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This looks better in real. :)
Art trade for ~AniBeilschmidt
Hope you like!!!

See it on my website: [link]

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Prussia, Germany, Nyotalia, Hetalia (c) Himaruya Hidekaz
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ZOOm please !

:bulletpurple:Collaboration avec mon ami :meow:

:bulletpurple:Ce dessin illustre une partie de mon histoire,
lorsque Belphe, essaye d'atteindre Lost heaven, pour aller sauver son frère....
:bulletpurple:Hélas, la greffe d'ailes, n'a pas totalement fonctionné et elle a dû se faire greffer une aile de "fer".....mais étant hématophobe (peur du sang), elle reste paralysée par l' clair de lune :iconmoonplz:

(:bulletpurple:This drawing illustrates a party of my history,
when Belphe, tries to achieve Lost Heaven, for save her brother.Alas, the graft of angel'wing ,don't completely manage and she must have made graft a wing of " iron " but being hematophobe (fright of blood), she remains paralysed by her anxiety... in moonshine )

{Edi t}: en grand cette fois ci 8D !

Belphe © *Linelana
Medium: Alcohol pencil (Twin Touch Marker) + photoshop


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Hi everyone ! :-D

Here is one of my latest commisssion, a Dark Saint Ori from E2046.
The casting was perfect and the parts were very well fitting as always for the ORI products.
I changed the color scheme to be closer to the NC Soft game.
More greyish with silver instead of gold (I mixed silver + a bit of gold to paint all the metalic lines, then I handbrushed/airbrushed some parts with a copper paint.

Feel free to comment :-)
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Hi there!!! the last piece of today submit pack!!

So i went with some classics in here at matoonz, the wwe fanart, i own my internet fame to those drawings so i can't keep doing more and more and more!! (but just about people who i think they diserve, no crappy things like ehmm i dont know.... santina marella)
Well, this time is about a female, an amazing wrestler but c'mon on how she couldnt be a great wrestler in the family she grew up?

His father is Jim Neidhart "The Anvil" and he married one of Stu Hart daughters, that means that her uncles are "The Hitman" Bret Hart, "The King of Harts" Owen Hart, Bruce Hart and remember that "The British Bulldog" is also her uncle!
Also the cubs are into it cuz "The Hart Dynasty" DH Smith his cousin and son of Davey Boy and his partner Tyson Kidd are also in the family.... also somewhere in mexico is Teddy Hart!!

The Harts are the most admirable wrestling family to the point that i think that they have wrestling all the time!! so i dont think this girl had too much time playing the tea party with ms. neasby.

She debuted in 2008 along with her "BF" "The Black Widow" Victoria, and that thing didnt lasted too much, since then i loved her wrestling skills, kinda remind me "The Glamazon" Beth Phoenix due to their similar muscular tone and blonde hair, and i was glad that real female wrestlers were coming to wwe instead of model dorks.
Late in that year, this girl fought for the new coming divas championship, with a girl who just were improving "The Life Lover" Michelle McCool, sadly this girl lost and have never got the chance to gain another female championship, but you just cant talk about wwe divas without mentioning her, now she is not just the valet from the hart dynasty, she is a high risk in the ring (remember when this girl powerslammed jimmy wang yang....awesome!) so i hope that the whole hart dynasty start to get some push, so she can hold the title that she deserves.

SHE IS NATALYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the future wwe divas/women champion!!!

pd. the background is an editing of a :iconmagnaen: picture. hope he/she dont mind

All characters are not mine are (c) to someone else.
The art is (c) to me matoonz from mexico city!!!

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Commissioned by SomeoneSPECIAL17 
It's an OC of hers, named as wonderful Fiera. Almost like fire, ye?
If I forgot something, I will fix it dear. o3o
She was quite beautiful tbh.
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Cost: 200 points

No trades

+ 50 pts for a pixel icon of your adopt 50 x 50
+60 pts for a animated icon of your adopt 50 x 50
+ 70 pts for a page doll of your adopt 150 x 150
+ 80 pts for a animated page doll of your adoptable 150 x 150
+ 120 pts for a animated page doll and icon of your adopt


1. Please do not re sell them, you may give them as gifts if you would like, or trade them, but please tell me who so I don't think they stole them or anything ^^

2. When you buy them they are yours you may change anything about them you want: Gender, clothes, etc

3. If you use the exact picture I send you then please credit me c: Other wise you don't need to, but please don't claim the design as yours c: 

4. Give them lots of Luvvvv 

5. Please pay with in 24 hours or the Adopt will be given to the next person c:

If you like these please check out my other adopts <3

#2 adopted bySucculentSerpent

3 has also been adopted only # 1 is left X3

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Remember Kiran? Yeah, the horse thing. Well, since I LOVE Vocaloid with a passion and I had an already musical character who was in need of a human form.....

....My brain went "KABOOM!!!!"

...And yes, that is the sound effect of my brain working XD

Anyways, I hope you like it :D

...I think she looks like a cross between Akita Neru and Yowane Haku XD;

art, Kiran (c) moi
Vocaloid (c) ???


P.S. Tell me what your favorite Vocaloid is, or your favorite song! ^^
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Jackson showing some love for Holt.
AKA mirror mirror
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Hi everyone !:w00t:
Here is a model airbrushed and hand brushed with acrylics and lacquers.

Enjoy ! :D

PS : it is not the same figure as my diorama but an other one commissioned to be as close as possible ! LOL
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who is who? ))
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