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*Title stolen from a well-known and favourite book of mine
Part 1: Submitting with POWER

I know there are a million "how to be popular" guides on DA and a million more parody versions of them. This article isn't about becoming popular, or starting drama or racking up pageviews as fast as possible for the sake of seeing a larger number.

This article won't make your art better, or make you more a more popular personality. However, what I've noticed is that many artists are missing out on feedback and exposure that they should be getting if not for a few common mistakes. Time after time, I've read on Artist's Confessions, or just browsing through members' personal journals that their gallery doesn't recieve any traffic and they can't improve because they're not getting any feedback. They feel like their lack of popularity is a personal statement. That their art isn't worth looking at. This is entirely untrue.

Hopefully this will help you, the underexposed artist, to bring your art forward into DA.

Before we start, I want to make it clear that many people use DA for different reasons, and that it's ok to just use DA as a personal storage for your drawings if you're not looking for exposure. This was written for those who are seeking more feedback and networking opportunities for their art. Both ways are fine, but if you want friends and comments, you need to be active in going out and getting them. Your art could be the very best in the world, but if you just submit it blankly and then sit back and twiddle yoru thumbs, wondering why you're not getting any views, you're kinda shooting yourself in the foot.

And here's the kicker: it may not be the quality of your art. So many artists lose confidence because they're not getting as much feedback as X artist out there. Unless the difference between your art is staggering (a middle schooler vs a professional illustrator) the main reason between your levels of feedback probably isn't the quality of your art. Many professionals quietly use DA as a portfolio or storage, not taking advantage of the networking opportunities available. They've been on here for years but either through lack of desire or lack of knowledge, haven't pushed their art out into the open forum.

Your skill is not the biggest issue when it comes to getting feedback in DA.
Your attitude and your willingness to challenge yourself is.

Your skill will always improve if you seek feedback and take in what you recieve.
Your attitude is what will build your skill up or tear it down.

Be open.
Be positive.
Be constructive.
Be humble.
Be honest.

Don't pity yourself.
Don't tear others down.
Don't turn DA into a competition.
Don't worry so much.
Don't be shallow.

Submitting your art. But is it worth submitting?

You know how I said skill doesn't matter? It doesn't. But effort does. Doodles and joke-art are fine, but put them where they belong: in scraps or on Tumblr or Photobucket. Keep DA about the art. No demotivators, or cut 'n paste fan-art or art you just didn't put your whole ass into. Really, if even you felt lazy doing it, chances are, other people will think it looks lazy, too. Submit your best work, not every doodle you do on a napkin. (art dumps and sketchbook progress are fine, I'm more refering to a cluttered gallery with 500+ individual pieces)

When you're able to select your best work, now we can go on to really promoting the good stuff. And you know what? If you make a piece that you're especially proud of, you should definitely promote the heck out of it. Show it off to people and get attention for that piece. Don't overpromote every piece you make, just the ones that you are particularly proud of and that best show your current skill level. Let the so-so stuff slide, but if you worked hard on a piece, show it off!


Your art has to go somewhere. DA is huge. If you're a new member, I highly suggest exploring DA's treed system of categories to become better aquainted with where your submission might belong.

Quite simply, put your deviation where it belongs. Doing so otherwise, in the long run, is just shooting yourself in the foot.

It's true that Deviantart imposed a new ranking system for popular categories that puts a handicap on well-known galleries like Fan Art and Digital Art, while boosting the exposure of categories like Artisan Crafts and Street Art. It's also true that some people choose to deliberately miscategorize their work to recieve this extra bump of potential attention, but in the long run, it doesn't benefit anyone.

By miscategorizing your work, you make it so that people can't search or browse for your work unless you categorize it properly. Yes, putting your digital fanart in Tattoos may have it hit the popular>8hour page for a few minutes, but no one will be able to find your fanart again because they won't look in tattoos. The reason why is obvious. It's not a tattoo, and it's a rarely used category. People don't browse it. People won't look for fanart in it. You're sacrificing long-term exposure and views for short-term gain.

And of course, people hate you. Duh. They see you being manipulative and trying to cheat the system and think less of you as an artist and a user. Great way to get fans, no? Honesty is the best policy here. If you make fan-art, put it in fan-art. People will look for it there and will find it. It works better for you and for everyone in the long run.

EDIT: It's ok to make mistakes or to not be sure about where your piece belongs. Not sure if it's macro or still life? You can submit it to the category you think it fits best, then either ask in the description where people think it should go, or send a note to your friendly gallery mod.


Anything can go here, right? Well, yes, but there are also things you can do to help increase your exposure. Aside from your own comments, you can ask for critique, or, as a premium member, place hand-picked thumbs to similar deviations in your gallery.

Personally, I can't stand the "more from" feature on the upper right of the deviation page. It shows other pieces in your gallery, but they're never relevant, and often they show old, bad work. If you're going to do your own "more from" feature, pick out thumbnail links that are relevant to what people would logically want to go to next. Always think about who is viewing your art, and what taste they might have. Getting inside other people's heads and understanding what they want is the best way to know what to give them.

If your art is pokemon fanart, you could just link to your other pokemon fanart. This lets people know that you have more to show, rather than chancing on them feeling like they perhaps maybe should go to your gallery and check it out if they have time maybe if they feel like it, but OH HEY DISTRACTED LEAVE. Keep people interested in your whole gallery, not just a single piece.

When making a thumbnail network, keep it cyclical.

In picture 1
Link it to 2, 3, 4, 5

In picture 2
Link it to 1, 3, 4, 5

In picture 3
Link it to 1, 2, 4, 5

And so on. This leads people around your gallery without getting lost and without having to go back to your main page and main gallery to browse. You may lose a few hits on your profile page, but people are looking at your art and that is what you want.

You can see my example of thumblooping here: Glasses Stock pack 1 by RobynRose I post related, relevant deviations in the immediate vicinity of my content. Unfortunately, this is only available to premium members.


Keywords are what will make or break your art's exposure in the long run. Sure, you may be close to the front page of popular/8hour for a while, but once that drops off, your art is sinking down into a bottomless abyss with no hope of return to the surface if you don't have a way for people to search or browse for your art.

Make no mistake, DA's search function is horribly weak, but this is all the more reason to overcompensate, not ignore it. When people are able to find your art in the long run, they will keep coming back to it, even long after you have posted it and it is not ranked on the new or popular pages.

Put your name in your keywords. Every time.

Open up a new tab of DA.
Switch the rankings to "popular-> all time"
Type "Kxhara" into the search

Don't worry, I'll wait.

You get me. Pages and pages of me. Because I put my name in my keywords, when people search for it, they get me.

Put your piece title in your keywords

Believe it or not, DA's search does wonky things when you don't have your title in your keywords, and sometimes it won't find it at all. If someone is looking for a specific piece of yours, this is an easy way for them to find it. It also provides a starting ground for filling out the rest of your keywords.

Use all of your keyword space

You're not given that many, fill them all out. You don't need to spam or use irrelevant tags like #Bieber or whatever. Just describe the important elements of your art and most importantly, consider what people are looking for in your art. What will they search for if they were to search for your art?

Good keywords include characteristics, style, and information. Some of it might be abstract, but try not to be too vague or too micro-specific.

Kxhara <- My name
Night <- Title

People can't spell. Compensate for this.


Use synonyms and variations of keywords. Not everyone thinks the same


If you speak another language, or want to appeal to a non-english speaking audience, you can add non-english keywords as well.

Do a popular -> All time search for "doll"

Now search for the French "poupee"
Or the Norwegan "dukke"

These are all words for "doll" yet they all return different search results because of language. Knowing what other people are searching for will help them find you.
Personally, I don't speak any other languages well enough to do that, so people who want to use my stock must have a basic grasp of English.

I know you're all excited by now, and you just want to mash that submit button as hard as possible to get your art up onto DA, but if you take the time to properly submit, categorize and keyword your art, you will get better exposure in the long run.

As an example, here are the keywords I've used for my "Let's Draw lighting Angles" stock image Let's Draw Lighting Angles by RobynRose

kxhara stock photo photograph picture image reference head headshot portrait girl female woman eye mouth lips angle draw help tutorial let's lets angle light lighting backlit front back side up down dark shadow shade shading rembrandt bulb


If you're a premium member and interested in getting serious feedback about your work, enable critique if you want. It doesn't necessarily increase your exposure very much (though it does place your deviation on an open list of critiquable items) it does let those who view your art know that you're looking for help improving. If you don't have a premium membership, you can simply write in the description that you're looking for critique.


We're going to ignore this, because this is about getting feedback and improving, not selling our art. Unless there is a growing demand for your art, it's not necessary to make prints of everything so soon. Learn more, get better, become known, then make money. For now, we're focusing on networking, not cash.


Now you've just submitted your work to the great wide internet. You sit back and twiddle your thumbs. You're done, right? Not yet. We haven't considered groups. Groups are the vital catalyst to attracting more people to your art. Be they one-time viewers or potential long-term friends and critics.

Submitting to groups puts your deviation in group watchers lists, even if they're not directly wacthing you. If they're looking for pokemon fanart and following a pokemon fanart group and you submit to it, they're able to find your work and see you as an artist. Groups are networking gold for users to meet and interact with each others' art.

Look at your art like you did for keywords. Decide what elements of it you want to highlight with groups.

Is it fanart?
Is it a certain theme? Fantasy, Dark, Realism, Kawaii?
Is it Anime?
Does it have action? Romance? Drama?
Is it a photograph?
Is that photograph a resource?
Is it an artisan craft, but also a fan-craft?

There's a group for this. There's always a group. In fact, most times there are multiple groups and clubs dedicated to certain things, and luckily for you those groups usually have affiliates you can browse through to find similar groups to your liking. One portrait photography group is probably affiliated with a black-and-white-only photography group. There is no limit to the amount of groups you can join as long as you


It's not necessary. Really. There are enough groups out there that your deviation will fit into properly that there's no need to miscategorize or missubmit your work for negative attention. Read the rules of the group, follow them, and you will do fine.

So, say you drew a piece of digital fan-art with a romantic couple in a winter scene.

There are groups for digital art, groups for winter backgrounds and scenes, groups for couples and romance, groups for characters and generally groups for the whole show or series. All of these different groups widen your exposure based on content. And that can be better for you than just submitting your deviataion to only fan-art groups or only digital art groups. You're bringing in different people with different interests and experiences to your art.

Variety is the spice of life. Start where you are, but go and seek out new places to network and new people to meet and look at your art. A well-run group will have helpful members and generally also has things to do like challenges, contests and themes, but we'll get to that in part 2: Going Out and Getting That Feedback

using my Let's Draw Light Angles submission as an example: Let's Draw Lighting Angles by RobynRose

I decided to pursue groups that would find a stock image / tutorial of lighting angles helpful.
Yes, this is a photograph, but it's not an artistic photograph, so there's no need to submit it to photography groups that wouldn't look at it and wouldn't find it helpful. I chose to focus on groups that are based around stock and resources, but also tutorial groups. While this may not be a tutorial in itself, people who are looking for lighting tutorials will probably also be looking for sample images like this.

:icontutorialsclub: (tutorial and drawing) :icontutorialsforyou: (tutorial and drawing) :icondaposes: (stock collection) :iconshopping-for-stock: (stock collection) :iconhumanartreference: (anatomy tutorials and stock)

Just to name a few.

Network with relevant groups to create a stonger presence for yourself and for those groups themselves. They want to have you bring in watchers and new member to their groups! You don't need to worry about getting your work into large or exclusive elitist groups. If you're invited, great. If not, you're just sharing your work with a different audience.
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Summer Contest

Journal Entry: Thu May 31, 2012, 9:00 PM

UPDATE: Submissions to the contest are now closed.  Watch for an announcement on the results.

The Prompt

Use an object to connect the lives of two or more otherwise unrelated characters.

:pointr: Contest Begins on June 1st, 2012.
:pointr: Contest Ends on August 1st, 2012 at 11:59pm Pacific Time

The Rules

:bulletgreen: All entries must be Literature. Prose, Poetry, and Scripts are accepted. No visual poetry; concrete is allowed.
:bulletblue: All entries must be written specifically for this contest, uploaded to dA on or after June 1st, 2012.
:bulletgreen: All entries must include a link to this contest journal in the artist's comment of the deviation.
:bulletblue: All entries must adhere to deviantART's Submissions Policy and Etiquette Policy.
:bulletblue: Anyone who is not judging may enter the contest, including DLD staff.
:bulletgreen: Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation are required. We do not consider an intentional lack of capitals a concern so long as it is consistent throughout the piece.
:bulletblue: One entry per deviant; collaborations are not allowed.

:new: FAQs :new:
:bulletgreen: The genre does not matter, so long as the story fits the prompt.
:bulletblue: For the purpose of this contest, "object" means anything you can physically touch.
:bulletgreen: Original characters are characters you have created, unrelated to any sort of fan-fiction.
:bulletblue: You do NOT have to be a member of Daily-Lit-Deviations to submit to the contest folder.
:bulletgreen: Mature Content is allowed, as long as it has all appropriate tags attached.
:bulletgreen: If you choose to use an object such as a cigarette, your characters do not have to be connected by the exact same cigarette.

Word Limits

:bulletgreen: Prose is not to exceed 2,500 words.
:bulletblue: Poems should be no longer than 300 lines.
:bulletgreen: Scripts should be no more than 15 pages.

:pointr: Please Note: All entries should include a word count, page count, or line count in the artist's comments.

Submitting Your Entry

To submit your entry, first be certain that your artist's comment includes a link to this journal as well as the appropriate word, line, or page count. Then submit your work to the Summer Contest folder in Daily-Lit-Deviations gallery. Your work will be checked for grammar and spelling before it is admitted to the group. Pieces that do not adhere to the rules will be declined.

Remember, all entries are due by August 1st at 11:59pm Pacific Time. The gallery folder will be closed after that time.


Entries will be judged based on creativity, excellent use of language, strong characterization, and overall impact.

Your judges are: :iconliliwrites::iconthetaoofchaos::iconsilverinkblot:

:new: :new:

:trophy: 1st Place :trophy:
:bulletgreen: 3-Month Premium Membership donated by GrannyJae
:bulletgreen: 500 points
:bulletgreen: 1 copy of Bluebird by Shane Mckinney (thetaoofchaos) donated by ExistenceWeSummonYou
:bulletgreen: Prose commission from blooperman12
:bulletgreen: Critique from neurotype LiliWrites, ShadowedAcolyte, and tonepainter
:bulletgreen: Feature from DailyLitDeviations, shebledgreenink, pinballwitch, Lockian, and SadisticIceCream

:trophy: 2nd Place :trophy:
:bulletgreen: 3-Month Premium Membership
:bulletgreen: 1 copy of The Cookbook by Natalie Easton (apple-dark) donated by ExistenceWeSummonYou
:bulletgreen: Poetry commission from blooperman12
:bulletgreen: Critique from LiliWrites, neurotype, and ShadowedAcolyte
:bulletgreen: Feature from DailyLitDeviations,  shebledgreenink, pinballwitch, Lockian, andSadisticIceCream

:trophy: Runner Up :trophy:
:bulletgreen: 500 Points
:bulletgreen: Critique from ShadowedAcolyte and neurotype
:bulletgreen: Feature from DailyLitDeviations,  shebledgreenink, pinballwitch, Lockian, andSadisticIceCream

:pointr: We are still collecting prizes! Points, critiques, features, commissions, etc are all gladly accepted. Please note LiliWrites if you're interested in donating a prize other than points. Points can be sent to our donation widget at the top of the DLD profile.

We look forward to your entries! If you have questions or comments, please leave them below.

Please remember to :+fav: this journal to help spread the word. Any mentions in polls or journals are also most appreciated!

~ The DailyLitDeviations Team ~

CSS Template by kuschelirmel-stock
Brushes by xinstinctive and ThaSprout
Design by LiliWrites
=DailyLitDeviations is hosting a new contest for the summer!

Prompt: Connect the lives of two or more otherwise unrelated people through an object.

Contest runs June 1 - August 1. Please read the article for full details. And don't forget to hit the :+fav: button!
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We're all set and done! Please allow some time for judging to be complete- a few of the judges including myself may have prior obligations.

Design Challenge

*Prizes donors needed! If you would like to donate a prize to this contest (be it llama's, watches, points, art, etc.), anything at all- no matter how small- simply leave a comment or send me a note. Donors may also enter the contest, and will be featured by myself.

Total Entries Complete: 31/141 sprinklesprankles.deviantart.c…

Hello, guys! Allow me to just jump right into things. Please make sure you read everything. If you have any questions, just ask. I recommend watching me for at least the journals, for I will be updating this frequently will prize changes, additions, etc. ^-^~

Start: July 17, 2012
End: October 31, 2012 (Extensions can be given if needed.)


-To design a character (full-bodied, or waist-up-no portraits!) based off of this painting:
Synergy by SprinkleSprankles


-Any medium is accepted (traditional, digital, photo manip, etc.) along with any style (anime/manga, cute, animated, chibi, realism, semi-realism, etc.).
-One entry per person
-This is going to be very broad and open to your own inspiration. I only ask that you abide by these few guidelines when developing your character:
:bulletblue:Name: Synergy.
:bulletblue:Hair: Long- Plain blue, purple, OR a mixture of both purple and blue like in mine.
:bulletblue:Skin: Pale/lightly colored, OR grayish.
:bulletblue:Eyes: May be altered to fit your version. Just try to keep them a deep blue or purple color.
:bulletblue:Scenery: A background isn't a requirement, but it'd certainly add impact to the overall piece.
:bulletblue:Other important details: She MUST be wearing a face mask of sorts (cloth, gas-mask etc.- her eyes are the most important feature). However, her clothing can be whatever you want! This is part of the design challenge- to create an outfit for her as well as develop her character. I'm open to anything. Let your imagination run free! I haven't established any sort of personality, back story, power/ ability, etc., for her. Just a name and a face, so you may create some sort of depiction of your version of her if you wish. That would help~  


1st Place
-760:points:**: SprinkleSprankles; RavenGaarafan
-A full-sized INK Portrait sent to you
-A personal thank you letter from me to you
-A randomly chosen piece of anime merchandise (DVD, manga, keychain, etc.)+ extra goodies
-Three month feature from myself
-Animated icon: Laisana-and-Drew
-Full-body digital: NesoKaiyoH
-Llama's from: RavenGaarafan; SprinkleSprankles; BobMango4; whitestar3; Flame-Expression; TeamMinato; Sing-sei; AyaKaiya; xxXDeidaraXxx1235; KariSohma22   ; DragoRaven; Watertiger1419; PwnKage  ; LTrevill; MageofDawn; Xombie-Ate-Sensei   srdw
-Complete traditional request (with background/ up to three characters): RavenGaarafan
-Watches from: SprinkleSprankles; BobMango4; whitestar3; Sing-sei; AyaKaiya; KariSohma22; tehawsumninja   ; AmiMochi; BobMango4; DragoRaven  ; MageofDawn; srdw  
-Traditional A5 or A4 portrait sent to you: amazonitte
-.png Drawing of one of your OC's- Person or animal ( Flame-Expression
-One art request: Sing-sei
-1 Digital drawing of a character/OC (painterly, or cell-shaded): PwnKage  
-Art Request: longestdistance
-1 Full-body request: witchcrystalchan
-1 Full-body request: Alonaria
-1 Colored full-body: winryie
-Simple traditional, colored piece: Sylvia-chan
-Feature by: sundayAnarchy
-Two colored chibi's: sundayAnarchy

2nd Place
-280:points:**: SprinkleSprankles; RavenGaarafan; kochmann799
-A half-sized INK Portrait sent to you
-A personal thank you letter from me to you
-One month feature from myself
-Custom icon: Laisana-and-Drew
-Llama's from: SprinkleSprankles; BobMango4; whitestar3; Flame-Expression; TeamMinato; Sing-sei; AyaKaiya; xxXDeidaraXxx1235; KariSohma22   ; DragoRaven; Watertiger1419; PwnKage  ; LTrevill; MageofDawn; Xombie-Ate-Sensei   srdw
-One character request: RavenGaarafan
-Watches from: SprinkleSprankles; whitestar3; Sing-sei; AyaKaiya; KariSohma22; tehawsumninja   ; AmiMochi; DragoRaven  ; MageofDawn; srdw  
-A5 Traditional or digital chibi (sent to you if you choose traditional): amazonitte
-One art request: Sing-sei
-1 Digital drawing of a character/OC (painterly, or cell-shaded): PwnKage  
-1 Full-body request: witchcrystalchan
-1 Full-body request: Alonaria
-1 Colored Chibi: winryie
-Simple line-art: Sylvia-chan
-One colored chibi: sundayAnarchy

:new:3rd Place
-50:points:**: Xombie-Ate-Sensei
-Llama's from: SprinkleSprankles; Flame-Expression; TeamMinato; Sing-sei; AyaKaiya; xxXDeidaraXxx1235; KariSohma22  ; DragoRaven; Watertiger1419; PwnKage   ; LTrevill; MageofDawn; Xombie-Ate-Sensei; srdw  
-Watches from: SprinkleSprankles; Sing-sei; AyaKaiya; KariSohma22; tehawsumninja; AmiMochi; DragoRaven; MageofDawn; srdw
-2 ACEO's sent to you: amazonitte
-1 ACEO sent to you: SprinkleSprankles
-One art request: Sing-sei
-1 Digital drawing of a character/OC (painterly, or cell-shaded): PwnKage  
-1 Request- No more than three characters (Ani/manga style, no mature, no muscular or old people).: Slypht
-1 Request- Full-body OC/ Character: Ashman44
-1 Full-body request: witchcrystalchan
-1 Full-body request: Alonaria
-1 Chibi sketch: winryie
-One colored chibi: sundayAnarchy

**Prize value subject to change. More prizes will be added when I think of them, or someone donates.

:bulletpurple: The deadline is bendable if those who are busy need extra time. Feel free to sign up in the meanwhile!

:bulletpurple: Not confident with your artistic ability or too busy to create something? Become a donor! Judges are filled now, but we are still accepting prize donors. Both will be featured here and in my monthly art installments (those start in August) until the contest ends, and  both may enter the competition as well.

:bulletpurple: As time passes and I feel I do not have enough entrants than I may close the competition. That is up to my own disgretion. So spread the word!

:bulletpurple: Remember, quality matters above all else. Put in some effort. Even if you don't win, you at least got in some practice, yes? :)

:bulletpurple: If you advertise this contest in any form, tell me and I shall feature you along with the donors.

:bulletpurple: When you're finished with your artwork, send it to me either in a note or a comment here.

Again, this will be continuously updated, so I recommend faving this or watching me for at least the journals. Comments, or questions? Fire away!

Entry Sign-Ups:


Current Donors:




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PAINT MY OC contest

Fri Jul 13, 2012, 11:57 AM

And the contest is finally open. This is the second contest hosted by us and this time the theme of the contest is about our original characters. This contest is for digital and traditional art only. At the end 6 WINNERS will be selected who'll get a lot of great prizes. For more info read the rest of the article. And please add this journal to your favorites, so more people will be informed about this contest. Thank you.

P.S. At the end we'll randomly select 10 people who faved this journal and they'll get a huge feature in our journal. And one lucky person will even get points (400 :points:). Good luck to all participants.


Here's a list of the prizes the winners will get at the end of the contest. There will be 6 WINNERS, that means that there will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for each category. We listed the prizes only once, because winners of the first category will get exactly the same prizes as winners of the second category (if it says that winner of 1st place will get 1000 points, then 1st winner of the second category will get 1000 points also). Prizes for each place are listed below. And the prize list may change during the contest if we get more donors. If you want to donate something then scroll down a little and read "Special donors & donating" section. :new: UPDATE (16 August 2012): Read in comments

First place

Third place

Second place

First category

In this category you can draw or paint any of our characters in any way you want and with any style you want. For example, I drew the image on the left with anime style, but that doesn't mean that you have to draw characters only with that style… you can draw even realistic if you prefer to. Really any style you want.

You can find more info about the characters under the drawings, so you can better imagine what to draw. On a few drawings I drew more characters (like this drawing on the left), but you can draw only one if you want. But if you want to draw more characters than just one is fine as well. You can be creative as much as you want… you can even mix more characters together and put them in one piece (drawing/painting) from other drawings which you can find in the folder below.

So, use your imagination as much as you can and create pieces with our original characters. Rules are pretty simple. As you know, this contest is for digital and traditional art, so paint or draw using these mediums. It's also allowed to mix both mediums.

The rest of the rules you can read below under "Rules" section. You can find all the characters in the folder below (click the button). Good luck.


Second category

(you're only allowed to do that with the first lineart because it doesn't have a background), they must be the same as here. You can choose just one lineart to color...which you more prefer.

If you don't want the lineart to look so black you may paint over it or change its color, so it will be less visible. The rest of the rules you can read under "Rules" section.

If you decided to participate in the second category you can download images and PSD files by clicking the button below. Good luck.

These three linearts above belongs to the second category of this contest. Under first category you choose character and you draw it all by yourself, but under second category you'll need to color one of these linearts. First image (left one) as you can see has only a character on it… without background. Well, at this lineart you can use more imagination and paint the background as you want. If you like you can change formats too (from portrait to landscape or square)… but remember, you MUSTN'T crop the character. It must stay whole as you can see it here.

Other two linearts (middle and right) you can just paint any way you want (but linearts must be the same). And you can paint any of these 3 linearts with any color palette you want. These two linearts you MUSTN'T crop or change formats


Here is the list of judges who will select 10 semi-finalists from each category after the end of the contest. Finally, from those semi-finalists we'll select 6 winning pieces. At the end the winners will be notified and they'll get their prizes. We will update this journal when semi-finalists and finalists are selected. It may take some time for the judges to come to a decision.
:iconviccolatte: :iconphoenixleo: :iconshingorengeki: :iconnegatic: :iconathenatt: :iconmartanael: :iconexillior: :iconmemod:


    • If you donate you can participate in the contest also.

    • You may submit more than one entry.

    • You may participate in both categories (note: you may win only in one category).

    • Anyone can participate.

    • Only individuals may enter this contest – no collaborations – to avoid problems with splitting up the prizes.

    Entries will be judged on creativity, overall impact, concept, execution… Images posted after the deadline won't compete in the contest. Under these buttons below you can see contest entries for each category. Good luck to all.

  • Entries must be received by 11:59:59 PM (UTC/GMT) on 21 October, 2012.
  • Entries for this contest must be painted or drawn with digital and/or traditional medium.
  • If you want to paint linearts traditionally, then you can print out the lineart/drawing and then you can finish it with traditional mediums.
  • When you finish the drawing send us a note with a thumb or link to your entry.
  • In artist's comments write that you created your entry for this contest, you can even write which character you drew on the drawing (you even have my permission to add the character's description if you want). If you painted lineart, then add link to the lineart also.
  • On linearts DO NOT remove my signature, because it's still my art and my characters. But you can add your signature on the image if you want.
  • We won't accept art with mature content, nudity, gore…

Special donors & donating

Here below are the icons of special donors who donated 100 or more points for this contest (anyone who donated or will donate 100 or more points, will be mentioned in this section with other special donors. Read below for other things that donors can get.). And if you donate prizes you CAN participate in the contest also.
:iconyephire: :iconlozab: :iconfionacanajart: :iconashesonfire: :icondarkmorgainelefay: :iconandorien: :iconaltonaix: :iconahkward: :iconitstrueistalkyou: :iconmirriluna: :icontriinerg: :icon4dni: :iconathenatt: :icondreamorchid78: :iconsnowienight: :iconcetriya: :iconcolonelyeo: :iconmirukawa: :icondivineimmortality: :iconkagay: :iconmadame-rien: :iconstrawberryveins: :iconh-leao: :icondreamael:

If you want to donate points (you can donate to the donation poll on our profile page and in our journal on the right side), memberships, commissions, llamas, features… anything, just write a comment in this journal or send us a note and we will add you to the prize list. ALL donors will get journal feature (button bellow), llamas… and if you donate 100 or more points you will even get a watch. All donations are appreciated, even if it's only a few points or a llama. Thank you.  

P.S. When you donate prizes please write for which places you would like to donate. We will have 6 winners, so there will be TWICE 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. So if you would like to donate 50 points, for 1st places, for example, then I will split them in half for both first place winners. So they will get 25 points each (from 50 points) because prizes which I listed above are already split in half, so winners of both categories will get exactly the same prizes that I've written above.


Skin design: tincek-marincek
Coding: weida34
Background texture: Tilable metal textures by WebTreats
Slanted lines pattern: Micro Patterns by basstar

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Hello, deviants!

In the last couple of weeks, we've been rolling out changes to the journal system, and with the introduction of the Journal Portal, your journals now have the potential to be showcased in the Footer of deviantART or in the Popular section of the Portal –- something that could draw tons more eyes to your work!

So, how do you make a journal that’s worth sharing? Even if reaching a wider audience isn't your goal, these tips will help you get better feedback and spark more conversation, which is one of the best things about our vibrant community.

megturney's Top 7 Tips for Enhancing the Quality of Journals:

#1. Write what you’re passionate about

Love black and white photography? Let’s talk it! Do you have a deep philosophical discussion you're itching to bring out to the world? Fluffy and serious blogs alike, the most important part of any journal entry is showing your audience you're passionate about the subject matter. It encourages readers to come back! Merlin Mann, a popular blogger and independent writer states, "A blog shows me where someone's attention tends to go. Then, on some level, they encourage me to follow the evolution of their interest through a day or a year." Community is about bringing kindred spirits together over a common passion, and how cool would it be if your blog is that unifier?!  As long as you're talking about and sharing what you love, people will want to read what you write!

#2. Show and tell

This is deviantART! We have tons and tons of amazing artists all in one place, so spice up your journals with art! Love comics? You could really spice up your journal entry about Wolverine by adding some great pieces of art, like this:

Wolverine by UMINGA   Wolverine by caiocacau   Wolverine by Fico-Ossio

This is deviantART! You have an almost infinite supply of images to make your journal beautified! For example, take this recent journal by behindinfinity. The photos throughout the post (and his fantastic story-telling!) keep you hooked the entire entry. Whether sprucing up your words with imagery or explicitly sharing your curations with others, you could turn your journal into a one-stop shop for the very best of what deviantART has to offer!

j-b0x's Toys in the Making is a quick, yet beautiful, example of one deviant's recent projects.

KatieAlves's Nyan Cat Make-up Tutorial does a fantastic job of both showing and telling, in her colorful and informative journal entry.

#3. Great titles make a world of difference

Having a great title is a simple way to grab readers' attention from the start. Let's say, for example, I want to rant about Van Gogh. Instead of titling my piece “Van Gogh,” I might try something provocative, like “Starry Night Sucks and Here's Why.” Now, that's a journal I wouldn't be able to pass up reading, even if it's just to see what the author has to say. Whether I agree with the sentiment or not, it's sure to be a great conversation starter.

Not all titles have to be controversial. For instance, Quick Tips: On Referencing Anatomy by squeedgemonster  cuts right to the heart of the journal's content and makes me more likely to :+fav:, as it obviously features helpful content.

#4. Ask questions

Asking your readers for their opinion encourages intelligent conversation on the topic. In the Van Gogh rant example, if my journal is just about how much I hate Van Gogh for paragraphs on end, I might only get a few comments -- most of which will probably just be "I think you’re crazy" or "Van Gogh RULES!"

However, say I rant about Van Gogh and then ask, "What do you think? Do you think his works are over-hyped? Has his time passed?" The comments here are bound to be more thought-out and interesting to read and respond to. For example, a recent #hq journal has over 13,000 comments. But the number isn't the focus here; it’s the comment quality. The piece asked five open-ended questions of the reader, and a quick glance at the comments reveals that nearly everyone replied with something thoughtful and intelligent.
At the end of humon's journal, Lifestyle or action?, she asks readers questions based on the information presented.  As you can see from the explosive response, people were happy to share their opinions.

#5. Complete that thought

It's easy to get caught-up in the flow of writing and forget to make one clear, solid statement.  Would what you’re writing change the way your reader thinks about an issue? Spur an idea? Be worth emailing to a coworker? If not, you’ve got work to do.  (Source: CMI)

#6. Make it personal

Have you published your own comic or exhibited your artwork in a gallery? Relating personal experiences can be a powerful way to connect to fellow deviants. Plus, sharing lessons you've learned the hard way can help younger artists solve problems they may be having.

#7. Pay it forward

If you see a journal doing these very things -- provoking your thoughts or  inciting interesting conversations -- show your appreciation! Fave (:+fav:) the journal, respond to a comment, respond to people who respond to you! Check their galleries, +watch them, comment on their thought-provoking journals. It's the circle of life!

These are just a few ideas to take your journals to the next level. Journals that hit these bullet points are more likely to be well-received, may garner further views, and provide interesting reading material for all.  Win, win!

Not every journal you write needs to be all-encompassing and thought provoking; it's fun to share what you did at school today too!  But when you're ready to have your message heard, the above tips will surely help you garner the best possible audience and response.  With that in mind...

What are some things you like to keep in mind when writing a journal on deviantART?

Have you found anything that's particularly useful or something that should be avoided?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!  (See what I did there?)  And if you find yourself inclined to write a noteworthy journal, let us know.  You may see it featured somewhere... :shh:


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Found here at the Mary Sue

The mummified remains of "Princess" Ukok, as the scientists named her, was discovered nearly twenty years ago in the Altai mountain range in East-Central Asia. Kept for all that time in Novosibirsk, Russia, it was not until very recently that she's been revealed to the rest of us. But among the general wonder and fascination that always comes with finding mummified and ancient bodies, Princess Ukok has another: She's covered in remarkably preserved, completely badass tattoos.

People have been tattooing themselves and each other for almost as long as humanity has existed; it just seems embedded in human nature to adorn our bodies in one way or another, whether through cheap drugstore eyeshadow or ancient ritual inking.

From Buzzfeed:

    Princess Ukok and her warriors are believed to be members of the Pazyryk nomads who existed as early as the 5th century BC when they were described by the Greek historian Herodotus.

    Buried with Ukok, who died around the age of 25, were a meal of sheep and horse meat and six horses with bridles perhaps meant to escort her to the next world and most definitely evidence of her status in her tribe. From what knowledge has survived of Pazyryk culture, we know the tattoos were a from of identification, like a driver's license, meant to make it easier to find your family members after death.

Elena Shumakova of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography drew some beautiful reconstructions of the tattoos that cover the bodies of Princess Ukok and her warriors.

Challenge: What would princess Ukok look like alive?

This isn't a contest or anything, I just thought it might provide some inspiration if you're looking for something to draw today.
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We've reached the halfway point for entries in the Fat Female Superhero contest. I must say, I am amazed at the support and commentary for such an event. I think that most people have realised that it's not about winning a prize, but about challenging the accepted norms of the industry and creating characters that we want to see represent us.

With such a loose contest structure, accepting any strong female protagonist who defies body conventions, I'm amazed at the diversity that has sprung up in the entries. I didn't want to constrain artists and have them create something that only I define as "fat". It was up to YOU to decide what the word "fat" and "fit" mean.

And really, "fat" is such a curious, loaded word. To many, it is an insult. "You're too fat." But everyone has fat. Some have a little, some have a lot. Some peopel interpreted the "fat female superhero" as someone who is overweight or obese. Some saw her as simply someone who has fat deposits on her body that exist outside her boobs and butt. Others saw the term as a way to defy what movies and magazines constantly tell us: that any size is too much size, whether that be fat or muscle.

Our bodies are all different. Some women have layers of muscle and fat that give them a stocky build and enormous strength. Some have wirey frames and lean muscles for running and jumping. Some are supermodels with long, thin legs and large breasts. Some are tall, some are short, some are unhealthy when thin, some are healthy and fat.

This here is a showcase of all the hard work these artists have put in and a thank you to them for creating imagery that is creative, relatable and fun. I especially want to shout out to all the artists who have never tried drawing a "fat" body before and have pushed themselves out of their comfort zone. Body diversity is fun practice for art, creating unique characters in a much more interesting world. For this contest, it's not so much about technical skill as a desire to create positive change in the comics and media industry.

Don't worry, there's still a month left to go if you're interested in entering.

Contest - A 'Fat' Female Superhero VOTINGHey guys, we're voting now, check out my front page for the latest poll.
I'm a regular reader of Escher Girls, so when I read the latest post this morning, I was deeply concerned. The following post was submitted to Eschergirls and was not made by me. The artist is Selkiesiun

Selkiesiun submitted to Eschergirls:
    "This is not so much a critique post as it is a conformation of how absurd the standards of art in the comic book industry have become.
    I traveled to San Diego Comic Con this year and participated in the portfolio reviews they where holding from Thursday to S

A Fat Female Superhero Entry by Luckysee12 Teqno Queen by vocaltaffy Billie Garcia by nonsenseadvice Absorbia by genuineitalian Angelique by Nageena
Valkyrita Colored by sadwonderland xxl by Biram-Ba Mind over Matter by kaileighblue Contest: A Fat Female Superhero by Origami-Butterfly Flight- Chubby Chibi Superhero by TameTheDragon
Super Smoke Human~! by MaeKat Aquarius by Crackinmychassis meatball head by Sprkdragon Miss Zatanna Zatara by PaperSquid :thumb315736027:
XXL by Biram-Ba Ms. Deviant by emil-bee Mana - Issue 1 hypothetical cover by DiscountBinNinja Powerhouse by pomegranateoctopus Billie The Brooklyn Blur by nonsenseadvice
The Prof., Gamma Girl and Amnimal by Grapegrandpa :thumb315800046: Psychic Curves by yumi-hikari Crash Caroline by ThereminStudio OC : Goldeneye by LadyNorthstar
GV - Tellus - Petunia Super Hero by Loverofpiggies Superhero Hypno by Sierau Mind by kaileighblue Echo by NeipyPien :thumb315973401:
Ms. Deviant EDIT by emil-bee Super feety pajama girl by RoadRage66 Spirit Sister by jdmacleod Maureen Creel, Hero by erosarts Tigerbolt by RockoTheTaco
Double Diamond by BndDigis Game On by forgotten-light Chainsaw Vigilante Poster (sorta) by arcanineryu Supergirl by whitecrestwaves Earthquake by Cartoon-Trash
We need more heroes! by Celyanae :thumb316382577: Siren, female superhero by NoNoS Plus size superhero by Hot-Twins Rem Cypher by GiantPanda
Heroine by pacem-in-terris Loud Mouth by darkeyblade :thumb316653531: The Scarlet Eclipse by Anoch Ada by RubyPheonix
Biohazard by VonDiezyl Fiera (superheroine contest entry) by bluemoonhippie :thumb316959107: Green lantern cabaret by Sorephene Coming To Take Back What's Hers by mortalshinobi
Katana Superhero by Talist fat heroine by mariati Plus Size Power Houses by AndyBennett Tiki Rider by cpt-plaid Ma the Biker by cpt-plaid
fat heroine by Jadzzz High Voltage by VonDiezyl Contest Entry: Lana by cassy1235 Jess-Contest Entry by MLIAxAnime Slipstream by adelruna
Butterfly Effect by VonDiezyl Lupa - Fat Superheroine Contest by yondoloki What Wonder Women really looks like by ArtisinmyHeart Catwoman and Cream by ihazart BBW by FredStesney
fat superhero contest by gunminee Unamed Heronine codenamed Powerwoman by Omega-Prime Dark Rose by Akaszik Dryas pinup by AmethystSadachbia Cornucopia by Sunflowers-and-Fox
Ribbon- Contest Entry by unigirl-cloudghost The Forge (superheroine #2) by bluemoonhippie Ceveneth Aldran by sakoyo-squared Nayrelle by zimagzeravla
:thumb318075092: Vengeance Rising by TheStarlitOrangeTree Red Rocket by Kaynime
:thumb318292259: Bashem by VonDiezyl Tyrranux Universe Wonder Woman by Tyrranux Electra by Anoch Warrior by Jay-R-Took
:thumb318596665: The Riveter 2 by rhg13 The Riveter by rhg13 Over The Shoulder Bow Holder by Abbyanna Phoenix by manic-medic
Neutron Star by Ray-Norr Satyra by RAMENmanga-ka Sketch-A_Day 2012 #88 by MistahPete Sketch-A_Day 2012 #96 by MistahPete Sketch-A_Day 2012 #97 by MistahPete
Sersi the Terrible - Eternals by Marker-Mistress GIANTINA THE BRAVE by DANYANTTO Female Superhero by NihoAme for the Fat Female Superhero contest by nahrain The Eight-Ball by Dr-Spy
Occult Crimson by RubyPheonix Batgirl by LineBirgitte Pistollette :Contest Entry: by Missvirginia :thumb319517217: Vortex by So-Dae
HawkGirl by TanyaMyth wonder woman by WhiteWinters Voluptuous Wonder Woman by 1977Shockwolf Princess Tutu by WhiteWinters OC: The Engineer! by pinchback
:thumb320233752: Freqwave by c-compiler Awesome Girl - Contest Entry by For-Teh-Evulz Big Brown Wolf by DrChrisman big mad demoness by vladplasmes
Contest entry: Beefy by mysticalbadger Ursa Major by lettergnome Blue Lightning by PaleSpyder
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PE: Bookbinding

Sat Apr 27, 2013, 1:55 PM

This article is a short introduction to bookbinding, including information about bookbinding terms, methods, tutorials and a feature of beautiful handmade books.

:bulletblue: What is bookbinding?

We all have books at home, whether they be schoolbooks, novels, journals or sketchbooks. They might be paperbacks or hardbacks, though I'm guessing not many of you own hand-crafted books. With books being commonly used and readily available items today we forget that books are (or can be) works of art! Bookbinding is a craft especially cultivated in the Middle Ages, where books were still quite rare and expensive. The art of bookbinding has survived until today, although it is no longer necessary to bind books by hand, since we have machines that can do that for us. Nevertheless, a hand-made book is a beautiful thing, and has the special appeal of something unique.

:bulletblue: Important Terms :bulletblue:

Tool for punching holes into paper, book board, signatures etc.

bone folder:
Tool used for folding and creasing paper.

end sheet:
Sheets of paper which come between the cover and the signatureblock.

Small band of cloth at the top and bottom inside of a book's spine. Mostly used for decorative reasons.

Process of sewing together the signatures (and the cover in some cases).

Group of folded sheets which together make up a complete book. A book can consist of one or more signatures.

:bulletblue: Binding/sewing techniques include: :bulletblue:

Case Binding

A type of binding used for hard-cover books. The textblock (signatures glued together) is glued to a seperate case, and the book typically has grooves along the spine. The technique requires many steps and is a time-consuming endeavor.

Cut away binding with headband by serendipity82

Coptic/Chain Stitch

Characterised by the chain of stitches that links the signatures together. The name stems from the Copts (early Christians in Egypt) who used this technique. It's popular for making journals and sketchbooks.

A5 lined purple coptic journal outside by ThePressGang-ink

Girdle Binding

A bookbinding method where the leather binding extends beyond the covers to end in a large knot, so that the book can be tucked into one's girdle (= belt). These books were worn by medieval European monks between the 13th and the 16th century.

The Girdle Book by BookArtiste

Limp Binding

A method in which the book cover consists of a flexible cloth, leather, vellum (high-quality parchment) or paper.

Leather Journal 1 by TherisFaan

Long Stitch

A technique used to sew together signature-block and cover (usually a leather cover). It is often used in combination with other stitches such as the chain stitch.

Leather Journals - the next batch by Bluelisamh

:bulletblue: Bookbinding tutorials :bulletblue:

Some great tutorials to get you started on making your own books!

Bookbinding Tutorial by JamesDarrow  Bookbinding Tutorial Pt1 by pipedreamer78  Bookbinding Tutorial Pt2 by pipedreamer78  Bookbinding Tutorial Pt3 by pipedreamer78  BOOKBINDING TUTORIAL part I by lenoki  BOOKBINDING TUTORIAL part II by lenoki  Bookbinding Tutorial by LightAesthetic  Book Binding Tutorial by keyanadrake  Rainbow Book Tutorial by Marenne  Book Binding Tutorial by Eyespiral-stock 

for more awesome tutorials on bookbinding check out this awesome website:

:bulletblue: Wonderful handmade books to have a look at: :bulletblue:

Journal Project by PaperandDust
Chameleon Diary by gildbookbinders  handmade book 25 by darkest-red 
  'Triskele Wolves' Photo album by morgenland  Chinese Style Book - Autumn Colours by Danisa-chanFolky-black by kinga76
Phoenix miniature book, OOAK by Maylar  Miniature book 21 by trixi-b 
Pocketful of Pigeons by cryslara  Spring Sky by kreativlink
Angel's flight - creative sketchbook by MyMandarinDucky  Gold Swirl Leather Journal by McGovernArts
Octavio by BCcreativity  Promise by luthien27
Crow 1 by VampireEmbrace

Thanks for reading, and have fun making your own books! :heart:

Bookbinding article written for #projecteducate's Surprise Community Week.

Information compiled from asking a book-binding friend and the tutorials featured above.
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Sat Jul 14, 2012, 1:00 PM
(who donated at least 500:points: or a 3 months dA Premium Membership)

:iconinnocencedied2nite: :iconisolitude: :iconashesonfire: :iconnewsha-ghasemi: :iconjustyne: :iconnoblestallion: :icondr-sardonicus: :iconelephantwendigo:

:iconelephantwendigo: :iconxthesoul87x: 

Contest Starts:

TODAY!! July 14th 2012

Contest Ends:

September 9th 2012 (23:59 gmt +1)


You have to represent =ElephantWendigo's Original Characters (List here:…) following the theme "FOUR ELEMENTS".
The Elements are: FIRE, EARTH, AIR, WATER. 
You may use just one element, 2 or more, or all of them in the same image or literature piece, but remember that the characters must be the focal point of the image.
The FIRE Element could be represented by match, explosions, smoke, torch, lava, shot, etc.
The EARTH Element by ground, earthquake, rocks, plants, nature, wood, sand, etc.
The AIR Element by wind, wings, flying, clouds, storms, hurricanes, etc.
The WATER Element by taps, abysses, ponds, fishes, rain, bath, ice, etc.




You must draw SirWendigo's characters following the theme "FOUR ELEMENTS"
The subject of the picture must be the character, not the theme itself. 
You don't have to draw all the Four Elements in just one picture, just one is required at least, but you can draw more of them in the same picture, if you want.
You can mix my character in a single picture in every way you want: be sure you're respecting their personalities. You may also create new couples, and destroy the older ones.
You can join the this category with how many entries you want. 
Your work can be in black and white or in colors.
Background are very welcome but the characters must not be too small into the picture. Their face must be visible. 
Blood, nudity, violence, dark themes are allowed. Strict mature content flag is not allowed.
It would be better not to participate with sketches or messed up works.
Bad quality photos of traditional art won't be accepted. Edit it with a software!

You can participate in this category with Traditional, Digital art and mixed media, drawings and illustrations. Every style is allowed.
Vectors, artisan crafts and oekaki and Muro drawings are allowed. 
Abstract and fractal art is not allowed, unless is just in the picture background. 
Comics and baloons and written parts are not allowed. 
Cosplay photography and paper dolls are not allowed.



You must create a fiction written SHORT CHAPTER or PROLOGUE using SirWendigo's characters and show at least one element to remind the theme 'FOUR ELEMENTS' into your short story.
Poetry is not accepted in this category.
You can join this category with just one entry
The maximum lenght of the chapter must be of 2000 WORDS (Tools>Word count in Word or 2 pages in Word in Arial 11)
No sex is allowed in this category! Follow the dA rules. Blood, nudity, violence, dark themes are allowed, though. 
Strict mature content flag is not allowed.




* Only =ElephantWendigo's original characters are allowed (NO other OCs or fanarts)
* You can find the list of the characters here -> [link] 
* This contest is open to EVERYONE. You don't have to ask first.
* The characters should be one at least, or six at the most (any animal NOT count as a character). 
* You may add some animals to the picture, if you like, but they must not be anthros. A not recognizable crowd can be added in the background, though.
* The characters must be recognizable. Don't change their outfit if it's written they don't change their clothes.
:new: * You could make the character facing a situation unusual for him. Also you could change the OCs clothes, and design new clothes for them, in the same style the usually wear. 
:new: * If you want to make a character in costume, regalia, suit, is perfectly fine. 
* You can mix characters from different stories and create cross-overs and new pairings. 
* You can draw or write about gay couples and hetero couples.  
* You can't change the sex of a character.  
* Strictly mature content is not allowed!

* The entry must be a NEW DEVIATION made exclusively for this contest and it must be uploaded on DeviantART. 
* In your deviation comment you MUST mention this CONTEST, providing a LINK to this journal entry. The contest creators icons are optional but appreciated. 
* You're entry can't infringe the DeviantART rules. 
* You MUST credit all the resources or references you used and provide a link to them.
* You CAN'T use Copyrighted resources and materials, or part of someone else's gallery for making your picture, except for textures and resources.
* Just one entry per participant can win! You can't be selected as semifinalist in two categories. 

* Don't offend or contest judges votes in any case. 
* Judges can't participate in the category they're going to vote, but can participate in the other. Contest creators can't participate in the contest.
* Donors can take part in the contest.
* Your work can be added to as many dA groups as you want.

:new: FAQ :new:

- You can't draw my OCs in animal form.
- You don't have to understand my OCs personality. Don't be afraid of getting them wrong. Just avoid to draw them in absurd situation. Ask if you're not 100% sure about your idea. If you have difficulties with them, you can still draw them as pinups, so you won't need to get their personality at all. 
- You can add accessories to the characters' designs. You just have to make them in the same style of the character. 
- If you want to make the character facing a situation unusual for him/her, you could do that.
- You CAN'T use part of my gallery or someone else's gallery for creating your work! This is stealing, and you may be reported!
- You can use ANY of my character as you like. Mix them together, creating new couples, or drawing just one of them. You don't have to pick just OCs from the same group/comic, though. This means you can make cross-overs.
- You can enter in both categories, but you can win in just one.
- You don't have to color or shade the drawings.
- There's no limit of entries per person for the VISUAL ART category. 
- The limit is of 1 entry per person for the LITERATURE category. 
- Ice could work as WATER element, and SAND could work as EARTH.



Send a NOTE to =ElephantWendigo with the subject "FOUR ELEMENTS CONTEST", providing the THUMBNAIL or the LINK to your entry. Messages will not be accepted. 
When your entry is accepted, it will be added to a new journal just for entries.




1st Place VISUAL ART Prizes

:bulletred: 2000:points: from Points Donors
:bulletred: 12 Months Premium Membership or 2,396:points: from =ElephantWendigo
:new: SirWendigo - CG half-figure in colors
*Newsha-Ghasemi - Bookmark single character monocromatic (theme with single flower)
=SnowAngelRika - Full body colored with background
~Delubra - Fullbody in pencil
*Ilman-Lintu - Sketch 1 character + background
~Mnemesyne - Traditional or digital piece of choice
*Sho-kun - Bust in colors
*noblestallion - Cell-shaded portrait
*DarthTanuki - Cell-shaded chibi
~avymus - Waist up drawing
~PKLdesigner - Vector portrait
~Yephire - Semi-realism colored portrait
CuddlyCat1 - Full color waist up picture

2nd Place VISUAL ART Prizes

:bulletred: 1000:points: from Points Donors
:bulletred: 6 Months Premium Membership or 1272:points: from =ElephantWendigo
:new: SirWendigo - CG half-figure in black and white
*Newsha-Ghasemi - Bookmark single character monocromatic (theme with single flower)
=SnowAngelRika - Full body colored
~Delubra - Waist up in pencil
*Ilman-Lintu - Sketch 1 character + background 
~Mnemesyne - Traditional or digital fullbody
*DarthTanuki - Cell-shaded chibi
~avymus - Bust drawing
~PKLdesigner - Vector portrait

3rd Place VISUAL ART Prizes

:bulletred: 500:points: from Points Donors
:bulletred: 3 Months Premium Membership or 636:points: from =ElephantWendigo
:new: SirWendigo - CG bust in colors
=SnowAngelRika - Half-body colored
*Ilman-Lintu - Sketch 1 character + background
~Mnemesyne - Traditional or digital half-body
*DarthTanuki - Cell-shaded chibi
~avymus - Full body sketch
~PKLdesigner - Vector portrait


1st Place LITERATURE Prizes 

:bulletred: 2000:points: from Points Donors
:bulletred: 12 Months Premium Membership or 2,396:points: from =ElephantWendigo
:new: SirWendigo - CG half-figure in colors 
*SandroRybak - Work in colors
~Delubra - Waist up colored
*Ilman-Lintu - Illustration for an existing story of the winner
~Mnemesyne - 3 drawings of an already written piece of the winner
*Sho-kun - Bust in colors
~avymus - Waist up drawing

Judges 'Visual Art' category

:iconsirwendigo: :iconthiefmarine: :iconandaglas:

Judges 'Literature' category

:iconsirwendigo: :iconandaglas: :iconilman-lintu:

The work will be judged on the basis of:
* Use of Theme and Characters
* Technical Skills
* Accuracy
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Charlotte Moore (Cavatica) from Raleigh, North Carolina has created a PSA against homophobia after the Twitter hashtag #ToMyUnbornChild attracted homophobes to publicly announce that they would murder their child if he or she was gay.

#ToMyUnbornChild became a trending topic on Twitter a few weeks ago, and while most people used it to write loving tweets to their future children, some homophobes decided to do just the opposite.

@Homophobes, a Twitter account that retweets homophobes to expose their ignorance, published an article of 100 extremely homophobic tweets, which gained quite a bit of attention around the web.

Charlotte Moore was inspired, and decided to write and direct a PSA using the tweets. The video was produced by Brian Lee and Nick Heim. 

From the video’s description:

I got the idea on a Thursday. By Sunday, we — me, my boyfriend, and whatever friends we could find to help us — had it filmed.

It’s easy to dehumanize hate speech online because we’ve gotten so used to seeing it. We tell ourselves that it’s the product of trolls, of random, anonymous strangers. 

Except they’re not. They’re real people. Many of them will be parents. And some of their children will be gay.

The homophobic tweets, which were compiled using Storify, gaining nearly 300,000 views, 4,000 tweets, and thousands of reblogs and likes from our Tumblr post and another Tumblr user. The post was covered by the Huffington PostThe New Civil Rights MovementQueertyTowleroadBuzzfeed,AmericaBLOG, and several other blogs.

Last weekend, @homophobes also published a satirical guide on how to “rid the gay” from your child.

Screen Shot 2012-04-04 at 2.37.22 PM by $Dan14Lev

Stop Homophobia by Damn-Regrets Against homophobia by littles0cks STOP homophobia by Amnesst :thumb211206495:

 Article crossposted to Tumblr on Equalitopia Blog

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