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ok, i have no idea, its from twitter about the royal wedding, its jack and alex from all time low but jack tweeted:

'this is a horrible joke in real life im taller than alex'
and im :rofl:


*I DID NOT MAKE THIS, credit goes to whoever did :heart: *
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Winged wolf adopt.

10 :points:

Design: :iconlittletoydragon:

Lines: :iconriosock:
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This is still a WIP, but here is the basic world map as it stands for the moment! I am by no means proficient with flash so please excuse the wonky quality. I will try to improve it as I upgrade this ref in time :,B Updated to hopefully make it a bit easier to read!

The Helling world is divided into different planes, ranging from deserts that can barely support life to lush rainforests rich in magic. The Main plane, however, is most similar to the human world and the first area Helling come into when passing through Fairy circle portals.

1. Rolling hills
Fields by TeguFace
A vast expanse of rolling grassy hills. With nothing more than the occasional shrub for cover it’s an area abundant with small prey such as rabbits, field mice and pheasants. The area can support 2-3 medium sized packs at most, and the packs usually nest in burrows or excavated hillsides. All types of Helling can survive here, as conditions are quite constant.

2. Dense temperate forest
Speed Paint Forest by TeguFace
This wide area of temperate forest provides shelter for many packs, with both food and magic sources in abundance. Likewise many roaming Helling hide amongst the undergrowth, stealing magic and disappearing into the ferns before pack Guards can catch them.
In the middle of this forest lies a clearing and an enchanted spring. The area is neutral ground for the woodland packs.
Packs: 1/5 - Hestia pack

3. Grassy Mountain Range
Grassymountain by TeguFace
Packs that inhabit this environment are hardier than their lowland counterparts, as conditions can become quite extreme during the prolonged winter season. However, unlike in the higher altitudes there is still enough resources to sustain more than a single pack without the need for territorial disputes. Most types of Helling can live here, however those that are very sensitive to cold may find it harder to thrive. Prey animals are mostly rabbits and goats, as well as the occasional grouse. Dens are usually in caverns in the mountainside.
Packs: 0/3

4. Mountain Range
Mountainrange by TeguFace
The harshest environment on the Main Plane of the Helling world. Only the toughest can survive in these extreme conditions. Minimal food and magic sources drive the packs living here to be in constant conflict with one another.
Fairy circles are very few and far in between, however no matter where they are located, they will always grow in an area of lush grass due to the potent magic saturating the area. Packs guard these circles fiercely, and often have more Intermediate form Helling for protection than packs from other areas.

However, this frozen wasteland is not without it’s rewards. The harsh climate is a test many Helling are willing to take on in hopes of winning the favor of the Sentinel that guards the portal to the next realm.


5. Pine Forest
Pineforet by TeguFace
A dense evergreen forest spanning the mountainside. It is an area abundant in resources that can sustain multiple packs, so long as they are willing to put up with the nuisance of pine needles prickling their paws and sap matting their fur.
All kinds of Helling can live here and many roamers stay in the area to prepare for the pilgrimage to the top of the mountains in hopes of being granted passage to the next realm by the portal’s Sentinal.
Prey in the area is mostly made up of birds, small rodents, and for those that are more skilled hunters there is plenty of larger deer and elk to tackle.
Packs: 0/5

6. Marshlands
Marshes by TeguFace
Only Helling that are proficient swimmers and don’t mind getting their fur wet can thrive in this area. While sources of food are abundant, fairy circles are harder to come by, often forming small islands of lush grass amongst the high reeds.
The packs that live here are composed of mainly water-based Helling who are fiercely protective of their territories.
Packs: 0/3

7. Lake Islands
The lake's deep waters connecting the islands allow for only the best swimmers to make their home in this area. The islands offer protected areas for packs to form their dens, yet they must rely on the water for their food as little game beyond the occasional bird come to the islands.
Packs: 0/2

The maps for lower (malevolent) and higher (benevolent) planes will be released in the future, as well as more environments for packs to inhabit. We will be releasing more information on how to form packs in the upcoming days! As packs start to take up different regions they will be allowed to name their territories - hence the very basic names for the locations at the moment.

Other refs:
Pack Mentality - Hellings and Social StructureThe World of Hellings
The world that the Hellings inhabits is both ours and separate from our reality at once. Hellings can live in the human world, live with the spell casters that mistakenly made them, or they can, as many chose to do, escape to their own realm. Creatures of magic, Hellings can slip through portals to a world beyond the human eyes. This is their world, full of the magic that sustains them, and wondrous places for them to frolic. Fairy circles, discussed in more length below, connect our world and theirs, and through them they can travel to and fro. 
It should be noted that as fairy circles are protected by packs, not all circles will let all beasts through, and some Hellings will search for a time before they find a portal to escape into another world. 
The Social
Hellings are a social creature by default--while they are created from the mistakes of man, they seek out each other rather than the failed users of
Hellings - Basic Species Ref by TeguFace

Art (c) jubilalant and myself!
Hellings are a closed species belonging to jubilalant and myself.
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Free Backround // Fondo Gratuito

-You don't need to ask for permission.-
-Send your work back to me so l can see how you did- .........
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Free Backround // Fondo Gratuito

-You don't need to ask for permission.-
-Send your work back to me so l can see how you did- .........
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This is a contest search engine developed by dAhub.  Moderators from AnotherContestGroup curate the contests that are submitted by deviantART users.  To add your contest to this search engine, use the Contest Submission Form.  Contests submitted using this form are submitted to the Contest Directory above, the Upcoming Contests journal, and the Message Center Contest Widget


In the search field enter
to see all the contests authored by, hosted at, or submitted by dAhub

The "Author" is who wrote the contest journal.  "Hosted at" is the group the journal appears in (if it was originally submitted through a group).  "Submitted by" is the user who put the contest into the directory

to see how the contest… appears in the search results.  The number is the deviation id of the journal found at the end of the journal URL and in the :thumb: code

Use double quotation marks like
"as the"
to see all results where the word 'as' and 'the' occur sequentially

Starting a search with a dash
will remove all results that contain the keyword 'limit'

You can enter text in the search field, press enter, use the left and right arrow keys to navigate through the results and then press the 'backspace' key to modify the text in the search field

The results are ordered by the deadline.  Those about to expire are listed first.

The results are limited to the first 24 records.  To see more results using the same search, increase the "Deadline after" date


The search engine only lists contests once they have been approved by an AnotherContestGroup moderator. AnotherContestGroup moderators will leave a comment on each contest journal as they are approved in order to notify the contest host that their contest has been listed in the directory.

If a contest is approved by an AnotherContestGroup moderator and then the original poster edits the contest listing, the contest must be re-approved by an AnotherContestGroup moderator before it will appear in the results again

Only an AnotherContestGroup moderator, the original contest journal author, or the user who submitted the contest to the directory may edit the contents of that contest in the directory

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: what is the deadline before vs deadline after mean?
Answer: Entering dates into these fields restricts the results to just contests that have deadlines after, before, or strictly between the given dates.  If you only want to see contests that end at least one week from now, click the "+ Week" button in the "Deadline After" section.  If you only want to see contests that will end within the next 8 weeks, click the "+ Week" button in the "Deadline Before" section 8 times.

Question: Why does it show only 24 contests per search?
Answer: It was a design decision to limit the lag when loading queries that have a lot of results.  The results are ordered by the deadline, so you can view contests past the initial 24 by increasing the "Deadline After" date

Question: what is ACG package?
The ACG Winner's Package is a service you can claim from AnotherContestGroup to increase the value of the prizes in your contest. In brief, you may note the group to request this service. Once selected, AnotherContestGroup will feature the winners of your contest in the group's journal for added exposure. The winners will receive watchers, llamas and other perks. For more details, refer to FAQ #6 here:
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I was on AnimeGalleries looking at Naruto pictures for all the characters because I was bored, and I came across this-this-.....THIS THING.


Derp Derp Shikamaru puts troll faces everywhere to shame.
(c) Masashi Kishimoto
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