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                                                   It's a Dragon's World

                                                  Part 1. A Beautiful Transformation

The sky was very dark as I made my way to my brother's house. I was told that it hardly ever rains in California but this rain was cold, yet sad at the same time. Like how I felt. To me, it was like a signal of things to come.

My name is Titus Flamel. I'm a thirteen year old boy. My parents went missing less than a month ago. My grandparents were dead and my dad's mom was poor and unable to care for me. My brother and his wife were the only family I had left.

I sighed a little and knocked at the door. The doorknob turned as my brother smiled at me and welcomed me into his house. I put my suitcase full of all my stuff on the ground, figuring I'd just remove everything later.

I went upstairs and walked into my nephew and niece's room.

"UNCLE TITUS!" they shouted with happiness in their voices as they ran to give me a hug.

"Ahh, it's good to see you, Titus."  Said my sister-in-law, Jessie.

"Hi, Sis." I smiled at her.

I walked downstairs with Kyle and Jackie(my nephew and niece) following close behind me.

I sat down on the couch and looked outside. Part of me was happy that I'd be able to live with my brother. As a child, I grew up alone since he was so much older than me. Yet another part of me was sad, because I knew I'd never be able to see my friends again.

"Titus, are you okay?" My brother asked.

I didn't respond. My mind was too focused on something else.

"We should let Titus be by himself for now." Jessie said.

"Good idea. Kyle, Jackie, it's time to get your pajamas on." My brother, Ben said.

"But we want to play with Uncle Titus!" The siblings whined in protest.

"You can play with him tomorrow. Just let him be for now. Now off to bed."

When everyone left, I looked over to a table with pictures on it. I walked over to it. The pictures were of my brother and Jessie getting married and fo my brother's kids. But there was also a third one. I grabbed it to get a look at it. My eyes widened at what I saw: It was a picture of me, a four year old me, and my brother at nineteen. In the picture, I was holding my old dragon plushie, which at that time, I had affectionately named "Flame" in both my arms. My brother was petting my head affectionately in this picture.

I kneeled on the ground and started to remember my childhood. Growing up as the only child living in the household, your friends usually being too busy. Yet, it seemed like a better time.

Tears started to fill my eyes. Why was all this happening to me? Losing my parents, losing my friends, my home. What had I done?

My brother and sister-in-law watched from around the corner.

"Poor kid." Jessie said.

"Yeah. We should do something nice for him." Ben said.

"I got it! we'll take him out to see what it's like here."

"Do you really think he'll feel better?" Jessie asked.

"It's worth a try. He doesn't deserve what's happened to him. The least we can do is try to make everything better for him." Ben said.

Ben and Jessie went back upstairs. I fell to the ground and cried. I pounded my fists as I cried. I began to feel drowzy from all this and slowly cried myself to sleep.

The next morning I woke up. everyone  was standing around me.

"What are you doing on the ground, Uncle?" Kyle asked.

"Well...uh...." I stammered.

"Yeah, why ARE you on the ground?" Jackie asked.

"Well, let's have breakfest. We got an exciting day ahead." Ben said with a wide grin on his face.

"Like what?" I asked.

"We're going to show you what a nice place California is." Ben and Jessie said at once.

I finished my breakfest and got some cleaner clothes on. After cleaning up, I was ready to go.

As soon as we hopped in the car, we drove off for the shopping center.

"We're going to go look at some stuff. Titus, why don't we split up for now?" Ben suggested.

"Okay. I think I'll go to that store." I pointed to a store that had toys and games and stuff like that in it.

"Okay. We'll meet you in an hour. Sound good?" Asked Jessie.

"Yeah, that's fine with me." And wit that, I walked into the store.

I noticed they had some plushies. I was curious as to what kinds they had. I headed straight for the plushies and looked around. I was shocked to see that they had a green dragon plushie. It looked exactly like Flame.

I felt a tear run down my eye. I remembered when I was little, how I would go play in the backyard with my arms hugged around Flame's neck. I would pretend that I was in a world where only dragons lived, and I was a dragon myself. I pretended to breathe fire and I pretended I had a tail and that I could fly. I smiled. It was comforting to think about those memories.

"Can I help you, young man?" Asked the store clerk.

"Yeah, how much for this plushie?" I pointed to the green dragon.

"Oh, that one? It's not very rare so, umm.... eight dollars?"

I rummaged through my pockets and pulled out ten dollars. I handed it to the clerk who rang up the dragon and handed me my change.

"Thank you." I said as I walked out the door.

"...That boy has gone through so much pain." The clerk whispered to herself. "I hope I can help him."

I held up the dragon plushie. Its tail fell behind it. Something fell from the tail. I picked it up and threw it in the bag, thinking it was the recipt.

"Hey! Titus!" Ben shouted out to me.

"Hey, Ben! Look what I got!" I held the dragon plushie in my arms.

I ran for my brother, Jessie, and their kids as I held the dragon in my arms, just like I did with Flame. Little did I know about what was going to happen next.
Well y'all I'm back from California. And to celebrate a near, 4000 pageviews, I figured I'd do a story.

This isn't going to be like my other TFs stories which focus solely on the transformation. The transformation also doesn't happen right away. This focuses more on the character himself. And what he's going thorugh. Ans what he does to try to make it better.

I don't know how long it will be but I want it to be the length of an entire book(Maybe 10 chapters or so?).

Hope you enjoy.
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                                                         New Dragon's World
                                                         Chapter 1: New Generation

The 10 year old boy walked the halls of his school. School had just let out and he was ready to head home. As he exited the building, he saw his mother's car in the school parking lot. The sight of his mom's car made the little boy smile. He ran towards the car. He opened the door to the car and tossed his bag in. Then he got in himself.

"So how was your day, Drake?" His mom asked.

"It was okay, I guess. Nothing exciting really happens."

Drake's mom turned towards her son.

"C'mon Drake. Why would you say that? And especially on your birthday. Something exciting ALWAYS happens then."

Today was Drake's birthday. He knew he should have been excited but...for some reason, he wasn't. Even at the age of ten, Drake knew his days were always the same: go to school, come home, relax, then off to school the next day. And what was worse for Drake was he had eight years left of school. He always wished for something...a little unordinary. Something to spice up his life.

"Drake." His mom said, starting the car up and driving out of the parking lot.

"Yeah?" Drake asked.

"What if I told you something exciting might happen on your birthday?"

"Like what?" Drake asked, curiously.

"You'll see. You'll see..."

As soon as the mother and son got home, Drake looked over to across the street.

"Drake. Drake, do you see something?" His mom asked.

"Oh. Nah. It's nothing."

"Dad, we're home!" Drake exclaimed as they entered the house.

A tall, blonde haired man, in his early 30's went to greet his son and wife.

"Hi, honey." Drake's mom greeted.

The man and his wife kissed each other on the lips. "Welcome home, Sarah."

The man and his wife were none other than Titus and Sarah. Two of the heroes who defeated the evil dragon, Saulstrance back when they were just kids. For the last 20 years, Titus was able to live his life happily and eventually, settle down and have a family. Drake was Titus' only child and would pester his parents for a little brother or sister. Titus however, didn't know if he wanted to have another kid. Drake was a handful in and of himself.

"Hey hey, Drake. How's my son doing today?" Titus said, affectionately.

"I'm fine, dad. You know what today is?" Drake asked.

"Hm. Now what was today? Hmm. Is it Friday?" Titus asked, jokingly.

"C'mon, dad! It's my birthday!" Drake exclaimed.

"Is it? Well I guess we'll have to do something big for our soon-to-be eleven year old son. Don't you think, Sarah?"

Sarah nodded in agreement. Drake was always happy when his birthdays came. This year, however, he felt like it would be special.

Some time later, after Drake opened his presents, which was mostly action figures and video games, and had cake, the now 11 year old was worn out. Drake drearily dragged himself into bed. After about five minutes, he was sound asleep. As he slept, a lump appeared in the back of his pants. His nightshirt also had two lumps pulling out of it, as if they wanted to be free.

Saturday morning, Drake woke up and headed into the kitchen. His mom and dad were already seated at the table.

"Hey, lil' buddy." Titus greeted his son, rubbing his hair and making it more of a mess than it was from him sleeping.

"Hey, dad. Hey, mom." Drake greeted both his parents.

"So how are you feeling today, Drake?" His mom asked.

"I feel fine!" Drake exclaimed with a wide smile.

"You know, Drake." Titus began. "There WAS one more present we had for you." Titus explained.

"What was it?" Drake asked.

"Look at your back."

Drake turned around and looked down. His eyes widened. He had a fully developed, lizard like tail growing out of his back. And if that wasn't weird enough, he also had two leathery wings pretruding from his shoulders. Surely enough, these new appendages were real.

"MOM, DAD! I'M TURNING INTO A MONSTER!!!" Drake screamed in fear.

"Drake, you're not becoming a monster." Titus said, trying to calm his son down.

"I'm not?" Drake asked, dumbfounded.

"No. Drake, it's time I tell you the truth about your heritage."

"What?" Drake asked.

Titus stood up and, before his son's eyes, began to change into a dragon.

Drake just sat there, wide eyed, his mouth hanging open as he looked in surprise at his father's true shape. No words were spoken. Not by Drake, or his parents.

"D-Dad. You're a..."

"Yes, Drake. This is my real form. I'm a dragon." Titus explained to his young son.

"Then...then of you're a dragon, then what am I?" Drake asked.

"You're a half-dragon, Drake. A half-dragon is a human with half of a dragon's blood in them. If one of the half-breed's parents is a dragon and the other a human, then that child will be part human and part dragon. They'll take on a human form, but have dragon parts like wings or a tail, just like you." Titus explained some more.

"So then my tail and my wings are from you, dad?" Drake asked.

"And you're finned ears." Titus added.

Drake wondered about that. He brought his hands to his ears and felt them. Surely enough, he DID have two elagantly finned ears growing from his head.

"Wow..." Drake said in wonder and amazement.

"So, what do you think, Drake?" Titus, still in his dragon form asked.

A smile appeared on Drake's face. His smile growing wider. He couldn't believe it. His parents always told him he was different but he never knew what they meant.

"I love this, dad. It's so cool! I can't wait to show my friends!"

"No, Drake! You can't!"

"Why not?" Drake asked.

"Your friends wouldn't understand. They might think you're wierd if you say your dad's a dragon." Sarah explained.

"Alright, then." Drake said, a little dissapointed. To him, if this was such a cool thing, why would he have to keep his new heritage secret.

"Still, this is so cool!" Drake said, feeling happy again.

"Happy birthday, son." The boy's parents said.

What would be next for Drake? What would be told of the events yet to come. Drake's story is only just beginning.

After a long while, the sequel to my popular It's a Dragon's World series is finally up.

This new story will be titled New Dragon's World. Many of the old characters will return, and some new ones may make an appearance too.

The plot so far focuses on Titus and Sarah's eleven year old son, Drake. On Drake's 11th birthday, Drake learns the truth of his family's heritage. Afterwards, Drake must learn how to live life as a half-dragon.

Hope you enjoy. Please leave feedback.
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                                                 It's a Dragon's World
                                                 Pt. 3 A Visit From Lucas

I put my eye up to the peephole. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was Lucas, my friend from Utah. But what was he doing here? I opened the door.

"Hey, Lucas, what're you doing here?" I asked.

"Just figured I'd come see how my best friend is doing." Lucas replied.

"But, how did you--"

"I happened to catch your brother and his family on their way to the car. They said you were staying home so I figured I'd see how you were."

"So what are you doing here?" I asked.

"I'm supposed to be visiting my cousins and my aunt and uncle. But I figured I'd come see how you were. And just between you and me, I can't stand them."

Before we continued our conversation, I felt my tail start to move around again. I asked Lucas if he'd wait out here while I went to the bathroom. I walked upstairs backwards so he wouldn't be able to see my tail. By the time I was out of sight, I started running up the stairs.

I shut the door behind me and sighed.

"Y'know, if you're gonna be part of me for the rest of my life, you need to stop being such a pest." I scolded my tail.

I didn't understand how my tail moved by itself. Since it was attached to me, I thought I would have complete control over its actions. I figured that maybe all dragon's tails were like this and that mine was no different.

I thought of how I'd be able to talk to Lucas. I definately couldn't let him see my tail, and there was no way I could make it invisible so what was I to do?

Just then, it dawned on me: I'd have to stuff it in my pants. It would hurt and it would look like I had a bump the size of my fist growing out but that was the only option.

"I'm sorry, tail. But you're just gonna have to deal with this for now, okay?" I grabbed my tail and stuffed it into my pants. I looked back and noticed the tailhole it left wasn't too big. Lucas might not see it anyways, so what did I have to worry about?

When I was sure everything was okay, I went back downstairs. I found Lucas sitting on the couch.

"Everything alright?" Lucas asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just having bad diarreha."

I walked over to the other side of the couch. As soon as I sat down, Lucas asked, "What's up with your butt?"


"Well there's a big lump sticking out."

"Oh, that! Yeah, I think I might have some kind of hemoroid or something." I tried to make up the best lie I could.

"I don't think they can get that big..." Lucas said.

"Look can we stop worrying about my butt?!" I shouted. I was getting a little aggrivated by it.

"Yeah. Sorry, Titus. So anyways, how's California so far?" Lucas asked.

"Well asides from the fact that I fainted at the shopping center, and that people are saying that I can breathe fire, I'm just great."

Lucas gave me a weird look. I never had a moment where I just fainted like that, and he knew me since we were in preschool so he pretty much knew me better than anyone.

"Well... can you breathe fire?" Lucas asked.

"NOOO!! I'm not a dragon or anything!" I exclaimed.

"Okay, okay. Just checking."

Just then, I could have sworn I heard ripping fabric.

"Oh, you've GOTTA be kidding me." I thought to myself.

I prayed to God that it wasn't my tail. I felt it move up my back. There was nothing I could do now. Any minute, Lucas would discover I have a tail.

I started sweating. I knew there and then that I was doomed. Lucas would think I'm a freak, and knowing him, he'd blab about it to my brother and Jessie, then I'd probably be famous as "The Boy With a Lizard Tail."

Lucas screamed. I prentended not to know what it was.

"Lucas, what's wrong?" I asked.

"Th-th-there's a SNAKE behind you!!" He screamed.

I sighed. "I guess the secret's out..."

Lucas calmed down a little. "What secret?" He asked.

I got up from the coutch amd walked in front of him until only my back was facing him.

"Hey... Titus, there's a tail on your back..." He said, confused.

"I know... it's... my tail." I said quietly.

"YOUR tail?" Lucas asked.

I walked to the kitchen. Lucas followed.

"How'd that happen? You didn't have a tail back in Utah."

"I know that!" I sighed again. "Even I don't know what's happening to me. There have been people saying that I can breathe fire. Then I somehow grow a tail that claims it's a dragon's tail. I don't even know what's gonna happen to me now."

I turned to Lucas. "Please don't tell my brother and the others."

"Why?" Lucas asked. "I think it's pretty cool that you've got a tail."

"Yeah, but will they?! My brother and my sister in law might start to see me as a freak, they might even avoid me." I said sadly.

"All right then. This'll be our secret." Lucas said with a smile.

"Thanks, Lucas. "

We walked back into the living room.

"I have one more question. What did you mean that your tail claimed it's a dragon's tail?"

I explained to Lucas that when I first discovered my tail, it had a mind of its own. It could write, and even spell. Lucas of course, was still amazed.

"WOW! I wish I had a tail that could do all that!" Lucas exclaimed.

Lucas seemed to be excited about my new tail, but I wasn't. Not when it turns out I'll be stuck with this tail for the rest of my life.

Just then, I heard the door start to open. My brother and his family must have returned. I tried to hide my tail underneath the couch cushions. I just hoped that my tailspikes wouldn't leave any holes in the cushions.

The door slowly opened. I was sweating a little, wondering what would happen next.
The third part is up, like I promised.

Hope you like it. Yeah, not much else to say right now.

Enjoy, and please leave feedback.
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                                                It's a Dragon's World

                                                Pt. 4 Titus Shrinks

I saw Jackie and Kyle run upstairs. It seemed like they got some new toys.

"Hey, Titus, we're home." Ben said.

"Yeah, I can see that." I replied, kinda rudely.

Jessie and Ben brought in some groceries. I figured that must have been why they took so long.

"So where'd you guys go?" I asked.

"We had to get some food, then Jackie and Kyle wanted to get some toys so I figured we'd go to WalMart for some food." Jessie explained.

"Y'guys shoulda let me know first."

"Well we figured you'd be to busy getting reaccquainted with Lucas so we didn't let you know."

I grumbled a little under my breath.

"Oh,yeah. Titus, this is for you."

Ben handed me a piece of paper.

"Where did you get this?" I asked.

"Some person gave it to us. They said to give it to Titus Flamel and to not read it."

I figured I'd open it after dinner.

Dinner time came and I was feeling a bit tired. Everyone sat around the dinner table, eating mashed potatoes, with some gravy and some other food.

"Hey, Uncle Titus, aren't you hungry?" Jackie asked.

"Hmm? Actually, no I'm not."

"That's strange. Knowing Titus, he'd probably be eating more than us." Lucas joked.

"Are you okay?" Jessie asked.

"Yeah. If it's okay with you guys, I'm just gonna rest my eyes. If I fall asleep, will you just let me sleep down here?"

"Yeah. That's okay." Ben said.

I closed my eyes and soon enough, I was fast asleep.

I woke up a few hours later. I yawned a little. All the lights were off and the table was clear. I decided since I was up, I'd see what was written on that paper.

I opened it up and read it to myself.


Dear Titus,

I hope you are doing well. How do you like the present I gave you? You're probably still wondering what's happening to your body. Meet me at the store where you bought your plush toy and I'll explain everything.

Angela Dragonwings


I got off the couch and stood up. It was strange. I was almost the same size as the coffee table. I was just a head taller. I figured I was probably still tired and walked upstairs.

It was kinda hard to walk up the stairs. What's going on? I thought to myself. Am I still dreaming?

I got in the bathroom and when I tried to look in the mirror, I couldn't see myself. Heck, I couldn't even see the mirror. I grabbed the stool my little nephew and neice use and stood up on it. When I looked in the mirror, I didn't see myself at all. In place of my reflection was a little kid. I was getting worried now. Was my mind playing tricks on me? There was only one way to figure out. I looked over myself again. I was only 4'8! It seemed my tail was still there, but it seemed to have shrunk along with me.

I was scared. I didn't know what I was supposed to do. My old clothes didn't fit me, and I couldn't go out naked. I figured all I could do was see if my nephew, Kyle had some clothes that would fit.

I opened the door to the kids' room quietly. I walked slowly as to not wake them up. I remembered Ben bought some clothes for Kyle this year that didn't fit him. They were too big. I rummaged through Kyle's clothes and found them. I put on his jersey, with the number 8 on the front. And I put on a pair of short legged blue jeans. Before getting them completely on, I realized my tail would need a lot of room this time. I went back into the bathroom, took the jeans off and made a tailhole large enough to fit my tail through.

I walked quietly downstairs, trying not to wake anyone up. I had to stand on my tiptoes just to reach the doorknob. It took a while but eventually I got it.

I quietly closed the door again and ran for the toy store. I hoped no one would see my tail. I'd be screwed if they did.

As I ran, I tripped and landed flat on my face. Oww! I realized that I really DID shrink after all. I  got up and continued to run. I only had a few hours to make it to the toystore before Ben and the others woke up.

Two hours later, I made it to the toy store. Yet there was no one around. I leaned on the door of the toy store. The door opened and I fell backwards, landing directly on my tail.

"Can I help you, little boy?" The woman from the other day asked.

"First off I'm NOT a little boy! I'm 13! Second I'm waiting for someone."

"You're not a little boy, huh? You sure don't look 13. You look more like you're eight or seven."

"Well I'm not!" I shouted angerly. "Something happened to me and my body shrunk!"

The woman rubbed my head and smiled. "You kids and your stories. They're so cute!"

I looked down. I was so embarrassed. No one would be able to take me seriously. To them, I'm just a thirteen year old kid, with a tail, in an eight year old's body. Although they wouldn't see the thirteen year old me. Just an eight year old kid who's got a lizard-like tail.

The old woman gasped as she saw my tail wagging back and forth.

"That tail..." She gasped. "Are you...Titus Flamel?"

"Yeah. I am. But how do you know who I am?" I asked.

"Yes. I thought I'd meet you soon. But not like this."

"Alright, ENOUGH!" I demanded. "Who are you? How do you know me?"

"I guess I SHOULD introduce myself. My name is... Angela Dragonwings."

"WHAT???" I thought in my head. THIS woman was the one whose name appeared in those letters. I couldn't believe it. What was going on here???
Well here's a second helping of It's a Dragon's World.

Pt 4 is done and Pt 5 will be up tomorrow. I hope you enjoy this.
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                                               It's a Dragon's World

                                               Pt.2 The Tail

We walked around the shopping center for quite some time. There seemed to be quite a few nice stores around. Mostly clothing stores but they also had stores for games and other stuff I thought was cool.

I held the plushie I had just bought tightly in my arms. It probably looked weird seeing a boy in his early teens walking around, hugging a stuffed animal but I didn't care. I just wanted to enjoy this moment while it lasted.

When I was just nine years old, I was on a road trip with my parents. We were going up to our lodge for vacation. By the time we got out, I had realized I lost Flame. My parents looked around for it but said it wasn't around here. I remembered how sad and teary eyed I was. But now, I got a new Flame. I knew he wouldn't replace the old Flame but at least he would always remind me of him, my dear friend, Flame.

"Titus! Stop daydreaming!" Ben shouted.

I snapped away from my memories at the sound of my brother's voice.

Jessie checked her watch. "It's time for lunch."

"Sounds good."  Ben said. "Let's go eat at Disco Burger. If that's alright with you, Titus?"

"Yeah. I'm fine with that." I said happily.

We walked inside and sat down. Then we ordered our food. I was going to have a cheeseburger and fries, my brother just wanted a soda, the kids were going to have veggie burgers(as suggested by Jessie), and Jessie also had a soda.

"Hey, Uncle Titus?"  Jackie asked.


"Why are you hugging that toy?"

"Because it reminds me of a toy I had when I was your age. That toy was my best friend growing up."

"What happened to it?" Kyle asked.

"When I was nine years old, I went on a trip with my parents. I don't know when it happened but... I.... lost him." I started feeling sad again.

"Okay, kids. That's enough questions for Uncle Titus." My brother scolded.

I rested my head on the table and looked outside. I wondered how everyone back in Utah was. I wondered if I'd hear from them again.

Our food came and we got down to eating. The kids were grossed out by the veggie burgers but they knew they wouldn't get dinner if they didn't eat their lunch. I grabbed a fry and slowly chomped away at it.

A bit later. As I was halfway through my lunch, I felt a painful twist in my stomach. I thought it was nothing and as soon as it was gone, I went back to eating.

As soon as we were done, we paid for the food and headed out the door. Once outside, I clutched my stomach in pain. I bended over to try to not make it so painful for me.

"Titus, are you okay?!" Ben asked.

The pain was truly unbearable. I passed out, as I fell to the ground, it felt like my mouth was burning. I overheard some people talking.

"Did that kid just shoot fire from his mouth?"

"What IS he?"

Then everything was silent.

By the time I came to, I was in my room. I was back at my brother's house. I opened the drapes. It was dark. That's strange. I thought to myself. It was barely noon when I fainted. Was I really out for THAT long?

I walked over to my desk. I wondered how my brother got this room ready for me.  I hadn't seen this room when I was upstairs.

On the desk was the bag my plushie came in. The plushie and the piece of paper were both rested in the bag. I pulled both out and opened up the paper. It wasn't a recipt. It was a note.

I began reading it. It said.


Dear Titus,

I know what you're going through, and I'd like to help. You've been a victim of a most unfortunate fate. Losing everything you ever cared about. I want to help make it better for you. I know this dragon won't be enough to make it better for you, so I've given you another gift. It won't show itself yet. It's something that happens over time. I hope that this gift will be enough to turn things around for you.

Angela Dragonwings.

P.S. I'm a dear friend of your parents. they've entrusted me to look over you. We will meet. But not just yet. I've still got stuff to do.

"Something that happens over time?" I thought to myself. "And who's this Angela DragonWings? Mom and Dad never mentioned her before."

Just then, I felt a shiver in my left leg. I felt something slimey work its way up my leg. I jerked my head around. It was a SNAKE! How'd a snake get in my room?!  I was scared. I tried to keep myself from screaming so I wouldn't wake up everyone else.

I examined the snake. Strangely enough, it didn't behave at all like the snakes I had seen. Its head(Or whatever it was) bobbed around, like it was happy.

"What are you?" I asked.

The snake-like creature grabbed a pencil and some paper. It started to write something down.

"T..A..I..L." I followed along.

"So you're just a tail. Alright, so whose tail are you?"

It wrote "YOUR" in front of "TAIL".

"Your tail?" I asked it. I didn't understand what it meant.

It grabbed the pencil again and wrote "IM." In front of "YOUR TAIL".

"I'm your tail?" I finally figured it out.

"What are you talking about? I'm a human. Human's don't have tails."

I felt my back just to be sure. I was shocked. The tail didn't belong to some weird creature after all. It DID belong to me.

"No...Way..." I said speechless. "I can't have a tail. And especially a lizard's tail."

The tail, MY tail grabbed the pencil one more time and wrote "DRAGONS TAIL".

"Okay. So you're a dragon's tail. But why are you attached to me? I'm not a dragon."

Once again, it wrote, "I'M PART OF YOUR TRANSFORMATION".

"My transformation? What tranformation?" I asked.

The tail dropped the pencil and fell with a thump to the ground. Was it just playing stupid or something?

I picked up what was supposed to be my tail and tugged on it. I felt a tug from my back. The tail seemed to have sprung to life again. It wagged around for a while.

"No way." I thought to myself. "Why would I have a tail?"

I tried to go back to sleep. But that was hard since I was sleeping on my tail. I rolled over on my back. It was uncomfortable but I figured I'd have to sleep like this for some time.

It was ten o' clock. My brother knocked at the door which woke me up. He asked me if he could come in?

"Just a second, bro." I said in a panic. I tried to hide my tail underneath the sheets. It was a pretty long tail. At least the length of my body but I was able to hide it underneath the sheets. I placed the pillow over it so it wouldn't look likt a snake with spikes growing out of it was in my bed.

"Come in." I said.

"Titus..." Ben asked. "Were you masturbating?"

"NO!! Why would you ask me, your little brother that?" I asked disgusted.

"Well you seemed to have nerviousness in your voice so... I just figured."

"No I was just getting some clean clothes on and I didn't want you to see know."

"I know. I respect your privacy. I just wanted to let you know that we're going to get breakfest and we were wondering if you'd like to come?"

"Uhh no thanks. I'm working on something for one of my friends back home." I lied.

"Okay. We'll see you soon." And with that, Ben and everyone else walked downstairs. I waited until they were all completely out the door before getting out of bed.

I walked downstairs, my tail following behind me. It didn't wag around like it did before. Instead, I could hear it slapping the stairs with each step I took.

I sat on the couch. I wondered how I had just somehow grown a tail. I also felt a little guilty for lying to Ben. But he'd probably think I was nuts if I told him I had just sprouted a tail that's the same length as my body.

I picked up my tail again and held it in front of me.

"Alright, so you're my tail, and you seem to have a mind of your own, so explain some more stuff to me! Like why I fainted in the shopping center, and why people were saying that I could breathe fire."

My tail didn't respond. I let it go but all it did was wag around some more.

I sighed. It was still hard for me to believe that a green tail, claiming to be my own, actually WAS my tail. Even if all the evidence was in front of me.

I heard the door knock. I hid my tail again. I figured it was my brother again but whoever it was kept knocking. I decided to get up to see who it was. I put my eye through the peephole. But what I saw shocked me.
Just because I care, pt. 2 is up. Titus' transformation is just beginning. The other chapters will also focus on his transformation and more on his character.

Hope you enjoy part 2. There's more to come. I might post pt 3 either later today or tomorrow.
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                                                It's a Dragon's World

                                                Pt. 6 Titus Earns His Wings

"Doulstraz, huh?" I asked.

"What do you not like that name?" Angela asked.

"Actually.. I think it's a pretty cool name." I responded with a smile.

My tail bobbed around happily.

"Looks like my tail likes that name too."

I broke my attention away from my tail for a sec.

"So what am I supposed to do now? Just stay in this cave?" I asked.

"Unfortuately, you don't have much of a choice, Doulstraz. You can go out at night though. No one should see you."

"How won't they?! I don't have wings yet!" I excliamed.

"You never know..." Angela said with a devilish, draconic smirk.

I yawned. I didn't realize I only got a few hours of sleep. All these revelations made it difficult to think about sleep.

"Tired, Doulstraz?" Angela asked.

"Yeah. I'm going to bed."

"Okay. Good night, Doulstraz." Angela said, warmly.

I found a nest, just perfect for sleeping in. Since the nest was rounded, I slept curled up into a ball. My tail just hung there as the only thing that wasn't curled up.

As I slept, I dreamt about what was happening in Utah. I wondered how my other friends were. I wondered what happened to my old house. I wondered what happened to my parents.

I woke up with a fright. It was the same dream. I thought to myself.

I brought my head to my knees and sobbed a little. It was the same dream as the ones I've been having since I came to California.

I stopped sobbing for a sec. My legs felt strange. They felt... scaly. I got up, otu of my "bed" and walked to where there was more light. It looked as if CLAWS were growing out of my toes. My pinkie toe and my big toe were missing, leaving only three toes on each foot. I noticed on the back of my feet, there was a single claw. My feet had green scales growing on them. The scales were goring up all the way to my mid section. I knew that couldn't be good. I pulled my pants down and was shocked at what I saw.

"Did THAT have to go?" I thought to myself.

My mid section had scutes growing from it. The scutes continued, all the way to my stomach. It seemed they came from my tail as well.

I noticed my feet were larger than before. The bones in my legs looked as if they repositioned themselves. My leg bones now faced backwards. My legs also looked as if they had more muscle in them. It also appeared as if I had gained a little bit of height, however I still wasn't as tall as I previously was.

That wasn't the only new addition to me. I felt my back. Two new appendages were sticking out. I had grown a pair of WINGS! I was actually very excited. I tried flapping my wings to see if they worked. I hovered above the ground for a split second. then my wings gave out.

"Looks like I've got a bit of practicing to do with these guys." I said, somewhat proudly.

Angela walked in. She was in her dragon form.

"So I see the little dragon's got his wings." Angela said.

"Yep." I smiled. "And I've got digitigrade feet."

"I've gotta say, Doulstraz. You're turning out to look like a pretty cute hatchling."

I blushed a little. I knew I wasn't fully dragon yet, but hearing that just made me feel like maybe the transformation won't be so bad.

"Th-Thanks, Angela." I said, looking down at the ground, embarrassed.

"So what are you going to do now?' Angela asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"It's already night time. Since most people are asleep, you're free to wander around California."

"I think I'm going to go back to my brother's house." I said.

"Doulstraz, are you sure?"

"My friend, Lucas will understand. Adults don't understand stuff like this as well as us, kids do. And my nephew and neice would just blab about seeing me halfway through my dragon transformation. Lucas is my only hope." I explained.

"What are you going to tell him?" Angela asked.

"I'm gonna tell him to tell my brother and the others not to worry about me, and that I'll return soon. There's some stuff I have yet to do."

"...I see." Angela said.

"This'll also give me a chance to try out my wings." I said with a wide grin.

I walked out the door to the shop. Then I opened my wings and flew off, towards my brother's house.

In less than a half an hour, I made it to my brother's house. I saw lucas, sitting on the couch. I waited until my brother and his kids were upstairs. Then I knocked on the sliding glass door.

Lucas got off the couch and came outside.


I covered his mouth before anyone could hear. I told him not to yell or anything.

"What happened to you, Titus? Why are you so small now? And what's with your legs?"

"I'm turning into a dragon. I'm at least midway through my transformation." I tried to explain.

"So why are you small then? If you're becoming a dragon, shouldn't you be as tall as a house or something?" Lucas asked.

"That's the thing. When my transformation's finished, I'm gonna be a child dragon. I'll be at least the size of a dog from what I heard."

"Heard form who?" Lucas asked.

"I'll tell you later. I need you to pass on a message." I explained.

"Okay. What's the message?" Lucas asked.

"Tell my brother and his family not to worry about me. I'll be back. But I have stuff to do right now."

"Okay. Anything more my dragon friend." Lucas said.

I unfurled my wings again.

"Wait!" Lucas exclaimed.

"What's up?" I asked.

"When you become a dragon, will you still remember us?" Lucas asked.

I thought about that myself. I didn't know how to respond. I simply replied, "I'm not too sure myself."

I again unfurled my wings and flew off, into the sky. I waved goodbye to Lucas. Maybe, this would be the last time I ever saw them.

I saw Angela flying through the sky too. She dove down.

"I'm proud of you, Doulstraz. Don't worry. You WILL see your friend and family again."

I was happy knowing that I'd still see them but right now, I was more happy about this. I thought becoming a dragon would be a bad thing, but now, I was more excited than ever.

I closed my eyes and imagined myself as a dragon. "Yeah. Being a dragon. That'll be SO cool." I said to myself. I snickered to myself a little.

"You say something, Doulstraz?" Angela asked.

"Nah. Just thinking to myself."

We flew back to the shop. I wondered what would await me as my transformation continued. Lucas, Jackie, Kyle, Ben, Jessie. Please...wait for me.
It's a Dragon's World Pt. 6 is up.

Unfortunately, Pt. 7 isn't thought up yet. It might be longer for the next chapter. So sorry for the delay.

Again, I hope you enjoy it.
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                                                  It's a Dragon's World

                                                   Pt. 8 A Trip to the Dragon Realm

I slept in my bed. Or whatever you could call it. I had been dreaming about what I'll be like when I'm fully dragon. I imagined that I'd be somewhat short since I'd be a dragon child. I dreamt that I had a long snout and two beautiful horns growing out of my head. My horns in my dream were a bloodish red. My nostrils were instead two slits in my snout.

The entrance to my cave opened, the light shining on me. I woke up, trying to keep my eyes closed. Angela walked in.

"Doulstraz..." Angela said.

"Yeah?" I asked drowzily.

"I need to talk to you."

I got out of bed. I saw that Sarah was still sleeping in the other nest. I wondered how it could be comfortable for her. Maybe she's slept like that before?

"Angela, what's going on?" I asked, rubbing my eyes.

"I think it's time I take you to the Dragon Realm."

"Huh? Why?" I asked.

"Don't you want to meet your parents?" Angela asked.

I gasped. I hadn't seen my parents in almost a month. I wondered if they could've really been in the Dragon Realm.

"If that's the case. Yeah! I do want to go!" I exclaimed.

"Then I'm coming too!"

I heard Sarah's voice coming from the entrance to the cave. I turned my head and saw Sarah standing right before the entrance.

"No. This is only a realm that dragons may enter." Angela explained.

"But Titus isn't fully dragon and you said HE can go." Sarah said.

"Yeah...but... you see, Titus is..."

"Please, Angela. Sarah's a good person. I don't think she'll tell any other humans." I said.

"Doulstraz, are you sure?" Angela asked.

I turned to Sarah and smiled. "When I'm near Sarah, I can tell that she's good. IF there was any decit in her, I'd know. She really DOES just want to see real live dragons." I explained.

Angela sighed. "Fine." She said.

The portal to the Dragon Realm opened up behind Angela. Angela walked into the portal.

"Titus?" Sarah asked.


"Thanks for sticking up for me." She said, blushing.

"Hey. Anything for a friend."

We walked through the portal together. As soon as we entered, it closed behind us.

The three of us flew through a weird void. There was nothing. It was dark ad I could hardly see Sarah or Angela.

"We should be getting to the Dragon Realm soon." Angela said. I couldn't tell where she was, so I just followed her voice.

A minute later, I saw a big ball of light. I assumed it was the exit. I closed my eyes as I moved towards the light.

As I opened my eyes, I found myself in a field. It was beautiful. There was a small creek, as well as a bunch of caves, possibly the homes of the dragons who lived in this world.

Angela walked towards one of the caves. Sarah and I followed her. Upon getting to the entrance of the cave, Angela stopped.

"Angela? Why are we stopping?" I asked.

"Doulstraz, are you really ready to meet your parents for the first time?" Angela asked.

I didn't know what she meant by "first time". I guessed she meant the first time I'd seen them in so long. I nodded yes and we walked into the cave.

We walked through the dark cave. The light dimmed with each step we took. It was hard to see but Angela guided us. I figured since dragons lived in darkness, it wouldn't be hard for them to see where they were going.

I could hear faint breathing. Except it wasn't human. It was two dragons.

"We're here." Angela said.

The two dragons lit the torches in the cave, making it brighter.

"Doulstraz?" One of the two dragons asked.

"Angela, what's going on? Where are my parents?" I asked.

"Angela, you did a fine job of looking after Doulstraz for us." the female dragon said.

"What?!" I asked.

"Doulstraz, I'd like you to meet...your mother and father."

"What?! They can't be my parents! They're dragons! Unless you TURNED them into dragons!" I was growing furious.

"Titus! Calm down!" Sarah said, trying to help me.

"It's not true! It can't be true! If they're my real parents, then who, or WHAT, am I?"

"Doulstraz...I guess we should explain." The dragon, claiming to be my father said.

"You see, Doulstraz, you were born a dragon."

"That can't be!" I Shouted. "All my memories are of my life as a human. Tell me how I'm a dragon if I don't have any memories of being one!"

"It's simple." The dragon, claiming to be my mom explained. "You were too young to remember. You were sent to the Human Realm because a great tragedy happened shortly after you were born. Cruel humans took baby dragons from their families. They were taken back to the human realm and sold into slavery."

"They were...?". I said. It sounded hard to believe, but what reason did I have not to believe them on this. They wouldn't make up something as horrible as that.

"We sent you through the gate that connects the human and dragon realms because we felt you would have a better life. Anything to get away from being a slave."

I lowered my head. Tears flowed out of my eyes. IF this was true, then my whole life was a lie. But how could it be? My human parents always told me stories of how Ben and they would hold me after my birth. I remembered how protective Ben was of me and how he always stuck up for me. I remembered when I was just four years old, it was my birthday and he bought me Flame. I also remembered when he told me he was going to collage and he wouldn't see me for a long time. I remembered waving goodbye, tearfully as he drove off for collage. I also remembered that as long as I had Flame, I would never be truly sad since it felt like Ben was always there, looking after me.

I brought my arm to my eyes. I tried to hide my tears as I sobbed uncontrolably.

"Titus.." Sarah said. I could sense sympathy in her voice.

"It can't be true! It can't be TRUE!" I exclaimed, tearfully.

Sarah turned to the two dragons. Now I sensed anger and sympathy. I didn't know how I could feel these feeling from people. Maybe this was how dragons were.

"You're NOT Titus' parents!" Sarah exclaimed.

"Titus' parents were there for him, they protected him, they showed him love and appricieaction. You two gave him up instead of trying to fight for him!"

"Th-There was nothing we could DO! We had to do what was best for him!" The mother dragon exclaimed.

"And look what the result was. You tore him up inside. Y'know, Titus taught me a valuble lesson when I met him. Family is not about whose blood you share. It's about the people who were there for you. The people who took you in and who raised you. I don't have any blood realitives anymore but I got something better: I got a brother! And his name is Titus Flamel! He's not the dragon named Doulstraz! He's Titus Flamel! A human in the human realm! And he' dear brother." Sarah said, sounding like she was about to cry too.

"Sarah.." I said to myself. I ran out of the cave, still covering up my eyes.


I sat on the grass. My finned ears flattening again as well as my wings. Sarah walked out of the cave and sat down next to me.

"I just can't believe what they're saying. Abadoning me as a dragon and then making up some crap lie about how they couldn't do a thing to protect me." I said a little more calmly now.

"Are you okay, Titus?" Sarah asked.

I sighed. "I dunno. I don't even think I know who I am anymore. Am I really a dragon? Or am I a human who's becoming a dragon?"

Sarah wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me.

"It doesn't matter what species you really are, Titus. You are who you are. You are who you want to be. At least. That's how I think it works."

"Sarah...thanks, sis." I said. I brought my arms and hugged her too.

Morning came to the Dragon Realm. The dragons with Angela walked out of the cave to see us off.

"Doulstraz..." The mother dragon said.


"I'm sorry for everything I put you through. If you don't want to come back then... I want you to have a good life. With your family."

I sniffled a little. "" I said. I ran to my mom and gave her a hug. This time I couldn't hold back my tears at all. My mom wiped the tears away with her snout.

"Doulstraz." My dad said. "I'm so proud of you. You're turning out to be a really good dragon. I hope you can continue to enjoy life in the human realm. Even if you know where you really came from."

"I will." Was all I said.

"Wait!" Angela said. "We can't leave yet!"

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because...there's something I need to show you."

Angela spit somethign out of her mouth. It landed on the grass. I picked it up. It felt gross since it was covered in dragon saliva.

After wiping the saliva away, I noticed what it was: a picture! It was a picture of my dragon parents...and a little baby dragon riding on my father's head.

" this little" I asked.

Angela nodded a yes.

"I see. I'll always treasure this picture."

The portal opened up again and Angela and Sarah walked through first.

"Bye, mom! Bye, dad!" I said, waving goodbye. I ran back to them one more time to give each of them a hug. Then I ran for the portal, which closed behind me. I could hear their last words to me:

"Take care, Doulstraz... our son."

I smiled to myself. "Take care..." I said quietly.

I flew through the portal with Angela and Sarah back to the human realm.

"Titus." Angela said. This was the first time since we first met that she called me Titus.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"You realize now what started your transformation, right?" Angela asked.

"I always thought it was my plushie." I said.

"No. You're becoming what you always were in reality. And when your transformation is complete, I bet your parents will be proud of you."

"Which ones?" I asked.

"I bet both would be." Angela said, smiling warmly at me.

The ball of light appeared in front of us and we ended up back in the human realm. I figured there was only one thing left to the key to my past: And that was to ask Ben what he knew about when I was a dragon. But I knew I'd have to wait until my transformation was over. I decided I would try to enjoy the rest of my transformation. I knew that mom and dad, both my human parents and my dragon parents, would be watching over me. Kepping a close eye on me as my transformation neared its conclusion.
Pt.8 is up, y'all.

This might be the saddest(By far the saddest) chapter of this story yet. It explains what's causing Titus to turn into a dragon and who his real parents really are.

Hope you enjoy.
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At only 11 years of age, young Tommy knew he didn't have a lot of time left. Was he dying? No. Well I suppose you can't really say that. HE wasn't dying...but his humanity was.

Tommy's story technically began a month ago. After coming home from school, Tommy's parents noticed something odd about their son: Even though he was sick, it was only his arm that had an off color to it. As days passed, Tommy didn't get any better. In fact, his condition was actually getting worse. His parents took him to his doctor, whom confirmed that he had obtained a disease called "The Dragon Virus".  As a recently discovered disease, the Dragon Virus had no known cure. In fact, Tommy was one of the first people who had accuired the disease. Since there was no cure, Tommy's parents knew it was only a matter of time before the Tommy they knew was gone.

Tommy sat in the lobby at the doctor's office. He scratched at his right hand, which was covered by a glove, as was his left hand. The reason for the gloves was that Tommy's hands had changed due to his disease. His hands were missing both pinkies and both thumbs. The fingers that hadn't dissappeared grew claws. First his nails grew. Then eventually enveloped themselves around the tips of his fingers, moving down his fingers and covering them in his nails. Which eventually hardened into dragon claws. Blue scales also popped up and covered his hands too.

"Tommy, dear, stop scratching at it. You'll just make it worse." His mom said.

"These gloves are making my hands itch though." Tommy whined.

"You can take them off when the doctor calls for us." Tommy's mom said.

Tommy tried to keep himself from scratching his scales. He grabbed his hat and pulled it down. Under his hat, were developing dragon horns. Since he was diagnosed with the Dragon Virus, Tommy had to wear his hat and gloves everytime he went out in public. He hated it but his parents told him it was for the best.

"Mr. and Mrs. Feeble?" The nurse called.

Tommy and his parents got up and headed into the doctor's office. After the nurse took Tommy's temperature and blood pressure, she asked Tommy why he was in today.

Tommy was very nervous about telling her.

"It's okay, Tommy. Go ahead." Tommy's dad said.


"He doesn't want to say." His mom said. She wrapped her arms around her son and hugged him tight.

"I'll tell her. Will that be okay?" She asked Tommy.

Tommy nodded, his eyes focused on the ground. His mom sighed then looked at the nurse.

"It's his Dragon Virus. It's not going away."

"I'm not surprised." The nurse said. "This virus was just discovered. Very few people have the Dragon Virus."

The nurse typed down everything, then headed out.

"The doctor will be with you shortly." She said.

Tommy took off his gloves, his scales now less irritated. He looked at his hands. They were exactly like a dragon's in every way. The look of them, the claws, the scales, Tommy's hands were now no longer his. They were a dragon's.

The door opened and the doctor walked in.

"Back again, huh, Tommy?" The doctor said.

"Hi, Dr. Feirstein." Tommy greeted, in a melancholy voice.

"So what can I do for you today?" He asked, trying to lighten the mood a little.

"It's Tommy's Dragon Virus. It's getting worse." Tommy's dad explained.

The doctor fixed his glasses. "I see..."

"I didn't want to tell either of you during your last visit since I thought we might still be able to prevent this..."

"Yes?" The family asked at the same time.

"But the Dragon Virus so far has no cure for it." The doctor said in a serious tone.

Tommy's parents felt their heart sink. Tommy himself, after hearing this, was on the verge of tears.


"Will have finished changing by the end of the week." The doctor explained.

"What'll happen to me then?" Tommy asked, his voice strained from trying to hold in his tears.

The doctor stood up.

"Can I talk to you two outside?" He asked Tommy's parents.

"Mom? Dad?" Tommy asked.

"We'll be right back, sweety." His mom said.

After they exited the room, Tommy began to feel pain in his ears. He tried to keep himself from screaming from the pain as they grew pointed, eventually turning into fins. Tommy felt his ears, surprised that, just like his hands, his ears now looked more like they belonged on a dragon instead of an eleven year old boy.

Tommy plopped one of his new ears against the door and listened outside. He heard the doctor tell his parents what would happen after his transformation.

"Then..." Tommy's parents said, almost about to cry.

"I'm sorry. When Tommy's transformation is over, he won't remember anything. Not his family, not his friends, not even who he used to be." The doctor explained.

Tommy went back to the chair and sat down. His mom and dad walked over to their son, both teary eyed, and gave him a huge hug. Tommy himself could no longer fight back his tears as he began to sob uncontrolably.

Tommy's parents dried their tears and headed out. Tommy however, couldn't stop crying. It was his fear of losing everything, memories and humanity included, that made him cry like that. He grabbed his hat and pulled it over his ears, his budding horns starting to poke out. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't hide his sadness.

Tommy and his parents made their way home. Tommy got out of the car, his paws still pulling his hat over his ears, which just caused the horns to rip through the hat even more.

As the family made their way into their home, Tommy took his hat off his head and threw it on the ground. He ran into his bedroom and sobbed into his pillow. His parents walked in and sat on his bed.

"Tommy..." They said.

They were at a loss for words. They knew they couldn't tell him it would be alright. They couldn't tell him everything would be better. In fact, it would probably just make Tommy feel worse.

Tommy's dad put his hand on his only son's head and rubbed his head, smiling. It was a compassionate smile, showing his son love and understanding.

"Be strong, champ." His dad said.

His parents left the room to let Tommy be by himself for a while. All through the last few hours of the day, Tommy continued to cry, eventually he cried himself to sleep.

The next day, it was 10:30. Tommy woke up and stretched. He felt something laying against his leg. He turned his head to see what it was. It was a tail! Tommy had sprouted a tail during the night! He grabbed his tail and held onto it. It was a beautiful tail, the top covered in rich blue scales, while red scales made up the lower half. A ridge of spines grew from his tail, starting at the tip of his tail and finishing at where the tail attached to him.

He got up and looked behind himself. He tried to wag his tail. It moved just like he thought of it moving. Tommy had to admit, even though he still hated the fact that he wouldn't be a human much longer, having a tail really intrigued him.

He walked into the kitchen, his parents already up.

"Hi, mom. Hi, Dad." Tommy greeted, but not like he used to greet them."

"Hi, Tommy." They said, smiling. At the time, it may not have seemed like the right thing to do but they didn't want to make Tommy any sadder. They figured he might be happy if they are.

"Hmm?" Tommy's dad walked over to his son, noticing his new tail.

"Is this your tail?" Tommy's dad asked.

Tommy flashed an (obviously) fake smile. "Yep. It's my tail." He said, trying to hide his real feelings.

Neither Tommy nor his parents could hide their real feelings. A feel of sadness loomed over the kitchen.

"Tommy, what d'you say we go do some stuff? As a family?" Tommy's mom asked.

"Like what?" Tommy asked.

"See a movie, go mini golfing, have a picnic, anything." Tommy's dad said.

"Maybe a movie?" Tommy said.

"Okay. Then we'll get going in a few hours. Go get cleaned up, Tommy."

So for the next three days, Tommy and his parents went out and did stuff together, as a family. Tommy knew he would soon be finished transforming, but the time he spent with his family were probably the happiest moments of his life. However, after Tommy's posture was changed to a quadruped stance, the family's happy activities were called to an abrupt end. Up to this point, the family was able to hide most of Tommy's transformation(Tommy himself had to wear an XL winter cap in order to hide his finned ears and horns)

Another three days passed. This time, the scales had completely overtaken Tommy's body. His feet were bigger and looked like his hands. His big toes and little toes retreated into his body, leaving him with only three toes on each foot.

November 23rd, Tommy's final day as a human.

Like the doctor had said. A whole week passed and Tommy's transformation was near its conclusion. All that was left was for his wings and snout to grow.

Tommy lay down, on his bed while his parents sat on the side of his bed. They watched as the final changes began to take place. Tommy's shoulder blades moved and reformed. Two incredibly thin arms grew form his back, becoming leathery wings. His face pushed out, growing longer, becoming a dragon's snout. Tommy felt his eyes begin to ache. He figured it wasn't over yet. He shut his eyes, hoping the final changes wouldn't be so bad.

"Tommy. No matter what you become, we'll always love you." He heard his parents say. Soon after, he passed out from the pain. The last words he heard were, "Please, never forget us."

A short time later, the child dragon woke up. It looked around its room. Or, the room it had in its human life. It got up and walked into the kitchen. It saw two adult humans, sitting at a table, crying.

"Mom, dad, what's wrong?" The dragon asked.

Tommy's parents gasped. The doctor said when Tommy's transformation had ended, he wouldn't remember anything from his past life.

"Tommy? You remember us?" His mom asked.

Why wouldn't I?" He asked.

"Well, Son. You're finished changing. " His dad explained.

Tommy's mom got on her kness and hugged her son. Neither of them knew how Tommy was able to keep his memories intact. Were the symptoms wrong? Was it the love of his parents that saved his memory? Neither of them cared. All that mattered to them was that Tommy was still Tommy, even in the body of a little dragon.

Tommy's mom let her dragon son go. He walked back to his room.

"Good night, mom. Good night, dad." He said.

Tommy got into his bedroom and hopped into bed. He got under the sheets and quickly drifted into sleep. All the while he slept, a warm, draconic smile was apparent on his muzzle. Even if he was a different species now, it didn't matter to him anymore. He was happy to still have his memories.
I decided to try a different approach from my usual style of writing and go for a more dramatic and sad approach.

ANyway, in this story, an eleven year old boy is diagnosed with a disease known as "The Dragon Virus". The next few days, his family tries to enjoy their last few moments with their son until the big day arrives.

Hope you like it.
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                                               It's a Dragon's World

                                               Pt. 9 The Dragon in the Woods

I sat on my nest(which is what I decided on calling my new bed). It was only morning and I wasn't tired. Sarah and Angela went to the store to get some food. I wondered what they were getting? They didn't tell so maybe it would be a surprise.

Pondering about it made me sleepy. I started to doze off. I fell asleep.

By the time I woke up, it was around 5:30. I yawned a little and streched my legs. I hopped out of my nest and walked towards the entrance to my cave. I went out, into the store which was closed. I saw Angela and Sarah putting food away.

"Well. Rise and shine, sleeping dragon." Sarah teased.

"When'd you guys get back?" I asked, rubbing my eyes.

"Four hours ago." Angela said, she was in her human form.

"Hey, Angela. You didn't go out in your dragon form, did you?" I asked.

"Are you crazy, Doulstraz? I don't want to be found out. I went with Sarah in my human form."

"Besides. The grocery store's across the road from here." Sarah said.

"Heh. Oh yeah. So what food did you guys get?" I asked.

"Well we got some meat, which all dragons love. as well as some food for you." Angela said.

"Food for me?" I asked.

"Yep. Here ya go." Sarah said. She sat a bag of DOG FOOD on the floor.

"Are you crazy?!" I shouted. "I still have human tastebuds. I'm not eating dog food!"

"You're a young dragon, Doulstraz. You've got to start with baby steps." Angela said. Her mouth was full from the raw steak.

"Yeah, food? I'm turning into a dragon, not a dog! Why would I eat this stuff?"

"Children dragons' teeth aren't as strong as a grownup dragons'. The least a young dragons' teeth could do is bit through flesh. But raw meat isn't good for a young dragon's teeth like yourself. Besides, your fangs haven't come in yet."

I opened my mouth and looked in the mirror. Angela was right. My human teeth still remained.

"Well can I at least have human food? I'm not gonna eat dog food if that's what you're thinking." I said.

Angela sighed. She got up and headed out the door.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"I'm going to get you something to eat. Something that you CAN eat that isn't raw." Angela said.

Instead of turning into a dragon, Angela walked through the plaza. There must've been a restaurant around here seeing as how she usually flies when she goes to a far off place.

A good ten minutes passed, and Angela was back. She was carrying a bag.

"So what'd you get?" I asked.

She handed the bag to me. It felt warm. I took out what was in the bag.

"You...bought me tacos?" I asked.

"Those are your favorite human food, aren't they?" Angela asked.

I nodded. I sat down and started eating.

"By the way, where'd Sarah go?" Angela asked.

"She went back into my cave. She said she was going to sleep since she was stuffed."

Angela walked into her side of the cave as well. "Don't forget to turn off the lights after you're done eating." Angela said.

As soon as I was done, I was a bit tired too. I got up and put the remaining tacos in the fridge. I yawned and headed for the cave. But not before turning of the lights to the store.

I climbed into my nest and quickly fell asleep, wondering how much longer I'd have to wait until my transformation was complete.

As I slept, I dreamt about my life in the Dragon Realm. I was playing with my mom and dad. I flew around happily. My dad and I pretended to wrestle, and my mom would always help me feel better if I got hurt.

But those happy times didn't last. The cruel humans that my mom and dad mentioned signaled that they were in the Dragon Realm by killing one of the adult dragons. One of the other humans grabbed one of the baby dragons. It tried to fight back but he tazered it, knocking it unconcious.

Mom and dad took me into the mountains. A place they hoped the bad humans would never find me. The portal opened up and Mom nudged me with her snout, into the portal. I didn't understand what was going on. I flew through the portal, my body not having any control over itself as I flew through and eventually, made it to the Human Realm. I remembered a lot of trees as I felll thorugh and was knocked unconcious.

I woke up with a startle. Was that a memory of when I was a baby dragon? I sweat a little.

"Titus...what's wrong?" Sarah asked, drowzily.

"I think I had a repressed memory of when I was a dragon." I tried to explain. "I need you to wake Angela. There's something we need to do."

"What?" Sarah asked.

"I'll let you both know in a little bit."

I headed out into the store as I waited for the others.

"What is it, Doulstraz?" Angela asked.

"I need to talk to Ben." I said.

"Doulstraz, your transformation isn't over. You--"

"I know! But I just had an old memory right now. I rememeber coming into this world. I saw a bunch of trees. And then..."

"And then what?" Angela asked.

"I...lost conciousness."

"I see. It's possible Ben DOES know." Angela said.

"No. It's not possible. He DOES know. He's the one who can help me piece together the last parts of my past." I said.

"Are you really sure you want to do this?" Angela asked.

"Yeah. I won't be happy unless I can learn if this dream was actually a memory or not."

Angela and I headed out of the store. Sarah followed behind.

"Wait! I want to come too!" Sarah exclaimed.

"Yeah. Let's all go together." I said, smiling.

We flew for Ben's house. Sarah rode on Angela's back. I flew by myself. It seemed like my wings had gotten stronger. They didn't feel tired anymore.

We finally made it to Ben's house. Sarah hopped off Angela's back as she turned into her human form.

We stood at the doorway to my brother's house.

"Doulstraz...are you sure you want to do this now? There's still time. Wouldn't you rather wait until your transformation ended?" Angela asked.

To be honest, I was a little scared. I didn't know what Ben would tell me. All I knew was that eventually, I'd have to learn about my past so I figured that it'd be best to get it done now.

I gulped a little. But then I gave my answer.

"Yeah..." I said, somewhat quietly.

I knocked on the door. The door opened. It was my brother. I was more than happy to see him. I wanted to give him as big a hug, but he didn't look too happy.

"Hey! Are you the kid that stole my son's shirt?!" He asked, in an angry tone.

"No, Ben. It's me, Titus!"

"Yeah, right! Titus is 13! You're just an eight year old kid. And I gotta tell you, that dragon costume really looks fake." He said.

"I AM Titus! Something's happening to my body and--"

Ben grabbed my by the shirt and shaked me. He looked like he was getting furious. Just then I saw Lucas and yelled out to him.

"Ben! What're you doing?!" Lucas asked. "That's Titus!"

"What?" Ben asked.

He let me go as I held my throat, trying to get some air to my lungs. He allowed me into his house, despite that I didn't look much like my old self anymore.

Jessie and the kids walked downstairs.

"What's going on?" Jessie asked. "Who's this kid?"

"He says he's Titus." Ben said.

"You mean UNCLE TITUS???" The kids asked at the same time.

Jackie walked up to me. She didn't see that I was in fact who I was claiming to me.She saw me wearing Kyle's eight shirt and grew an angry look on her face.

"That looks an awful lot like my brother's shirt.." Jackie said. "And what's with you? Why are you wearing this ridiculous half-finished dragon costume?" Jackie asked.

"Jackie, it's--"

Jackie picked up my tail and held it in her hands.

"Y'know this tail feels pretty real. Let's see if I'm right!"

Jackie yanked on my tail. I yowled in pain.

"Don't DO That!" I exclaimed.

Jackie had a freaked out look on her face. I noticed my tail was moving around. Everyone else aside from Lucas, Sarah, and Angela looked a bit freaked too.

"'s moving." Ben said, dumbfounded.

"It's...a...real...tail." Jessie said, sounding like she was about to lose her mind.

"Uh...hey kid." Kyle called to me. "Why do you have a tail growing out of your butt?" He asked.

Ben sighed. "I knew this day would come."

"What're you talking about, Ben?" Jessie asked.

"Everyone, sit down. I've got some stuff to explain to Titus." Ben said.

"Titus, you already know what's happening to your body, right?" Ben asked.

I nodded. I didn't want to say anything.

"Thirteen years ago, when I was living in Utah, I was helping dad take some dead branches of a tree over to the woods near our house after a terrible storm. As I tossed the branches into the woods, I saw something. It looked like some kind of lizard. I hid behind a tree so it wouldn't see me. I turned my head to see what it was. I couldn't believe it! It was a living, breathing baby dragon! It didn't move. It just sat there, crying. It looked somewhat injured. I felt bad for it so I walked toward it. It saw me and got frightened so it ran off. I chased after it. I knew it wouldn't be able to survive in these woods. It was just an infant. I eventually found it. The dragon was sitting near a small lake in the woods as it cried some more. It sounded like it lost its mother and father. I tried to approach it again. This time, instead of walking right up to the little dragon, I stuck my hand out. It sniffed my hand. I told it I wouldn't do anything to harm it and it walked up to me, looked at me with its reptilian eyes, and licked my face. Then it yelled in pain. I figured its leg was badly wounded. I decided I'd take him to stay at my house until he got better."

"And that dragon...was me, right?" I asked a little nervous.

Ben said yes then continued the story.

"My mom and dad were furious because they thought I had brought home a lizard that I glued wings and horns onto. I told them to feel its wings and horns. They were amazed that it really was a dragon that I had brought home with me. They said that since the little guy didn't have a home, that he could stay with us. And from that day on, the dragon became a part of our family. Then one day..."

"One day?" Sarah asked.

"One day, as I was bringing the dragon some food, I noticed that the dragon was missing. In its place was a baby. A human baby. I picked the child up and held him in my arms. I wondered how the dragon could've changed without knowing what a human baby really looked like. But I soon figured it out as I saw a pictue my parents had of them, holding me as a baby. I figured that was how the little dragon did it. And from that day on, the dragon, which I had named Titus, was raised as my little brother, instead of my pet."

I looked down. I felt a little sad. Yet I was happy, knowing how this all really happened.

"Titus. Do you know why I bought you Flame on your fourth birthday?" Ben asked.

"Because you wanted to give me a friend?" I asked.

"No. That's only part of it. I bought you Flame because it looked like you when you were a dragon. I figured if I had bought it as a present for you, you might rememeber your true past. However, I was wrong. Instead, you would simply pretend to be a dragon whenever you went to play in the yard. I figured that might be the first step to helping you to uncover your memory." Ben explained.

I smiled. I was glad that I finally knew the truth.

"Thanks, Ben. That's what I need to know."

Just then, I clutched my stomach in pain. I fell on the ground. What was happening to me? I wondered.

My head ached as twin horns pushed their way out. I saw that my hair was falling off my head, leaving me bald.

My face grew out and pushed itself outward, becoming a long snout. The scales were beginning to take over my body. The changes caused me to pass out from the pain.

I woke up a little later. A blanket was placed over me.

"Looks like he's awake." Lucas said.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Well, might want to see for yourself." Sarah said.

Angela brought over a mirror and held it up so I could see myself. I screamed in shock. I was now a young dragon! My transformation was complete.
Part 9 is up.

The rest of Titus' forgotten past is explained. And while his transformation may be over, his story sure isn't.

Hope you enjoy it.
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                                                It's a Dragon's World

                                                Pt. 5 Doulstraz

The woman claiming to be Angela walked back into the shop. I followed behind her.

"Okay so you're Angela Dragonwings. So what's this 'gift' you've been talking about in your letters?" I asked.

"You already got the gift." She responded. "It's your transformation."

"That's what's confusing me. I've got a tail but I shrunk to the size of a little kid. So am I becoming  a crocodile or a little boy? Or am I becoming a little boy with a croc tail?" I asked.

"Not at all. You're not becoming a crocodile. You're becoming a dragon."

"What?? Are you nuts? Dragons don't exist. This probably doesn't exist. Maybe I'm still at home, with my mom and dad, and I'm dreaming all this."

"Well if it's a dream, you won't feel pain. So try giving your tail a little tug." She instructed.

I brought my hands to my tail. As she told me to, I yanked on my tail. It was a bit painful. She was right. This IS'NT a dream.

"Okay. So it's not a dream. But how am I supposed to believe that dragons exist? Do you have proof?"

"As a matter of fact, I do. Follow me."

I followed her into the stock room. As I entered, I noticed something different about it. This wasn't a stockroom at all. It was a cave! What was a CAVE doing in a store?

Angela walked into the darkness. She told me to stay where I was. A moment later, I saw something move. It was a DRAGON!

"See, Titus? I'm the proof."

"Y-You're really a dragon..."

"Yes. I come from a realm where dragons live peacefully. A realm of only dragons."

"So, uh, Miss Dragon..." I started to say.

"You can still call me Angela. But that's not my real name."

"Okay, Angela. Are there any other humans who know about this realm?" I asked.

"There IS one. He was turned into a dragon, much like you are now. By a female dragon who was only known as Dragoness. No one knew her real name. Or what happened to the hatchling she brought back with her. They both dissapeared." She explained.

I wondered what could've happened to this other guy. And a dragoness whose real name was never known. Seemed kind of hard to believe.

I tried forgetting about that and focused on my own transformation.

"Alright. Now here's my question." I said.

"Go on.." Alngela said.

"Why have I shrunk? You never answered that part." I asked.

"I already told you. It's because you're becoming a dragon."

"But what does me shrinking have to do with turning me into a dragon?!" I was starting to get furious.

Angela sighed. "I guess I'm not being too direct huh?"

I thought to myself "Yeah. You sure aren't."

"You shrunk because you're gonna be a child dragon." Angela explained.

"But dragons are huge and are twice the size of a house."

"Yes. Those are the adult dragons. As children, dragons are about the size of a fullgrown dog. When your transformation is complete, you'll be the size of a dog. So to say." Angela tried to explain.

"But won't I be able to walk like a human?" I asked.

"Now don't you think it would look weird for a dragon to walk like a human? No. When you become a fully organic dragon, you won't be able to walk like a human. You'll walk quadruped."

I sighed to myself. This all seemed hard to belive. I thought of how hard it would be walking like that.

"But don't worry about it right now. You're a growing dragon. You'll learn over time."  Angela smiled at me.

"That...sounds kinda cool. But how will I be able to see my family and Lucas? I can't approach them as an eight year old with a tail!" I exclaimed.

"When the time comes, you'll be able to see them again. In the mean time, It'd be best if you stayed with me. They won't be able to accept you for the dragon you are. Not just yet at least."

"Well can you at least send them a message for me?" I asked.

"Sure. What should I write?" Angela asked.

"Tell them that I'm staying with a friend of my parents and that I don't want them to worry about me."

"Okay. I'll have this sent soon."

"Thanks, Angela." I said.

"Now, there IS one more part to your transformation."

"Which is?" I asked.

"You need a new name."

"WHY?! I like my name! Why would it need to be changed??" I asked in a panic.

"Your name is a human's name. It would sound weird for a dragon to have a human's name."

"Yeah. But I'm not a dragon yet." I tried to tell her.

"We don't know how long the transformation will take either. You could become a young dragon the very next day. It's best we give you a new name now."

I sighed again. "Fine. So what will my dragon name be?" I asked.

"I think you deserve to have a name that represents power, that shows wisdom. I know. Your dragon name shall be... Doulstraz."
Part 5 is up. Part 6 just might be on the way today.

I've got a game for you guys. I've left a bit of an easter egg in this story. The first person to find out what it is will get a personal fave from me, as well as a comment on whichever of their works I like best. Happy hunting.

I hope you enjoy this.
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