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because i was to be at mega con during LA's Black Unicorn Fetish ball, I wore a con appropriate version of my black unicorn costume I would have worn.

Wearing a horn, pair of ears, and wings made by the amazing Yaya Han :iconyayacosplay:
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I wanna pimp my profilpage and decided to create some of those lil' chibi-drawings of my own characters ♥

This lil' guy is called "Aishiro". Maybe you'll remember him from pictures before |3 He's the maincharacter of his story.

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:iconred-riding: & :iconflex-flex:
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:writersblock: ...No início de carreira eu costumava me estressar além da conta por aceitar mais trabalho do que na verdade, eu suportava fazer...

Existe uma linha tênue entre fazer quantos trabalhos você quer e quantos você deveria fazer. A todo custo, eu queria mostrar serviço aos editores e topava desenhar tudo que me ofereciam. Em meio a prazos absurdos, muitas vezes me ocorria o famoso "BRANCO", a pouco dias do prazo final.

O que fazer quando isso acontece com você? RELAXA! Pelos menos, por alguns minutos. Atarefados em excesso não conseguem pensar. São pessoas conturbadas, pouco criativas e perdem completamente o foco no seu ambiente de trabalho. A matemática é simples: muita coisa na cuca + pouca atenção = baixa qualidade.

Com o tempo eu percebi que se dar um tempo é importante para você sedimentar as suas idéias. Um curto momento de distração serve para que você elabore e confira o seu trabalho de maneira mais clara. Nos dias de hoje, não é fácil adotar esta teoria na prática, mas também não é impossível, então pense bem: Há um real valor nesta sobrecarga? Espírito criativo NINGUÉM tem por mais de duas horas. Decida-se entre pensar com consciência ou fazer tudo, por fazer.

Esta pequena pausa serve, sobretudo, para evitar estes terríveis bloqueios!

:writersblock: ...In the beginning of my career, I used to stress myself by taking on more work than I could handle...

There is a fine line between doing as many books as you can and as many as you should. Actually, I wanted to prove myself to the editors. I agreed to draw everything that they offered me, even at times when things were a little crazy. Then what always happened to me was that famous fear of any artist facing a tight deadline: "THE ARTIST’S BLOCK!"

What to do when you get overwhelmed? JUST RELAX! At least for few minutes. Busy people don't have time to think. They are disturbed people with little creativity and they lose focus completely very easily when working. The math is simple: a lot of things going on in the head + little attention = low quality.

Eventually, I learned that giving yourself a break is important for you to develop your ideas. A short moment of amusement helps you to concentrate, review your work and figure things out better. It serves to settle yourself.

I know that it is not easy to adopt this theory in the day-by-day, but I know that it is not impossible either, so think: Is there a real value in overworking yourself?

NOBODY has creative spirit for more than two hours so, a small pause can helps you to avoid these terribles blank!

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i wanted to post something before the new
year begin *as for me 7 hours left till 2011XD*

soo i wish you all n happy new yearr<<33

:icongloomy-bearplz: :icongloomy-bearplz: :icongloomy-bearplz::icongloomyplz: :icongloomy-bearplz: :icongloomy-bearplz:
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IDK what is this......welp..since its a silhouette...I'll update the artwork after someone buys her..idk..:iconimsotiredplz:

Well..I'm gonna reveal her form in next 24 hours..

1/2 Galaxy adopt..the next one is male..inspired by galaxies and artist who'd done the delicious galaxies adopt..QwQ

:star: Other open Adopts
.:GalaxyAdoptMale_(OPEN_AB ADDED):. by CrestVyne
.:SkyPrinceAdopt(OPEN): by CrestVyne

Starting BID: $20USD
Min. Increase = 1 USD
Autobuy = $55 USD

Bullet; Black Galaxy Female (CLOSED) : Baschemon in FA

:star: Please reply to BID HERE comment if interested-->…
>BID continues till 5 days
> Payments MUST be made by USD.
> Payments must be made within 24 hours after you won.
> If I don't received the payment within 3 days, I'll give to the 2nd highest bidder.(Except for the trusted buyers)
> After buying, the character is yours to do fully what you will with it!(different outfit @ Rping @ colours..etc) But do not claim the original design, or original image as your own.
> Do not resell as your own.
> After you bought this adopt,there'll be NO refund.
>If you don't like the adopt anymore, you can trade but NO profit!
> I will send you the original, full sized, image of your character once bought.
>If interested please comment at where to sure to check for the highest Bidder overtime~(since I might be not online for a while..ewe)
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