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A sketch/speed painting commissioned by :iconmirz-alt: as a Birthday gift for :icongnewi:!!!! :cake: :love: :heart: I'm so sorry I'm so late... but I hope you'll enjoy this smexy version of your awesom OC Jurre!!! <3 I love him so much!

Jurre @ Gnewi
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Edit: Thank you so much to the wonderful people who have given me pointers with this! I really appreciate it!! :glomp:

Grr! There is still so much wrong with this! :ashamed: I drew this mostly last month. Just fixed a few facial anatomy flaws, her hairline and finished shading the shadow's hand last night. Still this morning I can tell there is something wrong with her face. Oh, well! I am leaving it. I am not good at this angle face nor open mouths so I will try to be happy with what I did do! XD

I had originally wanted there to be more symbolic things in this but in the end it is left with the Parnassus Grass and the shadow's hand. The Parnassus Grass flower is small and grew near Emrah's home. It was her favorite, and the one she would collect to lay on her mother's grave. The shadow, is the darkness that threatens her country, and more specifically her people. It is what killed her father as well and becomes the main focus of Jurre and Emrah's battle.

The amazing :iconsleyf: worked hard with the designing of my Shadow (Daemyn). It is this monster's hand you can see in the picture. :la:
Trade 2013 - Gnewi - Daemyn by Sleyf

If anyone would like to redline her face... I would be greatful! :) Or anything else I might not see wrong for that matter. Hoping in another year I will have the ability to pin point it right away! XD

Much love and hugs to everyone!!

Emrah and art © =Gnewi
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Commission for :icongnewi:

Thank you! :heart:
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Here we are with the first of the Free Sketches I was requested last month! I'll be submitting the first three now, and add the other from the 4th to the 6th next week!
For the other please be patient! ;)

This pic was requested by the sweet :iconshisleya: as a gift for her friends :iconendorell-taelos: and :iconpiccolaria:!!
And these two girls are their OCs Luciana (left) and Ria (right)!

Wow, drawing the flower was tough, but fun! I had never done it like this and I'm really happy with the final result,! I hope you'll like it too!!

FEEL FREE TO COLOR THIS! If you want to color this, please let the OCs' owners know about it! ;)

See the other ones here:

Should you be interested in commissioning me a similar lineart, please contact me!!!

Luciana © `Endorell-Taelos and Ria © *PiccolaRia
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Commission for :icongnewi:

Thank you! :heart:
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Aelys Ideka - Commission

Medium : Digital Painting
Software : Gimp 2.6

A private commission made for spadiekitchenqueen. Aelys Ideka, her world and her story belong to her; She is also the author of all text that follows :) I don't have enough time to open public commission right now, but if you're interested you can still note and ask me !

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So many words were coming to his mind as he watched the slender silhouette stalk him in the misty forest.

Doll like.

She looked to be barely eighteen, a innocent teenager yet she was wearing the sombre attire of the Keeshir Guard. If it hadn't been enough of a hint on who she was, the twins swords strapped at her sides would have been enough to recognize her, this small frame and mane of long raven black hair, her pale skin marred by a huge scar that was visible at the neckline of her black leather armor.


She was moving silently on her soft soled shoes through the wisps of fog, focused on her task and he tried to back down, the shelter of low hanging branches suddenly seeming ridiculous in front of her. She moved as in a dance, shifting elegantly though the forest, leaving nothing to betray her passage.


The dry wood snapped loudly under his heels, echoing under the foliage.
At the sound she had turned her head and their eyes caught each others. Her were the same icy gray as the sky, cold and determined. As she saw him a brief flash of emotion crossed her face and she pulled her sword out, the steel whispering softly against the leather of the ornate scabbard.


That's what she was as she started again toward him, whistling high and clear to call on her friends of the Guard as he broke in a frantic, desperate dash to escape the swift and stern justice of the blade his actions had brought down on him.
Under the misty sky, Aelys started after him.


Aelys has been found by Aeran and Beeren on the shores of Dendroa, grievously wounded and bearing marks of torture. After a long recovery, she entered the Guard, a corps that act as judge, jury, and executioner shall need be and which answer to the king, Oren, the Keeshir and father of Aeran and Beeren.
Mercilessly trained, she is ruthless, balancing her physical frailty with her speed and precision, dancing a dance of steel and death around her opponents.
She will make a few friends among the members of the Guard but Beeren will remain her best friend, confident, almost like a brother.

Know as Kiddo during this period, a name given to her because of her small frame and almost childlike body, she will be nicknamed Aelys by Aeran, Aelys meaning Aeran's flame, or Aeran's blade, in the old language.Together they will keep on a steady relationship they will nevertheless have to hide given their mutual status, the nameless soldier and the king's heir.
She will stay in Dendroa for several years until she will have to flee, scapegoated with the murder of the king.

Devoted to her adoptive country, quite socially awkward, bordering on fanatic sometimes, she can appear cold and aloof to strangers while she is just terribly ill at ease when confronted to large groups. She actually has a small sense of humor she doesn't show a lot, save to her friends, she is intelligent and curious, and eager to learn. She is also fiercely protective and faithful.
Utterly unable to cook (If you're lucky, what she will do will be a tasteless bland mush. If you're unlucky, it will have taste..) and sing, she loves to dance and she isn't that bad at leather working.
She has a fondness for dendroan poetry and enjoys stargazing with Beeren, usually requesting him to sing as he has a great tenor voice.


Wanna know more about this character ? Be sure to check those :
Aelys interview
Choose an original character you have created. All questions must be answered from the character's perspective. The character should remain "in character" throughout the interview. The character may refuse to answer a given question, but must say something in reply to it. The character must answer truthfully, but that does not necessarily mean that their answers must be true, only that the character believes them to be true. Have fun.
CHARACTER: Aelys Ideka
SETTING: Five years after her accident, in the land of Dendroal (the land of the wielders of storms, guardians of the Spirit of our fathers of War) when she is a member of the Elite guard of the Keeshir, so before her exile in the Land of the volcanoes and her adoption by Chomeď Ideka. (Keep in mind she was quite endoctrined at the time)
. R
Lessons of life part 1
"Are you entering or what?"
Rion was looking at her with amusement in his eyes, along with something else, comprehension maybe?
Kiddo took a deep inspiration to brace herself and stepped over the threshold of the house. It was not as if she hadn't crossed it several times already but today was different. Today she was alone.
"You look like you're entering a lion's den."
"Actually I entered a lion's den once." She saw the way Aelra was looking at her and felt the need to justify, smiling a self deprecating smile at the pretty young woman.
"I didn't do it on purpose, though. Some rogues from the Moors had managed to take up one of our outposts. I was the smallest so I climbed up and through a garret at night to sneak in. But I was careless and jumped in the middle of what I thought were the stables. There weren't horses in there, at least not live ones. The chief had bought somewhere two lions and had fed by hand since they were cubs and used to set them on his prisoners.."
"What happene
The Keeshir's blade by spadiekitchenqueen
Main gallery
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A small gift for :iconpiccolaria:, for her birthday!
*PiccolaRia is one of my favorite artists here on dA! She's kind, talented, very productive (does lots of beautiful commissions) and she's always there to support her friends and watchers!
I've always loved her OC Ria (the one you see in my pic), but when 2 days ago *PiccolaRia submitted this amazing drawing of Ria and Kyed (another OC of hers) I just couldn't resist drawing her!

I kept thinking about what could have happened the moment later, or maybe in her mind or in her dreams... and that's the result.
I wanted to give it a dreamlike atmosphere, more like a nightmare maybe, in which Ria keeps seeing the moment she had to leave Kyed over and over again.
I know, this doesn't look like the "normal" kind of gift, full of happiness and joy, but that picture *PiccolaRia uploaded really moved me and I wanted to create some kind of tribute to that picture and to Ria's feelings.
I just hope *PiccolaRia will like this! :rose:

Tanti auguri, Cru! :heart:

To see my previous works for her, click these two thumbs! (the second wants has Ria in it)

Textures by =Sirius-sdz --->…
Ria © *PiccolaRia
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Request for :iconthewolfgodness: (:
Her Charas Wirlwind an Chestnutleaf :3

I know.. the cats are crappy ^^'

Charas © ~TheWolfGodness
Art © me, ~Leafessoul
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This is a request from my sweet *PiccolaRia

She asked me to draw a chibi version of her wonderful character Ria and Kyed <3...

I hope you like it *_*!!!

Ria&Kyed © *PiccolaRia

Reference: [link]

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Birthday gift for *PiccolaRia, commissioned by `Endorell-Taelos, of her OC, Aralyn. For more information, visit the group #Kherming-Chronicles.


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