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Journal Entry: Sun Apr 7, 2013, 6:03 AM
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Finally we have the long awaited spring. The great weather makes me really happy, I hope you all are doing fine and you are enjoying the sun. Have a wonderful day friends :hug:


Gifts and dedications :love: :dance:

Faith by shiny-shadows-Art
Portal Of Friendship by Sandra-Cristhina
Happy Easter by CaryAndFrankArts
The Journey by Sandra-Cristhina
Happy Easter to ALL  female DA Members by FrankAndCarySTOCK
Hello World by shiny-shadows-Art
The Memory Remains by S-BlackART
Toothache by YBsilon
Salvation of the bottle by AmandineVanRayMy Galaxy by Nikulina-Helena Hurt by EnchantedWhispersArt Heavy Rain by Bojan1558 dark lady... by iwetka A teacher working late at night by cylonka Shades of Red by PaperDreamerArt Herida by Marazul45 Labradorite by mitsubishiman Ab13 Sign B by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM Bathed in light by revande :thumb363485818: :thumb363164244: Treasure by Aegis-Strife Forsaken by Ariel87 Dream Reality1 by TheArt-Of-NefyNilde Expecting magic 2013 by nudagimo No One Must Know... by DarkDevil16 seamaid by Lhianne Yellow catkins by Stilleschrei I Remember Nothing... by MoodyBlue :thumb363491406: Zorya Polunochnaya by roses2011:thumb363843693: Alien by ClaudiaSchirmetz When anything can happen by Alimera:thumb363510858: The Arrows by vacuumslayer Away from me by sara-hel Rain by Marjie79 Summoner by MachiavelliCro Falling by RazielMB The Dreamer by sesam-is-open Temple Of The Mad Queen Bee by Eskoplja Leafless Trees by surrealistic-gloom They're Here by gandolf67 Chilled by kimsol The Entry- La Entrada by vampirekingdom Lucid Dream_12 by caddman Dark Gate by DraakeT by DraakeT Surprised by zoozee The White Queen by vismaya FAITH by stellartcorsica Oracle by j3ff3rson Dark Waters by TheDarkRayne Feeding Birds by AliaChek THE CAT by mecengineer Steampunk Vampire Bloody Shopping Spree by rsiphotography Hidden Meanings by LadyxBoleyn The Kraken Rises by kuschelirmel Regina Insectorum by Bathoriya Final Conflict by Notvitruvian Head In the Clouds by FictionChick Fly me to the Moon by FP-Digital-Art Journey To Paradise by Dani-Owergoor - BOOK COVER - by Doucesse Soul Catcher by vimark Knowledge is magic by Daystar-Art Wash my sins away by Shades-Of-Lethe Haunt by kARTerina Pierrot et Colombine by ElissandrAnne Growing Love by CindysArt The gate by Dark-Angel669 The Wolverine... by Kartoffel83 Piper by baruch60610 Alternosfera - Columb (Columbus) by MariaBilinski rage's sons by 09alex Oneirataxia by ComtesseDionaea Flaming Cat - Now as DA print by PSHoudini night by BaxiaArt Dance d'Amour by Aurelia-Isabella LightCarrier by SweediesArt It's real... by IdeasplayerDragonlady by Dobi78 Lost In White. by VMaryJaneV Ghostly You by nikkidoodlesx3 The Puppet Master by nina-Y Around midnight by Imalia-DA Ladybird by Odilicious Awakening Without You by lorenzArts Breath Of Life by Lub-Ad The Ritual by AndyGarcia666 Elements Series - Wind by Cartercho Louise by Flobelebelebobele Sirene by Nataly1st Manga by EdvanLima Motivacion by Anacorreal Hell Hath no Fury................................. by pjenz A Doll Wwaiting For Her Child's Return by Childre by Children7 :thumb362184354: Her Name Is Angelica Acacia by aresgirl34 The five elements by Creamydigital 5280 by LilifIlane Angel in the Sky by LevanaTempest Explore the world after the rain (Entdecke die Wel by volker03 Schloss Colmberg old style by ConnysWORLD phantasmagoria. by m-gosia :thumb363106283: When statues come alive by babsartcreations :thumb363062825: Thaw by CathleenTarawhiti Evoking the Dead by KYghost Feel This Moment by TitusBoy25 OEDIPUS AND THE SPHINX.. by chryssalis The birth of spring by Sisterslaughter165 A very special day by LewiARTs Strange tavern by La--Boheme Artemis by 3ddream Jack Sparrow by iSaBeL-MR ZombieEvidence by MtPvonExplodingArt Oh my! is that my bladder down there? by AnnaKirsten The Magic Waterfall by maiarcita In the Rain by Blackpearls91 Judgment Day by S-BlackART No escape in my mind by okissop La marionnette du temps by Le-Meridian Doll Melissa by Garden-Of-BlackRoses Sweet Sorrows by Bohemiart .: Happy Easter :. by MissGribouille In My Arms by EstherPuche-Art Commission Goddess Kali by corpor8chic SprinG Fairy by SeventhFairy The Goddess of Spring by Wesley-Souza Together by gyaban Feel The Breeze by Le-Regard-des-Elfes Lilac Sapphire by peroni68 Golden cold by Vampirbiene Condensation by crilleb50 Comp001 by StrayDogDancing WHEN THE WALLS FELL by GeminIImages ~ Golden Valley ~ by ChristianGerth L'appuntamento...segreto by Mayagraphic Woodland  Traveler by tamaraR Cleopatra by 3mmI 009 Emerald Songs by BlackHeresyOpaque Suicide Girl by TeeLamb Hope by moonchild-ljilja Life finds a way by neverdying PIRAT'S GIRL FRIEND by Mitia-Arcturus Leftover by katiousa15 :thumb361704823: the evening hours by AnjaMillen Circle of Life by llinute Vampire Hunter by MariaBeloArt :thumb361682623: Le corbeau by AnitaCreation If you Believe by eclipsy Color series: Blue by XilaPhoenixArt My Baby Kitty by LiliaOsipova GREGORY HOUSE by blanket86 Child Of Cabbage Patch by MargotMi byodo by vidimento The Tutor by xeena-dragonkizz Color Of Spring by BiBiARTs The Succubus by Angelles-LaVeau Dragon's Lair by frenchfox Ravenous Queen... by Villenueve Escape by Art-by-Nise Willard by robhas1left The power of storm by TaniaART Transformation by AnfisaS Thinking of the past by brietolga The Traveller by Flanniganspix You Stole My Heart.. by JacquelineLecocq Tranquility by Cinnamoncandy Rapture by J-u-d-a-s
My last work

Ravenna by megan7

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Welcome to Photomanipulation Week!

Mon Jun 4, 2012, 6:49 AM

Welcome, all, to Photomanipulation Week here at Project Educate!

This week, the photomanipulation community will be introducing you to some of our styles, techniques, and concepts. We will show you our diversity and our style. We will demonstrate our skills and our creativity. You will be hearing from the community in their own voices what it means to be a photomanipulator here on dA.

Let's get started! :eager:

What is photomanipulation?

The official definition of "photomanipulation" (PM), according to deviantART, is: an image that is composed of two or more photographic elements to create something new. This definition has been very nicely analyzed and distinguished from other genres here, here, and here, but let's talk briefly about the three main components of it:


There must be at least two different images you're combining. There should be no simple changing of hues, applying filters, etc. and calling it a manipulation; also, there should be no simple retouches of photographs. Also, you are usually using pieces of these pictures; overlaying one picture with another (entire) picture would go under Photography > Darkroom > Digital.


At least two of your resources must be photographs-- in other words, brushes or paint do not count as one of your images (although they can certainly be used in addition to the 2 photographs). Renders do not count, either. If the image uses only one picture that has been brushed and/or painted over, it would go under Digital Art > Mixed Media. Likewise, if it features one photographic background and a 3D model (or vice-versa), that image should go under Digital Art > Mixed Media, where the media are 3D art and photography.


The product is completely new and different from its parts. The same picture that has been filtered to turn it red is not a photomanipulation; the end product is not different from the starting stock. (Of course, just using a filter violates the above two principles anyway.)

According to this definition, simply cutting out a picture of a butterfly and pasting it onto a picture of a tree would, technically, be considered photomanipulation because there are two photographs that are being combined into something new. However; this is a very simple photomanipulation; usually manipulators do things that are a lot more complex. For example, we may use pieces from many, many stock photographs. We may use digital painting or brushes to enhance our project. We may change the colors in any number of different ways and add new light and shadows. The goal of a photomanipulation, as defined by our community, is to create an image that is seamless and tells a story completely different from any of the pieces that comprise it.

Photomanipulation is art.

Photomanipulators are artists, just like painters, sculptors, and line artists. Just like other artists, there are professional photomanipulators who design books, magazines, prints, and so very much more. And just like any other artists, we start at the bottom and work our way up by studying and learning from other people. It is not only a "cut and paste" art form. Cutting and pasting may be the first skill we learn :XD:, but we also have to learn things like color theory, composition, perspective, blending, and lighting . . . just like other artists do.

You can read about the history of photomanipulation from `IreneLangholm here. Photomanipulation has come a long way from its origins, and it continues to evolve, especially in dA's time! Skills I recall being "intermediate" when I was coming up, such as turning skin a different color (was I the only one who couldn't do this when I started?), are now learned at the "beginner" level, and photomanipulators are inventing more advanced effects every day. Back in my day, I was doing well to create realistic-looking fog, and now they have fire! and glowing stuff! and floating ghosts! and statues turned flesh! And all sorts of other amazing things. This is an amazing community; I can't wait to share it with you this week. Prepare to be wowed.

Words of experience

I wanted to give a couple of words to our newbies out there, those who are just starting out--or who are even thinking of starting out-- with photomanipulation. You are our inspiration. Not vice-versa. :D Your passion for learning and for being the best artist you can be really shine. Here are my words for you:

:bulletpink: Learn the basics first. I mean that. Really know them, because without them you will never be able to build your skill repertoire. No matter how long it takes learn your basics (composition, color, lighting, perspective, blending, etc.), it is well worth your time. You're going to have to know them to move to "advanced" anyway; why not do it right from the start? And, if you need a buddy to learn with you, drop by my page. I'm going to be holding Creativity Challenges to encourage artists to expand their skills repertoire. Learn the Pen Tool with me here!

:bulletpink: Don't be afraid to ask questions. Most of the older photomanipulators are still around; you just have to drop them a note and ask them what is on your mind. While you're at it, ask them about a piece of work they did and see if they would mind sharing with you a tip or two about how they did it. I have found them to be extremely responsive and helpful. Also, be sure to ask those who are currently around you. Some share secrets, whereas others do not. But, it is worth a try. Most of what we learn is done by word-of-mouth.

:bulletpink: Get involved. If you want people to know your work, they have to know you exist! :D Get involved with groups. Attend a chat. Comment on people's work. Suggest DDs. By being involved, you become more entrenched in the community and will therefore be better able to share your own work with other people. Remember, dA is about getting to know people.

:bulletpink: Use the pen tool, for goodness sake! There are plenty of tutorials, though some are better than others (see here for a discussion of some good ones). While it is a challenging tool to tackle, it is so worth your time because your edges will be so much cleaner when you cut out your stock.

:bulletpink: Have an idea? Put it into practice! You are empowered to do anything you want to support the community here on dA, and if you want to tell me about it, I will do everything within my power to support you. Dream big, and don't wait for others to do something!!!

This is what we do . . .

Photomanipulation can make the ordinary . . . extraordinary! Thanks to MBHenriksen for working with me to pull together this fantastic collection of "before" and "after" stock and manipulation pieces! Enjoy!

Steampunk Circus Doll Pack 4 by mizzd-stockForgotten by Shorra
body stock 14 keep in the pain by LitiL-DiviL-Stock:bigthumb300417388:
193 by La-Esmeralda-StockQueen of Hearts by AlexandraVBach
tinderstock16 by tinderstockRemoving Beauty by wildtimez
Vanessa Elektra 3a by jagged-eyeIn flames by ElenaDudina
Raven Valentine26 by faestockBRIDE by notmystyle
1967 - I. by NikxStockOn My Mind by Sangelus
Mermaid - Tethys 12 by JaymaseeGold of the depths 2012 by ilona-veresk
Scary Fish by NickiStockBigSteamFish by Adisiat
Dark Bird by hybelLiberty by Drezdany

Our schedule for this week

:bulletpink: Monday AM: Welcome / Introduction to PM / What we can do - Aeirmid
:bulletpink: Monday PM: Contest kick-off: When Darkness Falls - Aeirmid

:bulletpink: Tuesday AM: Fantasy Photomanipulation - Aeirmid, tamaraR, & HisGeenky with DesignbyKatt, EnchantedWhispersArt, and Lady-Symphonia
:bulletpink: Tuesday PM: Interview with simoneheld by Aeirmid

:bulletpink: Wednesday AM: Dark Photomanipulation - ChisSweetArt & Aeirmid with MarcelaBolivar, J-u-d-a-s, & intano
:bulletpink: Wednesday PM: Ask Me Anything! - WDWParksGal and team

:bulletpink: Thursday AM: Conceptual Photomanipulation - thefantasim with crilleb50 & Bark
:bulletpink: Thursday PM: Perspectives on Stock & PM - Elandria & Aeirmid

:bulletpink: Friday AM: Surreal Photomanipulation - LuzTapia with Dani-Owergoor & Paulo-Bert
:bulletpink: Friday PM: How do you do that: Masks - miontre with nikkidoodlesx3, kuschelirmel, Autonoe, & JennLaa

:bulletpink: Saturday AM: Horror / Macabre Photomanipulation - conzpiracy
:bulletpink: Saturday PM: How do you do that: Lighting - Aeirmid with  TheDarkRayne, 3mmI, igreeny, & Dani-Owergoor

:bulletpink: Sunday AM: Interview with new photomanipulators - CatherineCruz and team
:bulletpink: Sunday PM: (Starting around 1 PM EDT) Chat and Critique Event - Astralseed
:bulletpink: Sunday PM: Wrap-Up, Contest reminder, Interview, and Feature - Aeirmid & LuneBleu

Hope you enjoy the week! And, if you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Jade (Aeirmid)


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DDs: The deviantART definition

So, as the title says, What in the world IS a Daily Deviation (DD), anyway?

You know what deviantART says about it, right? Under FAQ #61: What is a Daily Deviation? it says:

A small assortment of submissions are chosen each day by a select group of staff/volunteer members who wish to showcase an image which they found impressive or otherwise interesting enough to deserve being brought to the attention of the community-at-large.

That says nothing about a DD being a perfect specimen of art-- in fact, it doesn't even use the word "art" at all. :XD: Basically, as CVs, when we are giving a DD, we are doing so because we think the image is interesting and well-done and deserves your attention. It may be technically exquisite. It may be technically quite good but exceptionally thought-provoking. It may be exceedingly creative. It may be all of these things! Above all else, it should stand out in some way from others in that medium or gallery.

But, that's what WE think. And in fact, I dare not even say "we," because every CV thinks differently. But the point of this article is to find out, what do YOU, the community members, think a DD is? Let's explore!

Community Insights: What is a DD?

We asked several community members how they would define "Daily Deviation." Here are their responses:

"To me, a Daily Deviation is an award crossed with feature given to deviations which are unique, interesting, and hopefully something most people on deviantART will enjoy (which is why they're posted in certain places for all to see)."

"In my opinion it's a large scale feature, It's not like an award or something to compete of; it's more like an opportunity to let all the members of DA see what you can do."

"Daily Deviation to me is work that is almost seamless, above others in thought and technique. Unique in stature. The kind of piece when someone sees it is inspired to do their own art. Something inspiring creativity. I believe there are many different mediums of this but I know in the past I have seen some Daily Deviations and thought 'wow I wish I had thought of that idea'. To me that is the true meaning behind something deserving. I see it and I love it and I think, damn I wish I had thought of it, but it is either so unique, different, artistic or something special that inspires me to begin a new piece!"

"I think that DD is a cool 'trophy' that recognizes the artists' efforts to make a better art!"

"A DD for me are an artwork who gets recognition to be an exceptional good when it comes to creativity, imagination, and execution. Then if there is an 'famous' artist or not doesn't matter, this is only about the artwork itself!"

"In my opinion a Daily Deviation is something kinda 'perfect' that has to be stunning in its own category. I am trying to explain better... Of course for a DD I wouldn't like to see any flaw, everything should be good, but I think at first it has to be something that hits you, that leaves you breathless for the emotions that it makes you feel. Obviously, a conceptual work would be different from a fantasy one; no need to shine or to glow to express a concept. At first this kind of works, like the minimalism manipulations, seem less edited at people eyes, or easy to do. But that doesn't mean they are not breathtaking. I don't know if you got what I want to explain... DD= Good technique (not necessarily perfection) + I have to feel something looking at the piece, judging its category. When I think about stocks images, like textures, brushes, pngs... I would give DDs for their utilities. Sometimes, when I search for some stocks and I find what I need I say: This DD is well deserved! I would say that everything I said is also for the other works, like photographies for example, or paintings. I don't about these arts so emotions are what I would like to feel."

"A Daily Deviation is a very special feature given to an artist's piece of work that has an exceptional quality and meaning to it."

"A DD is a piece of art that is exceptional. It's well done, amazing even. It is supposed to wow the viewer and make jaws drop. The best of its 'craft'. That is what I think a DD is."

"A DD to me is a award given to artists that have proven great ability of their work by either being different or doing a great job with their work."

"To me a DD is an artwork I can look at and go WOW, That's amazing!!! DD's must stand out from the everyday."

"A DD for me is when I see a picture as fascinates me. An artwork that somehow captures my attention in a positive direction. It can be a pretty picture - a funny picture - a dark image and so on. It can be an image that is very well done and is therefore worthy of attention."

"DD's are myth and legend. They represent artists and art that show outstanding understanding of their genre, weather its photography baby portraits, concept art to ice sculpture and all in between. Personally I love DD's that tell a story, is complete in concept and execution and the artist shows a true understanding of their craft."

"For me a Daily Deviation is an artwork that stands out in these things: originality, expression, concept, technique and very important: the empathy that it calls from the people who see it. You got to FEEL something when you watch at it, feel shaken inside. It needs to catch you in the heart... that's for me more important for a DD than technique itself."

"To me (when I suggest DD's) a DD is an art work that both invokes some sort of feeling or sensation in me as a viewer, as well as an artwork that I find well executed, with a good blend of atmosphere & merging of techniques. The subject/theme of the art work itself can vary quite a lot, as I can appreciate the artfulness and great technique even if the subject/theme of the art work is something I would not have chosen myself. A DD is NOT a popularity contest no matter what people tend to say. It is only a way for others to appreciate an art work that another person found worthy enough to share by suggesting it as a DD."

Thank you to JenaDellaGrottaglia, FP-Digital-Art, ChisSweetArt, CindysArt, hybridgothica, IdaLarsenArt, LuzTapia, mippieArt, MoodyBlue, NiAnluain, SweediesArt, michelle--renee, miontre, and XilaPhoenixArt!


Some of you think that DDs should be specimens of near-perfection. Others think they should be striking but, more importantly, meaningful. They should be inspiring, thought-provoking, and/or beautiful. All of you seem to feel they should be kept to a standard that is very high but still inspiring enough to be within our reach.

Still, there really is no concrete, hard-and-fast "rule" or "checklist" for what makes a good Daily Deviation. The beauty of dA is that it takes ALL kinds of artists to make it work, and life would indeed be dull if we didn't give every gallery an opportunity to shine. We will discuss this issue and others in upcoming articles this week!

Thanks for reading, and happy deviating!


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PE Photomanip: That's a Wrap!

Sun Jun 10, 2012, 1:05 PM

Thank You!

Photomanipulation Week here at projecteducate has been phenomenal, and that is entirely thanks to you, our viewers, and to the community members who made it happen. Our community wrote most of the articles; I just posted them. Our community interviewed many, many people and answered what had to have seemed like endless questions about how they do their stuff. And do you know, of the many people I asked, only one or two were unable? People contributed in spite of busy schedules, poor health conditions, other projects, and other competing demands because they knew this was important. I cannot thank you enough.

I wanted to show you the sheer number of people (well over 40) who participated in this event. Every one of these people made a significant contribution. Please, everyone show some love to the deviants who made this week possible (and then keep reading; more good stuff coming below this list):

Moonbeam13 and the Community Volunteers team
The members and admins at The-Sacred-Space
Kaz-D and the folks at projecteducate


We hope you learned something from all the tips and tricks we presented. In case you missed anything, here is a list of all the articles we featured this week:

:bulletpink: Welcome to Photomanipulation Week!
:bulletpink: Get your Fantasy on!
:bulletpink: Interview with *simoneheld
:bulletpink: Dark Photomanipulation
:bulletpink: More on Dark Manipulation
:bulletpink: Ask Me Anything!
:bulletpink: Art with a Concept
:bulletpink: Conversation with ^Elandria
:bulletpink: Get Surreal!
:bulletpink: Using Masks
:bulletpink: The World of the Macabre
:bulletpink: Let there be Light!
:bulletpink: Interview of New Photomanipulators

Stuff you should know about:

:bulletpink: When Darkness Falls contest
:bulletpink: `kuschelirmel's Photomanip Challenge #2
:bulletpink: New group: #majesticarts
:bulletpink: Photomanipulation Walkthrough
:bulletpink: Pimps and Whoas, June 6
:bulletpink: The Neglected Importance of the Online Community
:bulletpink: Becoming a Deviant

Final words

I promised my sweet friend LuneBleu that she could have the final words for Project Educate. This is what she had to say:

Over the past week with Project Educate and the weeks and weeks of preparation leading up to it, we’ve seen what, to me, are the most powerful strengths of the deviantART photomanipulation community: our innovative, artistic spirit and our sense of community. What makes you most proud when you think of our community?

First of all I want to thank you for taking me into consideration for this interview and for sharing my words with the community. DeviantArt is the first artistic community I joined back in 2005 and without this community I would never be where I am today. The love for art and the strong community spirit that I felt since the first day, was what first dragged me into this website.

DeviantArt makes me proud because it's the perfect place to launch new artists, to share all types of art and artists and also, I feel like I belong to a family here, somehow. Everyone is encouraged to share their artistic passion and achievements, helping a fellow artist, featuring all types of art... I don't know... it's way too many things and I feel like I stumble on my own words when I try to say everything I feel, everytime I think about deviantArt and the community spirit around here. I love deviantArt!! And that's no secret!

The success of photomanipulation as an art form depends on capitalizing on our strengths while working hard to improve our weaker points. How do you think we can continue to build our strengths in the future?

Photomanipulation is still penalized as an art form because many people consider it "simple photo collages". All artists (and more) who are familiarized with this kind of art know that it's much more than just simple collages. More and more we're noticing that this sad "stigma" is starting to vanish and photomanipulation is becoming much appreciated by the artistic masses all over the world. The way that artists are trying to improve and bring new ways to evolve photomanipulation art styles is definitely putting us on the map.

I believe that creating good art features with photomanipulation artists, articles explaining deeply what photomanipulation is in fact about, are very powerful tools to help improving this artistic style. Plus, I honestly believe that good photomanipulation artworks speak for themselves. The way some artists can portray reality into dreams, is enough to prove how good and strong we can be.

You and I have been part of this community for a long time, and we’ve seen a lot of changes in our community. There have been changes in style, techniques used, creativity applied, and of course themes used. How do you anticipate that our art form will continue to evolve into the future?

That's really a difficult question and I don't know if I can answer that. There are some relevant themes regarding photomanipulation and it's easy to "grab" a trend. I believe that the most significant change is about the growing complexity of photomanipulation artworks and the attention to details. More and more I believe that general photomanipulation will evolve in that direction, making this art style become more complex, detailed and perfect.

Over the past several years, there have been a lot of ups and also a few downs, right? What is the biggest “up” you’ve had as part of the dA photomanipulation community?

Definitely when I became a Senior Member. Currently (and unfortunately for that) I don't have as much free time as I used to have but, I always did my best to share and give something back to the community. I always loved to make articles, art & artists features, share resources and help every time I was able to. Getting a recognition for that was the best gift dA could ever give to me. And for that I'll always be thankful.

What is your vision for the future of photomanipulation? Where would you like to see us in one year? Five years?

Like I said in the other question, that is difficult to guess. The major and most positive significant change I see is the encouragement to get more complexity on photomanipulation; the attention to details and deeper focus on perfecting all aspects in a photomanipulation artwork. I believe that in 5 years (for example) artists will be a lot better in all aspects and they will be able to come up with detailed artworks, similar to many digital painting we already see on deviantArt and other artistic communities. I also believe that all new photomanipulators will be automatically triggered to start doing complex artworks; they will challenge themselves to become better in a short amount of time.

What is the single most important thing that needs to happen now in order for us to realize your vision? What big change, if any, needs to be made today for that to happen?

I honestly believe that things happen naturally. 7 years ago when I joined deviantArt, photomanipulation category was more simplistic in a general way. Once a couple of popular artists start to evolve and challenge themselves to new things, all the other ones will follow, trying to apply these new challenges into their own particular style. Nowadays I can say for sure that photomanipulation style has evolved a lot and all new artists are better than the general photomanipulator masses 7 years ago. So, it will be easier 5 years from now to get new artists even better than what we are now. They will challenge themselves to it. Maybe we can call it a natural evolution... and I'm glad it happens. More and more there are brilliant artists in photomanipulation.

I wanted to interview you last because you are so admired in this community (and me!), and you always have something interesting and insightful to say. I’m handing you the microphone; what final words would you like to say to our photomanipulation community and other artists who are watching here on dA and across the world?

That dreadful question. I never know what to say...

I don't want to sound cliché and say: believe in yourself and never give up your dreams... but in the end, that's what this is all about. Seven years ago I started from scratch. I learned Photoshop from myself; I read tons of tutorials and I practiced a lot. If you really want to become a master at photomanipulation than this is what you should do. Also, get involved in the community, get to know other photomanipulators and share your thoughts, trade information and practice, practice, practice. Don't be afraid to try everything (and new things apart from the ones we already see here on a daily basis) until you finally get comfortable with a style you can call unique and your own. Trust me: that will be the ultimate prize for you as an artist!

Of fractured light and void by LuneBleu
Angels walk among us by LuneBleu
Unbreakable is my soul by LuneBleu


Signing out now. I hope you have enjoyed this week.

Jade (Aeirmid)


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PE Photomanip: Get your Fantasy on!

Tue Jun 5, 2012, 5:13 AM

**Note: These articles are for YOU. Please feel free to add the thumbs to your groups and enjoy them. If your requests to add yesterday's articles to your groups was declined, please resubmit. Thanks.**

Current dA submissions guidelines define "Fantasy Photomanipulation" as photomanipulation that focuses on a fantasy theme. :XD: We have therefore set out to speak with our fantasy constituency and gain a better understanding of how they see and define the complexities of fantasy photomanipulation.

Fantasy Photomanipulation

We all know of dragons, wizards, sorcerers, witches, griffins, magic, fairies, fauns, and all other mystical and magical beings. We learned of them through stories, art, movies, and games. The fantasy genre has become increasingly popular because of movies like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and games like "Dungeons & Dragons" and "World of Warcraft," not to forget fantasy writers like Terry Pratchett. It is hard to define just what fantasy is because it is such a broad theme that includes many different forms.

So what is fantasy, then, you ask?

Fantasy is a genre that contains elements that are not considered realistic, such as things that involve magic and the supernatural. It includes stories or art that could not happen in the real world. It often contains aspects from mythology and folklore.

It will not surprise you that this genre is also popular among the photomanipulation community here on DA.


How do you achieve that awesome fantasy look in your manipulations? Here are some really great tutorials (with varying levels of experience required) to help you make your creations as great on the computer as they look in your head. If you like a tutorial, don't forget to :+fav: and comment on it to let the artist know you appreciate his or her work! It takes a LOT of work to make a tutorial. And! If the artist requires it, don't forget to link back to the tutorial in your artist's comments. ;)

Creating a fantasy portrait by mari-na
Free Photomanipulation Tutorial 003 by FP-Digital-Art

Making of Genie from "Genie of by JennLaa
Doll 2 Tutorial by CindysArt
Tips and Tricks - Backgrounds by InertiaK vivid lights_abstract tut by zummerfish Illuminating Sky (tutorial) by zummerfish Photomanipulation Tutorial 16 by night-fate


To get a community perspective on what fantasy photomanipulation is all about, we have interviewed some of our great fantasy photomanipulators here on DA: Lady-Symphonia, DesignbyKatt, and EnchantedWhispersArt. Read on to learn more about these artists and their techniques.

:bulletblack::bulletblack: Some people have said that fantasy photomanipulation has a very wide, eclectic range of "looks" for the art that is in that gallery. What do you think about this statement? Is there something that all fantasy art has in common?

Lady-Symphonia - "I think fantasy is everything that is supernatural and unreal, not necessary a fairy tale only but anything related to an imaginative world which can perfectly be combined with another style like dark and surreal."

EnchantedWhispersArt - "I think that I would have to agree with that statement. On a personal level I think that fantasy art is anything  that evokes the imagination and makes us think of untold possibilities; therefore, this being applied to art can fall into many categories."

DesignbyKatt - "Fantasy Art transforms the viewer into an adventurer, a dreamer, and transports him to worlds of magical events that he will explore with avid delight. That is why Fantasy Art has become such a popular form of art: it stretches the viewer's imagination in a way that nothing else does. It safely takes him to a journey to the unknown. I believe this is why the art under Fantasy can be so diverse as we all dream different dreams and our minds conjure very different fantasies!"

:bulletblack::bulletblack: Following up on the previous question, how would you define fantasy photomanipulation? In other words, what is it that makes something fantasy?

Lady-Symphonia - "In the public view, fantasy is usually colorful, involving magic. I think they are right."

EnchantedWhispersArt - "As I was saying in the previous comment, I think fantasy brings out our imagination and for me personally, somewhat brings out the child. Sometimes we become too serious in life, and fantasy, whether in art or other formats, allows us to let go of that seriousness, even for just a brief moment, and remember what it felt like to be a child and imagine the impossible."

DesignbyKatt - "Fantasy is wherever your dreams take you--dark, light, magical, supernatural--or in your own backyard; dream it and it be turned into art!"

:bulletblack::bulletblack: How does the fantasy gallery differ from the dark gallery and the emotional gallery?

Lady-Symphonia - "Pure fantasy galleries are full of fairies, elves, animals, and mushrooms. They are happy and quite 'Disney' style. Dark style, in my point of view, is like a fairy-tale frustrated, full of strange things and sadness. Emotional is more touching; it's all about the way you feel when looking at it. It's hard to define any style; sooner or later they will probably will be collided with one another."

EnchantedWhispersArt - "Well for myself, I know that I have many labeled 'fantasy' works that could easily fall into the dark or emotional categories. I think dark art is very moody and atmospheric in the entire sense of the word. 'Darkness' makes us feel dark when we view it, while emotional art evokes strong feelings within us. Fantasy can do both, but I think fantasy art can be a bit more flamboyant in doing so, in terms of colors, themes, lighting, etc."

DesignbyKatt - "While there is some overlap with science fiction, horror, and emotional art, there are unique elements not generally found in other forms of art. Depictions of ancient myths and legends, as well as depictions of modern day fantasy in the form of divine interventions and other magical or supernatural forces, are very common elements and help distinguish fantasy art from other forms. Dragons, wizards, fairies, and other fantastical and mythical creatures are common features in fantasy art."

:bulletblack::bulletblack: Do you have any words of wisdom for individuals who are just starting out making fantasy photomanipulations?

Lady-Symphonia - "Don't be stuck at 'I'm a fantasy artist'; do your own art and then define your style. You have to try many things before discovering yourself. Believe me, you won't discover yourself and your style at the first art you've done. Maybe you have a style that can't be named."

EnchantedWhispersArt - "My advice would be for people to understand that to make good fantasy art there needs to be a sense of realism to the art also. In other words, make sure that the idea makes sense. I see a lot of fantasy art where people go overboard with adding unnecessary things to make their art stand out but sometimes less is more if you just focus on a good idea and keep it simple."

DesignbyKatt - "Be creative! The best art is art that tells YOUR story! Find that something special that tells your watchers, 'I may be doing a fairy, too, but mine tells a story.' Most artists just don't sit down at a computer and deliver a masterpiece in an afternoon.  It takes time to learn and grow and create. Take your time and look for ways to improve with every piece you do!"

:bulletblack::bulletblack: Would you walk us through one of your fantasy manipulations and tell us a bit about how you did the fantasy elements?

Lady-Symphonia - "'Elixir of Life' is a fantasy artwork with elements from dark and conceptual. What bring us the idea of fantasy in that artwork is mainly the colors. When doing that art, my first thought is to do something magic and fairy-tale like. The use of the parrot and the flowers helped me to conclude that idea."

Elixir of Life by Lady-Symphonia

EnchantedWhispersArt - "For my work, 'Release Me', I really wanted the focus to be on the jar she is holding and have it illuminated, kind of like when we were kids and we would catch fireflies and put them in jars. So I first used dodge on the jar at about 20 percent on both mid tones and highlights to brighten it up. Then, I took a soft round brush to paint a circular dot a bit bigger than the jar and blurred it at about 30 percent and lowered the opacity. This was all done on a layer over top the jar. I then I duplicated the layer and set it to vivid light and lowered the opacity again. I played with different layer modes to get the look I wanted and when I flattened the image I went over it with the dodge tool again but a bit lower this time."

Release Me by EnchantedWhispersArt

DesignbyKatt - "This manip:
Ellesmera by DesignbyKatt

was completely inspired by a random picture I happen to come across:
Waiting for winter by ForestDwellerHouses

I was completely taken with it. I wanted to create a story around the lil' houses where only fairies could possibly live. Everything from the background to the model captured the idea of these lil' houses. I tried to capture every detail from the rocks on the path to the music from the flute. I didn't want to overdo the Elf, so her dress blends with her surroundings. The finishing touches of elemental orbs and pixie dust are understated there but do not take away from the overall feel of the piece. Sometimes fantasy must appear real for it to be believable!" :)

Thanks to everyone for the great interviews! :clap:


Finally, we leave you with some delicious fantasy photomanipulation features to nosh on! Nom nom nom! :heart:

The Encounter by VinternV Your Light by ErinM31
La Lumiere by Foxfires
hitching a ride by patriciabrennan
To Catch A Golden Bird by Iribel
The Obsidian Blade Poster by JoeDiamondD Autumn magic by AF-studios
My wonderland by Christel-Michiels Secret Grotto by PerlaMarina
Hidden City by Schindlersky
la protectrice by Creamydigital
Mariana's Dragon by DragonDew


We hope we have enchanted you with our wonderfully talented artists and their stories. And, we hope we have helped you understand the world of fantasy photomanipulation just a little bit better. Thank you to all the artists and people who have worked on this article.

Until next time,

HisGeenky, tamaraR, & Aeirmid

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After the end of the world feature

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 21, 2012, 5:17 PM
Now as we survived the end of the world we can finally concentrate on Christmas. I would like to thank you all for your wonderful support at the last year and I am looking forward to the next. Im very excited about your new pictures which will come soon. The last weeks I had some problems with my inspiration so I spent the time with looking at all your works. This Christmas greeting is a good possibility to show you some of the works I really liked.
On this way my dear friends I wish you all a very beautiful and peaceful Christmas and a happy New Year.

:iconchristmastreeplz: :iconcraciun6: :iconchristmastreeplz:

caught in a dream by peroni68 My Sweet Prince by crilleb50 Lost Soul by NebelelfeNaemy
Illumination by SweediesArt The most annoying day ever! by Flobelebelebobele Solitude by MissGribouille
Pygmalion by buggs38 Merry Christmas by CindysArt techno geisha by JenaDellaGrottaglia
Princess of the field by Chicky25 Spring Tree Buds by surrealistic-gloom What we leave behind by volker03
I Will Never Forget You by AndyGarcia666 Swing of memories by Shades-Of-Lethe Changes by vampirekingdom
:thumb343682616: Snow Birds by babsartcreations Inner Peace by MariaBeloArt
:thumb343618497: Star Shot by MorriganArt :thumb343820146:
Come Back by FictionChick Burden by LadyxBoleyn CYBERATONICA. STEEL 08. Crop by Vitaly-Sokol
Year Of Snake by shiny-shadows-Art Whirlpool Of Emotions by BiBiARTs fruit milk shake by Lhianne
Strip Underground by deninova-27 Skyfall by MachiavelliCro Dancing House by GabrielPhotoArt
A Face Off by astrangeallure Rebirth by thomaslabadia Human Tool by KarmaKira
La llave de mi cielo... by Marazul45 Romantic winter by La--Boheme The Frozen Palace by Wesley-Souza
Mermaid by mysticmorning :thumb343525143: portrait of spring by sandranataly
Demence by AnitaCreation The Mirror of Memories by FrankAndCarySTOCK my inner devil by Celairen
You go your way, and I'll go mine... by nine9nine9 -dryad- by TuubArt Grace by eclipsy
I miss you.. by Creamydigital :thumb343316390: Le miroir d'Avalon by Le-Regard-des-Elfes
The Harp by EnchantedWhispersArt The last days [v2k12] by NoiZe-B :thumb342338945:
Lazy Santa by YBsilon A Fairy Portrait by CaryAndFrankArts ChernoBill by bergamind
My Cappuccetto by FP-Digital-Art aftermath by igreeny :thumb342813799:
Frozen by FurorArt Girl From The North Country by MoodyBlue
Royalty by I-Am-Lady-Timeless The Last Templar by neverdying Silent Night by Aeternum-Art
Dark Side Dream_04 by caddman Magical World.. by lorenzArts All Consuming Love by ErinM31
Dark House by 0-Maryo-0 Breaking Free by DesignbyKatt ghost bird by Tamrei
Angelic Purpose by ChisSweetArt Skolkovo-Saint Petersburg by inObrAS ..::Somewhere between a Scream and a Victory::.. by Yosia82
Last Christmas by Kryseis-Art :thumb340341703: One kind but different types. by fashioneyes
Flower by Mark-Rezyka walk on the bright side of life even in snowflurry by vidimento Friend or Foe by Chrisma60
The Last Vampire by S-BlackART Speak of the devil by TahaAlasari Into Darkness poster by cylonka
005 Prisoner of Light by BlackHeresy A Golden Day by SilverCurlyART Surreal Hot Air Ballon by PSHoudini
Penguline by LewiARTs The Tale of Red Honey by Doucesse E C S T A S Y .. by chryssalis
Magic Of Christmas by DeniseGarbis Get off my lawn by robhas1left Restraint by Notvitruvian
The Anthem by Sandra-Cristhina A kind of magic by XilaPhoenixArt TreasureOfFantasy by MtPvonExplodingArt
Fields Of Gold by Dani-Owergoor An Unforgettable Smile by sesam-is-open Time for bathing by ConnysWORLD
Life Inside A Snow Globe by AimishBoy My Cutiepie... 02 by JocelyneR Forever by malaladanila

And  the lady with the piercings in all versions.

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
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Names you should know: *B-r-a-c-i-a-t-a

The Rising Stars in Photomanipulation interview series focuses on upcoming rock stars from the photomanipulation community whose names you really ought to know! This week I am so excited to introduce you to someone who not only demonstrates tremendous skill in our medium, but also gives generously to the community via the creation of incredibly clean, well-composed tutorials.

I am happy for you to meet FP-Digital-Art, an Italian artist who has been with us on dA for a bit more than a year. Please enjoy the interview that he was so kind to give, and don't forget to take a moment to check out his gallery!

*B-r-a-c-i-a-t-a's Interview

So, let's start with your program of choice: Photoshop, GIMP, PSP, or other?


How did you get into photomanipulation?

My friend Anja (D-E-S-T-I-N-Y-0105) showed me some of her digital works two years ago, and that's when I knew about dA for the first time. I was hit by the Digital world, especially by the Photomanipulations. I didn't know people could do such things!

Since I was fascinated I tried some easy things like swapping faces, changing backgrounds... I found it funny and amazing so I started to get into it more and more.

If you click through the photomanipulation galleries, you will see that a lot of the art has the same themes. Where can manipulators find inspiration for new and unique things to create?

That's true. I think the best inspiration is real life. If you browse the web you can get inspiration but it will always be someone else's ideas. This is not bad if you start from there and you do your own work. But I
think if you think of your dreams, your experiences in life you will surely find your way. I am inspired also by music, it gives a lot of emotions; lyrics are always little stories we can represent.

How do you see your own portfolio? (How would you describe your art?)

At the beginning I tried to do a lot of different things, and this is because I hadn't my personal style. Lately people tell me they can recognize my touch in my works and I am happy about that. My gallery is full of portrait photomanipulations. This is what I do mostly because I like to overpaint and to work on faces details, you know that 'painted look'!

I did a lot of works with melancholic ladies but lately I started again to try to make something different, with animals for examples.

This is because I think I achieved an acceptable level on 'sad ladies', so I wanted to experience something new and maybe to learn some new techniques.

As you've worked hard to build your skills, what has been the most frustrating part, and how did you overcome it?

It's been difficult. Two years ago I opened Photoshop for the first time and I used it only to crop and resize pictures! The saddest thing has been people of this community. I won't make any name but I asked help to a lot of famous people at the beginning and they completely ignored me. But fortunately dA is like the real
world... There are good and bad things! In fact I knew also a lot of beautiful people on my way and I want to thank them for supporting me all the time. :)

How did I overcome this? Well, I am a very determined person, and I want to achieve results no matter what happens around me. So I started to study Photoshop a lot by myself (still doing it!). That's why eventually I want to thank also all those people who never answered me because I have to admit that practicing is the key to grow!

What helped you most as you worked your way up and gained more experience?

I think tutorials helped me a lot, both inside and outside dA. When you start from zero they are really helpful. But as I said before, practicing is the best way. You can follow tuts to the letter but then you have to try your ideas with what you have learnt. If you read a tutorial about painting hair for example, you have to paint hair several times before you can say you are able to do it. Just reading a guide it doesn't mean you can do it!

I am a little bit maniacal about being better; for example I always write down all new things I have learned. It's a bit like when I went to school but this is amazing!

Another thing I suggest to people is to make collaborations. I did some with talented artists and I learned new techniques.

Show me one piece of work that you think is fantastic but doesn't have enough recognition. What do you think is great about it?

Maybe this one:

Who Run The World by FP-Digital-Art

First of all I like the concept. It's inspired by Beyoncè's song 'Who run the world'. The answer she gives is: 'Girls'. I think women rules, like they have something more than men, maybe that sixth sense we always talk about!

I tried to make the scene so that the lady rules the world coming from high. She is strong and naked, and that means she doesn't need extra things to rule but just her way to be woman.

If I look at the manipulation I can tell I like the light work. I didn't mark highlights a lot but this is intentional; I don't like to mark highlights because they could seem fake. I also like the contrast between gold and light blue, I think these two colors are good together.

Finally, what do we need to be doing as a photomanipulation community to continue to grow and evolve?

I think the effort you and many other artists are doing is great. Opening all these groups about feedback, reviewing, contents... can only help artists to challenge themselves and to grow with constructive critiques.

When I think about my beginning I remember tutorials helped me a lot, that's why I write them. I know I am not one of the biggest artists around but I hope people can learn something from my tips. And when they thank me for my tutorials I feel good because I helped someone who was in need. If everyone could share a tip we all would be better!

Thank you so much, Fabrizio! I learned a lot from your wise words, and I'm sure our readers did, too!

And now for the feature . . .

Dark Corner by FP-Digital-Art
Photomanipulation Tutorial 003 by FP-Digital-Art
Waiting For A Dream by FP-Digital-Art
Just Love by FP-Digital-Art
Just My Imagination by FP-Digital-Art
Burning Flamenco by FP-Digital-Art

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Challenge: The Art of Lighting (UPDATE!!)

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 2, 2012, 9:32 PM
Get Mentored | Request A Critique | Submission Rules


Due to circumstances that prevented us from being able to post our article with more lighting tips/tricks, the lighting challenge deadline has been extended for one week, with entries now due by September 5th, 2012 Entries can be submitted to the folder "Monthly Challenges", here theartofmanipulation.deviantar… . So far we have 5 lovely entries, we hope to see more though!

:wave: Ivy

Challenge: The Art of Lighting

by michelle--renee

Hi guys! :wave: We are going to be having a monthly educational challenge for you all to participate in! :dance: Each month you - our lovely members- will vote on which topic you would like to learn about, and one of us, you're ever loving admins, will write a journal about the subject and propose a challenge for you to complete. Sounds fun, right? :) 

 So, I hear you all would like to know what's the 411 on lighting, so I am here to write up a journal about it and provide resources on the how-tos and provide great examples of lighting at work. 

Okay first off, what is lighting anyways? I mean we all hear it, we all talk about it, but what is it exactly? Well to define it simply, lighting is :giggle: In a manipulation lighting is everything, and it all varies depending on what type of work you're doing. So before you get all crazy and wanting to dive into doing some dramatic lighting works (trust me, this is from personal experience) let's cover the basics. 

1. Light: Where, Oh Where Is It Coming From? 
This is the most important thing you need to know about light, where is your light source? Is it behind, is it to the left, the right, coming up from the bottom? You have to establish that first and foremost. Of course, it's not always this easy, sometimes it is, in some works, they are back-lit and the lighting source is easy enough to discern, but sometimes there are secondary light sources: aka windows, candles, fire, what have you, so you really have to pay attention to what you are doing. 

Touched for the light by aphostol Rivalry of Phantoms by VinternV +:Still Waiting:+ by Aelathen

2. Soft or Harsh: What Kind of Light Is It? 

Next, you need to decide is your light a harsh light or a soft, ambient light because these are definitely two different things. For example, evening light provides a more subtle, softer light, but if you're doing a piece with lighting that would be say around noon, that is a much harsher, defined light. 

Light Redemption by RichardGeorgeDavis Romance by Iardacil We All Need Some Light by emilieleger

3. To Color or Not to Color? 

After that, there is the question of what color is your light going to be? Green, white, blue, orange...the choices are endless! You have to accomodate your piece to the color of your light or you will get some really weird, unrealistic result. For example, having a fire in your piece, obviously fire throws off a red light -unless of course you have like a blue fire for a fantasy piece or something, then that is blue light - but moon light is more white. So, make a decision on this early if you can. 

Diable Vert by VinternV i found my light by AF-studios Poison and Wine by michelle--renee

4. Distance: How Far Away Are You? 

Last, but not least, we have distance of your subject; how far away is your subject to the light? This can really play a direct role in how harsh or soft your light is, or how much light will fall on the subject or surrounding subjects. For example, let's say your subject is standing close to a fire, that light will provide a stronger, harsher light on your subject because they are standing very close to the light source; however, if your subject is further away, that light source is not going to be as harsh, in fact, they may not be effected by that particular light source at all. You really have to pay attention to what you are doing.

Light the Way by lucias-tears The Spirit on the Light by DarkDevil16 light in the night by Creamydigital

Okay, if you're still with me, that's great because now we get to get into to how-tos and examples. 

Lighting is a fun tool to work with, but how do you do it? There are many solutions to this problem, and none are necessarily right or wrong, it all has to do with the artist and what they are comfortable with. Personally, I like to paint my light with brushes and my tablet, that's just how I do things, someone else may use the dodge and burn tools, and someone else may use a combination of many different things. So, I can hear you asking, "But how do I pick what to do?" The answer to that is, I don't have one, it's all up to you as the individual. It has to do with what you are comfortable with and what you are ready to try and learn. So, are you ready to learn? Because I know I am :) 

Here are some excellent lighting tutorials for your viewing/learning pleasure: 

Advanced Light + Shadow by archetype-stock Radiant Glow Effect (tutorial) by zummerfish Lighting Tutorial - Photoshop by PSHoudini Walkthrough - The Cathedral by kuschelirmel-stock The Shadows and Glows Tutorial by Veradaine TUTORIAL - LIGHTS by MirellaSantana  The Lighting Tutorial - Part 1 by kuschelirmel-stock The Lighting Tutorial - Part 2 by kuschelirmel-stock

And there are so many more where that came from, so do not hesitate to keep up your search. :) 

We will be doing an educational stream on lighting! :woohoo: More info to come soon! :happybounce:

Just remember, everything you do takes practice. If you want to get better at lighting do your best to practice and study and practice some more. Some of the best ways of getting better at something are to simply ask someone who you believe is "better" at something than you are to give you pointers or to help you. We all want to make everyone feel welcome and invited here and not like they are not allowed to learn or make their own craft. 

Now, onto the challenge!! You didn't think you'd get away scott free did you? ;) Okay, so now that you've learned a little bit about lighting, let's see you put it into practice. Here are your required stock images that you can pick from to work with. Remember, you need at least three images to be considered a manipulation. 


Japanese Inspired Stock by MariaAmanda Winter Stock I by Reine-Haru Novice 17 by Kuoma-stock girl-3 by buzillo-stock Steampunk Circus Doll 3 by mizzd-stock Bird Sneak peek by magikstock


Premade Background 04 by Lunia-Stock Landscape stock 62 mountains by Finsternis-stock Gardens8 by MerlinsMoonShadowBG Green Woods by Eirian-stock Autumn Trails II by simfonic 

Remember, these are twelve images for you to choose from, you have to use at least one model and one background from the choices, but you are not by any means limited to what you see here. (please don't just use the ones here ;)) You need at least three images to be considered a manipulation, and just because you have these images here, does not mean you are have to use them strictly as is, be creative! Make sure to focus on lighting since that is what this challenge is all about. Make sure to credit your stock images properly! Remember, this is an educational challenge, meaning you must take what you've learned and make something new.

Here is my example of what I have done with "lighting" and the required stock: 

Ember by michelle--renee


YOU! That's right, you are the judges! We are going to make a poll with all of the entries for you guys to vote on to see who you think has done the best, learned the most :)


:bulletred: The winning piece will be placed in our Featured Folder
:bulletred: The winning piece will also be featured in our journal 

Your entry is due by August 29th, we will pick the top 10 entries and create a poll for you to choose the winner. The poll will run from August 30th until Sept. 2nd. Winners will be announced in the journal for the new challenge which will be posted on Sept. 3rd. 

You have all the tools you could ever need, so go forth and create! :dalove:

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck and edited by Aeirmid
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As part of Daily Deviations PE week we have interviewed the lovely Minato-Kushina who has been suggesting DDs since November 2010.  She has since then had over 500 suggestions accepted and as a result of her regular suggestions, made her name known on the DD page.

What first got you interested in wanting to suggest DDs?

I don't really remember the exact point when I started paying attention to DDs. I guess, I saw these beautiful pictures at the bottom of my page. Gradually, I understood that they were a kind of "award" for outstanding pieces. I was also wondering how some people could suggest DDs! By searching here and there, I found the way.

I eventually decided to send my first suggestion to rydi1689, the then Fan Art Gallery Moderator. She is so kind, she accepted it immediately! This encouraged me to suggest more and eventually to love this task. I am generally shy with others. So this gesture, although it may seemed normal to her, it was a pleasant surprise and it had a great impact on me. :) I remember that I was so hesitant and anxious during my first note, while now I can do this very easily. :D

once upon a time by Nivalis70 My first DD. A birthday present to my dear friend Nivalis70. I am still grateful for this. :heart:

On average, how many DDs do you suggest per week?


Depending the days and weeks. Some days I can suggest around 10 or 20 DDs. So, I guess, approximately 50 DDs per week. ^^"

Do you feel like suggesting on a regular basis helps you to know what CVs are looking for in DDs, resulting in fewer rejections of your suggestions?

Indeed, I can see gradually what each one of CVs prefer. Some of them also reply to my suggestions and say clearly what they wish to see. It's like Suggesters and CVs help each other: CVs state what they like and Suggesters send them exactly this, thus making their job easier. Like they say, "practice makes wonders"!

How often does a piece you suggested get a DD, but you are not listed as the suggester, and how do you feel is the best way to deal with this?

It can happen around once or twice per week. I guess, it is not such a big deal if my name is not listed, because this is about the artist who received the DD, not about the suggester. ;) Mistakes can also happen, especially if the CV receives dozens of notes every day! I think the best solution if someone wants indeed to be listed, is to send a polite note to the CV and request to be listed.

What motivates you to continue suggesting DDs?

Seeing a beautiful picture is enough to make me think "this should be featured and gain more attention!" When I see other beautiful DDs I also think "I would like if I was the suggester of this one!" :D I think that the process itself of suggesting and seeing your suggestions eventually featured, is enough to encourage you to continue this "circle". :)

Where do you find pieces to suggest from? Do you browse certain areas?


From groups, from the Front Page, from Favourites of other people and from just random search. Generally, I like Digital Art, Traditional Art and Photography - People & Portraits. :)

What do you feel is the most rewarding thing about suggesting DDs?

The happiness and attention that a DD gives to the artist. <3 My favorite part is when the artists discover that their inbox is packed with messages and they are searching for the reason. Their surprise and happiness is priceless. :giggle:

Do you have any advice for users who are new to suggesting DDs or those who want to start suggesting DDs?

* Don't be shy, the CVs are there to help you and they like receiving your notes, they thank you for this. They are equally happy when they find a great piece suggested and they have the chance to feature it. :)
* Don't be discouraged if a suggestion is rejected or if you are not listed as the suggester. This can actually help you to continue your valuable job: helping and encouraging the others to continue their art. ;)
* A small description helps to "persuade" the CV to accept your note. (Even if the description is not listed in the feature.) Say honestly your opinion, why you think this piece should gain this honor. <3
* It's better not to tell the artist that they will be featured. Apart from some misunderstandings that may happen, the surprise is also better in this way. ;)
* Have fun! Enjoy the process of giving a "crazy" day to the others. :giggle: Maybe one day someone will give you this happiness too! :heart:

Analielle by fdasuarezFairy tale by Vitaly-Sokol  
Inner Universe by algenpflegerSakura by Claudia-SG 

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Photomanip Phenoms Vol. 01

Sat Aug 18, 2012, 2:57 PM
Outstanding photomanips. Outstanding artists.
Exposed, but not overexposed.
I hope I am introducing some of you to new artists to watch and love.
And if you've loved them before, here's your chance to love them again!

These artists were carefully chosen because their work displays not only technical prowess and knowledge of the medium, but also a great deal of creativity. They are always imitated but never duplicated. They make me want to reach inside myself and be a better artist-- learn more, be more patient, try and try again. I hope you will also get inspiration from these pieces.

Please enjoy.

Curious Curator by JenaDellaGrottaglia

Amris by CindysArt

Black Empire by 3mmI

Beyond reach by esstera

The Hive by neverdying

Window by MachiavelliCro


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