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I wanted to update this a while ago. The photo is crowded, I took it in a hurry.

These are the Pkmn I have, in build order:
- Turtwig, Espeon and Vaporeon: regular paper. Awful.
- Gallade (1st one on thick paper - its head tilts ^^), Staryu, Lugia (I didn't know scrap paper then...), Mudkip, Chikorita, Torterra, Pichu, Roselia, Gardevoir: 140gsm paper
- Scizor, Nidoking, Bayleef (waiting a little to do Paperpokés photo), Quilava, Reshiram, Raichu (a bet, and a bday present. Can't believe I built it in 1.5 day!!): 120gsm

Mankey is almost ready, but I forgot to include it ^^. A few more coming!
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Time for a new DeviantID picture!

I've decided to change the style a bit and focus on 100% anime hand drawn style for this. I originally wanted to place characters on it so that it fully depicts the enormous size of the head. I might leave that for some other time =)
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My first traditional and useful MEME!!!! OMG!!! XD

:bulletblue: Ahem, I've made this Meme special for people who don't know their own comic style yes. So this Meme will (I hope it) help people with creating their styles of comic.
I can understand you don't get some of these Meme sentures but I've filled this Meme by myself to cause I was getting trouble with my comic style. I was changing to much and I want to keep it simple as possible ^^;

:bulletblack: So it will help you people to create your own comic style with this Meme :meow:

Example, my own Meme filled :pointr:

Interested to Commission me? Here are some journal links of them;

❥ - Point Commission - Sonic Style
❥ - Point Commission - Other Styles

Trying to find some Sonic adoptable? Here's my journal about it;

❥ - Sonic Adoptable JOURNAL

Meme by :icontruth-lely-gaia:

Art by :icontruth-lely-gaia:
Tools used:
Fine Liner 0,2 - 0,5 - 0,8 + Promarker

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A Stamp of me fav console ^^

I intend to collect all the games someday dontcha know? Lifelong ambition. ;D

N64 is (C) Nintendo
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Found this and thought he was sexy :D I did draw him out and tried to put him on here, but its to bright to see cus im using my cam in order to put my art up on here, it works sometimes and not all the time, and once i get a working printer, then I will submit all my fanart!!! yay! I hope to see this movie very soon once it gets out on dvd!. I made a music video tho of my fave wreck it ralph couple Felix+Calhoun [link] the music is by Owl City -Enchanted.
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Name: Ariana
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Pokemon: Taillow
Nature: Modest

History: Ari comes of a family of four. Her mother, father and her older sister. Ari grew up close the HQ of Calmare. They still live in that same small house. Her father works around the HQ for delivery. Mainly mail but also news from the other regions and dangers that might come ahead.

As a child Ari wanted to become a strong warrior. Growing up so close to the HQ she often saw them coming by her house. Her parents worried a lot when Ari came home with the news that she wanted to join Calmare as a page to become a warrior. They thought that at the age of 14 she was still a bit too young to get into this war and they worried that their daughter would get hurt during battle, but Ari had her mind set. They respected her decision and let her join. Quickly Ari figured that she wasn't actually that strong, but she didn't give her hopes up just yet. After a few years of training Ari was getting closer to her ceremony and got nervous. How was she supposed to become a warrior if she didn't even have the power to fight, or even lift a sword? Once she turned 18, old enough to decide on a class she felt down. Her sister noticed and asked what was up. Ari explained her troubles to which her sister laughed. She pointed out that she could become a Scout as it fitted her better. She convinced her that she was strong and also quick enough to take on this job. Besides that, she could fly! which would work out great for a scout. With new hope she took on the job. She still had a lot to learn but was more sure about her powers. Her father was very proud and after her ceremony he gave her a pair of goggles.

After a year of being a scout Ari is now more experienced. She's still not the best and wouldn't proudly tell about her stories but what is important is that she enjoys what she does and slowly builds up her confidence.

Personality: Ari lacks a lot of confidence and this shows. She isn't actually shy but often when others ask her about her job she backs off and usually changes the subject.
Ari loves her friends and would like to spend most of her time with them, when she sees one around she will most likely come up to them to chat.
Overall Ari is a friendly and helpfull person who enjoys the company of others.

If she like-likes you (a crush), she will want to be around you even more. Even so she doesn't really know how to handle these feelings and how to express them. It usually follows up by her clinging onto you a lot and probably also a lot of blushing.

If Ari dislikes you she rather stays away from you or just acts cold. If it is out of fear she won't actually look into your eyes and will try to get away as quick as possible.

- Her friends
- Making friends
- Berries
- Flying up high in the sky
- Chi <3
- Bad weather
- Thunder

Ability: Guts Attack raises to 1.5 times when induced with a status (BURN, PARALYZE, SLEEP, POISON, FREEZE). BURN’s effect of lowering Attack is not applied.

:bulletwhite: Quick attack The user lunges at the target at a speed that makes it almost invisible. It is sure to strike first.
:bulletwhite: Wing attack The target is struck with large, imposing wings spread wide to inflict damage.
:bulletpurple: Toxic A move that leaves the target badly poisoned. Its poison damage worsens every turn.
:bulletwhite: Roost The user lands and rests its body. It restores the user's HP by up to half of its max HP.

Sub-Class: Scout

Additional Info:
-She will never introduce herself with her full name nor tell anyone with it is as she likes her nickname MUCH better.
There is a small chance that she will tell it to you when you are VERY close to her
- She usually carries a light shoulderbag with her when she goes out to fly around.
- She uses throwing daggers as a weapon, sometimes she uses her attack toxic to make them poisoned before throwing them at her enemy.
- The bandages around her legs don't really serve a purpose.
- She still lives with her parents but wants to move out soon, sadly with the current situation that probably won't happen anytime soon
-Ari and her family are all vegetarian!
-Ari comes from an average family, they aren't poor nor actually rich
:new:-Ari doesn't hate anyone from Furia but will be a bit scared around them, if you are from Furia but you are nice to her she'll try her best to be nice back although it might confuse her a bit

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I was bored again and trying to find a new look for Raisy,so here it is! :dummy:

I'll make a reference soon. ;D (Maybe..hehe :'DD)

I hope you like it! ^^


Art by ~RaisytheDrummer
Raisy the Hedgehog by ~RaisytheDrummer
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- You get a green gem for making a ref sheet for your baby. <3 And also for the other person who owns it as well. So, you both get a green gem no matter who makes it.

- PLEASE take a look at the group rules before you create the baby. There are rules you MUST know.

- IF APPLICABLE put the egg design in that place. If you're a mammal/have mammal-like qualities you cannot have an egg.

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Have fun!

- Please credit the original Characters back if you use other ones OCs.
- Please credit me/the original template back.
- Send a note or comment in my profile when you're done. I'd like to see the results!
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