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Noctis was preparing to go to his bedroom, throught the corridors was incredible silence that was in the castle, walking very quiet, could see that one of the bedrooms had the door half open, he approaches the bedroom and was of Lightning... Noctis: Hey Momo .. (crouching, talking quietly, but smiling)At that time Noctis I can see that the bedroom window is fully openNoctis: wait here Momo (rising and approaching the window)Walked toward the window, half look at Lightning, who was sound asleep and not too wrapped up .. moved on and closed the window.Noctis: well .. so will be betterIs decided in clothing being returned to Lightning, but it gets something between her legs causing him to lose his balance and falling on her .... Noctis had his arms in face of Lightning not know what to do in a situation like this, if she would wake up and if they meant to spend the night in his room in this awkward position ..Noctis: Momo, I'll pay (avoiding wake Lightning)Momo: ......... (Sitting and mediating the tail)Noctis: Damn .. Why I feel different? My heart beats very fast (swallowing hard)Noctis: but .. had never seen sleep .. (Staring)After a time estimate, Noctis and could not be much time in the same position ..Noctis: I do not feel my arms, I'm so tired (looking tired)At that time Lightning moved in bed, as if hugging a pillow, but the first thing I got was that he finished Noctis fall on ...Lghtning: Noctis ... I love you .. (Speaking asleep)Noctis could not do anything else at this time was into the arms of Lightning no escape.Noctis: I can feel your breath closer (even more than having her forehead)Noctis: that lips so perfect .. (All flushed)Noctis: will that I can touch them with mine? (Going slowly)Approaching every moment on the lips of Lightning, Nocis felt that his heart was going out of his chest .. was all sweaty and his legs were very restless, as if to kick someone.Made it to the lips of Lightning, and it felt so nice, not thought Noctis and got comfortable, until suddenly, Lightning had awakened! Lightning pushed him to one side of the bed to get rid of him.Lightning: What the hell are you doing here and that ... me, kiss me.Noctis: It was all because of your beloved puppy!, Besides, you had the window open and it was very cold, so I'm here, and about the kiss .... Mmmmm, do not know.So the discussion that is harmonized hard for hours, while Lightning was still upset and talking about what happened, I was mesmerized watching her intently Noctis, as if to jump again to kiss her, until I doubt it twice and kiss. This time was different, Lightning not push it away from her, he stayed still, but it felt so good, the only thing on his mind at that time was that Noctis not leave and stay with her forever.Noctis: I want to be my faithful companion for the rest of our lives, I want you to be my princess.Lightning began to mourn, but not sadness, but of joy as he finally Noctis confezo his love for her.Lightning: Noctis not leave me alone? (While in the arms of Noctis)Noctis: I swear, everything will be alright, never let you alone (embracing her tightly)
I'm sorry! I did my best. This is my first story, and is the first time I write in both English (I'm terrible with English, excuse me!) Please comment, to further improve and to change my mistakes. This is the English version of the story "The room" Momo is the puppy of Lightning, thanks to Momo, Noctis could be lightning in his arms, I hope you like it, and anything, leave your comments! :love::iconsadplz:

I do not own anything
I own nothing
(c)Square Enix
(but Momo is the name of my dog!)
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There had been massive thunder clouds looming over the plains almost the whole day, yet it wasn't until around evening that it actually started to rain. Fortunately, it was a light rainfall, but still enough to cause some minor discomfort to the stationed Milites soldiers. They had been preparing all day for the arrival of reinforcements from Suzaku Magical Academy's Class Zero to arrive. Even though they were just teenagers, they still had to be killed.

The blood-stained grass and mud hinted at how well Suzaku's previous attempts to bypass the blockade had worked out. It was late last night that the squadron had received information that Class Zero was being sent in to personally deal with them. They were considered the best that Suzaku had to offer; it was going to take alot of concentration, skill and luck if they were hoping to win against such talented young mages. However, not all of the soldiers appeared to be so concerned.

A recent recruit, Yanmer, felt like he would eventually be driven mad by the dull pitter-patter of water droplets hitting against his armor. More so by that than the screams of dying men or deafening explosions in the far distance. He was already used to such sounds back at home. Every now and then, one of Milites' gigantic Magitek Armor mecha would slowly lumber past.

'Dammit all,' the young man thought with a scowl hidden beneath the mask of his helmet, 'When will those stupid brats show up already so we can fill them full of lead and go home?'

Truth be told, Yanmer had never had any desire whatsoever to fight for his home country. Unfortunately, he had no say when it came to the decisions of his father, an incredibly wealthy man and an extreme patriot in every sense of the word. His family were one of the first few to immediately show their support for Cid Aulstyne and his newly-obtained rule over the nation. Yanmer's father had served many times in the Milites army as a youth, but old age and creaking bones kept the high-strung warmonger from being able to pick up a weapon and fight anymore.

Thus, the duty had fallen upon Yanmer to take up the task of helping Milites take control of the crystals. Yanmer wanted to point out that he had three siblings just as equally suitable for this 'job' but he knew his parents would simply ignore him. They expected his two sisters to continue the family lineage (a.k.a. wealth) by marrying men who ran casinos and drove the most flashy of convertibles. His older brother was a worthless recluse. It couldn't have been a worse time for the young man to be sent to war; he was finally going to give in and buy himself an expensive hooker.

'If I die here, they better have hookers wherever I'm going...'

Suddenly, Yanmer's monologue was brutally shattered by the sound of a siren from over the next hill. Its loud, mournful wailing filled him with a sense of dread. Several of the other soldiers stopped and turned their heads in the direction of the siren. It always meant something bad was going to happen, and soon. Yanmer subconsciously gripped the handle of his gun a little tighter; this would be his first battle in quite some time.

Another soldier, whose name Yanmer did not know, was chattering quite loudly to himself. "Ohhh man...I don't like this...I don't like this one bit..." He was a new recruit as well, Yanmer figured.

An explosion much closer to the base immediately caught Yanmer's attention. Thick streams of black smoke billowed out from over the hillside. Nobody said a word. And then, darting through the smoke, were three figures wearing uniforms and red flowing capes. Underneath his helmet, Yanmer's eyes bulged wide.

"They're here!"

A few of the soldiers began firing, but Yanmer simply stood and stared at the approaching enemies. He was able to get a better look at them as they drew closer. There was a blonde man wielding a lance, a black-haired man with a sword in each hand, and a girl holding daggers. They were all young and ridiculously well-kept in appearance despite the circumstances. More mechs rolled out of the base to confront the attackers head-on.

However, Yanmer didn't care about any of that. The only thing that really caught his attention was the latter-mentioned girl. She was...she was...

'My god...' he thought, 'She's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen!'

Her perfectly cut shoulder-length brown hair, her captivating light-brown eyes, her face unmarred by the violence of war, a slim body, a skirt short enough that left little to the imagination...she had it all.

Yanmer was completely enamored by the beauty's looks alone. He didn't care if the tough-looking student with the spear had just pierced one of his comrades through the chest. He didn't care if the decapitated heads of two soldiers rolled past his feet, courtesy of the double-sword-wielder. His armor was splattered with blood, but still it couldn't draw his attention away from the girl. Not even the horrible, painful screams of the dying could tear his attention away.

Yanmer was going to make this girl his wife, no matter what it took. He didn't want to bother with cheap crack-whores or sluts paid by his daddy's money; he wanted to live a peaceful, quiet life with this girl. They would run away to escape all the war and conflict to start anew. Everyone would think they had died in the war instead. Yanmer would live together with this girl on a tiny farm, and they would make their living off the land itself.

Every night, the two of them would make sweet love underneath the starry skies. They wouldn't bother using any kind of protection; if she got pregnant, then Yanmer wouldn't run away like how he usually dealt with issues such as this. They would name the boy after his father, whose insane love for his country had influenced the idea to send Yanmer to war and meet the girl of his dreams in the first place. Their son would grow up being loved and cared for as long as he didn't try to go into his father's special shack. It was the life he had always secretly wanted instead of being a big-shot rich bastard like everyone seemed to think he was. He had goals.

The girl, a magnificent specimen of women that she was, was steadily drawing closer to him. Yanmer's heart skipped a beat.

'Now, all I have to do is just ask her what her name is...'


Yanmer was unable to get another word out before the girl's daggers had sliced his left hand clean off. The discarded appendage flopped uselessly onto the ground at its owner's feet. Yanmer looked at the stump on his arm, then at his hand, then back at the stump.


There was no way to describe the pain that he felt at that moment. The girl herself was visibly unshaken by her own actions. In the distance, her two comrades were busy annihilating the remaining mechs.

Yanmer attempted to lift his gun with one hand, wanting to pull the trigger and shoot this bitch dead, but he just couldn't do it. It wasn't because he still held feelings for her, but because the weapon was far too heavy without the aid of his other hand. He had never felt any pain like this before. Every nerve in his body was aching for some release; he just wanted it all to end. What happened next only took several seconds, but for Yanmer, it felt like several hours.

The girl swung again, this time tearing open a large gash in Yanmer's abdomen. Somehow her weapons were strong enough to cut metal. A waterfall of blood gushed out of the opening within seconds. Yanmer could not even scream, and he didn't want to. He was starting to go numb all over from suffering so much in succession. He had let his guard down, didn't even try to fight back, all because this girl was incredibly beautiful for her age. It was his own fault for not taking Class Zero more seriously. This girl was seriously going to kill him, and not feel an ounce of remorse about it.

"Please...don't..." he begged in between choked sobs.

Her final strike slit Yanmer's throat, and the poor man was no longer capable of clinging onto what remained of his pitiful life. His body quivered violently for a few seconds before collapsing backwards. A puddle of his own bodily fluids gradually formed underneath him.

Rem Tokimiya sighed.

"Hey, Rem, what's wrong? You don't usually pause in between strikes like that," remarked Machina Kunagiri as he and Nine walked up beside the young woman.

Rem looked down at the fallen soldier. "I thought I heard him saying something to me...asking me to stop..."

"Really? I've had to interrogate one of these bastards before; they refuse to even speak to us! He might have been a new guy?"

"I have no idea..."

Gently brushing Rem aside, Nine stood over the corpse of Yanmer and held his palm over it. "Look, let's not worry about crap like that, okay? You were probably just hearing things; we need to grab some more Phantoma and hurry on! There's still a few more bases we have to clear out up ahead!"

It only took a few seconds before Yanmer's body burst apart in an explosion of red mist, leaving a tiny blue orb in its wake. It almost resembled a miniature soul. The three teens did not bother wasting any more time standing around; their mission was far from other members of Class Zero were already up ahead and fighting for survival. They didn't look back at the carnage as they ran through it.

Rem had grown disturbingly comfortable with her work as a 'killing machine', but the fact that one enemy soldier didn't try to fill her with bullets still made her pause and think. Could it be possible that some of them didn't share Milites' intentions of taking over the other countries and their crystals? And they let themselves die without fighting for the cause?

Unfortunately, Rem would never learn that her assumptions were completely off.
Another story for Final Fantasy Type-0 involving a newly recruited soldier who confronts Class Zero for the first time on the battlefield...and falls in love.

Final Fantasy Type-0 @ Square Enix
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Christmas project

Lightning was left with no choice at all. She had been running after her time for days, working, skipping meals to get things in order for her boss. She hadn't slept well lately. It was the 21th December. And she hadn't gotten the time to buy even one of her Christmas present this year. She had to find one for Serah at least. And since Snow was bound to become her brother-in-law, she had to give him a present too. Then there was Hope, her favorite student. It wasn't right to give something to one student in peculiar, but Lightning had known Hope and the Estheim family for a long time and she was his godmother since years. There was Sazh too, who was a good coworker at the Academic Soldier Center. They were forming soldiers and researchers to protect Cocoon from any Pulse's threat. Her boss, Dysley, was a slaver, but the inner cause she could defend while working there was just enough to bear with him.

Anyway, her unl'cie project wasn't the matter now. Christmas was coming soon and she hadn't anything ready. No food, no presents. Not even a Christmas tree. Serah thought it was sad, but Lightning knew there was a reason for that and now that she had her break from work for two weeks, she would make things right for that matter.

She wrapped her scarf around her neck and put on her red and brown wool hat. It was raining slightly outside and her car was dead since she had lent it to Fang for one of her party with Vanille. These two girls, Lightning would never get them. Alright, they were like sisters and she had a sister, but she never was that protective of Serah. Fang couldn't let Vanille go somewhere without following her. Anyway, the dead car was Rygdea's fault. That moron had driven her car right into a building. Nobody had been hurt, but Lightning was sure she would never lend anything to Fang or her boyfriend ever again. As for Vanille, she could get along with her, especially in party, when she would get herself drunk. Or when she was mad. But she would never lend anything to that red haired girl while in her right mind. Vanille was a gentle but unpredictable woman.

These three weren't getting any present from her this year. Not after what they'd done to her car. That was less headaches for her. But then again, she should find something for Dajh. And Noctis needed a present too after all. They'd been going out for some time now. Had it been one year already? One and a half she guessed as she looked at herself in the mirror and finished buttoning up her black coat. She looked alright, but she had seen better days. She needed a shower. She needed a whole night of sleep. She was twenty four years old. And as she looked at her reflection, she felt ugly. Her skin wasn't clear enough, there was dark bags under her eyes. She sighed.

She hadn't seen Noctis in days. With their jobs, they couldn't see each other much except for the weekends. He had mentioned about settling down together once, but she wasn't sure if she was ready for something like that. She liked ordfer and he was organized only when his things were in a mess. She liked to prepare for things and she hated surprise, but he was impulsive. She liked that side of him, but could she live with him every day? Waking up next to him in the morning felt nice. Really nice. She sighed again. She really had to get going. It was raining outside and the winter air was chilly. She walked out, decided to get done with her errands in an hour or two. But she was obliged to walk to the central supermarket since her car was broken. She wouldn't just call a cab. She needed her money for the presents and her salary wasn't astronomic. Since she had to buy another car, she couldn't do crazy expenses.

The rain was falling hastily and strongly. Lightning hurried down the road to get out of the apartment lot. From there, it was a fifteen minutes walk till the central plaza of Palumpolum. It turned into half an hour of walking with the steep path of melted and slippery ice and brown snow.

"I hate winter", she thought out loud.

The walk wasn't that bad. Her boots were totally water proof, the sky was white and she was lost in her thoughts, looking for good presents. What would Serah like this year? A jewel? A piece of clothing? A plushy, maybe. Or a book? Alright, she was already lost and she was thinking of her sister.

She tried to picture a nice present for Noctis then. It was their first Christmas as a couple. It had to be good. To hold a special meaning. Well, he was a big kid, a video game could be alright for him. Or maybe a snowboard? He would like that, but she would never be able to afford it. Maybe just a nice and hot weekend together in a gentle chalet would be enough. They were pretty intimate, but not that often. They couldn't see each other enough and their love wasn't just about sex. She especially liked the fact that Noctis was a true gentleman with her. He never rushed her, well, only when she was giving him the right too. He was always patient and honest. She was smiling as she walked when suddenly, a car drove past her at an incredible speed and splashed her all over.

Because of the rain, there were big puddles over the streets and in any depression of the ground. Lightning had been doing her best evading the puddles, not wanting to walk too deep in it and to run the risk to get her feet wet. And now, the water was rolling down her face, sinking under her wool hat, covering her wool coat with brown traces. She kept on walking in case she would be splashed again by another car, utter shock written all over her face. She was really angry. What was the problem of that person in her car?! She wanted to dry herself, but even her sleeves were soaked. It had been so sudden, she felt ready to cry, feeling humiliated. But she kept on walking, kept on looking forward. This wasn't going to stop her now. Not that, nor the fact that her car was ruined or that it was way too close of Christmas for her to find something good for everyone.

After crossing the nth streets, she turned to enter the parking lot of the central plaza. She hurried herself to the entrance, to search in her purse for some tissue to wipe the water off her face. It was at this moment that he arrived. She didn't notice him. A guy passed next to her so fast he hit her with his shoulder and she was almost thrown in the entrance door of the plaza. His voice made her jump as he almost yelled in surprise:

"I'm sorry, I… Lightning?!"

She looked over her shoulder, water still pouring down her cheek.

From all the people she didn't want to meet, it had to be Noctis. Which wasn't utterly bad. But she felt so ugly at this moment, so not presentable. His smiling face changed as he saw her wet cheeks.

"Are you alright? Hey, you're crying?! What's wrong?"

"No, I just… I got splashed all over by a car that passed by me." she growled.

"I see. Never thought I'd run into you like this. Come here." He gently dragged her inside the plaza though she didn't want to get in until at least her face was dry. They stopped close to the entrance, but far enough not to be run into by some people.

He used his wool gloves to wipe the water off her face.

"Here, it was really my Light under there." he teased her, cupping her face with his hands.

She smiled, blushing slightly. Finally, she was happy that he had showed up at this moment. She had missed him during the last weeks. And he sure seemed glad to be with her now.

"Stop it, Noct, people are looking at us." she pleaded

He looked around them, letting go of her face and realized that there was some people staring at them. Old ladies thought he was cute, kids were laughing and other adults were just smiling slightly. His face turned red as he tried to clear his throat and get back his composure. As long as he didn't know there was an audience, he could do almost anything. But he was so shy deep down. Lightning grabbed his hand and lead him deeper in the plaza.

"Thanks. I was really shocked after that car passed. I've got enough things on my mind lately. I didn't need that."

"Nobody does. You're not cold, are you? If you want, I could get you another coat or…"

"No, it's only wet on the outside. But it must look terrible though."

"It's just shining because of the water. It will dry up and be as always, you'll see." he cheered her.

As they walked through the crowd, it felt easier to talk and laugh, since nobody was minding them. They kept holding each other hands to be sure not to lose each other in the flow of passing people.

"By the way Light, can you tell me why you're here?"

"Christmas shopping." she answered.

"Wow. I'd never thought you'd be late for that. I mean, I am late, each year, but you're always so organized and ready for everything."

It sounded bad the way he said it and she glared at him, as if he was giving her a reproach.

"I was too busy with work. All the copies I had to correct and the field tests to prepare. You can't begin to imagine."

"Awww… So that's why you didn't answer any of my mails and calls, is it?"

"You called me?!"

"About tenth time. You never seemed to be home or to have your cell turned on. I was starting to think you had been kidnapped or something."


He laughed as she punched him slightly in the shoulder and he dodged it. But as her fist touched a big man walking right behind them, they held back their breath for a moment, before to dive in the crowd, so that they would get far away from the man's sight.

"You can be so impulsive sometimes." he sighed as they entered a public store.

"I said I was sorry…"

"Alright, alright. How about we do our Christmas shopping together?"

"I hoped you would suggest it. Who are you getting a present anyway?"

"I need one for Stella and Cid, of course." he said, looking around, trying to spot something that could be the perfect gift.

Stella was his childhood friend and the wife of his best friend, Cid Raines. Lightning pouted a little as he didn't name her, but she guessed he wouldn't get a present for her right in her face. As he turned back to her, she was smiling at new.

"What about you?" he asked her.

"Well, I still need to find something for Hope, Serah, Snow, Sazh and Dajh."

She counted on her fingers to be sure she wasn't forgetting anyone.

"That's a lot of people. But what about Vanille and Fang?"

"They destroyed my car."

"I see… Want a new one for next year?"

"Noctis, I know you don't have the money to afford it."

"Oh, don't you have any confidence in me? If I say I can get you one…"

"You didn't say that you could. And I'll pay my own car." she cut him off, walking past him and removing her gloves and wool hat.

"Always so independent," he thought out loud.

Sometimes, he really wished she would depend on him a little more. His grey coat made him looked pretty slim and she smiled as he caught up with her and grabbed her hand.

"Need any help for the guys' presents?"

"Well, Sazh could use a new blazer. Or a haircut."

"How about a date with a nice girl?"

"I don't think they sell anything like that around here."

They both laughed and kept on walking between the alleys when suddenly, something caught Lightning's attention. She froze and Noctis stopped to look up in the same direction as her.

All there was were big plushy toys on the top of an alley. They looked fluffy and one was shaped as a yellow bird. A chocobo as he recognized. He looked back at Lightning. Her mouth was hanging open and her eyes were starting to shine. He looked back up at the chocobo plushy, than at Light. A smile was growing on her face.

"Hey, what is it?"

"That's it! Just what I need for Dajh!"

"Okay. You want a caddy or something, because it's a big bird you chose."

"No, it should be alright."

She walked up to the alley and stretched herself as much as she could to grab the bird. But it was way too high up. She jumped and almost slipped as she touched the ground again. Noctis secured her almost fall and grabbed the chocobo in her stead.

"Here. You could just have asked some help."

"Wait, I'm going to cover it with water."

She hastily undid the button of her coat and opened it to be able to take the plushy in her arms without messing it up with water. Noctis couldn't help but smile seeing Lightning with such a big plushy. She never was after sweet things, or so, she never liked to show it off. But that chocobo was so big, she couldn't hold it without letting its head stroking against her chin, otherwise, he would brush the ground, and as every supermarket, the floor was covered with brown water due to the snow outside.

"You look so cute." he whispered to himself.



She just smiled and turned around to go on and find another gift. With some luck, she would have another flash right when she would see it. As she walked, the chocobo's head was stroking her head and she laughed a little, stroking her cheek against it.

"So fluffy…"

She looked like a little girl. And Noctis thought that something like that could do a nice present for her.

"You sure you don't wanna keep this fluffy bird? You seem to like it a lot."

"What?! No, I…"

"Ha ha ha ha! I was just joking, Light," he reassured her as she was starting to blush and trying to get back her composure.

They went to the electronic part of the store, to find something for Snow or Hope. Walking through the video games alley took them about half an hour. Noctis had to check every game and place a comment, since he had played most of these games already. When they reached half of the alley, Lightning had already had enough. She once liked RPGs, but she didn't have much time anymore to play games. How Noctis could keep his jobs, play a dozen of games and complete them all at the same time as being able to go out with her, she couldn't tell. Maybe he didn't sleep at night. That would explain his ability of falling asleep as soon as he wasn't doing anything.

"That one was great." Noctis told her. "But this one's better. What kinda gamers they are?"

"I don't know. Snow is not a big thinker, puzzles would kill his brain."

"Hmmm…  Okay. I don't know, all these games are so long to complete… A good old fighting game could do the trick. Or maybe a western."

"Don't pick something that he would like too much. If he spends all his time gaming, Serah would be so sad that he's not taking care of her as much as before."

"Maybe we should find something else for him. But Hope would definitely like a game. How about Red dead redemption?"

"Hope hasn't the age for that one. Isn't it nothing but killing people and stuff?"

"No, no, you can shoot all you want to, but…"

"Noctis, I know you're the multi gamer type, but I can't buy a mature game for Hope. He's still a kid, alright?"

"Okay, okay, then… The last Tales of could do it. Those games are always nice."

"A Tales of? He already has them all…"

"How about a gift card to buy himself what he wants then?"

"Isn't that lame?"

"Hey, just pick a game I tell you about or a gift card or give it a rest, I'm trying to help you here."

"I know. I'm sorry. I want to find something that Hope would really want."

"Hey, wait, I think I got it! Final fantasy XIII Versus. It has just come out and it's one of the most awesome game ever made."

"I don't know. There's too many FF games."

"Come on Light. It's awesome, Hope totally can't own it already and he'll have like two hundred of hours to play on it."

"You played two hundred of hours on it?"

"I made this game, for heaven sake!"

People looked at them with surprise, as if the guy was crazy and Noctis sighed. It wasn't easy to be a game developer, even on Cocoon.

"You made it? I thought you only worked on its early development."

"Hey, I spent almost six years of my life working on it."

"Alright, alright, I'll take one. No wait, two copies. Gotta check it out for myself." she decided.

Noctis hadn't worked on many games right now. He was still pretty young. He worked especially on graphics and combat programming, since he was an expert in fighting. That was how they'd met, precisely. In an advanced fighting class they both had taken. For the first time, a guy had beaten the great army teacher Lightning. And she had taken her revenge over him for it, quite a lot…

"Oh no, just one, I'll lend you my copy of the game, Light."

"I guess it could be nice. Its price's not cheap."

"Hey, that's the industry for you."

After more wandering about, they found Snow's present. A chess game. This would be a cheap shot, but Lightning wanted to see his face as she'd told him she had thought of him because she was sure that even with practice, he would never win a chess game against her. Noctis thought it wasn't really nice, but Snow would surely take the joke for what it was and have a good laugh. For Serah, Lightning found a movie about a girl traveling in time –she had seen it once and fallen asleep over it, but it was a nice movie, she was just too tired at the time to appreciate it for what it was- and she finally found something for Sazh! A miniature replica of his favorite car.

Noctis found a necklace for Stella and a nice walking stick for Cid. Lately, Cid had had an accident and had broken one of his leg, so Noct thought having a nice stick would do him some good. At least, he would feel cool while walking around with it.

"So, if I get it right, you're on foot to get back home with all of these presents?"

"That's right…" she sighed.

"Wanna ride?"

"That sure would be nice."

They had been in the plaza for about two hours and had eaten together in some small restaurant, with all their presents under their table. As they walked out, it wasn't raining anymore, but snowing and the air had gone quite chilly. They hurried through the parking lot, slipping on the ice and melting snow, trying to stay careful not to be hit by some car rushing in or out of the parking. Everyone was in a hurry since Christmas was coming. They put all the presents on the back seat. As they were going to get in, they noticed the numerous jams on the streets.

"Gosh, it looks like everyone has gone out at the same time."

The lines just for getting out of the parking lot were so long they almost reached the entrance of the plaza.

"What d'you say Lightning, if we left the gifts here and head back home on foot. I'll get everything to your place tonight, when everything will be closed."

"As long as I don't get splashed by another car. My coat is almost back to normal."

He laughed and –after locking his car's doors- walked up to her, giving her his arm.

"I shall shield you from the road's dangers if any car can drive fast enough to splash the people passing by!" he proclaimed.

She giggled at that and grabbed his arm. They headed down the streets, being careful of the frozen puddles along the way. Once or twice, they slipped and fell down, but Noctis always managed to take the shock in Lightning's stead. They were laughing as they reached the alley to Light's apartment. Maybe was it the fact that their work was over for a few days, or the snow falling on the blue dark sky, or just the feeling of being together. But as they walked and Noctis wrapped his arm around her, she leaned her head on his shoulder. And they talk about the Christmas they had had before. This Christmas they were going to share. The games he was working on, the projects she was running. Everything had the same importance at this point and nothing was really the matter.

She was happy to have Noctis with her. And as they stopped before the building where her apartment was, they couldn't decide to go inside.

"Hey Noctis, it's your first winter in Palumpolum, right?"


He had moved in from a faraway town. She had no idea how far away his town was, really.

"I have been working so much lately, I didn't even realize that winter was really here. Didn't even had the time to make a snowman or something."

"A snowman, at your age?"

"It was a tradition for Serah and me to do a snowman every year at winter."

"I see. Well,… If you wanna do one now, there's no problem with me."

"You must think I'm crazy."

"Not at all."

They got to it and soon, their preparations turned into a snowball fight. Who had been the first to throw one at the other, they didn't know. They were just like little kids and it sure felt nice to act so freely, even though they were adults. Rolling in the snow, chasing each other around the building and into the woods near them, they gently purchased each other till they were out of breathe. As Noctis was out of ammo, he gave up and said she had won, but wouldn't stop to fire just with that, and he ran to Lightning, covering his face to protect himself and pushed her down to the ground, so that she wouldn't be able to throw anything at him anymore. They rolled over themselves once or twice, ending with Noctis lying on top of Lightning, and both of them were smiling and laughing as they looked for their breath. But as he slowly raised his head and they could look in each other eyes, they sank back into the adults they were.

Lightning cheeks were bright red and Noctis locks were a mess. He hadn't anything to cover his ears and he was certainly starting to feel the cold.

"We didn't do your snowman, huh?"

"It was still fun." she smiled.

And he smiled back. Times like these were just so perfect. He felt that he would break all the magic if he did move or tried anything. But he couldn't help himself. Her eyes were asking him a lot of question. For a moment, she looked shy, though they knew each other so well. She still felt ugly and she couldn't understand why he would stay with her and look at her like this. She put her hands on his chest, as to push him away. His arms slipped under her, to keep her close.

"I hadn't had that much fun in a long time." he said.

"And I missed you lately."

"So did I, Light."

He leaned in, till his mouth could brush against her and she grabbed his collar, pulling him into a long and warm kiss. This too had been missed. So much more than they had thought. She had him rolling on his back and he held her to him, as close as he could. It was a little harder than usual to reach each other with their big coats, but her lips were over his and it felt as if they couldn't part from each other anymore. His fingers felt numb in his gloves and they both shivered as the wind blew over them. She moaned a little as she raised herself up and finally sat over him.

"Are you cold?"

"A little." he admitted.


She started undoing the button of his coat…

"Hey, whoa there, we can't…"

She gave him a light kiss before to undo the buttons of her own coat. Opening both their coats, she lied back over him, slipping her arms out her sleeves and around him, under the coat.

"How about this?"

She was sharing her warmth. He held her tight, hoping she wouldn't catch a cold or something.

"It's a little better. But we really should get inside before my toes start falling off."

"I guess you're right." she sighed.

They got up, exchanging another kiss and cuddling against each other. After steadying themselves, feeling a little dizzy from their snowball fight and the rest, they ran inside. Lightning had a hard time fumbling with her keys and unlocking her door while Noctis was kissing her all over her face and down her neck, helping her getting out of her coat. As they got in, they hesitated a little. They were still pretty cold from the outside, but felt so much heat building up inside them. He was afraid that he could rush her after all the time they had spent apart. She was trying to get back some warm in her hands and he held them in his, breathing strongly on her fingers to help her getting warm again.

"You know what, I'm pretty glad I ran into you today."

"So am I. This day would have been so sad without you."

"When was it the last time I told you how I love you, Light, do you remember?"

"I don't," she whispered, closing her eyes.

"I love you." he repeated, kissing her on the lips.

She repeated the words, responding to his lips and to his hands running over her body. This had started out as a bad day. But it was Christmas season for everyone. And if she hadn't a Christmas tree or something, she still had Noctis. It was way more than she could ever asked for.

"I love you." he added, kissing her forehead.

"It's scares me a little, the way you're saying it."

"Why's that?"

"As if you doubted that I believe you."

"I don't think I'll ever be able to have you believe me, Light."

"Oh, really?"

"You must have made a planning for some time we would spend together this week and I'm just breaking all of your plans, as always."

"You know, I don't mind it today."

He chuckled as she helped him removing his shirt.

"And one more thing, Noct. I love you too. And that's the most important plan I could ever have on my mind…"

It wasn't Christmas already, but it would have been hard to find people as happy as those two as they exchanged another kiss. It wasn't a question of gifts or good food. Just being together really was enough.

-The end-
So, I wish a happy christmas to every Lightis fan. This is just a drabble over christmas, but I could make some other drabble over this other Lightning and Noctis.

Sure hope that you liked this.

I was splashed by a car recently, I was so angry! Anyway, no Noctis showed up after, so I was a little depressed, but things are lookin better now.

Tell me what you think about this. ^^

Here's the link to the illustration my friend Chinzru made for this novel: [link]

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She was not sure how she had been dragged into her current situation, did not want to know. But she was very sure it had something to do with how her younger sister would give her those despicably adorable puppy-dog eyes.

Lightning hated it, but at the same time it amused her.

Serah had been looking around the store for ages, trying to find a decent Valentine's Day present for her boyfriend, Snow Villiers. Lightning would roll her eyes every time Serah would fuss over what would be a good gift. At times, Lightning would give her opinion only to have Serah lecture her about how special Valentine's Day was.
The older Farron refused to hear another lesson about the Day of Hearts and remained silent for the rest of the shopping trip.

She watched as her younger sister went from shop to shop, isle to isle, in search for something that would be perfect for Snow. Lightning had to scoff; what was the point of this Valentine's Day? It was nothing but a word that signals to couples that it was their day to get together and spend time with each other for the whole day doing nothing but have cheap talks, go on silly dates, and say sweet nothings to each other. Lightning found nothing special about such a day.

She sat down on one of the seats provided for the customers and sighed, rubbing her temples. She had nothing to do and yet she felt worn out. Perhaps it was because of Serah dragging her along to go Valentines shopping.

"What about you Lightning?" The older Farron snapped from her thoughts and looked at her sister. "Hm? What about me?" "For Valentine's Day. What are you going to do?" Serah repeated. Her older sister gave her a look. "What else? Stay at home and enjoy the quiet."
"Don't you have a Valentine or at least someone in mind?" Serah asked. Lightning rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. "What's the point in that? And no, I don't have one nor do I intend to get one. And I don't have any in mind." Serah smirked at her and raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure?"

"Don't give me that look, Serah. I know that look very well and I'm not going to fall for it." Lightning said stubbornly. The younger Farron pouted. "Come on, Sis! You must have someone in mind! Everybody does, after all." "What? Is there a LAW that states I have to have a Valentine? In that case, I'd rather be a law-breaker." Lightning grumbled in annoyance.

"Don't be that way, Light. Please just give this day a chance! Please? Pretty please, Sis?" Serah pleaded. Lightning smiled lightly. "You know I love it when you make that face… But even I have limits." "Lightning!"
"That's enough, Serah. I don't need another lecture about this day. It's just some time of day where people buy overpriced presents for their boyfriend or girlfriend." Lightning said bluntly.

"But don't you have at least one person in mind? At all?" Serah insisted. Lightning shook her head before getting up. "Not at all. Can you handle yourself for today? I have an errand to run…"

Serah sighed in defeat then nodded, allowing her sister to go. "Look after yourself okay?"
Lightning nodded then left the store, sighing in relief when she was finally free from the shopping spree. Usually she would like to accompany Serah to keep her from harm and whatnot, but today she simply did not feel up to it, especially when her sister kept insisting she should have a Valentine in mind.

Lightning scoffed. What was the point in this whole Valentine's Day? It was nothing but some day where people can fool around with the notion of romance and but overpriced gifts. What made this day so special?

The strawberry-blonde sighed and looked around. Now, what can she do to kill time? She had enough shop-hopping thanks to Serah. Perhaps a quick meal would be good.
As she headed to a nice nearby café, Lightning rolled her eyes when she passed by several love struck teenagers; how annoying, she thought.

Lightning sighed in relief when she entered the café but frowned when she looked around her to see couples at almost every table around her. She groaned and looked in another direction, away from the sickening love fest. A waitress came over to take her order.
As soon as Lightning gave her order and the waitress walked off, a cheesy love song started playing on the café's radio. The woman growled and mentally tried to plug her ears while the couples in the café started smiling and gushing at each other and recalling how they heard the song together.

How long would she be able to take, Lightning had no idea.

Her food arrived just as a new love song came on.
Lightning had to roll her eyes at how overly lovey dovey the whole café became. She rushed her meal; the sooner she was done eating, the sooner she would get out of this mushy place. Thank goodness she had a big appetite; finishing her meal quickly was easily done.
Once she was done, she paid the bill, stood up hastily and went for the door. The waitress stopped her and presented her with a small red rose and heart-shaped lollipop; a complimentary treat from the café to its customers.

Lightning inwardly cringed and accepted the stuff as politely as she could.
She practically dashed out of the café after that and walked on, passing other shops. It was hard to avoid dreamy love-struck-lovelorn teenagers and adults; even seniors and animals seemed to be enjoying Valentine's Day. Just her rotten luck.

Lightning growled in annoyance and opted to head home to avoid anymore of this 'cootie-infested' place. She flagged down a cab and got in. The driver turned to her, smiling. "Where to, Miss? Going to a special guy's place?" Lightning blinked. 'Even the CAB DRIVERS are going along with this day?' She thought with dismay.

"No. I'm going home. Head for 13th Street, Bodhum." She said bluntly. The driver's smile did not falter as he started the car and drove. "That's too bad, Miss. But I'm sure some fella would love to have you as a Valentine. Just sayin'." "Do you always stick your nose in others' business?" Lightning said; she sounded ruder than she intended. The driver still smiled. "Only when I can tell they are having a hard time like you. I mean no offense but…I can tell you seem down—even if you seem more like you're annoyed and angry."

Lightning said nothing and merely sighed.

"… You know, when I was your age I would stay in a corner and glare at every Valentine trinket and those mushy youngsters. But it didn't last long…" The driver said with a nostalgic smile. Lightning remained silent; she faced the window but her eyes glancing at the man for a long time. The driver continued, "I met my wife one day. The moment I realized that she was the one for me; well…I started changing my mind about this whole Valentines thing. I still get her gifts and stuff, though she insists she doesn't need any of that. It's the least I can do for her." Lightning looked at the front passenger seat and noticed the stem of a flower; he must have bought his wife roses.

"You should get someone too. Or at least, find someone. You're a good-looking gal, and I think any guy is lucky to have ya for his Valentine or for the rest of his life." The man said.

"… That kind of life isn't for me." Lightning admitted finally. "I have other things to do with my time." "But you must have some time for yourself and your fella too." The driver said. The strawberry-blonde scoffed. "I don't have a 'fella'. Don't intend to get one either." "Why not?"

It was an innocent question but Lightning was not sure she wanted to answer it. The man was quiet for a while before speaking again, "We can drive around in circles all day until you get this off your chest, y'know." Lightning looked out the window and noticed that he was indeed just driving them in circles, not even heading towards her neighborhood. Sly man.

She shrugged. "It's just not me. I'm not that kind of person, besides romance isn't for me." "Do you mean you're not the romance type or you THINK love isn't meant for you…?" The man said. Lightning was silent for a long time.

"You know that's not true, missy. Romance can be for even the most unromantic person; take me for example. In the end, I managed to learn and now look at me. I'm a married man, with kids too!" He said proudly. Lightning raised an eyebrow. "For how long?" "Been together for twelve years now. And it's been going on well. Sure we have our spats now and then, but that's what makes us grow closer. Now tell me Miss, don't you have someone in mind?"

"… Not exactly."

"He a friend?"

Lightning scoffed. "I don't know why I'm even bothering with talking to you." "Everyone needs someone to talk to, missy. I just happened to notice you walking around looking bitter; it just reminded me of myself when I was younger. I couldn't resist the urge to give ya a lift so I can talk to ya." "I'm ALWAYS like this." Lightning said.
"I can tell. I just meant you seem bitter in a sad way." "Why would I be sad?" Lightning asked.

"You're lonely, ain't ya kiddo?"


"I stand correct then." The man said, turning the car again into the same street they just passed by five times already. "So what? It's not like it's a big deal; I'm not exactly the 'perfect catch'. Don't want to be either."
"But I can tell you're a good person, missy. If your friend accepts you for you, then you'll have a chance. If he likes someone else, then I think you're real brave and humble to be happy with seeing him happy." The driver said. Lightning raised an eyebrow. "I didn't say I liked anyone." "Didn't have to. Your silence answered my question. Believe me; take it from someone with experience."

"… It's not like I'm someone meant for him anyway." Lightning sighed in defeat, finally admitting.

"Now, now. Don't feel that way. Just do something for him on this day, like give him a present or a card. Let him know you appreciate him, as a friend and something more. Then it's fine when he knows you're still willing to be there for him as a friend no matter what. I was willing to do that for my wife when I felt like she wouldn't want a guy like me." The man admitted.

"Picking fights, winning battles without breaking a sweat, hating dresses, wearing unisex clothing, hating to go shopping, not being a damsel, and choosing my own fate in life… Not the kind of girl a guy would find ideal." Lightning let out a short bitter chuckle.
"Ya think your friend would not like you just because you're not a perfect damsel-in-distress-princess? Come now missy, not all of that is true. I don't think you have to be a womanly woman just to be the right gal for the guy. Why, I think you're rather unique; almost every day we hear stories of how a dashing prince or knight saves the princess and end up with her. But now that I have aged a lot since my young days, I think it doesn't always have to be like that. The girl can be the knight in shining armor too. If a man doesn't like that, then he ain't no real man; just a kid with a big ego."
Lightning felt as if a headache was coming on.

"Just think about it, missy. You like being you, right? Well then express yourself by being yourself. Tell ya what; you let the guy know how you feel in your own way and if all goes well, then I can guarantee he'll feel the same 'bout you. If not, then at least you tried; like a brave she-knight who took it like a real fighter."

"I'm not a knight." Lightning said, rolling her eyes. "Ah, but you seem to have the aura of one. And I can tell you ain't a damsel. I like that. My wife does too; she respects a person who is just like you. So, how about that idea of mine?"

Lightning said nothing for a long time and the driver was beginning to think he had gotten too nosy until she suddenly spoke, taking him by surprise. "Drop me off at the nearest store. I need to take care of something." The man grinned. "That's the spirit, kiddo!"

He finally changed directions and drove the car over to what appeared to be a jewelry store. "Hm… Too expensive I think—" Lightning got out before he could finish. The man just stared at her as she entered. The woman was such a mystery still.

Lightning tried to keep herself calm as she walked in; she already knew what she was going to do. But she had no idea how to explain herself.
The woman at the counter noticed her and smiled. "Welcome! Shopping for someone special?" "… I guess you can say that." Lightning admitted, almost bashfully. She still managed to keep a straight face, however. The woman grinned. "I think I may have just the thing for a situation like yours!" She said excitedly and walked over to the back of the store. Lightning blinked and tried not to blush. Did EVERY stranger know about her…problem? This was becoming too embarrassing that it was unbearable.
The woman returned with a black box and opened it.

"Well? What do you think? It's the only one we have too! I think you need more than anyone else though." She said with a smile still on her face. Lightning stared at the object in the box in awe, though of course her face did not show it. But it was PERFECT.
"Yeah, I'll take it." Lightning said finally. The woman giggled. "I'll wrap it up!" Lightning stopped her. "There's no need. I'll just take it." The woman nodded and handed the box over to the cashier.

Once the object was paid for and Lightning walked out of the store, the two women swooned. "What a woman…" "I know. That man—whoever he might be—is so lucky to have someone like her…"

Lightning tapped on the window of the cab and the man rolled down his window, smiling. "You ready kiddo?" Lightning nodded and got into the backseat.
The driver rolled the window back up and drove to wherever she instructed. Lightning swallowed nervously, clutching the box in her hands tighter. She took a deep breath when they reached her destination. "Stop here." The driver stopped the car and Lightning got out and paid him.

"Nah, it's on me missy. You need it."

"Just consider it as thanks from Lightning Farron. And don't worry; I can walk home from here."

With that, Lightning walked towards the apartment with a confident stride, the black box under her arm. The cab driver stared in awe, looking back and forth from the woman to the money she placed in his hand. He smiled. "Lightning Farron, eh? Well good luck to ya, Lightning." He started the engine then drove back home to his wife; he knew that he now had a good story to tell her and their children tonight.

Noctis sighed as he flipped through the channels.
There was nothing interesting to watch today and that did not help with his boredom. Suddenly, a knock on his door caught his attention. He raised an eyebrow and headed to the door, peeping through the peephole. There was no one there. Was it a prank?

He opened the door and looked outside. Indeed, there was not a soul outside. Before he could go back in, he felt his foot bump against something.

He looked down and saw a black box on his doormat. He picked up slowly and carefully opened the lid. His eyes widened. Inside was a blue crystal attached to a bright silver chain. He lifted it out of the box and held it up where it seemed to shine. When he looked in the box again, he found what appeared to be a card. He blinked and read it. His eyes widened with surprise at the language it was written in.

"Je vous remercie d'exister. Sois mon Valentin tous les jours?"

Noctis stared at it for a long moment then suddenly smiled; he might have some idea of what was going on. With a warm smile, he held the box and the crystal necklace and went back inside his apartment.

Lightning breathed with relief and smiled when she saw him bring her present in with him. She hoped it wasn't too much for him to handle. With her mission done, she headed home for real this time.

Later that evening, Serah returned home and asked Lightning about her day. The older Farron merely shrugged and said "it's okay". Serah sighed and got dinner ready. She had a story to tell her older sister when they were at the table. Lightning listened and chuckled a bit.
Once dinner was finished, Serah announced she was going to turn in. Lightning nodded and told her she was going to stay up a while longer. The younger Farron kissed her sister's cheek and headed upstairs.

Once alone, Lightning settled on the couch and turned on the television.
A knock on her door distracted her from the program onscreen. Lightning got up and cautiously went to the door, opening it slowly. There was no one outside. She took a step out then nearly jumped when something pricked her toe.

She looked down and saw a single red rose with thorns on her doorstep. Lightning felt her chest heave as she picked the red flower up carefully. Tied on its stem with a red ribbon was a card. Lightning stared at the words in surprise; it was in Latin.

"Ego sum vestrum. Aeternaliter."

Lightning felt a blush creep up her face then smiled. Perhaps Valentine's Day was not so bad after all…
Happy Valentines Day!

This is my story for the occasion. I hope you all will enjoy reading it. It was nice writing it too.

Originally, this was going to be another chapter of my and chinzru's collab project. However, he was unable to work with it so he suggested, and I decided to make it a story of its own.

Also, see if you can guess the languages I used here. :D The second one is obvious though. I'm not sure if I got the words right. Let me know so I can try and change them. If they are decent enough, then I'll leave it be.

If you guys want to see the original intended version of this story, let me know and I'll see if I have time to write it.

This story is dedicated to my good friend nicegal1. Congrats on winning the Valentines contest and for being a good friend. For a reader IDKY123. Thank you for reading my stuff. I hope you enjoy them more. And for Hakurama01; thanks for being a good friend. :)

I was about to give up on finishing and uploading this story but you guys gave me the inspiration to get this done. So thank you all! And to my other readers as well.
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- Pairing : – Nine x Deuce
-Notes: This fanfiction contains Hetero which means that it contains boy-girl love, between Nine and Deuce from Final Fantasy Type 0. If you do not agree with Hetero or this pairing then please click that wonderful thing I like to call and back button and leave the page.
-Usual Thing: I don't own any of the characters, nor the games of which they come from, just the plot of my fanfiction.
-Extra Warning: I have played the game so I know a lot about it, so there may be spoilers for those who haven't played it yet, I have jumbled up some of the knowledge though to make this fanfiction work so those who have also played it and think 'wait that happens here not there' that's why haha.
-Please comment this; otherwise I will just assume it sucks.


Deuce had always liked to look at her uniform in the morning, she enjoyed the way her cape felt around her neck and the way that the jacket and skirt fit her figure nicely, not that she was vain because she wasn't, in fact Deuce was the opposite, she was quiet and shy but strong and loyal at the same time to her classmates.

Beaming at her uniform, she brushed her hands over her skirt before pulling up her long black socks and then slipped on her shoes before making her way out of the dormitory, her soft green eyes lighting up when she saw Queen and Cinque waiting for her, talking amongst themselves whilst the boys sat a little way away from them on the couches.

"Morning," Queen smiled and Cinque giggled and waved slightly at her making Deuce's adorable smile appear on her lips.

"I didn't realize so many of us would be up so early for classes," Deuce laughed and scanned her eyes over the group of boys that she had become close with, waving slightly at Ace who met her eyes and he nodded before raising his arm and waving back, catching the attention of Nine who was sat beside him and he tugged Ace towards him to rub his fist into the top of Ace's head.

"Nine, leave him alone," Seven chuckled slightly and Deuce jumped at the sound of her voice, not realizing that she, Sice and Trey were standing right behind her, watching the poor torment of the white haired boy.

Deuce giggled behind her hand and looked back over towards Ace and Nine, blushing slightly when her eyes seemed to linger upon Nine more than usual and she quickly looked away biting her bottom lip.

She had always been a little attracted to Nine but she figured that was just because he was a playful person, but she found herself falling a little more for him when he showed his bad boy side which made her feel guilty because she hadn't taken the time to actually speak with him that much yet.

The nerves would bubble up inside her stomach and she'd quickly run back to Cinque and Queen or one of the boys would suddenly appear and take Nine's attention before she could, it wasn't as if she could talk to her friends about it either as they were probably the biggest bunch of gossipers that she had ever come across in her lifetime.

"Oh don't think I don't know about your crush,"

Deuce froze slightly as she was knocked out of her daydream by the sound of Trey's voice but sighed with relief when she noticed he was teasing Sice who was currently trying her best not to blush as he grinned at her.

"Seven told me all about your little letter incident, who knew you'd like old Kurasame, huh," Trey continued and Sice began stuttering trying to explain herself, come up with an excuse but Deuce knew Sice was never very good with words.

"Is something wrong Deuce?" Queen asked with a tilt of her head and her hand came down on Deuce's shoulder.

"Oh no, I was just thinking," Deuce smiled and shook her head as she felt a little flustered with her mind being so filled with many thoughts of Nine at the current time, her gaze flickered back to him and her heart skipped a few beats when she realized that he was staring right back at her with a mischievous grin upon his handsome face, his eyebrow arched slightly.


Nine's bright grey-blue eyes couldn't remove themselves from the brunette girl sitting on the other side of the classroom to him, giggling along with his friend Jack over something that he couldn't overhear and he felt his eyes narrow slightly as jealousy filled his mind though he knew Jack wasn't interested in Deuce, it still made him anxious whenever he saw her talking with another male.

He smiled slightly when she giggled behind her hands, a habit she seemed to have, it was so endearing for him to see on a day to day basis and sometimes he thought he was the luckiest person ever to see it.

"Take a picture Nine, they last longer,"

Nine suddenly frowned and turned his head to glare at Eight who just held up his hands and bashfully laughed at his friend's expression.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Nine replied sharply and hid behind his hair a little more, revealing his rare shy side, this caused the smile on Eight's lips to grow even more.

"Oh please, you would burn a hole in her head if that were possible," Eight chuckled and quickly dodged Nine's hand as it come flying towards him.

"Shut up," Nine muttered and stood from his seat when he noticed that it was time to leave the room, his teeth grit together tightly when Eight laughed again and shuffled passed him, running to catch up with his girlfriend Cater who beamed excitedly at him and linked their hands in a rather frightening manner.

"Stupid kid," Nine snapped to himself and rolled his eyes hearing the charming chuckle erupting from Ace who just winked and him and pushed his glasses up his nose.

"Sorry," Ace smiled a little and looked at Deuce who was still sitting and talking with Jack, "but I think you should make your move already, she may fall for him," Ace then nodded towards the playful blonde male who had brought out his drumsticks from his pocket and was now air-drumming to show Deuce what he'd picked up over the weekend.

That last statement made Nine's heart stop for a second and he shook his head, he hadn't thought of it like that, he and Jack were friends so he knew that the blonde would never do anything, but Deuce could fall for him.

"Are you coming back to the dorm?" Ace asked waving his hand in front of Nine's face to snap his friend out of whatever daze he'd been in and the blonde shook his head slightly.

"Nah, I'm going to stay in here for a bit longer," Nine rubbed the back of his head and rolled his eyes when that annoyingly youthful face of Ace's lit up in amusement at his reply and he folded his glasses up and allowed them to slip onto his shirt to sit there.

"Well I wish you luck," Ace said with a nod before adjusting his cape and leaving the room, greeting Seven as he did so.

Nine then turned to watch Deuce and Jack interact with one another, feeling a little depressed that he'd never been able to talk with Deuce that way before, as at ease as Jack without going into a strange heart attack at the very sight of her eyes meeting his.

"But I'm hoping we'll make it big time!" Jack exclaimed and beamed happily as Deuce nodded at him with another gentle laugh behind her hands.

"I'm sure you will, I've heard you play, you're really good," Deuce replied friendly and a faint blush appeared on Jack's face making Nine's eyes narrow again.

"Aw thanks, I don't think we're quite ready though…Trey and King think it's funny to skip practice every now and then," Jack rolled his eyes and shook his head with a laugh, "I don't think they take it as seriously as I do," he pointed out and his eyes drifted away from Deuce to meet Nine's blank stare and he jumped slightly, not knowing that his friend was there.

"Nine!" he grinned and waved the blonde over with a giant wave of his hand, "c'mere you goon," he added with a chuckle and patted the seat next to him, his eyes glittering a little when he saw both Deuce and Nine look at each other nervously through the corners of their eyes.

"Hey," Nine greeted quietly and crossed his arms across his chest as he tried to ignore the fact that Deuce was looking at him at that moment, his heart beat almost deafening him.

"Hello Nine," Deuce greeted with a lot more effort than he'd put in and a small smile graced her face, her eyes looking over his face delicately and shyly which Jack noticed and he tapped his fingers on his lips to stop himself from smirking.

"I was just talking about my band, how we want to make it big," Jack began the conversation with a grin and poked Nine's side, "Deuce thinks we'll make it, what about you?" he tilted his head knowing full well that Nine would agree with Deuce no matter what as to continue to be on her good side instead of being foul mouthed with him like he usually is when it's just them and the boys.

"I think you'll do fine too," Nine muttered and tapped his finger against his arm, kind of wishing that Jack would leave them alone so that he and Deuce could actually have a conversation by themselves for once.

"Oh really?" Jack grinned and arched his eyebrow, "why's that then?" he added with a silent laugh and Nine glared at him, before blushing slightly when Deuce smiled at him.

"Jack," Nine said with a firm tone and smiled with his gritted teeth, his eyes scowling at the other blonde male who just snickered and wiggled his eyebrows.

"Well I have to go now, band practice and all," Jack stood up and stretched his arms up in the air, eyeing the way Deuce's eyes widened a little nervously, "you two have fun," he said in a suggestive tone which made both Deuce and Nine send him a rather shocked expression.

I'm going to kill him, put my hands around his throat and squeeze it until he turns blue Nine thought bitterly as he watched Jack practically skip out of the room like the feminine boy that he was, shaking his head slightly before sinking into the awkward silence that floated in between him and Deuce.

"Why do you hide behind your fringe?" Deuce's soft voice made him jump so much that he nearly fell out of his chair and his eyes met hers for the first time in a while, his cheeks flushed slightly.

"I don't hide," Nine frowned a little confused but yet intrigued as to how Deuce had actually figured out the real reason why he wore his hair in front of his face.

"I might be wrong, but are you actually shy?" Deuce asked with a giggle and tilted her head to the side with an adorable expression on her face making Nine's face heat up dramatically, his eyes widening slightly and he looked down at the desk.

"Nah, I'm confident," Nine grinned and then looked back up at her, leaning forwards on the desk so that their faces were a little closer and he spotted the small pink blush sitting on the brunette's cheeks, "you seem more shy than I am,"

Deuce beamed back at him and nodded silently, "maybe I am," she said quietly and blushed when Nine shuffled even closer to her, almost so close that their noses were nearly touching.

"Would you hit me if I said that," Nine paused for a second as he felt his breath suddenly get trapped in his throat when Deuce's nose wriggled cutely, "um, if I said that you're sort of beautiful?"

It took a while for Deuce's brain to actually take in what Nine had just said before her entire face turned bright red and she placed both of her hands over her hot cheeks quickly with a shy look in her eyes.

"I-I'm not that beautiful," Deuce stuttered and jumped when Nine climbed onto the desk and sat down on top so that his leg was pressed against her side.

"Well I think you are," Nine replied feeling a little more relaxed now as he watched Deuce get up from her seat so she could sit on the desk beside him, her lips still pulled up in that shy smile of hers.

"Thank you Nine," Deuce replied warmly and then hesitated before moving closer and resting her head upon his shoulder, her arms wrapping around the one Nine had leaning on the table, she smiled when he didn't complain about her bold move.

Nine cleared his throat and raised his free hand and gently placed it on top of Deuce's, smiling a lot gentler than Deuce had ever seen him do before and her stomach twisted again when he leaned in close to her and placed a kiss on her cheek, his lips were so soft that she wasn't even sure he'd kissed her until their eyes met.

"Um," Nine murmured and scratched his cheek nervously with a quiet laugh, shaking his head at himself, "sorry,"

Deuce squeezed his arm with hers and beamed brightly before leaning up and placing a kiss on the corner of Nine's mouth, giggling when his face burned red.

"Don't be," she whispered before the both of them jumped at the sound of the classroom door opening and they looked over to see Ace, Jack, Eight, Cater, Cinque and Queen sprawled out on the floor moaning in pain with King, Trey, Sice and Seven standing behind them shaking their heads.

"Were you guys listening?" Nine yelled as both he and Deuce jumped off of the desk and walked down together towards their friends who quickly go to their feet and tried to make their blushes die down.

"Of course we were, do you know how long we've been planning this?" Jack asked with a cheeky smirk and both Nine and Deuce froze before staring at each other, smiling slightly.

It was then that Deuce stood on her toes and pressed a gentle kiss to Nine's lips, pulling away with a quiet giggle when Eight decided it would be a good idea to release a wolf whistle.


Okay this is a fanfiction for :iconspirasen: for her birthday and Iím so sorry itís late sweetie! But I really hope you like it ^_^ I love writing for Final Fantasy Type 0 so there will be a lot of these coming over the next few months!

I know that weíve only just been starting to talk but I already love you Sae, youíre so kind and nice to me haha ^_^ I can only hope that you enjoy this and our friendship will continue to get stronger :)

Nine x Deuce :heart:

Join here to support them please! :iconninexdeuce: :D


This game is incredible, I can't wait to meet others that have played it as well :)
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Final Fantasy XIII-3: Dead Roses
Chapter 1: A Relationships build up

   "Hey, Your alright" a voice in the distance said as they turned to see Fang and Vanille "Fang!, Vanille!" they all shouted with excitement for their friends being alright. "ok we found them, now what" Prompto said looking very bored "I say we head our separate ways" Noctis replied walking away "so that's it your going to chicken out and leave" Hope asked "I admit i used to hate the L'Cie, I didn't want anything to do with it but in the end it was worth it" Prompto looked from Hope to Noctis as they began a short messy conversation "I have something worth saving back home, i would like to help but theirs nothing i can do that you guys dont already have" Noctis replied"

   "Fine, Leave we don't need some guy when you need someone to toughen you up you know where to find me" Lightning said walking away, she was really annoyed with Noctis by now. The group followed behind her slowly as Noctis just stood there with Prompto. He threw his arm around Noctis "you like her" Noctis turned red just a little "who?". Prompto laughed "you know that lightning chick, you cant get another girl like that in a life time, ever again" Noctis removed Prompto's arm from his shoulder "I don't know what your talking about"

   "Lightning" Serah said walking besides her "you, dont have to be so hard on him, he said he had to save his home, it makes sense to want to protect your own home then someone else" Lightning just kept walking "H's scared, that's just it he came all this way and now he's leaving it makes no sense, unless your scared" Serah locked her arm into lightning as they walked "you like him" Serah replied looking at Lightning "of course i like him, he's a good fighter" Vanille laughed a little "that's not what she meant Lightning" Lightning turned a little red "I..."

   "Hey Noctis welcome back" Snow shouted before lightning could answer. Noctis now stood in the back of the group "I-I thought you might need some help" Prompto popped up behind Noctis "and i convinced him to come back" he laughed a sort 'i got a plan' laugh. They all looked at him for a long second then turned and continued walking "so Lightning what was this you where going to say" Lightning looked forward and hid her light blush in her fav "I was doing to say I do not, not in that way there's no time for romance, I take my job very seriously Solider or not" she said with very little emotion. "Uh huh" the whole group said not really believing her "haha no time for romance, there's always time for lover" Snow said with his arm around Serah leaning into a kiss. Lightning cracked her knuckles "Kiss her and ill hit you so hard you'll regret it" Serah sighed "Lightning" she turned to her sister "when are you going to accept we are getting married" Lightning looked at Serah "i accept it i just don't want you kissing in front of me"

   "Carrying on" Noel said as he walked "right enough with family problems" Fang continued walking beside the young man who smiled at her "Fang right" Fang nod "well Fang I'm Noel Kriess" then suddenly tripped making Fang giggle a little. He rubbed his head smiling a little "are you ok" Fang said holding out her hand to him as he took her hand and pulled him self up with her help he replied "ya, I'm fine thanks Fang" they walked feeling a little close to each other they walked behind the group as Lightning and Noctis walked in the front of the group. Suddenly a the earth began to shake and the floor began to crack slowly they moved away from the crack "whats going on" Snow said as a light from the crack in the floor appeared "whose that".......
Written by :iconxxxover-the-edgexxx: and :iconalmost-evil:

This is a Sad Love story between :iconeclair-plz: and :iconnoctisplz:

A love story between :iconserahfarronplz: and :iconsnowvilliersplz:,:iconoerbayunfangplz:and :iconnoelkreissplz:, and lastly :iconvanilleplz: and :iconhopeestheimplz:

its also about the battle of the century

later will come ocs of the Next Generation
this will also feature Final Fantasy Characters from other FInal Fantasys hope you like it its a rough start but hey its a start

:iconotlplz: i have so many ideas for this story but i need to build up the relationships of the characters up! so the first few chapters will be crappy and start off slow

Prologue: [link]
Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: Here
Chapter 3: coming soon

Please comment and tell me your thoughts

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Your lips press to mine
You kiss me passionately
Yet gently
Your hands around my waist
My hands around your neck
You part for a second
Moving your lips to my neck
Once they make contact
I feel a shiver
And I pull you closer
I kiss your forehead
You pull away and look at me
Our eyes meet
And we kiss again
My red lips on your soft ones
My blush grows
My face gets hotter than usual
You pined me to the wall
The moons light shining on us
Making your dark blue hair hair glow
Your amazing blue eyes glow in the dim moonlight
My pink hair shines
And my clear sapphire eyes shine  
As your hand makes contact with my skin
I can't help but kiss you
You make me feel more about you than I usually do
You make me feel like your princess
You tell me 'You love me'
And I tell you 'I love you'
Then you pull me back in your grasp
And kiss me once again...
Like the tittle says, this poem is for my favorite pairing Lightis!!! ( and also for the enjoyment of all the lightis fans out there, like myself! :D) :heart: LightningxNoctis 4 ever!!! :heart:
Poem was inspired by the song 'Kiss me'.
[link] I don't know but people say this is Leigh Nash and the video title says it's Avril Lavigne. I really don't care, but all the versions of this song are amazing and I love them! :love: Originally sung by Sixpence None The Richer (link to original song [link] )
Let me know what you think... oh and also this is told in Lightning's Point of View! :)

Song (c) Sixpence None The Richer
Lightning and Noctis (c) Square-Enix
(c) :iconidky123:

(This is the longest description I have ever made! :o)
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Final Fantasy XIII-3: Dead Roses
Chapter 3: The Edge of Romance

   "whose that" a man in gray and white with white spiky hair came out of the floor "finally this past will finally change for good" he said as he looked at them then disappeared into the night "looks like we found our target" Fang said. It took three months walking to head toward a empty desert that led to a town. During these months there where constant fights between the group but they grew closer then they would have thought. When a man on a motorcycle rode right past them all and grabbed a sword that stuck out of the ground. He circled around them then rode slowly with them "heading toward Midgar" he asked placing the sword away "actually just passing by Midgar" Lightning said not really looking at the man. "What is your purpose in holding weapons then" the blond said as he scanned everyone down Noctis rose an eye brow "we could be asking you the same exact thing" He continued to scan the group not replying to Noctis when he noticed Lightning "Solider why are you here, your just don't pass threw a town like Midgar" Lightning sighed a long tired sigh and clutched her first still not looking at the blond she stated "X-Solider" she finally turned to look at the blond "like we said, we have no business nore want anything to do with the town of Midgar, we simply are trying to pass by to return to the Noctis to his Kingdom" this was nothing more then a lie, it was true they didn't want anything from Midgar neither was it a threat but that man in white, they had to find him no matter the cost, also they didnt want the word getting out just yet so they kept it to their selves.

   The blond said nothing but fixed his goggles and rode off. As they made their way inside Midgar they looked around scanning the place "think this would be a good time to split up and look around" Snow happened to say as the blond pulled up on his motorcycle in front of a decent house when a little girl walked up to the blond, "I think i'm gonna go find out more about this time" Noctis said walking toward the blond "Wait we go in groups" Lightning said following Noctis over to the blond "hey blondie" Noctis said walking over to the blond, who looked up and over at them "Its Cloud, Cloud Strife" he said putting his hands on Marlene's shoulder as she turned and faced the two "Lightning, and that's Noctis" Lightning said smiling at Marlene then looking up at cloud seriously "what can you tell us about this little town of Midgar" Cloud looked at lightning then to Noctis "Well there is quit alot to tell you about it" a women said peeking from behind Cloud with a smile as she stood in front of him "this little part of Midgar is called the edge, why don't you come in and sit down and ill tell you more" They walked in the house and talked for a while while everyone looked around "500 years huh" Noel said his hands behind his head "please i don't wanna talk about it" Fang replied just watching people walk by. "come on Snow over here" Serah said dragging snow over to the church when he kissed Serah pushing her against the abandon churches door causing the doors to open. Serah pulled away from snow and saw the small pound and flowers in the church "Wow this place is amazing" Snow looked around while Serah looked around "your right, it is pretty Amazing"

   "Amazing, try the most amazing garden in history" a voice said with a proud voice "oh Zack stop" said another voice as two people stood by the door "it is Aerith, im just saying whats true you did a great job on it" Aerith giggled "we did great" She said walking in the Church with him. "I'm Aerith and this is Zack welcome to the garden" Serah looked at all the flowers amazed "its so beautiful, you two did a great job they grow so beautifully here" Aerith smiled and nodded "they only grow here, Zack and I are going to go around Edge and sell them" Zack smiled at Aerith as she finished talking "wouldn't these be pretty at our wedding Snow" Serah asked snow looking closely at the flowers "you think we could buy some off you when you sell for our wedding" Snow said looking up at Zack and Aerith, "well thats sounds dandy isn't that right Aerith" Aerith picked a few flowers and handed them to Serah "take as many as you want, we'd be very happy if you used them in your wedding Serah" they both smiled at each other as they talked it out. "Hey Hope, come over here" Vanille said as they rain into the forest where water rain in the small pound, Hope walked over to the water and Vanille splashed him and laughed running away "Hey get back here" he said as he chased after her getting so close he tripped on top of her he just stared at her then blushed "uh im sorry" Vanille blushed looking into Hopes eye "its ok, Hope it was an..." Hope kissed Vanille with no thought of what he was doing. Vanille kissed him back wrapping her arms around his neck."you have no right to say that about solider of Shinra!" suddenly both Noctis and Cloud stood outside with the weapons drawn "I have every right Solider of Shinra are weak and unusefull, thats why your scared to help us" Noctis yelled back as they both ran at each other
Written by :iconxxxover-the-edgexxx: and :iconalmost-evil:

This is a Sad Love story between :iconeclair-plz: and :iconnoctisplz:

A love story between :iconserahfarronplz: and :iconsnowvilliersplz:,:iconoerbayunfangplz:and :iconnoelkreissplz:, and lastly :iconvanilleplz: and :iconhopeestheimplz:

with some love story between :iconzack-fairplz::iconaerithplz:

with features from what should have been a love story from :iconcloudstareplz::icontifaplz: but changes threw the story
its also about the battle of the century

later will come ocs of the Next Generation
this will also feature Final Fantasy Characters from other FInal Fantasys hope you like it its a rough start but hey its a start

:iconotlplz: another battle scene

Prologue: [link]
Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: here

Please comment and tell me your thoughts

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I saw him ride past my house in a bicycle built for two, a blond girl riding in the sratched up seat behind him.

I waved towards my neighbor, Roxas, who cheerfully waved back, almost losing control of the handlebars.

I chuckled softly to myself when looking towards Namine.

It seemed that the two Nobodies had found a way to love after all, even without a heart.

Namine held on tightly to Roxas as they progessed through the block.

    Soon, the love birds were out of sight.

I stood up from my seat on the stairs of the porch, and I walked to the backyard, grabbing a spatula.

"Burn baby," I said, grinning as the fire of the grill shot up.


I coughed out ashes from my mouth, wiping my hands on my apron. The steak on the table was burnt on the inside and out, and smoke flew out of it.

" unapatizing," I muttered, walking back to the porch to check to see if I had any mail.

I paused stiffly as I was opening the mailbox.

On the sidewalk, Roxas rode his bike, this time without Namine, and now, he held a phone up to his ear.

"Hey Roxas," I greeted.

Roxas momentarily lowered the cell phone away, then mouthed, "Hi, Axel."

He went on with his conversation on the phone, laughing softly as he rode to his house next to mine.


"Want to have a barbecue?" I asked Roxas, who was riding past the front of my house the next day. Namine, again rode  in the back seat.

"Nah-" Roxas began, when at the exact moment, Namine responded with a, "Sure!" and a sweet smile.

I scratched the back of my head. "Well, if you don't want to-" I started.

"We'd love to!" Namine said, hitting the brakes on her half of the bike, causing Roxas to do the same.

Roxas laughed. "All right," he agreed, walking into my backyard. Namine followed after him, her hand  quickly finding his.


Namine munched on an apple, then standing up. "I should get going now," She said, thanking me for the invitation.

Almost instantly, Roxas stood up after her. "Me too," he said swiftly.

I raised an eyebrow. Something wasn't right with that picture...

"Roxas," Namine said, looking down to hide her pink face. "I can walk today..!" she exclaimed, granting him an assuring smile.

I faced Roxas, crossing my arms in amusement. "Oh?" I asked curiously.

Roxas grinned nervously, then pushed me away from his sight. "No, I'll take you home," he told Namine, extending his hand towards her.

Namine giggled softly, then took his hand. She looked to me, smiling.

"He's so sweet..!" she explained, grinning.

"Sweet how?" I asked, purely out of curiosity.

"He doesn't want me to get lost on my way home, so he instists that he takes me on his bicycle," she said.

Roxas blushed the slightest tint of red, then cleared his throat. "Bye Axel," he said, leading Namine towards the bike by the door of the gate.

I grinned, eyeing a cell phone left on the floor.

I kept a small gasp in, then picked it up, my reflexes forcing me to go through it.

I immediatly went to messages, where I read them all in one glance.

"Roxas: I love you."

"Namine: I love you too."

I smiled widely, then playing a game of pacman on Roxas' phone.

I lost quickly, then went back to looking through it.

I went to the list of contacts, and there was only one name there.


"Wait, that means, everytime I see Roxas ride back home after leaving her, and he's talking on the phone, he's talking to Namine again?" I asked myself.

I smirked.

"There's just no separating those two."
I wrote this at 12 am cehbdjsedj 8D

Axel's POV.

Characters belong to Square Enix.

Ahh.... HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY :iconsareqe:!!!!!

I wrote you a soriku bl thing but lost it, so, ROKUNAMI! :D
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"Come one, come all! To the Fountain of Desires!" the man dressed in fortune telling clothes said. His strange outfit definitely didn't fit the hairstyle he had (a mullet) and something about him seemed fishy. Despite the gut feeling she felt, there was an odd attraction about the man that wanted her to investigate. After all, there were several others congregating around the emerald eyed man to hear more. "Just toss a coin into the fountain and make your wish. If someone dives in and is able to retrieve that coin, your wish comes true. Guaranteed."

That made the audience gasp in amazement. One after another, the citizens of Radiant Gardens tossed coins in and silently wished for their deepest desire. Several of their relatives or friends immediately dived into the deep fountain, hoping to retrieve the coin of their loved ones, making their wish come true. A few were successful, which made the teenaged girl think. "Maybe, just maybe, this would work?" She shook her head, not believing that she was doing this, and slowly but surely, the girl walked up, coin in hand, and stopped in front of the fountain.

The man leaned down to her height, "What's your name, missy?"

"Naminé," she replied, looking him square in the eyes. "I have half the sense to tell you that I'm almost certain this whole thing is a scam," Naminé told him, still holding onto the coin.

He looked alarmed at first, but then smiled, "Oh, no. Of course not. At least, what should I know? I'm not the one granting your wish. The fountain is. And you won't know if it's a scam unless you try it." The man silently laughed, then turned around and picked up a blue sitar, sat down on a wooden chair next to the well, and began playing nonchalantly.

The blonde started long and hard at the coin. Did she want to waste her money, and embarrass herself by wishing on something that more likely than not won't grant her wish? It was worth the shot, though. "I must be really stupid to do this…" she muttered to herself as the coin was dropped into the fountain, hearing a little plup as it impacted the water, slowly sinking to the bottom. As that was happening, she wished for the thing she wanted most. She wished for it silently, not even going above a whisper in her thoughts to not let anyone hear it, if that was even possible.

She turned away, and walked down the path she came, letting other people take the spot she had while making her wish. Right at the end of the path, she met up with none other than Roxas.

"Hey, Roxas," she said, now about a few feet away from the adolescent boy. He smiled, his eyes glistening the color of sea-salt ice cream, the popular delicacy in the area. It was shipped from a different place. Twilight Town, was it?

"Hey, Naminé." he greeted his friend, the two of them now walking towards the centre of the town. They stopped when Roxas looked behind him, seeing people travel up a hill to something, Roxas couldn't tell what it was. "What's with those people walking that way?"

"Oh, that's because there's this wishing fountain that grants your desires if you toss a coin in and someone retrieves it," Naminé explained, contemplating whether or not to tell him her wish she made.

That is, until he replied.

"That's so stupid. It's obviously some sort of scam. I can bet you that someone will collect all that money and spend it on booze and such. I've heard of people like that. And even if it wasn't a scam, who would be dumb enough to think a fountain or well or whatever grants wishes? It's an inanimate object. Nothing more," The golden haired boy rolled his eyes. "Anyway, what's up? What'd you do so far today, Naminé?"

The female's stomach flipped a little, at the words he said. He thinks that? But I just got back from making a wish! How am I supposed to tell him my wish? He'd laugh, anyway. "Oh, nothing," she forced a smile.

"I see. Anyway…" Roxas continued, changing subjects, as Naminé sighed deeply, silently, not wanting her companion to notice.

Night approached, and the blonde heard no reports of anyone retrieving her coin. They just couldn't find it. As desperately as she wanted to dive in that very moment to find the coin, she couldn't. It was against the rules, you could say. It had to be someone else, or that wish doesn't become reality. She pondered why of all the participants, she had to be the one to not receive her coin back. Everyone else did, so far.

Hers wasn't even that hard to tell apart from the others! A very unique coin she used, actually, as it was one that wasn't even minted anymore. On both the front and the back of the silver coin, there was a star-shaped fruit, and legend had it that it had the magic to bind the destinies of whoever shared that fruit. They aren't indigenous to Radiant Garden, nor have they ever been seen there, but it was a legend that always enchanted the platinum blonde.

Sighing, she returned back to her house. If she was hopeful, someone might find her coin. It was something she pleaded would happen, at least.


"Where's Roxas?" Naminé wondered as made her way around the area. It was midmorning, and normally the two were together by now. She searched the entire place, with no avail. The only place she hadn't checked was the last place he would ever be. Of course. Why was it always where they wouldn't be that you would find the person you are searching for? She thought as she stepped up the path to the infamous wishing fountain. A group of people circled the fountain, looking down it. As she approached it, questions started forming in her head. 'Why would he be here? If he even is here. Where is Roxas, anyway?'

"Oh, no, wait…!" Naminé called as she realized why everyone was there and why Roxas just disappeared, with everyone talking about it. "Roxas dived into the fountain? But why?"

A bystander turned around, hearing the girl's question. He answered, "The boy said he knew your coin hadn't been retrieved yet, and wanted to make your wish come true. And with that, he dived in. Romantic, isn't it?" the man said, smiling.

She could not even fathom the idea of her best friend even doing something for her like this, let alone, something that he didn't believe to be true. Of all the reasons he would do the act, she wasn't sure which was plausible. The only thing she could do was wait, and hope.


"Is he dead?"

"He can't be, of course."

"The boy's been gone for several days, now. It's obvious he isn't coming back."

Naminé ran through the crowd of people in the centre of Radiant Gardens, hearing the murmurs of people's suspicion of Roxas' fate. No, it couldn't be. Of course not, she continuously convinced herself. The fourteen-year-old boy was strong, healthy, determined with everything he did. No way he could die. Right?

After all, it had been at least eight days since she found out he dived in to search for her coin. The platinum blonde always wanted her wish to come true, but like this? She wished she could take it back. If he was, in fact, dead, if he drowned, then it was her fault. It was her fault that she made a wish, and desperately wanted it to come true, that Roxas would attempt such and act and not come out. She knew him well enough. She knew that the boy hated coming out unsuccessful when he knew he could attempt something, and fulfill the task.

Naminé hurried up the path, to the mysterious, and now hated, wishing fountain. The man was still there, playing his sitar lazily, watching the clouds, until he heard her running up to him.

"You! Why hasn't Roxas come out yet?!" She shouted frantically, taking him by the collar and pulling him closer, looking him dead in the eye.

The man looked shocked, laughed nervously while scratching his mullet, and replied, "I think the kid drowned. Didn't want to come back empty handed, says he. So I haven't seen him since. Sorry, little lady…"

She immediately let go of her grip and shook her head, backing up slowly. "You… you all think he's dead, that he's gone forever. But I know! Oh yes, I know… that he's alive, and when he comes out of that fountain, you'll see." The blonde ran away, crying. Of course they're right. She just ever so wanted to prove everyone else wrong. "Just one more day. He'll come back in one more day."

But he didn't.

The day after, Naminé slowly made her way up the same hill, to the same spot, yet again, this time, with a bouquet of flowers in hand, about to lay on the base of the fountain, when she notices the man again, back to her, a hood on the jacket he is wearing, with it up, and a sitar in his lap. He obviously didn't look like he did on day one, but of course, who wears the same clothes every day?

The girl walked slowly up to him, and as she approached his backside, she mumbled, "It looks like you were right… He's gone, isn't he?"

At that moment, the man turned around, pulled down the hood, revealing blonde, windswept hair, blue eyes, and a beautiful smile. In his hand, there was a familiar item, a coin, with a star-shaped fruit on both sides. "I think he's still here…"

Roxas handed her the coin, making Naminé gasp. Tears rolled down her alabaster skin, in realization that he was still there, and in front of her as well! "Roxas…"

"In the flesh," he gave a cocky grin. Not even a second later, he was met by an embrace, only to return it back to the girl that gave it to him.

"Why did you do that? Go search for the coin, that is."

"Long story short, I didn't want to see you upset and hung over a wish, so I searched for the coin, and every night, I would come up, unsuccessful, but I stayed there, hoping to find it, to not disappoint you. I found it, and your wish is now granted, isn't it?" He gave a wink. "By the way, what did you wish for?"

She blushed at the question, took a deep breath and told him, "I wished for you to reciprocate my feelings; for us to be together."

He thought for a moment, then folded his arms above his head, "Looks like you got your wish."
Yay! A RokuNami! I haven't done one of these in forever! Props to :iconkiome-yasha: for giving me the idea. I wouldn't have wrote it if it wasn't for her. ^-^

I could have called it Wishing Fountain, but when you rearrange the words a little, and add a preposition, it automatically becomes more interesting! Seriously, think about it: Wishing Fountain "..." Fountain of Wishes "That sounds cool!" At least, I think so XD

And if you haven't figured it out yet, the guy that ran the fountain is Demyx. Cause you can't have enough DemDem :heart:

I do not own Kingdom Hearts, and never has it belonged to me. It belongs to Disney and Square Enix.

I have no further comment.
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