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Commission for :icongnewi: omg I'm sorry you wanted her with the green dress but somehow I started working on that one instead ;-;'
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Hehehe, first thing: about the title. Maybe it's not very appropiate but I couldn't resist myself. I love idea of strong, beautiful woman, druid "bodyguard" :D
And now to the main point: here you can see the lineart of Ria, character of :iconpiccolaria: , who won the second place in Elyra's contest, Fairytale category:)
I hope you will like it :iconpiccolaria: :hug:

<-- Here you can see character sheet of Ria:)
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Commission for *PiccolaRia as a prize for winning Best of Show in a recent contest for #RelativityComic. The info and other winners for this contest are posted here. This prize was sponsored by `Mirz123, who runs Relativity with her husband, `Ravenswd.

Ria is an OC that belongs to PiccolaRia. For more information, visit the group #Kherming-Chronicles.


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Commission done for :icongnewi: of her character Emrah.

Thank you!!

Emrah ~Gnewi
Art T. Wagemann *fee-absinthe
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Here we are with the first of the Free Sketches I was requested last month! I'll be submitting the first three now, and add the other from the 4th to the 6th next week!
For the other please be patient! ;)

This pic was requested by the sweet :iconshisleya: as a gift for her friends :iconendorell-taelos: and :iconpiccolaria:!!
And these two girls are their OCs Luciana (left) and Ria (right)!

Wow, drawing the flower was tough, but fun! I had never done it like this and I'm really happy with the final result,! I hope you'll like it too!!

FEEL FREE TO COLOR THIS! If you want to color this, please let the OCs' owners know about it! ;)

See the other ones here:

Should you be interested in commissioning me a similar lineart, please contact me!!!

Luciana `Endorell-Taelos and Ria *PiccolaRia
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I'm bad at choosing a proper description, so this one is going to be simple. Apart of my usual manner of striving to pay a tribute to all stock providers and they truly deserve this, I dedicate this piece to two very unique female artists here: Piccola-Ria and Lady Aimee-Valentine. I'm going to describe my purpose as accurately as possible.

Piccola-Ria's imagination gave life to the little lad here. His name is Gar Sheltkan, he's Real Guard Vice Captain in Kherming and Kyed's right hand. His personality makes him a wonderful companion, but also prevents him from happiness: he secretly admires Valeren Loder Balch, Kherming's king's niece and proud (a bit spoiled and overestimating herself, if I may add) heiress of the throne. Yet he's too shy to let her know about him, so Val doesn't even realise he actually exists, poor guy :neom:. As you see, Gar's has a deep story behind his character sheet and is a great man to portrait - I depicted him as a child. He has adored Valeren since his childhood, I bet :D, and he'll do anything to may call her his princess. So far, he guards her... from bees* :giggle:. What a devoted gentleman, isn't he?

Lady Aimee-Valentine, on contrary to Gar when it comes to emotions, is one of the most courageous (and modest) people you could've ever met on DA. If you haven't already done it, go ahead and see her gallery. She's one of the most prolific stock providers too. Despite a wide range of different types of resources she truly can be proud of, she remains sweet and modest. It would be great for Mr Sheltkan if he stopped dreaming about moody Valeren and took interest in Lady Aimee, I am sure about it. Ria, my dear, if you hear me, think about it as neither you or Gar will regret it!

Other information that needs to be shared is: originally, Gar doesn't have a dog. Or, in other words, I do not know anything about it. I may be wrong, of course. Anyway, I decided to give him a puppy, so that he's not alone anymore. Pets are far more loyal and reliable than romantic partners, after all. The puppy is called Binky in honour of Death's horse.

Puppy by Zememz
Boy by by JujuKittyChick
Plants by BeilArt, JustALittleKnotty, Zememz, MaureenOlder
Wall by Zememz
Background by Microsoft Office Free Cliparts
Grass by Zememz
Bench by MaureenOlder
Texture by MysticalCreations
Trees by Cheyenne75, Zememz
Rock by Zememz
Bee by AV_ModelingAndStock AKA Lady Aimee-Valentine

*Believe me: bees are DANGEROUS. Really. They can be so devilish there should be a special anti-buzz tax in every country. Gar knows it best :mwahaha:.
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A small gift for :iconpiccolaria:, for her birthday!
*PiccolaRia is one of my favorite artists here on dA! She's kind, talented, very productive (does lots of beautiful commissions) and she's always there to support her friends and watchers!
I've always loved her OC Ria (the one you see in my pic), but when 2 days ago *PiccolaRia submitted this amazing drawing of Ria and Kyed (another OC of hers) I just couldn't resist drawing her!

I kept thinking about what could have happened the moment later, or maybe in her mind or in her dreams... and that's the result.
I wanted to give it a dreamlike atmosphere, more like a nightmare maybe, in which Ria keeps seeing the moment she had to leave Kyed over and over again.
I know, this doesn't look like the "normal" kind of gift, full of happiness and joy, but that picture *PiccolaRia uploaded really moved me and I wanted to create some kind of tribute to that picture and to Ria's feelings.
I just hope *PiccolaRia will like this! :rose:

Tanti auguri, Cru! :heart:

To see my previous works for her, click these two thumbs! (the second wants has Ria in it)

Textures by =Sirius-sdz --->…
Ria *PiccolaRia
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FULL VIEW PLEASE! It's only a few pixels wider, but it augments the sharpness drastically.

For :iconpiccolaria: 's Time Machine Contest, found here : [link] The fascinating characters, Vondel and Aralyn, belong to her, as well.

Only, they have somehow been transported in the middle of the partying 20's, and the beautiful Aralyn is now a reserved, wiry flapper girl. The rich, devious and eerily handsome Vondel, known for his decadent ways, seems to have taken an interest in her, and the riding crop he is holding does not bode well.

So, why is it that, besides feeling terrified, she is also oddly excited?

Anyway, since the size of the picture is small, I thought I should upload a close-up of the faces, too, that have been built pixel by pixel, and thus took... quite a damn while! it's in my scrapbook, here: [link] .

Everything, including the room, has been painted from scratch in TwistedBrush. I am not even sure why the room looks so ridiculously photo-like, other than the fact I used references. I almost considered making a few mistakes on purpose, so that no one can accuse me of photomanipulating. O_o

Good luck to everyone else!

EDIT: Tweaked a few things after :iconairehkah: 's awesome comment.
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My entry for the Time Machine Contest [link]
I put characters to Russia at the time of Pushkin ( first part of 19th century). So and the photo was taken by me at Pushkin Mountains.
Kyed and Vondel belongs to :iconpiccolaria:
Mizrael belongs to me (In fact, she is my NWN OC, here's her normal appearence [link])

I don't completely likes how Kyed turns out. Well, I try to make him as he have never seen these two before, dislikes his company.
However, Vondel and Miz are more interested in the situation. After all they both are magicians. And even if Miz isn't evil, her moral is strange.
Poor people, who will meet these two... Elven ears, Vondel's tatoo and Mizrael's bone arm...what might they think in the 19th century? :D

Here's another version of this drawing. I din't submit it on dA [link]
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this is supposed to be Gnewi's OC Jurre,tho it looks nothing like the OC >,> and cant seem to finish it so...gonna stop workin on it,i hope your eyes dont get burned O.O
des pose referunced
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