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Twilight cracks open A Unicorn's Guide to Fire Fighting and tries out one of the techniques. :reading:

Uh, Twilight... I think you're doing it wrong :iconfacehoofplz:

- - -

Created as my puppet test for the Double Rainboom project. More information about Double Rainboom can be found here: [link]

- - -

All credit for My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic and Twilight Sparkle goes to Hasbro/DHX and Lauren Faust.

Twilight Sparkle assets from Flamingo1986. Puppet rig here: [link]

EDIT: I found the background via a Google image search [link], but I think it's from Drud14's My Little Pony: Flash Resource Kit [link] at my best guess. If anyone can verify this, I would really appreciate it! :D

EDIT: Sound samples were either pulled from MLP:FiM or found on

All other assets (book, candle, etc.) and animation are mine.
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Used as my puppet test for Double Rainboom! But I'm sure you can all enjoy it as well. :3

Learn more about Double Rainboom at their website! :D
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Feature on Equestria Daily after 2 weeks… - :iconholyshitohmygodplz:

Made MORE people Happy :iconsuccess-plz:

Your comments make me so Happy. I can't answer back to all BUT i assure you THEY MEAN ALOT TO ME. So i hope you guys understand that i acknowledge the comments but i won't reply to it unless its a question or i have something to say about it, K ?

Also, i made a sequel >>>

You probably need to wait a good 1 to 5 minutes before this thing will actually play.I am horrid at flash coding so i did not have a proper loading screen to make up for this HUGE file. Huge apologies before hand. ALSO, as there is no replay button,you are gonna have to manually right click and hit "play" to return.

PLEASE click the little glowing muffin on the bottom right to see the second half of this little animation.

I Love My Little Pony:FIM.
Derpy is a character which i had grown closest to as i love how a simple background pony with no importance whatsoever, could stand out so well(even if it was an accident).
Ever since the Derpy incident a few months back, i loved her even more as the both of us shared a common problem.
Even in the fan base, Derpy still suffered not being accepted by some Bronies/Pegasisters.

A few weeks before, i got into a state of depression. It was seemingly similar to the story of Derpy where i had a tiny "problem" with some of my friends accepting me, i embraced it to draw the Sad Derpy. referencing the problem to the Winter Wrap Up episode where Rainbow Dash gets annoyed at Derpy for flying in the wrong direction to fetch the Southern Birds.

When i realized that... i cannot please everyone, and that... what's important is how i think about myself... Accepting myself for who i am and not what people thought of me, then only did i draw the Happy Derpy, which might explain the small up of quality between the 2 Derpys.(If you are reading until here you probably already knew where i hid the link to the Happy Derpy, which is that muffin)

Music by:
Acoustic Brony - Ode to Derpy Hooves(…)
^ Re-drummed by TeiThePony(…)
Orchestral Design - party of one Re-score(…)


MLP and Derpy Hooves copyrighted to Hasbro


Wanna play an AWESOME Derpy game ?

And have a song after you are done !…
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Another animated loop down, I like this one. simple, but still entertaining to watch.

what was used
- Corel Painter 12
- Flash CS5.5

estimated time worked on:
6-7 hours


THIS MADE FRONT PAGE ON DA! (was possibly higher, but I was away and could not take screen shot earlier)

here is the rough outline
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Finally, after spending entirely too much time on this, it's done!

The Cutie Mark Crusaders, performing the chorus from "Beep Beep", by Schnuffel Bunny

Entire thing (rigs, backgrounds, animation) created in Flash CS5 by me.

EDIT: sorry, sync wasn't working for too many people. Here's the version without seamless looping on the audio, because desync is more distracting than that.

EDIT2: Now with better (stereo!) audio!

"Beep Beep" is Jamster/Jamba! ringtones - original audio from here: [link]
:iconmlpfimplz: and the Cutie Mark Crusaders are of course :iconhasbroplz:
Animation by me!

On Youtube in 1080p: [link]
On EquestriaDaily! [link]
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Meh, I ran out of ideas for games and that's why you get an animation instead. You guys like animation, right? ...right?

The link to the music is in the main menu (as always).

You can use this flash on your personal website or if you want to put it on YouTube, then add a link to this page please.

Want this as a screensaver? Download the looped version without the main menu here: [link] and then try this program (however I haven't tried it myself): [link]
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Made this months ago.
I don't normally upload animations I actually put effort into, for obvious reasons...
But I figured this has been sitting on my desktop long enough.

It doesn't do much. Just a bunch of loops.
Not really all that interesting, in my opinion.

Flash CS5
All custom vectors

MLP:FiM Hasbro
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An animation for :iconbrighteyespegasi:Brighteyespegasi. :3 Sorry it took so long.

RD is voiced by missbunniswan
and BrightEyes is voiced by Rina-Chan
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Oh lyra, you so silly.
Based off this comic by MyMiniatureEquine.
I wub you Myminiature equine! :iconrdsoawesomeplz:

The epic piece of artwork that you can see in the background is inspired by Happy Holidays by Br0ny
And all the voice work is done by TheRobotButterfly! Who happened to also do voicework for a previous animation, Lyra's secret.
Also, I seemed to have picked up a helper! Kaig3n has generously offered to help with vectoring, and he vectored all the furniture and walls! : D This wouldn't have gotten done without Kaig3n's help, it would have just sat on the backburner for the rest of eternity. :3

I wub you all!
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This is my first actual flash "movie" I've ever made. It was more or less practice for me as i transition from making basic character animations and onto full-fledged videos. My animation is pretty lackluster as i became very impatient about halfway, and put the video on hold for maybe.. 5-6 months? So eventually in the last bits of the video i actually take it up a notch in my effort.

Expect better from me in the future, as i'm not entirely proud of this xD

Credits to Valve for the concept and audio, and Hasbro for all characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
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