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Or '4 Different Flavours of Elf'

At sodding last!

If anyone hears me twitter on about painting feathers again, you have full permission to chop my hands off. Never. Ever. Again. Demon and dragon wings are a doddle compared to feathered wings...

So, it's only taken me, what? over a month to finish this (!). Kind of did an hour here and there - couldn't say how long in actual hours, but to sum up hubby's reaction to me painting it today... 'Are you STILL on that one?'. Yep, it's taken a looong time to finish. Started off as a crappy lineart - halfway through painting decided to ditch the lineart and paint free hand.

From L - R = a drow, a Fey'ri (elven tiefling), an aquatic elf and an Avariel.

I'm off to bed now. Need sleep.... *yawns widely*

Elven subrace types coutesy of D&D (WotC)
Artwork by me :aww:

Please full view. Please... :pray: All detail lost in tiny view!
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Commissioned by :iconcei-ellem:, line art that she will color.

DnD Dragonborn character Arjahn.

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Zee Elf Tobias

Yes, I am posting these up individually even though I could've just dumped them into a line up... I need to make up posts for that Josh Groban membership, shut up >:C
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"You've had your laugh, my lady. Now give me back my armour."

See, there's this one creature in NWN with an attack that can tear off the victim's armour. And since I almost always play support characters, Valen gets stuck as the front line. More often than not, he finishes the fight in his underwear. :devilish:

Edit: ~ktwilight made me unscrap it.
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:iconcei-ellem: LAST ONE

Bree the halfling. She got flowers on her leather armor. She was fun XD
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There are 29 different expressions on Alistair up there. Yep. 29. Each one a separate render. Holy cow, I've never taken on a project like this and actually completed it before! I tried this meme once, but gave up after the first four expressions (mostly because render time was so slow). Now, with LuxRender and a much better understanding of posing, I was able to get through all of these in about a week.

But boy, did I have fun.

P.S.: Yes, I totally tag you, :iconbunnystick:! Let's see some Efron love!

As noted in the Deviation, I've got quite a few comments on some of these expressions, and they just all wouldn't fit in the little comment box. So, here it goes:
  • Neutral: I actually made an effort to give him a neutral expression, not just a render of the figure with no expression applied. I think this looks natural enough.

  • Happy: I like this one, just because it's a very nice, casually happy smile. Not his usual snark, like in the main portrait I made of him. Here, he's genuinely happy.

  • Afraid: I can't help but giggle when I look at this one, then promptly make the same face and laugh again. It was a challenge to figure out how to make that inverted-D shaped mouth, but it was well worth figuring it out in the end. Actually, getting the eyes realistically wide was harder.

  • Angry: One of my favorites, and the first of his "mean" faces.

  • Love: The only render with any postwork on it (added a slight blush to his ears and cheeks). I had to think a lot on this one, since I can't imagine Alistair ever having been or being in love. If it happens, I figure this would be one of his rare, genuine emotions.

  • Disgusted: I love the sneer in this one. Just love it.

  • Surprised: It was a challenge to make this different from Afraid. Even changing the mouth, I had to tweak the position of the head a bit to make it look like a notably different expression.

  • Confused: *giggles uncontrollably* I made this face in the mirror a few times and tried to mimic it on Alistair. I got pretty close, but I still can't look at it without giggling.

  • Shy: D'awww... bashful Alistair is cute!

  • Miserable: Not entirely satisfied with this one, but pleased enough. I was going to postwork in tears, but got fed up and left it as is. This is one of two expressions I rendered two versions of. According to my roommates, the first version looked too much like he was, um, climaxing to work ^^;. After reworking, I agree though. This is a vast improvement.

  • Lust: How you doin'? (Now try to imagine that with a British accent and not laugh.)

  • Rage: Dialed up from the basic Angry expression. I happily discovered how to raise the top lip to really drive that snarl in, and thus another one of my favorites was made.

  • Scorn: Another on practiced in the mirror first, and the first time I really used the side-to-side dial for the mouth. I like how it comes off very haughty.

  • Sympathy: I can't look at this without hearing the song "Trust Me" from Devil's Carnival playing in my head. One of his fake emotions: he doesn't really sympathize with anyone; he only pretends to.

  • Guilt: MY FAVORITE EXPRESSION. Since he's a sociopath (read: feels no guilt) I went with the "guilty as sin" interpretation. I. Love. It.

  • Hysteria: Just making it clear that crazy runs in his family.

  • Envy: Angry + Scorn, then toned down into a simmering glare. I like how this one came out.

  • Pride: Snark! So! Much! Snark! Second only to the Guilt one when it comes to my favorites.

  • Embarrassment: The other one I had to redo. The first one wasn't quite dynamic enough and fell very flat. When I took a second shot at it, I built off of the Shy expression, and still managed to soften it. I'm very pleased with his lip here; that took forever to tweak properly so he could be biting it.

  • Bored: Oddly fun to make. Didn't take me long to set up either.

  • Annoyed: Angry + Disgust, with the mouth emphasized. I was initially going to use this as Frustrated, until the more I thought about it, the more I realized that he'd be annoyed at a person (thus, direct eye contact) and frustrated with a situation (thus his averted gaze on the other expression).

  • Content: I imagine this is how he gets when he curls up with his headphones and a nice cup of tea.

  • Submission: I like this one. I really like this one. If Alistair ever gets captured and this is the result, I will be torn between torturing my character and freaking out (mostly because I don't want to lose my character, no matter how dramatically awesome the scene is).

  • Frustrated: A challenge to set up, but worth the effort for the final expression. By the time I was done, I'd been frustrated many times, so I had plenty of reference.

  • Excited: Dialed up from Happy, and a great way to end the series of expressions, I think.

Whew! That was a lot! But it was totally fun!

Set up in DAZ|Studio, rendered in LuxRender via Reality, no postwork except for composition (and minor touch-up on Love).

Expressions for my character, Alistair, as featured here:

You can read the start of his adventure here!

Blank Meme by :iconkittydemonchild::

Other references by :iconmajnouna::
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By :iconcei-ellem: agaaaaain, more lineart

Elven archer Thalia. This round was fun...Crispy got to do designs and stuff XD
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I usually don't do this kind of detail on my pieces cuz they take forever to do. especially with the addition of my nephew in the household that needs his auntie's attention :)

i envy those who can pull off the bitchen flawless detail work in such little time. while mine is far from "bitchen and flawless", i'm happy with it. i'll move it to scraps soon.

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This is an entry for Seventh Sanctum's 'Silly Season' contest. Based on a character tossed out from the 'Humorous Fantasy Class'...a bartender/warlock...(I'd probably toss him out, too). He's the kind you might find in one of the darker inns, the kind who leers and invites you to 'come in and sit down for a spell...' =)
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From my interactive fiction, Edge of Thorns.

UPDATE: Minor tweaks, after some input from :iconconstantlyconsider:, my roommate (and a professional photography). I lowered the glossiness on the skin to make it more realistic, and applied a displacement map. Much better looking this time around, I think.

A follow-up to this:

I haven't decided whether or not this may be too cruel to Scott, given that this is Raphael, but damn do I love the expressions. Especially the very worried look on Scott's face.

And yes, this one is canon.

DAZ|Studio, LuxRender, and minor tweaks in Photoshop (namely cropping and fixing poke-through).
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