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Claira went home and tried thinking of a way to keep the show alive. She put the higher up’s address on her mirror. She thought of everything but having sex with the higher up. Nothing seemed like it could work but sex. How am I going to do this? She thought to her self. Will I have to have “renew sex?” If I do how, will I tell Mike? Poor Mike. I just wish I could be someone else. She looked around the room and saw the old mask she bought. Picked it up and shuffled it through her fingers. I wish I could just a different person with different problems and a face no one will recognize. No worries or problems. Just… Her mind went blank when the mask put off a strange glimmer. The only thing on her mind was the mask. Before she new it she was bringing it closer and closer to her face. When it was just a few inches from her face it jumped on to it. When it jumped on to her face she regained her own thought. The first thing she noticed was that the mask felt less like wood and more like rubbery wood. The second thing was that the mask was pushing on her face and with each push, part of it would cover more of her face. She yanked on the mask trying to get it off She felt along her face to see where the end of the mask was so she could pull it off. When she touched the edge of the mask she had a faint smile realizing she was now able to take it off. She tried to dig her fingers under the mask but she couldn’t get them underneath. Her smile vanished when she realized the mask was infusing it to her skin. She kept trying to dig underneath the mask but her fingers kept getting pushed away as the mask continued to spread over her face. After about 30 seconds the mask had completely covered the front of her head but it kept moving pushing soon covering her ears and all of her hair until she could feel it squirming on the back of her neck. After a minute it covered all of her head. She was scratching at her chin trying to get a grip on it so she could pull it off. She suddenly felt a warmth of energy slowly creeping into her skin. After a minute and a half the warmth of the energy filled her head and reached her brain. Suddenly, the mask pulled on her head and for a second she felt nothing, then suddenly she became a spinning tornado.
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Drawings in b/w... used pencil HB, 2B, 5B & black crayon.
Size 30 x 42 cm (A3).

Wishes & ideas are welcome!
Just lemme know!
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drawn by david bovey color my me

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I am the new digital cover artist for Pendant Audio's Last Son of Krypton audio drama! Each month the Superman Homepage ( the new digital cover to promote the show. Also you can check it out on Pendant's own site here [link]

I'm having so much fun with this that it's unreal! I'll be posting the covers here each month without the cover logos.

This month's cover features someone new in the Supergirl uniform. check out the show to find out who.

Superpeople belong to DC Comics

Dig it
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Another punisher gas mask with punisher skulls on the resperators and a pair of matching combat gloves.
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Rabbits Rabbits Pinch Punch, first day of the month!
thought i should start the day and month off with a nice pic of the Red Skull from Captain America, i dont think ive ever drawn him before but you know skulls are awesome to do and especially Red ones hehe.
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Yugi paced around the room worry dripping from every pore of his being, it was his third time this month.  The wait seemed to take eternity; soon the doctor emerged sighing heavily as he approached. Yugi knew the doctor all too well for he was in the hospital at least a few times a month usually once a week at least. Although most of the time it wasn't because he was injured, it was because Ryo was. The doctor known as Dr. Train gave him that look of knowing.

"Well he's suffered from a broken rib and a lot of bruises but other than that he will be fine" he looked at Yugi whose mouth was half opened " and before you ask yes you can go see him"

Giving a small polite bow Yugi half ran toward Ryo's room where he was laying down on the hospital bed. His face was scrunched up in pain, and he held his hand close to his chest like he usually did while he slept.  Since the spirits returned to the afterlife things started to slide downhill for the small hikari's, leaving them utterly alone.

After leaving Anzu wanted nothing to do with any of the gang anymore, and in fact bitterly hated them all. Mostly blaming Yugi that it was his fault that Yami returned to the afterlife, Honda went mysteriously missing. Jonouchi was romanced by Seto after Yami left and but they still saw each other, although to be honest Jonouchi was hardly around anymore. Malik didn't want to return to Egypt like his sister but held a job at the Domino museum as if not wanting to let his memories go either.

Everyone they had cared about simply vanished from their lives, soon after Yami returned to the afterlife his grandpa died. So the hikari's formed a small band of tight friendship because after all of their Yami's they realized something they hadn't before, they were in love with them. Ryo was taking his Yami's absence the hardest, which is why he was always in the hospital.

Getting beaten up or accidentally hurting himself, although he and Malik pretty much knew he was doing it on purpose. Or at least he was unconsciously doing it, trying to get Bakura's attention.  Sighing his gaze turned to the outside where everyday life was going on, sure it was peaceful . Yea the world was saved from eternal darkness because he had helped the ancient pharaoh. Atemu, he wasn't just a long lost pharaoh that was destined to save the world.

He was Yami and his own yami that he wished he was graced with his presence once more. They all felt the absence of their Yami, leaving a gap in their heart and soul. He doesn't know how many times they sat talking about the small brush of another soul against their own. Malik was having a hard time even though his Yami had been nothing but abusive and unresponsive he said there was a softness to him. Oh course he said this softness only began to grow after faced with Yami, but it was there.

"Oh Ryo where has our spirit gone" the only reply he got was a whimper.

Then quietly the door opened and just as carefully as it opened it shut. Malik walked in, his usually bright lavender eyes dull from over work and worry. Even is usually perky platinum blonde hair seemed droopy and depressed. Sighing he practically collapsed into the chair next to Himself, he looked pale, which was unnatural for the Egyptian. Taking a breathe he shifted his head slightly as to face him, Yugi guessed what he wanted to know and proceeded to reply.

"Malik, how do you accidently trip out of a second story window," he paused "with only one broken rib and a few bruises"

"I dunno Yugi I dunno, I do know one thing though" As if reading his mind Yugi finished what his thought was.

"Were a totally mess without our Yami's?" he offered.

"Well we can live mostly a normal life, just that something for us will always be missing. I'm sad to say but I miss my yami whose hair could eat small innocent children" he gave a small dry laugh.

"Yea well we were never right in the head any of us were we?" Yugi mused aloud.

"No Yugi, Although Ryo is probably the most sane….but he's taking it the hardest" He flipped his bangs out of the way.

"Bakura messed him up pretty bad, but toward the end though I think that Bakura had to care for Ryo. Otherwise.I dunno I just got a feeling you know?" Yugi looked up with bright amethyst eyes, Malik nodded slowly.

"I have one question though that remains to be answered" Malik said suddenly, Yugi titled his head.

"What are they doing now" he titled his head up so he was staring at the ceiling.

Bakura glared at the never ending reddish black haze that was the sky, next to him was the insane Marik who had become somewhat of a friend to him. He shuddered at mentally using the F word, the pharaoh has somehow ended in the same place as they had. He snorted out loud, thinking that the pharaoh wanted more then what his afterlife glory could bring him. Once again making the pharaoh to be a selfish bastard that thought of no one but himself, although this was a true opinion for him.

He and Marik were suppose to be in the shadow realm, but they had ended up somehow in a realm between the shadow realm and Hell. Yami  was leaning against a wall etched with blood and various scratches, his gaze however was distant. His crimson eyes were cloudy and unknown to either Marik or Bakura the only thing he was seeing was Yugi and his bright happy eyes. Uncharacteristically he gave a depressed happy sigh as while he dreamed, his form was slumped.

His mind wandered for memories until the reason why they were trapped in such a small room with his two biggest enemies' presented itself. Marik was trying to amuse himself but that was very hard considering the room was virtually empty besides themselves. The end result was either him annoying the crap out of Bakura or Yami, after awhile all he would do was pout. Time had no value here and there was no way to measure it anyways if they even cared to know.

"If someone doesn't tell me why the fuck I'm here and not in hell I swear by the gods I'll kill myself!" Bakura shouted fed up with the silence.

"Stupid tomb robber your already dead, that's why we're here" Yami stated coolly glaring at Bakura.

"Shut up ya damn pharaoh, why aren't you in fluffy paradise eh!" he countered pathetically but also curious.

"Because it was no paradise, the one thing I wanted more than life, and it couldn't give me" he glared back unable to keep his cool composure any longer, now that his dreamy mood had been ruined.

"So the pharaoh wanting more because he's selfish" he spit on the ground disgusted, eyes blazing with fury "You make me sick!"

"For once Bakura your right, this time I am truly being selfish" stating not sorry at all.

Marik held his tongue, his insane hair brushing against the wall he was sitting against for support becoming rather messy. His wild lavender eyes oddly detached, as if on cue to the chaos a door on the other side of the room appeared and opened. Heat streamed through the room from the door a girl their age appeared. Her hair was dark brown with lighter, her eyes were a silver with an undertone of crimson.

On her back was a pair of large red membrane wings that were associated with demons from hell. Her hands were claw filled and she had narrowed ears as well, the tail she had was rather dragon like but slimmer. Bakura eyes flashed fearfully but it passed quickly, he knew he was destined to go to hell. He was just glad that for all the trouble he had put his host through, he would no longer have to deal with him. Bakura actually felt…bad for the way he treated him. Toward the end he became a bit soft on him, much to his own surprise as well as Ryo's. After she shut the door it disappeared and she looked around and her eyes went wide.

"Fuck a dead end!" she screamed then she then banged her head against the wall till she began to bleed.

Stopping there was one of those dead silent pauses that lasted for a minute. While everyone in the room stared wide eyed at her, she let her head rest upon the wall. Then comically she let a very loud 'ow' slip through her lips and she held her bleeding head, Marik laughed insanely. Even Bakura is his crabby mood smirked widely at the display. Swearing up a storm she calmed down after another minute, and actually bothered to notice there was someone besides herself.

"Oh hey look there's people stuck in here too" she replied, Yami narrowed his eyes and worry bubbled from his chest.

"What are you" he demanded, although already guessing what.

"I am a demon from Hell, I thought that was pretty obvious though" she while looking at Bakura.

"Yea pharaoh I think even a three year old could have figured that one" Bakura mocked, he was met with a growl.

Idly she leaned against the wall with interest as they fought ignoring her completely. Marik sat by laughing insanely and she smiled although worry was etched in her face as well, she knew very well who these people were. Her gaze glanced at Bakura the major asphodel of Hell, Zork wanted his ass and was cranky since he had not been judged as of yet. She only knew Zork because he dominated over the worst level of Hell. Because of her lust for blood and carnage as well as her ability for the use of magic. Had been sent there as a present for getting up high, what a bunch of bull shit. The high arch demons knew she's hated authority she had barley contained her anger with them and they cast her away to the most bossiest of them all just so she would get of their hair.

So for the past few months she had been Zork's renegade demon servant trying to find a way out of hell. Which sounds a lot harder than you might think, just use magic right? Nope if you haven't been outside hell before you had to go the long way out. The yelling died down and Yami turned his back letting his eyes go aflame with anger and Bakura just took out a knife and begin to stab the wall next to him. Then a door on the other side of the room oponed and a guy with long white silverfish hair walked through.

Emerald eyes set its gazes on the girl in the room, he wore a simple trench coat but not to flowy. He had his own pair of membrane wings his were black with a hint of dark purple. His nails were sharp but not exactly claw like and he had a small pair and white horns adorning his head, with narrowed ears as well. His eyes were oddly emotionless but held slight amusement in them as his eyes gazed over them. The girl stood up slightly angered and proceeded to point over dramatically at him.

"STALKER!" she yelled.

"Looks like I found another lost idiot…again!" apparently replying her, she began to yell at him and ignoring her completely he turned to Yami, Bakura, and Marik.

"It's time for you to judged let us go, oh and Kaigara your being judged as well" he gestured his hands toward the door.

Yami walked through the door then Marik, who seemed the least worry of the group. Bakura gazed warily at the emotionless demon and passed him trying not to get a headache form the constant yelling from the girl. Even rubbing his temples for emphasize trying to sooth it. The white haired demon lead the way and the rusty looking walls become more new looking until elaborate illustrations were on them.  At the end o f the hall was a huge door, in the middle of was the millennium eye.

Entering the room was circular and in the middle of the floor was a large circular design with many interlocking curves. The white haired demon looked bored and leaned against a pillar and from out from out nowhere pulled out a book and began to read it. Yami eyes looked up fearfully surprising Bakura slightly, he was afraid too this was the day he was suppose to be judged for him crimes and sins. So be honest he wasn't sure why they bothered at all not like he ever did anything nice.

"You know why you are all here?" everyone nodded but the girl.

"You are here because we believe to give chances to those who can receive" A male twice as tall as any human being could be walked out.

"Chances?" she echoed back. A female with a dazzling smile approached her.

"Yes chances, it's not often a demon with a soul is born and your trying to get out of hell. So were going to offer you a free ride out but in order to make it permanent you're going to have to learn emotions and how to care for something other then yourself"

"Yami your judgment shall begin" the male announced. "You are guilty of no negative charges yet the afterlife we provided for you was not enough yes?" Yami nodded like a guilty child.

"Is it not suitable for you? Do you want more I know you saved the world but that does not mean you can get everything you desire Atemu" using his real name.

"I'm sorry but my heart only desires one thing" His crimson eyes hiding nothing.

"Yes I know Yami, Bakura you on the other hand are charged with many different things to many to name" the female stepped in. " But you have somewhat redeemed yourself treating you hikari nicely, and your heart desires the same thing as Yami does" she explained.

Bakura was confused he did not know what the pharaoh desired and his heart was in no mood of telling him either. Marik stood up and looked at Bakura seriously surprising the thief, he walked over toward the girl and stopped shirt.

"Does that mean I'm here for the same reason?" The woman nodded.

"Yes you three are here for your heart desires the one thing, that is the desire to be with your hikari's" she announced with a smile.

"Malik-pretty!" Marik shouted.

"I assume though that there's some kind of catch involved" Bakura asked, fear evident in his eyes. This time the male spoke up.

"Personally I find the whole situation quite disgusting and I believe there is no thing as love for another male" The woman glared at him fiercely "but my wife thinks otherwise so there is a test but what that test is unknown to you and as part of the catch" he smiled and pointed to the white haired demon and girl "You have to teach them how to be human"

"WHAT!" the demon exclaimed, the male entered a door and disappeared.

"Forgive him he's old fashioned and close minded, now then" waving her hands three bodies appeared fully clothed looking like the three of them. "These will be your new bodies, and once your souls enter them you will be all transported to the city of domino, in the park and it's about midnight so there shouldn't be anyone around to see"

Yami entered his body first and gasped outlook, taking a moment to relearn that needed to breathe now. Marik was just as eager and entered his body also taking a moment to learn how breathe and liked the feeling that for once in his short life. He had a body he could call his own and he smiled and looked toward Bakura. Not wanting to look dumb he calmly walked to his own body, despite how excited he was to have one. Used to having been going to soul form to body he adjusted quickly and took a stance and glared at the woman.

"Now then" addressing Bakura and Yami "Kaigara is a handful so I would like you two to make sure she learns" she gazed at Marik. "He's a bit insane I don't have much faith"

Giving one more dazzling smile she snapped her fingers and everything was black, and just like that there were in Domino park. Yami looked like he wanted to just dash off running but was waiting patiently for everyone. Wait the lady of judgment didn't tell them was that it was in the middle of winter and domino was covered in a blanket of snow. In fact it was snowing right now and wearing only leather Yami was very uncomfortable.

"WHAT THE HELL" the girl yelled as snow fall around her. "Its fucking cold!" stating the obvious.

"Its snow dumb ass" Bakura mocked, shivering only slightly. "So what now captain hair"

"I suggest we go Yugi's house, I know nothing of Malik or Ryo and personally I rather not be in the cold anymore" he suggested while shivering although it was the best idea he had is other motive as well.

"Sure your runt can fit us all" Bakura asked, shivering harder now.

"How about we shut up get into where the fuck were going and talk there I'm fucking freezing!" the girl announced.

The male demon who was laying on the ground seeming asleep, the girl took one look and picked him up without much difficulty. Yami eyed  her warily but led the way through the darkened night, in the freezing cold. They reached the small gameshop and he tried the door that refused to open, sighing he  looked under the welcome mat and took out the spare key. Opening the door he waited till everyone got in, Yami called Yugi but much to his disappointment no one answered.

Yami watched as the girl found one of the couches and carelessly tossed the boy onto it, and sat on top of him. Bakura grunted and settled into a chair far away from him, suiting him just fine. Marik pestered Bakura causing him to curse and shout but Yami didn't mind, he was going to see his aibou soon. The girl sighed and looked around amazed at the complete change of scenery. Yami  tired walked up to her, examining her. She looked human now her eyes were a dark brown now but held a tint of silver.

"Your name?" he asked.

"My name I Kaigara pharaoh, this lump I'm sitting off is the stalker Kai, I swear he's everywhere I go!"  a hit of amusement flashed through her eyes.

"Your house is small" Bakura complained.

"It doubles as  game shop dumb ass so of course its small" Yami countered. Out of the corner of their eyes Marik was soon snooping about"

"Marik!" they both yelled, Marik flinched and look like a little kid caught doing he wasn't suppose to.

As if the chaos couldn't be any more then it was, in the living room doorway were three sets of very wide eyed teens. Silence ensued the room and apprehension filled the air, Yami hitched a breath as well as Bakura. Who was more nervous to confront his hikari then he even thought, he even began to fumble with knife. The next thing they knew Yugi tackled Yami to the ground, Ryo fell to the ground crying as Bakura rushed over. Marik tackled Malik to the ground crooning over again saying Malik-pretty.
Just somethign that popped in my head, I really didn't feel like writing chapter 9 of Yaoi High thus was born I call it a sample because i'm not sure what to do with it and it would make a nice future fic as well

well enjoy!!

Oh yea the part with the judgment people orginally came from :iconryobakuralover: so that part is not mine or the desgn of the room thats hers as well

random thought for the day! all the pairing have like shipping names I wonder what KaigaraxKai would be o.o xDDD

Ya know there was a time when people bothered to comment Dx
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This is the final part of my Christmas Boosh Paraphrase project.
To see the animation, please follow this link to my portfolio: [link]
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...with Mina as Christine Daae. Just was so disappointed with my last couple picture that I decided to do this. It was inspired by a picture of the musical 'Tanz der Vampire' (dance of the vampires) and Mina/Christine's dress is the red one from Bram Stoker's Dracula (film) which looks a lot like a red version of Christine's wedding dress.
Dracula would make a great phantom don't you think? (plus a partly disfigured face- obviously!)
Two of the greatest gothic romantic couples in one!

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....I'm in love with that goat. OwO :heart:


art (c) me

~Paint Tool Sai - 2 hours~
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