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Exactly what the title says; here be a floor plan that my waifu :iconyodana: and I came up with for fun and future reference when I visited her in the Cayman Islands, namely one for the military base/nakama home where the Elite Guard Autobots live on Earth in our RP. <3

It's getting pretty crowded there now with all these new arrivals, Ultra Magnus'll need to call in the Constructicons soon to build them a few more rooms before some poor bot ends up having to share with Sentinel. X'D

First time I've ever done one of these so it's probably not that great, any advice you guys have on making it better would be very much appreciated. Or you could just tell me what you think, either's good. :meow:

ED = Energon Dispenser

EDIT: Because I felt like it, have some descriptions! :la:

Emergency hangar/ship storage: Big enough to house small shuttles and escape-pods as well as Earth vehicles and the occasional seeker. Thanks to its size and high ceiling, cleaning this room is usually kept as punishment for grounded younglings.

Entrance hallway: Exactly what it says on the tin. X3

Store-rooms: Everything from spare tyres to cleaning drones are kept in these. Blurr was put in charge of organizing their contents and he has put a system in place, just don't expect anybot but him to understand it.

Rec-room: A place to kick back and relax, contains comfy chairs and couches as well as a TV, game systems, holo-projectors and data-padd novels as well as energon dispensers for a quick cube.

Skywarp's kitchen: Became the seeker's territory shortly after he came to live with the Autobots because, let's face it, under normal circumstances the poor bot has all the fighting ability of a damp lettuce. So, desperately wanting to give something back to the bots who'd allowed him to be part of their home and noticing they were mostly living on plain energon and ready-made meals back then, he asked the Magnus if he could cook for them sometime. Despite initial reservations from those among them who were blue, large chinned Primes, the seeker's first meal was a big success and he soon became the head chef at the base.

Pantry: Filled with metallic vegetables, crystal fruits, sweet and savoury oils and waxes as well as a host of other ingredients Skywarp uses to create his culinary delights. On and off off-limits to Freefall since he's always liable to sneak in there to swipe something. XD

Mess hall/dining room: Started off as just you standard military type place to sit down and toss back a cube of basic energon before getting back to work or heading to one's room. But, over time like the rest of the base, has taken on a far more familial type atmosphere and feel. One big table to sit at and set mealtimes whenever the Elite Guard schedules allow it were a big help for a start. <3

Weapons locker: Holds all the Elite Guard weapons, lethal and non-lethal, as well as the equipment needed to maintain them. The only exception being Jazz's cyber-ninjitsu tools which he keeps in his dojo.

Ultra Magnus's office: Where the commander works and handles his more officious duties when he's not out on patrol or defending Detroit from Decepticon and human threat alike. He tries hard to encourage an open-door policy and so makes his workspace as welcoming and non-threatening as possible.

Sentinel's office: Just like his leader, Sentinel's rank entitles him to his own office. However the blue Prime, who has a notable dislike of paperwork and becomes irritable whenever he has to do it, likes to be left alone when duty requires him to be in there and so does the opposite of Magnus and encourages other bots to give him a wide berth when this happens.

Monitor room: Contains surveillance technology that shows key locations around Detroit. After rows with city officials, Ultra Magnus conceded to allow them a grid showing where their tech was being placed so long as it were kept under high-level lock and key. So far, they haven't had any more problems with this arrangement.

Communication room: Where the Autobots on Earth keep in touch with those back on Cybertron and on deep-space missions. Can also be used to contact Optimus's base if for any reason, their personal comm-links aren't working.

Meeting room: Where Ultra Magnus or Sentinel give their briefings. Also used anytime the base receives formal visitors (they keep a supply of human-sized furniture in case those visitors happen to be native ever since the mayor's aide fell off the table and broke her ankle).

Emergency weapons locker: Kept in case the base is attacked and the main one is compromised. In the event both lockers were unreachable, weapons are also hidden throughout the base and the surrounding area in strategic locations.

Main training room: Exactly what it says, houses a number of machines and devices suited to the individual Elite Guard bots to help keep them in tip top fighting condition.

Jazz's dojo: A place for Jazz and his students to perform the special training reserved for cyber-ninjitsu. Like his old master's, its walls are decorated by Xianese wall hangings, digital art and screens. Probably the most beautiful room in the base.

Meditation room: A place for, you guessed it, meditation. Its walls are soundproofed and the windows can be completely blocked out offering total sensory deprivation for deep meditative states.

Red Alert's medbay: Where the femme takes care of sick or injured members of the base. All her supplies are kept inside instead of in the storage rooms for obvious reasons.

Medbay emergency berth: Small room containing a spare berth where Red Alert can sleep if she has particularly ill or injured patients who need round the clock monitoring.

Communal wash-racks: Has showers at one end and a sunken bath just big enough for a seeker to use at the other. Like a number of the base's features, the latter wasn't added until later on when it started to take on a more 'homey' feel.

Waste disposals: Really now, what do you think? X3

Ultra Magnus's room: As commander, he's entitled to the largest quarters away from the rest of the base's residents. Not that it bothers the Magnus mech either way, he'd honestly be perfectly happy with a smaller room closer to his troupes, but sometimes protocol should be observed if only to save a squabble over who'd get the choice room if he wasn't using it. ;3 His personal effects include a bookshelf of data-novels, pictures and mementos from his time as commander and a case for the Thunder Magnus.

Jazz & Dragster's room: When Dragster first came to the base on his parents' wishes in the hopes it would teach the racer some much needed responsibility, Jazz was the obvious choice for his roommate since the two had known each other through his friendship with Dragster's father since said bot was a sparkling. Though far less strict than some of the other bots, rooming with Jazz has meant Dragster has had to keep their room far neater than he was used to back home. Their personal effects include a shelf of data-padds, mostly on cyber-ninjitsu (Jazz) and racing (Dragster), various pictures and posters of their respective interests, a large music system and rather unnecessary amount of waxes, polishes and other plating treatments that Dragster uses to keep himself looking his best every hour of every day.

Sentinel's room: Sentinel likes his personal space kept personal and spacious and is eager to keep it that way, not at all looking forward to the day when he will potentially have to take on a roommate as Jazz and Red Alert have done. His quarters are messier than the other officers' thanks to his extreme dislike of cleaning and belief it should all be done by either servants or drones anyway. His personal effects include a king-sized berth, his own entertainments system, a wall dedicated to all his achievements as a Prime and an automatic massage station since he sometimes suffers problems with his shoulder gyros.

Red Alert & Radar's room: Despite the gender difference, Radar rooms with Red Alert since she is his mentor and that's traditionally how it's done on Cybertron. The young bot is a thoughtful and courteous roommate and so far Red Alert has had no cause at all to complain about sharing with him. Their personal effects include a large bookshelf stuffed with medical data-padds and Radar's romance novels, a section set apart for Red Alert's personal studies and experiments and Whirly (Radar's pet data-bird's) cage.

Blurr, Skywarp & Zephyr's room: Obviously mated pair Blurr and Skywarp share and Zephyr's age means he still sleeps in a crib in their room. As well as cooking, Skywarp also has a penchant for housework which, coupled with Blurr's speed in tidying like everything else, means their quarters are almost always in good order. Along with their eldest sons, the three get one of the two bigger rooms thanks to Skywarp's size making it a necessity. Their personal effects include shelves of data-padds (generally cookbooks for Skywarp, adventure and swashbuckling novels for Blurr and bornling books for Zephyr), Zephyr's many toys, souvenirs Blurr collected from his travels as an intelligent agent, pictures of their sparklings and family and a couple of more, ahh, interesting toys that are very much not for Zephyr's use and kept for when the little seeker is being looked after by another member of their base so his parents can have a little alone time together...:eyes:

Freefall & Nightflash's room: The second of the two larger rooms thanks to Freefall's seeker frame. Never exactly tidy since neither brother is that good at remembering to put things back when they've finished with them. XD Still it is always clean no matter what Wavelength says, messy, but clean. ;3 Personal effects include Freefall's comic collection (given to him specially made in transformer size in exchange for publicity-campaign photos by Marvel and DC), data-padds, pictures and various nature based knick-knacks collected by the animal loving Nightflash, old toys and games from their sparklinghoods that neither has felt like throwing out and electronic games and other doodads.

BeatBox and Wavelength's room: The original odd-couple of the base; BeatBox having been extremely messy and untidy before coming to Earth and Wavelength fastidiously neat and organized. One positive outcome (amongst others X//3) of their becoming roommates is both these extremes have been softened by their rubbing off on each other; BeatBox keeping his side of the room in much better shape than he would have before thanks to not wanting to annoy Wavelength and Wavelength not treating his side as if he were living in a military barracks thanks to not wanting to make BeatBox feel unwelcome. Their personal effects include a large sound-system and BeatBox's music collection, data-padds on a variety of subjects including dance (BB) and cyber-ninjitsu histories and technique (Wave), various interesting ornaments and curiosities BeatBox picked up on his travels and on Earth during his stay with Wreck-Gar, Wavelength's meditation mat and an old plush-cat Blurr gave to him as a bornling, the speedster's most treasured possession and usually kept safely hidden in a box on the shelf for fear Freefall would tease him if he saw it (he wouldn't X3).

Nightflash & Radar's garden: A patch of the yard Ultra Magnus allowed the two nature loving younglings to set aside to plant their own trees, flowers and shrubs. Bulkhead and Prowl both helped in its construction, the former by breaking and removing the concrete so earth could be set down and seeds planted and the latter giving 'Flash and Radar advice on how best to care for and maintain organic plants. Under his guidance, the little patch has flourished and is now a favourite meditation site for Nightflash and Jazz both (Wavelength still preferring the meditation room for its silence and solitude).

Landing-pads: A and B are sized for seekers and other large jets and planes whilst C is for smaller vehicles like helicopters and flying police-drones. Pads D, E and F (much bigger and used for interstellar ships and shuttles) are located half a mile west of the base on the second piece of land the mayor allocated to the Elite Guard when their stay turned out to be longer than expected thanks to their sizes meaning there wasn't room for them in the yard. A hangar to store the ships (where the Steelhaven is kept for one) has been built next to them as well.


TFA is © Hasbro
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Bought the DOTM novel and a DOTM children book by accident and on the back cover was the language of the primes alphabet. so i posted a scanned image for those who ever wanted to know the alphabet for the new movies.

Anyone that can make this into an actual usable font go for it, if done please link back.

Transformers (c) Has/Tak
Language of the Primes (c) Michael Bay's Transformers
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Name: Optimus Prime
Number: A-01
Faction: Autobots.
Rank: Supreme Leader.
Class: Leader
Voice Actor: Peter Cullen
Vehicle mode: long-nose semi-trailer truck
Primary Colour: Red
Secondary Colour: Blue

Bio: Optimus Prime is the Supreme Autobots leader. He got the position when the Evil Megatron created the Decepticons to take over Cybertron. After the Autobots and Decepticons leaved Cybertron for more Energon and for Cybertron's artifacts, Optimus Prime continues to lead the battle against Megatron and his Decepticons on Earth. While Optimus was in training he was known as Onion Pax and was friends with Ariel (Who later become Elita One) and the not so evil Megatronus. On Earth Optimus trains his Second in Command Jazz to become a great warrior and future leader of the Autobots.

NEXT TIME: Megatron

Note: The original picture was made by Ultraprime32
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I am writing a Transformer story called The Diego Diaries. One of the characters is Orion, Ratchet and Ironhide's sparkling. I love ammotu's art to PIECES and asked her to draw a movieverse sparkling sitting on a blanket and holding a language ball. (Sparklings learn by throwing the ball and saying what glyph comes up) (Truly.)


This is the art that she made. Its incredibly hard to do movieverse infantized transformers and she did this genius picture. Thank you, ammotu. Please let her know on this site and at hers what you think of it. I love it.
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Read the history of the Shattered Glass Comics Universe and you'll get to know how Optronix become a prime.

Written by King Wrench :iconkingwrench:

Optimus Prime drawn and coloured by: Yura Kim :icongoddessmechanic:

Design Legacy-profile: Juan Pablo Osorio :icontf-the-lost-seasons:

The image of the broken mirror made by :iconeisbar-konigin: for a school-project, see image [link]

Part Two: [link]

Copyright © by Hasbro/Takara.
Transformers Shattered Glass franchise is created by Fun Publications and Transformers Collectors Club [link].
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Awesome art by Killer-Sweet (main) and volvolvox (face). The tank is a picture I found on google awhile ago and I thought it fit.

I think Tarn (and the DJD) is one of the coolest characters to added to the Transformers lore in decades.
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Alt mode
Deluxe Motor home
A Special-Ops team of autobots were on their way to rendezvous after hearing Optimus Primeís call to meet up on earth, when the decepticon Soundwave in his alt mode of a satellite hit them with a EMP knocking them from their trajectory and crash landing in the UK, and leaving them with temporary memory loss and shorting out their long range communications leaving them unable to contact any other autobot on earth.
Pay load is a rifleman and the explosive experts of the squad. Although he is not fast on his feet as some of the other members in the team, he makes up for it with fire power.
In looking for the alt modes for these characters I came across some UK RVís and I couldnít think of a transformer that was an RV, so I decided to make one. And the fun part was since heís a RV heís got a deluxe camper on top in his alt mode they can be used as shoulder mounted cannon, and the rest as overhead blasters and a military style field pack.
I wanted his head to look like he was wearing a helmet and a sort of a grimace on his face, as if he could be chomping down on a cigar

heres the rest of the team


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Omnibus Prime
Alt mode Double Decker bus
Team Commander and heavy gunner
A Special-Ops team of autobots were on their way to rendezvous after hearing Optimus Primeís call to meet up on earth,when the decepticon Soundwave in his alt mode of a satellite hit them with a EMP knocking them from their trajectory and crash landing in the UK, and leaving them with temporary memory loss and shorting out their long range communications leaving them unable to contact any other autobot on earth.

Omnibus Prime is the team leader of the squad and most battle hardened of them all. Not directly related to Optimus Prime (the overall Autobot commander) Omnibus was granted the name 'Prime' as a Battlefield Commission by Optimus himself

Comfortable more a soilder than a leader, Omnibus has turned down several promotions that would take him away from the frontlines. Omnibus longs to regain communication with the Autobots in the US and with his superior leader Optimus Prime to receive orders, and often worries if the choice he makes off the field, regarding his team protecting the humans, is what Optimus Prime would have done.

When I thought of doing a UK based autobots I just knew the leader of the squad was going to be a British double decker. I ran thru one other design of this character before realizing it look horrible and gave him another go, and am really and the glad the way it came out.
With having him be twice the size of a regular bus he is really REALLY large, and the top deck of alt made him really wide, either in the legs (the1st version of him had giant calves and he looked puffy all over)
To fix this I converted the front of the top layer of his alt mode to be his military backpack, the rest of his top layer converts into over the shoulder cannons (note the hose that comes from his pack to the ion blaster), and his battle blaster also comes from his alt mode top deck layer as well.

The name was the hardest part of this character. But I am really glad with the one I came up with

the rest of the team
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I love TF and when i saw the live act6ion movies belive it or not I liked them.
Yes revenge of the fallen is stupid as shit but I still enjoy it for it's effects and action scenes.
But I have been thinking, what would the characters look like if they had the Live action looks but the G1 cartoons colors.
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