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A piece for Mother's day.
Tumblr [link]

I've been drawing Avatar fanarts for a year and Azula is obviously the one I draw most. I was asked if Azula is my favorite character. NO, she's not. She's not my favorite character, she's like my daughter. That means even if she is such a negative and aggressive figure, but even though I can't appreciate her actions, I still love her.

I thought I would never do Ursa with Azula arts, 'cuz I thought that Ursa didn't love Azula in the first place, but now I think I can understand Ursa's feeling as a mother. It's never imaginable for a mother to not love her child, and what had happened between them is still unclear.

I really cried when I was drawing this, so much emotion flowed forth that I could barely carry on. I put all I've felt and understood here, hope it can translate to you.

I'm not going to finish this piece, unless something like this really happened in the show.

All done in Photoshop CS3, Bamboo one

See the one for father's day

More digital ink painting style
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I was somehow spiritless these days... end-of-the-year-syndrome??

"Burn me! Princess! Burn me!!!"

Just realize haven't draw her for a while~ So a quick sketch before go to bed. (not very quick actually... it cost me some time to figure our how to make it looks more "inky" in Paint Tool Sai)

*words on top right: "阿祖拉" is "Azula" writting in Chinese .

oh, I'm happy I finally have a new Tumblr [link] background :XD: and song list.
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*face adjust and size up, version 2
can't believe it already got 1000 favo, you're Awesome guys! Thank you for loving her~

I finally finished this big piece...I started it last month (you may see the part reveiw couple of weeks ago [link]) but I was too busy to finish it after that.
Can’t really remember how much time it cost me (those fire nearly killed me...)...probably the most complicated one in this years. I'm happy I finally did a serious piece for my favorite princess. :love:

Six month ago, I did my very first piece of Princess Azula [link] and that recorded my first impression of her. At that time, my most favorite female character from the show was still Toph, but as I draw her more, I feel there are too much can be draw; as I read her deeper, I was totolly fasinated by this amazing character.

Drawing other character is fun, but drawing her is kind of suffering...because she's such a tragic character. She wears a mask called "perfect" to cover all her loneness, fear and sadness. She once had everything but end up with nothing. All of those contrast making the drawing experience full of pain, sour, sympathy... Like higher you jump, more painful when you hit the ground. BUT, it’s addicting too. I just can’t stop drawing her...

Azula needs love!! If no one loves her, let me be the one.

I know she may looks bit OOC (out of character) in my style, but that's my perspective of princess Azula. Their are planty works out there to show her powerful, crazyness and threatening, which is part of her attraction too. But for me, I'd more like to present her perfection and mighty power, beauty and elegent as a menber of royalty, which not many people seems willing to draw. but I just love that, a true princess who got something she born with. whereas, perfect and tragic at the same time.

[Azula] #06


before and after Meme


More Azula from me

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It has been a year since last time I draw Zuko portrait. I want to draw grow up Zuko since the first time I saw the old Gaang poster.
inspired by :iconshadowbuuproductions: who is one of my favorite Zuko coser and may bethe best coser for grow up zuko in my view.~ :XD:

Did this 3 weeks ago, and I haven't had any time to draw a single stroke in this month... Just hope I still remember how to draw now... *sigh*

cosplay version by ~ShadowBuuProductions


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"I'm the greatest earthbender in the world~"

yeah, Toph is Awesome!!!

Outfit redesign besed on Toph statue in eps01. (it dose looks like kyoshi worriers out fit somehow =|)
Since she's a Master here, I feel it't not necessary to draw her earthbending pose anymore```and I love her long hair``` I believe she will become beautiful (less manly) outside, but still strong and tough inside woman when she grow up!!

ink painting footage from google image


Other Toph fanart from me

******** slight spoiler below ********

I meant to keep this finished version a bit longer, but after I watched eps.4... I feel I have to upload it for some reason...
so much feelings now... for so long I was looking forward to see the Gaang members again... but when I really saw them... it feels like... not the Gaang I know anymore... I know it's too arbitrary to say this just based on few flashback shots... but it's actually hard to accept their adult image and ... what if they didn't turn out the way as I wished... that will be disterbing...

sorry, forgive my non-sense mutter, I'm not coming to argue or complain, and I didn't think about all these when I was drawing this, however after watch the newest eps, those feeling just came to me...
I've been watching anime for over ten years and non of my favorite character "grow up" afterwards...
I mean... it is weird...
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dear dear, mom miss you~. Q 3Q

Just realized that I haven't draw her for a while~~ so last doodle before 7 July.
compare with Korra's character design, and look back, the last generation characters are actually very young and cute > 3<
looking forward for her active in "The search“


I saw an character analysis of Azula today and really want to share with you.
It's clear, objective and deep.
Everything just what I wanted to say but don’t know how to describe.

originally post on tumblr by Elphie [link]

It kind of bothers me when I see people describing Azula as “pure evil.”

No. She is not “pure evil.”

For on thing “pure evil” does not exist.

For another, Azula was manipulated from the time of her birth to believe a certain way. She was taught to see others as inferior, and to see the inferior as inherantly weak. She was taught to use her clever mind for war strategies and manipulations, she was taught that her firebending powers were for exerting dominance and force. She was taught that love and emotions were weaknesses, and they must be snuffed out or there would be consequences. She was taught that trust was for fools, and fear was the only reliable way.

She was raised to be a weapon, not a daughter, probably from the moment she first showed any firebending ability. Since Azula was a natural prodigy, this was likely from a very early age.

In short, her entire belief system was instilled in her by her father and her upbringing. Her entire world came crashing down the moment that system failed her. After that Azula shows very palpable emotions- fear/paranoia, sadness, shame, self-loathing. She even shows an awareness of love during her hallucination…it’s entirely subconscious, but the fact that hallucinated Ursa admitted that she loved Azula shows that deep down Azula knows what love is, and she knows that her mother did love her, despite the neglect. And yes Ursa did neglect Azula’s emotional needs. That’s the difference between her and Zuko- Zuko very clearly felt and experienced his mother’s love. Azula did not, because Ursa favored Zuko heavily. Even so, I do believe Ursa loved her daughter in some way.

Anyways. None of those things add up to someone being “pure evil.” That’s a lot of grey area there and I do believe Azula is capable of treating her illness. And anyone’s worldview can be changed. After all, Zuko’s was. And Zuko could have easily slipped down a similar path that Azua did. Those two were very much alike.

And no, I’m not saying that Azula didn’t do horrible things. She is a villain, after all. But she’s not “pure evil.”

Because no one is.


these are also my girl~:heart:

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I'm on Tumblr now~ reblog [link]


I find I like this grow up Azula from my last korra piece, but it's too small to see her clearly

so I expanded her into a solo image, and add more details and light, the original one was bit rush and undetailed.
and...oh yes! the blue fire!~
hope you enjoy.


PS: ... seems still many people take the timeline and age issue very seriously in the last piece which made me don't know how to reply, sorry about that. cuz I think it's meaningless to argue it, it's just fanart. but anyway, look her alone like this should be able to solve this problem.
and ... I'm not going to draw her older than this.
If she really showed up in TLOK, by any chance, really hope it's in a flashback scene and not appeared old. (can't even imagine that...)
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A work of Azula for my brithday, it is probably one of my favorite art pieces so far. (still not satisfactory though)

I feel so happy that I met her in my last year, Princess Azula. It was she that lead me all the way back to the world of art.

I kinda feel like a mother raising a daughter, it always makes me feel so happy when I can draw her the best. Her remarkable excellence and talent make me proud, her loneliness and sadness hurts me deeply, and no matter how "evil" she is, I just can't stop my love.

I know it is weird to think/act in this way,
but just as I wrote on my profile page
"this love maybe naive but I'll take it seriously"
LOVE, That's the whole meaning of Fanart for me.
so will I.

This is my first Birthday in DA and I m so touched. Again, THANK YOU For all your Birthday greetings and llama badges !! They mains a lot to me.

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it's not literally really grown up Azula, maybe her twenties, Just because I run out of title... ^^;

If I could choose one actress to cast Azula, I’d say Bingbing Fan. This piece is kinda base on her face.
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Just finish the ember island episode for the second time. and I decide to draw Azula.

Azula impressived me at her first shot/appearance, but this episode, just made her even deeper and richer!! she shows a clumsy aspect of her here, she don't know how to perform as a normal teenage!! and that was... ahahaha, so cute!
and it's also sad... she scarified all her personal life to please her father and nation (you could argue it's for her own desire), but she still lost everything in the end...

Feel so bed for her!! QAQ


Anyway... for my first Azula portrait let’s say something just about this Amazingly developed character.

Azula is my third favorite character in Avatar (After Toph and Zuko). I know lots people don't like her, I also agree she is a very terrible and terrify women. But I do regard her as the best designed and developed character in the whole serise. Her characteristic is so rich and real, and all her performance fits her setting very well, we can read her personality in the even the smallest movement.

Hoping people who don't like Azula could at least understand that she is not pure evil, she just adore power and have too much pride; she's perfect because she need to be perfect to survive the cruel royal conflict; she lost love and won't be able to receive any... she probably is the most tragic figure in the whole animation.

OK…That’s it... I'll bring new feature of her later perhaps, so we could talk more about her then :)

#01 Azula
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