but heíll certainly be a little ticked.
[Curious] Davon is a very curious tom, and when bored likes to team up with some buddies and goes around finding places he shouldnít be sticking his nose in. Sometimes he can even cross the line and might even be considered mischievous, but Davon really canít resist.
:bulletpurple: Hard worker and never gives up, great friend
:bulletpurple: Quick thinker, great at math
:bulletpurple: Has a photographic memory
:bulletpurple: Heís good at putting on a poker face. If heís scared, sad, or angry, people will hardly know because heíll just retreat into his shell.
:bulletpurple: Horrible liar
:bulletpurple: TERRIFIED OF WATER. Canít swim at ALL.
:bulletpurple: His wings are too small and flimsy, he canít fly at all despite the fact his species normally can.
:bulletpurple: Socially awkward and clumsy.
~Being up high
~Food (seems to always be hungry)
~Loves Math
~Being lied to
~For some reason Davon really hates oranges


:bulletred: 15
:bulletgreen: 1
:bulletorange: 1
:bulletpurple: 0
~Butcher Knife
~TAIL STRING. :iconfyeahplz:

Entry for #Space-Garden c: Hope I get in!
I'll probably add the other sort of stuff (relationships, gemberries, upgrades, etc) later on once I get them.
I'm really proud of Davon's design c:

Added tail string c: wootwoot
It's that neon green thing on his tail. Like a bracelet... Just made of string

Davon/Art (c) :iconthecluelesscat:
:iconspace-garden: (c) :iconurnam7:
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So here's a WIP of an container loading bot I am currently working on, thought I'd post it now, as I am gone for the next weeks and I dunno when I'll be able to finish it.

It's got four arms which can be linked, so they can act as two arms. the boxes on the back of the shoulders are counter weights which can swing up and down, so the mecha can keep the balance when handling the containers.
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Flat Coloured commission for :iconxxthatoneangelxx:

Hope you like it! :D

Characters (c) ~xXThatOneAngelXx and her friend
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