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Its true :) Love is love, why does it have to be limited?

Edit: Hey guys! Wow, can't believe this got so popular :D And thanks to all who favorited this! And as for comments, I love all you supporters out there. People like you will help make this world a better place, for most of you are very open minded and optimistic. Keep the love coming!

Edit#2: Hello again! Just thought I should point out that this page, I would like it to be a 'support only' page. So if you have a negative comment I ask you to tak it else were for I will most likely ignore it. Thanks! :)
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For Spirit Day

(not my quote, obviously)

ok so first the image said "-Morgan Freeman" and so many people got mad at me. now that i changed it to "-does it really matter?" new people are mad at me...
you know what? no. i give up. i guess you can never make the internet happy

calm. cool. collected.
k kiddies?

(... i need to take my own advice)
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Imperial Industrial Bast cat mask. This is Version 1, with antique clock parts of brass and possibly bronze...not really sure. I took apart a clock and there they were. Made of leather, clock bits, and my own two hands.

Imperial Industrial Bast is NOT amused by 2012 April Fool's Day antics at DeviantArt. Her folder has been defiled, her people trivialized, and her fur ruffled. She wants an apology, a special kitty badge, and a bowl of cream, in that order. If her demands are met, she might just decide not to smite you. Or, she might smite you anyway, because she's a cat goddess and that's how she rolls.

Mask goodness by me, here: [link]
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Our first interview of the year goes to Simon Kopp. Check it out here: [link]
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Sterling silver heart key.
Hand fabricated and about 2 inches 50mm long.
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I totes drew this. It's a cat.

I also wrote a haiku:

Cats in monocles
And top-hats have an air of

Happy Feline UpRising all.
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Happy (Late) Valentines day! This is my submission to the Valentines day exchange! Hope ya'll like it. Why can't we all just get along hmmm???

Its done with the same style as a previous artwork I did (That featured the Wii U for those complaining haha.....)

If you are interested in buying this as a print, please click here for more info…
For a deeper relationship with me, you can follow me at:
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Software used: Apophysis

This deviation is dedicated to all my supporters. Through this image I would like to express my gratitude for all your comments, critiques, faves and watches. Thank you! :rose:

Everyone feel free to send this picture as a Valentine. (Yes, there is no watermark! ;))

Thank you for all favourites, comments, critiques and devwatches! :rose: It means a lot to me.

:bulletred: Gallery | Daily Deviations | Commission info :bulletred:

Buy my prints and art gifts at: DeviantART prints | Zazzle | Society6 | Redbubble

Similar artworks from my gallery:

Thanks to:
by `lindelokse and by ~a-j-s

© Eli Vokounova (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) - Sharing my artworks with attribution (link to the image and my name) is allowed. Commercial usage of my artworks is forbidden. Altering, transforming or building upon my artworks is forbidden.
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These are the two 18-month old cheetah brothers. Fritzi is the yawning one and the right one is Hannibal.
Have you known that male cheetahs are sometimes found in groups in the wild? They're mostly brothers but also other male cheetahs might join them. These cheetah groups are usually small having two or three cheetahs but even bigger has been seen with more than 10 cheetahs!

Lets celebrate the International Cheetah Day :D
If you care about these magnificent felines you should support the Cheetah Conservation Fund!
If you like cheetahs, have a look at this folder containing mainly high quality cheetah photos: [link] more cheetah photos will be posted during the day ;)
I'm participating with this photo in the International Cheetah Day Challenge. Follow the link if you would like to know more about it.

Feedback is also highly appreciated Photo 1/17 more are coming during the day

A DD? Wow thank you sooo much guys :D

Hannibal & Fritzi - two 18 month old male cheetahs (Acinonyx Jubatus)
Canon EOS 400D; Hanimar 200mm f/3.5
Aachener Tierpark
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The BP Gulf of Mexico oil Spill still gushing 4,200,000 US gallons of crude oil every day even after 40 days since the initial explosion on April 20th. The environmental disaster is astronomical, with over 4,000 species of birds and marine life in danger. Countless dead birds, fish, turtles, and other animals already been found on the shores covered in oil.

We can not let this incident go forgotten. So many oil spills in the past have occurred, so why are we making the same mistakes over and over again? (Read my journals for more details [link] [link]

Remember this sin. Remember tomorrow.

Please join my contest to bring awareness to the full extent of the oil spill:


The top 19 winners can choose one prize from the pool of prizes. The prizes with a star in front are already taken.

:star: You can win one eco bag donated by Starving Artist Bags [link] .

:star: or another eco bag of the same kind.

:star: or one more eco bag.

:star: 1 decks of Augen Auf cards .

:star: or another of deck of Augen Auf cards

:star: or one more deck of Augen Auf cards

:star: or 1 digital bust commission donated by the talented :iconnegshin:

:star: or another bust commission by :iconnegshin:

:star: Or 2 of the 6 chainmaille ball key chains donated by :iconlunabellvarga:

:star: 2 more chainmaille ball key chains

:star: 2 more chainmaile ball key chains

:star: Or a full body colored drawing donated by :iconnominee84:

:star: Or 3 months subscription donated by :iconeasydisplayname:

:star: Or another 3 months subscription donated by :iconblackwingedprotector:

:star: Or a drawing donated by :iconelanorepenn:

:star: Or a full colored drawing donated by :iconkaishu256:

Or a full colored drawing with background donated by :iconichigo-love:

Or a drawing donated by :iconhycelain:

:star: Or a chibi drawing donated by :iconviral-juggernaut:

In addition to the prize of choice, the top 3 winners will also each win a sketch donated by :iconmuura: and a drawing donated by :iconhoney-saki: and a full body drawing donated by :iconlucia-anselma: and a full body painting donated by :iconpibity:

Also 1st place winner will win a drawing donated by :icondynamitedog100:

Last but not least, all winners will be featured in :iconthings-not-seen: 's frontpage :D

:star: Rules and how to enter:

1. Please first read my journals about the full extent and corruption behind the oil spill [link] [link] then choose a topic to draw/write/make video about. It can be an animal thatís affected by the oil spill like the egret in my drawing above or a sea turtle like one in the journal. It can be in any media, digital or traditional, and there is no limit on the number of entries, submit as many as you want!

2. Post this on your dA account with a description of oil spill in the artistís comment. Remember this contest is about spreading awareness and keeping it in our memories so a detailed description is very important!

3. Once your entry is posted on your dA, you can submit it to the contest folder of my group at [link] entries must be created after May 28th 2010 and all entries must be submitted into this contest folder to enter.

:star: Judging:

The contest will end on August 15th. I will pick the winners based on impact. Impact is defined by how much difference your submission has made. To increase impact, you should have a good artistís comment informing viewers about the damage of the oil spill and try to promote your drawing anyway you can, like on your blog, facebook, twitter, etc to get the word out. You get bonus points for including links and tips on how to help in your artistís comment. The winners will be announced on August 30th.

Together, we can make a difference.

Thank you! :hug:
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