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Here it is!! The one and ONLY story creation kits for Comic book artists and Animators....or anyone else trying to write stories!!

I added the stuff that I personally use the most and thought was helpful!!

Thanks for the visit!

Other things:
Successful sketching part 1

Successful sketching part 2


OMG...just...OMG... This is my first DD and I can say with an incredible amount of joy that this is quite unexpected, really! I'm SOOOOOOO happy that so many people find this useful and I really WOULD like to see how people use it sometimes so feel free to drop it in the comments! Again, thank you so much everyone!


Edit 2
Yeah. This one is cool and all.

But NEW:
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So I was hanging out with one of my friends a couple of months back and she watches a bunch of kids at her church on Saturday evenings while the other adults have their prayer meetings. I was drawing a picture of one of my characters "Ohanzee" which I designed and BG'd to be Hunkpapa Lakota. Very difficult to trace that back, but I did and it was fun learning about it.

This kid comes up to me and asks me some questions about it. I personally felt I was under qualified to answer but I did to the best of my abilities. I had suggested to them to go to a powwow if their parents would take them.

The kids usually watched cartoons but we ended up having a 2 hour conversation about Native Americans and their role in the building of this country and their rights now. (which are next to none by the way...we should really look into that...)

Without dropping a beat, one kid comes up to me and goes : (and I quote)

They still exist?!

Myself not skipping a beat I yelled:

Of course they still exist!!!

Here is my... "motivational" poster in regards to that.

Seriously, people should go out more!

Edit: 2011

Aloha my fellow people!

It's amazing to see how many people have viewed this picture I literally slapped together to make a point on a subject I find to be as worthy of making as even the dumbest of points. It's tragedy that the Native people across the whole of the western hemisphere have fallen on extremly hard times and hard in the sense that it literally makes me feel sick to my stomach.

Since this posting I have come to realize several points and one I must say outright: I am white. I have no idea, even though I have seen, what you go through on a daily basis and while I am not rushing to the nearest rez to become the Buddha of the century, the economic downturn has given me a new perspective on the lifestyle.

I have also found that I am very critical on some of the executions of daily actions on the reservations. I'm just wondering how long it's going to take before hole of animosity swallows us up.

Edit 2012

The responses to this little motivation poster (as it were) is astounding. A lot of proud people and that makes me happy so I would like to thank you all for staying strong despite your circumstances. You're a true inspiration to us all.

Now, a little note.

The man in this picture is Rudy Youngblood. I used this picture because the Grassdancers are probably the coolest people I've ever met. Now, while I'm not for hijacking people's cultures or experiences I do believe that a path to wisdom and understanding is through experience. What better way to learn about the culture that fascinates you than participation and, if invited to do so, I would probably also take part. However, there seems to have been a bit of an upheaval with this particular individual that rings true for many, MANY Native Americans when it comes to their culture and how people portray and use it.

It seems that our pal Rudy, here, has done just that but he's not the only one.

Since I'm white, not Native, I have to be careful but honest. I don't believe that any Native American, regardless of tribe or affiliation should or would do everything they can to hide their cultures from the populous who may be curious in order to make a social statement, especially when those cultures and languages are in danger of disintegrating. I just can't believe that. I do, however, think that way us non-native folk approach the any indigenous culture can seem very, VERY disingenuous and almost savior-like in our approach. our hearts says "we want to help, how can I?" but we come in with rose colored glasses, thinking that we'll be the ones who will come up with that perfect idea that will save the Indian.

"You are what you dream" I seem to remember this quote from somewhere.

One: They don't want to be saved. And if they did, it will be a salvation from within. It has to start at the very beginning of it all and not from the outside. Does that mean, we as outsiders, can't assist in that transformation? No. At least I hope not. And I hope that this transformation doesn't come from a position of hate. There's not much in the bible that I respect but "love thy enemy" can't be more profound and true in our interactions with each other.

Two: We are all one. This is a concept that is NOT unique to the Native Americans. The Celts and Teutons during peaceful times, tribal groups in and around Africa and Australia and even the very beginnings of Asia and now believe this. We are literally and figuratively connected to everyone and everything. We are bound to each other by the core of the earth and from that foundation, the strongest of all, can we begin to mend fences and rebuild bridges.

Three: And probably very important to anyone reading this: If you're not Native American or if that aspect of your blood is barely discernible, than just say it. Don't be ashamed of your people or where you come from. Everyone reading this needs to realize that white people, black people, yellow people; we all have indigenous roots. We all have tribal backgrounds. Mine are Teuton, Gothic and Celt. I have a strong Viking ancestry and this should be seen as a strength. A fresh and new perspective using the wisdom of my ancestors. God help you if you were an enemy to my ancestors but if you were called friend, you were kin and kin for life. Through those lines we bring much more experience and life to the discussion instead of approaching the Native lifestyle as a novelty.

But, understandably, the Native Americans are constantly bombarded by those who use their culture and rituals as something to be paraded around without regard or understanding as to why. Not to mention they are battling severe social issues that were thrust upon them by previous generations and, even now in 2012, nobody knows or nobody cares and that's a problem. We can't have that kind of wound festering on the body of this country and expect it to turn around. We, as a nation, have a serious debt over our head and it will only get worse.

Note to Natives:
Don't hide yourself from the world. Be proud and open about who you are and what your people have accomplished. You have so much wisdom and knowledge to offer and your perspective on the world is beautiful and worthy. Your people have inspired and all can turn to you for experiences that serve to teach us about humanity. And if someone wants to learn, embrace it as an opportunity to share your culture but explain to them the problems of misuse. Don't let what happened to the Celts and other Northern European tribes happen to you. Don't let your victors write your history for you.

Note to non-Natives:
Don't be ashamed of your bloodlines either. We all have beautiful backgrounds with beautiful things to celebrate. Try this: instead of going to Sun dance, why not look for information and try to recreate a real Celtic or Viking midsummer festival or moon dance and invite your local tribe to participate? Invite black and Asian people to share their cultural heritage and learn something about the people you share this land with. There's nothing wrong with being proud and strong in who you are and where you come from. Get your children involved and show them that there is still beauty and strength in this world worth fighting for.

Stay strong, dear friends and, As the Lakota would say:

"Mitakuye Oyasin"

Gaelic Proverb:
"If we forget or destroy our roots we cannot grow in the future. "
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"WTF is a **bursh** setting?!" :iconwtfisthisplz:

Some other awesome sketchers:


They all have different styles and takes on sketching.

Part one:

If you have any questions...ask.


To all of those who fav, thank you so much. I do appreciate it. I apologize if I am unable to thank you personally and I hope this one makes up for it!
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A quick guid to Sketching.

:iconmiss-mosh: is the model in the picture for the Gesture portion.

Leonardo Da Vinci did the Mona Lisa

all other art and instruction is brought to you by me, djwaglmuffin.

If you have any questions, ask. Sketching is important!


Part two

You know...I can't spell nor do I seem to have the ability to use basic correct grammar when writing...sorry in advance for the "frudge"
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Hello ladies and gentlemen artists and designers and writers and anyone else who may want a rundown on my take on Women and Armor. 

Beware: Here be cussin'!

I’m writing this because there is this gigantic upheaval in the comics, video game, Hollywood machine, etc. over how women are portrayed in popular media and I think these themes, themes of women in combat and having to use any sort of armor (or even simply getting dressed for combat) is a subject of major contention. I, for one, and kind of tired of seeing the Panty-plate or exposed important bits and then some dude (or publisher/company) telling me this female character is some sort of fighter.

Now, a little disclaimer before we get started: 

While I may pull from sources about this issues and use examples to further my point, I am in NO way bashing someone’s art. Some of these people (mainly dudes) who draw these characters fucking rock. I mean:


Look at that thing. She’s a total badass and I often really dig the ideas but it doesn’t defeat the fact that Witchblade (and other female characters, especially in comics and video games) are often no more than a ginormous TnA fest. I understand that most of this media is marketed towards men and boys, I do, but what are you also trying to say? Men who draw this stuff don’t understand human anatomy under the skin or don’t care because it sells? 

We all know or, at least have heard of, instances where the stories may greatly interest female demographics but the TnA is fucking alienating. And I, along with probably tons of other women in this industry, can’t take these designs seriously. 

You can’t tell me she’s a fighter. No way. Wanna know why? I’ll slash her torso and OOPS, guts on the floor. (no amount of magic can save you.)

Another good example, and what turned out to be a prompt, was that post floating around earlier in the summer of 2013 of a “female avenger” team. I was a little more than irritated with that post because, for instance, Captain America’s “revision” was some chick with a bare midriff and her hair all over the damn place. My first thought was “CA is a fucking soldier. Whoever made this obviously knows dick about military women.” and it was particularly sour for me considering I, myself, was in the Navy for 4 years. I can tell you there is no way I would go to Iraq with my fucking stomach hanging out or my hair in my face. NO. Fucking. Way.


Ultimately, I hope this guide is also useful for male characters as well because I’ll be going over things that also apply to men even though the main focus will be on women. My other goal is to show that you can make an attractive female character whilst also portraying her as a competent combatant.

Now, I know what a lot of you are going to say: Well, DJ, this is fantasy. It doesn’t have to be based in reality.

Whatever, dudes. Fantasy is still based in reality or some sort of tangible reference. 

Also, you need to read this great book called “Invisible Ink” by Brian Macdonald. 

One of the concepts he stresses is: Don’t lie to your audience.

Putting a woman in bikini armor is a lie.

Don’t lie to your audience.

So, let’s begin, shall we?

First, some basics:


So, why did I post the Aortic system? Because, if you work on action scenes of any kind or design any character that will go into ANY sort of combat, you should probably have a general idea of where the major arteries are as well as major organs that can incapacitate your characters.

Arteries to watch out for:

Jugular (or Subclavian)


Ascending Aorta

The reason I call out these ones was because of my personal time in the military. One of the things that can kill or severely wound any combatant is shrapnel. 

If you’re working on a Fantasy, or a story that revolves around historical portrayal, shrapnel was still an issue:

Ranged weapons

Swords or other melee weapons splintering or breaking

Shields breaking from impact

Rocks and other natural debris

If any of these things hit in just the right spot, the Femoral for instance, game over. Hitting any artery is THE worst case scenarios I can think of. At least, when you are fighting another human you had some chance, but getting killed by a fucking rogue rock. Fuck that shit.

As many of you know, veins and arteries work differently in the body. The arteries are the road TO the body FROM the heart, so the pressure is immense. It’s gonna spurt like a water hose with every heart beat. Veins ooze as the bloods makes its way back to the heart. ( or, it’s like a continuous run as opposed to a burst of blood spitting all over the place)

This is why it’s very important to protect these points with something: Leather, padding, scale, chain mail, kevlar, etc. It doesn’t have to be heavy material, just enough to ensure penetration of debris does not occur.

Major Organs:

It is also important in combat to protect vital organs


The entire breadth of your mid-torso

Achilles tendon

The sides of your head (temples)

The back of your head 

Now, I say the back of the head and the sides of your head, but there’s room for debate on that. I know that, if you get hit hard enough in the head, it can cause serious injury or death and/or loss of motor control, inhibition, etc. Head gear is also often going to depend greatly on the type of fighter your character is and the type of combat they are going to engage in.

Soldier in the military fighting with guns? Wear a fuckin’ helmet. (unless you’re me and can’t properly see/shoulder your rifle with it on. Dummmmm)

Forest ranger stalking the enemy in the woods? Maybe not so much since the idea is stealth.

Martial fighter? Unlikely since it can be cumbersome to your ability to block properly and hinder agility based attacks.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already thinking: Well, shit. There goes that hot bikini-mail I was going to design. GREAT. Mission complete, son. Put yourself in this woman’s shoes for a second. DO YOU want to run into battle in a bikini? Maybe not.

But that also brings me to:

Culture studies:

If you’re basing your entire military and combat research solely on the US Military, Rome or other patriarchal ideas. You. Are. Wrong, shipmate.

There are literally hundreds of cultures, both Tribal and “civilized” to research and there are literally hundreds of schools of thoughts and design ideas to choose from.

Granted, I am in no way supportive of appropriation, on the other hand, if I am going to portray battle as it once was (full on bloodfest in a field somewhere) I’ve gotta understand it and do it as correctly as possible.

For example:

The US Army suffered the single most humiliating defeat in all of US Military history at the Battle of Little Big Horn. The way I understand it, General George Armstrong Custer led close to 300 men down the maw of 2000 pissed off Lakota and Cheyenne. 

The ultimate circle-fuck-your-face the tribes would utilize was a tactic, yes, but it’s an idea for combat scenarios. 

Also, many tribes around the world would commonly practice guerrilla warfare: Using their natural environment to jump out at an enemy, skull fuck their face, and then run off with the heads on pikes. My ancestors, the Teuton and Goths/Celts/Picts, would paint themselves black, red or blue, and grab Roman patrols or descend out of the woods and angry white-man their asses. The women in those cultures also fought: Either completely nude or in something minimal, come screaming out from behind rocks and tackle a dude, dragging him down to his death.

Study philosphy

As stated, there are multiple schools of thought on warfare and how to handle the enemy and about women in combat. As many of you are aware, the US Military just allowed women in official combat positions. This is still a raging debate.

Personally, and the thought process I use for my stories: If you can die by the sword, you damn well better be able to pick one up and use it. 

Or, at the very least, do SOMETHING to defend yourself.

Let’s look at Little Big Horn again.

The story goes, once the tribes were nearly finished face-humping the shit out of Custer and the rest of his noobs, there was one young man still standing. The Bugler. He was probably about 16 or 17 years old, didn’t have a rifle or pistol, so he elected to fight his ass off with that bugle. The tribes were so impressed with this young man they honored his body. As opposed to the other men, who by some accounts, were trying to run scared having realized the severity of their mistake.

This is philosophy. Really get inside your character’s head. Their motivation. Their cultural background. How to they even feel about having a woman stand next to them in battle?

Armor was never made for women:

It’s a fact that armor through the ages was never made for woman, except, for Roman gladiatorial females who were forced to fight for show. Other than that and tribal societies, I have never seen or heard of other patriarchal cultures even considering creating armor for their women. Why? Women didn’t fight.

They could die. 

Women can be raped and stolen and traded into slavery, sold, tortured, run over, degraded.

They couldn’t fight.

We couldn’t fight.

Having said that, I think this is where, inadvertently in the back of the designer’s mind, they don’t really understand how to design compelling and believable armor for the female combatant.

Things to consider while designing:

Fundamental differences between the male and female figures:




center of gravity

upper body strength

It is true in…probably 70% of cases that women have less strength in our upper bodies but what we lack in strength, we can easily make up for in speed, skill and agility.

It is also a fact that women sometimes make better marksman with rifles. We can better control our center of gravity as it is on our hips, so it makes lifting the upper torso at a more advantageous angle, especially in the prone position. I don’t know about other women, but in my case, I was a damn near perfect shot every time with my rifle UNTIL I put on my battle-rattle. I was pissed because I couldn’t shoulder my weapon correctly because of my flak vest and it hurt my score. Going back to my point: Armor is not made for women.

(it wasn’t made for Seabees either. Fucking Vietnam hand-me-downs)

It’s also generally accepted physical fact that women tend to be shorter. This can work to our advantage, especially in melee combat. If a male combatant is so used to practicing against another man or training dummy and used to hitting or blocking a certain height, he can be dodged for hitting high. His weight can also be used against him if he attempts to lunge for someone shorter than him. I threw a 280 pound dude clear across a drive way while training in Kung Fu so, keeping that in mind could also give you plenty of ideas.

Okay, so I’m going to stop here for now. It’s almost 0500 and…this fucking snow storm is blowing INSIDE my apartment. UGH.

So, read this, enjoy it. I’m going to be posting some modified designs very soon so be on the look out for part 2!

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It's new! It's improved! It comes with me yacking away about stories!

Story Creation Kit version 2!

Now on FIRE! :onfire:

Just hit the download button to use this masterpiece. This resource among resources and you'll be on your way to the amazing feeling of organization and clarity.

True story. :nod:

Quick disclaimer:

I use my original comic book 'Descendant' as examples, therefore, I should let you know it's copyrighted; the story and the characters.

Wanna read it!?

Descendant at
Descendant on Smackjeeves



OKAY, so...

I woke up to 100+ messages and, if I try to thank you all individually, the system will think I am spamming SO, I would like to thank everyone for the favs and I'm glad so many people find it useful.

I also forgot to mention, if you have any suggestions for different pages, let me know and I will add it to the kit.

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I am finally able to get through Chapter 2...I am still working on it and it's been a non-stop endeavour since I got my computer back. I am going as fast but as good as I can so I hope the art doesn't drice you all too crazy.

Read right to left

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Here be part two of my armor study notes for you guys. 

Part two is going to center around warfare and battle styles, so please bare (bear? fuck it, I’m tired) with me.

This section might be complicated but don’t worry, it’s only here to be used as a reference and a guide to your own understanding.

( i really, REALLY need to get out of my apartment. I'm chomping at the bit, here. But I can't. And it's cold. >:( )

Formal Warfare:

Open field battles with two standing groups or armies that include 100+ people.

Naval Battles with two large military or pirate ships containing 50+ people

Modern warfare: Examples of WW2 to now

Some tactical examples:

These people who fight these battles tend to have sort of advanced warning before they go into battle. This isn’t always the case, but I think it was a general courtesy across the ages. Tribes and really pissed of rebellions are probably the only ones to violate that rule. 

Traditionally, diagram one shows what one will typically see. The order of attack may look something like this:


Cavalry (animal riders, probably mostly horses; sometimes could be elephants)

Lancers in some armies. Call these anti-cavalry. If my history is correct, it’s the Greeks who first came up with this type of warfare and it was used effectively through the ages.

Infantry or footman. These were the “pawns” of the army, but they had to go last. 

Ballista, Trebuche, catapults, glaives: any large ranged weapon would be at the very rear of the formation and sometimes used in tandem with your bow archers.

There are not very many generals or leaders who would sacrifice their own men by catapulting or shooting arrows into skirmishes, but it has happened. Personally, this kills moral and can be used as an interesting plot device.

Diagram 2 is a very elementary understanding of the fight between William Wallace and the English army. William forced the English to cross the bridge over the Stirling Bridge and then cutting them off, thus effectively “slicing” the bulk of the English military force into more manageable pieces since the Scottish had much fewer men.

Diagram 3 represents the “Wedge”. A tactic often used by cavalry riders, and the footman would follow as closely as they could, cutting the opposing force in half or however many times you wedged yourself. This causes the wedge formation to surround the enemy from within and from the front.

Diagram 4 shows an example of a flanking formation. A portion of a military force will break off from the main force, probably cavalry, and attempt to come at the opposing army from the side of the back. This is one of my personal favorites. My mind says, if you can get behind your enemy with sufficient numbers and take out their bigger weapons, you can win, even in small numbers.

There’s a whole lot more but these are just to get you started and thinking.


Pillaging: I consider this informal, but I’m going to put it here anyway. Pillaging was when one army would suddenly over run a town or city for its goods and women. They would run in, grab what they could carry, rape the women, kill children and men and then occupy it. Sometimes they would leave. Pillaging can also be used by tribes, but then, it’s often for resources. Know the difference. Is your character driving in and army or guiding an army to pillage a town? Why? Are they in need of something? Is it a scare tactic?

The Siege: A siege is when a large standing army surrounds and prevents resources from going in or out of a place of importance. They would strangle people in these situations, thus, making the siege a very effective form of mental warfare. Again, these were places of significance where leadership may be present. Leadership that can change the course of a battle in favor of the enemy or in favor of a truce. It was essentially holding an entire place of value as hostage until demands are met. Sometimes, if they siege goes on long enough, the people inside the occupied territory will revolt against any inaction on behalf of their own leadership.

Starvation, disease, rape, theft, insanity: tools of war.

Informal Warfare:

Guerrilla fighting: A small group of no more than 20 people attacking from obscured vision against a larger group. Often uses hit and run tactics

Tribal warfare: Also can be a form of Guerrilla warfare. Using the environment to its utmost advantage.

300 style: Bottle-necking a MUCH larger horde into a small space where they can be picked off. I put this in informal because, despite being an army, this tactic must be a brilliantly executed plan and done so carefully. Some people would use canyons or ravines in these cases. 

Ransacking villages: Much like the pillage but on a smaller scale. Often done for resources or to replenish stores of food, clothes, etc.

Pretty much any other form of fighting that does not encompass the rules of engagement set forth by generally accepted social contracts.

Supplemental fighters:

Beserkers: Vikings would use the biggest of their men and encourage them to get really, really angry and be sloppy with their tactics. Make themselves unpredictable. This is mostly, probably for fear and intimidation. To scare any smaller dudes from being crushed by a what probably looked like a 2-ton viking dude. In a fantasy story, this can be replaced with trolls, trained animals, etc.

"Banshee"- makes sense, doesn’t it? As stated in my last post, Celts would paint themselves to look dead or to blend in with their environment. The women would do the same and run out from where they were screaming high pitch and tackle a man, killing him in the process. I’m pretty sure anyone who saw that shit probably cried like a wimp.

Aggravation: There is tale of some tribal women that would follow their men as a mental component, screaming things like “You won’t let them rape us and kill us, will you!?” This serves to infuriate the men further. I don’t know how well this worked…or if it’s something you can use more than once, but anyone who is skilled in fighting will tell you that the mental fight is probably, literally, 80% of the battle and that fear is a valuable tool.

Epic motivational speech: We’ve all seen it:

""Forth! Down fear of darkness! Arise! Arise, Riders of Théoden! Spears shall be shaken, shields shall be splintered! A sword day… a red day… and the sun rises! Ride now… Ride now… Ride! Ride for ruin and the world’s ending! Death!" -King Thoeden, LOTR: Return of the King

Another, more positively charged mental component

Saboteurs: Utilizing a stealth unit to flank and very carefully ambush leadership or destroy siege weapons. Cutting the head off the snake, as it were.

Animals: Some armies would take dogs with them into battles as well as horses. Pretty sure having a pack of fucking trained dogs run you down isn’t fun. In fantasy stories, this can be utilized further: Cats, dinosaurs, for fucks sake. Use your imagination, but also be weary, an animals instincts when fighting acts differently than ours and, sometimes, they won’t be able to differentiate between friend and foe. Also, birds of prey or other times of aviary creatures can be used to send messages or send after enemies as well. If you train them right, I’m pretty sure a good Falconer can have an eagle scratch out eyeballs.

Warrior versus Soldiers:

This is a heavy philosophical debates but for purposes of this article, I will give my own idea of what the differences are:

A warrior is a person who does not blindly follow orders or allow themselves to be used for terror, lost causes or presumed evil. They are wise humans and only fight when it is necessary and always as a last resort. But if they do fight, they are fearsome and they are smart and they will not relent until they are dead or are sure that those they love and care for are safe.

Warriors come in all shapes and sizes and don’t necessarily engage in direct combat. A warrior can be a Doctor, someone who does everything they can to find and help their patients. A warrior can be someone who runs out and helps someone because it’s the right thing to do.

A soldier relies on orders. He or she is someone who moves as a singular entity with others to achieve a goal. Soldiers are apart of a greater body that is the whole of who they are and they embody their culture, their country, their ideals and laws. 

You want to know exactly how America feels and thinks about things? Talk to her soldiers.

For your story, especially if war or battles are involved, there is a time to be a soldier and a time to be a warrior but always time to be human. 

Women as non-combatants: A philosphy

It is very important that, despite gender differences, women are still as fleshy and squishy as even the strongest man. Our flesh can still be pierced, our bones crushed, our wills broken just as a man’s. 

This is very important to remember, especially if you left your hometown wide open for attack when you went off to battle. There is nothing stopping the opposing force from sending a division behind your lines and completely decimating the very thing you seek to protect.

Then there is the idea of the aftermath.

We women are always the ones to pay the heaviest price in war. Even as non-combatants. I know some men will disagree. You’ll say, “Men died, gave the ultimate sacrifice.” Yes. They did. And I am in no way trivializing that. So why do I say women always pay the most?

We pay it with rape. We pay it with our children. We pay it with humiliation, slavery, the loss of our husbands, bothers, fathers, sons, uncles and, often times, for lost causes. We pay dearly for a loss but we also pay for the win. When we have to sit back because of some stupid cultural or religious doctrine telling us we can’t fight, and watch as people we love and care for as much as they care for us be sent off to die for, sometimes, dumb causes. Material gain being the worst of any cause to go to war. 

And if anything happens to us between the time you leave and the time you come back, what then?

You may die, yes. But women have to live and I can think of no worse punishment.

Having said that, when you write a female non-combatant or even from the view of a man, you need to understand and embody these anxieties. The decision to do battle with your fellow human should never be easy and it should be feared and the views of those around your character should come into play. Even if you have a character that’s war hungry and dreams of nothing but glory in battle, they must still be surrounded by that angst. People surrounding this character are weary, even if they believe in the cause they are following.

"He is going to lead us straight into death."

Little Big Horn. Look it up.

When a woman begs her husband not to go, understand why she’s doing it. Not just because he could lose his life but because she could lose much, much more.

For example:

There is a scene in the movie “Troy” when Hector’s wife begs him to stay and to not fight Achilles. 

She says: “2000 Greeks did not cross the sea to watch your brother fight.”

She understood more than her culture would expect her to of exactly what lies down that road should he pursue it. He does it anyway and he dies. He expected to die and while we can not fault him for laying his life on the line for his brother, we can also take a step back and get inside her head and understand fully why she was begging him. Both of these characters were forward thinking and could anticipate what was going to happen if the Greeks got inside the walls.he could see what might happen because of his Father’s blind faith in the gods and he called the battle before it was even fought and told her exactly what to do.

In ‘Cold Mountain’, Renee Zelwegger’s character says:

"Men make the weather and when it storms they stand in the rain and say ‘SHIT! It’s rainin’!"

I’m not writing this to lecture anyone but I do want you to understand exactly what it is you’re writing. War is chaos. War is not fun. Wars are almost always fought over resources or land grabs. A war’s only casualties are not the soldiers who fight them. Wars claim sanity. Wars will insight more and bigger wars. War is not glamorous. War should always ONLY be necessary if all other options are extinguished.

We have forgotten just how bad war can be.

Take it from a vet.

War is hell.

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This is the love interest guy in Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden. I dont know his name...yet :D
Anyway, I found this sketch online that Yuu Watase did and I thought "Woah!! KOOLness!!" SO I just blacked in the lines and colored it and all that jazz. I thought it was kind of cool!!
Anyway, The line art is NOT MINE!!! I did not sketch this. Some of the linea re mine because there was another character in front of him but I did this instead.
The shading and blackening is mine!

Please, I did sort of trace this, but now I know what my skecthes are missing and I aim to practice. Seriously... :dead:
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Well; I want to say this took about...3-4 days total to complete. Everything is my hand with brushes and layer modes and everything else.

I used Posemaniacs for Luna and Spot's poses and used 0 references otherwise.

I DID use 1 texture for the BG to give it the final touch:

The cover version with Text will be uploaded on the doujin account and will be used on my Smackjeeves profile:

Slayers: Divine at Smackjeeves

Known issues:

Spot's fur...I used a brush that simulated streaks but it wasn't quit giving me the rough effect I really wanted so I went over some parts with the pen tool and...he still turned out kind of shiny...that wasn't enough to deter me from posting it, rather, I want some feedback on that issue. It's fixable.

Xellos' yellow shirt thing...I think it's missing some color as well as shadows on his face. Because I was flying blind on this, I think it's acceptable all things considered.

Luna turned out pretty rockin'; the best of the the 3 even though most of my attention went to Xellos and Spot.

^---Text version
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