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.:Sing Me to Sleep:.

~Naga!England x Reader~

One Shot?

"Swayed by the wind, oh gently scatter now,
and dye this dark night in your crimson colour.
I merely want to cuddle up to you and remain embraced by you,
until my sorrows vanish into the sky."

The gentle sound of bells cease their ringing on my ankles and wrists as I stop my ceremonial dance, my (h/l) (h/c) colour hair fans around my face to frame it and my large (e/c) eyes slowly open. All the village people look to me; some smiling brightly and others looking around worriedly into the dark forest surrounding us. I bow my head and bring my traditional (fav colour) and (second fav colour) lapped kimono style dress up into a curtsy.
My mother Amelia smiles brightly and begins her energetic clapping followed by my father Kiku smiling proudly to me clapping more calmly than my mother. A small gentle smile graced my face illuminated by the lit torches surrounding the stage on which I stood, flower petals decorating the wood and falling from the nearby trees.

The village people began clapping and cheering at my performance; for I am the one chosen to protect the village from the monster that inhabits the forest. Many years ago; our ancestors encountered a fearsome monster, a snake like creature of the forest, that stole farm stock and killed villagers. In order to protect the village and its people; the ancestors made a deal with the beast, a deal where once every month the chosen girl would perform a traditional song and dance to please the monster, thus he would leave the village untouched.
And I; (f/n) (l/n), daughter of Amelia and Kiku (l/n), was the one chosen. The story says that the child born with a flower mark on their hand would be the one to tame the monster, the family of that girl would be treasured and all needs of the chosen girl would be met.

I knew for a fact that no one in the village apart from my parents truly loved me, sure they admired my beauty and many would swoon over my looks but in fact they only treasured me because I am the one between them living normally and being eaten. But I don't mind; as long as my beloved parents are cared for, my permanently injured fathers' needs are met and our village is safe, I will do all in my power to protect them.

The villagers continued cheering for me and throwing flowers to land at my feet, but a sudden bouquet of beautiful wild flowers I hadn't yet seen before, flew towards me. Stunned by the beauty of the flowers; I desperately threw my hands out to catch them.
They successfully landed in my palms making a flattered smile grace my cherry pink lips, lifting my head; I looked anxiously around the crowd to find the person who had given me the gorgeous present so I could thank them. But seeing no one stand out or take notice of the flowers; I looked down slightly disappointed but grateful none the less and walked off of the stage.

My mother literally leapt from her special seat next to my father and ran over to me in her beautiful red dress to wrap her arms around me and pull me into a loving hug.
"Awwww~! My baby I'm so proud of you!" She squealed swaying me from side to side in her hug.
"Haha, thanks mother" I smile returning the hug. Behind mother; my father slowly stood from his seat and walked over to me, he limped slightly due to one of his legs being injured but none the less he came up to me and patted my head seeing how my hug was occupied by mother.
"You did wonderful sweetheart" he kindly smiled, for someone of his stature his voice was very deep and manly. His voice was the only one that could ever make my overly affectionate, energetic, outgoing mother blush.
"Thank you father" I smile back, he takes notice of the flowers in my hand protected by mothers hug.
"What beautiful flowers, who gave you those?" He asks as mother releases me but keeps her arms resting on my neck.
"I don't know father, I didn't see" I smile looking to the flowers.
"Ooo~ a secret admirer~?" Mother sings causing me to blush. The village people now were leaving the ceremony grounds to tuck their children in for the night.
"I-I wouldn't think so" I blush bringing the flowers to my chest.
"Well you should be thinking about it! Your (age) now (f/n) so it's only natural to begin hunting for a partner~"mother smiles making me blush more.
"After all~ I was exactly your age when I met your father!" She smiles.
"Would you like to know how we met~?" Her smile brightens but fathers cheeks dust pink and he coughs into a hand to get her attention.
"Ahem, she doesn't need to know that" he blushes making mother pout.
"Oh well another time now–Oh my! Look at the time! The stars are nearly entirely visible! That's way passed your bed time missy~!" Mother says wagging a finger at my face.
"All right then, lets go home" I say walking between mother and father to our home. I talk a quick glance over my shoulder; still curious about who threw the flowers, my (e/c) eyes suddenly meet emerald and slightly yellow slitted ones in the top of a far off tree. Nearly tripping; I tear my eyes away for a second and when I look back the mesmerising eyes are gone, I turn my slightly startled eyes back to the path to home. Bushing the eyes over my shoulder 'Maybe it was simply an animals eyes...?'

[Arthur's P.O.V:]
"Aah~ She'sss ssso beautiful" I softly whisper placing my head in the palm of my hand, my dreamy eyes watch my beloved (f/n) dance gracefully on the stage and sing to the music played. My long green tail grips the bouquet of wild flower I had spend the day collecting.
(F/n) finishes her performance with a curtsy and the crowd begins cheering, I blush bringing the flowers up to my face.
'M-maybe I shouldn't... I-I mean there are many other flowers she's got... A-and I'm not rally worthy of her... –Oh bloody hell!'
I swing my tail and toss the bouquet aiming for my beloved, I hold my breath and nervously watch as the flowers fly and my hands shake seeing (f/n) throw her hands in the air and catch them. At that moment; my tail loosened on the tree branch and I melted in happiness with a blissful smile on my face. (F/n) then smiles to the flowers making my happy blush redden and she looks around, I nervously bring a tree branch over my form to hide, surely if she saw it was from a monster then she'd throw them away and spit on me.

I let out a sad sigh and looked back to (f/n) walking off the stage flowers in hand, I gave a hopeful smile happy that she kept them. I watched her interact with her parents before walking home with them, I unconsciously outstretched a hand to stop her from heaving but I withdrew it knowing I couldn't talk to her. Suddenly my eyes widened as she turned around and our eyes met, I was mesmerised by her shining (e/c) eyes and found it impossible to look away. But seeing her turn away to regain he balance from tripping; I quickly slipped down the tree trunk to hide behind a bush, she looked back to find me but turned back on her way.
I let out a sigh and slid my bare back against the hard tree, wrapping my tail around my bare form, I hung my shaggy blonde head down.

I hated how the ancestors corrupted to true story of what happened all those years ago to make them seem like the victim. I brought my hand up to my face to hide my pained expression.
The truth was that I was born like this; it is unknown how my human mother conceived or gave birth to me being an unmarried virgin, but despite my snake form she still loved and cared for me. However... She and I were bastardised in the village and I was blamed for all the troubles that occurred wether it be a fire, a storm, a drought... I was blamed for it all. But one day my mother went to sleep and didn't wake up, I was so young and desperate that I screamed to the outside "Help! Please Help Us!" But being the monster I am... That kept walking, ignoring me.
The priests of the village didn't help either, but looked down in me with those eyes that said "you aren't and never will be needed".
One day a month after my mothers death I snapped, I went on a furious rampage killing and hurting all in my way; the priests then stabbed my hand leaving a flower looking mark that burned. I collapsed to the ground screaming in pain clutching my hand, the priests then set up a spell like barrier around the village; separating it from the forest. One priest stabbed their own hand making an identical mark and whenever they sang that sacred song; the barrier would strengthen and I would be in immense pain.

So I was banished from the village never to return and to prevent my coming back one chosen person would perform the song to constantly keep the barrier up. I hated them. All the chosen people in the past were selfish and flaunted my weakness for their own sake. They were the sum of everything I loath.

But then there was (f/n)...

She is unlike all those other chosen performers. She has gentle compassion for everything, she only performs for the sake of her parents, she refuses anything donates to her that could be given to someone in need and she is simply... A Beautiful Woman.

A blush burns at my cheeks as I think about her, I shake my head to expel the longing thought of her. Raising my hand scarred with a flower, lifting it to my lips; I plant a gentle kiss on it thinking of (f/n).

~Really Small Time Skip~

I stealthily slither behind a rather large tree, opposite the tree sat (f/n) perched dangling her slim legs off the backyard deck porch, taking a peek; I see her smiling content lay with her eyes closed. She wore a (fav colour) robe decorated with silver lining that ended half way down her thighs, her hair was brushed down in a beautiful (h/s) way that shaped her perfectly, she lent on a door to her side content lay letting the stars illuminate her beauty.
I bit my bottom lip with a fang to stop from sighing at her napping form, then I feel something slither up the tree and onto my arm, I look to see one of my few friends 'Alfred' the very young and very small king-snake.

He looks at (f/n) then back to me hissing "Go on! Go up and talk to her!", I blush and shake my head whispering back "I can't you moron! Did you forget I'm the monssster ssshe ssssings to keep out! Plusss I can't get any clossser without being burned by the barrier".
"Well then sssay sssomething!" Alfred hisses, I look down sadly "I can't... She'll be terrified when she sssees what I am..." I reply sadly but Alfred remains persistent.
"Fine then! If you won't do anything, I will!" He hisses slithering down my arm, onto the grassy floor and over to (f/n). My eyes widen in fear and hiss at him to get back but he ignores me and slithers up to (f/n)s hand and begins nudging it, I dig my nails into the tree terrified.

(F/n)s (e/c) orbs gently flutter open upon Alfred nuzzling her, she turns her head to the is to see Alfred happily slip his tongue out playfully at her hand, now many other girls in the village, in fact all of them would scream at this... Not (f/n).
She smiles gracefully cupping her hands underneath Alfred and slowly, as if not to startle him, she held him in front of her chest smiling down to him.
"Where did you come from little guy?" She questions watching Alfred slither around her slim fingers.
"Did you just want a cuddle?" She giggles watching him hug her thumb, Alfred smiles in my direction and motions with his tail for me to show myself. (F/n) notices the gesture and curiously looks in my direction making me nervously duck behind a tree.
"Did you bring a friend little one?" She says. My breath hitches when I hear her stand and hop down from the deck onto the grassy ground and slowly step towards the tree I hid behind.

"Hellooo~ I have your friend here~" she sings stepping closer to the barrier.
'If she steps outside the border then she has all the reason to be scared of me! I can't let her cross it!' I think. Gulping my worries; I put a hand on the side of the tree, (f/n) must have seen it because she stopped walking.
"U-u-umm... U-uh I-I-I..." I mentally slap myself at the huge stutter.
"Oh hello!" I peek my head out a little to see her smiling brightly at me just behind the barrier.
"Is this little guy yours?" She lifts Alfred cuddling her fingers... 'I'll hit him when we get home.'
"U-uh y-esss" I jump forgetting about my snake way of pronouncing s's.
"Alright then~ Here you go!" She smiles extending her hands dangerously close to the barrier.
"Don't Come Any Closer!" I yell making (f/n) slowly retract her hands.
"Is something wrong?" She asks concerned.
"I-it'sss jussst if you ssstep out of the b-barrier, t-then I could be able to touch you a-and you'd be ssscared of me" I say hanging my head down, (f/n) tilts her head to the side and carefully studies the ground; looking from right to left, she finally sees the clumps of mystic flowers arranged around the village.
"But you seem too kind to do anything to me" she smiles making me blush a deep red.
"May I ask, why can't you come inside the barrier...? And what is the barrier meant to keep out?" She questions and I gulp in response.
"Me, t-the barrier wasss made to keep me out..." I say sadly.
"C-could it be your..." (F/n) begins piecing things together and I slither out from the tree to look at her surprised face.

"Yesss, I'm the naga that inhabits the forest. The one you sing to keep out..." I look to the floor covering my green eyes with my blonde bangs, I hear (f/n) let out a small gasp an I clutch my fists waiting for her to run in fear.
But I hear no movement; opening my eyes in shock, I slowly lift my head to see (f/n) still standing there giving me a smile.
"W-why are you ssstill here...? Don't I frighten you...?" I ask with desperation painting my face.
"I won't lie and say I wasn't shocked or frightened at first, but you said yourself that as long as I'm behind this strange barrier; then I need not be afraid!" She smiles to me causing my cheeks to tint pink.
"What's your name?" She asks.
"A-Arthur... Arthur Kirkland" I nervously reply, never had I thought she'd be comfortable enough with me to asks for my name that I almost forgot over the years.
"That's a handsome name~, my name is (f/n) (l/n). It's nice to meet you Mr Kirkland" she says making my cheeks puff steam.
"I-it's niccce to finally talk to you–And pleassse call me Arthur" I reply making her giggle.
"Alright~ then call me (f/n)" she sings. Alfred suddenly lets out a loud hiss "Come one Romeo! Make a move!" I blush and (f/n) looks down to him confused, she then places him on the ground so he can slither over to the tree and smacking my hand off the tree before disappearing earning a giggle from (f/n).

"Y-you ssseem ssstrangely comfortable with talking to me (f/n)" I confess. (F/n) smiles in response and brings herself right in front of the barrier, my breath hitches.
"Because... Look..." She raises her hands out of the barrier and takes mine, my breath stops in my throat as she brings my hands and hers together stretching out our fingers between up.
"Look at our hands, they're the same... My hands wouldn't hurt any innocent person... And I believe yours wouldn't either" she smiles.
I stare at our hands, I feel a stinging in my eyes like tears threatening to spill as (f/n) smiles
"When was the last time someone held your hand?" She asks; I shake my head slowly.
"I-I can't remember..." (F/n) shows a sympathetic expression and links her fingers with my own, I slowly and hesitantly do the same.
'These hands that couldn't help anyone... Are being touched by you...' Long ago I tried disconnecting these burning tear ducts... But the fluid running down my checks mean they've started working again. I bit my quivering lip as the fresh tears flow down my cheeks, suddenly I grip (f/n)s hands and pull her out of the barrier to land onto my chest.
"A-ah are you alright?–"
"–Pleassse... Pleassse hold me tight... And don't let me go..." I stutter from shaking lips as the salty tears continue to spill onto the shoulder that held my head. (F/n) then raised her hands; one pressed itself agains my back and the other one running her delicate fingers soothingly in my hair. This made me fully break down in tears, that someone in the world actually cares for me, isn't scared of me, is willing to hold me and whisper that everything will be alright... That someone is willing to love such a monster.

(F/n) shushes me while slowly lowering herself on her knees, I follow her with my arms firmly around her waist and head weeping on her shoulder, she wrests her back on the tree behind up and my head falls into her lap where she continues comforting me.
"Ssshhh... It's alright Arthur... Let it out" she soothes.

"Sleeping soundly, I have a dream
Of your profile
Without noticing the overflowing tears
That are running down my cheeks"

My tears slow down as I listen to (f/n) singing for me, my glossy emerald orbs slowly close to the beautiful melody.

"I've hidden the heartrending
Throbs that are in this chest..."

"Last night, Good night
Last night, Good night
This night, I'll hold your
Hand tight and go to sleep
Good night~"

My eyes close and my hand slowly slides up to meet (f/n)s, she happily takes my hand in her own and I grip it like it would leave me at any second.

"It'd be wonderful if I could
Spend morning with you once more
I just wish even such a small
Hope can be made a miracle..."

My tears stop falling and (f/n) gently wipe them away from my cheeks then returns to run her fingers lovingly through my golden locks. My breath slows down into barely audible breaths as (f/n)s breathtaking voice plays through my ears like a symphony.

"As it is, I can't convey anything
So I can't say goodbye~"

"Last night, Good night
Last night, Good night
Even if this voice dies
The melody won't fade"

By now my mind was in such a relaxed state as (f/n) sang me to sleep. A sudden gentle wind brushed over us making various green and (fav colour) flowers shower over us and fall onto that grassy ground beneath us.

"Last night, Good night
Last night, Good night
When I think that the end
Will arrive someday
That's when I hope that the
Night sky will keep your smile~"

I laid on the bridge from conciseness to my dreams as (f/n) brushed fallen wild flowers out of my hair, gently smiling onto me with such kindness and love that her gaze alone melted me into a blissful slumber.

"Good night~"

That was the last thing I heard before drifting into a welcoming slumber...

~Time Skip~

The sun warmed my face, telling me it was time to rise, I was reluctant at first but slowly hoisted myself on my elbows and sit in a kneeling position on my tail. Letting out a long yawn and stretching my arms behind my head to wake myself up, I opened my eyes immediately noticing (f/n)s absence. My face fell at the blank spit of grass beneath me where (f/n) once sat, looking to the side; I saw I was hidden behind a bush out of sight from the village homes.
'Did (f/n) hide me to protect me?' I blush and shake my head.
'No no! That was all out of pity! ...if she really cared for me she would have left something to tell me so...' I look down at my lap sadly. But I suddenly felt something slip on my head, widening my eyes; I raised a hand to pat my head, I felt something.

Griping my hand and taking it off, I blushed seeing a flower crown made of the wild green and (fav colour) flowers that fell last night, I blushed at the memory and traced the gift with my fingers.
I suddenly hear a noise coming from a home causing me to duck behind the tree...
"(F/n)! Are you awake honey?! I've got Breakfast!" A woman's voice yells from the home, my ears perk at the mention of her name and I peek out from behind the tree. I see (f/n)s home and her in the large open doorway where she napped last night, her back facing me as she spoke.
"Yes Mother! I coming!" She calls, I gasp when she turns around. She held in her hands an identical flower crown, I blush pink as she raises it to her lips and plants a delicate kiss a green flower and watch as she places it down on a table. She hooks the crown over a vase holding the bouquet of wild flowers I had given her before hastily walking out of the room.

I slide back down the back of the tree and bring the hand made flower crown to my face, I close my eyes and plant a longing and lasting kiss on a large (fav colour) flower. My sparkling green orbs drawn the the gift I held and I held it up to my bare chest.
"Thank you my dear... Thank you for being willing to love sssuch a monssster... To love me..."
This is what happens when I get no sleep at night and read a lot of Naga!Hetalia x Reader!
I Really need some sleep... :iconsleepyuiplz:

So I planned to make this a One Shot and don't think I'll be making anymore to this story because I feel it's fine the way I've left it. But if I get enough encouragement then I might make a sequel to this, We'll See!

So if you'd liked this and maybe wanted more then Please Comment So! :iconokie3plz:
:bulletpurple:I do own the story.
:bulletyellow:I do not own you.
:bulletblue:I do not own Hetalia (That belongs to Papa!:iconhimaruyaplz:).
:bulletgreen:I do not own the picture (If it is yours then please leave a comment and I'll credit you).

Thank you for Reading~!:iconlucywaveplz:
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Naga England X Reader Chapter Three

   "Hi, _______!" greets Felicino as you walk up to him. "Hey, Felicino, I got here as fast as I could." you reply. "Are you ready..?" asks Felicino nervously. "Yes.." you say. You lied, you did NOT want to go back in there. Especially after that dream you had last night.
   As you two went in, you both purposely distracted your selves with the other snakes. When you and Felicino were standing at the curtain, you both stood there for a moment. "W-we can do this." you say, grabbing Felicino's hand. "Si.." replies Felicino as he squeezes your hand.
   You two went through the curtain, and through the small hall way. As you two entered the room, you saw that the snake-man-thing-whatever was staring at them, like it was waiting for them. It smirked at your presence, and it sent chills down your spine. It's green eyes seemed to pierce into your soul. "I-I'll go first." said Felicino, trembling.
   He walked several steps, slowly and cautiously, towards the tank. Then, he walk right up to the tank and stared straight in the eye with the snake-man. "It's not that scary, now I can laugh about how ridiculous its eyebrows look!" said Felicino, laughing after he said that. The snake man hissed loudly and Felicino let out a yelp of fear and ran out of the room saying "See ya at the parking lot!"
   You look back at him where he ran off and sighed. "Oh Feli..." you murmur to your self. "You forgot something, dear?" asked a familiar British accent. 'The one from last night!' you thought. You turned around to see the snake man leaning on the glass. "You seem shocked, didn't I say we would see each other again, didn't I?" he said.
   "I...." you couldn't find anything to say, it seemed as if you forgot every word you knew. "Don't be afraid, love. I won't scare you again like last time." he said, actually smiling genuinely. You nervously walked closer to him, remembering a lesson a character learned in a book you read: Don't trust snakes, they all ways get the best of you. But, he was half man so, why not?
    You walked slowly towards the glass tank, a still a little nervous. "You-.... wha...." "Don't be afraid to ask me anything, dear. It's not like I would want to hurt you." he said. "Y-you mean you CAN hurt me...?" you ask through the glass. "Yes, I can always break the glass and escape, but, I don't want to and I have no intention of harming you at the moment. So, my name's Arthur. Yours?" he answers.
    "_-_______." you reply. "I thought the zoo keepers would name you some thing like, Snake-man, or something like that. I think Arthur's the best actually real name they've named something in years..." "The humans didn't name me. My mother gave me that name." said Arthur. "Oh, well there goes my faith in them..." "Where on Earth would you ever get such a ridiculous idea that they named me?" asked Arthur.
   "Well, they name the other animals here." you answer. "...Why would they do that..?" asks Arthur. "They kind of see them as pets or part of the family, so yeah.." you answer. "They don't seem to see me as a part of it..." "That's not true, if they didn't, they would've given you a tiny cage to live in! Instead they gave you freaking huge tank!" you exclaim.
   "Anyways, why do they keep me here? Is this place some live prey storage, or something? I thought nagas ate humans, NOT the other way around!" asked Arthur. "We don't, whatever a naga is, we don't eat the animals in this place. We take them so people like me can see them and not get mauled or something like that." you answer.
   "Why...?" "Because, some of them you'll never see in your life even if you go to where they came from. Like a snow leopard." you explain. "And others will die if they get sent to the wild." "What's a snow le-" "It's like a leopard, except cuter and fluffier with green or blue eyes and gray fur. In other words: a gray fluffy leopard."
   "Oh, okay, I get it now." said Arthur. "So, I have a question, what's a naga?" "What I am." answers Arthur. "Okay, how'd you get that scar on your neck?" you ask, remembering the scar. "Humans. I was scavenging around for food in some human area, and I went into some human den. Now, I was very young when this happened. So I was stupid enough to go into a human den, but when I went in, I found several bird like things, they looked very weird.
   "I didn't want to eat them but I was desperate, so I ate a couple of them. And if you think I killed it first, I didn't. I eat my prey whole and alive. But as I was eating a few, I didn't notice a young human, looked about your age, was watching me. I was about to eat another one and it was making so much noises that I didn't hear the human sneak up behind me.
   "I felt a sharp pain go through my neck and I turned around to see the human that was watching me, with this thing in his hand that looked like a huge tooth. It lunged at me again but I ducked and got out of the den as fast as I could." said Arthur, finishing his story. "What happened after that?" you ask, forgetting that Felicino was supposed to be waiting in the parking lot.
   "Three years later, I went back, I found him alone at night in a field of his. I attacked him, and ate him." "Um.... Interesting story..." you say. "You're scared of me now, aren't you?" asked Arthur. "Slightly..." you answer. "Isn't there someone waiting for you?" asked Arthur.
   "No, why- Oh crap! I forgot Felicino!" you turn to run out of the building but then you turned back around and said, "I'll be back tomorrow, I promise!" "We'll see about that." said Arthur as you left.

  When you were looking around for Felicino's car, you got a text from Feli that said 'I'm sorry I didn't wait for you. Lovino got hit by another car again and it's worse than the 2nd time!' You were shocked.
  Lovino got hit by a car three times: one in first grade,(he refused to listen to Antonio when he said stay out of the road) another time in fifth grade,(he said he would prove it to Feli that he wouldn't get hit a second time, and it almost nearly killed him) and another time six months ago,(he was riding his bicycle and wouldn't listen to Antonio when he was yelling at him to get out of the road.)and got hit by bicycles several times in between.
  'Oh my gosh, how bad is it?' you text to Felicino. 'He got ran over.' he replies. 'Is he gonna be OK?' you ask, getting worried. You and Lovino were secretly dating, but you didn't want any one else to know because you both knew that Gilbert would SOMEHOW find out, and sadly he already suspected that you two were dating.
  'The doctor said he'll probably not make it.. but then again he might.' texted Felicino, trying to comfort you with that last part.
  You immediately found your car, got in it, and drove to the hospital, praying that Lovino lives through those like when he got hit by a bicycle and cracked his skull.(Felicino accidentally ran over him both of those times in a race.)            
This was inspired by a drawing that ~ThePastaRevoloution did, so I think she deserves more credit than I do. I do not own Hetalia, or you, or the cars and bicycles that ran over Lovino in his life. :D LOL. Keep a lookout for Chapter Four!
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Naga England X Reader Chapter One

   "Dude, this is going to be, like, totally cool!" says your friend, Alfred F. Jones. "I don't know...." you reply nervously, remembering what your friend Felicino had said about it after he saw it with Ludwig and Lovino.
   "How was it Fel-" you were cut off as the Italian pulled you into a strong hug. "IT WAS HORRIBLE!!! IT LOOKED SO SCARY AND I THINK IT WANTED TO EAT ME!!! HOLD ME!!!!" cried the scared-half-to-death-Italian. "Calm down, Feli.." you say as you pat his back. "Th-*sniff* thank you, bella. But it was scary! It had green eyes, and long claws, and sharp teeth, and you should've seen its eyebrows! They were the first thing I noticed! I was about to crack up laughing but then when I saw the rest of it I screamed and ran out of the room! Funny, right?" said Felicino quickly.
   "Was it that bizarre?" you ask looking up at Ludwig. "Ja, it even creeped me out." he replies.
   "Don't worry, ________! I'll protect you!" says Alfred. "After all, I'm the hero!" Alfred then finishes with his obnoxious laugh. "But.... okay..." you say.


   "That poster looked SO cool! I mean, it-" "Yes. I get it. It made you excited about seeing it and now your slightly afraid that we're heading to the reptile house." you say, cutting off Alfred. "What?! Why're we going THERE?! It's scary in there!" exclaimed Alfred. "Because it's a reptile, idiot! I promise we won't go through the snake exhibit, okay?" you say, trying to comfort Alfred.
   "O-okay..." he replies. As you two enter the exhibit, you see people looking at the other reptiles, like there wasn't anything exciting to see. "I expected no one to be here, maybe it IS here..." muttered Alfred half to himself.
   "It's not," replies a familiar German voice. "Gilbert, dude! How's it goin'?" asked Alfred as they did a fist bump. "Not awesome. There's nothing exciting to see. It's hiding somewhere in that huge glass tank it's in, so there's nothing to see. They even put a live pig in there to at least get it out." replies Gilbert.
   "Did it come out?" you asked. "What do you think?" asked Gilbert. You looked slightly hurt. "Sorry, ________. I was being unawesome, anyways, nein, it didn't come out." apologizes Gilbert. "But where is it, I still want to see." says Alfred. "The snake part of the Reptile house." answers Gilbert.
   "On second thought, let's stroll around here, with the lizards and salamanders! ________, ya wanna stroll?" replied Alfred. "No thanks, I'll go see it myself." you say. "Okay, see ya' later!" says Alfred as you trotted to the snake exhibit. You walk past the snakes, not even bothering to stop and admire them. You walked to a curtain that said "THE SERPENT IS HERE." You walked through the curtains and through a small hallway with posters that say "IT'S FINALLY HERE!" and stuff like that.
    When you walk in, you see a ENORMOUS glass tank, with several tropical-looking plants. There were several rocks with water seeping through the gaps between the pile of rocks, creating a small pool of water. But none of that was what you were looking at. What you saw was a creature that had the top half of a man, and the bottom half a snake.
    Its back was to you, and it appeared to be basking in the installed lights of the glass tank. Its scales shimmered in the light, and you noticed there was a lump in its stomach. 'So it came out and ate the pig when no one was here...' you thought, remembering what Gilbert had said about the pig.
    You wanted to take a picture of it, but it might make the creature notice you and then go back in hiding. And besides, you were frozen by his existence, too shocked to move. You then slowly walked closer to it, cautiously, in case it heard you. It had blond hair, and pale skin, you noticed as you approached it. You were hardly breathing at all, too scared to for some reason.
    Your hands were trembling, and your heart was beating faster than it usually does when your scared. Half of you wanted to run away, and the other wanted you to scream, but you were too scared to do ANY of that.
    As you got closer, you noticed it had a huge, ugly looking scar on the back of its neck. 'I wonder where it got that...' you think. You were going to text Alfred, saying 'Alfred, come into the snake exhibit with Gilbert and come through the curtains, but don't make a sound. It's here.' but when you were taking out your phone, with trembling hands, out of your pocket, you dropped your phone, and it made a very loud crashing sound, breaking the deathly silence.
    Before you had a chance to do anything, the creature jolted up and spun around right when you dropped your cell phone. Your gaze is locked into his deadly emerald green eyes. You're both frozen for a moment, until you take a small step closer.
    Then, for some reason, it kind of leaps out at you, with a loud hiss, and it scared you so much you screamed and you ran out of the room faster than the fastest person in your class, out of the snake exhibit, not running into anyone, and into the room where Alfred and Gilbert were in.
    "Woah! Vhat's vrong, _______? It looks like you saw a ghost!" exclaims Gilbert. "DID you see a ghost? Is this place haunted?" asks Alfred with a hint of excitement in his voice. (He's been suspecting the Reptile House is haunted for some reason.) "N-no, I saw it!" you say, trembling violently. "What?" asks Alfred. "I-I saw it! It's there, in it's enclosure! It has green scales and-" "You saw it?" asked a random stranger. "I wanna go back!" said Gilbert, heading to the snake exhibit.
    "No!" you say as you grab his arm. "Y-you can't go back there!" you say. "Why? It's not like it's out of its tank, is it?" Gilbert asks. "I don't know but you can't go in there.." you say as your vision gets dark and you fall to the ground. "________!" you hear Alfred and Gilbert say as you faint.
I do not own Hetalia, or you. Keep a look out for Chapter Two!
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"Ah~ what a beautiful day..." You said, as you looked outside your window. The sun was so bright and the sky was a nice shade of baby blue. It was different, since it was always raining here in England.

"Don't you think so, Iggy?" You asked your cat. He stared up at you with big green eyes, then nodded his head. He jumped on the window cull and lied there sprawled out to soak up the sun. Meowing in content. "You lazy bugger.~" You laughed, as he opened his eyes to glare at you, then close them again.

You grabbed your teapot filled with fresh tea and poured it into a tea cup.  You pulled a chair up next to the window and then grabbed a book. You sat  in your seat, opening your book to a new page and then taking a sip of your Jasmine tea. Iggy jumped in your lap. You petted him and then returned back to your book.


Outside, hiding in the trees sat a a snake like man. He was watching the girl in the window. He wouldn't usually do this, since he hates humans and would sneer in disgust upon seeing them. But somehow this human caught his attention. In more ways than one. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but something about her enchanted him. The way she read her book without a care, how her eyes danced on the pages...Her slender fingers scratching the soft fur of her feline. How her lips would shape into the perfect smile, UGH, it sent shivers down his spine. 

He noticed how she was the only one who can make him feel this way. None of the other female nagas can do this. He a naga, a monster, felt this way for a human. 


As you read, you felt as if someone was watching you from outside. Your eyes shifted towards the window for a short second. Nothing, absolutely nothing. You sighed, you must be going insane.  But, As each passing second went by, the feeling of being watched grew stronger. It unnerved you. It made it harder for you to concentrate on your book. You placed down the book on your coffee table. You got up, much to Iggy's disapproval. He jumped as you moved and scrambled towards the sofa. 

Maybe getting some fresh air would help you? 


You stood at the edge of your porch trying to relax your mind as the cold air enveloped you. The sun was shining but it did not warm the air as much as you liked.

The feeling of being watched intensified. Leaving you on edge. Was it really a good idea to go outside? You shook your head to get rid of the thought. Nothing is out here (Your name), get a hold of yourself! 

You closed your eyes and then took a deep breath. The smell of peppermint and pine trees filled your nostrils. The smell was strong and intoxicating that it almost made you choke. And then you heard breathing....It was heavy....Like it was right next to you. You felt warm breath on your face. Which made you shiver in return.

You opened your eyes. What you saw before you....scared the absolute daylights out of you...
It was a man....but with a snake tail? You froze. Your eyes the size of dinner plates. It took you awhile to realize the situation you were in. 

How in the literal hell.... 

"Hello, dear~." The said. You backed away quickly, planting your feet on the cold wood. You both stood there for a good five minutes. You finally took a deep breath, not noticing you were holding it in the first place. "No need to be afraid~ I won't hurt you. Not yet at leassst." Not yet? 

You finally gathered the courage to speak. "I--I'm n-not afraid...." You shoke as you spoke. Yes, real convincing (Nickname). 

He chuckled. "You're ssssssso cute, darling~" He purred...or hissed...I don't know...

You were not scared at all. You were terrified. You took a shaky breath. Sweat building up on the edge of your hairline.

Another thing, apparently he got closer to you. This was it for you... you couldn't move, you couldn't breath right, and your body was infected with tiny shivers and cold sweat. Eventually he made it close enough for you to feel his warm breath on your face again.

'Someone, tell my cat I love him...'

Then you passed out.

You woke up on a stone ground. Wait stone ground? This isn't my porch...

Your eyes were still blurry from sleep, so you could barley see anything. You blinked a few times, then rubbed your eyes harshly. Your eyes finally cleared up, you look around at your new surroundings. 

Gray stone walls. Rocks and animals bone scattered everywhere. There were bear skins hanging from the walls. Your nose twitched in disgust.The smell in the cave was horrid.  
Everything was illuminated by a small fire in the middle of the cave. Whoever brought you here must have thought it was funny to mess with you. 

You finally got up, your legs were shaking from your weight and soon the nausea settled in. You gasped and tumbled to the floor. Your head was pounding very hard with made your eyes hurt in return. You swallowed harshly. You laid down on the cold stone, trying to calm your pounding head. 

Then you heard it....a small tapping noise. Was it tapping? It was actually more like a slithering. Like a snake. Your eyes darted to a dark corner of the cave. You could tell the person was male, but that's it. The darkness covered him. You squinted your eyes so you could see better. You then gasped. It was that man from before! 

"I ssssssee you're finally awake." He hissed. You gulped. 
"Uh, can you tell me where I am?" You asked. "You're in my home, dear.~" You sweat dropped. You kind of figured that, but There was still a question gnawing at your brain. Why were you here? 

"If you're wondering why you're here then that's simple. I want you.~" Panic finally settled in. He wanted you? For what? "F-for what?" You whispered, slightly shaken. 

"I apologize for not being sssspecific. I meant I love you, assssss you humansss sssssssay."  

You looked at him in shock. What...? "B-but...I don't even know you...!" You shrieked. He smiled, then slithered closer to you. "Doessss that matter to you?" He asked, tilting his head to the side. "....Yes...?" You said, unsure of how to answer his question. 

He leaned down towards you and then reached his hand out to your face. You backed away, scared that he might slap you. Instead, He grabbed your chin, which surprised you. 

"We could try getting to know each other, dear." He offered. His eyes shown a sign of loneliness. As if he needed someone, he wanted to love...

He wanted to love you. 

You shifted your eyes to the ground. Is this right? Could I really love someone I don't know? 

You decided it wouldn't hurt to give him a chance. "Yes...I would like that." You said.

His smile grew wider, then he closed in to give you a hug. "Oh thank you, I promise you won't regret your decision!" He said. You smiled and hugged him back. 

You could get used to this
Request- From GizmoJax

She requested this a long time ago, but I finally have the time to finish it.

The ending is kind of awkward because I didn't know how to finish it....So yeah... I still think I could have done better, but I'm kind of drained from school. So please enjoy!

"Butterflies" Sequel: :Butterflies: Naga! England x Kidnapped! Reader
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Naga England X Reader Chapter Four

  "Felicino!" you yelled as you ran up to him in the hospital. "______!" "What happened?" you ask. "Lovino was mad at Ludwig again and he said that he was going to prove to Ludwig that Italians were better than Germans. Ludwig said they were better than Germans at getting hit by cars if they were ignorant and stubborn like him."
  "What happened next?" "He purposely stood in the middle of the road and then Ludwig yelled at him to come back, but then when a car was coming he jumped right in front of it." said Felicino. "...Why would he be stupid enough to do that..?" you ask. "He'll do ANYTHING to prove that he's better than Ludwig. You know that." answered Felicino.
  "Oh, I forgot when he tried to beat him in a bicycle race and you were in it, his bike fell over and you ran over him..." you say, remembering that one time when he ran over Lovino. "I couldn't stop! I said I'm sorry!" "I'm not mad, that was no one's fault." you say, holding up your hands in surrender.
   The doctor came out of the room and you rushed to him and asked, "Is he gonna be okay?!" with tears forming in your eyes. "Well, the car broke his back, several ribs, and one of them punctured his lungs so..." you didn't want to hear anymore.
   You wailed in grief with tears streaming in your eyes. "You two can see him, you know. But there's no way he's going to live." the doctor says. "FRATELLO!" cried Felicino as he ran into Lovino's room. You wanted to cry at his state. He was breathing very heavily, tears streamed down his cheeks, some blood leaking from his mouth.
   You'd never seen him in so much pain before, you thought he just went through a war. "F-Fel..i...*gasp for air.*" groaned Lovino as he nothiced you two. "____-________..?" "Lovino..." you whispered as you went over to him. "Don't go, fratello!" said Felicino as tears plopped on Lovino's covers.
   "I *gasp for air* wish I could help it....." said Lovino. "Feli, tell *gasp for air* potato bastard that I blame him *gasp for air* for my death...." "Um, okay...." "______," said Lovino, the heart monitor going slower by the second.
   "Yes, Lovino...." you ask, getting chocked up again. "Ti...... *gasp for air* amo..." said Lovino before his eye lids shut, and then there was a long beep and a flat green line that no one EVER wants to see.
   "No.... Lovino!" you cried. "Fratello! Ti amo!" sobbed Felicino.


   That night you were sobbing into a pillow. Everyone knew why. You let out the secret on purpose. You had gotten a milkshake from Alfred with a cheeseburger, a lot of pasta from Feli, beer from Gilbert,(although you don't drink beer) a bottle of wine and some French desserts from Francis, and a CD from some random stranger with all of your favorite songs and even Because of You on the CD, (GUESS WHO SENT IT! HINT, MUSIC CAPITAL OF THE WORLD) and several other things to cheer you up.
   When the song 'Disco Pogo' came on, you thought of Ludwig, but them you thought of Gilbert because you could imagine him singing to this song, drunk or not. Then you thought of two brothers besides them that you were friends with- wait, one now. Then you broke down to tears until you saw a note on your desk lying by your open window.
   'Since when was my window open...?' you thought as you opened the note. It said 'I didn't know that one would make you cry. Skip to the next one and you'll feel much better~ P: Sincerely, the one who left this CD on your doorstep for you.' "The random creepy stalker dude!" you said out loud to your self.
   You then skipped to the next song on your CD player, and ET by Katy Perry came on. 'But, this is a old song, how could it-' you then realized this song made you think of Arthur. This person SOMEHOW knew about you and Arthur. But no one was near by when you were talking to Arthur, so how did that person know about him...?

   Sadly, Alfred (one of the people that you told) told Matthew, who told Toris, who told Feliks, who told Shandar,(my name for India) who told everyone within six feet from him. Which was everyone in the whole school. Some girls and boys felt sorry for you, while some girls you knew (because before you met Lovino, they bullied you all the time) took this as an opportunity to bully you, AGAIN.
   "So, I heard what happened to your boyfriend, _________." said Jamie. She was more like Satan's daughter. Her goal in life was to destroy yours. "At least mine's smart enough to stay out of the road." "And mine's a sexy French~" said the leader of the girls, Jessica.
   "No you don't. Francis broke up with you because he said he didn't want to be girl friends with some one who bullies his friends and doesn't even love him." you say. Francis found out that she had been using him for his money, popularity, making other girls jealous, and for getting your address so she could throw eggs at you when you're about to go to school. (Luckily a certain someone who gave you the CD threatened to tell her secret so she stopped.)
    "What ever. The point is, now that the stupid Italian that you called a 'boyfriend' isn't here to protect you anymore, we can bully you all we want!" said Jessica with a happy smile on her face. "Hey, he's NOT stupid." you growl. "He was stupid enough to get hit by a car four times, and get run over by his own brother two times. And that's pretty stupid." said Jessica.
    "Those weren't his fault. He-" you were cut off as Jessica and some other blonde chic with her pushed you down. "Have fun in denial, loser." said Jessica as she walked away with her girls obnoxiously laughing.
    "Stupid life," you mumble to your self as you pick yourself up. You then walk to your locker and see a note shoved in it. You opened it and it said 'Yes, this is Creepy Stalker Dudette that you called me, and I have four things to tell you, mistah:
1. I'm not a dude, no matter how weird I am.
2. What you called me hurt my feelings. I stalk others for a LIVING and some dude told me to stalk you, don't blame me, blame teh contract, not me.
3. I kind of want to be friends with you. People say you're kind of a therapist and I need one.
4. He told me that you'll be expectin' a surprise from him~ P: And before you hunt me down and ask me: NO I have NOTHING to do with it. Ask him. Not me.
Later. Sincerely, CSD (Creepy Stalker Dudette) with creepy friend of mine.. P.S, can you help my friend with the therapy too? I think she has mental issues... and wants to kill me.'

   "Weird note," you say to no one in particular.    
:P This is where I let my imagination run wild. For those of you who live in a certain State and or have read Merman America X Reader, you might know who Random Creepy Stalker Dudette is. This is inspired by ThePastaRevolution and her drawing of Naga England, so I think she deserves a little more credit than I do.
I do not own Hetalia, or you, but I do own RCSD because she is my OC. But I don't own the 'creepy friend of hers'. Because that friend is a Hetalia charrie, so yeah. Keep a lookout for Chapter Five!
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In your town, there is a legend of an old cave. It's about an hour's hike, hidden behind a rotted glen. Legend claims that a man skilled in magic was cursed to the form of being half man, half serpent. From his waist down, he is said to be covered with emerald green scales, the same color of his hypnotic eyes. If you come across him, he will not hesitate to kill you for it is in his nature to do so. Some say he's particularly fond of young children and by fond, the legend says he'll eat naughty children that do not go to sleep.

"We all know the legends are silly, da?" You jumped, surprised at Ivan's sudden entrance.

"Oh, yeah. Probably made to make little children sleep." You scratched the back of your head nervously. You were sitting in your room, looking up the legend of the Snakeman. You hoped to find more about this legend and perhaps debunk it.

"Kesesese! I know it made Peter fall asleep when he was little, didn't it?"

"Yeah yeah." Alfred waved it off like it was nothing. You sighed.

"So, when are we gonna go find this cave?" Mathias asked.

"This Saturday. In the meantime, pack up. It'll be a long hike and I don't want to hear complaining."

"Easier said then done, frau." You glared at Gilbert.

"I don't think Gilbird would agree with that." The look on Gilbert's face was priceless.


And so, the five of you went hiking to prove the legend wrong. Ivan brought some snacks in case the so called 'Awesome Trio' got hungry. That was more then likely. After what felt like hours, you finally got to the rotted glen spoken in the legend.

"Alright, let's stop here and have lunch. Once that's done, we can start looking for the cave and proving that legend wrong." You said, sitting on a rock. The other agreed with you.

"So, this is the rotted glen, da?" Ivan asked.

"Apparently so. It sure looks rotted. Quite disgusting actually..." You murmured. The whole area seemed decayed and forgotten. The dark brown water flowed almost sluggishly due to the rotted leaves that fell upon it. The trees were barren, providing little shade. Not that it was needed, as it was a cloudy day. Soon, all of you were in a conversation on what the thing looked like...

"Are all of you ssssspeaking of me?" Came a voice, a voice that could only belong to a serpent. Everybody turned, seeing a half human, half serpent creature. The monster from legend. The human part had pale skin, ruffled blond hair, unusually thick eyebrows, and a pair of dark emerald eyes. For the serpent part, it could easily be around seven to eight feet of shining emerald scales.

"Ahh!" Alfred cried, hiding behind Mathias. The creature chuckled.

"It'sssss been a while sssssince I had vissssitorssss." He hissed, moving closer to Mathias. "How about I offer you a choice? Sssssince I'm sssssuch a nice persssson. You leave now or you become dinner. I AM hungry, after all..." Mathias, Gilbert, and Alfred turned tail and fled, leaving you and Ivan behind. The creature raised an eyebrow as he focused on the two. "You must have a death wisssssh if you dare to ssssstay." It hissed.

"Ivan, run!" You urged.

"But what about you?"

"Don't worry about me, go run!" Ivan hugged you before running off. The creature watched with amusement as Ivan ran away.

"Well well well, why did you ssssssstay?" You took a deep breath.

"I had my reasons but most of it was because of some ritual by the elders of my town." It raised an eyebrow.

"They still believe I exissssst? Ah..."

"Apparently so. They told me to go up the mountain and never return to appease some mountain god."

"The eldersssss always ssssstick to the traditionsssss of old, even when the newer generation overthrowsssss them." It said humorously. "My name issss Arthur, by the way. And you are?"

"[name]. [first name] [last name]."

"Ah, ssssssuch a lovely name." He murmured, stroking your cheek. You shuddered at the coldness of his skin against your own. He pulled his hand back a little. "If you must ssssstay, I must ssssshow you my home then."

"I bet it'll be freezing cold." Arthur chuckled at your remark.

"Not ssssso. You'll have me to keep you warm at night." He crooned, picking you up bridal style. You yelped in surprise. "In more waysssss then one." A bright red blush appeared on your face, earning a hearty laughter from him.


During the time of your absence, about two to three months, your friends tried to rescue you. At first, they were met with skeptism from others but slowly, they managed to get a little rescue party for you. Included was celebrated scientist Kiku Honda, who wanted to see if the claim was true. So, when the group arrived, they caught Arthur by surprise.

"Oh my, more guessssstssss..." He hissed angrily. You heard his angry hiss and came over to see whatever was the matter. To your surprise, you saw your friends, your parents, and a man you never saw before.

"Arthur! Those are my parents! And my friends!"

"I recognize that, my dearesssst."

"Give us back [name] and we'll leave you be, da?"

"Are you alright hun?"

"Mother, I'm fine." You soothed, remaining close to Arthur in case the worse came to.

"I do not wissssh for blood to be ssssspilled so sssstate your reassssson for invading OUR territory" You felt his tail curl around your feet.

"Dude, that's our best friend!" Alfred took out his gun, aiming it at Arthur. Gilbert grabbed his arm, holding him down.

"You're a fool to try and kill me!" Arthur hissed, preparing to charge.

"WAIT!" A voice spoke, it was the strange man. Arthur glared at him before he seemed to recognize him. "I've read upon old legends and we cannot fire upon him. According to the elderly locals, a maiden is needed in order to keep the children safe. That is what they told me."

"And who are you?" Arthur snarled.

"Kiku Honda and I believe we can solve this problem."

"Wherever [name] goessss, I go."

"Good, then you can come with me to The Riverview Research Facility. People can learn more about you while [name] can be in charge of taking care of you."

"Basically, you're gonna ssssshow me off to the world." Arthur growled. Kiku nodded. Arthur crossed his arms. "Fine, but if [name] issss hurt in any way, I will revolt."

"I assure you, [name] will be in no danger."


To your surprise, Arthur adapted well to the new surroundings. Shown off to the public, he earned all kinds of attention. Some were disgusted at the fact that such a creature existed and others were enthralled with how seamlessly the scales turned into human flesh. You were in charge of making sure Arthur was happy and well-cared for.

One night, when the facility was closed for the weekend, you visited Arthur. He was busy playing the guitar you bought for his amusement when you arrived.

"Hello Arthur."

"Ahh, good evening my dear. It sssseems that I am quite popular, doessssn't it?" He purred.

"Yeah, it does. You've scared the crap of out some of the guests." He laughed. "It's not funny Arthur!"

"It amussssessss me!" He slithered to you. "Bessssidessss my dear, a few even insulted me. I can read lipsssss after all."

"You scared them because they insulted you?"

"Of coursssse..." He murmured, stroking your cheek. "But never doubt that I love you." He kissed you gently before disappearing into the small pool of water on the other side of his enclosure. You sighed, knowing full well that he would not let you go easily.
Okay, umm...Snakeman!England is new for me. Sorry for OOCery! I personally think this one is not very good, too wonky.

You know, I actually WANTED to write a lemon with him...but I couldn't bring myself to do so. Maybe next time?

Hetalia - :iconhimaruyaplz:
You - You!
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Naga England X Reader Chapter Six

   "H-how did you get here?!" you ask in shock. Arthur smiled, wrapped an arm around you and pulled you closer to him. "My little hired spy told me where you lived, and she distracted the humans while I escaped." he said. "You're the one who told Austina to spy one me?!" you as in shock as you pull away from his grasp.
   "Yes, it was very lowly of me, but I was planning to get rid of her after her mission was done, instead of paying her." he said, looking sorry and ashamed at first, but when he got to the planning part, he smirked evilly. "Y-you don't mean eating her... Do you..?" you ask, slightly concerned for Austina's life.
   "Well, she has no actual use in life except to lead people to their deaths by working for murderers." answered Arthur. "Besides, she made you scared, didn't she?" "At first, but then we became friends and she stood up for me..." you mumbled.
   Arthur sighed "There's one more human that I can't eat... But, at least I have you..." he said as he once again pulled you closer to his body. "Arthur, do you" you asked very timidly, remembering that dream you had after he scared the living crap out of you. "Of course, why else would I be here?" said Arthur, smiling as he spoke.
   "Well, I was wondering if you liked me.... um,.... THAT way....?" you asked, blushing as much as Austina did when Alfred was teasing her about liking Francis. Your eyes were shut and your hands were trembling because you were afraid he didn't love you and that he might not EVER like you again.
   Instead of a slap on your cheek, you felt a light brush against your cheek, and lips press against yours. Your eyes flew open instantly and and you realized he was kissing you passionately. Like in your dream, it felt weird because he had that forked, thin-like tongue, but he didn't really care that much.
   When he pulled away, he saw the shocked look on your face. "You..... don't like me back,.. don't you?" he asked sadly. "Why would you think that? Why would I ask if you liked me that way if I didn't like you?" you ask with a smile on your face. Arthur smiled back with hope filled in his eyes and you two kissed each other again.
   This time, you were lying down on the bed, with him on top. (Rawr~ :D) When he pulled away, he laid down next to you and wrapped his tail around your body in a protective way. You moved closer to him and sighed happily. Arthur wrapped his arms around you and whispered, "I promise, I'll always be there for you, no matter what.." as you drifted off to sleep, in the arms of a naga.


    "Hi, guys!" you called as you ran up to your friends by the lockers. "Hi ____- WOAH! What happened?!" cried out Alfred when he saw the bruises on your face. "Jessica and Rachel." you mumble, remembering what happened.
    "Jessica did this to you?!" snarled Francis, feeling the urge to rip Jessica's liver out. "Yeah, Austina was involved..." "Did she plan them to beat you up?!" asked Alfred in anger and shock. "No, she stood up for me and fought Satan's daughter and-" "Hey guys..." said a weak familiar voice.
    "Austina! What happened?!" you asked when you saw her condition. Her left eye was black, she had a scratch on her right cheek, a bruise on her neck, blood on her forehead and a little on her neck, too.
    "Joe got mad at me for nearly killing Jamie and whipped me last night in punishment." replied Austina weakly. "Zat's horrible!" exclaimed Ludwig. "I'm used to that, he whips me alot. No big deal. And then this morning, ugly face and her friends beat the living crap out of me on the way over here. The end." said Austina gleefully.
    "Is Jessica here?" asked Francis. "No, when I got here, everyone was happy, so she wasn't here, or her servant devils." pointed out Austina. "Dude, you need to go to the nurse." said Alfred. "I'm fine, Alfred." protested Austina. "You really need to." you said. "M'kay." "Here, I'll take you." said Francis.
    Austina blushed, but didn't object, to Francis. You gave her a look that said 'You like him, don't you?' She simply gave you a 'None of your beeswax!' glare. You smiled and folded your arms as she and Francis left.

                (AFTER SCHOOL)

    "Arthur, I'm home!" you called as you entered your home. Since your parents were gone for a trip in Africa (every time they came home they would leave again after five seconds) and since the zoo keepers thought some rich dude stole Arthur, you decided to let him live here with you.
     "Arthur...? Where are you?" you yelled, getting concerned not only for Arthur but for your own life. "Artie! Where the bloody heck are you?!" you yelled, not knowing the consequences for calling him Artie and stealing his catch phrase.
     "Artie sounds cute, I should call him that more often~ That's what I'm gonna call him for now on. Cute nickname!" you said to your self. You were totally unaware of the green vine like thing slithering towards your leg. "Artie-" you broke off as something instantly wrapped around your leg.
      Before you had a chance to scream or do anything, you were yanked from the floor and before you knew it, you were dangling upside down. You let out a small squeak of surprise and was trying to figure out what the heck happened.
      You heard a familiar chuckle of amusement come from the shadows where the green thing was coming from. "Artie," you growled as he slithered out from his hiding. "Please, don't call me that," said Arthur "That's why you're hanging upside down to begin with."
      "Seriously, bro? Seriously?" you asked with a playful smile on your face. "I just thought it would be funny~" said Arthur as he set you down gently on the floor. "So, what've you been doing all day?" you ask. "Just exploring the house, and I found a snack, but it wasn't a lot." he answered.
      "You didn't eat the cats, DID YOU?" you asked sternly. "No, I don't eat cats for several reasons: 1, I find them too interesting to even consider a meal. 2, I nearly got killed once because a stupid human thought I ate cats. (If you read the prologue, you'll know who he's talking about.) and 3, I found something else to eat."
      "What did you eat?" you asked as you sat down beside him, a little more than curious about what he ate. "I ate a mouse, but only one because I was afraid the cats would starve." said Arthur. "Don't worry, they all eat cat food. They won't starve because they don't even eat mice." you said.
      "Good, but I heard some noises out side and I saw a couple of rats, so I ate them." said Arthur, rubbing his stomach. "A couple of rats? You must be still must be hungry, right?" you asked as you got up. "No, not really. They actually filled me up. And they tasted really good, too~" replied Arthur, smiling. "Well I'm glad to hear that." you said, smiling.
      "I'll see you in the kitchen." you said as you walked towards the kitchen door. "Why?" asked Arthur. "Because I still haven't ate, yet. And I need you to sample some foods for me." you replied, looking over your shoulder with the kitchen door open.
      "Okay, I'll see you in a moment." said Arthur as you went into the kitchen. He smiled and said to himself "_______ won't ever have to worry about Jamie again, although Jamie tasted the worse out of all of them. But, at least I have something in my belly, isn't that right, Jamie?" asked Arthur and was replied with a kick, but it did no good.
      It was obvious that Arthur wasn't letting her out, and that she would be soon moved to the second stomach, where she'll meet her death.


      "Jessica, we HAVE to do something! We can't just sit here and watch the others be eaten by that monster, one by one! We have to do something!" whispered Rachel. "What CAN we do?! We're locked in a basement with nothing to eat or drink and we're going to be eaten! What can we do in a situation like this?" hissed Jessica.
      "We can call for help! _______ might hear us and let us out! She might take pity for us and then let us out!" said Rachel excitedly after a moment. Everyone else shushed Rachel. "Shut up, Rachel! He said if anyone of us talks loud enough for him to hear, he said that girl is NEXT along with the one she was talking to!"
       "Oh, well.... he couldn't have heard us, I mean, I wasn't THAT loud, right?" whispered Rachel. Then, the door opened a crack and two green eyes glowed from the crack. "Rachel, I hate you..." whispered Jessica.    
Yush, there will be vore in the next chapter, but I promise, we (readers = me)will arrive after all that gross stuff happens and besides, I think it would be sick to show Arthur eating them. And I would more than likely get WAY to embarrassed to write it. I read vore, not write it.
But the next chapter will probably be the last. Sorry. ): I do not own Hetalia or you, but I do own Austin and Texas (Joe) Keep a lookout for Chapter Seven!
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This is just part one of a 2pt series so dont expect it to go to far
Anyways enjoy
Ps: the next part will be a lemon :33

Tossing in bed you pulled the covers over your head, the light seeping in through your shades had hit your face, waking you up. You grumbled trying to go back to sleep but you just couldn't. You were one of those people who once they were awake it was pretty much impossible to go back to sleep. Giving up you threw the blankets off and sat up. Rubbing your eyes of the sleepies you jumped off the bed and headed for the closet. Pulling out a plain (f/c) t-shirt and some shorts you quickly stripped your night clothes and put the ones you had just taken out on. Pulling on a pair of rainbow socks along with some cute rubber boots. You then proceeded to walk off to the kitchen. Having your regular morning breakfast you let out a sigh. You were still really sleepy but you needed to tend to your garden, it was your baby, the apple of your eye. So yeah it ment a lot to you.

Tossing the dishes in the sink you grabbed a watering can that laid idly nearby. Filling the thing up you glanced out side the window that rested above the sink. Your garden was huge and had many large forgein flowers in it, most of them your favorite color. Also some animals lived in it, but only cute harmless ones. Eyes following a bunny hopping through your garden you heard something hiss. Searchign for the source of the noise you hadent noticed your watering can was full and water was spilling out. Turning your attention back to it you shut it off but soon looked back out the window, the bunny that was once hopping through the flowers was gone. Assuming it was hiding in some bushes or something you shrugged it off.

Tiliting the can over you spilt some water out, preventing it from sloshing out when you went around beeboping with it. Putting on a smile you walked out into your garden. Looking back down at the can you sighed, your garden was going to need more water than what was in this can. Thankgod you had a hose for the ones most near your house. Carefully setting the can next to you, you turned the hose on watered the nearby plants. The dry earth soaked up the water like a sponge. Good thing the dirt was like this, or else it would be all soggy and you'd get all muddy and gnarly.

Turning it off you heard something or someone hissing. Growing a little suspicious you called out,"Is anyone there?"

You never received an answer and just shrugged it off. It wasn't like there was something to be afraid of in here, all the creatures were cute and adorable.

Turning the hose off you picked the watering can and headed to the back of your garden, thank god it was only small things like flowers...well except for that one huge tree but you loved the shade it provided so you never bothered getting someone to cut it down. Maybe you'll take a nap under it once your done tending your garden.

Gladly watering your flowers and being done you ran back inside and grabbed a thin blanket. Setting it up under the tree you tossed off your boots and rested. Looking up at the tree you watched some colorful birds mess with each other. Closing your eyes your body began to relax and you soon feel into a nice slumber...well right before you heard something slithering its way over to you.

~3 hours later~

Slowly opening your eyes you saw a blonde with violet eyes staring at you, a curl sticking out from the front of his hair. Quickly scrambling up you were shocked and a little creeped. Had he been watching you this whole time?! "Who the hell are you, how did you get in here and were you watching me the whole time I was SLEEPING!?"

"Well,...Uhm yes...but don't think I'm weird or's just that..."He began to trail off and your confused. What was he babbling about?! Shaking your head you tried to focu- IS THAT A TAIL?!

"Oh my god what are you?!" You nearly screamed scooting back from him. Or it.

"Oh I'm sorry, Im a naga and my name is MAtthew by the way." He answered smiling sweetly. That smile relaxed you a little, maybe he was harmless but you never know. Maybe he wanted to eat you! Oh god!

"Are you going to eat me?!" You asked a little unsure.

"Oh no...well..." He flashed you devilish smile. Giving him the face of "oh my god I'm going to die!" he stopped,"I was only kidding...mis...?"

"(y/n)." You added."And please never do that again, you seriously freaked me out."

He just laughed and you had to admit that it was so damn cute! Wait, no stop, he's part snake this isnt right! Shooing some thoughts from your head you asked him again why he was here and what he wanted.

"I got a little lonely and I thought that maybe I could finally get up the nerve to talk to you. I mean I've, well not to sound creepy I've watching you for a while and yeah..." He blushed looking away.

"Oh, you've been living here? How did I not notice this?" The last part was a question to yourself but he answered it.

"I''m really good at hiding and plus I can be very quite unlike my brother Alfred... Thank goodness he moved to the jungle, haha." There are more of them?! Okay okay so he has been living here for some time and you never noticed, are you blind woman?!

"Alright then, I think I'm just gunna head inside now...See you around." You said getting up and walking back to your house.

"Wait, I-" Mattie said taking a hold of your wrist. Turning around angry and opening your mouth about to yell at him you stoped. He looked so nervous and cute just staring at he ground blushing. A warmth began to fill you and you pitied him.

"You wanna come inside and chat or something?" You asked smiling warmly. His eyes instantly perked up.

"Yeah." He answered as you lead him inside.
Hope you enjoyed and see you next pt or chptr??
Anyways :iconcanadablushplz:
Hurr is part 2:[link]
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    You ran as fast as you possibly could. Your knees pumped up to your chest and then kicked hard at the ground. Your arms were pumping at your side. Your breath was heavy and shallow. Your whole body ached and your feet were numb. You were covered in scratches from running through the many bushes and trees in this forest. The night was so dark that you could barely see anything. You were tired, and almost out of breath, and you didn't know how much longer you could go before you would collapse. Your chasers weren't far behind. You didn't dare look behind you, but you could hear their heavy footsteps and the sound of branches being pushed out of the way. They were catching up to you, and fast.

    "Come back here, (Name)!! You can't run forever!! Just turn around now, and no one has to get hurt!" the sinister voice of Luciano Vargas, the leader of your pursuers, called darkly. You gave no answer, but kept running.

    "Fine, have it your way. We'll just have to do things the hard way! Remember, bellezza, I always get what I want. Nobody disobeys me and gets away with it! Not even you!" Luciano called again, but still you didn't stop.

    You kept running and running until suddenly, you tripped over a tree root and were sent rolling and tumbling deeper into the forest. You were getting more and more cuts. You felt like you were being torn apart in some places. There was blood on your face and your legs and your arms. When you finally stopped rolling, you hit your head on a tree and just lay beneath it; too weak to move. You could still hear your chasers approaching.

    Soon, you could see them. Three men; Luciano and his two most loyal and dedicated henchmen, Honda Kuro and Lutz Beilschmidt. Now that they had found you and had you right where they wanted you, they started walking more slowly, as if they were teasing you. You tried to crawl away, or to get up and run, or something, but you just couldn't. You started crying. It was all over. Luciano would never forgive you for this. You were doomed.

    "Found you, bellezza. I told you we would. Now, you'll have to pay for being such a naughty girl..." Luciano hissed. He stepped forwards, while the other two stayed back. An evil smirk decorated his face. He grabbed you roughly by the collar of your shirt with one hand and stroked your face with the other. As he did so, you did the only thing you could think of that would help you in this situation. You screamed.

    You shrieked at the top of your lungs. As loud and hard as you could. Luciano's smirk turned into a frown and he slapped you hard across the face in an attempt to get you to stop, but you just screamed again. He slapped you again. "Shut up, ragazza, or I'll make you rue the day you were born!" he snarled, bringing your face close to his. You looked away and started crying.

    "Look at me, filthy witch!" he commanded, shaking you violently, but you didn't listen. "I said look at me!" he repeated. He was just about to slap you again, but something stopped him before he could.

    You heard a loud and drawn out hiss, and something green pounced onto Luciano, pushing him far away from you. At first glance, it appeared to be an enormous snake. It had an extremely long tail that stretched for more feet than you could probably count. However, upon closer inspection, you realized that the creature had the upper body of a human man. He had messy blond hair, extremely bushy eyebrows, and green eyes that glowed like kryptonite; though they looked like snake eyes. He had pointy ears, fangs, and a snake tongue. His torso was bare and he had patches of scales on his neck, arms, back and chest. He was like a mermaid, only half snake instead of half fish.

    You shrieked, and Luciano grunted as he hit the forest floor. The snake-man slithered in front of you, blocking you from Luciano. He stood up and charged towards the snake-man, but was sent flying backwards as he was hit in the stomach with the massive tail. While the snake-man was dealing with Luciano, Kuro crept slowly towards you. At first, you didn't see him, but when you did, you shrieked again.

    The snake-man turned his head towards you so fast you thought it would snap. When he spotted Kuro, he abandoned Luciano and instead pounced on Kuro, knocking him into a tree only a few feet away. Luciano was still struggling to get up, and Kuro looked like he was about to pass out. You'd never seen them defeated this easily. Whoever this snake-man was, he was strong. But one person was missing. A pit started to form in your stomach. Where was Lutz? He'd never abandon Luciano, which meant...

    Out of no where, Lutz jumped onto you and grabbed you violently. You screamed, but he covered your mouth. Even when you bit him, he didn't let go. He stood up and dragged you up with him. There was no way you could escape the iron grip he had on you. The snake-man hissed again and jumped towards Lutz. Lutz turned around to face the snake-man and held you in front of him. The snake-man flew towards you, mouth open, fangs barred, preparing to strike. He had been aiming for Lutz's back, but then Lutz had turned around, and by then it was too late to stop the attack. The snake-man ended up biting your shoulder just below your neck instead.

    You let out a gasp of pain, and when the snake-man had realized his mistake, he drew back quickly. He looked at you with an anxious, worried, and apologetic looks in his snake-like eyes. He was frowning deeply. Then, he looked at Lutz with pure hatred and fury, and he hissed again. It was terrifying. By now, Luciano had finally been able to stand up, and he was not happy.

    "Lutz, you idiota! You stupido idiota! You let it bite her! Augh!" he shouted. There was blood trickling from your bite, and you started to feel a bit weak. The snake-man's bite was probably venomous, and it was taking its effect very quickly.

    The snake-man punched Lutz in the face and then used his tail to pry you from the man's grip. Your legs were already too numb to support you, and you started to fall forwards. The snake-man caught you and laid you down gently in a pile of leaves, still with an upset look on his face. Then, he went back to dealing with the three men. Kuro had gotten up by now, too.

    The snake-man punched Lutz again, this time in the stomach. Lutz tried to counter, but the snake-man dodged him, and then whacked him in the head with his tail. Kuro drew his sword and started at a run towards the snake-man, preparing to slash right through him. The snake-man twisted out of the way just barely in time, and Kuro was still able to cut the side of his chest. He turned around and bit Kuro in the arm. Finally, the snake-man approached Luciano.

    They fought for longer than the others had. Luciano was a much better fighter than his henchmen. He drew his knife and took several jabs at the snake-man, but he was only able to scratch the surface of his skin a few times. Eventually, the snake-man grabbed Luciano with his tail and threw him back into the forest the way he came. Lutz stood up, helped Kuro up, and ran after Luciano. You were safe. For now.

    The snake-man turned and slithered towards you as quickly as he could. You knew he had just saved your life and all, but even so, you shrieked in terror as he approached you. A worried and hurt expression crossed his face. He scooped you up in his arms bridal style. You were too weak to fight him, and his skin was warm and comforting, but you screamed again. "Nonono, love, it's alright! I won't hurt you! I promise," the snake-man reassured, and you gasped. It surprised you that he could talk. He hissed with his S's slightly in a stereotypical snake way.

    "Listen, I am so sorry. I really didn't mean to bite you, I swear! I was aiming for the man who was attacking you! But don't worry; you're not going to die. I know how to get rid of the venom. Everything's going to be alright," the snake-man promised. You were having trouble breathing now. Dang, that venom works fast... you thought.

    "I'm Arthur, by the way. I know, it's not exactly what you'd expect from a Naga. It's not all fancy and such, but it's a name, right? I quite like it, to be honest," he informed, giving you a wry smile, as he slithered quickly through the forest. He was moving so fast that the trees were all a blur to you.

    You tried to open your mouth and reply, but you couldn't. "No, no, don't talk. You need to rest. I promise I'll save you before the venom can kill you, but I don't want to take any chances. You can tell me your name later," he ordered softly. You obeyed, resting your head against his chest and struggling to stay awake.

    Fortunately, it didn't take you long to get where you were going. Arthur brought you to a small cave deep inside of the forest. The inside of it only stretched for a few feet. There were no extra caverns or anything. The inside was quite bare, though there was a makeshift nest in the left corner, and a small hole had been dug out and filled with water in the right corner. In the middle of the cave, there was a place to make a fire, and various hand-made cooking and eating utensils and dishes were lying on the floor. There were wooden buckets filled with various herbs and plants.

    Arthur led you to the back of the cave and laid you down gently in the nest. Then, he slithered towards the fire pit. He took an empty bucket, slithered over to the water pool, and filled the bucket with water. Afterwards, he darted back to the fire pit, started a fire, and put the bucket of water over the fire. While he was waiting for the water to boil, he slithered to the buckets of herbs and picked up a few of them. He brought them over to the fire, took a few handfuls of them, and put them into another small bucket. He picked up a large stick and started grinding the leaves up with it. Finally, the water started to boil. He put out the fire, took the hot water, and poured the water into the bucket with the herbs. He stirred it up, and then brought it to you.

    He set the bucket down beside the nest and then bent down closer to you. He slipped one of his strong hands under your neck and helped you sit up. With his other hand, he picked the bucket up and held it to your lips. "Drink it. It'll cure the venom, and it doesn't taste bad," he instructed. Gratefully, you gulped down every last drop, almost choking. He was right. It didn't taste bad. It actually tasted pretty good. Once you had finished, he laid you back down gently and then took the bucket back to the fire pit.

    "There, you're safe now. However, it's going to take a few days before you're fully cured, and you're going to have to keep drinking the tea. It's not exactly the fastest cure, I know, but it's the best one. So, looks like you'll be stuck with me for a few more days. Hope that's alright," Arthur informed, smiling wryly. In all honesty, there were things you'd much rather be doing than being cooped up in a cave with a strange snake-man, but you still didn't have the strength to argue. Instead, you just turned around in the nest until you found a semi-comfortable sleeping position and fell asleep.


    Arthur watched as the (h/c) haired girl fell asleep in his nest. He couldn't take his eyes off of her. She was amazing. She was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen in his entire life. He didn't know why, but for some reason, he was drawn to her. He felt like he had to protect her at any cost. That was exactly what he was going to do. He was going to heal her, protect her, take care of her, and make sure that no one ever tried to hurt her again.

    There was still so much he didn't know about her. She is a human, and she is a girl. She has (s/c) skin, (h/l), (wavy/curly/straight), (h/c) hair, and (e/c) eyes. She was being chased by strong and menacing looking men who were trying to hurt her. Everything else was a mystery. He didn't know what her name was, where she came from, or why those men were chasing her. But at least that gave him more to look forward to in the days to come. She could tell him about her while she was recovering.

    For now, however, Arthur was just going to focus on keeping the girl warm. She was already starting to shiver and toss and turn in her sleep. Her skin wasn't as thick as his, and even her clothes weren't keeping her warm. It was too risky to let a fire go all night. The smoke would fill the cave, and the light could be seen from outside. He didn't want anybody finding them. Finally, he decided on gently wrapping her up in his tail. Tight enough to keep her warm, safe, and secure, but loose enough to be comfortable and not suffocate her.

    After he'd coiled himself around her, he lay on top of his own tail, resting his head right next to hers. He felt her soft breath on his skin, and he smiled. She had stopped shivering now, and instead, had subconsciously taken hold of his arm and laced her fingers through his. Arthur took one last look at the beautiful girl before closing his eyes and falling asleep as well.
Rose: Hellooooooooooooooooooo Hybrid Empire!! :D (Yes, that is what I have decided to call my beautiful kingdom. Pewds has the Bro Army. You guys are now my Hybrid army, and I am your Empress *shot* ) Ok, a while ago, I had said that I was doing a SniggyxReader (Sniggy is short for Snake!England, AKA Naga!England, Nagas are half-snake, half-human, you guys should all know this...) Aaaaaaaand I finished this a while ago but never got a chance to upload it ;3; Doing it now though!! I think this series is going to be four or five parts, MAAAAAAAYBE six, but don't hold me to it. Anyways, ~FrostOS got me obsessed with Sniggy about a month ago and I REAAAAAAALLY wanted to do a fic with him. It didn't take me long to come up with an idea. Originally I wanted to do something where Reader-chan was afraid of snakes, but she had to let Sniggy take care of her, and he was trying to win her trust. I didn't really play off the whole "afraid of snakes" thing very well... Just couldn't figure out how to do it ;3; But it turned out well, anyways, right? Oh dear God, I love Sniggy so freaking much it's not even funny O_O AAAAAAAAH! HE'S JUST SO BEAUTIFUL!! This is also my entry for :iconchigitalia:'s "The Kiku Contest". It doesn't have a theme, or a chapter limit. Anything and everything is accepted, which means it'll probably be harder to win this one since there will be so much variety, but eh, wish me luck!! I'll have the next chapter out soon~! But be warned. This fanfic gets very feelsy in future chapters O^O 

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Cover pic found here:…
Fanfic (c) :iconhalostormhybrids:
You shall soon belong to :iconhotenglandplz:
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Naga Germany X Reader

(I bet no one did this before~)
(P.S. I will be in this, but only for a short time)
(P.S.S. There will be slight PruCan and past GerIta)

   "______, where are you?" "I'm in a forest near Berlin, where else?" you hissed back at your companion. "I would stay away from there if I were you, there are kreuzotters in there." "What?!" "Venomous snakes in Germany, very painful. They're either a light blonde color with unique brown markings, or are a stunning black." replied the voice over your walkie talkie. "I'm not afraid of some stupid snake, Shayla." you growled. "BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID, MISS (last name)."
   "Stop with your creepy voice accent." you hissed before you threw the walkie talkie in a river nearby with all of your force. "_____-" you didn't hear what she had next, for the object hit the water with a loud splash. "That should do it, hopefully Ms.Brains doesn't have a radar and track down where I am." you murmured to yourself. (YOU'RE LUCKY I DON'T. :stare:)
   "Now... oh crap... Shayla was supposed to give me directions, ugh.... if she wasn't acting so annoying I would NOT have done that!" you hissed. (REVENGE~!//shot//) "I guess I'll have to-" You broke off at the sound of rustling nearby, and you spun around, pulling your gun out. "Who's there? I'm NOT afraid to shoot your head off if I have to!" you growled bravely.
   You swore you saw a snake tail and you fired at it, falling to your butt as you did so. Crap, I missed! I think I have one more bullet left- Oh wait, I forgot, I only brought one while Shayla was trying to make me bring two whole things.. DAMN YOU, SHAYLA!! you thought in anger.
   "Kesesese~ No more bullets, eh?" purred a German accent. "I-I st-still have a-a whole 'n-nother thing o-of th-them!" you stuttered. "Kesesesese~ You look like you'll make a good afternoon snack~" purred the voice as a hideous creature slithered out from behind the trees. "Oh mein Gott...." you whispered as you stared up at it in horror.
   It was an albino kreuzotter, silvery white scales with gray unique marks, well, 8 feet of it was that. The rest was a man's upper half, bare chest, red eyes, white hair, and an evil smirk played upon his face.
   "You look so cute when you're scared like that~" purred the albino as he bent down to eye level with you and started to wrap his tail around you. "L-lemme go!" you whimpered, eyes wide with terror. "Hmm... Nah, besides, I'm hungry." taunted the snake man, licking your face with his forked tongue after he said that. "And you taste pretty good for a human~" "I SAID LEMME GO!!" "GILBERT!!!" roared a deep German accent.
   "Ugh, vwhat is it, Luddy?" asked the albino as he dragged his gaze from you to yet another kreuzotter man. Just great, another one joins the party. Now I'm SO gonna die. you thought. This one had blonde hair, icy blue eyes, and he had blonde scales with a unique brown colored pattern, with ripped abs.
   "If you eat her, other humans will come after us and rip you open!" hissed the new and blonde one. "No they vwon't, those are only nagaling stories." replied the albino, turning back to you. "Besides, I'm starving and she'll just bring other humans to kill us if I let her go."
   "Then maybe you should've thought about that before you randomly attacked a helpless human." "She wasn't helpless, she tried to shoot me before she even saw me." "An even better reason to let her go." "But she has no more bullets!" "Gilbert, Matthew is waiting for you." hissed the blonde one at last.
   "YAY!" cheered Gilbert as he forgot you and slithered away in excitement. "I'm sorry about that, vermissen, he's just my idiot brother." apologized the blonde one as he slithered to you, and held out a hand to help you up with.
   "I-it's okay..." Just as long you don't try to do anything like that to me, and can you let me go now? you thought. "C-can you let me go now... please?" you begged. "Nein, because what my brother said is right; if I let you go you're only going to send other humans after us." replied the kreuzotter man. "B-but I won't! I swear!" you begged. "I wish I could trust you, but I can't, not after Felicino." he sighed sadly.
   "Wh-who's Felicino?" you ask. "Felicino was a human I met years ago, he was pathetic and a coward but I enjoyed his company. One day he was attacked by my father and then I had to hold him down to keep him from killing him. After I drove off my father, Felicino snapped... he thought I was only using him so I could devour him afterwards, and he seemed as if he was going insane.
   "He looked crazed and I tried to reassure him that I actually cared about him, but he refused to listen, and then he ran off, only to be nearly killed by my father yet again. Someone who I assumed to be his brother, screamed and their father, or who ever it was, came and hit my father with a stick on the head. My father released Felicino, who ran to his brother, but my father ripped his father open from chest to stomach with his claws. Then, when he turned around to handle Felicino and his brother, his brother shot him right between the eyes to avenge his father's death.
   "My father died quickly, and then I came out and his brother screamed when he saw me. He tried to shoot me, but that was his only bullet. Then, Felicino ran off and his brother followed him. I never saw him again, but I remember every moment I spent with him as if it were yesterday. I will never forget him.." sighed the naga.
   "Uh huh, okay, I got the whole thing down." you said, looking at all you wrote secretly. Oh ______, you little.... XD. "..You wrote it down..?" asked the naga in confusion. "I'm gonna write a book about this moment in my life, by the way, what's your name?" you asked. "Ludwig, uh, do you have a life?" he asked, making sure if you did or not.
   "Not really, but I sell candles. Want a maple syrup one?" you asked, pulling out one of your candles. "..Nein, but mein bruder and his boyfriend will."

                    (4 YEARS LATER~)

   "______, look at your fanart on DA!" said Shayla. To be honest, she (I) had no life either, all she ever did was sleep, eat, go on the computer for 14 hours, eat something, read Interview With a Vampire(She claims she wants to get to the part where Claudia dies already and read the Vampire Lestat, her new obsession), eat again, use the restroom, more computer time, draw, go to bed. So she was on DA almost ALL the time.
   You came to look at her computer and saw lots of art with you and Ludwig together, and a few with Gilbert and Matthew together. "Shayla, did you draw that Gilbert and Matthew one right here?" you asked. "...Why would you think that?" she asked nervously. "Because you remembered Matthew's curl and Gilbert's pattern." you replied, smiling.
   "Ja, I did. Also, is there a possibility I make the second book of your series?" she asked. "What'd you do this time, Shayla?" "Nothing.... I just happened to meet a naga so..-" "Where?" "In France." replied Shayla. "...How long have you been seeing each other?" "2 weeks, whenever you're meeting Ludwig. That's why I stay in France most of the time." replied Shayla.
   "...I'll mention you but most of this story is gonna be about Amelina and our next kid I'm gonna have soon." you replied. "Yaaaaaayyyy- wait, you're having another kid?!" asked Shayla. "Yeah, we did it again and it said I was pregnant. Good morning, Ludwig!" you called out to Ludwig, who slithered into the room.
   "Guten Morgen, ______," he said before he kissed you and passed Shayla, who gave him the 'I got my eye on you' glare without him knowing. "So Shayla, who's you new boyfriend~?" you asked, making Ludwig have a spit take with his coffee. "He's not a boyfriend, we're just friends." she hissed. "I thought Shayla said she didn't want to have a boyfriend?!" asked Ludwig in slight shock. "I don't, he's just a friend!" exclaimed Shayla, blushing madly.
   "Lemme guess, when you first saw him the first thing you did when you saw him was run up to him and said 'take me~!'" "No, I didn't! I was watching him have an argument with some British one and then after the British one left and I started to leave, he then started to flirt with me." hissed Shayla.
   "Totally dating! Anyways, I gotta feed Amelina." you said, leaving Shayla and Ludwig alone. "I'm watching you, mistah." hissed Shayla. "Whenever you're watching TV, I'll be watching you. Whenever you're alone with Amelina, I'll be watching. Whenever you're sleeping, you'll see me cosplaying as Izaya Orihara in your dreams. And next time you and ______ are having sex and you think no one's watching, I'll be watching you from the ceiling. And-"
   You heard Shayla going all hyper screaming crazy, so you took Amelina in your arms and when downstairs to see what she was going all derpy about. "What's going on?" you asked, holding the (your hair color) haired and blue eyed baby in your arms. Ludwig was hanging Shayla upside down with his tail.
   "She vwas acting creepy again." sighed Ludwig. "WAS NOT!!" You giggled and walked to Ludwig, and you two kissed. "Eww... Upside down makes it even grosser!" complained Shayla. Then, Ludwig dropped her immediately. "OW! This isn't the last of me! Come, Raven, and we shall take over the world!" hissed Shayla as she went upstairs, grabbing her cat who had a 'please, make her put me down.' look on his face.
   "Vwhy do we let her live with us?" asked Ludwig after you two pulled apart. "Because, if it wasn't for her daring me to go in the forest, we would've never met. Besides, who's gonna do all the maid stuff if we send her away?" you asked. "I HEARD DAT!!" yelled Shayla from up in her room.
   "How did....?!" you murmured. "Like she said, she's alvways watching." replied Ludwig with a light smile of amusement and nervousness.

                       THE END~! (CEILING SHAYLA IS WATCHING YOU~)   
I WAS BORED. :stare:

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