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The original ---> and download for a full size!

I said 'I accept the challenge' - and I've done it.
And I'm a hero! =) You know, characters are my life, cause I position myself as a conceptualist. Characters are the start of each story for me, it's base and main content. That's why I give them so much attention.

That was amazingly interesting and useful. The most hard thing was... selection! After a long thinking I've chosen 100 OCs - the most important and special from the main line of plots. Yeah, only the main characters of main stories. Some of them were drawn by me for many times and evolved, some of them were drawn once in a childhood, some were never drawn, and some were never even imagined before I started that thing, but had names and place in stories. And then I've tried to draw them - each in a special manner, using different music tracks for each. And you see the product I'm proud of. =) I tried to color them too, but unfortunately the piece has started to lose... something, and I refused from it.

All the characters are devided into several parts, and I'll mension them all. Hope I'm not losing time doing it; anyway, it can become very helpful for me one fine day. =)
UPD 9.04.14 - I'm starting to add Tributes to my characters.

1-10 ---> Essences
Living on the Sundre-Lun island, Essences are the most 'humanic' residents of Integracia - with their magic of humanization.
1 - Zulirat Truize, Oracle of Essences. She was created from the merger of elven soul, human's mind and divine creature; the immortal ruler of Sundre-Lun, adored by all Essences.
Tribute to Zulirat by Azizla
2 - Aizelity Lox-Kisukon, Queen of Essences, Oracle's second self, leader of 'SONNERIE' - rock band. An Autro human with two souls, man's and woman's, who is the one of several 'alives' in the Integracia.
Tribute to Aizelity by Azizla
3 - Hinord Rayola, Castle of Essences, SONNERIE's main drummer, mowgli-man from Hevertir, god of dolmays.
4 - Ancaria Lox-Kisukon, Bishop of Essences, Aizelity's sister, SONNERIE's guitarist and singer, leader of Girl'SONNERIE.
5 - Yaronda Kirizo, Knight of Essences, god Arco's son, thunderbaby and under-Transfer; The SONNERIE's lead guitarist, singer and the leader of Death'SONNERIE.
6 - Xalin Zinoke, Main Counselor of Essences, fortmogh from the world of Amorantan, SONNERIE's keyboardist, telepathist and technician.
Tribute to Xalin by Azizla
7 - Utish Lorkoh, Second Counselor of Essences, SONNERIE's trumpeter and also acting Oracle of Options.
8 - Mecazda Nayoriss, Third Counselor of Essences, plasticine girl. No, not really a girl - a plastic creature with human mind.
9 - Sky Wanderer, ex-Oracle of Essences, ex-Oracle of Integracia, Defiten's main protector and god.
10 - Nickola O'Far, scientist from the world of Autro, who actually was Zulirat's creator; after death he was ressurected as an Essence Utish.

11-20 ---> Mutations
Mutations accept into their ranks only those, who has a part of beast in their blood - werewolves, anthropomorphics, witches and such. They are eternal rivals with humanists-Essences.
11 - Lenta Jantaro, Oracle of Mutations, a Defiten's dolmay, ressurected as an Essence, who unexpectedly became a Mutations' chief.
12 - Wire Wing, Queen of Mutations, Dead Witch, Red Witch and such. A woman from Defiten, who has started...and finished the Last Defiten Skinning, great catastrophy.
13 - Rein Bataille, Castle of Mutations, Favorite of Spirits' Signet, the last amazon warrior of Multitude.
14 - Rurto Scratow, Bishop of Mutations, an anthropmorphical cut-glass weasel from Defiten, Master Rai's best student.
15 - Johanna Fearow, Knight of Mutations, the famous Defiten pirate captain, the hero of the Eight-Ages War, the ex-Oracle of Mutations, Varta's mentor. Anthropomorphical fog tiger.
16 - Asasara Varta, Main Counselor of Mutations, ex-Oracle of Mutations, weak mage-girl from Hevertir, energy vampire.
17 - Kori No Okami, Second Counselor of Mutations, a crystal wolf from Hevertir, Yaronda's sworn brother.
18 - Torotto Junko, Third Counselor of Mutation, a Conrahn's flying lynx, Yorgohr's granddaughter and a basswoman of SONNERIE.
19 - Hayaku No Tsubame, a Conrahn's feathered human, ex-Counselor of Mutations, who was completely destroyed during operation 'Reflexia'.
20 - Tinko-Kwesse, the Iron Bird, ex-Oracle of Mutations, a woman without a real image, whose inner appearance can be seen only by other Oracles. Started the Eight-Ages War on Defiten.

21-29 ---> Restless
Otherwise they are called 'Nameless' - great warriors, who were buried on the battlefields, whose real names were forgotten by their contemporaries and who have forgotten their life before death.
21 - Irikh, Oracle of Restless, a blind boy, mechanical copy with the soul of their previous Oracle, who has died during the inner island war; copy was made by Zarg.
22 - Zuroi.A, Queen of Restless, a swordsman with the soul, bitten by darkness. Aizelity's husband and Modest's father.
23 - Ominus, Castle of Restless, master of axes and invisibility, tank and sobriety of Guild.
24 - Ghott, Bishop of Restless, demonic staff fighter and conductor of energy between different dimensions.
25 - Zarg, Knight of Restless, the dwarf-giant and the main mechanic of the island of Nemelis.
26 - Klein, Main Counselor of Restless, Irikh's small assistent.
27 - Thira, Second Counselor of Restless, the bazooka-girl with great strenght of mind.
28 - Sutash, Third Counselor of Restless, Crow-Warrior, princess of dolmays, hero of the Eight-Ages War.
29 - Kukla, anthropomorpic from Defiten - stone horse, midget without one eye.

30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 numbers, vertical line, are the characters of another group - Defiten magical schools' stidents.
30 - Sulf Onye, 'Eye in the Sky' School's student, sprint, who has suffered much during the Crysis of Plagued; he could separate his body into several parts, transforming into fish.
40 - Nersha Borrow, 'Eye in the Sky' School's student, anthropomorphic heat bear, who used to be Rurto's best friend; they were killed together by Wire Wing.
50 - Layemi Gredohl, School of United Magic Mhen's student, a human, posessing humanic style of magic - tracing of the runes.
60 - Ayhl Canory, School of United Magic Mhen's student, a mevh, swamp elf, posessing mevhs' style of magic - sound controlling.
70 - Tesser Korde, School of United Magic Mhen's student, a sprint, posessing sprints' style of magic - water controlling.
80 - Abney Fearow, School of United Magic Mhen's student, an antropomorphic (now - a pirate), posessing pirates' style of magic - atmospheric effects controlling.

31-39 ---> Illusions
Illusions can easily change their appearance; they show their real image only in special situations - for example, battles.
31 - Aega, Oracle of Illusions, Tinko-Kwesse's son; he never shows his face, and who knows, is he real or not? Just the essence of illusion.
32 - Rodal, Queen of Illusions, a noble young man from Rizoria-Genkeh, who used to be the king of Rizoria.
33 - Akaruy, Castle of Illusions, Rizoria's royal bard, Rodal's teacher and friend.
34 - Sirta Svistokrilka, Bishop of Illusions, whistlewing from the world of Amorantan, a princess and mage of rainbow bubbles.
35 - Modest Lox-Kisukon, Knight of Illusions, a bard from Rizoria-Genkeh, who is still alive; a member of SONNERIE and son of Aizelity and Zuroi.
36 - Ahy Ha'arpy, Main Counselor of Illusions and Aega's wife; a royal witch from Rizoria-Genkeh, half-harpy.
37 and 38 - Alexey and Sergey Krasikov, Second and Third Counselors of Illusions, twins, punks from Earth, who have acidentally got into the Rizoria-Genke and started a revolution there.
39 - Neonixe, the head of rural rebellion in Rizoria, Rodal's stepbrother.

41-49 ---> Daydreams
Daydreams are mainly Defiten's great heroes, all of them protected the people during different wars and catastrophies; many people would like them to be ressurected... and their dreams became true. Aleged rivals - Guild of Plagued.
41 - Dillade Forrester, Oracle of Daydreams, who has received her post in the inheritance and began her activities during the Crysis of Plagued.
42 - Nonkair Atie, Queen of Daydreams, the first rightful ruler of sprints, who liberated them from slavery and destroyed the slaveholders' nation - mermaids.
43 - Cascade Smollow, Castle of Daydreams, who has twice become the king of Defiten pirates.
44 - Laurica Karzany, Bishop of Daydreams, the greatest elven sorcerer ever, the hero of Eight-Ages War.
45 - Takerath the Sunshiny, Knight of Daydreams, the head of Liroehss clan and queen Liorah's counselor.
46 - Liorah Generya Mitham, Main Counselor of Daydreams, the most significant woman on the throne of Loghan and the hero of Eight-Ages War.
47 - Cattiron Harsh, Second Counselor of Daydreams, ashars' thane heir, the hero of Eight-Ages War.
48 - Glenyahn the Taupe, Third Counselor of Daydreams, the chief of Fordan's police, the hero of Eight-Ages War.
49 - Inessa Vaskunte, the sprints' queen, who has destroyed Countess Klocktry during her agressive war.

51-59 ---> Multitude
Multitude once was a great world with unique culture and nations... until the huge world-predator has swallow it and the great Madness come. Multitude was torn to pieces by wars, betrayal and evil; it had important implications.
51 - Arane Bataille, amazon, Caira's youngest daughter and Rein's beloved sister, Favourite of Wind, Goddess of Music, Zulirat's Clear Essence.
52 - Gravina Bataille, amazon, Caira's second daughter, Favourite of Fire, who has received her mouth scar from Rein's kick.
53 - Prude Bataille, amazon, Caira's third daughter, Favourite of Water, who was boiled alive by necromancers.
54 - Etroth San-Tet, necromancer, controlling the army of headless corpses, Arane's sparker, container for the necromantic spirit Shagrin.
55 - Madection Effrey, necromancer, master of wax puppets and bone scarecrows, Etroth's teacher, Rein's sparker.
56 - Alna, the seer and prophetess without magical skills, herald of Madness.
57 - Caira Bataille, amazon and leader of Tanjuy village, Rein and sisters' mother, Favourite of Earth, killed by her daughter Arane in a fair fight.
58 - Importans, young mage from Uniona and Arane's student, who once was Yaronda's best friend; he can teleport different inanimate things from other worlds.
59 - Kalme, young mage from Uniona, Arane's student and Importans's cousin; user of iceblades.

61-69 ---> 'Bark', or Scilla's confrontation
Characters from a story called 'Bark', which events have happened fifteen years after the Eight-Ages War. New queen, new rivals and new...gods?
61 - Dainor Maskony, princess Nkarina's elven page-boy, Shavolar's boyfriend, a famous scientist and writer, who has commited suicide.
62 - Shavolar Yunoro, latanta - hybrid of human and dolmay, princess Nkarina's bodyquard and the only warrior-woman at the court, Tinko-Kwesse's follower and the Scilla.
63 - Nkarina Generya Mitam, Liora's daughter and the princess of Loghan, who was turned into rock statue by Wire Wing.
64 - Dilk Nirshet, one of the court warriors and Nkarina's counselors, was killed directly by Scilla in the final battle.
65 - Cubameh Virdent, princess Nkarina's best friend and court mage, one who has developed humanic kind of magic based on runes; Dilk's heartthrob.
66 and 67 - Battousina and Fakelina Shanow, pirate king Cascade's retinue and Nkarina's councellors; enter into the confrontation with Dik On'Azur, Fakelina was killed by him.
68 - Dik On'Azur Uto, dolmay, Shavolar's stepbrother, Laurica's assistant, Inocent's boyfriend and... a betrayer.
69 - Inocent Karzany, the elven girl, Laurica's student and adopted daughter, one of Nkarina's counselors.

71-79 ---> Transfers and other intriguing people
Transfers - the other interesting phenomenon of Integracia. A Transfer can see the NarraFabric (the main substance of all Integrational worlds) directly and operate with it, controlling time and space around. They can appear in any world in any time, be visible or invisible. The greatest Transfers can also appear in any shape.
71 - Girion Glatiraehl (my brother's OC), Emerald Transfer of Friendship, elf and archer, special artefact - pocket compass.
72 - Skomorazzy, Amber Transfer of Love, buffoon and Aizelity's inner essence, artefacts - a lot of small clocks.
73 - Plastilinka (my friend's OC), Ruby Transfer of Hate, plasticine human, artefacts - three Rings of Time (she gave them to Xalin).
74 - Fiddler, Sapphire Transfer of Soul, a victim of Tinko-Kwesse's experiments, special artefact - his mask.
75 - Azizla Swiftwind, Silver Transfer of NarraFabric and the Author.
76 - Isaak Swiftwind, Ebony Transfer of Narrafabric and the Child.
77 - Haidraiona, Silver Dolmyness, Azizla's favourite form on Defiten, the magical spirit of dolmays.
78 and 79 - Stas and Anastasy Kisov, Aizelity's man and woman forms, SONNERIE's vocalists.

81-86 ---> Guards of Integracia
Integracia has its own "heaven" and "hell". Guards of Integracia is the greatest and strongest guild, which consists mainly of gods, monitor the whole world and other Oracles' work. Each of Guards is also an Oracle.
81 - Oracle of Integracia in his fighting-god form. I don't know his hame and usual appearance.
82 - Avitay, Queen of Integracia, Oracle of Flying Islands, ex-demon.
83 and 84 - Yorgohr and Agana, together - Castle of Integracia, Oracles of Ice and Light.
85 - Ran'Zitar, Bishop of Integracia, Oracle of Will-O-Wisps, witch from the world of Amorantan.
86 - Arco Kirizo, Knight of Integracia, Oracle of Burning Feathers, Yaronda's father.

87-90 ---> Disintegracia
Hell of Integracia also has its own Guards, but they rarely appear in public and I know very little about them. I can tell only about some characters connected with Disintegracia.
87 - Danaya Kisukon, one of the sinners, who has lost his real body in this hell, but turned out to be Aizelity's cousin.
88 - Topaz, presumably - Bishop of Disintegracia, Aizelity's great teacher and friend, danmer from Morrowind.
89 - Blue, presumably - Main Counselor of Disintegracia, Azizla's personal demon.
90 - Oracle of Disintegracia in his two embodiments.

91-100 ---> SteamPunk Arm
Yes, it is my last (for that moment) story, and that's why I don't want to tell much about it - you'll see all by yourself very soon. I'm not doing it alone, that's why some characters are not my OCs, but not drawing them would be abusively.
91 - Fergusson (my co-author's OC), Oracle of Plagued, Ancar's father and great shemer.
92 - Mothrag Admore (my co-author's OC), Jade Transfer, presumably - Fergusson's counselor and also a great shemer.
93 - Master-Engineer, the main technic of Grimkai island, Aizelity's counterpart, Modest's mother (and my current avatar)
94 - Danaya, the bell-master, Master's cousin and Dan Kisukon's phantom.
95 - Modest, King-Rat, headman of metro and Mice Coalicy, Modest Lox-Kisukon's phantom.
96 - Victoria, Modest's second self, woman-mouse-hummingbird.
97 - Arbis The Flyfish, airship pirates' captain, supports Cats Union.
98 - Smolley The Pirate, airship pirates' captain, supports Mice Coalicy, phantom of Cascade Smollow.
99 and 100 - Fakky and Toussy, Smolley's assistants, Fakelina and Battousina's phantoms.

Uh-oh, it has taken so long to write this! I'm a hero twice =) But I HOPE it will be kinda helpful for anybody. For me, at least.
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I had so much fun designing the previous adoptable I could not hold myself from designing another one....designing frenzy! :D

Owner: TheGreenDragoon

Bullet; Orange Payment is due 24hrs. after auction has ended.

Bullet; Orange The new owner of this adoptable going to receive original file size and line drwing.

Bullet; Orange The owner may not return the adoptable or resell it.

Bullet; Orange Please reply to the highest bidder in the comment thread.

Bullet; Orange All the confusing bids outside the bidding thread will be hidden to avoid confusion.
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can change everything

model & edit me

photo by :iconphenomdesire:
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100 points / armor design

Green: adopted by :iconcelestial-blackrose:
Heavy: adopted by :iconyggdrasil-dono:
Leather: adopted by :iconcelestial-blackrose:

-will receive fullsize without watermark of the character
-can NOT resell
-can NOT claim he/she made the design on his/her own
-can change the clothes after purchase


Ez az első rajz amit adoptálásra készítettem, nem feltétlenül drowokra van szabva. A fegyver csak kiegészítő :)
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Bought a tablet for 217.somethiing..
Returning it, but making use of the pen. :0

-you may print and use as a bookmark. :3

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It's my my lansquenet costume, I use it for warhammer and historical reenactment.

The metal part are customized by me
The leather parts is made by me
The costume is realized by :iconmurieltailorcraft:
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March 2012 - Taranto

Francesco, Bau, Vittorio, Jack, Federico, Lorenzo, Samuele, Simone

Speculum Assembled! A nice shot of our norman unit, time for a new deviantID :)
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yo yo
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giger's necronomicon
an even larger wallpaper sized...
Zenseriping by Edermarmae
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