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Hola, hola, everyone. Today is a special day, i guess, well because i just got done with a Rainmeter skin pack.
Its a transparent skin with fully working aero blur. Works 100% tested by me! :wormnomnom:

You better like it! :stinkeye:

Inspiration from here

plz change this locations in the Libraries.ini to yours, in order to work! :sherlock:


and in Preview.ini to.

Also in Weather.ini Change this:

CityName= Hamilton

If there is any bugs plz report it to me! :worker:

Please comment and :+fav:

I appreciate the :+fav: even if i may not say "Thank You"

Questions? Comments? Feel free ;)

Enjoy it!

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Here is another RM skin. This time i't looks Minimal, Thanks to ~federico96 for the Idea. ;p

You better like it! :stinkeye:

Note: Don't forget to have the latest version of Rainmeter. :wizardhat:
And to change the name of the city just open the .ini file and look for CityName= Hamilton and just change it to yours.

UPDATE #1 [08/14/12]:

Made the clock for 12 hrs & 24 hrs.
Made the weather for Fahrenheit & Celsius.

If there is any bugs plz report it to me only me! :worker:

Please comment and :+fav:

I appreciate the :+fav: even if i may not say "Thank You"

Questions? Comments? Feel free ;)

Enjoy it!

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Minimal Typography

v1.0.7 (15 March 2014)

How to install
Extract content of zip file and open rmskin or Download rmskin directly
I wanted to upload updated version as .rmskin butunfortunetly DA doesn't allow me upload different from original upload extension

• Easy customizable, all settings of fonts and colors could be changed in VAR.txt file
• Fonts (Open Sans) Included
• Low usage of Your computer resources by Rainmeter with these skins - It's just a text

Includes: 9 skins (some with multiple variations)
1. Clock - Right aligned 12h and 24h
2. CPU meter - Shows average processor usage in %
3. Mail notifier - works only with Gmail, set username and password in VAR.txt
4. Internet speed meter - Shows speed IN / OUT in kb/s and total downloaded data in gb on hover • Separate UP /DL skins avaliable
5. Player - Now playing song name in order Artist - Title, specify name of player in VAR.txt - list of supported players:…
6. RAM usage shown in % and MB on hover
7. SWAP usage shown in % and MB on hover
8. User - User name and uptime
9. HDD - Free disk space in % and GB on hover • up to 9

Updates and changes:
Some improvements using newer features of Rainmeter (3.0+)
Added default layout
Added HDD skins (Up to 9). Shows free space in percents (and in GB on hover)
RAM and SWAP will now show percentual value (and in MB on hover)
Added separate Internet download and upload skins
Added right aligned player skin
Added 2 line player skins with left, center and right aligment
Weather will now update every 5 minutes (was every one minute)
Changed default font to Open Sans
GMail skin now shows count of new messages
Clock will now toggle between 12/24h on mouse click
Disabled Separators (easy to enable back), added separate skins with them
Deleted text time since it didn't really function so well
26.01.2013 | Included text time, thanks to jsmorley. Added 24h time skin. Fonts do not require installation anymore.
06.04.2012 | Improvement - added Weather skin, thanks to John-Boyer
20.01.2012 | Critical - fixed path to variables file
21.01.2012 | Critical - some people have problems with fonts so now these are provided separaterly to manual install, skin "user" fixed

Comments and :+fav:'s always welcome and appreciated
Help me, please donate some :points:

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This is a mod of my omnibar; the features are almost the same, so system info, player control, network display and application, site, folder launcher.
in the next update a speedfan module is coming, but if you have any particular module you want, tel me in the comments!
if you like my works, please fav it and comment, your feedback is what will make my next works better!


modified the net skin as requested, other small fixes!
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Mikaellasuite rainmeter | 2012

Mikaella CAD by ~fe9i

I use sanscons icons.

Wallpaper on preview : Flickr by :Esben Bug Jensen

Screenshot in action : Mikaella. Euphoria

Credits, Inspiration
:iconcountryvibe: :iconneiio:
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Simple Dark ( White Version )
Dark version
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Welcome to my first Rainmeter Suite! "Edge" is a powerful Rainmeter Suite that focuses on providing multiple User support for your different needs based on location, situation, or Windows machine, while delivering the latest Rainmeter features through a wide variety of skins. Furthermore, "Edge" is designed to provide a very easy environment for theming, making it the only suite that will be able to transform to match *any* Windows Visual Style (more about "Themes" in the future).

Skins included:

  • Actions
  • Chat
  • Clock (Digital/Analog)
  • ColorPicker
  • Date
  • Gmail
  • Google Reader
  • Launcher
  • Music Player
  • Notes
  • Quotes
  • Google Search
  • System
  • Wallpaper
  • Weather
  • Youtube

Rainmeter 2.4 beta r1598 is required. Get it from here.

General Guide

When you install "Edge", the Start skin will be loaded automatically. It is a wizard skin, which will guide you through the necessary steps to use the suite. Creating a User is mandatory. Even if you just want to use "Edge" without all the extra User features, you must create a new User.
Lastly, the wizard prompts you to enter some more variables, and explain how skins work. It will be expanded in the future.

Skin abilities

Most of the skins come with some shared abilities, to create a consistent suite experience. Some of them include:
  • The Edit button: This button launches a GUI which let you easily change User variables. RIGHT click opens the variables file in your default config editor.
  • MIDDLE click: Middle clicking on ANY skin background will close the skin. Personal Preference, so I would like your opinion about that.
  • Hover: Hovering many skins enables some buttons and options that weren't visible before.
  • Scroll wheel: Many skins support scrolling for changing pages and items. Make sure to check that out.

PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE visit the the forum thread, where a FAQ, detailed Instructions and help are waiting for you. Also, consider that this is a stable, but beta release, so there may be problems. Please try to contact me, to get them solved.


There are so many people to thank. I will very soon provide specific links for anything that I've used from the guys below. Please forgive me if I let someone out now, I will add you as soon as I remember you. To the ones I can currently remember :
JSMorley, Kaelri, smurfier, RedK, Pho3niX, Mordasius, Poiru, JoBu, fediafedia, and depicus.
neiio, Gaia '10 team, cooliographistyle, lysy1993lbn, DijaySazon, kiko11, zainadeel, kAtz93 and SolMiler.
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UPDATE v1.2.3 (031912)
* Minor fix: The 'M' in March and May are now fully visible, no longer getting cut off.
UPDATE v1.2.2 (071211)
* Hard drive meters added
* More backgrounds - Windows 7 Aero Blur
UPDATE v1.2 (070611)
* NowPlaying music player added. Use Winamp, Foobar, WMP... whatever you want. Yay! :D
* RAM meter now includes mouse-over function listing used, free, and total RAM usage.
* Fixed Weather description getting cut off on mouse-over.
UPDATE v1.1.5 (070511)
* Network meter now includes mouse-over function listing total network usage
* Trash bin & meters now includes mouse-over function listing total disk space usage
* An alternate Trash Bin icon (box) was added
* Date now has a Left-Justified option
* The iTunes player (with Hide options) has an alternate cover art background... if it's well received (or not) will determine the remaining player backgrounds.
UPDATE v1.1 (070211)
* GMail support
* Added bigger bolder clock
* More Weather options
* Mouse-over effects added to certain meters (will expand upon this in the future)
* iTunes player now has a 'Hide' option making it more compact but fully functional
* New categories & sub-categories for better organization
* Backgrounds & Dividers for extra customization

Encoded... Simplicity, elegance & variety.


~ 4 Colors (Black/White/Grey/Red)
~ Mouse Actions: Middle-click to switch between colors

- Time
- Date
- Hard Drive
- Network/Bandwidth
- Weather
- Gmail
- NowPlaying player
- iTunes player
- Uptime
- Power
- Recycle bin + meter

See this skin in use... [link] [link] [link]

Please enjoy. :wave:

Wallpapers used in preview...
1: [link]
2: [link] (original)
3: [link]
4: [link]

Check out my other Rainmeter skins...

Elegance 2: [link]
Elegance 1.0: [link]
Ribbits: [link]
Simple Media: [link]
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Hello mates, this is another skin for Rainmeter

Hope u like it and :love: it

Rainmeter Includes: Drives, Dock, Volume, & Network

Fonts are included. If there is any bugs plz report it to me

:new: Now Suave for CDA here [link]

First Suave

Rainmeter In Action

UPDATE #1 [12/31/11]:

Add blur to all skins
Fixed some text shadows
Change Preview
If there is any bugs plz report it to me!

Please comment and :+fav:

I apreciate the :+fav: even if i may not say "Thank You"

Questions? Comments? Feel free ;)


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Awesome skin ^_^

:bulletgreen: let's get to business shall we

in order to change the skin color all you have to do is click the Middle mouse button once and it will invert the color
in our case it's black, and to reset the color back double click the middle mouse button on the black area of the skin OK ^_^

this option will not work on the Music player and the HDD launcher.

:bulletblue: see this skin in action
desktop shots from the preview image



thanks to :iconarkangl300: and :iconcodenameplayer: for their icons


I want to tell you something people my friend told me that i should make a skin every month

and i said that's crazy i don't have the time or the energy to do that

anyway the conversation escalated from one thing to another and we end up on a bet

so from now on i will try my best to make a skin every moth which brings me to my point

I need your help and support to encourage me .


:bulletpink: I hope you Enjoy it as much as i enjoyed making it .

:bulletred: Don't forget to comment and :+fav:

:bulletyellow: Please consider donating some :points: so i can keep making more awesome skin
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