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Fantasy Bizantinum Armor
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Sanity, dear sanity.. where are you my dear sanity?
And I think I went through this track at least 10 times while drawing this [link] @_@

Commission for :icondarkknightcuron: he wanted the battle at Archel that happened about last week at MuseGate.. fun stuff. Lillia gave`em some hard time with her ambush and tactician`s aura skills..

On the pic, Aries (that weirdo on the hourse), Curon (the guy who is doing this slice motion) and Ocelius (guy with the spear)

And dang my fingers hurt..

Paint Tool SAI
Photoshop (Colour adjustment)
Two days D8..

Aries (c) to me
Ocelius (c) to ~EvilTelephone
Curon (c) to =DarkKnightCuron

Off to a well deserved break!
Thanks for viewing!
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just some more armor designs like from a while back.

1. Fluted Armor
just some simple fluted armor, hardly the peak of ornamentation for this type of suit.
2. Cavalry Armor
a basic design for the kind of armor usually seen on mounted knights, and jousters. jutting, and overlayed plates protect joints from piercing attacks.
3. Late Roman Armor
a put together suit, made out of a mix of remnant Roman armors.
4. Venus Armor
an old bronze suit of armor based on the "Venus of Willendorf" statuette.
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Again, an extract from my second 2D film intitled "Indutiomaros" (authors : KÚvin Kazek and me)

I did the direction, concept arts, character and background designs, some animation. (Matte paintings by Albert Lledo).
KÚvin did the script and the historical research.

Made with TV Paint, except for the background colors (Photoshop), the compositing (Fusion) and the cutting (Final Cut).

All rights reserved.
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Trzciniec culture in wiki eng - [link]
Kultura Trzciniecka wiki pol - [link]

Sarmatians in wiki eng - [link]
Sarmaci w wiki pol - [link]

Scythians in wiki eng- [link]
Scytowie w wiki pol- [link]

230 000 – 190 000 B.C. - The first groups of people on Polish lands nomadic of Clactonian culture
100 000 – 7 000 B.C. - Clusters of hunters and gatherers culture Auchel's (name of Saint Auchel, France) The first settlers in Silesia
about 5 600 - 4 900 B.C. - Linear Pottery culture [link] The grand grand mother of people on our lands!

Slavs are not the oldest or the youngest nation of Europe. But you should stop repeating the nonsensical theory, testifying to the lack of knowledge on the subject and general ignorance. Saying that the Slavs appeared only in the fourth century AD Multiplied like rabbits, and immediately were able to establish the state. =_=

The contemporary civilizations well knew of our existence
Germans called us Weneds (Baltic Veneti) [link]
Wends [link]
Roman Empire caled us Sclaveni [link]
The famous Amber_Road Trade Route between the Roman Empire and the tribes of Slavs and Balts [link]
sklavenoi and Latin. sclavus, sclavus means "slave, prisoner of war," derivative sclavēnus means "coming from the tribes of slaves."
There was even one in the twentieth century who confirmed this theory, whose name I do not quote
Ancient China called us Alans or Antes people

[link]. - 100 B.C.
These names surwived untill 6th century A.D.
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Project 100 Swords 006 Crown Prince Kiaz Windsarm


~Character Profile~
The only son of King Arcan of the Kingdom of Windariam, during his early years he was brought in the castle as a arrogant prince. The only person he respected is his father. 2 Royal Knights Captains, Duncan and Arsha were brought in to tutor him in the way of a prince after King Arcan got tired of Kiaz's trouble making.

When he was 14, a military coup led by his distant uncle, the Lord of Allis, Maxwell Windsarm, forced him to abandon his home. His father dying in the blaze that razed the royal castle to it's foundation.

He fled towards the realm of Highwind, with only his 2 loyal guardians, Ducan and Arsha, barely avoiding the chasing Allisian army, he managed to meet up with the army of the Lord of Highwind, Goals Windsarm. To prevent the Allisian army from catching Kiaz, the Highwind army was order to engage the Allisian army.

In the ensuring battle, the inexperienced Highwind army was routed by the more experienced and better trained Allisian Army. Kiaz and the survivors barely managed to retreat behind the High mountain passes, where troops led by Duncan managed to make a stand and force the Allisian to retreat

After reaching the capital of Highwind, Kiaz begin making controversial decisions in regard to common practices, first by promoting his two loyal Captains, Ducan and Arsha to Generals of the army (The law of Kingdom of Windariam only allow a single general for each realm), then he allow Ciltic (a long time enemy of the Kingdom) warriors into the army, granting them citizenship as Windariam citizens. And later to even his Generals' displeasure, he appointed the Black Druid Lia as chief military advisor.

While his critics in Highwind blame this on his arrogance, they were unknown to fact that, the last words of King Arcan to Kiaz was that a great man must be willing to make scarifices, and that so he did, by swallowing his pride as Prince. He went on to trade off Windariam greatest military secret to form an alliance with the sea faring island Kingdom of Aquos, and frequetly clashes with his own allies in Highwind, so that better men and equipment can be gathered for his army.

One of his wiser decision were to reorganise his army under direction of the Black Driud Lia, who had long travelled beyond borders of Windariams and studied the art of war from various nations. This new army beared equipments far more advanced than those of the rest of Windariam.

It was this time in Highwind, he took to seriously studying and learning to fight. Guided by Nobutsuna, he soon adopted various fighting methods together his own royal family Twin Blade fighting Techniques. During battles he will brought along various lengths of blades on both side of his thights, so as to use them when and where he see fit.

5 years after his forced exile to Highwind, he led the reorganised Highwind army out of the mountain region, and quickily retake the Capital of La Tene while King Maxwell were busy dealing with Ciltic intrusions of Allis lands in the south.

But he was caught by surprise as the Southern Cilts suddenly retreated and allow Maxwell to turn back to deal with Kiaz's attack. Heavily outnumbered 3 to 1, Kiaz decided to divide his forces to delay and destroy the Vanguard armies seperately. Both Duncan and Arsha were given orders to utterly crash their opposites before linking up with

Kiaz who will only lead a small force to delay the main vanguard army.

However at Barrack Bridge, despite Lia's recommended plans to delay the enemy by ruse, Kiaz decided a more risky attack after sighting his sworn enemy, King Maxwell leading that vanguard army.

He placed his elite cavalry, the Gale Cavalry in plain sight directed for a charge at the bridge shall any dare to cross, while Kiaz with commanding the 3rd Cavalry Corps hide out of sight of the Allisian across the river.

When the tides lowered the river level, the Allisian army begin crossing the river in full formation. This was what Kiaz had waited for, as the Allisian army was disorganised crossing the river, Kiaz ordered a arrow barrage before charging straight into Allisian army in the river.

The river were soon turn red in the ensuring battle as the Allisian spearmen hindered by water and out of formation were hacked down or crushed by the Highwind cavalry...

But Allisian numbers begin to tell, as the Highwind charge started to lose its early momentum

~Side notes~

All members of the royal Family were born with silver hair making them look older than they actually are.

The sword Kiaz carry in this battle is one half of the twin blades, known as the Wings of Windsarm, a royal Heirloom.

~Some personal notes~

Well, well, well, this guy had been laying in my W.I.P timetable for I think for almost a year?

Well~ he's meant to be the main character among the main characters of the story I was writing, so I wasn't about to hold back on anything but the best of my skill for him. Well so here we go after almost a year :D

So yah, 94 more swords to go, please support :D

Some closeups

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Name: Stella Andersen
Profession: Squad Leader for the Arctic Mercenaries
Callsign in her team: Fenris
Age: 21
Combat load: Customised M240L Light Machine Gun with ACOG scope, Glock-18 Machine Pistol, KA-BAR, Semtex Grenades, C4 Charges
Nationality - Singaporean citizen, but shes Half Swedish and Half Korean

Background -

Few can be blamed for mistaking Stella for being a swimsuit model more than a mercenary, with her velvety hair and great figure.

In reality, Stella is the squad leader of the FAAs, the trio of intrepid mercenaries that engage in the most covert and dangerous of missions to keep the world safe from scum that are well beyong saving.

Her life down this career could have really been that of her swedish mother, as a supermodel. Stella's korean dad, however, had other ideas. Disgusted by her spoilt behaviour, he sent her packing to the Korean army child camp at the tender age of 8.

Stella took it in her stride, and since then she has not looked back. The cool and intelligent squad leader, Stella has brought Yuki and Valdis to hell and back on many occassions, earning her not only their respect, but of many governments around the world as well.

Despite her looks, Stella is surprisingly strong, wielding a 10.5 kg light machine gun with enviable ease and subduing enemies with her bare hands is as easy as asking her to breathe.

When she is not gunning down terrorists, Stella likes to go shopping around Singapore with Yuki and Valdis. She also enjoys swimming and beach volleyball and playing Shogi with her dad.

Trivia - Of the three, Stella's chest is the biggest. She is embarassed about it and the other two constantly tease her about her ample bosom.

Stella Andersen (c) EVOV1

Note - I kinda changed her hairstyle to a more stylish one. (in my opinion) Do let me know whether it is better.
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she is write a calligraphy very well :)
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