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Este é o robô Orgun do anime Detonator Orgun.
Aqui outro desenho dele: [link]
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This character was kinda tricky, but I think he turned out pretty cool in the end. Head design was orchestrated by the creator.

This character was created by :iconokami-hu:

Check out the bio below and leave your thoughts for the creator.


Swish Bio
*Under Construction*

Name/Nickname: Swish

Motto: "I can has maxgrade nao?"

Faction: Neutral / Junkion

Gender: mech

Age: doesn't know and doesn't care (presumably he was around long before the war)

Backstory: Swish's history actually reaches back to the middle of the Golden Age. Back then, he was a proud and famous racer, a true transformer. He traveled a lot, winning one championship after another. Once, after a glorious trip, he was heading toward Cybertron, when his ship was ambushed by a sudden, rare cosmic storm. His pilot fought valiantly, but they eventually crashed down on Junk.

His companions died immediately, and Swish sustained a lethal amount of damage. Fate was kind to him, though; a Junkion team discovered his body and they reassembled the racer. Swish's Spark was saved, and even parts of his CPU, but not everything; 90% of his memory was lost.

Retaining his upbeat, easygoing personality, Swish, in his new, smaller, but still remarkably fast body quickly became a cherished part of the Junkion society, the others sort of regarding him as a little brother. Step-by-step, Swish became a true Junkion, absorbing their amazing technical knowledge and gaining their natural ability to rebuild themselves and manipulate their environment.

His lucky star wavered, however, when Decepticons captured him and took him to their ship. It is suspected, that they crash-landed on Junk, noticed the natives and their abilities, and decided to take one prisoner. Swish was thoroughly examined (and not the nicest way), then placed into the medbay, where he was forced to act as a medic. Swish hated this with passion; being covered with mech fluid and elbow-deep into some dieing warrior's chest was not his idea of a good life. He was not allowed to race, he was denied to spend time with his own projects, and the poor mech suffered. In his final desperation, he started to upgrade himself, despite the hard punishments he got when caught.

But the orn of freedom dawned on him eventually. The Decepticon ship engaged into battle with an Autobot one, and Swish, in the chaos, managed to hotwire an escape pod and flee. Almost completely drained, he ended up on Earth.

Color scheme: red, black and gray

Height: 13'5"

Appearance/Built: Sort of monkey-like with very long and thin limbs. Moves on a weird, slightly jerky way, with a lot of nervous twitching, though that is merely because of his curiosity – basically, he wants to see, hear and touch everything. He is able to stand straight, though. His optics are red, like any Junkion's.

Alt-mode: a red Gilera Fuoco 500 ( side and front )

Personality: First key word: high-strung. After being so damn scooped up in a Con ship, and neither allowed to experiment, nor to run, Swish is like a TF Energizer bunny, squared. He simply can't sit down, he's always moving, listening, poking things, jumps hungrily at anything which needs fixing (aside 'formers), and is utterly fascinated by this new world. That moves us to key word two: curiosity. Swish wants to know everything about this new place, he absorbs information at an alarming rate, which slows down his processor. Also, he craves social interaction – he was used to it on Junk, and missed it terribly on the Con ship. And lastly, due to his overstrained processors, Swish is prone to revert back to behaving like a Sparkling. From time to time, his average intelligence drops several levels and then, he's really like a curious child.

Junkions speak 'TV'. Naturally, Swish learned that as well, but he took it a step further even, and now speaks lolcat English. W00t.

Function: racer, technician, former medic ("being a distraction")

Weapon of Choice: Speed. The Fuoco is not the fastest thing on the road, but Swish is. Thanks to his 'former engines, he's able to power his three wheels to an amazing velocity. He does have weapons, but they don't do much damage. He has an energon-powered whip; the charged, small spike on its end can afflict shallow wounds, but it's not much, and the wrist-mounted small laser gun's hits tend to just sting and do cosmetic damage at most.

Battle tactics/Fighting style: Back on Junk, when there was a stir and the need to fight arose, Swish was the first to rush out, and draw enemy attention and fire to himself, with colorful expressions and reckless stunts. In combat, he is perfectly useless, and Swish knows this.

Statistics (max is 10)
Agility: 8
Dexterity: 8
Endurance: 4
Firepower: 2
Strength: 2
Velocity: 9

- Enhanced senses - Due to the upgrades, Swish's senses operate now 1,5x better than the average. This includes all five senses.
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Fan art.
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slightly modified Heavygun I like the new era in UC you can see the advancement of mobile suit, miniaturizing and employing new technologies. The idea is cool in my opinion, it makes them lighter and faster just like in mobile suit gundam victory anime.
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... part 2
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It's a vertibird, that transforms into an Enclave soldier!!:iconretardiloveitplz:

This is mostly an excuse to draw those awesome Enclave helmets and a vertibird at the same time. Seriously, how can you not love that helmet!? I might shade it later, but I'm feeling kinda lazy.

Everything Fallout belongs to Bethesda
Everything Transformers belongs to . . . who ever came up with Transformers
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a pic i did for Alphie of TFW

her fan char Echo

"He is a sniper, built by Shockwave and Megatron, but when he awoke he had an Autobot spark. How did that happen? Only Primus knows. He's blind, has a metallic visor over his optic casing and he has buffers on all his joints to make him virtually silent when hunting his victims. He see's through sonar and echo location (think of Daredevil sight). His hearing is incredible, so much so he can actually read the sparks of other Cybertronians. Because of this, he never misses when targeting a victim. He's a loner, only spends time with this teammates if they take the time to talk to him.

The badge under his name in the corner is the Deceptibot logo. It's also on his left arm. It's branded onto him, thus the reason for the cracks. It's Shockwave's way of branding his experiments so they will have no rights. It shows how the Autobot will slowly morph into a Decepticon. There's an exception to ever rule, however. Some will morph into Autobots.

His quote:

“Dear Primus, I don‘t kill for murderous intentions. I don‘t kill for fun. I kill to save the ones that need saving.”

[really dig how the pose turned out xD]
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My re-design of the Sentinel mech from the Mechwarrior universe.
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Portal turret from the game portal

3ds max. keyshot

Portal (c) VALVe
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Aaawww... I felt like the first time I saw Transformers!

PRIMORDIA is a little adventure game from Wadjet Eye Studio.

The story:
Earth is a wasteland. Victim of the war and destruction of humans. Only robots remain, who remember "Man" as their creator, their god, who made them to His image. Human is a myth, a tale, a religion.
Our hero Horatio lives in the middle of the rusty dunes with his trusty little sidekick Crispin. Their life is simple and peaceful, until a strange, violent robot cuts a hole into the ship and steal their power core. Whitout it, they will slowly die, so Horatio and Crispin follow the trail of the thief into Metropol, the Last City. Here they learn many things, including Horatio's past, and human's fate.

GREAT tale! GREAT characters!
Just love Horatio and Crispin (throw me anything you want, I love the little guy)!! :heart:

Crispin: "I got AAARMS!!!" ^_^
(he don't have arms from the beginning, and he complains for it a lot to Horatio)
This pic was made about the best ending of the game.

Horatio, Crispin and Clarity © Wadjet Eye
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