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Ode to Sarah Kerrigan


I met a snarky ghost

who was prettier than most

her name was Sarah Kerrigan

and no one else came close

She could make herself invisible

and hide from prying foes

she'd spy on them for hours on end

how my love for her did grow

But one day fate swept down on her

and said her time was near

I cursed and howled and threw a fit

'Not a chance!' I yelled for all to hear

Oh Sarah, why'd it happen

Sarah, why'd you go

Sarah, how I loved you

but I never told you so

I put her in a dropship

in the corner of the map

to protect her and to keep her safe

from enemy attack

The zerg rushed hard

they came en mass

foul, smelly, ugly beasts

all pawing for her ass

But my defenses stood their ground

all through the day and night

battle after bloody battle

a grueling, gory fight

Finally the violence stopped

and victory was neigh

the mighty zerg had lost this time

with Sarah safely in the sky

But what was this?!

A voice cried out

'Help me, help me, someone, PLEASE!' Sarah screamed aloud

'They've surrounded me completely!' came her frantic frightened shout

Somehow, some way, they'd taken her

Out from underneath my arm

"Don't you touch her!" I bellowed out

"Don't you do her any harm!"

But she's gone now

Gone away

Never to come back

My poor dear, Sarah Kerrigan, lost in the Zerg attack...

One day I will find you, Sarah

I wish and hope and pray

One day I will hold you tight

And they'll never take you away
true story from a fictional game

Star Craft (c) Blizzard
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In the zen garden
Rocks contemplate people
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Boy was about nineteen. A young man really, but his face made him look younger. Girl was younger, maybe fifteen, sixteen.  Peter Bowen thought as he kept his distance considering the situation, studying the several people involved.

City of wade was under Arenian occupation for over three centuries now, and Arenian trackers seeking out mages to be drafted to their military force was hardly an unusual event. Most people who were learned in spellcasting kept their skills hidden, and their weapons were creatively concealed.

Still give it enough time and any trickery will stand revealed. Trackers were by now very skilled in noticing anything with engraved spellcasting spiral.  A ring, a stick, the smallest of things. They knew what they were looking for.

This was what baffled peter as he studied the unfolding situation. Boy was blatantly wearing two short swords with the casting spiral boldly and prominently visible on their handles. Either he was a fool, of a foreigner who decided to seek his fortune in the city known to be the heart of merchant routes of ravine.

You control the trading routes and you control the gold. And for this very reason Arenians made sure wade was well controlled

A mage hunter pushed the boy and peter noticed that there was no fight in him... panic, yes, fear. Definitely. No fight.

Sigh...if those bastards are so desperate for reinforcements to take such obvious wimps the day of our victory is at hand.
Peter said it with  a sad grin on his face. A grin full of painful memories of friends and lost allies that never affected his eyes.

Mary silently observed him.. Then glanced back at the four guards pushing the young man and the girl around


Peter turned to face her. She was young and beautiful black hair and pale cold eyes that have seen too much evil,  he remembered there were nights when she gave him comfort, but there was never love between them.  Here was comradely.. Oh yes. And there was absolute trust.
And Aertes grace there was fight in her... too much fight he sometimes thought....

There are four of them and two of us. He said with a slightly amused look on his face.

If you want i can call a few more to make it interesting for you she replied  with an impishly raised eyebrow

Which escape route do we take afterwards., and what do we do with…them  he asked  glancing to the two foreigners.

We go home… if they wish they can follow she said in a disinterested way.
Girl seems strong...the guy... who knows.

Very well peter sighed with a distinct tone of resignation in his voice... so distinct in fact that it was obviously exaggerated.  He had every intention of helping the foreigners. Wade was after all his town. Arenians were merely borrowing it.

Street was relatively narrow. In a way it made everything easier. They were fast and they were silent. It was the carelessness of the guards that did it. Over time they grew complacent. So sure of their dominion over the streets that they could enjoy the mage hunter interrogating the foreigners. Laugh at the trembling young man  who begged them to leave them be... sadistic behavior comes easy ion the right kind of environment, and wade has over time become the best kind of environment for it.

This was the reason for their swift downfall. The guard that was supposed to cover the street behind them was way too amused with the goings on . He fell first. A well-placed dagger in  the temple. Mary mused about the arrogance of him not wearing his helmet, and a part of her felt the rage of the under estimated.  They were so sure of their supremacy that thee rebellion that was building up in the dark corners  went unnoticed.

Peter slit the throats of other two guards in one swift motion. He was a large man, but training made him swift. And so accurate. Mage hunter turned around, a casting dagger in hand when in one swift motion the foreign girl produced what appeared to be a pipe with a spellcasting  Baran spiral and blasted a lightning bolt at the hunter. He fell to the ground instantly dead.

Young man watched his companion in shock.. Then hugged her...Mary noticed he was crying.

A wimp she thought.

I am so sorry Eines... i.. I should have done it.. You should not have taken a life. Not you too...

Are you alright peter asked louder to get their attention.

Listen well you too. You can either run away, flee this city. You may make it or you may not. Or you may come with us.

They stared blankly at peter in the middle of the bloodbath that occurred..

We don’t have all day. We are leaving now!  If you wish, you may follow!
Peter said as he took out a short casting dagger and set the dead bodies ablaze. He knew it was a flat out  sign to anyone that death occurred there, but he was damned if the city he strived to liberate only ended up falling to whisperers.

Immediately after, they ran
The girl was the first to move, young man followed.

After meandering through a labyrinth of streets and passages they ended up in the tunnels and eventually they came to a house. .
peter took the foreigners to an empty room, and there Mary joined him after a while.

I am peter Bowen, and lady here is Mary Ives, and you two are?

Eines girl said

Eines....peter waited

Just Eines girl replied.

Very well, and you?

Stein, stein Phais....

Stein the wanderer?

Stein twitched for a moment....

Phais , peter said with an amused tone... it means a wanderer in Muraman. So, stein the wanderer and...Eines... what ill wind brought you two to wade?
Boy seemed to regain his composure, as he began a story peter heard on quite a few occasions.
Hey were refugees from Ardunat. He heard much actual truth there was to them he never knew. But even the Arenian council of mages fled the fallen city.
Apparently a necryte was reborn there and he has leveled the city. Some say dozens died, others numbered hundreds....such is the way of rumors.

If steins story was to be trusted, there was an event in Ardunat. It happened during the sealing of a grimlas when the man now dubbed the reaper of Ardunat lost control and revealed himself as a necryte. Two hundred and forty seven people died. Boy must have lost someone dear that day peter thought. People like that remember the exact body count.

After the fall of Ardunat he and his sister Eines wandered the kingdoms doing work where work was to be found. Apparently the girl was a competent mage, and stein was a schooled cartographer. Still, in the end road took them to wade. All roads lead to wade at one point or another. And here they thought of finding work and even settling down. Until they got ambushed.

Peter glanced down on stein's swords. You go around showing those blades and you will be marked by the mage trackers. Arenians need mages for their armies as a mage's life is a short endeavor relatively speaking.

Stein seemed to study his own swords for a moment. It never occurred to me that things were that bad in wade.

Oh yes Mary replied my brothers were drafted, all but one. They weren’t as...lucky as you were today.

You have my gratitude...stein said. Then after a pause spent carefully looking at both peter and Mary, he continued. Would i be wrong to presume that you two are...opposing the Arenian rule?

Peter and Mary shared a look.

What gives you that idea Mary asked noticing that steins demeanor completely changed. There was cunningness in the eyes that initially seemed fearful. A grin shined on the lips that a mere hour ago begged for mercy. And yes an attractive young man where a sniveling coward was just recently.

Stein grinned. You mean besides the lack of hesitation in the way you killed those guards?  Your outfits, the way you hide your armor and weaponry. The way you dull its shine so it doesn’t attract attention, and of course the fact that peter here has a crest of the house wade. They were the previous rulers and founders of the city, and only those who defy the present rule would hold to the crests of the old.

Eines rolled her eyes...what my brother here is trying to say is that this house still has the crest of the former ruler engraved on the wall here, and as a cartographer he is quite familiar with it as it used to signify wade on trading maps.

Stein shot a hurt look towards Eines sounded more cunning the way i said it.

Peter laughed heartily, well. I don’t know about cartographers, but if you want, we are always looking for capable people to aid our battle. Stein stiffened upon hearing the word battle. It was hard not to notice it. Peter put an arm around his shoulder and said. There are different ways to fight this battle stein.  Even a cartographer may find a purpose.

Stein remained silent...

Eines said. If you help us with food and a roof over our heads, we will help in any way we can.

Stein looked pleadingly at his sister who shot him a cold look. He shrugged after a moment and said... very well... we will help in any way we can.

Excellent! Then let us break bread and drink. More will come this night and we'll see about finding some work for the two of you!

Peter and Mary left the room and stein turned to Eines.


Because they helped us! They didn't ask who we were, they saw people in trouble and they helped. I plan on returning the favor. Stein studied his sister but there was no true fight in him anymore that day. He knew better by now.

I will be pretty much useless, you know that?
You said it yourself Eines replied. You seek to redeem yourself. Who knows, maybe this is exactly the way you start
And what of the first rule? If things start feeling too fate-driven we run?

Eines smiled and hugged her brother. How can you find redemption when you are running away from it? This doesn't feel fate driven stein. This to me feels driven by people, but hey, you can always ask Azriel.
Deep in the back of stein's mind, a voice only he could hear said... usually i would advise you to run... but you already made your decision stein. The moment those people saved your sister when you couldn't protect made a decision. You would repay them.

Very well stein said... we help them...we help them liberate wade.




About a dozen more people arrived by the nightfall.  And stein found the company of few of them to be quite pleasant.

Durdan was a short halfblooded cartographer, four feet tall maybe a bit more, not of Sardaheim or Shivas bloodline that was certain, he lacked the height and grace of one and the ferocity of other kind.  No Durdan was definitely of the old tribes whose origins and legends are veiled in mystery. He was however easy to talk to and so stein and him went on and on about the noble art of cartography. He was resistance's main spy at the general's table in wade. And stein definitely saw why

In fact stein and Duran’s conversation was so energetic that soon most of the room was observing them drinking, laughing and debating cartographical measurements. Suffice to say that the room's attention was based not so much on interest birthed by understanding of the topic. Instead it was sheer bafflement.

Farad, a man of many talents as he referred himself was the first to interrupt them. This is the first time in years i have seen Durdan talk this much.  If you are capable of doing that stein then i do believe i will be joining your side of the table.  Farad sat beside stein who confused by the interruption paused. Then regained his composure as he said...

Well, um, we were actually discussing in just what ways a cartographer can derail plans of generals.  Tweaking the scaling on the maps being the most obvious one of course, but at the same time the most traceable one. But trade route maps... now that is a whole different business altogether

Stein took one of Durdan’s maps while the people in the room observed him with amusement and quite a bit of interest.

Stein pointed out at the roads marked to and from wade.
These roads here, all of them are taxed. And not too cheaply i might add. Traders have been for years making their own paths, the secret roads. It is by them that they tend to transport their goods to avoid the taxation. Now any army of the city has their own supplies. You hit those first, you create the need for more. Then you block the trade roads and keep the supplies from coming.

Peter observed stein with interest. Useless in battle as this man might be, there is cunningness in him.

Eines then joined the discussion.  
Lady Mary here tells me that you have been having problems truly acting within the city because you want to avoid innocent people getting hurt in the process.
Yes…peter said with a grumpy tone

Durdan was it?

It is Durdan said smiling.

Do you have a detailed map of wade Eines asked with a half amused look?


Durdan took the map out of his bag and unfolded it. It was a beautiful and very intricately detailed map and stein admired the craftsmanship   with great interest till he felt a hearty slap on the back of his head.

You are in the way Eines said as she looked over it.

She studied the maps for a while and then took a few coins and placed them on the map.

Here is where you get them.

The room studied the pointed out locations and little by little realization was dawning. Bridges, secluded tunnels, foundation walls of the old wade

Peter then said. We too have thought of that, but we have nothing that they want. Arenians wouldn't send their forces after just anyone.

Eines grinned as she took out her pipe wand and illuminated the room with a controlled hovering fireball

You do now.

Stein stood up look at his sister with a stern expression and said. No. any other way.
Eines just looked at him for a moment...and said. Oh yes and you’re coming with me, with your fancy blades.
Farad looked at them and laughed. Peter, you really brought us some interesting reinforcements this time.

Peter laughed, blame Mary, she made me do it.
Mary hugged stein laughing. I had to, he was blubbering there begging for mercy, poor boy was scared.
Stein turned to Mary with half angry half hurt expression on his face only to see one of the warmest smiles he saw in ages. He thought to himself how can a woman with such cold eyes have such a warm smile
He smiled back and then to his surprise Mary kissed him quite passionately. The room erupted in laughter after seeing his confused face.

Mary then patted him on the cheek loudly proclaiming. He may be a coward but he has a cunning tongue and the skin of a woman, farad you might like him! Farad laughed and said, pay no attention to Mary here. My friend. She likes to make fun of people, but she does have a kind heart hidden somewhere deep behind her forked tongue then farad turned to Eines studying her pipe wand. Were you trained by the sisterhood?

No, my parents and grandfather she replied while   producing small dancing flames.

Hmm... Farad contemplated her for a moment then continued. This idea of yours... of luring them... if you were of the sisterhood it wouldn’t have worked... but as it is... it seems doable.

Eines looked at him inquisitively.
They don’t touch the sisters?

Oh no, not even Arenians are crazy enough to mess with the sisterhood. I hear that khali Khedira of the Shivas is now one of the grand matrons, and no mage is foolish enough to dance with Shivas. also let's face it with the training and disciplined skill of the sisters of Anya, Arenians would invite  the fury upon themselves such as they haven’t seen since the days of Ophelia Corredan and the dragons Arenians certainly don't want the trouble in their last held expanded colony.

We are living in the last battlefield. Once wade is liberated it will be the official end of the Arenian expanse. Five centuries of conquerors and it all ends.

I hear Karan of Areni  is a good man said stein .

Peter replied with a grim tone.

That he may be, but he is a good man who rules over a nation of people who were used to have things done their way.  He may have proclaimed the equality of wade's citizens. But Karan does not rule this city, his four generals do, and they come from long lines of oppressors. Children are what their parents and their society teaches them and these four are well versed in the art of oppression and tyranny

And unfortunately, our numbers are too few to simply overthrow them or challenge them openly on the fields of wade for a glorious battle to end it all.

Stein and Eines shared a look...a meaningful look of two people who knew each other’s pasts and secrets.

Eines then said.  So we erode them from within.
Stein looked at her with a crooked grin. You certainly are eager to join a battle you knew nothing of till today.

With a sour look she replied, those bastards wanted to take my brother... i can't allow that.

Mary laughed loudly to that. Stein looked at her with feigned sulkiness...and then burst into laughter himself.
They drank deep into that night, they ate, they plotted and they planned. And that night they slept with a feeling of belonging somewhere again.
Stein was happy and even Azriel, the small voice only he could hear told him... this one time, maybe it is good that you stayed...


Four generals were not happy. That was the first thing James Bordin heard when he entered the general court. He has been the caretaker of wade for thirty years now.  He took great pride in the efficiency of how he ran the city.  Besides small incidents, people were kept in order. Taxes were collected, trading performed all under his supervision. Never in his life did he hear that sentence before

Four generals were not happy.  His assistant said it very matter-a-factly. The tone of her voice really irked him as he walked to the council room.  He wondered why of all things he was annoyed at the woman who had served as his assistant for twelve years now...and then it hit him. She said it like it was something that was a recurring event. Not at all an exception to the monotony of his perfect record. It was the tone of voice one would use to scorn a sloppy lieutenant...

He entered the council room leaving the assistant behind. That was good. Her company at this moment merely agitated him. Bah... they were not happy... never has a conquered kingdom been run so orderly, so impeccably... and he was the reason for that. His unique balance of discipline and diplomacy ran this city as a well-oiled machine.

He opened the doors of the inner chamber as he was called to enter. The four sat behind their desk and offered a seat to him.

I was called

That you were! Said Mara Wilkes. She was a corpulent woman. A well-known arch mage who made sure she had more than enough energy to burn in battle. They say mages are like candles that burn too bright. Short lived. But this woman made sure that her candlewax is plentiful... but i guess same could be said to lesser extent for any of the four generals.

So...sir Bordin. Mara continued while looking at the ledger in her hands.
For the last six weeks we have lost over eighty guardsmen, seventeen mage hunters, our weaponry cache in the northern   part of the city, and let's not forget the military rations that were stolen...

James Bordin clenched his fist to the point that due to the searing pain he was pretty sure his nails broke the skin
There was no way...

I wasn't finished sir Bordin. You will be given a chance to explain yourself
Mara then proceeded to read a lengthy list of the military supplies and weaponry shipments that were intercepted and lost in the secret roads.

Bordin felt the cold sweat under his armor... when faced with the compilation of  his failures in the last few weeks  he felt panic taking him over...was it really that bad the thought? Before there were attacks, sure. People claimed to be with the rebellion but they were so insignificant that their activities were undetected. But it was different now. Oh he knew of these things. It was difficult not to. But not all, he knew nothing of the trading routes.  And even his informers knew little to nothing. The word was the rebellion was now lead by a devil woman. That was all he knew... was he going to tell that to the generals? Not if he valued his life... no…he would lie, and hopefully they would believe the lie for a while...   at least until he...

Sir Bordin!

He was torn away from his thoughts...

Yes general Mara?

How do you justify all of this?

I...there is an insurrection building up...

Nervous whispering amongst the generals...

But have no fear. Our spies have infiltrated their lie at a time he thought...
And soon after we mark their leaders we will destroy them from within.
I see said general Mara leaning forward.

And, these spies of yours were the ones who hid some of the stolen cargo in the basement of your home?

W...what?  Bordin stood frozen...cargo? What...

Some of the more valuable items. Tributes to general Milo’s daughter. Her wedding gift. We received information that you were involved. Your house was searched and we found ....a lot

I...general Mara i was framed, this is the work of the insurrectionists...i can find them bring them to you....

That won’t be necessary.
Mara stood up from her chair... quite an accomplishment considering her size. She took her walking stick and pointed it to Bordin... he knew what was about to happen. And he was ready for it.
A bolt of lightning shot across the room only to be met with a shielding spell.

Mara laughed as she pressed on with her attack. Bordin, you should know better than to battle an arch mage... i can keep pressing on you... and pressing...and pressing...

And waste nothing more than fat but you... you are a soldier, a fit man... a strong man... and all you have to burn is your lifespan....

Bordin gritted his teeth... he knew that she was right...he knew well of the nature of magic. Magic is a force one pays with one’s lifespan. And while some can be done without tapping into ones lifespan, past a certain limit... you burn out all the energy you have gotten from food and sleep... and from there on burn.

But Mara... oh she had the energy to burn. Plenty of it... all Arenian arch mages did. They were smart. They cared little for their publish appearance. They were all fat slobs but they were powerful. What did them care of their own appearance? All that fat they could burn out in a day... but from it they would have the power to convert ... and outmatch any regular mage.

Oh yes. Bordin knew all that but Bordin knew something else. Bordin knew that a mage can't both attack and defend.

Your power must be waning general Mara he said with a grin on his face

Waning...let us test it then Mara stopped with the lightning bolts and started charging a spell... he knew the was a pulverizing crush; she planned to literally crush both him and his shield...
But this spell required a moment, and a moment was all he needed he invested all of his remaining lifespan in this last attack. He knew that his family would be hunted down if he failed to slay all four here and now.
They wouldn't have spread their suspicions around have doubts cast on their own leadership skills. No he would tear this whole room apart. He dropped the shield and with a smile he pointed his casting dagger...

But it was too late. General milo was ready and struck him down with a lightning bolt.

Mara glanced at milo who just said... so who do we appoint to be the new city overseer?


Stein was awakened that morning by peter who rushed into the room. Both him and Mary were naked ... she often visited him. After the first night when she took his virginity and taught him things about lovemaking he presumed her relentless teasing would stop. It did not. He was forever a coward...but he was fine with that.

Get dressed peter said others are already here

He dressed quickly Mary was fast asleep still. He pondered whether or not to wake her up but he remembered she was leading the night raids...Aertes grace...six weeks they were in wade, and the city was in chaos
And Arenians were powerless to stop it. He grinned... who knew... he was actually helpful. His cartographical prowess enabled him to read the secret signs that pointed towards secret roads, and the damage they inflicted the Arenian military was tremendous. And Eines was brilliant. Arenians had twelve trained mage hunters left, and more and more mages joined the rebels.

Things were good.

Things are bad said peter with a grim look.

Stein sipped on a cup of hot Arenian coffee. He liked the brew. One of the few good things Arenians brought to the kingdoms...what happened.

Mary’s Brother Jacob stood before the room and shared the fresh bit of information.

Four generals have decided to purge the city and they have just brought military reinforcements including over a hundred of berserker mages from the homeland. With them there are over twenty elite trackers. They are capable of finding a mage by using his or her residual spell force.

And Jacob paused. Last night twelve of our headquarters were destroyed and our brethren slain.

Over a hundred fell in one night...

Stein stood shocked...Eines?

She escaped. Farad and Durdan too. They should be on the way to outer walls by now and will meet up with the forcers outside of the city. We should leave too.

Stein stood silent...and then whispered sudden...

Jacob looked to the ground and then’s a reprisal...we...kidnapped the daughter of general milo...

You what???? Peter shouted.

We...thought she would make a good bargaining leverage... we...miscalculated.

Room was silent for a moment and then peter said...we are moving out. To the outer camps.

Stein went back to his room .Azriel saw his thoughts as a vortex of fears, panic...and anger... stein. What happened? Stein explained...

I see a lot of angry thoughts. You aren't planning.....

Over a hundred died... stein growled through gritted teeth...all for the sake of greed and arrogance of those who seek dominion over the conquered...
And yet...she stopped in front of the doors to his room...
What could i do... if i was to face them alone on the battlefield...maybe. But to do that.. I would have to tell them , tell all of them... sigh.
I can't do that...

He woke up Mary and told her everything , and soon all together snuck through the hidden tunnels that lead to secret roads.

In the matter of hours they made it to the outside camp. Beyond the city walls the raiders of the trade routes sat around campfires...all grim... all cheerless.
Peter followed Jacob to the spot where general's daughter was kept. Stein had no patience for those things. He was more concerned with finding his sister. He found her by the campfire eating. She has been doing that a lot he mused... it did wonders for her combat abilities, heh.. Arenians referred to her as the devil woman.. And arch mage by her own right. What she lacked in corpulence of an Arenian arch mage she more than made up with skill and resourcefulness.  And she was only sixteen...

A twinge of guilt stabbed him in the back of his mind. He was only sixteen when he killed the first time...two hundred and forty seven she was a killer too...
He shook off the thoughts.. He knew they would only take him to bad places and sat next to his sister. In the light of the fire he noticed the redness in her eyes. She cried....

She said  looking at him almost spitefully...

He hugged her .. She relaxed and they sat like that till peter arrived.

His face revealed that this night was just made of bad news

Scouts just reported that the roads from wade are blocked, and the army will come out in the dawn to purge these woods. Thankfully they have no dragon riders as no dragon would take an Arenian... but unfortunately neither do we are a little over a hundred here. And there are currently about six hundreds of them preparing to crush us  in the morning. And every single one of them a mage.

Stein seemed thoughtful for a moment...

Many of them are of wade...forcibly drafted, aren't they?

Aye peter said with the same grim tone of voice... that they are, but any mage in Arenian military is family bound to the kingdom. If one was to desert or rebel their family would be slain for their transgressions.  They will fight us...

So what are our options?

Peter looked to the stars for some time silent...we can run away, break one of the road blocks and leave wade...or we can fight a hopeless battle.

Those are not options Eines said...that is just one option

What? Peter said as he was pulled out of his thoughts.

You would never leave wade.. None of these men and women that is just one option and a fanciful fantasy as the other...

Peter laughed ..You have gotten to know us well... which is what i wanted to talk to you about.

Here it comes said Eines while an expression of deep anger slowly flooded her face.

Peter continued, two of you are not of wade. You could leave. Two people on the road wouldn't ...

He was slammed into a tree by the forceful blast of Eines' spell.

This is what i do to people that annoy me peter...would you like to find out what i do to those that truly enrage me?

Peter got off the ground catching his breath and started two really are something.

Mary and Durdan joined them. Farad followed..

So i guess their answer was no Mary asked smiling.  Peter nodded.
Well.. I was sure Eines would refuse, stein is the wimpier one she said laughing as she sat next to stein.

She hugged him and said.. So we die together know. I can’t say that i love you.. We were never that close. At best you were what i needed....

Thrilled to hear that stein replied grimly..

She grabbed his face and made him face her.

However...i am glad to have met you,  i am glad to have called you my friend, and yes, i am very glad i have shared my bed with you...
And tomorrow, if fates see it fit, i will be glad to die beside you stein the wanderer...

All that from me too said peter.. Except for sharing the bed...

They all laughed

Stein looked at Eines.. And his look told her everything. She had seen it before. A look of deep regret... of old pain.. But this time also a resolute look.

She nodded...

And stein said.. What if we could win this?

Everyone turned towards him. A baffled expression on their faces.

A hundred and twelve of us, five mages among us , no breathtakers dragonlords or dragoons..... Traps and trickery won’t work if they just set the woods on fire...
Peter said this with a tone of one bringing a dazed person back to reality.

Stein stood silent for a few seconds as everyone regarded him with some curiosity.


The dawn broke and it was beautiful.
Stein stood alone on the field facing the city of wade. Woods were behind him and in the woods many eyes upon him...
Eyes that used to look at him with amusement now seemed alert. Fearful...they had every reason to be.

But the dawn sure was beautiful. Autumn was just around the corner, and fields were at that final  push for glory... rich in colors and smells.  Birds chirping, pleasant breeze... a day upon which one would just take a nap right there...

It should be grimmer, he thought. Somehow it felt wrong. Many would die today. Nature should have some decency and make the day feel appropriate. This, this just felt wrong.
He watched as the great southern gate of wade opened and the army made its way down ...

There were many of them... people...with families...

Azriel told him, so are the people, you are trying to protect right now..

And it helped.

Not just for the obvious reason of soothing the killer’s remorse.. But it was the word protect...

He was never a protector. How could he be.

Come to think of it he was never a much of anything.  His father tried teaching him magic when he was  younger. It was a different time.  He came from a long line of skilled and smart spell casters. The saying goes that a mage's life is that of a candle burning too bright, but his family knew how to keep the flame in check

He still remembered his trainings..

World and the universe around us are made of necra his father said while grabbing a handful of sand.  
Necra is as the tiniest of sand  bound together to form matter.  Scholars say there is a trinity of forces in action when one becomes a mage. A soul or anu, uses life-force or maga to manipulate matter , or necra.

Stein was twelve back then and he had broken about fifty practice wands that day alone.

His father continued.  You use a caster weapon to weave a spell. Look at this spiral on it.
Stein glanced at the wand with only a half interested look.. He knew all this by then of course but his father hoped that it was the theory that made him fail over and over

This is used for you to channel your maga and mix it with necra. This results in the formation of the spell

Now, why did the wands break.

Stein looked on the ground at the pile of shattered wands...

Because they are crap?

His father laughed but got serious quickly.  No! Danger in untrained magic is that with a strong caster weapon a novice mage would use up his permanent life-force too fast.  Goal of using magic wisely is to merely use the daily maga, one which can be regenerated by food and sleep. . This is why practice wands have a very thin and breakable spiral engraved. It is to stop you from releasing too much maga and end up hurting your lifespan.

Stein kept trying.. And failing. For some reason even then it was clear  that he could not   control his spellwork ..At all. His sister could, she was a prodigy. Stein could not.
Soon it became apparent that magic was not his domain. His father asked for a favor with the scholars of the University of Ardunat, and stein was schooled in cartography instead.

It was interesting, and he liked it ...he found his place in the world back then and all was good.

But then he turned sixteen.  That was the age everyone was allowed to pull a  weapon from the faetree of Ardunat. He could care less about weaponry. His swordsmanship was laughable anyways. But customs were customs. And so he too came to the tree.

He could care less about which weapon he would pull out.  But the problem was all of them were really heavy looking swords and spears and axes. He looked for the lightest ones he could see. and right at the top of the tree two, very light looking shortswords were embedded. They seemed to be a matching set.

Stein figured, why not?

That day two hundred and forty seven died.  He realized why his spellcasting was so erratic and uncontrollable too...
That day, with the best spellcasting weapon in his hands his power was unleashed.  He ran afterwards. His sister found him,  told him no one knows who did it, but that people of Ardunat were fleeing.  Their family was too and she came to bring him back. Stein refused. He knew what he was now.. A voice only he could hear told him all about it.  He can’t come back.
So instead Eines came with him.

Back out of his memories , stein smiled.

Last night when he shared this tale around the campfire as more and more came to listen he had to repeat parts of it... but by its end there was a dead silence.  Many didn’t believe him, so he had shown it.

Over the last three years he had learned to control it. Oh, not aim , he could never aim his spells and pulses.. But he knew how to stop them.  And he knew how to unravel his form to become what the rare few who saw it called the reaper of Ardunat. This was what he had shown them last night. As he was pulsating between in and out of existence, a mirage of death and all the terrors of the night he saw fear in the faces of his friends.

But then he promised them, he would liberate wade for them this day.

All they needed to do is stay back in the woods. Stay far away.

They did just that. Stein was all alone on that field and the army was fast approaching. He cast one last glance around the field..
Such a shame....and it was so beautiful.

He saw a woman in an elaborate armor step forward. Not one of the top brass he though. Arenian arch mages rely on over eating as their spell fuel. This woman was slender.

We demand the daughter of general  milo to be returned. This and only this will give you any chance of survival.

Stein nodded and signaled to the rebels in the woods. Soon a young woman came out of the woods. As she passed stein he said.

Don’t linger, as soon as you pass the army, run as far as you can.
She shot him a dirty look and just whispered.

I would have no interest in seeing your puny rebellion massacred. I have seen your numbers and they are unimpressive.

She moved away and stein gave her a sad smile.

Still, he noted , once she reached their ranks she ran, and she ran fast for a privileged brat.

He knew what came next. Such is the way of the world. You don’t bargain with an enemy you find weaker and dangerous at the same time.
Without a warning a fireball flew his way.

He shielded himself and with no small irony he noticed that for once that was enough. Others were in the forest.

Lieutenant laughed. A fellow spell caster i see. Pity, we could use more in our ranks. Still. Our numbers will drain you of your life fast.
They started pummeling stein who merely stood there observing them.

After a while confusion was dawning on their faces. The sheer combination of their attacks should have  been so straining on the shield that the man should have been  dead by now. His lifespan fully drained, and yet here they were , dangerously close to tapping into their own lifespan and this boy just smiled.

The barrage stopped.

Stein then spoke

We want the Arenian forces to leave the free city of wade. You will be granted safe passage...stein waited till the laughter will be granted safe passage and none of you must die.

Lieutenant studied him for a moment unsure what to make of him. He was scrawny for a man... entirely unimpressive. By now he blocked enough firepower to drop an arch mage and there was no single sign of fatigue on him. Something was amiss here.

We know your numbers she said. And we know that you are limited in sheer mage firepower.
We on the other hand number six hundred and fifty two. You are severely outmatched.

You are right about the numbers stein said ... you are wrong about the limitations of our mage firepower.

Really she smirked? Impress me.
It’s unlimited.. If a little hard to control.

A confused look....

Stein looked at the forces in front of him. We have six mages.. But to destroy you, they only needed me

What makes you so impressive?

Hardly impressive.. More...defective. You might say i was born a little damaged.

Lieutenant narrowed her eyes as a terrible though occurred to her...
Who are you?

In that very moment a very corpulent woman broke through the ranks shouting,
What is the holdup lieutenant ?
Then she shot stein a disguised look. Observed his shielding and said, what are you waiting for hammer him down and move o!

We… Tried that general Mara

Ash general Mara stein interrupted, i heard stories about you.. Nothing good...

And you would be? She said as she readied her weapon.

Me, I’m stein, stein the wanderer...
Stein the dead man seems more appropriate...

Oh no, i prefer my other name...

He noticed lieutenant pulling back.. An idea dawning in her eyes.. A terrible fear... she knew he thought and smiled.

The reaper of Ardunat stein proclaimed. And created a single pulse that knocked Mara back into her troops.. Twelve people cushioned her fall...

Mara screamed frothing with rage, destroy him , kill him now!!!
All hell broke loose fire and lightning engulfed the field, and soon only dust clouds were visible.
Mara got up looking at the place where stein was before and then ...several things happened at once.

Out of the forest ran out Jacob, and a few other rebels, followed by his sister Mary. Somewhere in the back Eines screamed for them to stop...

Their intentions were good... but they made a horrible mistake.

Stein felt that familiar tingling feeling of unraveling. His body was an unstable form , pulsating in and out of existence, a dark mirage of death flickering in front of Mara.  Terror dawned in her eyes, and it was the last thing to ever dawn for her. The pulse was swift, destructive and in all directions. Stein took out over three hindered Arenian soldiers in a single pulse that day... and six rebels. Jacob brother of Mary was one of them while Mary herself was injured.

Somewhere in the back Eines , peter and the rest of the rebels handled a second smaller wave  of elite forces that was led by general milo. Eines defeated him and made him face the reality of their defeat when she had shown him the destruction stein caused.

Stein stopped and asked for Arenian surrender once more. They were paralyzed with fear hiding behind spell shields. Then from the woods they heard general milo screaming , we surrender...

It was over. Wade was liberated... only later did stein find out of the fallen allies, of whom he had killed.. When he faced  Mary the look in her one remaining good eye was enough to tell him it was highly unlikely she would ever forgive him.

He had to accept that...but he had accepted worse things in life.. And for once he knew this was not his fault. He didn't need Azriel to tell him that.
Remaining three generals left wade and took their forces with them with the message to Karan of Areni. Wade is a free city , and it is looked after by the reaper of Ardunat.
Peter took control over the city, and soon was appointed king. Stein and Eines left soon after they knew it was for the best to stick around for paid assassins hired by unhappy families of Arenians and people of Ardunat to come after them.

Still, friendships remained strong, and wade was free.  Free under the sigil of the wanderer
a short bonus story from book 2 of ravine. this is handled in a shorter version in the comic this is merely a more detailed insight into the adventures stein and eines had in wade

this version is my own, ron marz will handle it's final rewrite to further polish it so the published version will be better :)
after all, English is my second language.
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Title: Lasting Impressions - Chapter 1: Revealing Hiccups
Author: xRebel666x
Game: Mass Effect
Characters/Pairing: Commander Shelby Shepard (femShep) and Samantha Traynor

Chapter 1 – Revealing Hiccups

  The famed Commander never expected anything but the best. Shelby Shepard was a decorated war hero and survived one catastrophe after another. The scars on her body were merely badges she wore proudly as proof of her victories. Any battle she lived was another chance for her to fight, another chance for her to prove her abilities. Anyone who stood in her way would quickly find themselves with a fist planted firmly in their face. Shepard's forceful approach was notorious… a certain reporter could attest to this.

  When the Normandy left Earth in a hurry, it was sheer dumb luck that Specialist Samantha Traynor was one of those aboard. She never served on a vesseland never expected to serve under the famous Commander Shepard. The moment she discovered the situation she was left in, she felt intimidated but knew she would have to pull her weight in order to be accepted. All the information she received about the woman in charge left her picturing Shelby as nothing more than a renegade without a leash. A rough and tumble Marine who will stop at nothing to get what she wanted… that was until she met the Commander.

  Stumbling upon Shepard during a conversation with the smart asari aboard, she immediately noticed the striking smile planted firmly on the tall woman. Her short blonde hair was an organized mess that complimented her piercing grey eyes. The uniform was perfectly fitted on the experienced soldier, respectfully paying tribute to her experience. She never expected a woman who so boldly stood for humanities interests to be so elegantly beautiful. Within that instance, she quickly found herself falling for the veteran.

  The sudden infatuation left the timid Specialist flustered every time she came into contact with Shelby. Time after time, she would catch herself nervously rambling on and revealing little tidbits. Like an apology about finding EDI's voice attractive mere moments after her introduction and a lengthy discussion about her six thousand credits toothbrush. In the pursuit of redemption, Traynor would spend hours toiling away. She wanted to provide an example of her contribution to the Normandy's team by reporting any disturbances. Yet no matter how often Shepard congratulated the Specialist on a job well done, she couldn't stop imaging herself as nothing more than a bumbling mess.

  Even if she could find a way to win over the illustrious Commander Shepard, she didn't know if she would even be interested. No one aboard the Normandy knew much about Shelby's personal life. She was always reserved about going into details about her personal interests… especially when it came to relationships. As flirtatious as she was, there wasn't a single person who succeeded in seducing the sly woman so her preference remained a mystery. The only smidgen of information Traynor was able to pick up on was Shepard's behavior around fellow crewmates of the same gender.

  There was a brief change in Shelby's attitude the moment she came into contact with certain individuals. She constantly complimented Ashley on the change of outfits, saying the blues suited her better than her previous pink and white armor, and how relieved she was to see her "with her hair down." She poked fun at Jack's g-rated vocabulary and about stealing her hairstyle when there were no similarities between the two. She also mentioned how one previous crew member had a specific body part that perfectly popped out and made it difficult to avoid staring at. Unfortunately, this was not enough information for the colonist-born technician to elaborate on.

  As Samantha was settling into the Normandy's daily routines, she found herself becoming more and more confident around the Commander. Since her abilities were proving to be helpful, Shepard stopped by more often to chat and commemorate her contribution to the team. Every brief moment she experience with their beloved leader left a lasting impression. Their conversations provided a moment of solace, a chance to forget about the turmoil. Any distraction away from the chaos of the war was welcomed warmly by the chipper crewmate.

  During their last conversation, Samantha left a subtle hint about her growing feelings. Secretly hoping Shepard would catch onto the displays of affection from her fellow Alliance soldier. Without giving so much as a nibble to bite on, Shelby completely overlooked the notion and continued on like nothing happened. Questioning her approach, she wondered if she should even attempt anything or to simply allow things to follow their course and hope for the best.

  While she was lost in her thoughts, she noticed the faint image of the Commander casually enter the CIC from the War Room. She was focusing on the datapad firmly resting in her hands with a concerned look scribble across her face. The last mission paid a toll on the hero and the weight of the war was starting to show signs of defeat.

  Trying her hardest to conceal the emotions from the loss of a previous crewmember and a close friend, her eyes revealed her true feelings. They changed different shades based on Shepard's emotions. When she stared at the memorial wall aboard the Normandy, Specialist Traynor notices a faint shimmer of blue hues that made her grey eyes darker. Whenever Shelby stopped by previously, the grey appeared lighter and had a slim glow of a golden tint. The dark pupils staring at the datapad confirmed Shepard's distress.

  As the battle worn Commander came closer to the Galaxy Map, Samantha attempted to comfort her, "I hear you were on the ground with the Reaper. He fired up at us a few times. Joker pulled the Normandy through some insane maneuvers to stay out of the line of fire. I was terrified at first, strapped into a safety harness. I can only imagine what it was like having that thing chasing you..."

  Without looking up from the orange hologram, Shelby responded, "Don't worry, Traynor. It was tough but Joker knows better than to let anything happen to my favorite communications officer."

  Trying to cheer Shepard up, she smiled, "Flatter me all you like. I'm still not feeding your fish."

  "I can be very persuasive," she replied, chuckling.

  "Is that so?" Samantha pursued with her interest hinted in her tone.

  "Yes, although," her deep grey gaze met with Samantha's, "it appears you and Diana Allers seem to be getting fairly close. I always catch you two rambling on over the intercom."

  "I, oh… well, I can explain," she stuttered, ashamed.

  "I'm listening," Shepard crossed her arms and stared at her sternly, waiting for an explanation.

  "I know I really should be focusing on the task at hand. I didn't think discussing little things with Diana would be an issue. I like listening in when she does her broadcastings and discussing topics that would make an interesting report. It also doesn't help that I find her voice attractive, like I do with EDI's and yours. Here I go rambling again… this is becoming a bad habit," she anxiously rubbed her fingertips against her forehead.

Shepard shook her head, smiling, "It's okay, Traynor. I have nothing against you mingling with the crew. In fact, I encourage it."

  Relieved, the Specialist sighed heavily, "I'm sorry, I must have come across like a child trying to cover up breaking their parent's vase."

  "No… I did that on purpose. I like keeping you on your toes," Shelby winked, a light twinkle of gold radiated from her grey eyes. She tenderly placed her free hand on Samantha's shoulder before striding away. The brief embrace of her touch and the mention of her interest in mingling with others vaguely confirmed what the communications officer was feeling all along.

  She does like me…
There honestly needs to be more love for Samantha Traynor! So here is my fan fiction with the blonde-haired Shelby Shepard.

Chapter 1: VIEWING
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: [link]
Chapter 5: [link]
Chapter 6: WIP

Samantha Traynor belongs to the wonderful world of Mass Effect
Shelby Shepard is one of my own devious little Shepards XD

P.S. I need someone to draw Shelby! If you want to volunteer, send me a note. ^_^

Shelby's song - [link] (And she looks like Pink too XD)
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"Love is a sweet emotion
only when it's returned
otherwise it's a curse"
This was a cover of my poem [Love is......]But I decide to submit it alone as visual poetry.
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    Kevin and Dave's mothers had signed them up for a private school. They were fed up with the constant irritation of everyday life of school. However, Kevin and Dave didn't mind it; school didn't pose a problem to either one of them. Their moms thought that they were exposed to fights, drug use and any other problem that would typically happen at school. And they were. They usually stayed out of the way of those things, too. But it was too much for their mothers to absorb that that was life. However, they also thought that Kevin and Dave were growing a bit of an attitude towards either parent. So, they signed both of them up for a private school, in which, they will both attend together as friends. The boys were confused; how were they, in anyway, 'have an attitude'? They were obediant children! They did their homework, listened to their parents and played games like any other boy would. They assumed it was probably something to do with the whole school problem. Either way, they didn't like moving schools.

    It was Wednesday before they had gone off to their first day of school. Wearing a typical blue uniform with pants, they assumed that it was going to be an uptight environment like boarding school usually have.

"I don't like this..." Kevin began.

"I know. Mom, why do we have to move schools? Nothing was wrong with the old one." Dave protested.

"Because, I don't want either of you fine boys to end up in the street." Dave's mother explained, turning into the driveway of the school.

The school looked like an insane asylum, in all honesty. Giant, possible caged windows and a stone and brick sign that read the school's name. With flowers and nicely cut hedges surrounding the building, the boys thought that the building itself looked worse than their other school.

"But we know better than to listen to bullies and the internet."

"Sorry, Dave, but it's for the best of both of you. Plus, think of the better friends you'll make!" She stopped in front of the doors to the school. "Now, you boys have a great day at school, hm?" She smiled.

The boys got out of the car as they waved good-bye to Dave's mom. "Well, I guess we're going to have to endure a day at a new school..." Kevin gulped at the sight of the huge doors.

"On the bright side, we'll have each other to talk to and stuff, right?" Dave gently slapped Kevin's chest.

"I guess..."

"Alright! So let's go explore the school before school starts then."
    The boys had a good 20 minutes before school actually had started. The building looked big on the outside, but the rooms themselves were bigger. The cafeteria was probably the main structure of the school itself, it was so big. The rooms were about the size of 2-3 classrooms big and the gym was practically a park. The boys were quite astonished. The intercom came on and reminded the students to get to class because school was about to begin in 5 minutes. They walked to their first period class.

    The classroom was basked in a warm sunlight that wasn't too hot nor was it too blinding. The windows were accompanied with a few pots of flowers and various plants than hung down the wall.

The teacher was watering the plants when she noticed the 2 enter the room.

"Why hello there!" She greeted in a happy tone.

"Hello." They replied.

"I can see that you boys are new to the school!" She put the watering can underneath her desk.

"Yes, ma'am."

"Such politeness! Well, I hope you 2 will make yourselves comfortable here at this wondrous school. Please, choose your seats now so you won't be separated!"

Kevin and Dave sat next to each other in the front row and waited for the other students to come in. A girl walked through the door and greeted the teacher; who they now know as 'Ms. P'. The girl's name was Suzan, from what Ms. P had greeted her. Another girl had entered and greeted Ms. P like Suzan did. Kevin and Dave watched the door as more and more girls started to come through the door. This started to scare the boys.

"Are we in a school entirely populated by women?!" Dave whispered angrily.

"I hope not! I feel kind of awkward already now that we're sitting here..."

A couple of minutes later, the bell rang and Ms. P closed the door.

"Good morning!" Ms. P greeted. The class responded in unison with a 'good morning, Ms. P'.

"I don't know if any of you had noticed, but we have 2 new students today! Say hello to..." Ms. P went over to her desk, got her reading glasses and read the clipboard on her desk. "... Kevin and Dave!" The entire class was a dead silent, as if the girls seem to hate the 2 for probably being the only boys there.

"Now girls, don't dislike the 2 because they're not of same sex; they're humans just like all of us. Now then, I'm going to go run a few errands that shouldn't take more than 10 minutes. Go on and have your free time! I'll be back momentarily." Ms. P left the room. The girls began to shift around the room and hudled into their clicks.
    The room started to grow louder as the girls began their gossip and talk of other things while Kevin and Dave were left alone to talk to each other. It was awkward, for the both of them, because they didn't have anything to talk about. They felt as if they were going to sit there for the 10 minutes that Ms. P had allowed the children to have. Dave got up and sat on the desk, facing Kevin.

"Anything on your mind?" Dave attempted to start a conversation.

"Not really..." Kevin was moving his finger across the desk looking extremely bored. "Sorry, Dave, I don't want to sound rude, it's just... What is there to talk about, you know?"

"Uh, the fact that this school is probably populated by females only?"

"That's right! Why would our parents send us here? Did they not know that this is probably a female only school?"

Dave shrugged, "I dunno. I guess when we tell them after school, they'll probably either find us another school or take us back to our old school."

    Then the 2 started to engage each other in talk. It seemed as if time had slowed down for them because they were talking about the different problems each of them had. However, during their conversation, Kevin noticed something about Dave that he didn't see until he dropped his pencil.

"Hey, Dave?" Kevin had a little shock to his voice.

"What's up?"

"Your uhm... Pants?"

Dave looked down at his pants and found that his entire bottom half of his body had changed. He was wearing black shoes that the girls were wearing, he was wearing black knee socks and shapely and he was wearing a skirt! He could only imagine the detail of his change as he was sweeping a hand through the skirt.

"What the hell?!" Dave tried to keep from shouting, but how could you not if your pants had just changed into a skirt?

"What happened?"

"I don't know!" Then Dave noticed the same thing happened to Kevin. "You too, bro!" He pointed down to Kevin's newfound clothes.

"What's going on?!"

    Then the changes started to become faster and actually noticable. Both of their shirts started to morph into the girls' uniforms; a vest, a white shirt underneath and a small plad bow atop of the 'V' on the vest. What had shocked them the most was how quickly the changes were and that they were going in unison. The shirts were so tight, they felt as if they were going to rip through the shirt like Hulk would. Soon enough, the shirt began to grow more comforting on their skin. While that was going on, there was a tingling on their hands. Dave looked at his hands only to find them shrinking at an alarming rate. He tried letting out a warning to Kevin, but he was having the same

problem talking. Their hands, after shrinking, became more fragile looking and more delicate. With fingernails growing, the hair on their arms was slowly swept away by an unknown force as the change began to crawl up to their head.

    Both of their faces began to shift around; becoming softer and cuter to the eye. Dave's hair grew down to size as his hair was burnt into a satisfying brown. He felt a tug in his hair, which Kevin had told him, was a bow. Kevin's hair, like Dave's grew down, only his hair color was melting away into a soft blonde color. Also tugging his hair, was a bow that had placed itself comfortably in his hair. Now techinically girls, the both of them, they tried to speak to each other. The only thing that came out of them were bad voice cracks and squeaks so bad, they couldn't understand each other. Just then, both of them saw their chests begin to push out. Their breasts began to fill in their shirts to perfectly fit them. And after about a couple of seconds of bloating, they were now girls.
    What was weird was how none of the girls had acknowledged their change the entire time; they just ignored them as if they weren't there.

"How do they not see this!" The girl named Dave complained. "I mean, we were only turning into girls the entire time!"

"Don't make a scene; I don't want any of those girls to come over here and notice. Just pretend that you're a girl." 'Kevin' told her.

"WE ARE GI-" 'Kevin' put a hand to 'Dave's' mouth to shut her up.

"Do you want to get attention?" 'Kevin' whispered angrily into her ear. Suzan, a girl that entered the class first, walked over to the 2 girls.

"Hi! I don't think I heard your names when Ms. P was announcing you 2. Who are you?" She greeted.

Without thinking, the 2 girls had responded as if they were girls their whole life. "I'm Kelly!"

"I'm Diane!" They greeted back.

"Oh cool! I used to have a friend named Diane, but ever since I got moved to this school, it's just like... ugh, you know?" Suzan had told them.

"I guess." Diane shrugged. She didn't seem like talking to Suzan.

"Ah... I see you don't want to talk to me..." Suzan had a very depressing tone to her voice as she lowered her head in sadness.

"Oh no, don't get me wrong, dear, I just woke up late and am tired. I'll be better around lunch, I promise." Diane comforted her.

"Okay." And Suzan walked back to her group of friends.

Ms. P came back into the room. "Alrighty class. I'm sorry to say that school is canceled for the day. Apparently, today is a holiday! So, go on and pack your things, dearies!"
"What was that?" Kelly started to nag at Diane.

"What was what?"

"That little sensitivity scene with Suzan?"

"I don't know, to be honest. I just had this sudden flood of thoughts that came into mind. It's like, this person... Diane, is taking over!" She explained.

"Now that you say that, I had the same kind of feeling..." Kelly held her head.

Kelly's mother had come to pick them up. They entered the car and she greeted the 2. "Sorry about taking you to school! We'd forgotton that today was a day off. Anyways, Diane's mom couldn't pick you up; she's shopping right now. So, how was your day, you 2?"

"Oh, it was wonderful! Everybody's so nice here, even the teachers!" Kelly started.

"Yea, we made a new friend, too! Her name's Suzan." Diane added.

"Well that's great to hear that both of you are starting to enjoy the school!" Kelly's mother drove home and the 2 girls were already talking about what's going on tomorrow. But in their heads, they know who they were, they know the life they've lived before them. A part of them missed them. Now, they have new friends to make that can fill that void.
A request for ~lukybelle! Thanks for supplying the picture, too! :)

Although this looks like a long story (which it kind of is, but isn't dreadfully long) because of the spacing between dialogue. :P

I felt kind of lazy writing this one because of how I detailed the changes and the ending of the story... You know. I've also felt like I've rushed the ending. Sorry if you think that this isn't good :worry:

GAH! I had written this in notepad because I was working on this on the course of 2 days. Since I'd copied and pasted it, it had messed up and spaced EVERY SINGLE LINE! GRR!! So! If you see anything wrong (spelling errors or spaced lines that don't make sense) then you'll know. And if you can, tell me so I can fix it! :).

I hope that you'll like/liked it!

One more thing: Take a read of my journals! I update it every couple of days to announce certain things and explanations! :D
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Delving in once again, I pick a ring and pull it out. While my last transformation had resulted in some free clothes for my Rule 63 form, it wasn't worth almost losing my mind in the process.
Walking over to book, I place the golden brown ring on the page and write 'What's this one called?'.
'Popular. You have good tastes my friend' comes book's reply
'But I'm picking these randomly!'
There is a pause, 'You have good random tastes'
Rolling my eyes, I turn to the mirror and slide the ring on, wondering how it could possibly make me more popular. Seems like the only way I'm going to get an answer to that.

My waist slowly thins down while my hips and breasts expand, giving me a decent hourglass figure. However, unlike the rule 63 ring, this time it goes further, stopping only after my waist becoming almost amnesic while my hips and ass stick far out and my breasts are pushing the DD-cup boundary. My arms thin out as my thighs thicken and feet shrink. In fact my whole body is shrinking slightly, leaving me at about 5'6''. Next my face changes to match the rest of my body, once again losing its masculinity as flowing blonde hair reaches my upper back. As my eyes lighten to hazel, my skin tans slightly, leaving me with an almost golden brown skin colour. Makeup applies itself to me, black mascara, red-pink lipstick, blush and bronze eye shadow all appearing, as well as my fingernails and toenails gaining a coat of matching pink nail vanish.

As this had been happening, my clothes had been changing, losing material as my shirt becomes a short, strapless, red top and my jeans shrink to become tight, light blue, denim shorts. A bra forms as my converse become high heels, bringing me back up to my original height. A handbag appears on my shoulder, filled with makeup and a purse.

Transformation done, I look myself over in the mirror, finally realising that the ring will indeed make me more popular, by making me hot. "I mean, look at these!" I think to myself, grabbing my hips, "I'll end up knocking people out as I walk with these. And these things!" I grab my breasts, hands barely big enough to hold them. I gasp as the feeling of ecstasy shoots across my body, making every cell tingle with excitement. Well, I guess I could experiment with this body as well… compare it to the rule 63 form.

A smile plays across my lips as I turn and walk towards the attic door. However, I immediately trip over my heeled shoes, not used to them. I decide to just remove them rather than learn how to walk in high heels, taking them off and walking downstairs and into my bedroom. This will be greatly enjoyable…
Plot: Today James has selected a bronzy-brown coloured ring, what will this one contain?

Hope you enjoy, please leave comments and criticism.

Also, if you have a transformation you would like me to write, post it below in the comments. Thanks! :)
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What My Heart is Telling Me

Summary: As Aqua wanders alone, pondering her feelings, Terra wonders the same thing… his feelings for Aqua, causing them to come out in a way neither of them expected. Terra x Aqua

Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts.

I'm very fond of the Terra & Aqua pairing. There's just something about it, something I can't put my finger on, that I like. And I was bored when I came up with this.

Also, at some points I'll refer to the Master Qualification Exam as MQE. It just saves a hassle since completely spelled out, it's long.

Here Goes:

Aqua walked along the river. She'd decided to take a walk to clear her head before the big Master Qualification Exam with Terra. Her blue hair rustled with the light breeze. Eyes the color of the water reflected the peaceful flowing of the river. She wondered what Terra and Ven were doing. She knew Ven went to bed, but he usually snuck out sometime later to look at the stars.

Terra? Aqua didn't know what he did at night. She knew he would sometimes come out for walks too, but he didn't usually anymore. He was probably in bed, resting up for the big exam tomorrow.

She couldn't believe it. Terra and Aqua had met when he was twelve and she was ten on the day Master Eraqus brought them both to his home to become his Keyblade apprentices. They'd been best friends ever since. That had been seven years ago. But lately, Aqua had been wondering if a best friend was the only way she saw Terra.

Oh, Terra… Aqua had been wondering… were her feelings for him merely feelings of friendship? Every time she looked at him now, she felt heat rise in her cheeks, and would avoid eye contact with him until the feeling went away. It was irritating, especially the last time they and Ven went swimming in a nearby lake. One look at Terra without a shirt on and Aqua ran to the water just to avoid looking at him. Her face had turned redder than a ripe tomato and her face felt like it was a thousand degrees.

She had to admit it though, she liked the shape of his body. He was tan, muscular, tall, with hair dark as earth and blue eyes. They were lighter than hers, maybe the color of a clear sky, which was funny. Terra's name meant 'earth' which is the exact opposite of the sky. She shrugged. Whatever.

That's when Aqua really realized where her thoughts had gone. Terra had been a big distraction for her. She loved training with him and Ven. Due to Terra's power and skill, he was probably more likely to pass the MQE than her. Master Eraqus had taught him well.

"I wonder if Terra thinks of me as more than a friend…" Aqua mused. Then, she mentally slapped her head and thought, 'Of course he doesn't. Terra doesn't see me as anymore than a friend. I guess it's just meant to be that way. Him, me, and Ven just friends forever.'

She decided to head for the gardens. There she could get a nice view of the world's landscape and watch the stars. It was one of the best places, Ven's preferred spot was the best, but she was nowhere near that area.

As she continued on, Aqua kept thinking more about what it would mean for her and Terra if they passed the MQE. Terra had said that he planned to travel the worlds as soon as he could. Aqua wanted to do that too, but she had also considered staying with Ven to help him train until he was ready for his MQE. Ven had joined them only four years ago and was not taking the MQE with Aqua and Terra.

But if Aqua did travel the worlds, it would mean she'd see Terra more often. He didn't know what worlds he'd go to though. There were as many out there as there were stars in the sky. Then again, the worlds were the stars.

"Oh… I just need to get over this…" Aqua told herself. "Even if I do really have feelings for Terra, he doesn't feel the same. I just know he doesn't." She looked down at her feet as she continued to walk.

Soon enough, Aqua had walked into the garden, where there were several small ponds and sure enough… she saw…


Terra walked around the castle grounds for some peace and quiet. His and Aqua's Master Qualification Exam was in the morning, but he just couldn't calm his nerves or sit still. Especially at the prospect of finally becoming a Keyblade Master. He and Aqua had been dreaming of it for years. Way before Ven showed up and even since the first time they'd heard the word 'Keyblade'.

"I wonder what Aqua's up to," Terra muttered. He knew what Ven was doing. He'd walked by the training course on his way out and saw Ven whacking away at some obstacles for practice. The boy's speed must also affect his (1)hyper-ness. And you better believe it, Ven is very hyperactive.

But Aqua… she was different. So calm, gentle, and kind. But in battle, she was fierce. Whenever she moved, it looked more like she was dancing rather than fighting. She was very agile and talented, especially with her magic.

Terra suddenly caught himself. Getting lost in thoughts about Aqua was something he kept doing lately. Whenever she wasn't around or just left a room, his thoughts would steer towards her. There was something about her…

'What am I feeling?' Terra wondered. 'Is this… love? Do I actually love Aqua?'
Well, if it was love, he didn't understand what could possibly be wrong with it. Aqua was many things, one of those many being that she was beautiful. Both physically and in her heart.

"I just have to stop this," Terra told himself. "For one, I won't pass the MQE and I know Aqua possibly wouldn't feel the same… Would she?" Terra didn't know, and he wasn't sure he wanted to find out. If he felt that way about Aqua and she didn't return the feelings, he would probably make despair grow in his heart.

He went to the gardens and walked over along the ponds. He came to maybe the third or fourth one and kneeled down. Gazing at the water, Terra found himself thinking about Aqua again. Her eyes and hair matched the water so perfectly, it was no wonder she'd been given a name that meant 'water'.

'Come on, Terra, snap out of it!' he mentally shouted at himself. He bent down next to the pond and cupped some water in his hands. Then, he splashed it on his face. The coolness of the water relaxed him somewhat, but it didn't stop his train of thoughts about Aqua.

"Terra?" a voice asked. He jolted up and saw none other than Aqua herself. He swore that she looked like she was glowing in the moonlight. That's when Terra shook his head to snap himself out of it. He was imagining things.

"What are you doing out here, Aqua?" he asked. He stood up as she walked over.

"Just taking a walk," Aqua answered. "You?"

"Same," Terra answered. An awkward silence followed.

"Uh… nice night out, huh?" Aqua asked. Terra figured this was simply to break the silence.

"Yeah," Terra said. "Nice." More silence. Awkward…

Terra took a deep breath and sighed. "Well, the MQE is tomorrow. I can't believe we're getting the chance to become Keyblade Masters."

"Yeah!" Aqua said. "And Master Eraqus said he's calling an old friend of his to watch us take the test. Master… Xeha… something?"

"Xehanort," Terra answered.

"That's right," Aqua said. Silence… again.

They then sat down next to the water. Terra leaned back on his hands as Aqua started twirling her finger in the water. Terra continued to stare at Aqua as she played. She was so beautiful. Then, Terra cleared his throat and looked away, causing Aqua to look at him. Her eyes started looking Terra up and down as he kept avoiding eye contact with her. Terra was very good-looking.

Both of them mentally kicked their butts as they snapped at themselves to stop thinking about the other.

"Terra, what do you plan to do once you're a Keyblade Master?" Aqua asked.

"Hmm… I'm gonna travel to some other worlds," Terra said. "I want to know what it's like beyond this world. But I wonder if the night sky is anything like this in the other worlds."

"What makes this night sky so special?" Aqua asked.

'Being here with you,' Terra thought. But he actually said, "I don't know. But I want to see if it looks different."

"Okay…" Aqua said. She didn't get it. "Well, I'll miss you."

"Miss me?" Terra asked, caught off-guard by the statement. "Why?"

Aqua suddenly wished she didn't say that. She tried to come up with something to cover it up. "I mean… because I'm probably going to stay and help Ven train a little more. It just won't be the same if all three of us aren't together."

"Yeah, I guess it won't," Terra said. "Well, I'll have no objections if you want to come with me." Aqua's eyes widened.

"Really?" she asked.

Terra just felt like answering honestly this time. He couldn't cover that one up since he already blurted it out. "Yeah, I'd enjoy the company."

"Well, maybe I'll take you up on that offer," Aqua responded. She looked away to hide a mischievous grin. Terra's interest had been piqued.



Aqua turned back to Terra and noticed that he was now sitting directly next to her on his knees. Inadvertently, he touched her face, but she didn't back away.

"What are you…?" Aqua asked.

"What my heart is telling me," Terra said as he slid a hand to Aqua's waist and pulled her in to kiss her softly.

Aqua didn't protest, but she was startled. She allowed herself to just melt into the kiss Terra was giving her. It was so passionate, so loving. But she had to ask him something. She gently pushed against him to get him to stop.

"Yes?" he asked as he moved back. His sky-blue eyes stared into her watery blue ones and he smiled.

"Why?" was all she asked.

"Because I love you," Terra answered. "But if you don't…"

"No, don't take it that way!" Aqua said. Terra cocked an eyebrow. "You just… caught me off-guard," she said.

"Oh," Terra responded. This time, Aqua moved her mouth to his ear and whispered, "I love you, too." Pulling away, Terra saw the smile that graced Aqua's features. He smiled back and pulled her in for another kiss. Aqua moved her hands to Terra's neck as he pulled her, if possible, closer to him.

Aqua then started shivering, from the wind, and Terra finally withdrew.

"For years, I've wondered how you felt," Terra said.

"I guess that goes both ways," Aqua said.

Terra turned to the pond and picked up a lily that had been blown near them by the wind. Placing it gently in Aqua's hair, he smiled at her again.

"I think we should go," she said. "We have to rest for the MQE."

"Yeah, I guess," Terra said. He took her hand and led her back to the castle. They walked in silence, but enjoyed each other's company as they held hands.

Terra walked Aqua back to her room, which is where they parted. Before leaving, Terra and Aqua embraced and shared one more kiss for the night.

"See you in the morning," he said.

"Yeah," Aqua said. Before closing her door, she said yet again, "I love you."
Terra smiled at her and said, "I love you, too." Then, Aqua closed the door.

"What his heart told him?" she mused, thinking back on what Terra had said just before kissing her. She smiled as she took the lily from her hair and put it in a nearby bowl of water. "I guess his heart told him to show his true feelings." As she climbed into bed, she thought, 'Well, I'm glad he told me. Because I love him, too.'


(1)- Just so everyone is aware, hyperness is not a word. That's why it's hyphenated.

This didn't take much effort. But I enjoyed writing this since I like the pairing so much. Anyway, hope you enjoyed.

Leave a comment if you wish.
Okay. This was the first Terra&Aqua fic I ever wrote. It was also one of my favorite stories that I've written.

I also have this up on my account. So you could check it out there too if you wanted.

Tell me what you think please?
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"Nope, nu uh. I'm not doing it." David said, crossing his arms.
"But why not? You do realize that you brought this up, right?" Jesus asked, dragging the question.
David looked at the ground and frowned. It was very idiotic to bring up to Jesus that he did not trust Jesus was "making" him do a trust fall.
"Jesus, You do know that this is not useful at all...right?" David asked.
"How do you know that?" Jesus asked, smirking.
David sighed and turned around.
"Jesus, that's the thing...I didn't know that you were going to do this...You know that I hate trust falls, the person behind me always drops me. Even after they catch me, they just drop my head after my fall. Remember how I had to go to the hospital because of this stupid stunt?"
Jesus did not seem moved by David's almost convincing arguement.
"Do you want to trust Me or not?" Jesus asked, stretching His arms out.
David sighed frustratedly and turned back around, crossing his arms again.
"How do I know that You won't drop me? You're too far away from me and-"
"Hush, David. Simply fall back and let Me do the rest."
David was moved by Jesus' Words and he closed his eyes.
"Do You promise that you'll catch me?" David asked.
"Fall back and see for yourself," Jesus said softly and patiently.
David huffed. He clutched his crucifix; what if this wasn't Jesus? What if this was the devil in disguise, and if he did fall back, he would fall in to hell instead of his hardwood floor?
"Jesus, I trust in You..." He mumbled to himself five times.
Finally, he fell back. He panicked slightly when he felt his body almost touch the ground, but he felt strong and secure hands on the back of his shoulders. He opened his eyes and saw Jesus smiling at him.
"See? I knew you could do it," He laughed, lifting David to his feet.
David, still bewildered, stared at Jesus' Hands. Jesus put His arm around David and said, "See that small demonstration of your trust in Me? If you show more of your trust for Me, know that you can do many good things! For the person who trusts in Me is never disappointed."
When you trust Him, you will not be disappointed!!!
Believe me, I'm still working on trusting Him...trusting on others and being disappointed has brought me to the point of trusting Jesus being a difficult thing, but I know that all things are possible! There is always hope, even for the hopeless!!!
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