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It was finally done. The little Zweilous plush I had spent weeks to make was finally finished. It was lifezise, the tops of the two heads standing at 4'08". I loved it, and in honor of it, I decided to go get a Deino on my Black version and name it in honor of the plush. I turned on my DSi and skipped through all of the opening screens until I got to the 3D Reshiram. I watched the camera pan around the white Pokemon in circles, then resumed to press start and begin my game. I was at Skyarrow Bridge, and I remembered that I had was trying to hatch an egg. I used my Kyurem, Cruornivi, and made him use Fly. The Unova map faded in from black, and I moved the red cursor on the screen up until it hovered over Victory Road. I clicked it, and the Fly animation came up, the screen faded, and faded back in. My trainer sprite was standing at the foot of the rocky mountain, the gates behind me and the dark entrance to the cave in front. After a few minutes of fighting and easily defeating Durants with Noodle, my level eighty-five Mienshao, I finally found a pair of Deinos. I named the female Lithium. She was hasty and seemed to have good perserverance. She was also caught with ease, she didn't put up a fight at all. I seemed to have a mineral/metal theme going with Deinos, so I named the male Onyx. He had timid nature, but seemed to contradict it since he was stubborn about being caught. The two of them were both level thirty-eight, so I decided Onyx would make a good mate for Lithium. I left Victory Road and flew to Nuvema Town with Cruornivi. I entered my house, but my in-game mother was no where to be seen. I didn't care, she was always useless anyway. I went upstair to my character's room, and a dialouge box popped up. It said "Leave a Pokemon here? > Yes > No" I wasn't sure what this was, and I gave a puzzled look to my DSi. Just in case it was a bug, I clicked yes and another dialouge box showed up in its place, "Please select a Pokemon."
My Pokemon party showed up. My Pokemon were Noodle, Cruornivi, Egg, Lithium, Onyx, and Sin. Sin was a wimpy little Yamask that I was going to start training. He was worthless at his low level, so I clicked on him. An overworld sprite of a Yamask appeared in front of me now, like in HeartGold and SoulSiver. My trainer sprite faced him, and I clicked A. "Yaaoowahh~" showed up in a dialouge box as I heard Yamask's cry. Seemed legit, it was all normal behavior for the game, minus the part that I let a Pokemon outside of its pokeball in my room. I smiled, then left my room, stopped halfway down the stairs leading to the main room, then went back upstairs to my room. The dialouge box asking to leave a pokemon showed up again. I left Onyx, then repeated the process and left Lithium. I then left my house to go train more Pokemon.
Later, I came back to my house in Nuvema Town to check on the three. I went to the stairs and as soon as my character stepped onto them, I heard the fainting cry of Yamask, "Yaooowahhhh..."
Startled, I made my way up the virtual stairs. As my room appeared, I was shocked to see only  Onyx and Lithium's Deino overworld sprites, no Yamask. Sin was gone.
I went over to Onyx, who's sprite was in the very corner of my room. I clicked A, and a dialouge box with "..." in it appeared. I clicked A again, "Onyx seems frozen with fear." The box dissappeared, and I went over to Lithium's sprite, which was casually moving around the room. A. "Graoo~"
I blinked.
"What's that on Lithium's mouth? Take a closer look? > Yes > No" Why was my Pokemon Black version acting like this? I clicked yes, and the screen faded. The next screen was a pixel picture of a Deino, like in Pokemon Ranger when you try to capture an important Pokemon and their profile crosses the screen. But there was one thing.
Lithium's mouth was covered in red-black blood. In real life, I faltered. What the hell? Literally! I pressed A and the regular game screen returned, I was still standing in front of Lithium and nothing had changed. I didn't want to believe it, but maybe Lithium had... eaten Sin? I didn't want anything else to happen, so I clicked on Lithium again and it asked me if I wanted to put her back in my party. I put her and Onyx back in my party then left. After a while, I ended up in the grass near Black City, and the pair was finally evolving. With two Zweilous in my party, I decided to go and breed them. I flew to the daycare and dropped the two off. I didn't bother talking to the Day-Care man since Lithium and Onyx were the same level and same species, they were bound to have eggs. I then went to go train again.
After a while, I came back to the day care. For some off reason, all of the little kids who play at the playground next to the day care were gone, and two playground workers were standing guard at the building's doors. The old man was still in front of the day care, so I went up to him.
"Oh, It's you!" The dialouge began like normal.
"It's a disaster! Your Pokemon.... Th-they..."
"The Old Man fainted!"
When the dialouge box said this, the old man's sprite fell over. My trainer was frozen in place for a moment, then I heard a Deino's cry from inside the day care. In real life, I began to panic. What was goin on? I ran inside the building. The old woman was nowhere to be seen, and the desk was unattended. I was able to walk around behind it to get to the door leading outside into the yard. I went through it, and the next screen that showed up was the back part of the day care. The entire screen had a ominous red tint to it, and in the back of the yard I saw two Zweilous sprites. The one on the right was normal, except for its color. The entire color scheme was a lighter tint as if a dodging tool from a computer software was used on it, the blue-purple was a very pale, almost gray purple, and the magenta-type color was a deep red. The one next to it was almost too much to look at, even though it was but a small overworld sprite. My eyes widened.
The Zweilous's two heads and necks were gone, all that remained of them were two bloody, gorey stumps and bone clearly visible, but splattered with red. I shakily pressed "Up" on my DSi and walked over to the decapitated Zweilous and pressed A. "This Zweilous has had its heads eaten by another Zweilous, you can tell by the teeth marks." My eyes slowly focused on Lithium's overworld. It was casually moving up and down in its idle animation. I gulped and clicked on her. The only thing the dialouge box said was:
"Lithium is full."
I was frozen. What did that even mean? She couldn't possibly have eaten Onyx!
"Take back Lithium?" I clicked Yes. When her overworld disappeared, so did Onyx's. I went to my party to see that all six slots were filled, though I only had four when I entered the day care. I had only taken back Lithium...
I clicked on her icon, and her summary showed up. She did, in fact, have the pale, black-purple-red color scheme, and her mouth and chest were splattered with blood. Her nature now said "Hungry" and her characteristic was "Likes to kill."
I cussed under my breath in real life, but no words came out. I decided to keep playing. Maybe I just needed some coffee and sleep? I was probably just seeing things. But no. I was too ignorant.
I went back to my house in Nuvema town, upstairs, into my room, and the same box showed up. I dropped off Lithium. As soon as her overworld sprite was in the room, it began thrashing around on the walls and ceiling like a extremely bad glitch. I didn't even see her move from place to place, she was just there and then wasn't. The entire room in the game was shaking, and in real life I heard something, most likely glass, fall over and break. My gaze snapped up from my game and to my door, but nothing in real life seemed wrong. I continued my game.
"Hm?" I said, and looked closer to my DSi screen. A dialouge box appeared. The words were most likely the most terrifying thing I ever read.
"Lithium is hungry." the last word seemed to be melting and oozing red. I immediatly exited the box and my room, then ran down the stairs and out in Nuvema town. My entire house shook in real life, and I froze. I wanted to stop playing but something was holding me back.
"Stop playing!" A dialouge box appeared. Faith, my main, precious Hydreigon's overworld sprite appeared in front of my character. "What?" I said outloud. "Stop playing!" Faith repeated. "You'll release it! Stop!"
The screen flashed, and I began smelling the very light odor of smoke. I glanced around, and somehow my eyes became glued to my game again. Faith was gone, and my character went back into her house without my control. She went upstairs, and for some odd reason, both DSi screens were covered in dark red. A dialouge box showed up in front of the red, "Wipe away the blood."
A stylus icon appeared on the bottom screen, signaling me to wipe away the red with the stylus. I did so, and the screens were now visible. My charcter was in her room, and the entire thing was covered in splotched of blood. Lithium was nowhere to be seen. I now had control of my character again, and I went for the door.
"The door is sealed shut with dried blood."
I began cursing madly. This game had a hold of me.
I moved my character to the middle of the room, and a Pokemon cry sounded. It was like a distorted version of a Hydreigon using Hyper Voice. Lithium's sprite flashed in front of me, and the same thing had happened to her. One of her heads was gone, the same bloody stump like the fate that had befallen Onyx.
"Lithium is starving."
I was frozen. Nothing was happening, but I pressed start and opened my Pokemon party. The sixth Pokemon was now visible, and I clicked on it. It was Onyx's decapitated sprite. His nature read "Decapitated" and his characteristic said "Dead." I checked his moves. All four were the same- Guillotine. That was just sick. I went back to his main summary screen and his name read not "Onyx", but "Prey".
I exited the start screen and I was back in my character's room. Something else in my real-life house fell over and broke. I gasped. Lithium's sprite was now flashing and moving closer to mine. The entire screen began flashing until it was black and stayed that way.
"You have been eaten."
"Lithium is full."
My game shut off suddenly, and the smoke smell grew stronger. I turned my DSi around to see that the game slot was smoking and small sparks were flying out of it. Supised, I began blowing on it so the smoke would stop. It wouldn't, so I gave up and ran to the bathroom. I turned on the sink and stuck the DSi under it. I knew this would kill the machine, but hey, I could always get another. I turned the sink's handle to cold, and the 'water' came. But this water wasn't water. It was blood.
I dropped the DSi in shock, but the blood-sink was working, the smoke stopped. My entire body was trembling and I could feel my heart thudding inside my chest. I shut off the water and ran downstairs. There were now multiple crashing noises from things breaking downstairs. I ran over to the couch where I had set down the Zweilous plush I had made. It was shaking and blood was seeping from the skillful stitching. I cursed, and my breath was taken away. The house shook once more before having one last tremor, which was the most violent of all. It felt like the entire thing just lurched and all was still. The blood from the plush was gone, and the entire house was filled with silence.
The last thing I remember was some heavy force hitting me from behind and knocking me over. My entire body numbed, and I heard a gushing-splattering noise. I heard it one last time- the distorted Hydreigon Hyper Voice.
My first try at a Pokemon Creepypasta.
Iono, just wanted to try it out I guess... If this is good, say so and I might make more. This one's kinda lengthy though..

And keep in mind- this isn't canon to Lithium's story. Just a creepypasta parody.
I have another Deino Creepypasta in mind too, but I think that'll have to wait. Internet trouble.

Aaannnyyway. Here, Creepypasta.

Story, Lithium, Cruornivi, Noodle, Faith, Sin, Onyx, etc. Me, ~DireTylo
Deino, Zweilous, Yamask, Kyurem, Mienshao, Hydreigon, and all towns Pokemon/Nintendo
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This is meant to help people who have had trouble running Shimeji's.

I once downloaded a shimeji and whatever I tried wouldn't work, and it turned out I was only clicking one wrong thing!
This is what works for me, since my computer's pretty old and doesn't like to make things work. If this doesn't work for you, I'm really sorry :c We might be using a different type of computer, internet browser, etc. I'd like to hear and questions you may have, and though I'm not a Shimeji expert, I'll try to help out in any way I can~


1. Downloading Files

I always download .ZIP files from MediaFire. Before I downloaded any Shimeji's, I installed something wierd called WinZip, which is a program for extracting files. It's pretty safe, but can get kind of annoying sometimes. You can download the free evaluation trial if you like, or buy it. I only have the trial, so it will most likely end soon, but that's alright. Anyway, download the .ZIP, then WinZip will appear onscreen with the Shimeji file. Right click the entire folder and select "Extract". It opens my documents, and I click "Unzip" at the bottom right. It then shows you the extracing process then opens your Documents. The folder will usually be named Shimeji_character name here. For example, the shimeji you see in the preview image climbing on the window is my Hetalia OC for Wales. Her file name is Shimeji_Wales.
After your see the folder, you may copy (I am unsure if moving it corrupts the file, this is just to be safe) it to a Shimeji folder if you wish, which is just something downloaders make to hold all of their Shimeji folders in one place. This is entirely optional. You can also close WinZip now.

2. Opening the Shimeji Folder

Once you have your Shimeji folder open, you will see six files- "conf", "img", and "lib" which are folders; two files named Shimeji, and a text document (sometimes). The text is just for copyright. The conf folder is for other files, and the lib is for Executable Jar files. Anything extra may mess up the Shimeji. The img is for all of the images, don't mess with these unless you want to make your own Shimeji, which I will go over later. This is crucial for the life of your Shimeji- some files in the conf folder may need to be renamed. You should only do this if it says so in the description where you downloaded, this is why you must always read the description. It will say what you need to rename them to in the description. Now, (after you renamed the files if necessary) to start up the your little desktop buddy, all you need to do is double click the Shimeji Executable Jar File. It has the little Java icon on it. You may need to wait a moment after you click, be paitent! After a moment you will see their little icon (will vary depending on Shimeji character, for example, Hetalia character's icons will be flags) and they will fall from the sky!

2.5 Java Problems
Sometimes, a Japanese error message will appear saying you need to update Java. You can do this just in case, but if it appears more than once, you may be doing something wrong. This is most likely caused by you clicking the wrong Shimeji file- the "Application" file. Click the Executable Jar instead and see if it works~

3. Playing with your Shimeji

Your desktop buddy will walk around and entertain themself. This includes sitting, climbing on the walls of your screen, throwing your web browsers, and even cloning themselves! If you leave a Shimeji alone for long enough, you may have thousands (not really, maybe 40) of little clones running around your screen. With your shimeji, you can pick them up, wave them around, toss them, and clone them yourself. If you right-click their icon at the bottom right of your screen, a small window pops up. It may be in Japanese or boxes. The first one is to make another Shimeji fall from the sky. You can also do this by left-clicking the icon. The second is "Come here!" where all of your Shimeji's of that type will follow your cursor and sit when they get to it. After a while, they will begin moving again. The third will make all but one Shimeji poof, this is just in case you do get 40 on your screen and your internet (or whatever you have pulled up) will lag (it's what mine does "xD). The fourth will make any IE browers appear back onscreen if your Shimeji has thrown them off. This will not close your program, don't worry. The final button will close the Shimeji file all together. You can have more than one Shimeji program up at once, too!

4. Making your Own

To make your own Shimeji, download an already-made one for the base. You should probably ask the artist of the base if you can use it. Though most will most likely agree and say it's perfectly fine, you should still be polite. That's just me talking though c:
So, to begin, go to the base's img folder. Open one file at a time in Photoshop, SAI, GIMP, etc. and trace over it. DO NOT make an exact copy or recolor of the base. Just try to use it as a guide to tell you what pose does what, because it DOES matter. After you've traced and colored over the base, you can save it as a PNG over the file. There are several Shimeji-making tutorials on dA, go look up one of those if you need a visual aid~


FAQ and Notes

To rename the conf files, you will have to rename the 43KB one-
The 10KB one will need to be renamed- 行動


Thank you for taking your time to read this tutorial, I hope it helped! If it did, or you find anything wrong with this, please mention something~ Have fun with your Shimeji!
Shimejis Group Finity
Shimeji Preview/Wales, Tutorial Me, ~DireTylo

To my watchers- YES! I am making a Wales Shimeji~<3 Let this serve as a preview ^^

Thanks again for reading, everyone!
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"--And-a you can stay with Feliciano in-a his quarters," Lovino said, in a surprisingly kind tone. He set a gloved hand on the door to Feliciano's room. You shot him a weird look, holding your bulky new Assassin clothing in your arms, "Why don't you stay with him? He's your brother, after all."

"I can't-a stand my brother," He began, rolling his eyes slightly, "All-a he talks about is-a pasta and pizza, It's-a all so obnoxious…" He opened the door, casually stepping inside. Feliciano had been sent on something called an "ingredient gathering mission", so Lovino was showing you around, helping you get your armor and cloak, and so on.

Apparently it was very important, because Feli was sent off not long before he brought you to the Assassin's Den.

You carefully stepped inside behind Lovi, looking around. Feliciano's room was messy, several weapons just nonchalantly scattered about at dangerous angles (such as the blade of a scimitar on the ground facing you and Lovino), along with numerous papers and pictures shoved under the single bed. Lovino sighed upon glancing around the room, "I apologize-a for his… disorderliness."

He started picking things up, taking extreme care not to get stabbed by any hidden weapons. You just watched as he put the blades and small axes in a large chest in the corner, and gently taking papers and putting them in a stack, "I usually hate-a cleaning, but I know-a Feliciano won't do it…"

You just gave a slight nod, discreetly examining the papers from afar. They were drawings and paintings, made with extreme and delicate skill. Was Feliciano the artist?

"There are-a… a few things you should-a know.." The Italian Assassin gave a nervous, forced laugh. "Like…?" You asked worriedly. By the tone of his voice, it didn't sound too good. You honestly didn't care- you were so glad to be sharing a room with Feli that it felt like nothing could change your mood. You, of course, hid this emotion in Lovino's presence.

"Well.." He started, fixing the stack of papers so they were orderly. "He likes-a to sleep naked a lot, usually around-a three in the-a afternoon. So…. Try to-a get missions around that-a time, so you don't have to-a be around… that."

The thought made you blush. What have you gotten yourself into?

"I'll find-a you a spare bed so you-a don't have to sleep on the-a floor or anything." Lovino exclaimed with a sigh, "You should-a go ahead and-a put on your cloak. Feliciano should-a be back-a soon."

You gave him a short nod and he left the room. Giving a soft sigh, you sat down on Feli's now-made bed, looking down at the folded fabric in your arms. You were very happy to be here, but for some unrecognizable reason, you felt almost unworthy. All of these men and women were so trained, toned, and... You couldn't find the right word for it. They knew what was right, and they were giving their very lives for it. All you had ever been was a pitiful pickpocket, not only for survival, but it was always fun. You thought about this, how would you ever survive without pickpocketing? The thought suddenly dawned on you- Lovino and Feliciano only recruited you because of your swift climbing and running skills. Now that you were an Assassin… You looked back down at your clothes, lifting the gauntlet accessory- that you now knew was a type of brace. You ran a thumb slowly over the Assassin Symbol garnish, letting it shine after you touched it. This symbol meant so much more than you ever wanted, what you ever were… You had to remember you were part of a much, much bigger thing now.

Now that you were an Assassin, you had to fight not for yourself, but for the lives of other people. You would risk your life every day, like the Assassins before you, to protect these people. You had to kill.


You flinched, almost tossing your cloak and armor into the air. Feliciano immediately swung the door open with one hand in one, swift motion, carrying several small pouches in his other arm. Thank goodness you hadn't been changing- he didn't even knock. You muttered a nervous greeting to him, giving a small smile, "Hello Feliciano."

"Hello bella! Lovi told me that-a you were getting to-a share my room with-a me!" He smiled, almost dropping several pouches as he came in. You nodded to him, thinking for a moment. "… Shouldn't you take those pouches to the Master Assassin?"

"I will, mia bella~ I just-a wanted to come and-a see you first!" He cheerily, as always, exclaimed. "What exactly is in them?"

"Caltrops, shrapnel, coal dust.."

Your eyes widened, "Why would you have that stuff?!" Feliciano gave a cheery laugh, "For bombs!"

"You use bombs?!" Feli nodded, giving you a questioning look, as if wondering why you were afraid. You weren't afraid of bombs, what you were worried about was Feli.  He was carelessly letting the dangerous contents of the pouches hit against each other and against other things in his arms. So many things could go wrong, you thought worriedly before catching yourself. You realized you were only worried about this because it was a danger to Feliciano's safety…

Clearly bored by your strange silence, Feli shrugged. "I'll-a go put these away, bella, you should-a get ready for bed." You tilted your head questioningly, "Why?" Feliciano tilted his head toward a closed window, before going over to it and pulling away the curtains. No light shown through, "It's-a nighttime, bella [F/N]~"

You felt your face flush a deep red, embarrassed. You glanced away, not wanting him to notice, "O-okay.."

"Oh! Before I-a forget.." Feliciano muttered and quickly left the room for a moment before returning with some clothes, "These are-a for you, mia bella. You can-a wear them whenever you're-a not in your cloak~"

He handed you the clothes, a [F/C] nightgown to sleep in. As much as you cared for dresses and such (unlike other women who loved them), this article of clothing was beautifully stitched, and you found yourself beginning to like it. You smiled up to him quickly, "Thank you."

He smiled back in return before hastily leaving the room to return the pouches of bomb ingredients. Not knowing how quickly he'd be back, you quickly undressed and put on the nightgown. Smoothing out the wrinkles, you noticed your eyes wandering back to your folded cloak. You were fascinated with it for some reason. "I'm-a back bella!" You heard behind you. You turned to the door to see Feliciano backing through the doorway, dragging piles of blankets behind him. "We didn't have-a any spare beds, so I-a got these instead…" He began, turning to you. He did a double take, and you watched as a deep flush spread across his cheeks. Beginning to feel your face flush as well as he stared at you in the nightgown, you glanced nonchalantly at the floor. "I'll sleep on the blankets then, I'm alright with it." You looked back up at him, forcing a reassuring smile. Feli stammered for a moment before clearing his throat, "It's-a okay, bella, you can-a have the bed." Suddenly back to normal, he shot you a smile before he continued to drag the blankets inside. You gave a soft, inaudible sigh of relief. That was uncomfortable.

He arranged the blankets into a little nest, then proceeded to take off his armor and cloak. You blushed even more, not sure of what to do just in case he did entirely strip, like Lovino had said. You hastily crawled into his bed, your back to him, just in case. After a moment of silence, your curiosity got the best of you. Giving a quick, careless glance, you saw him kneeling down at the blankets, in a normal shirt and pants.

You couldn't help but feel slight disappointment.

You watched him mess with the blankets for another moment before he actually flopped down on them, rolling around in them like a child. You let a soft, fond laugh escape your lips, "What are you doing?"

He looked up at you with big, bright eyes, an adorable expression on his face, "Getting comfy, mia bella~" He rolled onto his face, now tangled up in several blankets.  Letting out a content, muffled sigh, he settled down and was silent. You continued smiling and watching him for a moment, not wanting to look away. You finally tore your gaze away from him and rolled onto your side again, getting comfortable. You closed your eyes contentedly when you heard Feliciano's quiet murmur, "Night, [F/N]…"

You smiled slightly, "Good night, Feliciano…"

You awoke in the morning to see the young sunlight trickling in from behind your eyelids. You yawned and, upon shifting positions slightly, felt something warm next to you. Wanting closer to the heat, you snuggled against whatever the source of the warmth was. You inhaled, smelling something nice. A yawn came again, and you rubbed your eyes. You blinked sleepily, only to find what the source of the warmth was. Feliciano was next to you, deep in sleep, still cocooned in several blankets, his arms wrapped tightly around you.

What the hell?!
Sorry it took so long ;3; I haven't been at my house in a while, so I wasn't able to write... This is the first one I've written in one day, so I hope it doesn't sound rushed anything (because I took my time on it). Anyway, enjoy~

Mia bella- My Beautiful/Beautiful

*- I don't speak any Italian, and we all know Google Translate is very derp. If you speak it and this is incorrect, please tell me-*

:bulletblack: Part 1- [link]
:bulletblack: Part 2- [link]
:bulletblack: Part 3- Here!
:bulletblack: Part 4- [link]
:bulletblack: Part 5- [link]
:bulletblack: Part 6- [link]
:bulletblack: Part 7- [link]
:bulletblack: Part 8- [link]
:bulletblack: Part 9- Coming Soon!

Feliciano and Lovino Vargas/North and South Italy Hetalia: Axis Powers/Hetalia: World Series/Hidekazu Himaruya
Assassin's Creed Ubisoft
Story Me, ~DireTylo
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"What do you say, bella?~"

You blinked, uncertainty starting to creep in. You had always worked alone in your work, but you had always felt as if something were missing. It could be a number of things, you thought. Being part of a family, using your gift for a cause bigger than yourself... Or maybe even you just wanted to be with Feli a bit longer. You liked his attitude- you've never experienced this much happiness at once, and it seemed as if he had enough for the both of you.

It's not like anything was holding you back, after all. You gave a quick glance around- the streets were cleared except for you, Feliciano, and the lifeless bodies of guards and Arquebusiers downed by Lovino.

You continued to stare into his eyes for a moment- in them, you could see nothing but warmth and kindness. They were definitely something you wouldn't want to ever leave.
"O…O-okay." You gave a short nod. "Really?!" Feliciano asked, his smile getting bigger, if at all possible. "That is-a fantastic!" He wrapped his armored arms around you in a tight hug, which caused your cheeks to get hot. What are you doing?! You fussed mentally, Are you blushing?!

You continued to blush as you were pressed to his chest in that tight hug. You cleared your throat uncomfortably, not wanting to actually enjoy his touch.*

He let go of you, having a calmer smile. "You'll-a love the Brotherhood!" the Assassin said, suddenly grabbing your wrist. You flinched slightly as you looked down at his hand. The same hand with the gauntlet-like armor. As someone who appreciated eccentric designs, you couldn't help but stare at it in awe- there were silver decorations all over it… The most beautiful being the silver garnish in the middle- the Assassin Symbol.

You had been so entranced with the symbol that you hadn't noticed Feliciano dragging you up the side of the building Lovino had left on. He was struggling trying to pull you after him up the vertical wall. Realizing this, you decided not to have him carry more than he should, because he was, of course, already weighed down with armor. You muttered an apology, then started to climb after him. Once on the roof, he smiled back at you. "Are you-a ready, bella?"

"Ready for what?" You asked, hesitantly forcing a lighthearted smile. "The zip line!" He exclaimed cheerily, jabbing a thumb towards a long zip line that extended from the roof off into the distance. You couldn't exactly make out where it lead. "You mean we're going to ride on that?"

"Si!" Feliciano smiled, wrapping an arm around your waist. You didn't even want to know how hard you were blushing.

Seeing that you were visibly flustered, the Assassin gave a warm smile, "Nothing to be afraid of, mia bella, the hookblade is-a very strong." He moved his free arm a certain way just as a large hook slid out from the bottom of the gauntlet-type accessory. You immediately knew where this was going.

"That little thing won't be able to hold us!" You said as Feli pulled you along towards the wire. He raised his hand and hooked the metal onto the line. You tried to politely squirm out of his grasp, but he wouldn't let go. This crazy Italian was hell-bent on going down this zip line.

He leaped off the building, holding you close to him. The two of you flew down the zip line, you barely had a moment to even think. The wind rushed past you loudly as you quickly gained speed. In fact, it was so loud, you could barely hear the almost inaudible voice of Feli cheerily warning you not to look down. Of course, you did look down, and what you saw was amazing.

All of Constantinople before your eyes, several wide streets passing by within seconds. You saw the rich, the poor, the guards… It was all so wonderful. You felt as if you could see into people's entire lives, what you had missed out on, what you had never noticed or seen. You looked up at Feliciano, who was still holding onto you tightly. For some odd reason, you felt a warm, positive sensation come over you, and you shot a quick smile up to him. Without meeting him, this short moment of discovery would've never been possible. You didn't know how to ever possibly thank him.

"Here's-a our stop, bella!" The young Italian man chimed. You looked in front of the two of you, there weren't any buildings, only a large, crowded street. "But Feliciano," you began worriedly, "where exactly are we—"

The hookblade retreated back into the gauntlet and, still going at an alarming speed, the two of you abruptly dropped. Immediately clinging to him, you squeezed your eyes shut in fear. You could feel that Feli was entirely relaxed, but you weren't convinced. Air slammed into you as you plummeted to the ground, and to your tremendous surprise, the imminent force was not stone, but soft hay.

There was silence for a minute, until you heard Feliciano give a warm laugh, which caused you to open your eyes. You glanced around- you and the Assassin had landed in a large cart of hay. Turning back to him, you noticed an amused grin cracked across his beautiful face. You felt your cheeks get hot, and you gave him a displeased frown, "Why the hell didn't you warn me?"

"Aww, sciocca ragazza~" He smiled, stepping off the cart. He held out his hand to assist you, and you took it. Giving a soft laugh, he helped you make your way out of the hay, "I did-a warn you, bella~"

Sighing, you tried not to smile in an attempt to be serious, though you couldn't. Feliciano saw what you were attempting to do, and he gave a playful smile, politely dusting some hay off your shoulder, "Are you-a ready to meet-a your new family, [F/N]?" He asked merrily. For some reason, at that moment you felt all of the confidence in the world, and you gave a determined "Yes."

"Great!" He proclaimed, taking your hand and leading you to the nearest building. You glanced up- the Assassin Symbol. You never expected you'd ever be walking through these doors. Nevertheless, you were excited.

Before entering the normal, nonchalant door, the den seemed like a normal, small building. After having Feliciano lead you inside, you would've never in your life dreamed that one building in Constantinople could be so large. There was a long wooden pathway that lead into a large, warm, and inviting room. There were many colorful rugs on the floor-most likely gifts from Romanies. Several small fires were burning, and a few decorated cloak-clad Assassins sat around them, talking and laughing. There were bookshelves along the walls- ancient pages being illuminated beautifully by firelight as the warm colors of the den complimented each other- creating a safe a friendly atmosphere. You looked around in awe, and Feliciano allowed you to take all of the sights and sounds in, watching you with a fond smile. This was not at all what you expected an Assassin HQ to be like- you were halfway expecting cobblestone dungeon walls with torture devices. Maybe not to that extent, but you get the picture.

Feliciano gently took your hand, as to not startle you while in your state of amazement, and slowly lead you through the room, greeting a few fellow Assassins as he went. Hearing his voice snapped you out of your trance, and you were suddenly plunged into self-consciousness. Several Assassins glanced at you and smiled whiles others greeted you kindly, and you did your best to reply in such a friendly manner. After you two left the room, you went down a hallway. It had an old, wise air to it, and as you walked you realized paintings on the wall- of men and women in Assassin cloaks and armor. Several names were scratched under it, though you only had enough time to read a few…

"Altaïr ibn-La'Ahad and-a Ezio Auditore da Firenze, ve~"

"Hm?" You looked back at Feliciano, who had his eyes fixed on the paintings as you did. "Past Master Assassins, mia bella." He smiled back at you, and you gave him a slight smile in return. "According to my Mentor, they were-a great men, without-a them, the Assassin Brotherhood would be-a nowhere it is-a today, ve!" Feli said, for once not as childish. You sighed softly, contentedly, as he continued to talk about his training and how great Lovino was as an Assassin, and so on. It wasn't long before the two of you were brought to another room, also emanating a great and powerful wisdom. You couldn't even begin to describe what all was present, you were overwhelmed with enchantment.

"The Three-a Tenets.." Feliciano suddenly began, his eyes closed as if speaking some sacred words that not even he would dare say in his normal childlike manner. You watched him, intrigued by how much this Creed clearly meant to him.

"Stay-a your blade from the flesh of an innocent…"
"Hide in-a plain sight…"
"Never compromise the Brotherhood…"

He stood in silence more a moment, before opening his eyes and smiling at you happily, as if he was back to normal. "There's-a so much I have-a to teach you, mia bella! Come, I'll-a show you around and-a introduce you to-a everyone!"

And with that, he grabbed your wrist excitedly and pulled you off into the next room. You allowed him to drag you on- you were eager for you new life in the Assassin's Brotherhood, with Feliciano, to begin.
*-Because you wouldn't want that, now would you?~

I tried to incorperate both of what I saw in Part 1- Fluffy (all of the blushuuu. There'll be more, I promise.), talking with Feli, and Constantinople events (Being the guard stuff in Part 1 and the zipline in this). I'd like to hear from you guys what you'd like more of. Though there's a plot to this, it's mostly bendable towards whatever you guys want. So input's appreciated, what you liked, what you didn't, etc. .u.

:bulletblack: Translations:
Mia bella- My Beautiful/Beautiful
Sciocca Ragazza- Silly girl*

*- I don't speak any Italian, and we all know Google Translate is very derp. If you speak it and this is incorrect, please tell me-*

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Feliciano and Lovino Vargas/North and South Italy Hetalia: Axis Powers/Hetalia: World Series/Hidekazu Himaruya
Assassin's Creed Ubisoft
Story Me, ~DireTylo
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You had already drifted off to sleep before you could see Feliciano's reaction. Your last conscious thoughts had been something along the lines of "what would he think?", "would he hate me?", or even the fleeting spark of hope, "does he love me too?"

Maybe you would never know, just to confess your love as your final breath is released from your lungs. Thoughts of love, death, and the Assassins swam through your consciousness, when suddenly your world went blank. Only the sound of your still-living heartbeat thudded calmly, piercing the abrupt silence.

Out of the vast absence of material form, you saw yourself. Standing in full-clad armor, you glanced around as you tried to take in the inexistent surroundings. Out of the thudding silence, soft footsteps began echoing through the space, as if slowly stalking on wooden flooring. You looked up.

A white-cloaked figure slowly began forming as the footsteps came closer. You felt no fear, muttering a hello.

The figure stopped in front of you. A taller assassin, looking down at you calmly. You studied his facial structure as he greeted you back- he looked just like man in the picture in the Assassin's Den. Ezio. You blinked, opening your eyes to the black world of the Eagle Vision once again. A wispy blue was cast upon the form of the Assassin standing before you as if he was made up of the blue fire.

It is said that the blue in fire is the most dangerous.


You were soon greeted by light as you opened your eyes. Your vision blurred from sleep, you took in the moment. You were still alive… but Feliciano wasn't next to you. As soon as you noticed his absence, you shot up into a sitting position, ignoring the extreme, searing pain that came to your stomach and torso. Where had he gone?!

You glanced around again- you weren't in the same room. It wasn't even an Assassin den, you thought. You had been laying down on a small bed in the corner of a small, decorated room. You quickly began feeling fear sweep over you, so you swung your feet over the side of the bed, ignoring the pain. You shakily stood, though the speed of the movement almost sent you tumbling over. Immediately supporting yourself up against the wall, you looked down at yourself. All major sources of pain were wrapped in bandages, with some deep red leaking through. You turned back to the bed you were on- next to it was a nightstand with a small cloth on it. In this cloth were small, bloody caltrops.

It took you a minute to understand- the doctor had gotten to you in time after all, but why here? You noticed your Assassin cloak and armor hanging on the wall- and you immediately put them on. Hustling-or limping- out the room, you noticed books all hung up on walls around you. You seemed to be in a library. Glancing to your left, you saw the same wounded person from before. It was a young man with a large bandage wrapped around his head, over one eye. Looking up at you, he spoke- "You should be resting…"
"I shouldn't!" You replied, coughing. "Where are we?!"

He shrugged, "Your Assassin friends moved us here to get better. I woke up just before they evacuated us- apparently something bad has happened," he murmured the last part quietly, a worried look in his good eye. "Your wounds will reopen if you move too much—"
"What has happened?!" You limped closer to him, about to beat the information out of him if you had to. Another voice piped up from behind you, gently touching your shoulders. You spun around, ready to fight again, paying no mind to the pain. It was an unhurt woman.
"Please sit, miss," she said calmly. "The North Bayezid den, where the two of you were being tended to, has been attacked by the Ottomans. Your friends," she turned to you, "brought you here. They are back at the den defending it at the moment."

You were overcome by shock, you must help them! "How bad is it?" The woman gazed at you calmly for a moment, giving you a silent, dry look.

"Pretty bad. I was told that they went as far as bringing in some heavy-duty weapons and machines to assist the defense."

You didn't have to comprehend your decision for even a fleeting moment- you had to go help, even if you were injured. Without another word, the woman turned her back to you and continued off into the opposite direction from which she came. You scowled at nothing, how could you be wasting your time here when the man you loved was killing himself trying to defend a mere building? You tightened your belt and lifted the ashen hood over your head.

Casting a glance back at your wounded acquaintance, he looked back up at you. He held your determined [E/Y] gaze for a moment before looking down at his feet, as if granting permission for you to run off. You studied him for another moment before turning to the door.


You shoved citizens aside as you hauled your wounded form through the streets clogged by the massive Constantinople crowds. Paying no mind to the rude remarks from the people your ran into, you had that single goal in mind- protect Feliciano. Every chance you had, you-without decreasing your speed-propelled yourself up onto buildings and other objects in order to keep the same pace. You had never run so fast in your entire life, despite your numerous, now-reopened wounds.

You didn't even know where you were going, somehow your feet knew where to carry you. Soon, a large stack of murky smoke emerged into your line of sight.

Lifting yourself onto one last roof, you stood and studied the horrific sight before you-
The large, majestic tower of the Assassin den was lit ablaze, the red and yellow tails of the fire licking hungrily at the beautiful wood. The roar of this fire was overpowering the normal noises of the streets. The obnoxious call of merchants, the undying chatter of the Constantinople general public, and the noisy clatter of shoes on hard stone was lost to the area. All that remained was the fire's unmerciful growl, and the yelling of the attackers and defenders of the den. Two large machines were standing guard in front of two hastily-made barricades protecting the den on either side. These machines- a large tank and cannon- were firing ruthlessly into the invading formations of Ottoman soldiers. Some highly-decorated Assassins- even the masters from a few other dens- were shouting orders to crossbowmen, bomb carriers, and other Assassins hiding along the rooftops.
You found yourself looking around for either of the Vargas brothers. The familiar thick Italian accents, the raging spitfire from Lovino or the bright, happy smile from Feliciano. Either would spell hope for you at the moment, though all that currently mattered to you was finding Feliciano safe.

You broke your gaze from the burning den and ran along the roof, scanning the area for your targets. In the streets, some Assassins were fighting vis-à-vis against some Ottoman soldiers. You wished to help all of them, but your heart wouldn't let you. It was still searching for that one man.
I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am for the lateness! I honestly didn't think school would take so much out of me! I've had stuff after school a lot, and whenever I get home I have to do homework and relax for a little while. I had time to do this today because my hand got messed up (burst a blood vessel yesterday, had a panic attack, left home early, didn't feel good this morning.) so I decided to write again~

I also apologize for the lack of lovey in this one. At least you know what happened now ^^ *gets shot*

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Feliciano and Lovino Vargas/North and South Italy Hetalia: Axis Powers/Hetalia: World Series/Hidekazu Himaruya
Assassin's Creed Ubisoft
Story Me, ~DireTylo 2012
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You spun around, your heart immediately thudding inside your chest. Five Janissaries stood in a row in front of you, the one in front with his arm crossed over his chest. One of the guards in the back of the group was dragging something heavy and bloody- a beaten heap of a body. Whether it was alive or not, you couldn't make out.

"Seems as though the-a little pickpocket got lost and-a tangled in the Brotherhood…" The cocky head Janissary scoffed, giving a husky, dry laugh. It sounded awful- as if he had sand in his throat- and it sent a eerie shiver down your spine. These were the same guards that almost killed you the mere days before.

Without thinking, you held your Splinter bomb tighter. You suddenly had an epiphany—

Throw it.

And you did- in one wide involuntary swing of the arm, you sent the small sphere full of deadly caltrops right into the ranks of your attackers. One Janissary on the side saw it first, and he immediately flung his body away from their patrol. The others weren't so lucky.

As soon as the bomb hit the ground between them, the world was thrust into a dead silence. You couldn't identify the source- perhaps it was either the bomb exploding or your adrenaline spiking to a dangerous level and you were close to fainting. Once there was silence, you saw the small object explode and send thousands of small spikes in every direction- including towards you. You watched as three guards fell to the ground- caltrops embedded in their armor, uniforms, and whatever skin was exposed. They lie still as the remaining men scramble around in a panic.

Despite you managing to catch all of this happening, your adrenaline was remaining spiked. In this state of extreme panic, you hadn't noticed the several piercing pains in your legs and stomach.  You had only felt several small forces hit you.

Glancing down- the thought dawned on you the exact moment you saw what happened. Several caltrops were pierced into the cloth on your snow-white cloak. A deep, warm red was quickly crawling across the fabric as the pain came. A piercing pain, as mentioned before, and it was awful to feel something not only cut your flesh, but stab it and be left there. A few caltrops were so far deep in your skin, you could barely see the other side.

This set it off- your vision blurred as pain flooded from your wounds to your brain.  The world spun as you stumbled back, watching helplessly through your clouded eyes as two more guard patrols- both Ottoman and Byzantine- enter the scene.

Though the Ottoman Empire was the most prominent in the region, some areas were still controlled by the Byzantines. Usually, whenever guard patrols of these empires met, they immediately began fighting. This time, they seemed as if they wanted you dead more than each other. Fantastic.

Suddenly, your eyesight went black for a split second. You blinked in surprise, and once the darkness didn't cease, you called out for Feliciano and Lovino. They couldn't have gone far, right?!

No answer except for the uproar of the downed guards' pleas for help. You gave a painful, shaky sigh that caught in your throat. You curled your fingers around the hilt of a dagger that was sheathed in your belt.

If this was to be your fate, you would greet it and accept it with honor.

Your vision still black, you stood in another adrenaline spike. At this moment, shapes appeared through the blackess. After a fraction of a second, you could make out what you saw. There were numerous red, pulsing shapes in the vague form of guards. Some were motionless- staring straight at you with their large weapons drawn, the rest scattered about attempting to assist their fallen. Among the hustling red-illuminated Ottoman guards, you saw a faint blue light engulfing the beaten corpse. Perhaps they weren't dead after all?

You gathered yourself and drew the dagger in one swift, short motion. It would've looked awfully impressive if not in this dire situation. Your breaths coming in quick, rapid gasps, you distinguished every individual guard from the sea of red- finally getting used to this strange new vision. You stood there, gripping the dagger tightly, waiting for the Byzantines to make the move. One very large guard lifted his battle axe, using gravity to his advantage as the sharp blade plummeted down towards you.

Your vision was perfect now- possibly even more helpful than what you saw before. You could see every single guard, every crease in the fabric of their uniforms… The axe even emitted a fiery aura of red.

You ducked slightly, dodging swiftly to the side as the blade sliced into the concrete ground. Your instincts suddenly took over, and before you had time to comprehend the moment, your arm shot out to the befuddled Byzantines' skull. The hidden blade attached to the brace on your arm shot out in response to your certain arm movement, at the exact moment your hand hovered parallel to the slits in the Byzantines' helmet he uses to see. In a flash of light as the sun reflected off the polished metal blade, the weapon plunged itself between the slits of the helmet and into the guard's skull. He gave a sputter before falling face-down onto the concrete.

You didn't have time to comprehend how awesome that was- the next guard was coming towards you, a swift Ottoman Janissary. He was coming up on your dagger, hookblade side. You brought the dagger towards your chest to gain fatal momentum before swinging your arm, slicing across the guard's chest. You swiveled your body to bring in the death blow, a stab with the hidden blade.

By now, the red-tinted guards were dropping like flies. Were the Vargas brothers finally here? You tried to take a moment to distinguish the living from the dying- they all had the red aura. In your unfocused moment, something knocked you hard in the head, sending you plummeting to the ground.

You hit the ground with a thud, hearing a loud crack and a sharp pain jet through your spinal cord. Your eyes crossed, blurring the red images again, but you quickly regained yourself. Blinking- you saw a lone, bright-red Janissary looming over you. He had a long saber in his hand that had a blue aura dripping off of it. Feeling the pain come to your cheek where you got hit, you gingerly touched something warm dribbling from your mouth. You looked at what was on your hand as you began tasting the prominent tang of iron, blood..

Turning your fearful head back to the guard who was standing over him, you saw a few caltrops stabbed into him and several other bloody wounds. You could see his chest heaving with pain and hate as he raised the saber and sent it flying down to you.
You waited for the end.

But once again it never came. Blinking, you realized that you had your eyed sealed tightly shut as the saber came towards you. A blue shape loomed over you now, though you couldn't tell what was going on. Desperately trying to catch your breath, you heard someone  a few feet in another direction speaking in rapid, hasty Italian.  You shut your [E/Y] eyes and opened them again.

The world was filled with a bright light for a moment as your eyes adjusted to the sun. You focused your gaze in front of you.

Feliciano Vargas was standing not over you, but the stone-cold body of your attacker. He was staring down at his bloody hands in utter disbelief, a tear-worthy expression of fear and confusion cast upon his innocent face. You tried to say his name, though it came out as a shaky gasp, "F-Feli..ciano..?"

His wide-eyed gaze immediately snapped up to you, and despite the caltrops embedded in your flesh that also posed a threat to him, he immediately enveloped you in a hug. His arms wrapped tightly around your aching torso, he held you against his chest and began sobbing into your shoulder.

He just killed someone…. For you.
Part 6 is out! This is the first one I've actually gotten into writing, since I was feeling kind of bummed about the others. I hope you all realize a signifcant improvement in the overall writing, and enjoy! <3
Also, tell me if you think this needs a mature content filter for violence. I'm not sure if it does or not .u.

And if you don't know what happend with your vision- shame on you c:

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Feliciano and Lovino Vargas/North and South Italy Hetalia: Axis Powers/Hetalia: World Series/Hidekazu Himaruya
Assassin's Creed Ubisoft
Story Me, ~DireTylo
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He continued sobbing into the leather pauldron on your shoulder. Lovino now made his way towards the two of you- finishing off a Janissary that was desperately trying to claw away. "Are you-a okay, [F/N]?" he asked, panting slightly, wiping some sweat from his forehead with a white-clad sleeve. You nodded very slightly, the slightest hint of movement sent shocks of pain from your shoulders and hips to your spine.

You hadn't noticed your wince once you spoke, the pain from the caltrops in your skin was like a burning, searing pain. They'd be sore tomorrow, huh? Feeling a small spasm of pain go through you, you twitched, alerting Feliciano of your injuries. He stopped squeezing his arms desperately around you, he had been hugging you close to him the entire time. The Italian gave a quiet sniffle, wiping his still-tearful eyes with a hand. You looked at him sadly- it pained you, even more, to see him cry like that…

He attempted to smile reassuringly to you, "S-sorry, bella…" he sniffled, tears beginning to crawl down his face as he began to speak again, "I'm just-a so g-glad you're okay…"
You forced a weak smile to him, "Please don't cry, Feli," you coughed, beginning to taste the tangy iron again as a pain in your spine made itself known. You remembered, when you got knocked down, you  had heard a loud snap….

"Can you-a sit up, bella?" Lovino asked, genuinely sounding concerned. Not the right situation to be angry at anyone but the attackers, you suppose. You tried sitting up, your spine quickly sending pain to your head as if it was screaming at you to not try it. Gently using your arms to lower yourself back to the ground with a grunt, you replied, "I don't think so… I really hurt my back earlier."

Lovino turned to his brother, "You-a take her back to the North Bayezid den, fratello. I'll-a scout ahead and-a see if there are-a more guards."

You held up your hand, covered in your hidden blade vambrace, giving a cough. Lovino stopped and turned to you. "I think that person's still alive…" you let your hand limply fall in the direction of the bloody civilian. Now, getting a better look at them, their side was heaving painfully. Lovino immediately nodded, "Si, bella, good job," and shuffled over to the body. He, as gently as an Assassin can, picked them up and started off in a direction- to the other den, you guessed.

The remaining Vargas sniffled again, trying to hold back more tears as he carefully swept his arms under your back, he was taking so much extreme care that no pain appeared at his touch. Feliciano smiled slightly down to you as he lifted you up off the ground, you gave him a warm smiled back. Trying to lighten the mood and not think about what he had done, he glanced around at all of the dead guards at his feet, "Wow, mia bella…. You're-a really strong, ve."

You gave a painful chuckle, "Nah.." you murmured, wanting to ask him about the strange thing that happened to your vision. He carried you slowly and carefully in the direction his brother sped off to. The silence was beginning to make you uncomfortable, so you asked him- "Hey Feli?"

"Si, bella?"

You thought about how you should put it, "What does it mean if…." You began to explain the experience thoroughly, adding every detail. You glanced up at him, and though his ashen hood cast a shadow upon his face, you could easily tell he was smiling. "There's a legend," he began, all sadness from earlier had dissolved into the past,  "about an ability, called-a the Eagle Vision…"


The two of you arrived at the different, smaller den a few minutes later. Feliciano had been telling you about the legend of the Eagle Vision the entire trek there, how it was a sixth sense that very few bloodlines possessed. Though everyone could use it, it was most prominent in certain lineages…

Lovino had already made it there long before you and his brother, and he already had made sure the wounded person was being tended to. You found the Assassin waiting for you at the door to the den, a worried expression cast upon him. He opened the door for the two of you.

Though this den had a less important feel and was relatively smaller, it was still friendly and inviting, just as the other had been. Several other cloak-clad Assassins quickly rushed up to help Feliciano upon seeing your beaten, caltrop-wounded state. They lead him to a vacant room and he gently eased you onto the bed as your other comrades hastily went to go seek out another doctor.

Feliciano smiled weakly upon seeing your hurt form, "You'll-a be okay, bella.." he spoke softly, gingerly brushing some [H/C] hair out of your eyes. You nodded, though it felt as if nails were being hammered into the bones in your legs, you felt comforted by the fact that Feliciano was here. You blinked slowly up at him and asked if he was going to stay.
Nodding, Feliciano sat down on the edge of the bed next to you. This peace allowed you to think about the fight, and this allowed you to once again become self-conscious. You could've gotten the Vargas brothers killed….

"You know, [F/N], you really did good-a back there." Feli suddenly said, staring straight forward at the wall. By what you could make of his expression, he looked as if he was recollecting the events of the fight as well. "I'm-a really proud of you… I knew I-a made a good choice asking you to-a join us," he smiled calmly back at you, lifting the hood off his head.

You automatically understood why he wasn't acting like himself. "Thank you," you said quietly. "For what?" he turned his gaze blankly back to the wall in front of him.

"You saved me from that Janissary," you replied, a matter-of-fact tone to your voice. He was silent, which made you feel as if you hurt his feelings, so you cleared your throat quietly and continued, speaking even softer, "Lovino… told me that you'd never killed anyone before…"

To your mild surprise, the Italian immediately responded, nodded slightly, "He was-a going to kill you, bella. I couldn't-a let that happen to you…" he trailed off and glanced down at the wooden floor that was covered in rugs.  You smiled ever so slightly, closing your eyes. You were worn out from all of the adrenaline spikes and fighting you had gone through today, and since most of the pain had subsided, you wanted to rest.

Though you weren't entirely sure if you'd wake up, due to how much you had bled due to the several edges of the caltrops. You tried to guess how many were stuck in you, maybe… eight? All of the mild pain had merged together, you weren't able to pinpoint any actual injured areas.

Giving a soft sigh, this didn't bother you much. There was always the possibility you wouldn't survive, but you felt secure and safe with Feliciano beside you, and you knew he wouldn't leave your side. "Feliciano…" you whispered, already preparing for your sleep. He looked over his shoulder to your face, blinking, "Bella?"

"I'm going to rest, okay?" You opened an eye as to not alarm him and make him think you were dead. He hesitated then nodded, "The-a doctor should be here soon, bella… You won't have much time for sleep."

"I'll get as much as I can," you replied, closing your eye again. You smiled, wishing to know what his expression would be like once you told him.

"Okay…" He muttered, almost disappointed. Slowing your breathing and your heart rate to keep the pain at bay as you fell asleep, you finally spoke softly, feeling your heart drum softly in your chest as you calmed down.

"I love you."
Two xReader installments in two days? The end is nigh, my dear friends.
Here's part 7, sorry not much happens ;u; but amgh! You finally tell teh Feli you love him~<3
What'll happen in the next chapter? >w>

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Feliciano and Lovino Vargas/North and South Italy Hetalia: Axis Powers/Hetalia: World Series/Hidekazu Himaruya
Assassin's Creed Ubisoft
Story Me, ~DireTylo
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Not even a day into Hetalia and I've already made a stamp. I love Germany and Prussia lols, lovely accents...
And.. I couldn't help it. I just couldn't. This is from episode... Three from World Series, with Greece and Japan. I started up with Axis Powers but Youtube didn't let me go past like episode four.
Also... this can be considered my first time using Photoshop.
I did it.

Greece and his cats...
And North Italy sounds a lot like Ling.

Hetalia Hidekazu Himaruya
Feel free to use~
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The Alduin I drew for a main picture on my Ask Alduin Tumblr account... He's pretty~ Took me a few hours, suprisingly.

Well, ah, yeah.

I should go draw Seath from Dark Souls now.
In a dragon mood..
But I'm tired.

Alduin The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim; Bethesda Game Studios
Art Me, ~DireTylo

No using at all, anywhere. Only for MY Tumblr and DeviantART accounts.

Ask Alduin here!: [link]
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Joe is epic

Knuckle Joe & Screenshot (c) Hoshi no Kaabii
Made here:
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