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Another entry for Seventh Sanctum Extreme Character Contest along with this guy.

Name: Seraphim Edgeaeon

Vampire Generator gave me this: This energetic female vampire has round gold eyes that seem to glow in the dark. Her violet hair functions as another limb. She is tall and has a lithe build. Her red skin is more like an insect's carapace. Her feet have claw-like nails. Her tongue is long and lashlike. She can turn into a swarm of insects. She can control the minds of the weak-willed. When exposed to human purity, she will sicken. Her diet is like that of classic vampires.

And also the Diadem of Annhilator's Lust

Lawl - Lobster Giiiiiiirl! Complete with EXTREME chibi outburst!
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Done for the contest at Seventh Sanctum [link]

Well the contest was to use the Fusion Class Generator and a character generator abd make up a character based on the results.
I decided to use the first results I got which were:

Quick-Draw Illusionist

This confident lady has wide white eyes that are like two bleached skulls. Her thick, wavy, indigo hair is medium-length and is worn in a handsome style. She is short and has a leggy build. Her skin is white. She has a weak chin and small feet. Her wardrobe is flattering.

I loved the idea of a Quick-Draw Illusionist, she conjures cards to shoot at people as well as other magic tricks. xD I tried to make her outfit part cowgirl part magicians assistant, lol.

Her name is Elaine Lane (also randomly generated, I love it!) and she has a pet white bunny.
Her father was a very famous illusionist. One of his tricks was sabotaged by an Outlaw named Trevor Never and he was killed. Elaine was left all of her dads magic items and swore revenge...
I generated Trevor too, I'll have to draw him sometime, he's awesome xD
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For the Seventh Sanctum contest.

Fantasy Name Extreme Generator: Tempest Dark

Fangirl Fantasy Generator: The well-educated yet mocking half-angel. His

eyes are like two emeralds. His gravity-defying hair is indigo. His

exotic clothes are designed to deliberately show off his narrow build,

and he prefers them to be made from leather. He usually wears a lot of


Added content from other generators.

Fantasy Crossbreed Generator: The self-righteous male half-Angel mage.

His wardrobe is artistic. His non-human ancestry is very obvious and

not-concealable, but not particuarly disturbing.

Sword Generator: This sword has a blade with a blue hue to it. The guard

strongly resembles a pair of angel wings, inlaid with a copper-colored


Battle Aura Generator: A glittering silver aura. it is ever-shifting in

shape. when it is active, the wielder's eyes glow with a similar color.


"You're the son of an angel." Or so his mother claimed just before she

was murdered in cold blood. A quiet picnic in the palace gardens turned


He was only six at the time.

When the assassins turned their sights to him, he did what any

frightened child would do. He ran. His little legs just weren't fast


Born with only one wing, and with none of his mother or father's powers

at such a tender young age, he was helpless.

"Fly, if you can, you filthy hybrid." Those were the last words the men

spat at him before they hurled him over the garden wall and down to the

jagged rocks and crashing waves far below.

Somehow, he managed to survive the fall. Bruised, bleeding, cold, and

alone, he washed up on the shoreline miles away from his home.

For all counts, he should have died that day.

All he truly understood at that point was that he couldn't go back.

Ever. "Illegitimate" was a word whispered too often in the shadows. He

knew they had never wanted him there. His mother was the only one that

had ever wanted him, and because of that they had killed her. His father

hadn't even wanted him and had left long before he was even born.

He had to get as far away from the palace and the city as he possibly


Life isn't easy when you're a halfbreed.

Pickpocketing is impossible when you don't blend into a crowd, but other

forms of thievery were easy enough to pick up. Snatching a loaf of bread

or a pie from a window left carelessly open, or an apple off the fruit

stand. He survived that way for several years before someone finally

caught him.

Instead of turning him over to the authorities, the old mistress of the

house took him in. He had grown into an insanely handsome young man,

even at the age of fourteen, and she had no heir to pass down her

impressive magic techniques to. He made the perfect candidate. Owning to

his obvious angelic and elven heritage, she also knew his powers would

begin to manifest soon, if they hadn't already, and he would need

guidance, lest he destroy himself and those around him.

He couldn't have gotten a better education had he been allowed to stay

in the palace. He had stumbled upon a grand master mage. And someone

that didn't care he was a one winged angel.

It was years later when he finally learned what "angel" truly meant to



His master's dying words. She had known the truth the whole time, knew

about the horrible experiments of twenty years ago, but out of the

kindness of her heart, she never told him, and never treated him as

anything but a beloved student... or even the grandson she never had.

He would never live a quiet life, not with the curse of having a wing--

the only "flaw" of his otherwise perfect and beautiful body. He had

tried cutting the wing off in the past, and failed. The wounds would

heal instantly, no matter how deep he managed to cut into it. It was as

surely a part of him as the blood flowing through his veins... blood he

cursed with every breath he breathed. And now his beloved master and

guardian was gone. The only person that had ever accepted him and loved

him was gone forever...

With a heart full of pain, he took the name Tempest Dark, and swore

vengeance on the ones responsible for his suffering, no matter how long

it would take to find them. He would strike them like a tempest and

leave them nothing but destruction in his wake.

No longer satisfied to be a hybrid with a single wing, there was only

one solution. He used his skills to fashion a second one out of a metal

stronger than steel, and bound it to his body by an unbreakable magic.

Under his master's training, his true powers had finally manifested, all

of the powers of his bloodlines were at his disposal, all the strengths,

none of the weaknesses, and now he had both wings. Nothing could stand

in his way.

He is feared by the scientists that experimented on his father, for they

have recently found out about the existence of Tempest. Also for the

fact the same organization murdered his master. He's feared even more by

the remainder of the Royal family. They dread he will one day realize he

is the son of the crown princess, and the last blood heir to the throne.

...and seen as a threat by everyone else because of his powers and

insanely good looks.

He's regularly chased out of towns. Unless he decides to blow them up

that is. (They explode in such nice pyrotechnic displays.)

On his journey of revenge he obtained Shinjitsu, a legendary sword of

great power, forged by the fire of the elder dragons, back when the

elves were still an infant race in the world. In more than a century the

sword had not taken a master, none that tried to tame the power of the

blade had been deemed worthy, and all had died in the attempt... until

Tempest came for it. Whether it was his burning soul or his hybrid blood

that made the sword take him as a master, none can be sure.

Shortly afterward, he was bonded to the blue fairydragon Ryuusei, a

wise, if mischievous companion... with a tendency to bite if anyone

other than his master touches him. He's usually found clinging to

Tempest's shoulder.

As Tempest has something of a mocking, self-righteous personality with a

slightly mischievous bent, Ryuusei has proven to be his perfect match.

Tempest has an unusually bright battle aura, even for a mage of elven

decent. His eyes glow strangely when he uses a particularly strong (for

him) technique, or if infuriated. This aura is brighter around the

purely organic parts of his body, and is brightest on the side that

bears the angel wing.

When angered, his emerald eyes tend to turn to a lighter shade of green,

and may even begin to glow before his battle aura becomes apparent.

It's said the last thing his victims see before death is the dazzling

light of his magnificent powers, and they are awestruck. As such he's

called often called "The Shining Destroyer."

He also has a great singing voice, a given because of his bloodlines...

the revenge business just doesn't afford him much time to use it. He's

also skilled at playing the harp.

He can speak, read, and write in both the ancient language and in the

common language of elves and humans. As well as communicate with

animals, aside from his bonded fairy dragon. In fact, even rabid animals

are charmed by his mere presence.


Painter Acrylics, airbrush settings.


My personal diagnosis for this guy is that he is a DOA Sue. He also

scores a 167 on the Universal Mary Sue Limits Test, placing him very

firmly in the "Kill It Dead" category of 50+ points.

Remember, friends don't let friends read irredeemable Sue stories.

Thank you and goodnight!
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This is an entry for the Characters - Extreme! contest for Seventh Sanctum [link]

So let me introduce you to Chaos Sunrise: This gentleman has droopy blood-red eyes. He has neck-length, straight, royal purple hair which has a form that reminds you of a pair of wings. His body is rather sleek. You can't help but compare him to a cobra waiting to strike. He has prominent cheekbones. (bishotron) This sword's guard is arc-shaped. Its grip is formed like a chimney with smoke coming out of it. (sword generator) Purple Pendant of Muteness and Charisma. Spirit's Armguard of the Screamer (magic item generator)

So, this guy has a nice tattoo on his right arm, and also lots of layers, tight bell bottoms, and also he can't talk because of the pendant that he can't take off. It's CURSED! Ooo. The armband was an attempt to counteract the pendant. It doesn't work but he likes how it looks. I took the chimney smoke idea literally. I tried to use dawn colors in his clothing and in the background.
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Galaxy Dragons

Title screen for cartoon series.

In a far off galaxy lies a solar system of four planets. The people of these planets believe that their solar system was created by The Great Celestial Dragon a creature made of the four elements; earth, air, water and fire, and that each of their planets represent one of the four elements. They believe that when The Great Celestial Dragon died all that was left was the planets and their sun, Dray-gon, the dragon’s heart.

When their solar system comes under threat from a race of unknown shadow creatures from a nearby black hole, intent on stripping the planets of their resources and extinguishing all light and life in the galaxy, a team of protectors are chosen.
This team, known of the Galaxy Dragons, are made up of four representatives each from one of the four planets.

Each member of the team has unique abilities and weapons and each has been endowed with protective armour which protects them and allows them to fly through space using holographic wings.

The Galaxy Dragons are (from left to right):

Tor is from the second planet in the solar system; Granitus.
The planet has a rocky surface, with huge mountains and deep valleys. The people live in cities carved into the mountains and valley walls.
Like all his people Tor has incredible strength.
Tor’s weapon is a war-hammer known as The Dragon’s Claw.

Pyrus is from the first planet in the solar system; Infernon.
Much of the planets surface is red hot as it is closest to Dray-gon, so the people live below the planets surface.
Like all his people Pyrus is impervious to heat.
Pyrus can create and throw fireballs which he uses as a weapon known as The Dragon’s Breath.

Aquia is from the fourth planet in the solar system; Hydros.
The planet is furthest from Dray-gon and is covered in ice but beneath the ice is a vast ocean. The people live in underwater cities below the ice.
Like all her people Aquia is impervious to cold and can breath underwater.
Aquia’s weapon is a whip known as The Dragon’s Tail.

Nimbus is from the third planet in the solar system; Etheria.
The planet is a gas giant and has no solid surface. The people live in floating cities.
Like all his people Nimbus can withstand great pressure making him resistant to physical injury.
Nimbus’s weapon is a throwing blade known as The Dragon’s Wing.

Entry for Cartoon Cash-in Contest at Seventh Sanctum [link]
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For the Seventh Sanctum's Cross-genre contest : [link]
The requirements were to generate a multi-genre character.
Sorry for the sketchiness, I was running out of time.D: This is my first time painting on SAI like this, so please excuse the art fail.


gunslinger surgeon

This dynamic woman has round purple eyes that are like two drops of wine. Her fine, straight, black hair is neck-length and is worn in an elegant, bizarre style. She has a feminine build. Her skin is dark. She has small hands. Her wardrobe is risque and no-nonsense, with a completely blue color scheme.

Name: Circe Lovelock
Born into a family of respectable doctors, this rebellious gal took off at the age of 14 from her parents and never went back. Circe later joined a wandering surgeon gang and took up on underground surgery championships. She's called in the area the Anesthesia Ripper, known for her quick and painless removal of limbs. Her special weapons are her jumbo syringe of anesthesia and bone saw. She likes long walks along the fair grounds and takes pleasure in smelling newly printed books.


Ps: Those bulbous protrusions in the back are supposed to be lights in an operating room and she's stepping on the operating table.

[EDIT] I won!! *in disbelief*8DD Good job to everyone who participated in the contest, you guys were all really great and fierce competition!XD *happy dance* :cookie:
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An entry for the seventh sanctum Characters Extreme contest [link]
for which I had to design an over the top character to rival JRPGs and make glam rock stars cry.

The The Fantasy Name Generator Extreme generator generated the name Maverick Solitaire
which I think suits him

The General Person Generator generated this description
This guy puts you in mind of a regal dragon. He has slitted gray eyes. His luxurious, straight, apple-green hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a crown He has an overmuscled build. His skin is dark. He has a high forehead. His wardrobe is weird, with a lot of violet and blue

I just hope he's over the top enough
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What's this? It's not shitty (not deliberately, at least), and it's got nothing to do with Working Men!

Instead, this is an entry for Seventh Sanctum's Extreme Character Contest. The Fantasy Name Generator Extreme gave me "Drake Legend", and the Bishotron gave me the character description, which I've cunningly included within the image itself.

Drake Legend is a badass pirate mage. You will note that his cutlass is roughly as long as he is tall, and that he can shoot fire from his left hand. He can also wreathe the whole thing in flames and straight punch scurvy bilgerats, which is why he keeps it bare. Also pictured is his totally bitchin' armband, which is enchanted to make him waterproof. Guy can swim around with his arm on fire and not even give a care because that's how he rolls.

I'm actually damn proud of how it turned out, after about six hours of off-and-on work on it. Especially the hands. Look at those hands. I used my own for reference, which is why they're so beautiful. :3

UPDATE: Furthermore, if you want to follow the amazing adventures of Drake Legend and two of his extreme peers, you should totally check out ~SuperAshBro's fanart ([link]) and ~persephone-the-fish's fantastic comic-in-progress, starting here: [link]
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An entry for Seventh Sanctum's Extreme Character Contest.

Name: Ghost Reaper

Generated Randomness!

The extroverted male half-Hydra spy. He appears human - yet his shadow is always that of his non-human parent's species.

The calculating warrior. His aquamarine eyes can seduce you with a glance. His stylish hair is slate-gray. He has a rather youthful face. His outfits are tight, he has a preference for brown, and he has a thing for low-riding pants and leather boots.

He seems to me like one of those crazy fantasy RPG characters. Not the hero though, Ghost is that one guy that you meet at a suspiciously helpful time in some bar who hits on your wimmenz (but you still assume he's flaming), assaults the hero with good-natured barbs and by the time he gets around to revealing his halfsy heritage the hero can't but scream at him in frustration because if he'd revealed everything just a liiiiittle while earlier it would have saved everybody a ton of trouble.

And yeah, I'm pretty well aware that with the lighting angles I used, a shadow wouldn't really show up there =P

Other entry is here.
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Done as an entry for the latest contest over at Seventh Sanctum: [link]

The idea was to use two of the generators: One to choose a class, one to choose the appearance. I got the following:

Class: Blood Healer
Appearance: This lonely girl has almond-shaped lavender eyes. Her thick, straight, short hair is the color of charcoal, and is worn in a handsome, precise style. She is very short and has a busty build. Her skin is china-white. She has small ears and a large mouth. Her wardrobe is weird.

Made up a little word/setting to go with it: In my mind, Blood Healer is a bit of a misnomer, as they do very little actual healing. Her country is currently at war with their neighbour, and they use slaves to fight.

When a slave is injured, a Blood Healer comes along and injects them with Cursed Blood, something that gives them a boost of strength (and makes them a little bit reckless) so they will carry on fighting, seriously injured and suffering or not, until they are killed.
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