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Wheat field 2
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In The Distant Galaxy of FaAron, Within the Nebulous Center of Iranus .
In the 71st Century of the Aramek Solar System The Age as considered by many as the Overture Era.
70% of all beings have migrated from The Genesian Planets to other planets of the near Solar Systems. 
The discovery of the Dymon Spheres, Atomic Micro Fusion Stars constructed around the Same Organic Matter as the Suns Made a Revolution on the MicroPowered Organisms, and potentiated the great civilizations exodus. 
But this discovery also brought strain and tension between the Alied Stars Nations.

And After 4 long centuries of war The Solar System of Aramek is now divided between two superpowers, the SiâDor Military Federation and the Atlan Ring United Pacts.
Behind the many centuries of war Many scientists were joined at ARUS, a small And old MicroStar Heavy Industrialized neutral Nation, Were after the First impact with the discovery and traveling of the Near Solar Systems They Started to Prefabricate And replicate a Mutant MicroFusion Alien BioGenetic Organism Brought from The Agoron Stars called The JIORON. A Deviant Tecno Organism Applied to living Cells, making extreme BioSintetic Mutations out of experiments on Stray fighters across the System ...  Therefore they Created the The Faoron Faraô Abaruns Abacus Systems - Mechanical Genesian Bio living Weapons That were pretty much Undefeatable, and selling them across the Near SOlar Systems has Made The ARUS nation prospered economically and progress like no other industrialized sector of Iranus Solar Systems. 
But In the same Century of thier creation, There was a Arcane Rampage of this MicroOrganism Machines Causing Guerrilla Factioned Wars across the whole Solar Sistem, Putting in Stake the Sole Peace of the whole SIaDor Solar Federations Starting the Atlan Ring Wars, that spreading currupted the Stars Pact Flagelating and destroying entire Planetary systems ...
But something beyond and Even more out of everyone control started to happen in the 4º century of the SIador Wars.
As Some of this BioSintetic Mutationed warriors after defeated and long dead already Started to revive at war deposits and to control alternative living energies By Some or other Rampaging Accidents Their Living bio Enfusioned Energies made within themselves Dymon Atomic Fusions at a MicroNova Nano Degree...
WIth  their Ravenant Souls Last breath Allocating Themselfs in a last flame within a last Spark in The Dymon spheres Energy within their nanoNeuronCells These Still living Souls That Were not incenerated refused to leave their TecnoCorpses, And therefore started to Function as Nano Energy Entities ... Beyond the common Ways of Biological living.
In just Few Decades The Raising power of this Creatures become devastating enable them to destroy whole countries in their locations across the Planetary rings ...
This Monsters Long Before Selled to all COrners of Aramek as War Aegis Machines built by the ARUS High TecnoEclesiatics of DIOR, Were somehow by some local guerrila set free at a Large Degree Of exposed hidden experiments and after losing complete control over some of them, Severall Hundreds of These destroyed the whole ARUS Moons and invaded the Dosrian military Planetary forces Nearby. Causing a mass Destruction wave tru all the DosRiam Planetary Rings ...
... Leading Their Disapearance as for the SiãDor Fedaration Within a act of despair after severall planets destroied by these beyings contramesured with a Gigantic NovaAtomic Detonation And Genoside of the whole Dosriam Planetary Rings Causing the meltdown of the whole ERANUS Solar System... in the 2º Century of War .

And all this was just 3 Centuries ago ...

At the 74º Century of Aramek

Kios Torua Amis Shion. A Orfen EClesiastic Student was living at the 4º Planetary System of Aramek, In KAMUN he was a high Apprentice of the Dymon Sphere's "Veraval Modules" With the 77 Troyan Martial Ecletic Tryon Academy, and at a Raid Within the Ekatom Ruins discovers a mysterious Inactive  Genesian Biosintetic Gigantic Creature Which he become too much attached for its own good and that will change its life and of all everyone in Aramek in all Good and Worst Possible ways ... Forever... 

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commish for :iconcmd-keen:, hope you like ._.


commision info here: [link]

char [link] belongs to ~CMD-Keen
art belongs to me
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Titania, queen of the fairies, luring a mortal knight...

I had this idea concerning knights and their queens, I love how they remain loyal and chivalrious to their ladies, so I wondered how would it be for a mortal knight to pledge his life and honor towards an unearthly queen.

Comments are more than welcome, I'd love to know what you guys think!

Stock used:

Titania :iconfaestock:
Knight :icondragon-orb:
Lake and trees :iconfrozenstocks:
Sword :iconmelyssah6-stock:
Jewels :iconlilystox:
Wings :iconsylwia77:


Mist :iconfalln-stock:
Foliage and Sparkles :iconspiritsighs:
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Another Neo piece were I took one of the old villains and gave them a re-design. So here is Nemesis, demon of vengeance one of the demon princes (princess doesn't really suit her) of the realm of wrath.
She is known as the inescapable as when she has a target she WILL NOT STOP!
She can be summoned into our realm in two ways;
- In her full form she is the most powerful, however it takes great power to summon her, once here she has 7 days to complete her mission before she returns.
- In a vessel form, if the person who summons her isn't very strong or powerful only her spirit comes though and must process a body to complete her mission. Over the week the body will physically alter to match Nemesis form, and sadly when the 7 days are over and Nemesis leaves the shock kills the vessel.

Next in the series

Pencil sketch coloured in photoshop

RPG Neo Horror in development © Emily Alys Price 2013
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A collaboration by hummarcus (hummbuzz & ~marcusgravus ) [link]

- Artwork by Mark. [link] [link]
- Composition and spiral element by Yvette.
- Editing by both of us.

Featured by:

:iconscheinbar: [link] [link] :icondimajaber: [link]

Thank you.

This image may not be used in any form without written permission. Thank you.
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A younger me(face) as a fairy. :D How I adore Autumn.




Hair_ Ilona Vozari




Thank you for viewing. :heart:
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Flags of the nations of the world by 1953, set in my A Different Revolution ATL, also known as Our Revolution on

Check out my Different Revolution series in my gallery's alternate history folder

The American Age-->

Time For a little Back Story Children:

In this timeline America and France stand as the two most powerful nations on Earth, a fact that has remained as such since the World War (1919), and periodically since the Great American War (OTL War of 1812).

Germany has never been united, however with the formation of the Council of Germania, there is finally hope to end the centuries of warfare between the Germanic states of Prussia and Rhineland. Austria has recently joined the council as well, under the leadership of President and United Germania icon Alois Hitler.

In the Caucasus National Syndicalist leader Ioseb Stalin's reign is nearing its end, as the Man of Steel nears death's door. Many fear civil war will break out upon his end.

In America it is a time of National Pride not seen since the turn of the century. The Chaotic Years have come to an end and with the inauguration of President Rose Wilder Lane, the country has signaled that it is time for a change from the policies of the Roosevelt (Elanor) years.

In Asia, China has entered a renaissance of economic and cultural development. The two century alliance with the United States seems to have finally brought the country into the developed world, and with the decline of Japan and Russia, China stands as the soul power in Asia.
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