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showing off the completed build for the final 'kid' in the Transformers Prime lineup, Raph. Here he is posing with my first miniature in the series, BumbleBee. For scale 'Bee is about 3" tall. Raph marks the smallest paper model that I've done to date.
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Movie Version

4 "Extra" Sounds
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This concept was kicking around in my mind as soon as the shock and (Awe! How sweet.) had worn off after watching episode 23. I hesitated though because, well frankly my drawing ability is on par with Bulkheads :p Finally It was kicking the inside on my skull so hard I had to let it out or risk brain injury. So here it is. If anyone with better drawing skills wants to upgrade this brain drivel, please feel free.
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Transformers Generation 1

G1 Autobot Goldbug

1280 X 720
25 FPS

Transformers and all associated names are registered trademarks of Hasbro and Takara Tomy.
I'm in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Hasbro or Takara Tomy.
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The next piece in the three piece collection of TFP Human vectoring pieces. Since Bumblebee is Raf's guardian I decided to use him as his palette. I got stuck on the background color because Bumblebee's colors are a bit limiting and it would all just clash, so I decided to use Ratchet's colors instead. it came out rather nicely~

Miko: Bulkhead Miko

Jack: Arcee Jack

Raf and Transformers (c) Hasbro

Art (c) me
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I wanted to draw Raf (he's my favorite out of the humans in TFP!) so I drew him with the charm version of Bumblebee. I have no idea whats with Raf's hands though, it kinda just happened.

Art (c) me
Raf, Bumblebee (c) Hasbro
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Whatcha gonna do when dey come for you?

Entry for's March TF for Humans contest. Here's Jazz and Bumblebee, in an unusual style for me. Drew it whilst waiting at the Olive Garden last night, coloured this morning at Jorgy's coffee shop. Prismacolour marker, which I missed terribly. ^_^

Transformers Hasbro.
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All rights go to Hasbro (c)

This is a request for DaughterofPrime (: I hope you like it! I didn't know quite how you wanted it so I just made up something! Tell me if you want any changes! I am a dummy! 
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     Practicum Cybertronium

     A Transformers Prime Fanfic

     "Bumblebee wants me to do what?" June Darby stood over the stove cradling an old cordless phone between her shoulder and ear. She held the handle of a cast-iron frying pan in one hand and a spatula in the other. A look of surprise was playing over her face.
    "Well, I'd be honored I'm sure, but wouldn't he prefer you to do it? Of course I'll be right there." June set the phone down and turned off the stove. She quickly went to her room and changed out of the shorts and white tee into her teal scrubs. She snatched up her stethoscope, then hesitated, she finally smiled and shook her head but draped it around her neck anyway. She went out into the garage and stood in front of the man door. Soon a glowing emerald portal filled the back wall. June strode into the swirling green mist and disappeared.
    "Nurse Darby," A gruff but cheerful voice called out from across the Autobot base, "Over here if you please."
     The human nurse walked quickly across the wide cavern toward Ratchet's lab. The base was quiet today. All three of the children were in school. June could only suppose that Optimus Prime, Arcee, and Bulkhead were out on scouting missions or something of the sort. She rounded the corner into Ratchet's lab and smiled at the scene.
     A yellow and black robot sat on an exam table. One hand clutched at his side where she could see small amounts of glowing blue liquid seeping out between his servos. On its expressive face was a look she knew well; the look of a male in pain but carrying far too much pride to admit it. The human nurse had learned enough about Cybertronian physiology in the past few weeks from her conversations with Ratchet to know that the wound was superficial. The red and white medibot was standing causally to one side of the table.
     "Well June here he is," Ratchet gestured at the scout.
     June walked up to the young bot and gave him her warmest smile. Bumblebee's face beamed back at her. How he did it without a mouth was a mystery to the woman, but that look could warm up any room.
     "So I hear you were injured?" June said sympathetically.  
     The yellow scout whistled dejectedly in affirmation and pulled his hand away from his side. June leaned forward and examined the injury. She was immediately struck by a feeling of massive ignorance and burning curiosity. The healer in her was fascinated by the challenge before her. Here was an alien life form, injured and requesting her help.  Yet, she hadn't felt so absolutely helpless and ignorant since her first days as a nursing student. The complex weave of wires, plates and circuits that made up the Cybertronian's 'waist' baffled her. She smiled weakly up at Bumblebee.
     "Bumblebee, I'm truly honored you wanted me to treat you, but I know almost nothing about your kind. Wouldn't you rather have Ratchet do this?" She asked.
     The bot shook his head firmly and rested a hand gently on her shoulder. He let out a string of whistles and beeps.
     "He wants you to perform the procedure Nurse Darby." Ratchet translated. "You expressed an interest in learning Cybertronian healing, and the best way to learn is to do. Now chop-chop, he's leaking Energon as we speak." The medibot beamed down at her expectantly. June nodded and turned her attention back to the patient. Ratchet would never risk the health of one of his charges by turning them over to someone incompetent. Therefore this injury had to fall within the scope of what she had already learned from the older bot.
     She carefully examined the wound. Most of the damage was confined to two or three plates and a few wires surrounding them. The 'wires' June remembered, were actually bundles of thousands of nerve like fibers running up and down the Autobot's body. The crimping they displayed must be what was causing the Cybertronain the most pain. From the schematics Ratchet had shown her before June realized that the damaged plates were most likely the ones that would have been exposed on the Camero's undercarriage when he was in his alt mode.
     "This looks like and impact wound from a solid object. Ratchet would you pull up Bumblebee base schematics please?" June asked without looking up. "So how did this happen Bumblebee? Decpticons?" June walked over to a sink Ratchet had installed and began washing up. Probably completely unnecessary she knew, but old habits die hard. The scout let out an embarrassed chirp and shook his head.  
     "Hardly," snorted Ratchet, while pulling up the schematics June had requested, "he was traveling over some dirt 'road', and I use the term loosely, on the continent just south of here and came around a corner too fast. There was a boulder that had fallen off of a cliff and he went over it at full speed."
     Bumblebee whistled in confirmation. June walked over and carefully examined the diagrams Ratchet had summoned. There were no major 'organs' near the injury, but the joint of the three damaged plates was a fairly critical one in the transformation process. June frowned thoughtfully.
     "Bumblebee, did you have any trouble transforming after the accident?" She asked.
The yellow bot nodded and chirped out an answer. June didn't see the look of pride and pleasure that settled across Ratchets faceplates at her question.
     "He says, it hurt like crazy but didn't start seeping energon until he transformed back at the base." The older bot translated for her.
     "Well, it looks like you have relatively minor damage to the three mesh plates at you tertiary abdominal transformation joint, as well a few crimps in the surrounding neural sensory bundles. Fortunately, from the scans, there appears to be no internal damage. You probably ruptured the plates when you transformed. Further transformations might do serious damage." the nurse spoke directly to the scout. "I suggest we numb the area, sterilize the surface with a localized energon bath, straighten out the crimps with a sonic wrench, and apply artimesh to the damaged plates. Also I suggest you stay in your current mode until the plates heal." June finished and looked up at Ratchet expectantly. She hadn't felt this nervous since college. The old bot only arched one red brow and asked,
     "Well, aren't you going to proceed with the treatment nurse?"
     June took a deep breath and nodded. If he hadn't posed any objections she must have gotten it right. She smiled up at Bumblebee and gestured at the floor.
     "It would make this a bit easier for me if you could sit on the ground." The bot nodded and eased down into a cross-legged position next to the nurse.
     "Cybernetic neural deactivator please," June requested crisply. Ratchet handed over the device. The tube was awkward for the human to use but manageable, something like wielding a sledge hammer. Selecting the nerve bundle which connected the damaged area to the brain, the nurse gently pressed the end of the probe to the bot's mesh. The device chimed. Bumblebee visibly relaxed. Mrs. Darby cautiously probed the damaged area with a handy wrench and asked,
     "Can you feel that?"
     The scout shook his head.
     "Energon bath please," June requested. She turned to receive the device, basically a large syringe for the precious liquid, from Ratchet. But the bot only shook his head with a frown.
     "Ah ah, Nurse Darby. You're forgetting something." Ratchet scolded. June looked at the bot in confusion, then glanced at Bumblebee. The scout made a small gesture toward his blue optics. June smiled.
     "Oh yes, energon is harmful to humans. I need my personal protective equipment." Ratchet nodded and handed her goggles, elbow length rubber gloves, and a long white lab coat. June put them on and accepted the giant syringe. She let the blue liquid wash over the damaged areas, starting at the top and letting it run down the injury. Mindful of the need to conserve the precious liquid she worked slowly and carefully.
     "Neural bundle manipulator please," June requested after she had finished. Ratchet handed over the device. The nurse carefully pressed one end of the manipulator to the exposed wire and a cluster of filaments reached out to wrap around the nerve bundle. June ran the device up, over and past the damaged area, then did the same for the other crimps.  
     "Now all we have to do is apply the artimesh and we're done. Ratchet?" The bot handed her a sharp cutting device and a roll of the grey mesh that served as a bandage for the Cybertronians. June unrolled the artimesh and carefully cut out three pieces to fit the damaged plates. She took her time affixing the bandaged and smoothed each one down. The dark grey plates seemed to absorb the artimesh on contact. June smiled in triumph as the slow energon seepage stopped and the yellow scout let out a happy chirp.
     "Now, avoid any strenuous activity and don't transform for the next eight hours and you should be fine." The nurse said to Bumblebee. The scout leaned over and wrapped his arms gently around the woman. June tensed, and then relaxed into the hug. Clearly the Cybertronian had been learning more than video games from his human companion. Bumblebee stood up and walked out of the lab. Ratchet began putting away the instruments.
     "Very good work Nurse Darby. You will develop more speed with practice but over all I don't think I could have done better myself."
     June let out a nervous laugh and leaned against the exam table for support. Here she was, June Darby R.N., treating aliens from outer space. It was amazing and unbelievable. The medibot looked at her and a compassionate smile turned up the corners of his mouth. It had been ages ago, but he still remembered the excitement and fear of his first days as a healer. He finished putting away the instruments and gently scooped up the human in one hand.
     "Come June, let's discus the procedure over a nice cup of tea."
     June looked into his blue optics and smiled.
     "That would nice."
June Darby gets some hands on experience on how to heal Cybertronians. Bee learns that not all roads were graded equal.
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Designation: Sky Charger

Appearance: Above

Alt mode: [link]

Universe: Transformers Prime

Primary class function: Spy and Engineer

Faction: Autobot

Subroutine Function:
A master in reverse engineering, mechanic and creativity. The dude even managed to make use of his scanner to scan a decepticon trooper and sneak into the decepticon base when ever he has too and in bonus to that he can imitate his opponents attack and weaknesses. His smart wits give him a good advantages in the battle field.

Smart, Clever , honest, determine and OVER protective ESPECIALLY in protecting the humans.
He has a soft spot for humans and seem to find them interesting and only wishes for there survival to go on. But like Arachnid he gets a bit way to curious about them and prefers to use his scanners rather than dissecting them.

and he LOVES sticking Smokescreen to the roof if he ever tries to endanger a human. XP

Back on Cybertron Sky use to be a melee fighter along with Arcee since his dream as a engineer turn into a hobby no thanks to the war. He was pared up with a femme name ColdRain but she died during a mission. Sky decided to honor his dead partner by searching for a planet for her to rest in peace away from the war. Taking an autobot long range pod out to space.

After Orns Ratchet was able to pick up on its signal and managed to send it to earth but the cons easily got to it first. Unfortunate for them once it landed Sky Charger already woke up before they manage to open it and managed to hide in a small compartment of the ship but..use his dead partner's carcass for a decoy. When the decepticons troops confirmed that the autobot is dead he quickly took one of them aside then scan and killed him before the others notice.

In the decepticons war ship Sky was able to blend with the cons for a short while till Megatron was able to sniff him out and almost obliterated him.He escaped and hid his Spark's signature from the cons, but was almost ready to off-line. Meanwhile the autobots took a closer look in the investigation of the autobot long range pod. Arcee quickly understood the strategy her self since she knew that only one bot can do this kind of trick and quickly ask to set out on a search for Sky Charger.

In some way they manage to locate him and brought him back to base where he was fixed and where his passion for protecting humans started.

~After seeing Miko, Jack and Raf and watching a few animes which involve ridding in robots he curiously tries tinkering with the idea of making robots that would look like there humans.


~ He changes the color of his armor and his insignia when he finally join team Prime.

Some of his latest inventions so far:
~ [link] [link]

finally i got this bad boy out.. T^T sorry for the color mistakes and such. And the poor spelling and grammar to his Bio.

Sky Charger belongs to :iconisrael42:
TF Prime belongs to :iconhasbroplz:
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