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When Jim was a little boy, he once found a book lost in the park
and since then he treasured it. First he made his parents read
from it, then little by little he learned to read himself, mainly
inspired by this book.

It was Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book" and Jimmy loved all the
characters from it, but specially of course the main character

He had a strange passion for him, the more he grew up the more
often he imagined him, it was a strange, confusing happiness and
sometimes he only needed to close his eyes...

"Akela, the grim old wolf who had never asked for mercy in his
life, gave one piteous look at Mowgli as the boy stood all naked,
his long black hair tossing over his shoulders in the light of the
blazing branch that made the shadows jump and quiver."

The book was full of some strange attractiveness and it felt
almost like its pages were made of magnet, not paper, and if he
didn't hold the book firmly enough in his hands, he could be
sucked through the pages right into the jungle world.

Of course, honestly it was the only book Jim has ever read, being
a poor beggar, and even that book was given to him by chance.
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my tight waist
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my tight waist
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Left/Right - move
Up/Down - rotate
Space - drop

Pack those bendy elves as tight as possible! ^_^

Please do NOT play this game for longer than 15 minutes or the devil will take your soul!!

Yes, this game was originally invented by some horrible ancient demon, if not the disfigured Baal himself. The game is supposed to devour a lot of your personal time with a loud buuurp, and then make you suffer the nasty "tetris effect" next morning that feels almost like a hangover XD;;

Game Devilopment

This game was mainly born from the talk with *psychmeout, although the idea itself was probably much older, but considering there have been no real "contortion tetris" games so far, one finally needed to be made ^_^;;

The only problem was what to do with the figures once a line is removed, but the final idea was to turn into pretty balls XD quite literally..

Speaking of the figures, the purple elf was probably the most troublesome to come up with but now he's quite possibly the bendiest of them all and could fit pretty much everywhere XD

And just in case, that green ball is a hand massage ball, not a spike bomb! :3

And yes, Flexelf is a pretty dumb name, but you can read it in both directions and summarizes the love for bendy elves XD;;

Full view plz!

You can actually get better/bigger graphics by clicking "Download file" link on the right side, that will open a bigger version of this in a new browser window, then you can even press F11 to make your browser go full screen!

:devart: Find more of... :bulletyellow:Flash games
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And at last the moment you waited for... Enjoy :3
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"Look, a three-headed monkey!!"

Another drawing of Aldric Cheylan's characters because I just love
drawing these two! ^-^ They are contortion teacher Emaryl and one
of his best pupils, Romir.

All the pupils love their master, Emaryl, because he has such a bright
attitude both as a teacher and a person. He has a unique way of
teaching and because of his philosophy his pupils become some of
the most flexible elves in the world! His own contortion practice in
the past helped him to develop his way of teaching.

Emaryl's main idea is that stretching must never be painful but must
be instead something that can be truly enjoyed. First of all, Emaryl
would teach the young elf to touch his feet to the back of his own
head. This is something that most children can do very easily, but
most of them don't even know that they can do it. He would then
let the pupil experience how wonderful it feels, he wouldn't push
any further and would let the boy enjoy the feeling of having his
bare soles laying on the top of his head for as long as he likes.

The student falls in love with this feeling and then Emaryl says
that this is actually what contortion is all about! But it's only the
beginning, more advanced poses would feel even greater!

If it is so enjoyable, the pupil would quickly grow to be obsessed
with it and would want to practice it instead of being forced to
practice it. Emaryl never says such things as "You're good for
nothing!" or "You're not working hard enough!" or anything like
that, because saying that would represent the teacher's own
failure that the student isn't interested enough.

The next stage is learning to fold the back completely in half
backwards, it takes a pretty long period of training during which
Emaryl tells his students very inspiring lectures. He says that
putting feet on the head is just child's play, while folding
completely in half is the most amazing thing the body can ever
experience! The sensation while sitting on your own shoulders
cannot be even compared to anything else, it's a truly
wonderful experience!

The pupils listen to Emaryl's philosophy while gulping and having
with their eyes wide open and when he's done talking they
immediately want to stretch to learn it as soon as possible. And
very often they overdo it, and then Emaryl tells them: "Hey, if
you came here to torture yourself, you came into a wrong
trainer!" He explains that pushing too hard is the first step to
develop a hatred for contortion. The pain would build a fear of
stretching and that fear would result in getting more stiff
because of the stress, which would consequentially make it only
more and more painful. When the training becomes a source of
stress, the pupil would start avoiding it and eventually would
stop training at all!

Emaryl often says that the mistake of other contortion teachers
is that they push too much. A good teacher, according to
Emaryl, should not just contort the student's body but he
should allow the student's body to develop the feeling of love
for being contorted. The body should grow to enjoy being
contorted, the stretching should not be a stress but a pleasure.
Only through love and pleasure truly amazing things are possible,
and only if the student is really enjoying it like nothing else.

Anyway, this is a stone bridge behind Emaryl's house. It is rare
to see other elves crossing this bridge because it's at the
outskirts of the village and this bridge is only actively used
during festivals and special events, or when the elves need to
trade with other villages. Otherwise the bridge is rarely used,
but it's a place with a nice view and Emaryl likes to use it for
outdoors training, since fresh air is very good for the body, and
proper breathing is one of the most important nuances while
stretching: if the breathing is restricted the student would get
stressed within minutes, but if the breathing is well done, it's
very enjoyable to stay contorted even for a very long time.
And of course, some of the best poses are often done
outdoors ^^

p.s. Once again thank you so much, Aldric, for having created
such a beautiful place as the Oriental village and such
wonderful characters as Emaryl, Romir and many others!
They're such a pleasure to think about and to draw! ^-^ <3

Characters belong to Aldric Cheylan
Art by Yuni (
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this is the first in a series of custom nerf guns, this particular gun was sold to a very happy customer at london mcm expo
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Uh yeah, don't ask me, I also have no idea when he'll shut up...
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Behold, the belly button that eats fingers.
hehehe what an epic fail...
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Well here it goes, another senseless procedure..
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