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This was my Zbrush class final. Pretty sweet program. This is way more detail than I usualy work with but this is just scratching the surface of of the program.
Monster soldier thingy that I whiped up. Its full body but a closeup shows more detail.
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We can now offer new toony k9 noses to customers once again now that the molds have been redone! These are slightly a different style than what we used to offer, because our old toony nose was actually a commissioned nose, so based off of someone elses' measurements and shapes. These have been designed by Mono.

Top nose is our Large k9: 3" wide 2.5" tall 1.5 thick
Price: $8.50 each
Bottom nose is medium k9: 2.4" wide 2" tall 1 1/4 thick
Price: $6.50 each

These can NOT be ordered in solid plastic..they'd be waaay too heavy for a fursuit head, but we do sell them as hollow noses with brackets for easy mounting.
They can come in many different colors, as well as glow in the dark (add $3 to the price for that). These can be found in our webstore for purchase.
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New claw style! This is the only style of claws we offer like this (special mold)

We were actually told to hurry and make these by fenrirschild so they knew who to direct people to. xD We had been planning them for a while now, but we've been so busy, it's been impossible! So on Mono's off time this weekend (we take the weekends off) she went ahead and sculpted these out for the new mold, as well as a curved bird resin blank which will also be available very soon! :)

These claws can be made in any color; claw color as well as quick color, just keep in mind if you have a dark claw color, the quick may not really show up.

Top claws are with a clear claw/pink quick, bottom claws are with a white claw/pink quick. Not as visible, but it's there, barely seen. xD

These can be found in our webstore as well as on the website. :)
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From the previous upload ([link]) you could see how the mask looked with just the eyes, nose, and jawset installed. This is the next step, taking the mask and adding a slight amount of foam -- just enough to get it to the shape you're wanting, since it was a generic k9 resin blank at first, and it needs to resemble a wolf! Sometimes a little foam is needed to add shape and definition to make it resemble a certain species, since not all canines look the same.

This is all the foam that will be going on this mask, next step is ears(which will be in a laying back/side position to give this girl a mellowed out look), and then the furring process!

Again, this is my regular k9 resin mask blank, a medium silicone k9 nose, 4cm 3D LED eyes and a cut down wolf taxidermy jawset from vandykes used on this mask.

Character belongs to Kitsune, I just don't title it Kitsune because then people would assume it's supposed to be a fox, and it's a golden wolf. xD Her name is just Kitsune.
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My brother's costume is complete! And he won 1st place in the Halloween party at his work :)

The renaissance clothing was custom tailored to fit with the mask (which as an extend of fur coming down the chest), as well as to fit the thickness of the "gloves" which come up to his shoulders.

It kinda reminds me of a character from a children's storybook or something :)

Note: I did NOT make this costume.
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Commission for a fixed up resin blank with all sorts of neat features!

Plastic nose was replaced by a glow in the dark silicone nose
Jawset is clear blue, and lit with LEDs
Tongue is blue and UV reactive
Eyes are 4cm hand cast resin hand painted
Apoxie sculpt eyelids in a "feminine" style, with eyelashes attached
Apoxie sculpt tearducts
Chiffon in the tearducts
Elastic around the back of the head
Fan installed in the muzzle
Everything installed to have a moving jaw

All this needs is some foam and fur! :) We are open for these right now, please see our website on the quote form page, down at the bottom, to fill out a quote form for your own fixed up resin blank!
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We have finally done it! Took us a while, but yesterday Mono got her butt in gear and made a ton of molds, including sculpting and making a mold for our new tongues!

As you can see these tongues were molded to fit perfectly into our jawsets(using them for examples), but can also be used for fursuits in general. Tongues are made from silicone so super squishy and realistic, and can come in both normal and UV reactive colors.

Fox: 1.5" x 1"
k9: 1.75" x 1"
Feline: 2" x 2"

Each measurement is taken at the widest point of the tongue.
These can be found in our webstore for purchase.
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Chevron is complete! He is a generic canine mix, though we settled on mostly hyena by the end of the commission. Hehe.

He's one of my cold foam heads, heavily modified with some additional foam and carving to change the shape. He is a "use your own eyes" style mask, and had a working jaw along with some cast latex teeth and nose. The whole thing is airbrushed.

He actually has a chevron shape of tan on his nose (matches the upper stripe and the backs of the ears) but it isn't showing up very well in these shots.

His gallery can be found here.


Costume work and photos belong to Katie Mathew and Feast of Dreams.
Concept and design belong to the commissioner.

Do not use or alter without my permission.
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Built to look like a realistic ocelot, and yes, ocelots have markings all over their bellies, too. :P The suit was being modeled by Ciara's husband, but he's a few inches shorter than the commissioner, hence the bunching of fur around the legs and the tail touching the floor. ^^;

Plantigrade fullsuit with zipper in the back
Full body airbrushing
Silicone pawpads and plastic claws
5ft long tail
moving jaw
LED eyes
airbrushed rose tattoo on belly
muscle padding
taxidermy jawset
custom made silicone nose
styled wig

The suit was made for AC, but due to some terrible events the commissioner was unable to make it there. Hopefully the suit will come out at the next con. :)
youtube video of it in action: [link]
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Just showing the detail that goes into the realistic airbrushing of teeth when you order a fully finished jawset. :)
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