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Dark, clean and mean theme for Cinnamon.

Font: Droid Sans
Works best with square icons, like Faenza/Faience
Theme page at the Cinnamon site

- Jan 4, 2013: Had way too much box-shadow if you don't have a dark wallpaper, toned down a bit
- Nov 24, 2012: Calendar polish
- Nov 22, 2012: Fix menu popup popuping too far from the left screen edge (with a dirty hack, hope it works well for everyone).
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bspwm is incredible. Check it out. Click and drag tiling resize is also super useful.
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Modified colors, wallpaper.
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Custom Conky By Me

Original Source:
1: Gomeriffic: Conky / Name: Initiate Conky Config: [link]
2: Mloodszy: Conky / Name: Pricedown Conky Clock: [link]

Note: Combined these 2 conkyrc's to make this one minimal conkyrc.
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Trying to make the ultimate light theme for Cinnamon.
Wallpaper (subjected to gaussian blur)
Theme page at the Cinnamon site

- Apr 29, 2013: Brought up-to-date with Cinnamon 1.7.7 + menu right click submenu bug fix (thx GREY_FOX!)
- Jan 12, 2013: Small menu improvement
- Jan 4, 2013: Some users experienced lag with Baldr so I have toned down the box-shadow (my main suspect) - the calendar is a bit dull now but hopefully quicker for those who experience lag :)
- Dec 26, 2012: Massive overhaul of the old Baldr theme (first I ever did) - this is basically a new theme
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Much of the same from my other submission...

Arch Linux with Awesome WM and custom tile layout. Also using Compton for composition.

Firefox Nightly (Australis) [v31.0a1] and 4-Chan with my CSS. Using Vimperator for navigation.
(Firefox CSS can also place an url-bar on top (below the tabs or merged with the tabs on the left) or at the bottom of the browser)

Terminals (URxvt-256color) showing from left: screenfetch and ncmpcpp + mpd.

My files can be found at (files updated for this theme May 17th, 2014)

The Lemon font and my vol/bat widgets belong to

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Chill Sunday - wallpaper
480 x 320
1280 x 720
1600 x 900
1920 x 1080
1920 x 1200
2560 x 1440
Photo by me
iMac psd - [link]
Iphone psd - [link]
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moved to arch from #! and after a few (many) config headaches it's now working like a dream
still using subtlewm
top bar is dzen using many of the awesome clickable scripts from windelicato…
wall is…
picture is…
in ranger the picture is…
start page is

EDIT: subtle config and xdefaults posted on dotshare
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i've had a lot of positive feedback on this panel, so i've packaged it as best i can for distribution.
this whole thing is just a fancy trick. its not really meant to be distributed as an awesome kick ass fat floaty gnome-panel. its just supposed to look good in screenshots and during general usage. ;)
includes: 1024, 1152, 1280, 1400, 1440, 1600, 1680, 1920, 2048, 2560. if your screen is bigger i'll assume you're a power user.

here is a gtkrc-2.0 file with the code necessary to remove the little arrow from your menu button. the file goes in your home directory. if you already have a gtkrc-2.0 in your home directory then open this new one and copy the code into the one you already have.
Compiz Config

/usr/share/themes OR /usr/share/icons
/home/USERNAME/.themes OR /home/USERNAME/.icons

you can take ownership of folders with $sudo chown USERNAME -R /ANY/FOLDER/LOCATION


1:hide theme default panel
2:activate elementary-dark
3:apply panel image
4:tweak the applets and hide panel shadow


1: go to the elementary/gtk-2.0/Panel and rename both images in the folder. (the objective is to hide the themes default panel.)

2: go to elementary/gtk-2.0 and open gtkrc. at the very bottom of the code you'll see this line include "Apps/panel.rc" make it look like this include "Apps/panel-dark.rc" (the objective is to make global-menu texts compatible with the dark panel)

3: apply elementary gtk and elementary-mono-dark icons from the appearance dialog and confirm that your panel is either transparent or some dark defaulted colors and that global-menu text is a light color.


1: find your resolution in the panels folder (if your resolution isn't included you may make a request or edit the psd provided using Gimp or Photoshop or some similar graphic app.)

2: copy the panel you want to somewhere common like your home directory for storage

3: open panel properties. (right click empty space on the panel) from the general tab set size to 58. from the background tab activate image and browse to where you've stored your panel.


1: the icons are huge! copy the icons included in the download to /icons/elementary-mono-dark/panel/22

2: everything is horribly aligned! be sure you've removed any extra panel applets that won't fit. simply move around your applets until they fit then lock em in place

3: wtf is that shadow doing!? open CompizConfig from system>preference. under Effects click Window Decoration. in Shadow windows paste this
any & !(class=Gnome-panel)

the active menu item in global-menu. ugh
new notification icons mess up the icon alignment
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