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I always wanted to see what a Youtube poop verison of the House of Mouse looks like.

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

:iconimmeenplz::iconsaysplz:It's midnight! I got a trick for Super Mario. Sorry Toadstool, but we don't want to be dull villains on halloween.

(Kamineko passes the signal to Skaylz which now passes to the Administrator which she is holding the light switch.)

:iconmarionoplz::iconsaysplz:Okay everyone, now it's time for a change a pace.

:icontheadministratorplz::iconsaysplz: Lights out!! (Shuts down light)


:iconimmeenplz::iconsaysplz:Right you are Mario! It's Halloween, you know, and with just the right touch.

(Music starts)

:iconimmeenplz::iconsaysplz:*This could be quite the place!*

:icontheadministratorplz::iconsaysplz:*Full of wholesome and happy faces.*

:icondrrobotnikplz::iconsaysplz:*Hanging out!*

Skaylz: *Feeling fine.*

:iconganonplz::iconsaysplz:*Where everyone's a friend of mine!*

:icontheadministratorplz::iconsaysplz:*Inside this evil joint.*

:iconkaminekoplz::iconsaysplz:*Every guest gets to the point!*

*This day will live in infamy!*

*THE HOST OF TOAST IS HISTORY!!!* (Evil laughter)

*It's our host now! It's our host now!*

CD-I Witches from Wand of Gamelon:*It's a fact you can't ignore!*


*It's our host now!*

*Raise your jugs, you theives and thugs! Join the rabble-rousing crowd, it's our host now!*

:iconravingrabbidsplz::iconsaysplz: *All the Raving Rabbids fit in so perfectly!* (DAAAAHHHH!!!!!)

:iconflandreplz::iconsaysplz:*Every evil weeboo gets due respect!*

:iconsaladfingersplz::iconsaysplz:*You'll forget your troubles, put your trust in me.*

:iconburnsplz::iconsaysplz:*You've had your fun!*

:iconsmithersplz::iconsaysplz:*You've made your play!*

:iconunownplz::iconsaysplz:*But every rodent has his day!* (Evil laughter)

(Salad Fingers knocks Mario and Toadstool onto the slide of the unown)

*It's our host now!*

:iconglassjoeplz::icondiscokidplz::iconsaysplz:*Down and dirty!*

:icongigyasplz::iconsaysplz:*It's our host now!*

Villains from Spongebob Squarepants:*Me hearty*

:iconbluepyroplz::iconsaysplz:*What a place for breaking bread!*

:iconheavywutplz::iconcreepymedicplz::iconsaysplz: *Things are better!*

Coach Buzzcut: *Kick him in the jimmy!*

*It's our host now!*

:iconlumpyplz::iconsaysplz: What a party!

*Join the fun with no regrets. Only greedy, dirty deeds are allowed!!!*

:icontheadministratorplz::iconsaysplz:YOU FAILED, STALEMATE!!!

Skaylz: Game over, Mario!

:icondrrobotnikplz::iconsaysplz:Hit the road, Toadstool!!

:iconimmeenplz::iconsaysplz:Take a hike, Smarty!!

*It's our host now!*

*Don't bother coming back!*

*It's our host now!*

I.M. Meen is owned by Animation Magic
Robotnik is owned by Sega
The Administrator is owned by Valve
Kamineko is owned by Kiyohiko Azuma
Ganon and the moon are owned by Nintendo
Skaylz is owned by :iconscales78:
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to all my friends, watchers and visitors
happy (a little late ^^; ) valentines day :w00t:
without you i wouldn't be here :huggle:
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I came up with the idea for this a year ago!! But didn't get around to it in time. So I planned it for a year!! XD This is a representation and accentuation of the parallels between New York City and Castelia City from Pokemon.

One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It's been a tradition in my family to watch it every Thanksgiving morning. I've never been to the actual parade though. Hopefully some day! So I got to thinking about how I could make the Pokemon world feel more alive if I gave Unova this same holiday and bring the parade to Castelia. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

P.S. I have no idea why but I ended up drawing Barack Obama on the right there. I wasn't planning on it, it just turned out to be him, so I left it in for fun. President of Unova? Wait, Obama doesn't have a son.... XD

Graphite, watercolor, digital, 8X10
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My cat Morrigan purrtrayed as the iconic "Rosie the Riveter"

Love cats!!!

Watercolor stock by :iconmayshing: and :iconsummer--moon:
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In this holiday I want tell to everybody "happy st.Valentine" by my foolish OC X3
Have a nice day :heart:

The couple has also been chosen on this poll Amazing Couples Feature!After the result of this poll, here I'm with my watchers' most favourite couples!!! Enjoy!!! :la: :heart:


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Its true :) Love is love, why does it have to be limited?

Edit: Hey guys! Wow, can't believe this got so popular :D And thanks to all who favorited this! And as for comments, I love all you supporters out there. People like you will help make this world a better place, for most of you are very open minded and optimistic. Keep the love coming!

Edit#2: Hello again! Just thought I should point out that this page, I would like it to be a 'support only' page. So if you have a negative comment I ask you to tak it else were for I will most likely ignore it. Thanks! :)
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RIP Steve Jobs 1955 -2011
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if you want to share on tumblr i would love if you rebloged from here: [link]

Seriously, I'm not good at writing puns at all! (And no one would help me XDDD) But Happy Valentine's Day! <3 I uploaded them a day early so you can send them to your friends if you want :)

Yes! These ARE the valentine's i mailed out last week to watchers who gave me their address. Almost every one has gotten them already so I hope I did not ruin the surprise :(

Yes, there were four of them! Now you can see what your fellow deviants got too :D! I hope sharing them with other people won't make them less special, everyone still got a hand written note from me TuT
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