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Bleach (c) Tite Kubo

Vectors: credits TBA
Music: Still Doll by Kanon Wakeshima (Also the ending theme for VK)

BTW I added in a Ulquihime moment, so don't hate me if you don't like Ulquihime! Plz! xD

NOTE: I currently lost my inspiration for this game so I haven't been working on it in awhile. I'm not giving up on it completely but waiting for my inspiration to come back. If I work on it now I'll just be forcing myself and probably would do a bad job, I want this game to be good for you guys so when I do get my inspiration back I'll work on it again!

Sorry for the wait for all those who love this game! :(

NOTE: I don't like to set things in stone but it's unlikely I'll get to finishing this game. It's just been too long since I've worked on it, I can't even really remember how I organized the frames since I just sorta did it as I went along. I haven't really been into Bleach much anymore either so my inspiration sucks atm. I'm not saying for sure it's just the likeliness that I'll work on it anytime soon is small. :(
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Did this last night before I went to sleep. Only had to add two frames to fid it up. As well as adding a BG and replacing the hands that was holding the grape. Thought it was a bit mean so made it something else.

This is of a furdrake trying to get at a grape but missing.

Using this as a avatar on my FA.

FA size: [link]
DA size: [link]

Art and furdrakes belong to: Me
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Finally it's done ! :happybounce:  Here are the Middle-earth Awards for 2014 !  :D (Big Grin)  It took me forever to finish this ! 
I hope you like them ! Let me know what you think ! ( btw , here is my Hobbit blog…

ATTENTION! - there are some sound effects in the game ! Just saying so you know :)

NB! I had to divide it in two because it was too big to upload here . here is PART 2 (… OR…

Btw , I made a new page where I will post all my flash games and interactive things -… . I will post the extra "Behind the scenes" pictures there soon :) 

Don't forget to share if you like it ! 

( Last year awards are here - SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THEM…

 I noticed there are still some misspells but I was too tired to notice them before... sorry about that 

Sound effect audience -…

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¿Qué hace?

Bueno, hay 3 botones que botan comida. La jalas con el cursor pa darsela de comer. Cuidado con andar tocando mucho por ahi... =P Ah, creo que el % sale ya comenzado... nunca supe como arreglar eso... >.>U

Es un regalito pa una grandiosa amiguis, nada más y nada menos que Kaoxita :iconkaoxita: ^^ Siempre quice hacer algun asi de interactivo en flash! x3 Debo ponerle mature? :confused:



What does it do?

Well,... you got 3 buttons that drop food. You can drag the food to neko Kaoxita's mouth with the mouse to feed her. Don't poke her too much... =P the % appears after a while... couldn't fix that... >.>

This is a gift for a great friend of mine, Kaoxita :iconkaoxita: I always wanted to make a flash thingy like this... x3 Should I label it mature? :confused:

- Imagen de Referencia/ Image Reference: [link]
- Musica gratis de/ Free music from: [link] (y modificada en FL Studio 7/ and modified on FL Studio 7)
- Hecho en Flash CS3 (pero grabado en Flash 8)/Done with Flash CS3 (but saved in Flash 8 format)

- Voz hecha por/ Voice was done by :iconakiko-ai-kureshi: (thanks a lot for helping me :hug: )
- Some minor sound effects done by me :iconvillamar:
- Neko Kaoxita belongs to :iconkaoxita:
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Since I can't think of a good donation bar this will have to do. Its a tip jar for donations. We are fine on rent but we are scraping by for money for food costs. If you can please donate. Every bit counts. :3

This has my cheetah anthro and dragon anthro characters. May end up using the dragon anthro as my avatar on FA while I keep the cheetah anthro for DA. More of a excuse to draw the dragon more often. >.>

Art and characters belong to: Me
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-Update (Dec 6, 2009)-
I forgot to mention that this is a demo of the song.XD

I LOVE Garageband! Lol XD
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Si quieres animar una obra tuya,mándame una nota.
If you want your painting animated like that, please send me a note.

Arena: [link]


Paint: :iconpeskyterran:
Animation :iconluisbc:

Check the original painting here: [link]


After Effects (Animation)
Flash (Animation)
Music [link]

Para mas nitidez en la animación:
Botón derecho y opción aumentar...

To see more clearly the animation:
Right click option to increase ...
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"...trying to scape, some civilizations flies away into the dark of the universe, flying to not die for the rage of the stars. Some races have faith in some Gods, believe in hell and heaven. Maybe them find the gate to these worlds
or maybe that is the final judgement..."

Captain Gillian Archives

I present to you
Draw & Music - the Gate

project "Draw+Music"
In this project i'll show my new arts and my musics together.

My third collab on the project
with this great artist

We have some problems with the first image for this collab, i have sent to him a scenario
but we can't do something good for both of us, so he sent to me this incredible nebula, that i love, and i can't stop until finish this.

thx Chris for this one

:bulletred: Technical Information
:bulletblue:Tools: Flash & Photoshop CS4
:bulletblue:Original Size: 1800x3400
:bulletblue:Download Size: 1800x3400 DPI
:bulletblue:Layers: more then 300
:bulletblue:Time: ~15 hours of work

:bulletblue:Tools: Cubase SX3
:bulletblue:Music Time: 07:42
:bulletblue:Download timee: 08:35
:bulletblue:Time: ~10 hours of work

:bulletred: Download
Image in full resolution
and the music in mp3 format

Download: [link]

:bulletred:Personal Comments

I loved to make this collab with Chris
this nebula is so beautifull and make my mind travel
i try to represent this in the music
about the planets(my part on the collab)
i have done a very realistic planet(i think...:))

i hope u all enjoy

redirect all the faves for him too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please leave a comment and :+fav: if u like it appreciated
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2nd attempt of anything on AE, I think I'm learning fast! :D Especially since this is my second day using it.
Hope you guys like it.

Fan animated, all I have done is edited, and animated this Splash art.
Gangplank and Toy Soldier Gangplank belong to Riot Games, along with the original art which can be found here; 

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"Night after night, struggling to maintain life in this solar system, battles that were impossible, we won. Battles that never imagine fighting, fighting. Our enemies are still winning, but the war is not over.

When I prepared to leave, I met with one of our neighboring planets, being torn and destroyed"

- Gillian

i'm back!!!!
and i'll stay
so here is another piece of the project
i hope u all enjoy this one
i really like it

thx to
~aRchAng3lZz for the help

:bulletred: Technical Information
:bulletblue: Softwares : Ableton live | Photoshop and Flash CS4 | Terragen
:bulletblue: About 20 hours of work
:bulletblue: original resolution : 2500x4700
:bulletblue: Music 5:50

I hope u all enjoy
comments and :+fav:s are appreciated
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