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I'm The Doctor, I'm from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous. -:icontenthdoctorplz:

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Simpsons Pics - Read Description For More Info

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 21, 2012, 3:16 AM
I am doing a Simpsons fan-fic series called Ten Years Later which deals with the Simpsons characters basically ten years in the future and would like some pics to go with it but I am not good at drawing in Simpsons form (plus I have no art supplies and tablet to use so I can't try to do it myself) so I'm hoping if someone on here can draw them for me. I can't do it as a commission cause I have no money to send (or really any way to send it) and can't do it as a point commission cause I only have one point though if I have to I can likely do them as a trade but it will be a bit of awhile for me to do part in the trade cause as said I have no art supplies to use at the moment. Also anyone that draws one or more of these pics can take as long as they like with it cause I am in no rush for them and I don't mind having to wait. Now the pics listed here are going to be from the story A Bob Con which deals with Sideshow Bob and Cecil being dragged to a video game convention by their teenage sons (their into video games now) and find Bart announcing his new game (my oc Fiona "Fi" Burns -Mr. Burns' granddaughter' who is Bart's girlfriend, used her grandpa's resources to help Bart get a video game company) that turns out to deal with Sideshow Bob but the game is done in a non-flattering way which angers Bob who decides to get back at Bart for it after everyone else (minus Bart and Fiona of course) leaves the convention at the end of the day.

Note: All pics listed below are being drawn. If you want to draw a pic from my story then ask me either via comment here or via a comment to the story chapter you want to draw a pic from. Chapter 1 can be found here -

Here is chapter one of the fan-fic seires -

Pic 1 - (Has Been Drawn

Pic 2 - (Has Been Drawn

Pic 3 - (Has Been Drawn

Pic 4 - (being drawn by therealmoshmonkey therealmoshmonkey.deviantart.c…) 20 year old Fiona (brown hair in a pony tail, a purple blouse, light blue pants and purple shoes, she looks a bit like Mr. Burns due to her being his granddaughter) punching Sideshow Bob in the face which prevents him from killing Bart.

Pic 5 - (Has Been Drawn

Pic 6 - (Has Been Drawn

Pic 7 - (Being drawn by Gypsy-puma Bart in the hospital waiting room. He has a worried look on his face cause Fiona is having her wounds taken care of and doesn't know if she'll be ok.

Pic 8 - (Being drawn by Biggest-Bob-Fan-Ever biggest-bob-fan-ever.deviantar…) Bart beside Fiona who is laying in a hospital bed. Fiona has her eyes closed cause she's in a coma and Bart is holding her hand. He has a bit of a not happy like look on his face as he looks at Fiona. Her hair isn't in a ponytail now and is worn loose.

Pic 9 - (Being drawn by Biggest-Bob-Fan-Ever biggest-bob-fan-ever.deviantar…) Sideshow Bob in his cell with Cecil who is laying on his bunk. Bob's 11 year old daughter (my other oc) Audrea (red hair, same style as Francesca, wears a green blouse, blue skirt, black mary jane shoes) is on the other side talking.

Pic 10 - (Being drawn by Biggest-Bob-Fan-Ever biggest-bob-fan-ever.deviantar…) Sideshow Bob has his back to the cell bars with an evil smile on his face while Cecil looks at him with an evil smile on his face cause he knows what Bob's plan is.

Pic 11 - (Being drawn by PlanetHannah Sideshow Bob talking to a depressed looking Bart.

Pic 12 - (being drawn by therealmoshmonkey therealmoshmonkey.deviantart.c…) Bart talking (declining Bob's offer) with his back to Sideshow Bob.

Pic 13 - (Being drawn by Biggest-Bob-Fan-Ever biggest-bob-fan-ever.deviantar…) Sideshow Bob holding Bart by the neck with Bart pinned against the wall as he holds a knife up.

Pic 14 - (Being drawn by Biggest-Bob-Fan-Ever biggest-bob-fan-ever.deviantar…) A rock thrown by Audrea hits Sideshow Bob's hand causing him to drop the knife.

Pic 15 - (Being drawn by smartjazzgirl Audrea scolding Sideshow Bob.

Pic 16 - (Being drawn by Biggest-Bob-Fan-Ever biggest-bob-fan-ever.deviantar…) Bart sitting next to Fiona's hospital bed. He is holding Fiona's hand and is looking at her as she wakes up.

Pic 17 - (Being drawn by Decorus-Somnium…) Bart proposes to Fiona who is now fully awake and sitting up in her hospital bed. An 18 year old Lisa and an 11 year old Maggie are also in the room. Both have happy like looks on their faces while Fiona looks surprised and a bit shocked upon seeing the ring Bart has.

Graphics and Coding by Reyvwen
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Algalon's Art

Mon Jan 14, 2013, 4:11 AM
  • Mood: Excited
This is great, it's wonderful, it's stunning and it takes away the power of speech .... I dont know why I deserve this, but it is so beautiful ... This is a shot of murderous beauty right in my heart! And I want to share it with you. Algalon is not a member of DA, I cant put his works into my Futurama Kids Group, thats why I created this journal! I hope you all will enjoy his beautiful drawings of Alice Fry.


Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

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I can't believe it! One Direction ripped off "Baba O' Riley" which is my favorite song by The Who. I'm talking about the intro to "Best Song Ever". It sounds like they took the synth/piano intro from "Baba O' Riley" and modified with a computer in a failed attempt to cover up their plagiarism.

Apprently The Who planned on suing them and getting the Youtube video removed. How did the Directioners respond? They made #DontTouchBestSongEver a top trend and made violent threats against The Who. Sadly,they backed down on the lawsuit.

In my opinion 1D are worse then Justin Bieber. At least Bieber didn't plagerize other people's songs. The UK gave us Black Sabbath. Ireland gave us My Bloody Valentine. Sadly,both countries are responsible for One Direction's existence. They really should issue a formal apology for One Direction's existence. It would help a lot.

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Every-pony stood solemnly and silently.  Dash, for the first time in a long time, walked to join the others.  No flying today.  Not after… she couldn't even bear to think of it.  But, she knew, in a moment, she would have to relive every second of it.  The doctors came out.  Rainbow Dash couldn't help but think that the other ponies were probably hopeful for what would be said. Maybe, just maybe, the kid survived after all.  But no, Dash was there, she had seen… she closed her eyes against the pain.  When she opened them again, the room around her was spinning.  She ignored the wave of dizziness and strained her ears.  The doctor said something she couldn't understand, and then she could make out the sound of Sweetie Belle's and Applebloom's cries and sobs.  She closed her eyes again and lowered her head.  She felt something touch her shoulder.  She reopened her eyes.  Her vision was straight again.  She lifted her head slowly, and sure enough, it was Sky Fire's hoof.  For some reason, this made her angry.  Her face heated up and she looked at him with malice.  Dash shook off his attempted comfort and sat with her back to him.  He started to say something, but she lifted a hoof to silence him.  He sighed and walked away.  She closed her eyes again.  Closing her eyes kept in the tears she was refusing to shed, but behind her eyelids were pictures of the horrible experience.  This was all her fault.  If only she'd kept a closer eye on the kid… she had gotten too excited… they were going too fast… Dash knew! She KNEW! She could've stopped this whole thing if she just hadn't acted so stupid!
      Rainbow heard Applebloom talking to Applejack, Maple Catch, and Big Mac. "Wh… Why… Why… Why did she… Why did she have ta  go?! Ah… Ah… Ah don't understand!" She bellowed between sobs.
      Dash blocked out this conversation; it was too much.  But then Sweetie Belle's cries caught her ears.  She, of course, was whimpering to Rarity.  Most of what she was saying was impossible to understand: "Ra…. Ra… rahaharitehy! Oh, Rarity!  Whihihihy?! I… I… ah… WA huh huh!" She sobbed uncontrollably. "It's alright, darling. It's ok. You're going to be ok.  You're strong.  It's alright darling." Rarity kept comforting.
      She again tried to turn her attention elsewhere.  This time she lifted her head and tried to find something to look at.  Yet the first thing she saw was as depressing as listening.  Pinkie sat with her head down, mane straight.  All the "Pinkie Pie sparkle" was gone.  She was crying, and even her tears weren't the normal hysterics; they were silent, slow drops.  Splatter stood beside her, looking hopeless and rubbing her back slowly.  This suddenly made Dash long for Sky Fire.  She looked around and tried to find him, and spotted him staring out the window.  His eyes looked glossy, but all the muscles in his body were tensed.  She could tell he was fighting tears the same way she was.  She lost interest; what would she say if she walked to him now?  Instead, she looked to another place, and her eyes found Twilight Sparkle and Journal Hooves.  Twilight's face was soaked in tears, and Journal Hooves' normal collected attitude had given way to hurt for the others around him.  The two were discussing with the doctors.  She looked away from them, only to find the worst sight yet: Fluttershy.  She wasn't crying, she wasn't pleading with Whistle Whisper, she wasn't lying down or cradling her bunny or hiding her face.  No, she was just standing there, looking blankly into space. Whistle Whisper stood beside her the same way.  They didn't seem to be aroused at all, but she knew they were far more scarred than any-pony else there.  She knew they weren't there anymore.  No, Fluttershy and Whistle Whisper were long gone, the thought of death too much for them to handle.  Rainbow Dash knew now she had ruined Fluttershy through and through.  All the misunderstandings, all the down-trotting her sensitivity… now she would never get a chance to apologize for it all.
Come on, Rainbow, get it together! She thought to herself.  But, really, there was nothing to get
together, was there?  No, there was nothing.  Nothing to do but wait for the doctors and investigators and Celestia knows who else to demand a recap of the events that took place.  But, Dash realized, she didn't want to tell any-pony else.  Why did they need to know, anyway?  So she trotted over to Sky Fire and tapped him on the shoulder.
"I'm leaving," She told him, and he nodded in reply.  With that, she was out the door.

It's hard for a flight-obsessed Pegasus to find her way around town without flying, but there was
only one place Rainbow Dash  wanted to go at this moment: the Everfree Forest.  She clopped along the streets, passed Fluttershy's cottage, and was soon in the concealment of the trees.  With no-pony watching her, Dash's urge to fly reappeared.  She took off, zooming lower than usual and dogging trees.  She tried not to think about it, but the memory refused to be pushed from her mind…

"Come on, kid!  You can do it!" Dash called to the orange filly below her.  Scootaloo looked up with
uncertainty, but Rainbow Dash called down more reassurance, and Scoots knew she would have to try sooner or later, and, well, the sooner, the better.  She took a deep breath.

Dash did two backflips. "Come on, kid!  It's a breeze!"  Scootaloo sighed, took a little
running start, and began to flap her wings.  She took off!  She was flying!  This was met with several cheers and hoots from Rainbow.
"Alright, Scootaloo! Woo!" Dash cried. "How does it feel?"
"It feels… FREE!" Scootaloo replied with pure joy and pride.
"I couldn't agree more!" Rainbow Dash laughed.
They continued to fly, Rainbow teaching Scoots some beginner's techniques.  Scootaloo
mastered most of them easily, and laughed at herself when she didn't.  Dash was having a great time with the kid, but she could Scootaloo was getting worn out.  Nevertheless, the kid kept going and never mentioned it.  Dash decided to overlook the fatigue, thought she was noticing Scootaloo was sweating a little more than normal…
"This is AWESOME!" Scootaloo yelled, doing a side roll that Dash had just taught her. "I can see
Why you like flying so much, Rainbow Dash!"  Rainbow nodded, but stopped short at the kid's next remark. "Hey. Rainbow Dash, what about that Sonic Rainboom?"
"Uuuhhh, kid?  No offense, but you just learned to fly.  That's an extremely advanced move.
I don't think it would be a good idea." Dash said.
"Well, ok! If you won't teach me, I guess I'll just try on my own!" Scootaloo giggled then flew up
into the air.
Oh, what can it hurt? The daredevil in Rainbow Dash thought as she backed up to give the kid
space.  But at that back of her mind, a little voice was screaming how wrong this was.  Scootaloo was almost not visible anymore for having risen up so high into the air.  Rainbow just watched as the filly plummeted, attempting the amazing explosion Dash had pulled off three times.   Scootaloo gained speed as she neared the ground.  Rainbow Dash could see a cloudlike structure forming in front of Scoots.  Maybe the kid would get closer than she thought she would, Dash thought right before Scootaloo was stopped suddenly by the invisible barrier and thrown back into the air.  Before she even knew it, Rainbow was zooming over in an attempt to catch Scoots.
"SCOOTALOO!" Dash screamed as she tried to catch up to the filly was still going up, unable to
gain control of herself.  Even from this distance, Rainbow could see Scootaloo's wings snap back. Blood slung all around the filly.

"KID!" Rainbow cried out, her straight course toward Scootaloo turning into a diagonal nose-dive
because the kid was falling, and falling fast.  Even before Scoots landed, Dash knew she would never reach her in time.  When Scootaloo landed with a sickening noise, Rainbow Dash was sure she was dead.  But when she landed beside her, she was surprised to find Scootaloo breathing heavy.
"Kid," Rainbow Dash said, looking and the bloody Pegasus before her.  Dash picked her up and
started to the hospital.  The filly cradled in her arms coughed and blood spattered into Dash's face, but she ignored it and kept going.
"Ra… R... Rainbow Dash?" Scootaloo said in a whisper.
"Yeah, kid?" an almost tearful but concentrated Rainbow Dash answered.
"M… m… my cu… cutie mark," Scootaloo stuttered. "What does it look like?"
Dash glanced at the kids flank, and even in this situation couldn't help but smile.  "It's a cloud.  A
white, swirling cloud. And on the cloud is a lightning bolt that matches the color of you mane."
Scootaloo gasped. "L… l… like yours?"
"Almost, kid."
Scootaloo smiled, coughed again, then she was gone.

Rainbow Dash snapped back to reality, and stopped flying.  She was lost in the middle of
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WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA. HALT. You guys are really not going to believe this, but a One Erection fangirl actually wrote a horrifically SICK and DISGUSTING  fanfiction. Sure that's common, but. . .


BE MAD. BE VERY MAD. Now, this little sister is just an INFANT. Not even a month old and WHAT THE HELL!!!

That's so sick and this is why I hate those 1d fangirls. P.S:  Niall Horan is a crybaby.
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All About The Past

Love Core's Past Memories.
Prologue: The First Memory.

There was a room which was white I was in it. I remember opening my eyes and seeing people, scientists. They asked me what I liked. I remember saying, "I don't like, but I love, love." The scientists nodded and wrote on a paper. I remember them calling me the Love Core.

                 One male scientist picked me up and put me on a white machine. I stayed on there for quite a while. They later brought in another core, Grey with a blue eye. They put him on to the machine too. They called him Wheatley, the Intelligence Dampening Core.

             I had a conversation with him. He was nice. I loved everything but not as much as I loved Wheatley. I looked into his eye and saw he loved me back. We were together for a long time on that machine. It wasn't much long before the scientist stuck the last core, Peace Core, on the machine.

         I heard a scientist say, " Turn GLaDOS the Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System on." It said. One scientist nodded and the machine started to move. I looked up and saw its eye open. " Hello scientists. You have awoke me. You brought me into this world" The machine GLaDOS had said. One of the scientist clapped slowly. "The Peace Core is working. We have succeeded."

All About The Past

Love Core's Past Memories.
Chapter 1: Peace Juice All Gone

I saw GLaDOS look at us then look at the scientists. I fell asleep. I woke up again. "GLaDOS is bringing peace to us. Thank god for this." I heard one of the scientists speak. Wheatley looked at me. " This is a bit weird. They are usin' us to keep a robot to behave. Why do they need plenty of us cores to keep one robot to behave?" Wheatley asked me. I shook my head.

                  A scientist came over and took Wheatley off. " Lets fix him a little, we have to erase bit of his memory." A scientist said. "Wheatley!" I yelled.  A little later I heard Wheatley scream In pain, then everything was silent. The Scientists but Wheatley back on GLaDOS. " Wheatley?" I said. Wheatley looked at me I saw no love in his eyes. "Who are you? How do you know my name?" Wheatley said.
                 I looked at him with wonder. " I'm Love Core, You love me, remember?" I said to him. "I have no idea of which your talking about." Wheatley said. I realized the scientists really did take away his memory. Then I looked up at GLaDOS. I saw the Peace Core shut down. My vision was failing. "GLaDOS let me fix that core." Said one of the scientists.

              GLaDOS laughed a little and the place got darker. "No." I heard GLaDOS say in a deep voice. " The Peace Juice is all gone.  But Neurotoxin is back." GLaDOS said. A scientist took Wheatley off and gave him to a young scientist. "Wheatley?" I said. Another scientist gave me to the scientist that held Wheatley.

                 He put us both on our own management rail. "Wheatley don't turn your flashlight on or get off your management rail or your surely die. Now get out of here." The scientist told him. The door  in front of us closed, and Wheatley fleed. The last word I heard in that door was GLaDOS's frightening voice, "Now that I am fully in control, I am going to kill you all."

All About The Past

Love Core's Past Memories.
Chapter 2: Forgotten

I moved backwards as a I heard the scientists cough. I left and saw a single scientist, a man escape. I continued moving trying to see if I could find Wheatley, but I never did. He was no where to be found. I kept moving on and searching. I heard GLaDOS get defeated and I gave up the search for Wheatley one day and watched the place get older, and greener.

                One day I decided to look around. I went to a place with fake rooms. In the distance I saw him, Wheatley over there knocking on the door with his head. A woman opened the door and Wheatley screamed in surprise. He went in and the door closed. A couple minutes later that one room Wheatley was in moved.

              I tried to follow them but I couldn't find out how. I caught up to Wheatley though. I looked at him and say hi but he looked at me with confusion again. "You look fimular…" He said. It was a relief he remembered me a little. But he never remembered he loved me. Wheatley continued on and disappeared. I traveled around and saw GLaDOS, she was dead.

               I stayed there and Wheatley and that women which I found out goes by Chell came up out of the ground. GLaDOS was moving, she was awakening. When her power up was complete she talked to them then picked them up. That's when she crushed him, Wheatley. I wanted to scream but if I did GLaDOS would find me. I saw Wheatley land some where.

               His sides were crushed and his eye was crooked and was leaning out to one side. He was lifeless. I sighed with sadness then I went away. Traveling again, with no hope of seeing Wheatley again. I watched Chell test for GLaDOS again just so I could see if it would drain out all the boredness I had. It worked a little, But I still missed Wheatley.

All About The Past

Love Core's Past Memories.
Chapter 3: Still Alive

Chell tested for days and I watched still hidden. There came to a point where Chell seemed really happy. I wondered why. I kept following and saw her in the air on a bridge of light. She pushed a button and walked forward. All the lights turned off. "Whats happening? Who turned off the lights?" I heard GLaDOS say. That's when I heard a fimular voice. It was Wheatley! He was still alive!

               I followed them quickly but was blocked because I was too slow. I tried another path. They were too far away. I had to find a faster way to get closer to them. But the place in front of me was crushed. Wheatley and Chell already made their way to the top of the place. I backed up and went around the other way. I turned right then went up. I followed a path I thought they may have pasted.

           I thought I heard voices around me. I looked around and came closer to the voice. It was them. They were putting a crap turret in replace of the working master turret. I went around just when Chell did and followed them from way at the side. I watched Chell turn off the neurotoxin. The whole place shook and I saw Wheatley and Chell go through a clear tube.

       I followed them from the side yet again. Going around in circles down while following the tube they were going through. They separated ways and I followed the path close to Chell. It brought me to a hole In a wall. It was in GLaDOS's lair. That's when GLaDOS started to talk to no one. Or was she talking to someone? That's when Chell appeared in a glass room, moving closer and closer to GLaDOS.

All About The Past

Love Core's Past Memories.
Chapter 4: The Worst And Last Memory

I watched the whole thing. GLaDOS put crap turrets down and they exploded. GLaDOS wasn't angry. I heard her say something to her but the only word I really got was "Neurotoxin"  That's when I heard "ooh" "ow" "ak" "augh" That's when Wheatley came down the tube and fell on the floor. I saw everything that happened. The announcer announced GLaDOS was 80% corrupted.

       Wheatley told Chell to plug him in. GLaDOS said other wise, but Chell plugged him in. "New core are you ready to start the procedure." I heard the announcer say. "yes!" I heard Wheatley say with pride. "Corrupted core are you ready to start the procedure?" "NO" "Oh yes she is." "NONONONONONONO!" I heard The conversation stop. " Corrupted core declined. Cannot continue."

           I saw Wheatley move around. "PULL ME OUT PULL ME OUT PULL ME OUT-" "Please push the stalemate button." "LEAVE ME IN LEAVE ME IN! Go press it!" I heard Wheatley yell. That's when Chell went through GLaDOS's obstacles and pushed the button. I heard GLaDOS scream. I backed up and didn't listen all I heard was Wheatley's painful scream. "Wheatley… oh no… this. Don't yell…" I said to myself.

               Sooner or later the transfer was complete. I saw and heard everything. When he punched Chell down into the pit I came out of hiding and appeared from behind Wheatley. "Wheatley?" I said. Wheatley scream and turned round his sides open and his optic small. His metal claw then hit my side. I went flying off my management rail  and landed on the other side of the hole in the wall. My vision was failing. I heard laughing then no more. I was knocked out…

       At least five days later I reawakened from being shut down. I was on the ground and my whole left side was badly hurt. I called for help and something replied. "We can help you we are tiny but strong nanobots." A tiny nanobot said. "Where are you?" I called. "You can't see us. You're a friend of Wheatley aren't you? He put you out for five days" We helped him long ago. I was his friend, Jerry." Jerry said to me as the nanobots helped me up.

       The nanobots left because of a good cause. They didn't tell me. I looked though the hole. I saw Chell push a button and an explosion happened. I screamed as Jerry called out my name.  He came back to tell me something. " If you can remember tell Wheatley that his scientist whom built his is called Juila Pendleton." He said and darted away. I nodded and looked at the fight. Wheatley was yelling at Chell.

              Wheatley and Chell looked up. I looked up to see the moon. Chell shot it there. "NO AAAAAAHHHHH" I yelled as I passed though the portal first glaring at Wheatley sadly as I drifted off. Just a minute later he crashed into me. All I remember then was Wheatley wishing he could say sorry to Chell. I drifted far away. One year later I caught up to him and he was counting the stars.

"51... 52... 5-" "SPPPPAAAAACCCEEEE!" Space Core interrupted him. "33... Wait no, augh. Nothing is going well." He said. I moved closer to him. "Everything will be alright I promise." I told him. As we got further away
I whispered "I love you." Never saw him again. I got close to Earth and fell down in a yard behind a house. A girl with long brown hair found me and picked me up. I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep. Last thing I know I wake up on this fluffy thing the girl introduced herself.  I found out her name was Autumn, and that's led all the way to where I am now.

I am Love Core. I loved a core who loved me back, he lost his memory and became alone. Survived GLaDOS's wrath and watched all of Chell and Wheatley's journeys together.

This was my story.
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1. They're music is cheesy shit and it hurts to listen to that crap
2. They're music has no meaning
3. Most girls only like them for their looks which is not a good reason to like a band. (Not that they have good looks in the first place)
4. A lot of their fans are mindless morons who will go onto 1D hating sites and groups just for the point of insulting people who dare to be different and don't like their music
5. I can't go into HMV or any other music store without seeing their shitty merchandise all over the place
6. Every time I go into the grocery store I see their stupid and crappy mugs
7. If I tell a 1D fan that I don't like them they treat me like shit and won't shut up about how fabulous that bitchy band is
8. they look like the GAP threw up on them
9. Their music is so much like Justin Bieber's that it makes me sick
10. They have personally ruined pop music for me and now I wish that they would stop playing their music on the radio
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