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We made human kids. We're having a Sburb session with them. It's gonna be so fun!! ;7; We never found more trolls for the troll session, so we'll probably just do it with us four. >: Feel free to pester her and Atlaca, my troll, I don't mind. uvu But they'll be in character, so I warned you all. ;7; /shotshot

Your name is ERIN KYOUNG and you are FOURTEEN years old. Your birthday is coming in OCTOBER though.

You are incredibly CHIPPER almost all of the time, even about MORBID or DARK HAPPENINGS. You can find the GOOD SIDE in almost anyone or any situation. If you can't you usually FACE THE FACTS quickly. You tend to become SNARKY at moments and make WITTY COMMENTS at random with a smile on your face. You like to get a RISE out of your FRIENDS but don't go about it in a DIRECT WAY, you definitely like to just make quips and see how they react. You have no qualms with LEADERSHIP but you are just as fine taking a backseat and HELPING where you can. You LOVE your friends and enjoy their company. You are a person who keeps TRACK of things and has everything FIGURED OUT, from what exactly you are going to do with your life to what you'll eat tomorrow. But you are ok with CHANGE, and take things as they come.

You very much enjoy PLANTING THINGS, especially flowers, but everything you plant tends to DIE SUDDENLY and WITHOUT REASON. This makes you pretty SAD sometimes, but you KEEP planting things anyway. Your SISTER encourages your gardening but you don't let that DETER you, since you like to go AGAINST everything your sister says. You are into THE ARTS and attend an ART SCHOOL in NEW YORK where you live. Your main focus is VISUAL ART and you love PAINTING as well as SCULPTING. You also play the GUITAR and rather enjoy that just as much. You dabble in ACTING and audition for school plays when they come up but you have no ambition to really carry on that career. You tend to be a bit DRAMATIC at times because of this and love to RESEARCH ROLES. You let your friends know.

You absolutely LOVE the band GORILLAZ and have been to a few concerts and have all of the albums, all of them. You frequently WATCH Gorillaz SHORTS and try to get your friends to watch as well. You are also getting into the DARK MAGICAL ARTS as your friend had suggested it and you IRONICALLY took that as a HOBBY now since he thinks you are a witch. You UNIRONICALLY love stories about WITCHES now though and like to PAINT SCENES from the books you read. You like to keep MANY HOBBIES like any sensible person and you believe there is NEVER a reason to be BORED. You like to play VIDEO GAMES and read BOOKS among these hobbies and try to ALWAYS have something TO DO. You mostly play DARK THEMED video games and enjoy the same in books as well. You also love OLD TECHNOLOGY, and you ROCK the old school IPOD even though you have a brand new IPHONE.

You live with your ROCKSTAR SISTER. She is a PAIN in your ass and likes THROWING things at you. It is a game and you have to CATCH what she throws, mostly your DINNER. She frequently FIGHTS you and KICKS YOUR ASS. It helps you TRAIN with guitarKind and fistKind though so you suppose it is ok. She is really COOL and has a career as a wealthy GUITAR PLAYER so she is GONE for long periods sometimes. You don't mind though, you know how to take care of yourself, she raised you right. On top of kicking your ass and throwing you through walls, your sis puts you through what she calls ROCKSTAR TRIALS, where she does annoying things like put ALCOHOL in your drinks and make fun of you when you get DRUNK and also enjoys having PAPPARAZI DRILLS where she hires people to take pictures of you when you just wake up. You really hate this and you are secretly creeped out by all the VOODOO dolls she keeps around but you try really hard not to let it GET TO you.

Your chumhandle is abstruseArtiste and you tend to be pretty lazy with your typing its not like anyone really cares sometimes youll get really dramatic with your exclamation points though!!!!!!!!!! 8D and also question marks????????

Name: Erin Kyoung
Age: 14.5
Birthday: October 11th 1997
Residence: New York, NY in high rise apartments.
Guardian: Sister
Shirt Symbol: Headphones
Instrument: Guitar
Chumhandle: abstruseArtiste
Colour: Pink, #DC1578
Typing style: No upper case letters, no punctuation except for occasional varying dramatic amounts of exclamation points, question marks and ''. Uses emoticons very little and randomly and only uses emotes with glasses 8D and winking faces.
Web Browser: Hephaestus
Title: Witch of Time
Timetables: iTables, made from ipod clickwheel and an icy amp from her landscape.
Beat Mesa: iMesa, a giant ipod table.
Dreamworld: Derse.
Land: Land of Snowflakes and Beats. LOSAB. A land covered in snow and filled with varying sized amps, some acting as landscape details such as mountains. Music pulses from the amps and lights shine in the distance as though the entire land is a sweet club.
Consorts: Iguanas
Fetch Modus: Paint By Numbers Modus.
Strife Specibus: GuitarKind & FistKind

Her Sprite: [link]
Her Guardian's Sprite: [link]

Homestuck Hussie
Erin Kyoung =ToxicMoustache
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Was having a crappy day, so I sketched this up to cheer up
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^^ Well I decided to post some of my comissions here for fun after all, don't want to be that mysterious unknown poster (and I rarely post) for eternity. This is Velux [link]
riding the beams...

Yah, it makes little sense i guess, but I thought it was cute ^^

Done with pencil, then inked, scanned and colored with PS7
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your lure is the one thing he wants

and again something with will graham and fish

UPDATE: I'm updating a few of my pieces for an online store, because i got accepted to inprnt!
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My take on a character by :iconnarasura-of-kashi:

Rosie Thorn [link]

Illustrator CS6
Pen tool +fills
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just something abstract for my personal happiness
don't know what this thing is, but i like it :>

done with photoshop
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So i’ve been watching too much Yanis and this is the result.

Who doesn’t like a dancing punk!Cas, right?

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:damphyr:Get in touch with me on :facebook: facebook.

Edited note: I'm sorry that the wallpaper is small now! I made this back in the day when monitors were generally 800600!

I don't see much of Chrono Cross on dA, which I find somewhat sad because this RPG, in my opinion, is one of the best out there (among Final Fantasy and others ;] ). It has a great soundtrack and plot, not to mention pretty good graphics for the Playstation 1 console.

And so to promote it, here's a wallpaper, or collage, from me to you. I highly recommend you check out this game if you haven't heard of it. ;]

One song from the soundtrack, of which this wallpaper is titled after, is "Scars Left by Time", or "Time's Scar". (However you like to translate it.)

The words that appear on the wallpaper are the translated lyrics from the Chrono Cross song: Radical Dreamer ~ Un-Stolen Jewel, which I find to be very meaningful and well-written. It is enclosed:

I've followed this far in search of
That glimmering light
Clasped in the hands of a child,
Wandering the brink of time.

I have continued searching for you,
Though I know not your name,
Because I wanted to share
This feeling with you.

Time envelops both love and pain,
Until they fade away.
But I still remember them
And always will.

Though I cannot remember when,
A whisper began echoing
Deep within my heart,
Fainter than drops of evening dew.

May this prayer I spin
Weave through the darkness of the frozen stars
And reach the skies above you,
So far away.

Chrono Cross is published by SquareSoft (currently Square Enix Co., Ltd., who also makes Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts) under the direction of Masato Kato.
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I've been playing Diablo III and been watching Game of Thrones a lot these days. So my whole world has gone medieval. I also got inspired by that guy who drew the Avengers in medieval style. So that explains this one.

I need to learn a lot more about blending the subject with the environment. I fail at that, big time. Oh well, next time.

Shepard (c) Mass Effect
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