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We are our own worst enemy.

I wonder what people think of me...

Evil: as if they care
Good: they always do
Evil: you're not unique, copycat!

But I just like to draw things and stuff.

Evil: you're not even original!
Good: at least you enjoy what you do

Right... :)

Evil: but you won't accomplish anything in life with drawing

Oh... :(

Evil: you suck major a$$!!! hahahaha
Good: that's not true. You can draw and create things lots of other people will never be able to do.

Could be... but what if-

Good: Shush! Don't bring yourself down like that. You're making yourself sick. :no:
Evil: but you already are
Good: you know what I mean
Evil: sure, as if talking to yourself is healthy

I'm losing my mind here...

Evil: Mission accomplished
Good: Stay strong...

No matter how secure someone may seem to be, there's always one person who can make you the most insecure and weakest person on the entire planet... And that person is you.

I've had a lot of self esteem issues. It made me doubt about who I am. About what I can do. It makes me feel sick.

Luckily I got a lot more stronger and don't give a crap about what people think of me, but still... there will always be someone who can make me feel bad. But I try not to give in. :)

(That's why I always try to stay optimistic and make other people happy as well!)

Anyway, there are symbols in this drawing that represent good and evil. Or at least it represents opposites of things. Good can be evil and vice versa if you don't know how to handle these things in life.

I tried to colour the drawing but yeah... I'm not very good at that :hmm:

And it was weird drawing myself differently x) but that's another story. I've had enough of myself for now lol.

Stuff used
  • 2H, H, HB, B, 2B 0.5mm mechanical pencils

  • tissue and tortillions for blending

  • my own pictures

  • imagination

  • kneaded + pencil eraser

  • A4 Hahnemühle Nostalgie sketchbook paper

  • Photoshop for coloring :noes:

  • Time spent: too much! I don't like drawing my own face xD
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    2nd edition of re-drawing of Avril..^.^


    Medium: Color Pencils
    Paper Size: A4
    Year: 2012
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    I was never ready to say goodbye
    You were my everything
    My best friend
    The pain of your loss still stings
    I couldn't breathe that day you came home
    And gave us the bad news
    I didn't want to believe
    I was so confused
    They did everything they could
    But God was ready to take you from us
    So we just had to let go and trust
    Your laugh still haunts my thoughts
    Don't worry, I have not forgot
    How your smile would light up my day
    Now I'm alone, lost in dismay
    I still think about you all the time
    How you were always there for me
    Your love, all mine
    Your soul will live on within me
    You're lost but not forgotten

    My second entry for the Think Pink contest. Category: Traditional art

    :love: I'm so proud of myself for getting two drawings in this year. This is my 4th year doing a breast cancer drawing. This is my other one>>

    I wanted to do a sexy, happy, pinupy style with boobies :giggle: and of course an emotional one too, in memory of those lost or to anyone who's lost a loved one because of breast cancer

    lovely reference
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    My first entry to "Think Pink V" contest by :iconjunkbyjen:

    Entering in Digital/Photomanipulation

    Model: ~SweetTradeStock [link]
    Wings: ~Madam-NatasStock [link]
    Ribbon: ~hebedesign [link]
    Floral brush: Angèles + Papersweets [link]
    Bokeh brush: *WoW-Sky [link]
    Background: ~stock-pics-textures [link]

    My Hodgkin's Lymphoma Awareness piece:
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    This is my entry for the draw this again contest by deviantart.

    It's a portrait of a girl eating an apple.The older one was done back on 2011.The new one I finished on September 27, 2012 .
    I improved a lot on the new one and I am really happy with it. It is probably my best work ever. :D
    Hope you guys like it :)

    OLD - [link]
    NEW - [link]
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    Painted with soft pastel on Sansfix paper. Winner of Society of All Artists' Portrait/Figure Category Winner (2010).

    all images copyright © Margaret Ferguson Fine Art
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    I really wanted in on this competition so I decided to incorporate it into my current school project ^^
    And I just finished in time!

    The image depicts the zodiak sign of the Twins.
    It represents the differences and the likenesses between us all, as we are defined by our opposites.

    They are sisters and even though they are eachothers opposites there are still simillarities inbetween them.
    The butterflies are day cratures, basking in the sun as do the flowers, while spiders, moths and beetles hide in darkness.
    The color balance in the image adds to the feeling of a ying and yang, being very light on the upper side and very heavy with black on the bottom.
    This is also strenghten by the opposite shadings on their eyes and lips.

    They both wear pearls because I wanted to convey the impression that they are the same. I also added the red details to emphasize that link, as well as add to the overall impression of the image, making it a bit more interesting.

    They kind of remind me of me and my sister, we are very different but very much alike at the same time :)

    Inked with pen on A3 paper.

    Vote for me please! :D
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    As soon as I read of this contest, I immediately began scribbling ideas for it. I kind of felt like entering a few times, but it's less than a week before all is due. I guess we'll see. :)
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    Happy with a fish from Fairy Tail! I haven't carved a pumpkin in at least 3 years, and I've never done this kind of shading, so I'm really proud of how this came out. :]
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    pencil on paper
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