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When Jim was a little boy, he once found a book lost in the park
and since then he treasured it. First he made his parents read
from it, then little by little he learned to read himself, mainly
inspired by this book.

It was Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book" and Jimmy loved all the
characters from it, but specially of course the main character

He had a strange passion for him, the more he grew up the more
often he imagined him, it was a strange, confusing happiness and
sometimes he only needed to close his eyes...

"Akela, the grim old wolf who had never asked for mercy in his
life, gave one piteous look at Mowgli as the boy stood all naked,
his long black hair tossing over his shoulders in the light of the
blazing branch that made the shadows jump and quiver."

The book was full of some strange attractiveness and it felt
almost like its pages were made of magnet, not paper, and if he
didn't hold the book firmly enough in his hands, he could be
sucked through the pages right into the jungle world.

Of course, honestly it was the only book Jim has ever read, being
a poor beggar, and even that book was given to him by chance.
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Billy grew up in a post apocalyptic world that was literally just one big desert...
The ruins of old cities were mostly devoured by the sands, and the very few
remaining humans had to rebuild the world to the best of their abilities.

People now lived mainly in tiny villages connected to each other by caravan
routes, or they became bandits and built their own camps where they stashed
their loot and had all kinds of fun.

Bandits taxed nearby villages in exchange for protection against other bandits,
taking food, money and 2-3 years old baby boys as payment. It was the time
when the whole new world was one big kindergarten because the few
remaining adults were trying their best to repopulate the world.

Kids were everywhere. Surely, so many kids had a really hard time surviving.
Most of them helped adults with building and gardening as soon as they
learned to walk and carry useful stuff around.

Once someone trained a couple of kids to bend in extraordinary ways and they
made a show at a market place. So many people donated to them that the
idea exploded like a bomb! All the kids suddenly rushed to discover their
"hidden talents".

Talent shows at market places became an everyday average normal thing
because the young bodies were pliant and agile and it was not that hard to
learn some tricks that impressed the crowd and put food on the table.

Only a few months passed and boys had to stand in a queue just to be able to
demonstrate their abilities. Way too many kids learned to bend this or that way,
so in most villages it already took the form of a competition where only the best
bender got rewarded. That made most of the children finally return to building
and gardening, and only the best of the best remained, those who restlessly
trained for whole days just to outdo everybody else.

The idea almost instantly reached bandits and they started to invite the most
talented boys to perform at bandit camps. Soon bandits started to raise up
their very own "jesters" who were a lot more varied than the village boys who
were almost exclusively contortionists. There were sights to see only in bandit
camps and nowhere else.

But back to Billy, he was lucky to have a nice patron who taught him a lot of
things about being a good technician. But it's a rule that patrons need to be
rewarded and Billy did his best to learn what his patron liked.

His patron liked him to dance with a cord around his waist. The cord buried into
the belly and there was something his patron really enjoyed about the sight of

Billy didn't know why it looked attractive to his patron but rolling his hips with a
tight cord on his waist surely felt amazing to his body and he enjoyed the
sensation a lot. Sometimes he'd wear the cord all day and if his waist felt numb
he'd just roll his hips for a few minutes to make the blood run normally.

His patron was so happy with Billy's passion over the years that when Billy was
too old to have a patron anymore, his patron refused to pick another boy and
made Billy his partner instead.

Billy's patron vanished suddenly and unexpectedly, one day he simply didn't
return from a raid. Billy didn't know how to handle the tragedy since he's always
been a very life-loving positive guy and pretty much nobody ever saw him
expressing any negative emotions. Eventually he made a really strange decision
and instead of mourning his patron's death he joined the "Wasps' Nest" brothel
as a hooker.

Why did he make such a decision? Nobody knew. Was it his way of "committing
a suicide", removing his soul from this world, discarding himself, while letting his
body remain there for everybody who still enjoyed it? Nobody could tell and Billy
never said a word about his patron since, or about his past life with him.

The only change after the tragedy was that he started doing a lot more extreme
things to his waist as if he didn't care about his health anymore, and he let clients
do whatever they wanted to his belly.

Some people say he lost his mind and didn't know what to do with his life
anymore. But on the outside he still always remained the same positive and
entertaining guy who'd do his very best to feast your eyes with his unique
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This is a first little gift for my dear friend ~yuni :heart:
Yup, first because I've something else for you ~ :3
I made this as a gift for you because you gave me this idea in
a conversation we had. I hope you'll appreciate this. ^-^

In my Oriental Tribe, Aaulin and his little brother Aorev are
considered as living Deities. Elves from the whole country
come in the temple where Aaulin often prays and often goes
to venerate him. He sits on a huge green cushion an stays like
this for an hour or two. He wears a tight waist jewel to show
his skills and how flexible an elven body can be.

Oriental elves also practice waist cinching, thanks to the advice
of Aaulin and his experience of this art. But no one is able to
wear such a tight jewel around the belly. It needs years of
practice to manage to have a waist as small as Aaulin's and it
also needs a natural flexibility, that the two brothers have.

Aorev was taught very young how to wear tight jewellery
around his waist and is now able to go quite far. Not as far as
his brother but it is still very impressive to see him with tight
corsets or jewels.

Aaulin and Aorev craft jewels for the statues of the temples
and also sell them on markets. (Yuni illustrated this perfectly: [link])
They also present their art in circus and at the same time do
little contortion representations. Aaulin wears a tight jewel
around the waist and other beautiful things while Aorev does
very flexible poses.

Characters, story and designs by ~Kombanwa
Concept and idea come from ~yuni
All Rights Reserved
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my tight waist
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Britney now answers a question made by Concavetummylover. And... yeah, if you know him, you know what he likes, and since he asked Britney a question, you know what she would be doing.
This is the first time where one of my visual Jimenitoon answers does NOT have a plain white background! It's very detailed. And, well, there was a reason why. See, coming from his question, I didn't want to put my own toons in danger and peril so harshly like this, so I decided to make this answer taking place in some nightmare, so Britney wouldn't be put in a bad situation to be mistreated. Also, how does Britney look with her belly sucked in like that along with a dent line? I don't often do it (I especially didn't do it for Britney on the bed). Should I draw a dent on Britney's belly every time she sucks it in? Or does it look slightly ugly?
And, well, because it's a nightmare, guess who decided to visit? Yeah, I think I'm turning into a fan of this character. I have not seen any of his movies, but I kinda like him; he's so awesomely scary. I was originally gonna have Dark Wizard be the one threatening her belly, but I already had a similar deviation:… So instead, I had Freddy come on in and be the threat. Besides, I saw a review on one of his movies, and there was this scene where his fingers turned into syringes, and that image seemed to fit in well with Concavetummylover's question, so I decided to use him.
You know, I do find it very weird that this big fetish deviation somehow has a whole lot of effort put into it, with the colors, tones, lighting and details. Isn't it weird?
Anyway, want to ask my Jimenitoons questions? Check out my journal:…
Britney - © Cesar Jimenez's Jimenitoons™.
Freddy Krueger - © Wes Craven.
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Sorscha has a quick stretch

Found some old poses I reffed after watching a video on contortion.

Havn't drawn some in a while.
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Left/Right - move
Up/Down - rotate
Space - drop

Pack those bendy elves as tight as possible! ^_^

Please do NOT play this game for longer than 15 minutes or the devil will take your soul!!

Yes, this game was originally invented by some horrible ancient demon, if not the disfigured Baal himself. The game is supposed to devour a lot of your personal time with a loud buuurp, and then make you suffer the nasty "tetris effect" next morning that feels almost like a hangover XD;;

Game Devilopment

This game was mainly born from the talk with *psychmeout, although the idea itself was probably much older, but considering there have been no real "contortion tetris" games so far, one finally needed to be made ^_^;;

The only problem was what to do with the figures once a line is removed, but the final idea was to turn into pretty balls XD quite literally..

Speaking of the figures, the purple elf was probably the most troublesome to come up with but now he's quite possibly the bendiest of them all and could fit pretty much everywhere XD

And just in case, that green ball is a hand massage ball, not a spike bomb! :3

And yes, Flexelf is a pretty dumb name, but you can read it in both directions and summarizes the love for bendy elves XD;;

Full view plz!

You can actually get better/bigger graphics by clicking "Download file" link on the right side, that will open a bigger version of this in a new browser window, then you can even press F11 to make your browser go full screen!

:devart: Find more of... :bulletyellow:Flash games
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tight belts
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For my dear Yuni <3

Cute little Nitori in an oriental outfit serving grapes to his master....rin? Probably Rin....yes.
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In the medieval times, significant traits of noblemen were tight
gloves, long skirts, high heels and small waists. All these
fashionable traits proved the person's status better than any
papers. The idea was very simple: a hard-working man would be
physically unable to possess any of these features as he had to,
well, work hard, wash dishes, harvest crops, build houses and do a
lot of other dirty jobs, so for working people wearing long skirts
or corsets would be extremely uncomfortable, they couldn't do any
work like that. Noble people didn't have to work at all and they
wanted to show it, so they dressed in clothes that would
distinguish them from the working class.

But this fashion also had some drawbacks: while walking through
his sterile garden, enjoying various beautifully cut trees and
statues and seeing not a single spot of dirt anywhere, the
nobleman would, however, often feel dizzy because of the
constriction of his waist, would stumble upon his too long skirt
and the high heels wouldn't help much to keep the balance

For young Adrian life was particularly difficult as his very
strictest governor demanded that his waist be at all times
constricted to a mere 13 inches or 33 cm! And it's not the
diameter but the perimeter of the waist, of course. It was one of
the richest families in the city and they wanted their son to be
the absolute perfection. And perfection back in these days was
measured mainly through the size of the waist.

Ever since he was around 8 when his training began, he's been used
to fainting at least a couple of times a day because of the
suffocating belts that the maidboys carefully fastened on him.
Other than that, his life was perfectly charming and he had more
than five admirers always around, constantly complimenting his
"beautiful" waist and always ready to support him should he feel
dizzy. So it was a problem only when he walked alone sometimes :3

Anyway, I know this picture itself isn't very good, but I'm
posting it only because I really liked this character and had a
lot of fun imagining his life, so I think I'll keep him ^-^ That's
why I gave him a name. I want to make a better drawing of Adrian
next time, but so far this is the only drawing I have of him...
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