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Ma kitty, his name is Rusty. My neighbor found saved him from a dog but his mother was allergic to him and his sister, Princess. We adopted both of them, and so now we have the two of them, my other cat, Willow, and my dog, Sadie. I remember when he was so little, he fit in the palm of my hands. Now it takes both arms to carry him around. He is still as cute as ever :meow: And yes, he is named after Firestar from the Warrior cats, back when he had his kity pet name. Here I come, cat badge!
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I did not make this picture, I am simply re-posting it. I saw it on Facebook and thought it was just THE BEST thing, so I'm sharing it with you! x3

HAH, how funny x3 TAKE THAT, HATERS!!!

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Hahaha here my drawing about Valentine's Day ^^;
Sonic and Amy belongs Sonic Team SEGA in Sonic Boom clothes
Art by me Jessica 
Made it on Paint Tool Sai and tablet Wacom Bamboo
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Made this for the 1000 DEVIANTS, 1000 CRANES project. It was fun and now I have a whole bunch of paper cranes on my desk :D

I wanted a really tiny one for this entry so I kept trying to fold it smaller and smaller, and after 3 tries I managed 0.4cm x 0.4cm using a pin and the tip of my ruler :giggle: But then my camera couldn't get a good focus on it so I had to make it a little bigger. This one is made from a 0.7cm x 0.7cm piece of origami paper.

The red face is the :rage:-emoticon stressball
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Mini Challenge: Come up with your best quote(s) on animal abuse and by the end of today I shall feature a few c: OVER

Quotes from fellow deviants:
" 'You cannot save them all'
does not mean
'You cannot save one' " ~~songbird80880

"why must i fight for your fun"~~notagoodmorninggrace

"the only vicious breed: humans" ~~angelwolf95

"They can't speak for themselves.
So you speak for them." ~~SoulSearcherGirl

"A soul is grand, no matter how small the vessel" ~*iMonox

"Take out the blindness, show a little kindness, evolve up the ladder, get conscious- animals matter"~~The-Red-Wolfy

"Animals know the meaning of true forgiveness..." ~~DemonicSubstance

"We feel pain as you do, but we cannot tell you that it hurts"~*Valiona

"Where were you when I needed you?"~*FrozenTempest

A Life message:
"Love and respect all forms of life to truly know the beauty of life."~~SkateboardinZombies

Interpretation (perfect one too!) of my piece:
"I'm in pain. I need help. I need a savior." ~~StoryRPArt

Download for Full View

I've always been sick of animal abuse, and when =Rinermai linked an awful picture of a german sheperd puppy being dragged by a guy on a motorcycle, some part of me ripped in half.

I couldn't stand it. First I'd like to thank you all for coming to my stream and wow! I even got 45-48 viewers at one point for some time and that's a record <3

Second, thank you for your support too on the topic ;v;

Well then, I decided to do an animal abuse promotional picture.
If you could donate here's one place that's reliable in their work:

If you have anything art-wise related to this that you're interested in featureing I'm opening #AnimalAwareness to BOTH Endangered Animals AND Abused Ones

Puerto Rico dog park and abuse Now this article is also a must read, there are parts of Puerto Rico that are known for their animal abuse and even 'petnapping' dogs and cats from families and making them fight.

Abuse at it's worst: [link]
German Shepard that was abused and neglected: [link]

Also featuring some works to spread the awareness:
Rinermai's companion to 'Innocence':

~The-Red-Wolfy's animal abuse work:

:star:Other Awareness and regular works by me:star:

Design Capukat|Me
Art Capukat|Me
SAI- 1 1/2 hours
Text added in Photoshop Elements 8

:star:Want to save these animals?
Join #AnimalAwareness to show your support for saving endangered animals and contribute to our galleries to spread the awareness!
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god im so lame xD
super unoriginal and lame LOLOLOLOL
anyways for The Great Valentine Exchange [link]


done in SAI and PSCS5
Art is by me *MelissaR1
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For :iconyoonsik:
S-sorry I'm the one who got you orz||| Hopefully they're not too OOC'd to death;;; Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :santa:

Characters are: Claire, Aipuru, Blythe, (mini) Charlotte, Theodore and Trixie. Sorry, no Jamaddhar or Edda.

Lol, this one picture alone doubles the amount of guys in my gallery.
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This is my participation to the international Cheetah Day Challenge ! The International Cheetah Day Challenge!:star::star::star:
International Cheetah Day is here!!!
Using Art to Save a Species!

:bulletblue: :bulletblue:
Welcome to the International Cheetah Day Challenge!  What is this challenge, you ask?  Well...
:bulletorange: The International Cheetah Day Challenge (ICDC) is the day when you, supporters of saving the endangered cheet

*|.Cheetah Stamp.|* by AzureGriffin
My first cheetah ever ! Frankly I am really happy about this pic, I had a lot of fun drawing it ! I think it's also because this is my favourite "big cat" (with the cougar). First I wanted to draw a cartoon version... but I really wanted to know if I was capable to correctly draw a realistic cheetah.
You can also find this pic on FurAffinity… , SoFurry and tumblr… .

Thanks to all the people who participate to this day, I've see such beautiful pics already... let deviantART be full of cheetah today :heart: ! Running Cheetah Icon by TheHuntingWolf
Please, check the Cheetah Conservation Fund's website and the about the Cheetah Day Challenge.

This painting is avaible on print. All the money recieved from the sales of this pic will be transfered to the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

[Edit]: Ho my god, this pic recieved a CUTE Badge from :iconwhispermewish: WhisperMeWish group ! Thank you so much !
Creation time: 5 hours
Software: Photoshop CS5
Layers: 5
Hardware:Wacom Intuos4
Reference: random cheetah images from the internet
Textures: no
Real size: 11x8inches (30x21 cm)
Date of creation: 04.12.2012

Digital painting © Black_Berry for the international Cheetah Day Challenge
:+favlove: Do you like it ? Become a fan on Facebook and visit my tumblr to see original sketches and WIP!
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Happy Valentine !!

Lynette (from my webcomic Harfang [link] ).
Done for the DA Valentine Project : The great Valentine Exchange [link]
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just doodled something for today |D

/goes back to procrastinating

:bulletblack: done in SAI
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