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01. Welcome fellow Starcraft fan, to the Koprulu Sector! How did you get into StarCraft?

02. What's your reaction when you heard the announcement of StarCraft 2?

03. Hell's it's about time! What happened when you finally got your StarCraft 2 set?

04. What's your first impression of Jim/James Raynor when he appeared?

05. Draw the Hyperion shooting across the galaxy!

06. What do you love to do aboard the Hyperion?

07. If you are a crew member, what will be your specialty and why?

08. Who is your favourite character aboard the Hyperion?

09. Why is he/she your favourite character?

10. Draw Tychus Findlay doing something awesome!

11. How do you feel about Matt Horner, raynor's second in command?

12. How do you feel about Dr. Ariel Hanson, the doctor you later picked up?

13. How do you feel about Ego Stetmann, the scientific engineer?

14. And Rory Swann, your ever reliable engineer?

15. Okay, enough about the crew. What's your favourite mission of all the missions in StarCraft 2 and why?

16. What's your least favourite mission?

17. What is your favourite Terran Unit?

18. Draw your favourite Terran Unit dishing out damage to your enemies!

19. Oh NO, the Zerg are invading! What do you do?

20. What is your hated unit among the Zerg?

21. The protoss have returned! What is your reaction when seeing them?

22. Most annoying unit in the protoss ranks?

23. What's your favourite cutscene in Starcraft 2?

24. What is your reaction to seeing The Queen of Blades return?

25. How do you feel when you met Mengsk's son? And later entered an alliance with him?

26. Be truthful, how was the invasion of Char? Was it a complete disaster for you?

27. Did you kill the Nydus worms or destroy the orbital platform?

28. How did you fare in the Final Mission "All In"?

29. What are your feelings when you see the final cutscene?

30. So, what do you think will happen in Heart of the Swarm, the next instalment of StarCraft 2?

31. You saw the Dark Voice right? Who do you think it is?

32. What is your perception of the Xel Naga?

33. What do you think the Xel Naga look like? Draw your idea!

34. Make up a character of any species for StarCraft 2!

35. What do you want to see in the next two instalments of StarCraft 2?

36. Create a new species for the Koprulu sector!

37. Now draw yourself as a Terran, Protoss or Zerg!

38. Whew, that was a massive meme indeed! Now draw yourself in a party with Jim Raynor and Co. , or yourself with your favourite characters from StarCraft!

39. NOW Tag 3 FRIENDS or become INFESTED!
PICTURE ALL RIGHTS BY BLIZZARD, Just using it as a header for this story, that's all, will be replaced in due time.


COMMENT BEFORE YOU FAV. :iconcommentplz:

EQUIPMENT USED: Starcraft 2 stuff I have.


I have not seen any StarCraft 2 meme online, so I decided to create my own. Can anyone help me turn it into a real meme? I would like to see it appear and fans doing the questions I have made!

Feel Free to do it, and link back this drawing meme to me to get favs and comments!



There are still more interviews and character profiles coming on, but as I am still working on them, they will take quite some time before they are finished. I will be uploading more in the near future, after finishing my assignments and projects.

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Nestly: Some Autumn themed Plummet Pups! (finally!)
The flower in the middle I just kind of made up. The other two are considered "fall flowers" though.
These Plummetzhu come with both Pup and Plummet forms!

 (Paypal or :points:s. Paypal is preferred.)

Pumpkin Bullet Toad Lily [OPEN] $12
Pumpkin Bullet Pine Berry [hellfirehound]
Pumpkin Bullet Chrysanthemum [Gamer2255]

Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Please do not resell my designs without asking first. I would appreciate you buying to enjoy and draw the character, and NOT as trading fuel. Thank you.
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Claim a Plummet Pup by commenting. Wait for my approval before sending money/points.
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! I will also take art considerations as payment, but please be mindful of your own personal skill level. (And don't be mad if I deny you)
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Please read my Plummet Pup Species Guide if you intend to portray a Plummet Pup correctly!
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Edits are fine. Feel free to be creative with them! (Just be reasonable)
Can't afford to purchase one but still enjoy my adoptables? Please spread the word by faving/commenting/sharing! Any exposure is much appreciated!

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For all you Starcraft Fans

Starcraft belongs to Blizzard entertainment
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get the temtplate here: [link]

i tag anyone who plays deadspace!:D
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Just wanted to upload this meme XD

I'm not going to be here this week, only for check some notes from :iconalexiuss:, I'm working in a SUPER COLLAB for RA again.

See you later in Romantically Apocalyptic Page :D [link]
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This went around one year and everybody and their dog did one, but I'm keeping it going. I even added every damn year I could manage.

So here you have it, dug out of bins and storages for your viewing and laughing pleasure. I've lost generally everything from when I was a kid, and only some drawings done for family way back when even exist anymore. The photos at the top were recently sent to me by my mom.

its been a long journey on a long road with still much further to travel down that road.

Not everyone agrees with me, but for me, this is why talent doesnt exist. They've done studies, its not magic or science, its training your brain. I started out shitty like everyone else. I drew for fun. I found something that got me drawing and I played around. I didnt do art seriously for the years of perhaps 12-16 and from 12-19 when I did mostly anime there were barely any inprovement at all in anatomy or stiffness or line clarity until the very end when I started to take it more seriously. I've probably heard every view point and opinion on this, so spare yourself your time and mine by not writing me paragraphs about it.

So then I gave up video games, and devoted the time to drawing instead. I studied anatomy and worked hard and what do you know, now we're talkin. I started getting better. Going to show no amount of a so called "talent" will really help you, will it? you can draw for years and give up like, "i must not have talent" because you dont get better.

not to lecture, but if you take anything away from this. its put your nose down, study everything you can about art, and dont draw only anime and from your head and expect to get much or any better for long periods of time.

dont let people tell you art cant be your career or take away the pleasure you get from it. it can be nothing to you, or everything. it can be a part of your life or change your life constantly the way it changes mine.

dont ever stop drawing. you can lose it, and I almost did.

and if i can give any one part of important yourself and the rest will follow. 
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i've been sick since yesterday and all i've been doing was sleeping quq didn't feel like studying so i've finished these 2 cuties~ <3

1. open; price 8$/800pts  5$/500pts
2. open; price 8$/800pts  5$/500pts
i also accept art trades for these 2 cuties

♦ do not resell
♦ do not change the design etc. 
♦ i accepts art trades for them!

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I saw this before/after meme floating around and really wanted to do it!

The Before piece is from August 2008, approximately 2.5 years ago, when I first started digital painting with my very first tablet, a tiny Bamboo Fun. I remember I referenced an actress's photo for the hair and thought I did ~such a good job~. Looking back I think the entire piece is very stiff and awkward. I drew everything in Adobe Photoshop, a program I was already familiar with for other graphics work. This was the first completed painting I did with a tablet, and also my first upload [link] to DeviantArt.

So the After piece is a work I have finished today, April 13th 2011, a portrait of the same character also painted in Adobe Photoshop, on a Wacom Cintiq (a wonderful gift given to me over 2 years ago by my boyfriend, when he saw how interested I was in digital painting.) His investment paid off - I personally feel I have improved a lot (not just because of the fancy tablet - I still use a regular tablet for many pieces), but because I have tried out a ton of styles and techniques and spent many many hours practicing digital painting in these past 2.5 years... I fully believe it will be a life-long interest and hobby of mine.

What I've Learned:
- Never be timid with color choices.
- Don't use the same boring brushes all the time.
- Never draw a zillion individual strands of hair - hair has volume and mass, and should be "painter-ly" not "line-y." This is not to say that hair can't be detailed - but details come after basic form.
- Black is the least interesting color and should be used minimally in paintings - nothing is ever just BLACK. Shadows can be cool or warm. Always be aware of the multitude of colors at your disposal.
- Don't outline in a painting. PAINT IT. It must have volume. If you're going to outline, you have to outline everything (aka, just make it lineart, and then color under the lineart.)
- Try new techniques all the time. You'd be surprised at what you can come up with just messing around!

Things That Haven't Changed:
- I love doing portraits above all else.
- Ginny Weasley is really fun to draw.

I hope this was at least a little bit interesting/helpful to everyone! I'm sure there's bound to be at least a couple of people who like the Before piece better, they are very different styles after all.

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