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I wanna pimp my profilpage and decided to create some of those lil' chibi-drawings of my own characters ♥

This lil' guy is called "Aishiro". Maybe you'll remember him from pictures before |3 He's the maincharacter of his story.

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Serathus Heavensword

is the adoptation of my original character Serathus or Serathus Warlourds to the world of "Men At Sea". He is one of the NPC in the game where you can recruit Officers and Crews. He runs the shop in Moonshine Flats Region. please check out our awesome game. [link]

Here's the other characters in the game:

Captain Black Hookbeard

Scarr Skewerhand

Lucia Blackblood

Lupus Ironluck

Bad Scientist


Serathus Heavensword and Serathus Warlourds is still Serathus and same person. But due to copyrights issues, The character Serathus Heavensword is slightly different than Serathus Warlourds (my OC). and they have different storylines due to they exist in different worlds.

differences: S.Heavensword version is equipped with Heavensword and Shield while S.Warlourds is equipped with Sword of Quasar and Gauntlet of Eon. their armours and capes are different but they share the same iconic 3 layers of large shoulder guards which resembles the wings of a Seraph. Serathus Heavensword is imbued with holy element while Serathus Warlourds is a combined dark and holy.


see my version here, Serathus Warlourds:
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because i was to be at mega con during LA's Black Unicorn Fetish ball, I wore a con appropriate version of my black unicorn costume I would have worn.

Wearing a horn, pair of ears, and wings made by the amazing Yaya Han :iconyayacosplay:
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:iconstop1plz::iconstop2plz::iconstop3plz::iconstop4plz: :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: :iconmyartismine:

20 :points:

.Give the adoptable a good home.
.No re-selling/re-whatever.
.Give me credit for creating the design the first time you draw it. (Or link back here, whichever.)
.I will reserve a design if asked, but only for a week.

1. 2ndLightningStrike
2. Orvaenta
3. FuneralDyingheart
4. weaq
5. C-R-Y-K-A-T
6. dragthelegendarysmn
7. kyuubigarner102

Art (c) me/JocastaTheWeird
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Sold to ~osteomaxim :D

Selling for 350 :points: or $3.50 USD over PayPal! If adopted, you also get a chibi of your character found here! -> [link]

...I'm quite fond of this one ;-; <3

Yes, it is shaded, if you adopt and would like the unshaded versions of this or the chibi I'll be happy to send it to you :)

It's finally time for a new species!!!! :la: (A huge thank you to ~FoxCrazy who came up with the name!) This is another concept I adopted from ~LeeOko here: [link] and they are some sort of masked feather demon. They have two feathers on each side of their face and two very large feathers on their backs that serve as wings. I'm working on background info at the moment but any ideas are welcome! They're cousins to the Laevix, and I have to say it is an absolute privilege to be using such gorgeous lines done by =HolyFrap. Every time I color one of her linearts I just am so in love with the beautiful details and all the effort she puts into her work. Go give her lots of love! :heart:

I will only do holds for PayPal. If you say that you will adopt it you have 24 hours to send payment or I will let the next person to ask adopt it.

when adopted, you can change minor colors, add as many accessories as you want , add scars or maime them (I feel horrible saying that :P ) decide gender, change design details a little (not species design though), i dont really have too many restrictions. it should just be recognizable as this design. you can use it in a comic, as an OC, in a story, or whatever :D

The Nivyx belong to me and are a closed species. You may not make your own or breed them, and in the event that you adopt it and later do not want it, I will buy it back from you at a third of the price you paid. If you break one of the rules, I will recall the adopt and pay you back a third of what you paid. I reserve the right to put it back up for adoption. Please don't resell, thank you :)

I take customs!
:bulletgreen: 350 :points: or $3.50 USD for a full body like you see here AND a chibi like this: [link]
:bulletgreen: 300 :points: or $3 USD for just a full body design
:bulletgreen: 150 :points: or $1.50 USD for just a chibi
:bulletgreen: I AM willing to negotiate!

Design (c) :iconkrinthecoffee:
lineart (c) :iconholyfrap:
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i wanted to post something before the new
year begin *as for me 7 hours left till 2011XD*

soo i wish you all n happy new yearr<<33

:icongloomy-bearplz: :icongloomy-bearplz: :icongloomy-bearplz::icongloomyplz: :icongloomy-bearplz: :icongloomy-bearplz:
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