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There had been massive thunder clouds looming over the plains almost the whole day, yet it wasn't until around evening that it actually started to rain. Fortunately, it was a light rainfall, but still enough to cause some minor discomfort to the stationed Milites soldiers. They had been preparing all day for the arrival of reinforcements from Suzaku Magical Academy's Class Zero to arrive. Even though they were just teenagers, they still had to be killed.

The blood-stained grass and mud hinted at how well Suzaku's previous attempts to bypass the blockade had worked out. It was late last night that the squadron had received information that Class Zero was being sent in to personally deal with them. They were considered the best that Suzaku had to offer; it was going to take alot of concentration, skill and luck if they were hoping to win against such talented young mages. However, not all of the soldiers appeared to be so concerned.

A recent recruit, Yanmer, felt like he would eventually be driven mad by the dull pitter-patter of water droplets hitting against his armor. More so by that than the screams of dying men or deafening explosions in the far distance. He was already used to such sounds back at home. Every now and then, one of Milites' gigantic Magitek Armor mecha would slowly lumber past.

'Dammit all,' the young man thought with a scowl hidden beneath the mask of his helmet, 'When will those stupid brats show up already so we can fill them full of lead and go home?'

Truth be told, Yanmer had never had any desire whatsoever to fight for his home country. Unfortunately, he had no say when it came to the decisions of his father, an incredibly wealthy man and an extreme patriot in every sense of the word. His family were one of the first few to immediately show their support for Cid Aulstyne and his newly-obtained rule over the nation. Yanmer's father had served many times in the Milites army as a youth, but old age and creaking bones kept the high-strung warmonger from being able to pick up a weapon and fight anymore.

Thus, the duty had fallen upon Yanmer to take up the task of helping Milites take control of the crystals. Yanmer wanted to point out that he had three siblings just as equally suitable for this 'job' but he knew his parents would simply ignore him. They expected his two sisters to continue the family lineage (a.k.a. wealth) by marrying men who ran casinos and drove the most flashy of convertibles. His older brother was a worthless recluse. It couldn't have been a worse time for the young man to be sent to war; he was finally going to give in and buy himself an expensive hooker.

'If I die here, they better have hookers wherever I'm going...'

Suddenly, Yanmer's monologue was brutally shattered by the sound of a siren from over the next hill. Its loud, mournful wailing filled him with a sense of dread. Several of the other soldiers stopped and turned their heads in the direction of the siren. It always meant something bad was going to happen, and soon. Yanmer subconsciously gripped the handle of his gun a little tighter; this would be his first battle in quite some time.

Another soldier, whose name Yanmer did not know, was chattering quite loudly to himself. "Ohhh man...I don't like this...I don't like this one bit..." He was a new recruit as well, Yanmer figured.

An explosion much closer to the base immediately caught Yanmer's attention. Thick streams of black smoke billowed out from over the hillside. Nobody said a word. And then, darting through the smoke, were three figures wearing uniforms and red flowing capes. Underneath his helmet, Yanmer's eyes bulged wide.

"They're here!"

A few of the soldiers began firing, but Yanmer simply stood and stared at the approaching enemies. He was able to get a better look at them as they drew closer. There was a blonde man wielding a lance, a black-haired man with a sword in each hand, and a girl holding daggers. They were all young and ridiculously well-kept in appearance despite the circumstances. More mechs rolled out of the base to confront the attackers head-on.

However, Yanmer didn't care about any of that. The only thing that really caught his attention was the latter-mentioned girl. She was...she was...

'My god...' he thought, 'She's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen!'

Her perfectly cut shoulder-length brown hair, her captivating light-brown eyes, her face unmarred by the violence of war, a slim body, a skirt short enough that left little to the imagination...she had it all.

Yanmer was completely enamored by the beauty's looks alone. He didn't care if the tough-looking student with the spear had just pierced one of his comrades through the chest. He didn't care if the decapitated heads of two soldiers rolled past his feet, courtesy of the double-sword-wielder. His armor was splattered with blood, but still it couldn't draw his attention away from the girl. Not even the horrible, painful screams of the dying could tear his attention away.

Yanmer was going to make this girl his wife, no matter what it took. He didn't want to bother with cheap crack-whores or sluts paid by his daddy's money; he wanted to live a peaceful, quiet life with this girl. They would run away to escape all the war and conflict to start anew. Everyone would think they had died in the war instead. Yanmer would live together with this girl on a tiny farm, and they would make their living off the land itself.

Every night, the two of them would make sweet love underneath the starry skies. They wouldn't bother using any kind of protection; if she got pregnant, then Yanmer wouldn't run away like how he usually dealt with issues such as this. They would name the boy after his father, whose insane love for his country had influenced the idea to send Yanmer to war and meet the girl of his dreams in the first place. Their son would grow up being loved and cared for as long as he didn't try to go into his father's special shack. It was the life he had always secretly wanted instead of being a big-shot rich bastard like everyone seemed to think he was. He had goals.

The girl, a magnificent specimen of women that she was, was steadily drawing closer to him. Yanmer's heart skipped a beat.

'Now, all I have to do is just ask her what her name is...'


Yanmer was unable to get another word out before the girl's daggers had sliced his left hand clean off. The discarded appendage flopped uselessly onto the ground at its owner's feet. Yanmer looked at the stump on his arm, then at his hand, then back at the stump.


There was no way to describe the pain that he felt at that moment. The girl herself was visibly unshaken by her own actions. In the distance, her two comrades were busy annihilating the remaining mechs.

Yanmer attempted to lift his gun with one hand, wanting to pull the trigger and shoot this bitch dead, but he just couldn't do it. It wasn't because he still held feelings for her, but because the weapon was far too heavy without the aid of his other hand. He had never felt any pain like this before. Every nerve in his body was aching for some release; he just wanted it all to end. What happened next only took several seconds, but for Yanmer, it felt like several hours.

The girl swung again, this time tearing open a large gash in Yanmer's abdomen. Somehow her weapons were strong enough to cut metal. A waterfall of blood gushed out of the opening within seconds. Yanmer could not even scream, and he didn't want to. He was starting to go numb all over from suffering so much in succession. He had let his guard down, didn't even try to fight back, all because this girl was incredibly beautiful for her age. It was his own fault for not taking Class Zero more seriously. This girl was seriously going to kill him, and not feel an ounce of remorse about it.

"Please...don't..." he begged in between choked sobs.

Her final strike slit Yanmer's throat, and the poor man was no longer capable of clinging onto what remained of his pitiful life. His body quivered violently for a few seconds before collapsing backwards. A puddle of his own bodily fluids gradually formed underneath him.

Rem Tokimiya sighed.

"Hey, Rem, what's wrong? You don't usually pause in between strikes like that," remarked Machina Kunagiri as he and Nine walked up beside the young woman.

Rem looked down at the fallen soldier. "I thought I heard him saying something to me...asking me to stop..."

"Really? I've had to interrogate one of these bastards before; they refuse to even speak to us! He might have been a new guy?"

"I have no idea..."

Gently brushing Rem aside, Nine stood over the corpse of Yanmer and held his palm over it. "Look, let's not worry about crap like that, okay? You were probably just hearing things; we need to grab some more Phantoma and hurry on! There's still a few more bases we have to clear out up ahead!"

It only took a few seconds before Yanmer's body burst apart in an explosion of red mist, leaving a tiny blue orb in its wake. It almost resembled a miniature soul. The three teens did not bother wasting any more time standing around; their mission was far from other members of Class Zero were already up ahead and fighting for survival. They didn't look back at the carnage as they ran through it.

Rem had grown disturbingly comfortable with her work as a 'killing machine', but the fact that one enemy soldier didn't try to fill her with bullets still made her pause and think. Could it be possible that some of them didn't share Milites' intentions of taking over the other countries and their crystals? And they let themselves die without fighting for the cause?

Unfortunately, Rem would never learn that her assumptions were completely off.
Another story for Final Fantasy Type-0 involving a newly recruited soldier who confronts Class Zero for the first time on the battlefield...and falls in love.

Final Fantasy Type-0 @ Square Enix
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She was not sure how she had been dragged into her current situation, did not want to know. But she was very sure it had something to do with how her younger sister would give her those despicably adorable puppy-dog eyes.

Lightning hated it, but at the same time it amused her.

Serah had been looking around the store for ages, trying to find a decent Valentine's Day present for her boyfriend, Snow Villiers. Lightning would roll her eyes every time Serah would fuss over what would be a good gift. At times, Lightning would give her opinion only to have Serah lecture her about how special Valentine's Day was.
The older Farron refused to hear another lesson about the Day of Hearts and remained silent for the rest of the shopping trip.

She watched as her younger sister went from shop to shop, isle to isle, in search for something that would be perfect for Snow. Lightning had to scoff; what was the point of this Valentine's Day? It was nothing but a word that signals to couples that it was their day to get together and spend time with each other for the whole day doing nothing but have cheap talks, go on silly dates, and say sweet nothings to each other. Lightning found nothing special about such a day.

She sat down on one of the seats provided for the customers and sighed, rubbing her temples. She had nothing to do and yet she felt worn out. Perhaps it was because of Serah dragging her along to go Valentines shopping.

"What about you Lightning?" The older Farron snapped from her thoughts and looked at her sister. "Hm? What about me?" "For Valentine's Day. What are you going to do?" Serah repeated. Her older sister gave her a look. "What else? Stay at home and enjoy the quiet."
"Don't you have a Valentine or at least someone in mind?" Serah asked. Lightning rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. "What's the point in that? And no, I don't have one nor do I intend to get one. And I don't have any in mind." Serah smirked at her and raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure?"

"Don't give me that look, Serah. I know that look very well and I'm not going to fall for it." Lightning said stubbornly. The younger Farron pouted. "Come on, Sis! You must have someone in mind! Everybody does, after all." "What? Is there a LAW that states I have to have a Valentine? In that case, I'd rather be a law-breaker." Lightning grumbled in annoyance.

"Don't be that way, Light. Please just give this day a chance! Please? Pretty please, Sis?" Serah pleaded. Lightning smiled lightly. "You know I love it when you make that face… But even I have limits." "Lightning!"
"That's enough, Serah. I don't need another lecture about this day. It's just some time of day where people buy overpriced presents for their boyfriend or girlfriend." Lightning said bluntly.

"But don't you have at least one person in mind? At all?" Serah insisted. Lightning shook her head before getting up. "Not at all. Can you handle yourself for today? I have an errand to run…"

Serah sighed in defeat then nodded, allowing her sister to go. "Look after yourself okay?"
Lightning nodded then left the store, sighing in relief when she was finally free from the shopping spree. Usually she would like to accompany Serah to keep her from harm and whatnot, but today she simply did not feel up to it, especially when her sister kept insisting she should have a Valentine in mind.

Lightning scoffed. What was the point in this whole Valentine's Day? It was nothing but some day where people can fool around with the notion of romance and but overpriced gifts. What made this day so special?

The strawberry-blonde sighed and looked around. Now, what can she do to kill time? She had enough shop-hopping thanks to Serah. Perhaps a quick meal would be good.
As she headed to a nice nearby café, Lightning rolled her eyes when she passed by several love struck teenagers; how annoying, she thought.

Lightning sighed in relief when she entered the café but frowned when she looked around her to see couples at almost every table around her. She groaned and looked in another direction, away from the sickening love fest. A waitress came over to take her order.
As soon as Lightning gave her order and the waitress walked off, a cheesy love song started playing on the café's radio. The woman growled and mentally tried to plug her ears while the couples in the café started smiling and gushing at each other and recalling how they heard the song together.

How long would she be able to take, Lightning had no idea.

Her food arrived just as a new love song came on.
Lightning had to roll her eyes at how overly lovey dovey the whole café became. She rushed her meal; the sooner she was done eating, the sooner she would get out of this mushy place. Thank goodness she had a big appetite; finishing her meal quickly was easily done.
Once she was done, she paid the bill, stood up hastily and went for the door. The waitress stopped her and presented her with a small red rose and heart-shaped lollipop; a complimentary treat from the café to its customers.

Lightning inwardly cringed and accepted the stuff as politely as she could.
She practically dashed out of the café after that and walked on, passing other shops. It was hard to avoid dreamy love-struck-lovelorn teenagers and adults; even seniors and animals seemed to be enjoying Valentine's Day. Just her rotten luck.

Lightning growled in annoyance and opted to head home to avoid anymore of this 'cootie-infested' place. She flagged down a cab and got in. The driver turned to her, smiling. "Where to, Miss? Going to a special guy's place?" Lightning blinked. 'Even the CAB DRIVERS are going along with this day?' She thought with dismay.

"No. I'm going home. Head for 13th Street, Bodhum." She said bluntly. The driver's smile did not falter as he started the car and drove. "That's too bad, Miss. But I'm sure some fella would love to have you as a Valentine. Just sayin'." "Do you always stick your nose in others' business?" Lightning said; she sounded ruder than she intended. The driver still smiled. "Only when I can tell they are having a hard time like you. I mean no offense but…I can tell you seem down—even if you seem more like you're annoyed and angry."

Lightning said nothing and merely sighed.

"… You know, when I was your age I would stay in a corner and glare at every Valentine trinket and those mushy youngsters. But it didn't last long…" The driver said with a nostalgic smile. Lightning remained silent; she faced the window but her eyes glancing at the man for a long time. The driver continued, "I met my wife one day. The moment I realized that she was the one for me; well…I started changing my mind about this whole Valentines thing. I still get her gifts and stuff, though she insists she doesn't need any of that. It's the least I can do for her." Lightning looked at the front passenger seat and noticed the stem of a flower; he must have bought his wife roses.

"You should get someone too. Or at least, find someone. You're a good-looking gal, and I think any guy is lucky to have ya for his Valentine or for the rest of his life." The man said.

"… That kind of life isn't for me." Lightning admitted finally. "I have other things to do with my time." "But you must have some time for yourself and your fella too." The driver said. The strawberry-blonde scoffed. "I don't have a 'fella'. Don't intend to get one either." "Why not?"

It was an innocent question but Lightning was not sure she wanted to answer it. The man was quiet for a while before speaking again, "We can drive around in circles all day until you get this off your chest, y'know." Lightning looked out the window and noticed that he was indeed just driving them in circles, not even heading towards her neighborhood. Sly man.

She shrugged. "It's just not me. I'm not that kind of person, besides romance isn't for me." "Do you mean you're not the romance type or you THINK love isn't meant for you…?" The man said. Lightning was silent for a long time.

"You know that's not true, missy. Romance can be for even the most unromantic person; take me for example. In the end, I managed to learn and now look at me. I'm a married man, with kids too!" He said proudly. Lightning raised an eyebrow. "For how long?" "Been together for twelve years now. And it's been going on well. Sure we have our spats now and then, but that's what makes us grow closer. Now tell me Miss, don't you have someone in mind?"

"… Not exactly."

"He a friend?"

Lightning scoffed. "I don't know why I'm even bothering with talking to you." "Everyone needs someone to talk to, missy. I just happened to notice you walking around looking bitter; it just reminded me of myself when I was younger. I couldn't resist the urge to give ya a lift so I can talk to ya." "I'm ALWAYS like this." Lightning said.
"I can tell. I just meant you seem bitter in a sad way." "Why would I be sad?" Lightning asked.

"You're lonely, ain't ya kiddo?"


"I stand correct then." The man said, turning the car again into the same street they just passed by five times already. "So what? It's not like it's a big deal; I'm not exactly the 'perfect catch'. Don't want to be either."
"But I can tell you're a good person, missy. If your friend accepts you for you, then you'll have a chance. If he likes someone else, then I think you're real brave and humble to be happy with seeing him happy." The driver said. Lightning raised an eyebrow. "I didn't say I liked anyone." "Didn't have to. Your silence answered my question. Believe me; take it from someone with experience."

"… It's not like I'm someone meant for him anyway." Lightning sighed in defeat, finally admitting.

"Now, now. Don't feel that way. Just do something for him on this day, like give him a present or a card. Let him know you appreciate him, as a friend and something more. Then it's fine when he knows you're still willing to be there for him as a friend no matter what. I was willing to do that for my wife when I felt like she wouldn't want a guy like me." The man admitted.

"Picking fights, winning battles without breaking a sweat, hating dresses, wearing unisex clothing, hating to go shopping, not being a damsel, and choosing my own fate in life… Not the kind of girl a guy would find ideal." Lightning let out a short bitter chuckle.
"Ya think your friend would not like you just because you're not a perfect damsel-in-distress-princess? Come now missy, not all of that is true. I don't think you have to be a womanly woman just to be the right gal for the guy. Why, I think you're rather unique; almost every day we hear stories of how a dashing prince or knight saves the princess and end up with her. But now that I have aged a lot since my young days, I think it doesn't always have to be like that. The girl can be the knight in shining armor too. If a man doesn't like that, then he ain't no real man; just a kid with a big ego."
Lightning felt as if a headache was coming on.

"Just think about it, missy. You like being you, right? Well then express yourself by being yourself. Tell ya what; you let the guy know how you feel in your own way and if all goes well, then I can guarantee he'll feel the same 'bout you. If not, then at least you tried; like a brave she-knight who took it like a real fighter."

"I'm not a knight." Lightning said, rolling her eyes. "Ah, but you seem to have the aura of one. And I can tell you ain't a damsel. I like that. My wife does too; she respects a person who is just like you. So, how about that idea of mine?"

Lightning said nothing for a long time and the driver was beginning to think he had gotten too nosy until she suddenly spoke, taking him by surprise. "Drop me off at the nearest store. I need to take care of something." The man grinned. "That's the spirit, kiddo!"

He finally changed directions and drove the car over to what appeared to be a jewelry store. "Hm… Too expensive I think—" Lightning got out before he could finish. The man just stared at her as she entered. The woman was such a mystery still.

Lightning tried to keep herself calm as she walked in; she already knew what she was going to do. But she had no idea how to explain herself.
The woman at the counter noticed her and smiled. "Welcome! Shopping for someone special?" "… I guess you can say that." Lightning admitted, almost bashfully. She still managed to keep a straight face, however. The woman grinned. "I think I may have just the thing for a situation like yours!" She said excitedly and walked over to the back of the store. Lightning blinked and tried not to blush. Did EVERY stranger know about her…problem? This was becoming too embarrassing that it was unbearable.
The woman returned with a black box and opened it.

"Well? What do you think? It's the only one we have too! I think you need more than anyone else though." She said with a smile still on her face. Lightning stared at the object in the box in awe, though of course her face did not show it. But it was PERFECT.
"Yeah, I'll take it." Lightning said finally. The woman giggled. "I'll wrap it up!" Lightning stopped her. "There's no need. I'll just take it." The woman nodded and handed the box over to the cashier.

Once the object was paid for and Lightning walked out of the store, the two women swooned. "What a woman…" "I know. That man—whoever he might be—is so lucky to have someone like her…"

Lightning tapped on the window of the cab and the man rolled down his window, smiling. "You ready kiddo?" Lightning nodded and got into the backseat.
The driver rolled the window back up and drove to wherever she instructed. Lightning swallowed nervously, clutching the box in her hands tighter. She took a deep breath when they reached her destination. "Stop here." The driver stopped the car and Lightning got out and paid him.

"Nah, it's on me missy. You need it."

"Just consider it as thanks from Lightning Farron. And don't worry; I can walk home from here."

With that, Lightning walked towards the apartment with a confident stride, the black box under her arm. The cab driver stared in awe, looking back and forth from the woman to the money she placed in his hand. He smiled. "Lightning Farron, eh? Well good luck to ya, Lightning." He started the engine then drove back home to his wife; he knew that he now had a good story to tell her and their children tonight.

Noctis sighed as he flipped through the channels.
There was nothing interesting to watch today and that did not help with his boredom. Suddenly, a knock on his door caught his attention. He raised an eyebrow and headed to the door, peeping through the peephole. There was no one there. Was it a prank?

He opened the door and looked outside. Indeed, there was not a soul outside. Before he could go back in, he felt his foot bump against something.

He looked down and saw a black box on his doormat. He picked up slowly and carefully opened the lid. His eyes widened. Inside was a blue crystal attached to a bright silver chain. He lifted it out of the box and held it up where it seemed to shine. When he looked in the box again, he found what appeared to be a card. He blinked and read it. His eyes widened with surprise at the language it was written in.

"Je vous remercie d'exister. Sois mon Valentin tous les jours?"

Noctis stared at it for a long moment then suddenly smiled; he might have some idea of what was going on. With a warm smile, he held the box and the crystal necklace and went back inside his apartment.

Lightning breathed with relief and smiled when she saw him bring her present in with him. She hoped it wasn't too much for him to handle. With her mission done, she headed home for real this time.

Later that evening, Serah returned home and asked Lightning about her day. The older Farron merely shrugged and said "it's okay". Serah sighed and got dinner ready. She had a story to tell her older sister when they were at the table. Lightning listened and chuckled a bit.
Once dinner was finished, Serah announced she was going to turn in. Lightning nodded and told her she was going to stay up a while longer. The younger Farron kissed her sister's cheek and headed upstairs.

Once alone, Lightning settled on the couch and turned on the television.
A knock on her door distracted her from the program onscreen. Lightning got up and cautiously went to the door, opening it slowly. There was no one outside. She took a step out then nearly jumped when something pricked her toe.

She looked down and saw a single red rose with thorns on her doorstep. Lightning felt her chest heave as she picked the red flower up carefully. Tied on its stem with a red ribbon was a card. Lightning stared at the words in surprise; it was in Latin.

"Ego sum vestrum. Aeternaliter."

Lightning felt a blush creep up her face then smiled. Perhaps Valentine's Day was not so bad after all…
Happy Valentines Day!

This is my story for the occasion. I hope you all will enjoy reading it. It was nice writing it too.

Originally, this was going to be another chapter of my and chinzru's collab project. However, he was unable to work with it so he suggested, and I decided to make it a story of its own.

Also, see if you can guess the languages I used here. :D The second one is obvious though. I'm not sure if I got the words right. Let me know so I can try and change them. If they are decent enough, then I'll leave it be.

If you guys want to see the original intended version of this story, let me know and I'll see if I have time to write it.

This story is dedicated to my good friend nicegal1. Congrats on winning the Valentines contest and for being a good friend. For a reader IDKY123. Thank you for reading my stuff. I hope you enjoy them more. And for Hakurama01; thanks for being a good friend. :)

I was about to give up on finishing and uploading this story but you guys gave me the inspiration to get this done. So thank you all! And to my other readers as well.
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- Pairing : – Nine x Deuce
-Notes: This fanfiction contains Hetero which means that it contains boy-girl love, between Nine and Deuce from Final Fantasy Type 0. If you do not agree with Hetero or this pairing then please click that wonderful thing I like to call and back button and leave the page.
-Usual Thing: I don't own any of the characters, nor the games of which they come from, just the plot of my fanfiction.
-Extra Warning: I have played the game so I know a lot about it, so there may be spoilers for those who haven't played it yet, I have jumbled up some of the knowledge though to make this fanfiction work so those who have also played it and think 'wait that happens here not there' that's why haha.
-Please comment this; otherwise I will just assume it sucks.


Deuce had always liked to look at her uniform in the morning, she enjoyed the way her cape felt around her neck and the way that the jacket and skirt fit her figure nicely, not that she was vain because she wasn't, in fact Deuce was the opposite, she was quiet and shy but strong and loyal at the same time to her classmates.

Beaming at her uniform, she brushed her hands over her skirt before pulling up her long black socks and then slipped on her shoes before making her way out of the dormitory, her soft green eyes lighting up when she saw Queen and Cinque waiting for her, talking amongst themselves whilst the boys sat a little way away from them on the couches.

"Morning," Queen smiled and Cinque giggled and waved slightly at her making Deuce's adorable smile appear on her lips.

"I didn't realize so many of us would be up so early for classes," Deuce laughed and scanned her eyes over the group of boys that she had become close with, waving slightly at Ace who met her eyes and he nodded before raising his arm and waving back, catching the attention of Nine who was sat beside him and he tugged Ace towards him to rub his fist into the top of Ace's head.

"Nine, leave him alone," Seven chuckled slightly and Deuce jumped at the sound of her voice, not realizing that she, Sice and Trey were standing right behind her, watching the poor torment of the white haired boy.

Deuce giggled behind her hand and looked back over towards Ace and Nine, blushing slightly when her eyes seemed to linger upon Nine more than usual and she quickly looked away biting her bottom lip.

She had always been a little attracted to Nine but she figured that was just because he was a playful person, but she found herself falling a little more for him when he showed his bad boy side which made her feel guilty because she hadn't taken the time to actually speak with him that much yet.

The nerves would bubble up inside her stomach and she'd quickly run back to Cinque and Queen or one of the boys would suddenly appear and take Nine's attention before she could, it wasn't as if she could talk to her friends about it either as they were probably the biggest bunch of gossipers that she had ever come across in her lifetime.

"Oh don't think I don't know about your crush,"

Deuce froze slightly as she was knocked out of her daydream by the sound of Trey's voice but sighed with relief when she noticed he was teasing Sice who was currently trying her best not to blush as he grinned at her.

"Seven told me all about your little letter incident, who knew you'd like old Kurasame, huh," Trey continued and Sice began stuttering trying to explain herself, come up with an excuse but Deuce knew Sice was never very good with words.

"Is something wrong Deuce?" Queen asked with a tilt of her head and her hand came down on Deuce's shoulder.

"Oh no, I was just thinking," Deuce smiled and shook her head as she felt a little flustered with her mind being so filled with many thoughts of Nine at the current time, her gaze flickered back to him and her heart skipped a few beats when she realized that he was staring right back at her with a mischievous grin upon his handsome face, his eyebrow arched slightly.


Nine's bright grey-blue eyes couldn't remove themselves from the brunette girl sitting on the other side of the classroom to him, giggling along with his friend Jack over something that he couldn't overhear and he felt his eyes narrow slightly as jealousy filled his mind though he knew Jack wasn't interested in Deuce, it still made him anxious whenever he saw her talking with another male.

He smiled slightly when she giggled behind her hands, a habit she seemed to have, it was so endearing for him to see on a day to day basis and sometimes he thought he was the luckiest person ever to see it.

"Take a picture Nine, they last longer,"

Nine suddenly frowned and turned his head to glare at Eight who just held up his hands and bashfully laughed at his friend's expression.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Nine replied sharply and hid behind his hair a little more, revealing his rare shy side, this caused the smile on Eight's lips to grow even more.

"Oh please, you would burn a hole in her head if that were possible," Eight chuckled and quickly dodged Nine's hand as it come flying towards him.

"Shut up," Nine muttered and stood from his seat when he noticed that it was time to leave the room, his teeth grit together tightly when Eight laughed again and shuffled passed him, running to catch up with his girlfriend Cater who beamed excitedly at him and linked their hands in a rather frightening manner.

"Stupid kid," Nine snapped to himself and rolled his eyes hearing the charming chuckle erupting from Ace who just winked and him and pushed his glasses up his nose.

"Sorry," Ace smiled a little and looked at Deuce who was still sitting and talking with Jack, "but I think you should make your move already, she may fall for him," Ace then nodded towards the playful blonde male who had brought out his drumsticks from his pocket and was now air-drumming to show Deuce what he'd picked up over the weekend.

That last statement made Nine's heart stop for a second and he shook his head, he hadn't thought of it like that, he and Jack were friends so he knew that the blonde would never do anything, but Deuce could fall for him.

"Are you coming back to the dorm?" Ace asked waving his hand in front of Nine's face to snap his friend out of whatever daze he'd been in and the blonde shook his head slightly.

"Nah, I'm going to stay in here for a bit longer," Nine rubbed the back of his head and rolled his eyes when that annoyingly youthful face of Ace's lit up in amusement at his reply and he folded his glasses up and allowed them to slip onto his shirt to sit there.

"Well I wish you luck," Ace said with a nod before adjusting his cape and leaving the room, greeting Seven as he did so.

Nine then turned to watch Deuce and Jack interact with one another, feeling a little depressed that he'd never been able to talk with Deuce that way before, as at ease as Jack without going into a strange heart attack at the very sight of her eyes meeting his.

"But I'm hoping we'll make it big time!" Jack exclaimed and beamed happily as Deuce nodded at him with another gentle laugh behind her hands.

"I'm sure you will, I've heard you play, you're really good," Deuce replied friendly and a faint blush appeared on Jack's face making Nine's eyes narrow again.

"Aw thanks, I don't think we're quite ready though…Trey and King think it's funny to skip practice every now and then," Jack rolled his eyes and shook his head with a laugh, "I don't think they take it as seriously as I do," he pointed out and his eyes drifted away from Deuce to meet Nine's blank stare and he jumped slightly, not knowing that his friend was there.

"Nine!" he grinned and waved the blonde over with a giant wave of his hand, "c'mere you goon," he added with a chuckle and patted the seat next to him, his eyes glittering a little when he saw both Deuce and Nine look at each other nervously through the corners of their eyes.

"Hey," Nine greeted quietly and crossed his arms across his chest as he tried to ignore the fact that Deuce was looking at him at that moment, his heart beat almost deafening him.

"Hello Nine," Deuce greeted with a lot more effort than he'd put in and a small smile graced her face, her eyes looking over his face delicately and shyly which Jack noticed and he tapped his fingers on his lips to stop himself from smirking.

"I was just talking about my band, how we want to make it big," Jack began the conversation with a grin and poked Nine's side, "Deuce thinks we'll make it, what about you?" he tilted his head knowing full well that Nine would agree with Deuce no matter what as to continue to be on her good side instead of being foul mouthed with him like he usually is when it's just them and the boys.

"I think you'll do fine too," Nine muttered and tapped his finger against his arm, kind of wishing that Jack would leave them alone so that he and Deuce could actually have a conversation by themselves for once.

"Oh really?" Jack grinned and arched his eyebrow, "why's that then?" he added with a silent laugh and Nine glared at him, before blushing slightly when Deuce smiled at him.

"Jack," Nine said with a firm tone and smiled with his gritted teeth, his eyes scowling at the other blonde male who just snickered and wiggled his eyebrows.

"Well I have to go now, band practice and all," Jack stood up and stretched his arms up in the air, eyeing the way Deuce's eyes widened a little nervously, "you two have fun," he said in a suggestive tone which made both Deuce and Nine send him a rather shocked expression.

I'm going to kill him, put my hands around his throat and squeeze it until he turns blue Nine thought bitterly as he watched Jack practically skip out of the room like the feminine boy that he was, shaking his head slightly before sinking into the awkward silence that floated in between him and Deuce.

"Why do you hide behind your fringe?" Deuce's soft voice made him jump so much that he nearly fell out of his chair and his eyes met hers for the first time in a while, his cheeks flushed slightly.

"I don't hide," Nine frowned a little confused but yet intrigued as to how Deuce had actually figured out the real reason why he wore his hair in front of his face.

"I might be wrong, but are you actually shy?" Deuce asked with a giggle and tilted her head to the side with an adorable expression on her face making Nine's face heat up dramatically, his eyes widening slightly and he looked down at the desk.

"Nah, I'm confident," Nine grinned and then looked back up at her, leaning forwards on the desk so that their faces were a little closer and he spotted the small pink blush sitting on the brunette's cheeks, "you seem more shy than I am,"

Deuce beamed back at him and nodded silently, "maybe I am," she said quietly and blushed when Nine shuffled even closer to her, almost so close that their noses were nearly touching.

"Would you hit me if I said that," Nine paused for a second as he felt his breath suddenly get trapped in his throat when Deuce's nose wriggled cutely, "um, if I said that you're sort of beautiful?"

It took a while for Deuce's brain to actually take in what Nine had just said before her entire face turned bright red and she placed both of her hands over her hot cheeks quickly with a shy look in her eyes.

"I-I'm not that beautiful," Deuce stuttered and jumped when Nine climbed onto the desk and sat down on top so that his leg was pressed against her side.

"Well I think you are," Nine replied feeling a little more relaxed now as he watched Deuce get up from her seat so she could sit on the desk beside him, her lips still pulled up in that shy smile of hers.

"Thank you Nine," Deuce replied warmly and then hesitated before moving closer and resting her head upon his shoulder, her arms wrapping around the one Nine had leaning on the table, she smiled when he didn't complain about her bold move.

Nine cleared his throat and raised his free hand and gently placed it on top of Deuce's, smiling a lot gentler than Deuce had ever seen him do before and her stomach twisted again when he leaned in close to her and placed a kiss on her cheek, his lips were so soft that she wasn't even sure he'd kissed her until their eyes met.

"Um," Nine murmured and scratched his cheek nervously with a quiet laugh, shaking his head at himself, "sorry,"

Deuce squeezed his arm with hers and beamed brightly before leaning up and placing a kiss on the corner of Nine's mouth, giggling when his face burned red.

"Don't be," she whispered before the both of them jumped at the sound of the classroom door opening and they looked over to see Ace, Jack, Eight, Cater, Cinque and Queen sprawled out on the floor moaning in pain with King, Trey, Sice and Seven standing behind them shaking their heads.

"Were you guys listening?" Nine yelled as both he and Deuce jumped off of the desk and walked down together towards their friends who quickly go to their feet and tried to make their blushes die down.

"Of course we were, do you know how long we've been planning this?" Jack asked with a cheeky smirk and both Nine and Deuce froze before staring at each other, smiling slightly.

It was then that Deuce stood on her toes and pressed a gentle kiss to Nine's lips, pulling away with a quiet giggle when Eight decided it would be a good idea to release a wolf whistle.


Okay this is a fanfiction for :iconspirasen: for her birthday and Iím so sorry itís late sweetie! But I really hope you like it ^_^ I love writing for Final Fantasy Type 0 so there will be a lot of these coming over the next few months!

I know that weíve only just been starting to talk but I already love you Sae, youíre so kind and nice to me haha ^_^ I can only hope that you enjoy this and our friendship will continue to get stronger :)

Nine x Deuce :heart:

Join here to support them please! :iconninexdeuce: :D


This game is incredible, I can't wait to meet others that have played it as well :)
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Final Fantasy XIII-3: Dead Roses
Chapter 1: A Relationships build up

   "Hey, Your alright" a voice in the distance said as they turned to see Fang and Vanille "Fang!, Vanille!" they all shouted with excitement for their friends being alright. "ok we found them, now what" Prompto said looking very bored "I say we head our separate ways" Noctis replied walking away "so that's it your going to chicken out and leave" Hope asked "I admit i used to hate the L'Cie, I didn't want anything to do with it but in the end it was worth it" Prompto looked from Hope to Noctis as they began a short messy conversation "I have something worth saving back home, i would like to help but theirs nothing i can do that you guys dont already have" Noctis replied"

   "Fine, Leave we don't need some guy when you need someone to toughen you up you know where to find me" Lightning said walking away, she was really annoyed with Noctis by now. The group followed behind her slowly as Noctis just stood there with Prompto. He threw his arm around Noctis "you like her" Noctis turned red just a little "who?". Prompto laughed "you know that lightning chick, you cant get another girl like that in a life time, ever again" Noctis removed Prompto's arm from his shoulder "I don't know what your talking about"

   "Lightning" Serah said walking besides her "you, dont have to be so hard on him, he said he had to save his home, it makes sense to want to protect your own home then someone else" Lightning just kept walking "H's scared, that's just it he came all this way and now he's leaving it makes no sense, unless your scared" Serah locked her arm into lightning as they walked "you like him" Serah replied looking at Lightning "of course i like him, he's a good fighter" Vanille laughed a little "that's not what she meant Lightning" Lightning turned a little red "I..."

   "Hey Noctis welcome back" Snow shouted before lightning could answer. Noctis now stood in the back of the group "I-I thought you might need some help" Prompto popped up behind Noctis "and i convinced him to come back" he laughed a sort 'i got a plan' laugh. They all looked at him for a long second then turned and continued walking "so Lightning what was this you where going to say" Lightning looked forward and hid her light blush in her fav "I was doing to say I do not, not in that way there's no time for romance, I take my job very seriously Solider or not" she said with very little emotion. "Uh huh" the whole group said not really believing her "haha no time for romance, there's always time for lover" Snow said with his arm around Serah leaning into a kiss. Lightning cracked her knuckles "Kiss her and ill hit you so hard you'll regret it" Serah sighed "Lightning" she turned to her sister "when are you going to accept we are getting married" Lightning looked at Serah "i accept it i just don't want you kissing in front of me"

   "Carrying on" Noel said as he walked "right enough with family problems" Fang continued walking beside the young man who smiled at her "Fang right" Fang nod "well Fang I'm Noel Kriess" then suddenly tripped making Fang giggle a little. He rubbed his head smiling a little "are you ok" Fang said holding out her hand to him as he took her hand and pulled him self up with her help he replied "ya, I'm fine thanks Fang" they walked feeling a little close to each other they walked behind the group as Lightning and Noctis walked in the front of the group. Suddenly a the earth began to shake and the floor began to crack slowly they moved away from the crack "whats going on" Snow said as a light from the crack in the floor appeared "whose that".......
Written by :iconxxxover-the-edgexxx: and :iconalmost-evil:

This is a Sad Love story between :iconeclair-plz: and :iconnoctisplz:

A love story between :iconserahfarronplz: and :iconsnowvilliersplz:,:iconoerbayunfangplz:and :iconnoelkreissplz:, and lastly :iconvanilleplz: and :iconhopeestheimplz:

its also about the battle of the century

later will come ocs of the Next Generation
this will also feature Final Fantasy Characters from other FInal Fantasys hope you like it its a rough start but hey its a start

:iconotlplz: i have so many ideas for this story but i need to build up the relationships of the characters up! so the first few chapters will be crappy and start off slow

Prologue: [link]
Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: Here
Chapter 3: coming soon

Please comment and tell me your thoughts

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I saw him ride past my house in a bicycle built for two, a blond girl riding in the sratched up seat behind him.

I waved towards my neighbor, Roxas, who cheerfully waved back, almost losing control of the handlebars.

I chuckled softly to myself when looking towards Namine.

It seemed that the two Nobodies had found a way to love after all, even without a heart.

Namine held on tightly to Roxas as they progessed through the block.

    Soon, the love birds were out of sight.

I stood up from my seat on the stairs of the porch, and I walked to the backyard, grabbing a spatula.

"Burn baby," I said, grinning as the fire of the grill shot up.


I coughed out ashes from my mouth, wiping my hands on my apron. The steak on the table was burnt on the inside and out, and smoke flew out of it.

" unapatizing," I muttered, walking back to the porch to check to see if I had any mail.

I paused stiffly as I was opening the mailbox.

On the sidewalk, Roxas rode his bike, this time without Namine, and now, he held a phone up to his ear.

"Hey Roxas," I greeted.

Roxas momentarily lowered the cell phone away, then mouthed, "Hi, Axel."

He went on with his conversation on the phone, laughing softly as he rode to his house next to mine.


"Want to have a barbecue?" I asked Roxas, who was riding past the front of my house the next day. Namine, again rode  in the back seat.

"Nah-" Roxas began, when at the exact moment, Namine responded with a, "Sure!" and a sweet smile.

I scratched the back of my head. "Well, if you don't want to-" I started.

"We'd love to!" Namine said, hitting the brakes on her half of the bike, causing Roxas to do the same.

Roxas laughed. "All right," he agreed, walking into my backyard. Namine followed after him, her hand  quickly finding his.


Namine munched on an apple, then standing up. "I should get going now," She said, thanking me for the invitation.

Almost instantly, Roxas stood up after her. "Me too," he said swiftly.

I raised an eyebrow. Something wasn't right with that picture...

"Roxas," Namine said, looking down to hide her pink face. "I can walk today..!" she exclaimed, granting him an assuring smile.

I faced Roxas, crossing my arms in amusement. "Oh?" I asked curiously.

Roxas grinned nervously, then pushed me away from his sight. "No, I'll take you home," he told Namine, extending his hand towards her.

Namine giggled softly, then took his hand. She looked to me, smiling.

"He's so sweet..!" she explained, grinning.

"Sweet how?" I asked, purely out of curiosity.

"He doesn't want me to get lost on my way home, so he instists that he takes me on his bicycle," she said.

Roxas blushed the slightest tint of red, then cleared his throat. "Bye Axel," he said, leading Namine towards the bike by the door of the gate.

I grinned, eyeing a cell phone left on the floor.

I kept a small gasp in, then picked it up, my reflexes forcing me to go through it.

I immediatly went to messages, where I read them all in one glance.

"Roxas: I love you."

"Namine: I love you too."

I smiled widely, then playing a game of pacman on Roxas' phone.

I lost quickly, then went back to looking through it.

I went to the list of contacts, and there was only one name there.


"Wait, that means, everytime I see Roxas ride back home after leaving her, and he's talking on the phone, he's talking to Namine again?" I asked myself.

I smirked.

"There's just no separating those two."
I wrote this at 12 am cehbdjsedj 8D

Axel's POV.

Characters belong to Square Enix.

Ahh.... HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY :iconsareqe:!!!!!

I wrote you a soriku bl thing but lost it, so, ROKUNAMI! :D
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Final Fantasy XIII-3: Dead Roses
Chapter 3: The Edge of Romance

   "whose that" a man in gray and white with white spiky hair came out of the floor "finally this past will finally change for good" he said as he looked at them then disappeared into the night "looks like we found our target" Fang said. It took three months walking to head toward a empty desert that led to a town. During these months there where constant fights between the group but they grew closer then they would have thought. When a man on a motorcycle rode right past them all and grabbed a sword that stuck out of the ground. He circled around them then rode slowly with them "heading toward Midgar" he asked placing the sword away "actually just passing by Midgar" Lightning said not really looking at the man. "What is your purpose in holding weapons then" the blond said as he scanned everyone down Noctis rose an eye brow "we could be asking you the same exact thing" He continued to scan the group not replying to Noctis when he noticed Lightning "Solider why are you here, your just don't pass threw a town like Midgar" Lightning sighed a long tired sigh and clutched her first still not looking at the blond she stated "X-Solider" she finally turned to look at the blond "like we said, we have no business nore want anything to do with the town of Midgar, we simply are trying to pass by to return to the Noctis to his Kingdom" this was nothing more then a lie, it was true they didn't want anything from Midgar neither was it a threat but that man in white, they had to find him no matter the cost, also they didnt want the word getting out just yet so they kept it to their selves.

   The blond said nothing but fixed his goggles and rode off. As they made their way inside Midgar they looked around scanning the place "think this would be a good time to split up and look around" Snow happened to say as the blond pulled up on his motorcycle in front of a decent house when a little girl walked up to the blond, "I think i'm gonna go find out more about this time" Noctis said walking toward the blond "Wait we go in groups" Lightning said following Noctis over to the blond "hey blondie" Noctis said walking over to the blond, who looked up and over at them "Its Cloud, Cloud Strife" he said putting his hands on Marlene's shoulder as she turned and faced the two "Lightning, and that's Noctis" Lightning said smiling at Marlene then looking up at cloud seriously "what can you tell us about this little town of Midgar" Cloud looked at lightning then to Noctis "Well there is quit alot to tell you about it" a women said peeking from behind Cloud with a smile as she stood in front of him "this little part of Midgar is called the edge, why don't you come in and sit down and ill tell you more" They walked in the house and talked for a while while everyone looked around "500 years huh" Noel said his hands behind his head "please i don't wanna talk about it" Fang replied just watching people walk by. "come on Snow over here" Serah said dragging snow over to the church when he kissed Serah pushing her against the abandon churches door causing the doors to open. Serah pulled away from snow and saw the small pound and flowers in the church "Wow this place is amazing" Snow looked around while Serah looked around "your right, it is pretty Amazing"

   "Amazing, try the most amazing garden in history" a voice said with a proud voice "oh Zack stop" said another voice as two people stood by the door "it is Aerith, im just saying whats true you did a great job on it" Aerith giggled "we did great" She said walking in the Church with him. "I'm Aerith and this is Zack welcome to the garden" Serah looked at all the flowers amazed "its so beautiful, you two did a great job they grow so beautifully here" Aerith smiled and nodded "they only grow here, Zack and I are going to go around Edge and sell them" Zack smiled at Aerith as she finished talking "wouldn't these be pretty at our wedding Snow" Serah asked snow looking closely at the flowers "you think we could buy some off you when you sell for our wedding" Snow said looking up at Zack and Aerith, "well thats sounds dandy isn't that right Aerith" Aerith picked a few flowers and handed them to Serah "take as many as you want, we'd be very happy if you used them in your wedding Serah" they both smiled at each other as they talked it out. "Hey Hope, come over here" Vanille said as they rain into the forest where water rain in the small pound, Hope walked over to the water and Vanille splashed him and laughed running away "Hey get back here" he said as he chased after her getting so close he tripped on top of her he just stared at her then blushed "uh im sorry" Vanille blushed looking into Hopes eye "its ok, Hope it was an..." Hope kissed Vanille with no thought of what he was doing. Vanille kissed him back wrapping her arms around his neck."you have no right to say that about solider of Shinra!" suddenly both Noctis and Cloud stood outside with the weapons drawn "I have every right Solider of Shinra are weak and unusefull, thats why your scared to help us" Noctis yelled back as they both ran at each other
Written by :iconxxxover-the-edgexxx: and :iconalmost-evil:

This is a Sad Love story between :iconeclair-plz: and :iconnoctisplz:

A love story between :iconserahfarronplz: and :iconsnowvilliersplz:,:iconoerbayunfangplz:and :iconnoelkreissplz:, and lastly :iconvanilleplz: and :iconhopeestheimplz:

with some love story between :iconzack-fairplz::iconaerithplz:

with features from what should have been a love story from :iconcloudstareplz::icontifaplz: but changes threw the story
its also about the battle of the century

later will come ocs of the Next Generation
this will also feature Final Fantasy Characters from other FInal Fantasys hope you like it its a rough start but hey its a start

:iconotlplz: another battle scene

Prologue: [link]
Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: here

Please comment and tell me your thoughts

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"Come one, come all! To the Fountain of Desires!" the man dressed in fortune telling clothes said. His strange outfit definitely didn't fit the hairstyle he had (a mullet) and something about him seemed fishy. Despite the gut feeling she felt, there was an odd attraction about the man that wanted her to investigate. After all, there were several others congregating around the emerald eyed man to hear more. "Just toss a coin into the fountain and make your wish. If someone dives in and is able to retrieve that coin, your wish comes true. Guaranteed."

That made the audience gasp in amazement. One after another, the citizens of Radiant Gardens tossed coins in and silently wished for their deepest desire. Several of their relatives or friends immediately dived into the deep fountain, hoping to retrieve the coin of their loved ones, making their wish come true. A few were successful, which made the teenaged girl think. "Maybe, just maybe, this would work?" She shook her head, not believing that she was doing this, and slowly but surely, the girl walked up, coin in hand, and stopped in front of the fountain.

The man leaned down to her height, "What's your name, missy?"

"Naminé," she replied, looking him square in the eyes. "I have half the sense to tell you that I'm almost certain this whole thing is a scam," Naminé told him, still holding onto the coin.

He looked alarmed at first, but then smiled, "Oh, no. Of course not. At least, what should I know? I'm not the one granting your wish. The fountain is. And you won't know if it's a scam unless you try it." The man silently laughed, then turned around and picked up a blue sitar, sat down on a wooden chair next to the well, and began playing nonchalantly.

The blonde started long and hard at the coin. Did she want to waste her money, and embarrass herself by wishing on something that more likely than not won't grant her wish? It was worth the shot, though. "I must be really stupid to do this…" she muttered to herself as the coin was dropped into the fountain, hearing a little plup as it impacted the water, slowly sinking to the bottom. As that was happening, she wished for the thing she wanted most. She wished for it silently, not even going above a whisper in her thoughts to not let anyone hear it, if that was even possible.

She turned away, and walked down the path she came, letting other people take the spot she had while making her wish. Right at the end of the path, she met up with none other than Roxas.

"Hey, Roxas," she said, now about a few feet away from the adolescent boy. He smiled, his eyes glistening the color of sea-salt ice cream, the popular delicacy in the area. It was shipped from a different place. Twilight Town, was it?

"Hey, Naminé." he greeted his friend, the two of them now walking towards the centre of the town. They stopped when Roxas looked behind him, seeing people travel up a hill to something, Roxas couldn't tell what it was. "What's with those people walking that way?"

"Oh, that's because there's this wishing fountain that grants your desires if you toss a coin in and someone retrieves it," Naminé explained, contemplating whether or not to tell him her wish she made.

That is, until he replied.

"That's so stupid. It's obviously some sort of scam. I can bet you that someone will collect all that money and spend it on booze and such. I've heard of people like that. And even if it wasn't a scam, who would be dumb enough to think a fountain or well or whatever grants wishes? It's an inanimate object. Nothing more," The golden haired boy rolled his eyes. "Anyway, what's up? What'd you do so far today, Naminé?"

The female's stomach flipped a little, at the words he said. He thinks that? But I just got back from making a wish! How am I supposed to tell him my wish? He'd laugh, anyway. "Oh, nothing," she forced a smile.

"I see. Anyway…" Roxas continued, changing subjects, as Naminé sighed deeply, silently, not wanting her companion to notice.

Night approached, and the blonde heard no reports of anyone retrieving her coin. They just couldn't find it. As desperately as she wanted to dive in that very moment to find the coin, she couldn't. It was against the rules, you could say. It had to be someone else, or that wish doesn't become reality. She pondered why of all the participants, she had to be the one to not receive her coin back. Everyone else did, so far.

Hers wasn't even that hard to tell apart from the others! A very unique coin she used, actually, as it was one that wasn't even minted anymore. On both the front and the back of the silver coin, there was a star-shaped fruit, and legend had it that it had the magic to bind the destinies of whoever shared that fruit. They aren't indigenous to Radiant Garden, nor have they ever been seen there, but it was a legend that always enchanted the platinum blonde.

Sighing, she returned back to her house. If she was hopeful, someone might find her coin. It was something she pleaded would happen, at least.


"Where's Roxas?" Naminé wondered as made her way around the area. It was midmorning, and normally the two were together by now. She searched the entire place, with no avail. The only place she hadn't checked was the last place he would ever be. Of course. Why was it always where they wouldn't be that you would find the person you are searching for? She thought as she stepped up the path to the infamous wishing fountain. A group of people circled the fountain, looking down it. As she approached it, questions started forming in her head. 'Why would he be here? If he even is here. Where is Roxas, anyway?'

"Oh, no, wait…!" Naminé called as she realized why everyone was there and why Roxas just disappeared, with everyone talking about it. "Roxas dived into the fountain? But why?"

A bystander turned around, hearing the girl's question. He answered, "The boy said he knew your coin hadn't been retrieved yet, and wanted to make your wish come true. And with that, he dived in. Romantic, isn't it?" the man said, smiling.

She could not even fathom the idea of her best friend even doing something for her like this, let alone, something that he didn't believe to be true. Of all the reasons he would do the act, she wasn't sure which was plausible. The only thing she could do was wait, and hope.


"Is he dead?"

"He can't be, of course."

"The boy's been gone for several days, now. It's obvious he isn't coming back."

Naminé ran through the crowd of people in the centre of Radiant Gardens, hearing the murmurs of people's suspicion of Roxas' fate. No, it couldn't be. Of course not, she continuously convinced herself. The fourteen-year-old boy was strong, healthy, determined with everything he did. No way he could die. Right?

After all, it had been at least eight days since she found out he dived in to search for her coin. The platinum blonde always wanted her wish to come true, but like this? She wished she could take it back. If he was, in fact, dead, if he drowned, then it was her fault. It was her fault that she made a wish, and desperately wanted it to come true, that Roxas would attempt such and act and not come out. She knew him well enough. She knew that the boy hated coming out unsuccessful when he knew he could attempt something, and fulfill the task.

Naminé hurried up the path, to the mysterious, and now hated, wishing fountain. The man was still there, playing his sitar lazily, watching the clouds, until he heard her running up to him.

"You! Why hasn't Roxas come out yet?!" She shouted frantically, taking him by the collar and pulling him closer, looking him dead in the eye.

The man looked shocked, laughed nervously while scratching his mullet, and replied, "I think the kid drowned. Didn't want to come back empty handed, says he. So I haven't seen him since. Sorry, little lady…"

She immediately let go of her grip and shook her head, backing up slowly. "You… you all think he's dead, that he's gone forever. But I know! Oh yes, I know… that he's alive, and when he comes out of that fountain, you'll see." The blonde ran away, crying. Of course they're right. She just ever so wanted to prove everyone else wrong. "Just one more day. He'll come back in one more day."

But he didn't.

The day after, Naminé slowly made her way up the same hill, to the same spot, yet again, this time, with a bouquet of flowers in hand, about to lay on the base of the fountain, when she notices the man again, back to her, a hood on the jacket he is wearing, with it up, and a sitar in his lap. He obviously didn't look like he did on day one, but of course, who wears the same clothes every day?

The girl walked slowly up to him, and as she approached his backside, she mumbled, "It looks like you were right… He's gone, isn't he?"

At that moment, the man turned around, pulled down the hood, revealing blonde, windswept hair, blue eyes, and a beautiful smile. In his hand, there was a familiar item, a coin, with a star-shaped fruit on both sides. "I think he's still here…"

Roxas handed her the coin, making Naminé gasp. Tears rolled down her alabaster skin, in realization that he was still there, and in front of her as well! "Roxas…"

"In the flesh," he gave a cocky grin. Not even a second later, he was met by an embrace, only to return it back to the girl that gave it to him.

"Why did you do that? Go search for the coin, that is."

"Long story short, I didn't want to see you upset and hung over a wish, so I searched for the coin, and every night, I would come up, unsuccessful, but I stayed there, hoping to find it, to not disappoint you. I found it, and your wish is now granted, isn't it?" He gave a wink. "By the way, what did you wish for?"

She blushed at the question, took a deep breath and told him, "I wished for you to reciprocate my feelings; for us to be together."

He thought for a moment, then folded his arms above his head, "Looks like you got your wish."
Yay! A RokuNami! I haven't done one of these in forever! Props to :iconkiome-yasha: for giving me the idea. I wouldn't have wrote it if it wasn't for her. ^-^

I could have called it Wishing Fountain, but when you rearrange the words a little, and add a preposition, it automatically becomes more interesting! Seriously, think about it: Wishing Fountain "..." Fountain of Wishes "That sounds cool!" At least, I think so XD

And if you haven't figured it out yet, the guy that ran the fountain is Demyx. Cause you can't have enough DemDem :heart:

I do not own Kingdom Hearts, and never has it belonged to me. It belongs to Disney and Square Enix.

I have no further comment.
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“Good morning, Heichou~”

Levi awoke at the energetic, high-pitched voice calling behind him. He didn’t want to get up from bed today. He just came back from another expedition outside the walls.

“Heichou?” The voice continued to call him, but he simply moaned and covered his head with the sheets.

The girl calling behind him, started to get irritated. He had a big day behind him and he refused to get out of bed. He wasn’t always that way, she thought. The Corporal knew the value of time, and he knows how much work he needs to do.

She thought of a way to wake him up rather than calling him out. Physical contact was out of the option, because she got a blow job on the face when she did that the only other time he refused to get out of bed.

A small smile crept out. “Heichou, Eren came to your office and messed with the paperwork.”

In no time, he sat up of bed, looked at the girl with a deadly glare, and stated in an authoritative voice, “Tell that shitass that he should start hiding from me, because the next time I see him, I swear that I will murder him.”


Levi proceeded to the dining area after getting dressed, his cravat absent. He needed to get it from her, and he knew where to find her.

He opened the door leading to the dining area and saw the ginger-haired girl sitting, her back facing him. She turned to the sound of the door opening, and a smile formed on her face.

“Ah heichou, I see you’re awake now,” she said with an upbeat tone. She took a neatly-folded white cloth at the table and stood up, coming closer to Levi. She unfolded the cloth, which was the Corporal’s cravat, and tied it around him.

He simply stood infront of her, emotionless as usual.

“I’m really sorry for pissing you off in the morning,” she continued while tying the cravat.  She was focused into it but she kept the smile on her face. “A lot of paperwork already came to your office earlier and—“

He slapped her hand away, just when she was almost done with tying it. He finished it himself, turned his heel, and exited swiftly, leaving the girl completely confused.

Levi walked through the corridors, every step making a sound. He clutched his fists and looked down.


The sound echoing from his steps grew louder than the last one.

“What the hell is happening?”

He gritted his teeth.

He finally made it to the door to his office. He turned the knob, entered swiftly, and shut it down. He immediately proceeded to his chair. He rested his hands on the table, and lets out a deep breath. He did it a few more times, and then looked at the paperwork assigned to him.

“That shitty glasses. She probably gave some of hers to me,” he groaned, looking at the piles of papers that he had to finish. Nevertheless, he opened the windows to let the light in as he started working.

He first had to deal with the number of casualties from the last expedition, and to sign some letters telling the families that the government will provide assistance to them. He reviewed the number of casualties: they were 327 who died; five of them whose bodies were unable to be recovered.

Wait, there were two more casualties on the way back. They were shitty enough to fight those titans even though Erwin demanded that we don’t. We didn’t recover their bodies either. In fact—

“Uhm, heichou?” He heard the door open, and saw the girl peeking out.

“Didn’t your father teach you how to knock?” he snapped.

“I’m sorry for that,” she bowed. She was about to open her mouth to apologize when Levi interrupted her.

“Nevermind that. Just bring me coffee to my office, the usual blend. I have a lot of shit to do so I had no time to sit around and enjoy… even if I wanted to.”

“Uhhh… okay...” she stuttered. “I’ll be back as fast as I can,” and shuts the door gently. Another smile is plastered on her face, giggling that the Corporal actually wanted to rest. She thought of him sitting with him, telling stories of the expedition, alone.


She covered her face with her hands as she could feel herself heating up. She could never imagine that happening. What would happen if Eren and the others would see that?

“Stupid, stupid, stupid…” she murmured to herself, knocking her head slightly. She regained her composure, breathing three times, and then went back to the kitchen to prepare the coffee the Corporal requested her.

The Corporal was entirely pissed. For God’s sake, he is humanity’s strongest. He deserves rest for another job well done. He should be enjoying coffee right now, not giving a fuck about paperwork. He could be reading a good book, while the rest of the members were being noisy around him. Auruo would be teasing Eren, and then biting his tongue at some point. Erd and Gunther would be conversing about how their families were doing, boasting about them and would turn into some senseless fight. And Petra would be there…

“Shit, what am I thinking?” he cursed under his breath, and continued to sign the papers. His penmanship was getting worse; his light pen strokes became harder, spilling ink to some of the papers.

He wanted it done, and he didn’t want to think of anything else. It was irritating.

He looked at the names and signed quickly, remembering their faces at the back of his mind. As much as wouldn’t say it out loud, he knows the Scouting Legion as much as the Commander. He knows how much they would want to help humanity, and he valued every single one of them – of their bravery. They have at least one memory in his mind, and it would replay the moment as he saw their names and would sign the document.

Three knocks came from the door.

He stopped at the middle of signing another document, and the memory playing on his head of a girl’s hand covered in blood collapsed completely. He took in a deep breath, relaxing his senses. The same emotionless look came to his face as he expected the girl to be back with his coffee.

“Come in,” he simply stated.

The girl came in with a tray at both of her hands. Her hands were shaking as she settled it down on a table that was near to the door, the place where she usually leaves the Corporal’s coffee in his busy days. She took the jug of coffee and placed it on a teacup.

She took the cup and approached the table, where Levi was simply staring at her actions.

His gaze followed at her hands as it slightly shakes while she placed the coffee on the free space on the table. As she was done, she placed her hands on her sides, and gave out another sweet smile.

“I hope you like it,” she said.

He continued to sign the last document he was working with, and then settled it on the side of the table, placed his pen on the drawers, and took the coffee near him.

“Sit,” he commanded her. He saw confusion on her face, but she did what he wanted to.
He took a sip of the coffee, and then looked at her with an intimidating glare.


“Y-yes?” the girl was shocked, stuttering her words.

“Tell me this,” his eyes were totally glaring at her. She stiffened but continued to hold on. He gritted his teeth, and forced himself to continue.

“Why are you still here?” The memory of her lifeless body flashed back into his head.

The girl was stunned at the question, but Levi still looked at her in the eyes.

“P-pardon?” Petra asked, confusion laced in the tone of her voice. “I-I don’t understand what you mean, Corporal?”

“You’re supposed to be not here.” He remembers her body being thrown out to the titans. He looked at her, and simply looked away.

“A-are you telling me t-that… I’m fired as a soldier?” she asked, completely shocked.

“No, you idiot,” he said. He reached out to her, running his hand through her hair. A shade of red slightly became evident in her face.

“Tell me Petra, why can I touch you? Why can you talk? Why can you make coffee?”

“Corporal, I am entitled to—“ she defended, but he cut her off.

“You should be fuckin’ dead. Are you that clumsy enough to not even know your dead?” he started, remembering that he carried her lifeless body back to the group.

“You all died saving that brat’s ass. Gunther was hanging by a tree, his nape sliced like a titan’s. Erd’s body was dismembered. Auruo had his spine broken into two. And you, you were on a tree, spine broken. You looked at me with lifeless eyes.”

She looked at him, and noticed that he was standing, his hand gripping her shoulder. He took a deep breath, and sat down again. He looked down, waiting for an answer. He heard her stand up, and walk towards him.

“Heichou, didn’t I tell you… that I was going to devote myself to you?” she said in a gentle voice, but it was strong enough to resonate his whole being for a moment.

He looked up to her, and he saw her giving out that gentle smile. “Did you even look at the letter my father gave to you? I was afraid of giving it to you personally; much less sneak it to your paperwork. So I told my father to give it to you, so that he could see the face of the one I really adore.”

Levi felt constricted – his heart, his stomach; every fiber of his being was confused. His mind flashed back when he took the patch on her jacket, and how much it hurts that he gave it to the suicidal idiot wanting to take back the body of his friend.

“I knew that you didn’t want to read it, so I came here. Also, it was some sort of a pride issue. That time, I felt stupid to let my father tell it to you, so I wanted to tell it to you personally by all means. Who knew that I needed to tell it to you after death?” she giggled, and then looked back to him.

Levi remained silent, and Petra continued. She took in his free hand, and held it with both of hers. She came in closer, making Levi look up to what she was about to do. His eyes widened when she suddenly kissed his forehead.

“Heichou, thank you for everything,” she whispered.

He was shocked on what she did, and looked down. His mouth curled up into a small smile.

“I know,” he thought. He looked back at her and held onto everything that she said.

“I apologize if this sounds so out-of-mood, but I want you to know what I really feel… before I go.”

She extended her left hand to him, placing her hand into his cheek. He noticed that she was fading. There was not enough time. He saw tears forming at her eyes.

“Gosh, what am I doing?” she suddenly baffled. “First, I kissed him in the forehead, now I’m touching his face. I apologize sir, for being so disgusting. I only washed my hands once,” Petra said, her voice cracking.

“No, Petra. Continue,” he said sternly.

She looked into his eyes, slightly shocked, to see if he was serious. She then smiled, and then continued.

“I want to listen to listen to everything you want to say. That’s the least I could do for you,” Levi said, entangling his hand to her. She felt cold, like when she dies, but he could still touch her.

“Thank you sir, but I don’t know where to begin with, really,” she took in a deep breath and continued on.

“Well, firstly, I want to thank you. You were the reason why I joined the Scouting Legion, actually. I saw you riding on a horse back then. You looked so strong and mighty. I wanted to be you. I wanted to be as strong as you. You were my hero, my first love…

“To me, you are humanity’s strongest. No matter what happens, that will never change. I want to thank you for choosing me as part of your squad and saving my life lots of times during our missions. I can never repay you for that.

“And right, we’re all sorry because we couldn’t protect Eren that time… Heichou, don’t be so hard on yourself. It was never your fault.”

Tears were flowing down her cheeks. Levi was holding back his own. He felt shitty that he still pretended to be strong infront of some spirit he’s not even sure was there. He can’t believe this is all happening. His rationale wanted to break out, but it didn’t care enough to fight the rest of his being of staying with her forever.

“And Heichou…” she said, letting out a genuine smile. “I love you. I always did.”

Petra then removed her grip from Levi’s, and he felt a piece of cloth that she left on his hand. He looked into it, and saw her badge that he gave to that soldier, telling him that it was from his friend’s.

“Remember this? The badge that you gave to one of the soldiers? Heichou, that was too noble. If they only knew how much that meant to you…” her voice cracked as the tears flowed down to her face. “Here, you can have it back.”

Levi started shaking, he didn’t know why. He only knew that the coffee that she prepared fell down to the ground.

He then stood up; his body was losing the will to move, and then leaned to her. Petra went stiff.


“Yes?” she said, entirely shocked.

The scenes of her death flashed back to his mind again, killing his sanity even more than before. He then saw himself reaching out to a Petra wearing white clothing resembling a wedding dress, she also had wings – her right one was colored white, and the left one black, walking away to her. He extended his hand out to reach to her, but he was unable to.

“Damn you… I just can’t…”

“You irritate me,” he started. “On how you wake up everyone up in the morning like a mother, how you make coffee for us, your smile, your kindness, your compassion.

“Damn. You make me feel queasy inside. Every time I would see you, hear you, or even have the slightest memory of you, it would make my heart constricted – like I would like to take a shit. It would make me eventually dream about shitty things – like hold your hand, stay up and watch you sleep, kiss you… and get married.”

He felt a tear cross his cheek, but smiled and continued nonetheless.

“Fuck. If that kid, or anyone knew how I feel, they would lose all respect and would call me a shitass. No doubt—”

He felt Petra’s hand run down his face, attempting to wipe his tear, but she failed. The fading has worsened.

“No. Please…” he said to her, placing his hand to her right cheek. He could only hold her slightly as she felt like the wind.

“Petra, don’t leave me. Please stay…” he said, his strong voice was cracking. “I – I love you…”

He ran his fingers through her hair, but he can’t feel her anymore. She felt like the wind.

“I’m sorry sir, but that’s the only order I cannot fulfill.”

He was panicking. He was afraid, that he would be alone again. He frantically wrapped his hands around her, but he could feel almost nothing. She hugged him back, and tears fell to his face. He attempted to hug her tighter, but it would be a fruitless effort.

He looked at her smiling face. He could barely see her, but she was there, or so he thought. He tried to run his fingers at her back. He closed in to her face. He could feel the tears from her cheeks falling down as well. He could feel her lips in contact with her. But when he opened his eyes, he saw no one.

He tried to regain his composure, but he was unable to. Tears continued to blur his eyesight. he fell to his knees, and silently cried, while he held the badge closely to her chest.

I accept your love, Lance Corporal Levi. It was just too bad that it was never meant to be.

It was humanity’s strongest weakest moment.
Just a simple fanfiction of Levi and Petra. Might be doing this into a manga in the near future...
I'm sorry for the mistakes, it's like 3 in the morning and I still need to review. gahhhhh QAQ
If you find any, let me know...

Shingeki no Kyojin, Levi, Petra Ral (c) Hajime Ishiyama
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Chapter I



"Read it and weep men. Four Kings." Luxord said as he place his cards on the table.  Xigbar slam his cards and pout. "Can't believe this drunken bastard's beating me again." "See ya old coot, I warned you. You shouldn't have place bets on Luxord. When it comes to gambling, this guy never loose." Axel exclaim. "Especially when he's Bacchanalian as a Greek's  fraternity house." Zexion added without looking up from his book.  "Maybe you ladies  should play something easier." "Like Go-fish?" Axel snap his fiery fingertips. Luxord laugh as he collects the rest of the poker chips. "Luxy? How can you play so good?" Demyx spoke as he flick earwax from his finger. "Well." Zexion added again without looking up. "Well what??" Demyx look at Zexion at a perplex state. "How could you play so well, Demyx?" Zexion offered to correct his grammar. "I can't Zexi. That's why I'm asking Luxy." Demyx reply as the lift his finger up. Luxord pour himself a shot of rum and drank it quickly. "It's all a part of my nature." Luxord said as he pour himself another glass. "Your true nature is nothing but a mere drunken bastard." Xigbar said while watching Luxord consumes his drink.  He didn't reply to his comment. Luxord look down at the cold condensation of his chilled glass.


Luxord wasn't always a heavy drinker. In fact, he once hated the thought of it. He even hated gambling. Before his heart was consumed by the Heartless, he was once a noble knight to the King's court. Everyone looked up to him. He was loved by many and his name chanted throughout the land. Now that his heart and body separated, Luxord became more different than his real self. He was one of the few that knows his true self, before he became number 10 of Xemnas's Organization. Luxord was a special Nobody. He was the X of the superior Nobodies. Luxord quietly got up from his chair. "Hey man, where're you going? I thought we were going to play another round." Xigbar spoke as he watch him move. "I'm not in the mood now. Finish the game without me." Luxord swish his raven coloured cloak exiting to the castle's hallway. "Wonder what's eating him?" Axel said as he shuffle a new deck. "Maybe I can finally win a round or two." Xigbar modestly said. "Doubt it!" Everyone laughed.


Luxord walk the silent hallway of the castle. He didn't notice Larxene sneaking behind him. "Well well. If it isn't my favourite Number 10." "What do you want Larxene?" Luxord said annoyed. " I just want to have a little fun." Larxene reply as she twirl her hair. "There is nothing to do in this stupid castle." "Why don't you go bother Saïx, maybe he can give you something to do." Luxord said and start walking again. "That old puppy went off again. He's seeing the Superior." "Uh-huh." Luxord continue walking. "There is someone with him." Larxene added. "Someone I don't recognize." "Someone else?" Luxord suddenly stopped. "What are superior and his lad doing?" Larxene sigh. "Don't know, don't care. Something about a new member that can help us achieved our goal. I wasn't paying much attention." "A new member?" Luxord look back. "Yeah, something about the key to our Organization?" "Key? What does he mean by that?" "How should I know?" Larxene yawn. "I'm going to go bother Marluxia in the garden yet again." Larxene stretch and walk down the corridor. "Maybe Marly and I can do something fun here for a change." Luxord watch her leave. "A new member?" Luxord thought to himself. "I wonder who else Xemnas is bringing???" Luxord started walking again. He kept walking down 'til he notice Saïx and a small shadowy figure walking into the Superior's chamber. "Is that him?" Luxord said to himself. He decided to secretly follow them.


"Superior. I brought you the one you ask for." Saïx annouce as he step toward Xemnas. "Thank you Number 7. You may take your leave." Saïx slowly exit. Luxord quickly hid in the next room not to be spotted. He watch Saïx passed him. Then slowly he walk toward the great door and peek at the open crack. "Tomorrow will be the start of a new day. You will be introduced to the other members 'Key of Destiny'." Xemnas said to the mysterious being. "Key of Destiny? What does he mean by that?" Luxord wondered to himself as he watch the two."Now, show me your light." Xemnas said to the figure. A large key like weapon appear.  "Is that the 'key' Number 12 was talking earlier?" "Aaah, the glorious.... Keyblade." "Keyblade? Is that what it's called" Luxord look it as it reflects the castle's lights. "For now on..." Xemnas starts. "...You will be joining the rank of our special society as our newest member. Number 13...." The shadow figure lifted his hood and reveal his face. "A child?" Luxord was surprised to see someone so young joining the group. "Key of Destiny.....Roxas." Xemnas spoke. "Roxas??" Luxord said to himself as he leave. Roxas looked behind him.


Luxord return to his room. Laying in his bed looking toward the castle's wall. "Roxas. The Key of Destiny." The room was slightly empty. Not much going on except for the few cracks on the wall and the few dice and bottles sitting on the small table. "I wonder what superior is planning with that boy?" Luxord took out his special deck and sigh. He starts flicking them at the wall. Xaldin walk by and see him laying about. He quietly entered Luxord's room. "Lost a card game?" He said it strongly. "No, no. I won actually." Luxord said while he flicks cards at the wall. Xaldin look around at his room. "I see you have been drinking again." He walk toward Luxord's bedside and sit beside him.  "Maybe a little." Luxord said flicking another card from his deck. Xaldin watch him projecting cards one by one toward the crack in the wall. "If you kept tossing your cards like that, that hole will eventually get bigger." Luxord kept on tossing his cards. "Lexaeus and I are meeting at the castle courtyard. Wanna join?" "What for?" Luxord reply. "We're going to hone our skills and magic before superior assign us another assignment." "No thanks." He continues firing his cards. "You sure, your aim could use some improvement." "I'm sure love." Xaldin starts to stand up, Luxord stop what he was doing and look at him.


"Say mate?" Xaldin turn back at Luxord. "Hm?" "Do you remember your true name?" "Why would you say that?" Xaldin sat back down. "No reason in particular. Just quandrizing." "About what?" Xaldin stare at him. "Nothing really. Just if we're really meant to be nothing but just a shell of our past or if we change after our hearts disappear." "Not really sure." Xaldin look down at the sheets. "I don't really remember much after I join the Organization." "Anything?" Luxord sit up. "Nope. Nothing. I just know we each have a purpose in life and we nobodies can't fulfil that purpose without a heart. It made me sad sometimes. But I don't know how we can can be sad or glad for that matter if have nothing to feel with." Luxord stood up from his bed. " You know, I might join you for a game or two." Luxord began walking out of his room. "You coming?"  Xaldin followed Luxord out.


At the courtyard, Lexaeus was there polishing his Skysplitter. "Okay, let's start training." Xaldin said arriving with Luxord. Lexaeus got up from the floor and nod. "Let's begin, '' he spoke. "Let's see what you men are made of. No hold back." "You will never see anything less from me." Luxord said as he summon his deck. "That's the spirit." Xaldin shout. Lexaeus began the first move. Xaldin dodge his attack. Luxord then attack Xaldin with his Fair Game. He reflect each and everyone. Lexaeus then swings his sword. Xaldin backflip away. The Skysplitter was still going and coming after Luxord. He jump and the blade and Xaldin attack him with his Lindworms. Luxord used the lances as step ladders, hopping one by one. "Time!" Luxord summon. Everything froze in it's place. Luxord front-flip toward his opponent. "Strength Deck!!" Luxord deck change and it's start plummeting down. "Shield!" Lexeaus summon and the cards reflected back to Luxord. He then swings his sword and Xaldin use it as lift and flew up in the air hovering over Luxord. "Thunder!" Xaldin's lances starts to sparks and he the threw them at both Luxord and Lexaeus. Luxord dances between the gap and Lexaeus use his Skysplitter to reflect the spears. Luxord was caught in the middle of the two dodging both side . The match went on for hours to end. Until all three exhausted themselves and collapse on the ground. They look at each other and laugh. "I think that's enough for the day. Let's hit the bath." Tired and dirty from their workout they walk back into the castle.


The trio laugh toward the castle's bathhouse with their towel on. They chatter through the steam taking off their towel and without noticing in the mist, Larxene and Marluxia bathing in the water. Marluxia smiled and Larxene turn around. "HEY!!!! YOU FREAKS GET OUT!!!!" The three sees Larxene slender body peaking through the water. The men gape at her dumbfound. "GET THE HELL OUT!!!! LADIES ONLY!!!!!!" Larxene scream as she threw her knives at them. "Wait a bloody cock stomping moment! Why are you here Marluxia? Aren't you a guy? " Xaldin spoke out. " I have special privileged." Marluxia fluff his hair and playfully kick the water. "What special privileged are you talking about you batty boy? Larxene is the only bag in the castle with an axe wound around here." Larxene starts to boil. "GET OUT!!! GET OUT!!! GET OUT!!!" She summon her thunder and the three men high-tail out of the there.


The guys were now force outside naked at the garden showering with the little running water. "That stupid bitch. Making us use this freaking hose." Xaldin said drenching his locks. Luxord and Lexeaus waited for their turn. Xigbar appeared upside-down hanging from the branches. "Having a little party aren't we boys?" "Shut up!!!!" The trio yell at the veteran. "Hey hey don't pick this on me. I'm just hanging around." Xigbar chuckled and then got clobbered by scrub brushes and soap.


Everyone in the castle return to their quarter at night. Luxord decide to stroll the castle grounds when he heard a loud explosive coming from one of the bedroom. The door flew open and dust poured out the room. Vexen appeared covered in smog fell on the floor. "Utter failure!" He shouted my experiment needs more ingredients.....I know rose pedal extract!!" He rush out test tube in hands. Luxord peek into Vexen lair and found the place filled with tesla coils and broken cages full of nothing and books scattered all over the room. Vexen sneak behind Luxord. "GET OUT OF MY LABORATORY!!!"  He then slam the door in front of Luxord. "He's mad as a hatter and twice as hare." Luxord walk to his bedroom, swig a last drop of rum and lay in his bed looking at the starlit skies.


"Do you remember your true name?"


"If we're really meant to be nothing but a shell of our past or if we change after our hearts disappear?"


"I don't really remember anything after I join the Organization. I just know we each have a purpose in life and we nobodies can't fulfil that purpose without a heart. It made me sad sometimes. But I don't know how we can can be sad or glad for that matter if have nothing to feel with."


"Why are we, what we are?" Luxord sigh. He took out a rare golden medallion from his pocket and let the chain swing it round and round.





Music played throughout the castle. Men and women gracefully dances. Both king and queen sitting in their throne watching their kingdom move to melody. The knights, suited in silvery armour stood tall guarding the royals. One of them quietly yawn and look at the grand clock. The others stood direct. The music finish and the crowd applaud. "Thank you all for attending our annual ball." The king rose. "Tonight is a special night. For many ages our land has been in peace with the neighbouring kingdom. We celebrate the union of the two kingdoms. Join us in glass in hand and welcome our brothers in hands." The crowd cheers. "Here. Here."


"Big brother?" One of the knight suddenly broke the silence. "Are we going to visit the town after the change of guard?" "Sure." The knight reply. "But first we must do our assignment." "What assignment?" The other knight quietly spoke to the other. "Don't you remember, the king ask us to visit Viviane." "Wonder what his majesty want with her? We never have any more fun big brother." "Why do you keep calling me big brother?" The knight asked. "We are not even related." "I know. I know. I just like calling you that."


The two watch the people listening to the king's speech and everyone took their final bow and started to leave the palace grand hall. The youngest gaze upon an enchanting young woman in the crowd. Her long blonde hair dances as she walks. Holding in her arms an elder. He watch her walk exiting the palace.


"Big brother?" The knight looked up to the other. "Hm? What is boy?" "Who is that person?" The older one look at the man struggling to walk. "That the town kingdom historian. You should know that!" "No, no big brother." The other one corrected him. "I'm talking about the tall one." He look at the woman across the room. "You mean Arlene? She recently just arrive." "Arlene." The younger knight said to himself.


Once the ballroom cleared from the many visitors. Both knights were summon to king's throne. The kneel before them. "Your majesty." The older one spoke. "Arise you two. I have receive some news. A great sorcerer is expect to be here soon. You shall escort him to the crystal lake where Viviane once lived." The king spoke. "Yes your majesty." "He is a great friend of mine so please treat him well." "We will your majesty." The younger of the two said looking up. "You will be just meeting him just beyond the forest." "Your majesty?" The king look at the younger of the two. "Speak up!" "Sorry your highness. But may I ask the name of this powerful wizard?" "His name...." The king paused. The two knights look upon him. ""

We all know the Chronicles of Sora and how he touched the hearts of all people. This saga follows one of Organization XIII mysterious character....Number X. Journey to the pages about his lost but not forgotten past through the eyes of Luxord.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: [link]
Chapter 5: [link]
Chapter 6: [link]

:iconkingdomheartsplz: © :icondisneyplz: and :iconsquareenixplz:
Cover picture by :iconarkoniel:. The picture gave me inspiration to write the story. Please donate to this great artist.


May contain humour not suitable for younger children.
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Once upon a time, in the Kingdom of Twilight, there lived a girl and a boy. They hadn't quite seen seven years, and they were childhood sweethearts. One day, the Royal Council sent soldiers to take away the prettiest young female in the land, that she may become a living doll, The Queen of the Kingdom, cursed until the day she dies. Right in front of the boy's eyes, they snatched her up and threw her in a carriage, where the two would forever be separated.

"Ah, finally out of that rat hole that is Fort Radiance," the young man began, then adding a sarcastic laugh, "Radiant, definitely. That place had the worst conditions that make a pig pen look like a palace."

"Ah, but didn't you love the home cooked porridge? Lumpier than our grandmother's cooking!" the other male, said. The two were walking side by side, gathering what little provisions they had before setting out on the road back home. The dark stone walls rose high above them, making the young man feel trapped yet protected at the same time. The only good it did was protect against the elements, which he did appreciate.

"I think it compares to her cooking, Ventus," his identical twin laughed. "All I'm saying is, I'm glad that we're finally free men again. No longer forced to fight in the Royal army without any pay whatsoever. What does the Royal Council think? They can just pick peasants off the streets and force them to fight their wars? And with no thanks in the process." For the past century, the Kingdom of Twilight had been at war with all of its border countries, starting battle after battle. With little volunteers, the Council started picking young men off the streets at a young age, forcing them into training and fighting many battles for a decade before releasing them.

"Quite the contrary, Roxas," Ventus said, flipping a gold coin in hand, "we just had to work our tail ends off for ten years before we ever get a 'thank you'."

"I wish we didn't have to wait ten years before we get anything out of it." Roxas, the older twin ran a calloused hand through his sweaty blonde locks of hair, feeling the heat of the summer sun beat down on him. It didn't help any that he and Ventus were both wearing heavy armor the color of onyx. It was the official armor for the Royal army. He had heard legends that the knights wore bronze and gold, according to rank, to signify the golden kingdom and the once eternal sunset. Ever since the Council had been kidnapping girls to make them Queens, the land seemed much darker, and the Council changed armor colors for various reasons. Roxas assumed it was because they wanted to make the world seem darker. But he didn't care much anymore, since they were finally able to get out of the chain mail and into more comfortable clothes now, with nothing to worry about besides his parents' orchard.

"So, are you going back to mother and father's orchard?" the younger brother asked, his blue eyes gleaming in curiosity of his brother's plans for the future.

"I plan on doing so. What about you, Ven? I assume you are, too?"

"Not exactly. A few companions of mine from the Fort have also been released, and I was going to spend a few months to a year with them on the western coastline. I've been there several times while patrolling back in my early knighthood days. It's a lovely place, with a little city near the beach. A little part of that extends to this island a mile or so off the coast. Oh, Roxas! You should visit there sometime! It's extravagant, I tell you!"

"If I could, I would go, but I already sent a letter to father saying that I'd be helping him out for the rest of the season. Besides," the young man turned his head up to the sky, watching the wispy cirrus clouds drift slowly, "I have to admit that I miss them dearly. It's been since we were thirteen that we've seen them."

"I understand why you feel this way, and when you explain it, it makes me want to join you. But I can't right now. I already promised Terra and Aqua that I'd spend the rest of the year with them. When spring comes again, I will return back to our parents' cottage."

The two brothers were far from the fort by now and came to a crossroads. "I guess this is where we separate, isn't it, Ven? Well then, I wish you luck in whatever life brings you this year."

Ventus smiled, "As I do you." The twins embraced each other before going their own ways. Ventus to the west, and Roxas to the east.

The tall emerald grass rolled gently as the breeze picked up, cooling the summer air. After traveling over a few hills, Roxas found a little farm, with a stable full of horses. He walked up to the stable, where a man with a large straw hat greeted him and gratefully handed over a grey dappled horse in exchange for a couple gold coins. The young blonde man thanked him, and traveled rather quickly eastward, until he came to a valley between two mountains, tucked behind the hills he had just come from. Several rows of trees ornamented with bright red apples stood before him, and with just one look, Roxas knew he was home.

He stepped off his horse, took the reigns and led her through the trees, through the orchard where his parents' house was comfortable nestled between both sides of the orchard. He picked an apple from the tree and bit into it, the sweet juices filled his mouth, bringing memories of his younger years, when he would run through the trees, playing with his dear friend. His heart panged in remembrance of not being able to save her as unfamiliar men pulled her away, her screams echoing in the still summer evening. Some sort of magic had froze him in place, and no matter how hard he tried to move his feet, to reach out for her, he couldn't, and she disappeared from his sight, leaving an emptiness in his heart that still remained there today.

He shook his head, clearing his mind of all thoughts. He wouldn't think of her, not right now. It was supposed to be joyous, returning home to his family. As much as he worried about her, he had to focus on other things.

Roxas made his way to the door and was about to knock, when the door burst open and his mother ran out, smothering him in hugs and kisses. His father walked out slower, smiled, and put a comforting hand on his right shoulder. "Welcome home, son," his father's deep voice said quietly. Roxas felt his mother's tears spill onto his shoulder.

"We didn't think you'd still be alive," his mother murmured, choking back more tears. "Where's Ventus? Please tell me he's still alive, too."

"He's alive, mother," he said, hearing her sigh with relief.

"Well then, where is he?" his father asked, looking around for his other son.

"He said there was something he needed to do with a few of his friends westward in Port Departure on Traverse Island. Ven mentioned it taking roughly a year or so. He hopes you understand," Roxas explained, readying himself for his mother or father (or both) to explode in a fit of rage, complaining that he and Ven were gone for ten years, and instead of returning to his family, he chooses to go elsewhere. Instead, they said nothing of the sort.

His father sighed, "I guess I understand. I wonder if he may find a wife there."

Roxas pondered the thought. Maybe, one of the reasons Ventus wanted to go to Traverse Island in the first place. If there was a maiden he fancied there, he finally had the freedom to visit her as he wished.

He sighed. It wasn't the same for him. The location of the castle that the Queens reside in has been left unknown to the general public. But the Council's castle, everyone knew where that was. He'd heard tales of townsfolk raiding the Council's castle in search of their lost daughters, but have never found them. They ended up being caught by the Council and slaughtered on spot, without any consideration. If several people were unable to find where the young girls were taken, then they had to be located elsewhere.

"You okay, Roxas? You seem lost in thought." His father's large hands shook him back into reality.

"Oh… I'm sorry. I'm fine," he said, shaking his head to clear his thoughts once again. If this was going to happen to him often, he wouldn't enjoy it.

"Let's go inside, and we can get yourself situated into your room. It hasn't changed much in the past decade you'll see, but we made sure nothing in there collected dust or anything," his mother rambled on, leading the family inside.


Roxas picked up the lid to a box of possessions he has kept over the years. His mother was right, there was no dust whatsoever on the box. It was as if he had opened it up yesterday. The box was wooden, a medium brown in color, with swirls, leaves, and apples carved into the sides of it. It once belonged to his father, who crafted it when he was young. There were many figurines of knights and princesses placed neatly in the box. They once belonged to his mother, but he had taken an interest in them, so she passed them down to him. In the bottom of the box was a folded piece of yellow parchment. Roxas gasped softly, picking it up and unfolding it, revealing a drawn picture of him and a young girl with blonde hair. She was dressed as a princess, stuck in a tower, and Roxas was drawn as a knight in shining armor, riding his noble steed up to the tower to save her.

"Naminé…" he sighed, running his fingers over the paper with her illustration on it. How dearly he missed her. If only there was hope for saving her…

"You know, Roxas, there is hope for Naminé," an old man's voice said behind him.

The young man jumped, craned his neck around, and saw an elderly man dressed in a long blue robe and tall, triangular hat. His skin was a pale white, and he wore a long beard going to his mid-torso. He wore spectacles and had gleaming dark eyes. This man was obviously a wizard, or a sorcerer, that was for sure. But he didn't know at all who this man was.

"Who are you?" he asked cautiously, standing up to meet eye to eye with the wizard.

"I am Merlin," the elderly wizard replied.

Merlin? The great wizard from the Old Court back when the Kingdom of Twilight was in its golden years? This couldn't be happening! "Why are you here, Merlin?"

"There is an old prophesy that states a man that shines like the rays of the sun will liberate the Kingdom of Twilight, ridding the land of our evil oppressors."

Roxas shook his head. "What's that have to do with me?"

"Your friend can still be saved. She hasn't been put on the throne yet. Instead, until Queen Althea's reign ends, she has been locked in the dungeon of the Queen's Castle," Merlin explained.

"How am I supposed to find the Queen's Castle? Several people have tried discovering it, but it has never been located."

"It is in the lands of the Far North, in a region called Oblivion. It is a very dangerous journey, and only the Council, with their magic, have been able to cross such cold and mountainous terrain."

"But I can still save Naminé if I'm able to cross the lands of the Far North?"

"Yes. But you must hurry." Merlin conjured up a map of the Kingdom of Twilight. "You are right here," he pointed to the southeast corner of the map, next to a mountain range and a short stretch of plains. "You want to travel north in a westerly sort of manner. Follow the Paopu River and it should take you to the northern border of the Kingdom. Along the way, you should stop in the towns, but be careful; the Council patrols the areas often, so you want to make sure that you keep as low of a profile as possible. If they find out about your quest, you will be put to death on the spot. After the river ends, the terrain gets much rockier and dangerous, and several different kinds of monsters lurk. Your encounters with them will become more frequent the closer you get to the Queen's Castle. When you reach the region of Oblivion, you must follow the mountains north. Tucked between two mountains in the very north of this range lies the Queen's Castle. Keep a watchful eye; it is difficult to spot and is heavily guarded by hidden soldiers serving the Council."

"How am I supposed to remember all of that?" Roxas asked, pacing the floor as he attempted to memorize the directions.

Merlin handed him the map. "This map is magical. It'll help guide you to your destination."

Roxas nodded. This was his one chance to bring Naminé back. He could finally see her again, something his heart yearned for. "I will save Naminé, and bring down the Council."

Merlin nodded gravely. "I know you will. I have faith in you." He took out his wand. "Now, I really must be going, but before I leave, there's something you must know."

The young man looked at him quizzically. "What is that?"

The wizard gave him a serious look, "Never stray from the path." And with that, he dematerialized in a cloud of grey smoke.

Roxas looked once more at the maps. It sounded easy enough, and with his ten years of training in the royal army, he seemed confident in his abilities to rescue his childhood friend. So he left a note on his bed for his parents. It read:

Dear Mother and Father,
I am delighted to be back at home once again, but I was visited by a certain wise wizard, and he told me my childhood friend of long ago still has hope to be rescued. I plan to do just that. I don't know how long I'll be gone, or if I'll ever return, but I have to do this. She is extremely important to me, and I will be regretful the rest of my life if I do not save her. I love you both, and I hope you understand.
Your son,

After packing a few provisions and mounting his horse, the young man felt as if he were ready to leave. It was about eleven o'clock in the night, and the moon was full and bright. The tiny twinkling stars illuminated the sky, and combined with the moon, it gave Roxas enough light to see where he was going. Roxas hated leaving his parents with only a goodbye through a note, but he didn't know how long this journey could take him, and knowing that Naminé was nearing her time on the throne, he didn't want to dawdle very long. He had to make haste, especially if he wanted to make sure no harm comes to Naminé. He had no time to lose, that was for sure.

Roxas pulled out the map. It was definitely magical; other than Merlin's guarantee on it's magical abilities, one could obviously see it was, due to the fact that a red path was traced on the map to help guide him through the Kingdom of Twilight. A little blue dot moved every time he did, making the knight assume it represented him. This was a wonderful item to have. It was probably the most beneficial thing he could possibly ever have with him. He pondered the thought of what might happen if he ever lost the map. Not wanting to think of the consequences of losing it, he shook his head, clearing his mind of the negative thoughts, and glanced at where his first stop was.

"Let's see here, if I go straight north, I should find myself in a town called Brightcrest. Seems friendly enough," Roxas said to himself, tracing his finger along the path. He estimated the distance to be only a couple of miles, which pleased him. He could probably pick up some information in Brightcrest.

As he rode his horse into the town, it seemed eerily quiet. No one was out on the roads, and only a few lanterns lit the path into Brightcrest. He could only hear the clap-clap of the horse's hooves and his breathing. Something wasn't right…

"Halt! Who goes there at such a late hour?" a voice projected from behind, nearly startling Roxas of his horse. "I want a name, got it memorized?" the voice said again aggressively.

"My name is Roger," he lied, but continued holding his ground. "I'm just riding through to… meet some relatives."

"At this hour? Highly unlikely," the man's voice said. He stepped forward, letting the lanternlight shine its pale light on him, revealing a figure in a long hooded black coat. It almost looked sinister. "Don't you know that the Council demands all civilians off the streets by sundown? Now tell me, Roger, what is your true reason for passing at this hour?"

Roxas didn't reply.

"I notice you are carrying a quality sword on you. How about this: we duel to get an answer out of you. If you win, I'll believe what you said. If I win, I demand the answer I'm looking for out of you, then I have you tried false testimony."

Roxas stifled a sigh. He nodded, knowing there was no other way to get out of this predicament.

He could feel the man smile as he pulled out his sword. Roxas did the same, climbed off his horse, and got into his fighting stance. It shouldn't be too hard right? He had been in the Royal army for ten years. He certainly knew what he was doing. But this man, did he have more experience? How was he supposed to know how long the man was a part of the Council, let alone how the Council trains its men?

The mysterious man's first attack got Roxas by surprise. "Come on, Roger, don't make it easy on me."

The knight gritted his teeth and ran straight forward hacking and slashing at the man. The cloaked man dodged quite a bit of his hits, but after a blow to his shoulder, he fell to the ground, releasing the sword from his grasp.

"Of course I wouldn't make it easy for you. That wouldn't be any fun, would it?"

The man laughed, then proceeded to stand up and pull the hood off his head. He had a long, spiky, red mane and piercing green eyes. "You're better than I thought you'd be, Roger. Guess I have no choice but to believe what you say." He gave a smart smile. "Though someone like you wouldn't have put up such a great fight just to see some grandmother. I believe you have a greater quest in your hands."

"You're right; I do," Roxas nodded seriously, secretly surprised he revealed the truth to a Council member.

"You are an interesting person, aren't you?" the man said. "Now that you have admitted to lying about your reason for being here, how about your real name?"

Roxas lowered his eyebrows for a second, then relaxed, "It's Roxas."

"Ahh, I see. My name's Axel, commit it to memory," the redhead said, turning around and raising an arm.

"Why should I need to commit your name to memory?" he shouted over to Axel, who was pulling another horse into sight.

"Because I'm coming with you. I like a guy that has his heart in the right place," Axel said, climbing on his horse.

"Wait! How can I trust a Council member like you?" Roxas asked, quickening his horse's pace to meet Axel's.

The Council member laughed like a hyena. "You think I would be loyal to a bunch of creeps like them? As if! I've been working to overthrow them for years, and something tells me that your odyssey has something to do with that."

Roxas was surprised by the amount of information Axel knew just by looking at him. Was he that much of an open book? "Well, we best be headed if we want to reach my destination-"

"Which is..?" Axel interrupted.

"North. To the far reaches of Oblivion."

"Ahh, I take it you're looking for the Queen's Castle up north?"

"Yes. Have you been there before that you may know the way there?" Roxas asked, hopeful that he would have a guide if he would ever lose the map Merlin bestowed upon him.

"Nope. I've only been in these southern lands. I've only heard bits and pieces of information from eavesdropping on other Council members," Axel explained.

"Oh… I see." That's unfortunate. "Anyway, if we keep following the Paopu River in a northwest direction, we should reach our next city, Oath Keeper City. From there, we could choose to stop in the towns following Oath Keeper City, or just bypass them as a whole and travel along the mountains all the way up until we hit the region of Oblivion. What do you think, Axel?"

"Travel along the mountains. With the towns all heavily guarded, we'll make it a lot easier and faster if we skip them as a whole, other than the city. We should gather supplies there."

Roxas nodded. "Now that we've chosen our path, we mustn't stray from it. Merlin's words. He says bad things happen if we stray from the path." He shook his head, trying to clear his mind of the negative thoughts. "Anyway, shall we get started?"


Oath Keeper City was overflowing with people; it was obvious that it was the most populous settlement in the Kingdom of Twilight. It rested on the side of the hill, and determining from the styles of houses, the richer lived higher up the hill, and the social classes descended along with the hill from there. At the corner of the city was a mysterious tower, peeking above the other houses and churches in the area.

Roxas and Axel rode into the slums, where poor peasants lived, with skeletons that seemed to peak through what little meat they had on their bodies. As they galloped through the filthy, grimy streets, the peasants crawled out from their homes, staring hungrily at the fully fed horses the two men rode upon. This is absolutely preposterous. Nobody should live this way.

They traveled out of the slums and to the middle-class area, the center of the city, where the marketplace was. "Follow my lead, Axel," Roxas whispered, and with that, he got off his horse and proceeded to steal bread and fruit from a man's cart. Axel caught the hint immediately and proceeded to chase the blonde through the market, yelling harsh words as he "attempted" to catch the thief. Roxas quickly climbed up on his horse, and rode away from the market, while the Council member followed him out of the market. After they were far enough away, the two laughed and celebrated in their plunders. They now had enough food to last them the journey.

"Hey, Axel, look at that tower in the distance," Roxas pointed west to the tallest building in Oath Keeper City.

Axel squinted his eyes against the sun and noticed what was pointed out. "Looks like an interesting enough of a place. Let's go there, see if anything, or anyone, is there."

When they reached the tower, Roxas noticed something strange about it. It didn't stand up straight. Part of it was crooked, which struck him as quite odd. Shrugging his shoulders, he put the eccentricity past him and opened the door. Immediately before the two men, there was a spiral staircase, leading up to who-knows-where.

At the top, a man that had a similar, but more serious, appearance as Merlin. He sat at a desk with books piling on the surface. Surrounding the elderly man were windows that were carved to look like the moon and stars. It was simply amazing.

"Come here," the man said monotonously.

Axel and Roxas felt nothing else but to obey his command.

"Roxas and Axel. You come here to seek wisdom and power, do you not?" he asked.

Roxas was the one to speak up. "Actually, sir, we just found this tower out of mere curiosity."

The man shook his head. "You may not know it, but the true reason for coming upon my tower was because you sought power and wisdom, something I may be able to grant to you."

The knight and the Council member remained silent.

"I am Master Yen Sid, one of the highest wizards from the Old Court. I possess magic that can benefit you young travelers." He looked at the younger of the two. "Roxas, approach."

Roxas obeyed.

Yen Sid summoned a weapon that resembled a giant key with a crown silhouette carved into the blade. "This is a weapon of the elders, used by great people with strong hearts back in the Golden Age." He handed the key to Roxas. "It is called the Keyblade, and its powers shall help you through even the greatest of troubles."

He proceeded to look at the redhead. "Axel, step forward," to which he obeyed. "You are like fire, strong, yet quick to temper." He summoned up a pair of fiery chakrams. "These should be able to channel your inner powers as you go on your journey with Roxas."

Axel spoke, "That was the power part of it, right, Master Yen Sid? So what wisdom do you have that you may grant us?"

Master Yen Sid crossed his arms. "The journey you two are going on will have a great effect on the fate of our kingdom. There will be times when you doubt even your own strength. But remember this: your hearts are capable of producing a light that could illuminate the entire world a thousand times over. Strength of heart is your most important weapon." He took a deep breath, giving a pause in his speech. "Now go, you destiny awaits you, Roxas; Axel."

The two young men nodded and left the tower, heading past the towns and toward the Destiny Mountains. There, the climate grew frigid and cold, and food was growing scarce. Thankfully for Axel's new fiery powers channeled, they were able to easily conjure up a fire to warm the both of them. Night was approaching, and before the two fell into a slumber, they had one last chat.

"So Roxas, what exactly is your business up in the reaches of Oblivion?"

Roxas warmed his nearly-chapped hands by the fire, "The person I care about most is there. She was taken away from me when we were young."

"You mean Naminé, the next Queen?"

He nodded.

"What was she like?"

"Well, she was always shorter than I was, with light blonde hair and blue eyes that could light up a room. She was always seen drawing something, and we would run through my father's apple orchard, playing a bunch of games. She was understanding and kindhearted, like an angel." Roxas felt his heart tug when he remembered sweet, gentle Naminé. He hoped and prayed with all his heart that she was still safe, that there was still time.

"She sounds like a perfect match for you. It's a shame they had to take her away from you." Axel lay down, folding his arms behind his head to act as a pillow.

"But we'll get her back, I just know it," Roxas said drowsily, and he closed his eyes as sleep washed over him and his surroundings faded around him.


"Roxas!" Axel's faint shouting rang in his ears. "Roxas! Get up! The map! Where's the map?"

Roxas groggily awoke, rubbing his eyes and stretched, "The what?" he asked drowsily.

"The m-a-p. Got it memorized?!" a frantic Axel yelled, scrambling to find it.

"We lost it?" he asked, worried and feeling his heart leap into his mouth while his stomach did acrobatics.

"What do you think I've been saying for the past two minutes?!" Axel yelled at him, fire blazing in his eyes.

After searching for what seemed to be an hour, they stopped and concluded that the wind must have taken it, and there was no way to find it without wasting any more time than they already did.

"Guess we have to go without one, don't we," Roxas huffed, feeling the negative thoughts cloud his mind like an oncoming storm. No matter how much he shook his head, they wouldn't clear out.

After traveling in the direction the guessed would be the right way, they concluded that the region of Oblivion was practically impossible to navigate; with it's thicker-than-porridge foggy horizons and occasional snow storm. With every step, Roxas and Axel felt they were farther from their destination.

"Are you sure we're even going the right way?" Axel shouted over the wind.

"Not at all," Roxas admitted. In the background, they heard hissing and other strange noises they've never heard in their lives.

I wonder if that's the monsters that Merlin warned me of? he thought. It must have been, because dark creatures with glowing yellow eyes emerged from the fog, flanking them at all sides. Some were larger than Axel and Roxas combined, bearing huge teeth. It was unlike anything either of them had ever encountered in their lifetimes.

"Heartless!" Axel shouted over to Roxas. "I've only heard legends about these creatures. Looks like they're more than just legends after all. I've been dying to fight these things for years!" He gave a sinister smile and charged at the Heartless, summoning his chakrams and channeling his inner powers, eliminating the creatures on spot, but more continued appearing. Roxas did the same, and it seemed as if forever and an eternity passed until the army of Heartless stopped appearing.

Both men were badly beaten and covered with blood. Axel pulled a couple potions out of their supplies and handed one over to Roxas. "It might taste a little strange at first, but you'll get used to it."

He nodded and drank the green liquid. The aftertaste reminded him of the medical concoctions his mother forced him to drink when he was ill. But after drinking it, the pain was lifted and his battle wounds healed over as if they were never there. It was amazing, the strength of the potion. Now, both of them were healed enough to continue traveling to the Queen's Castle.

The farther north they got, the harder the wind blew and the snow fell. Several times, Axel attempted making a fire in his hands, but the wind constantly snuffed out the tiny flame. Soon enough, Roxas' fingers started turning a sickly white color; it wouldn't be long until they were frostbitten. Still, they continued forth, looking for a castle that never seemed to appear.

Finally, peaking from behind the Destiny Mountains was an almost transparent-like building hard at first to spot, but Roxas' eyes could soon easily see where the castle started and ended. For others, though, it wouldn't have been so easily spotted.

"Do you see it?" Roxas whispered to Axel, lifting a finger in the direction of the castle.

"Barely. But I know that the castle is heavily guarded. We can't just waltz into the front entrance like we belong there. We'd have to find a different way around. Do you see a secret passage or anything?"

He squinted his eyes, but could see a small cave-like opening in a nearby mountain close by the Queen's Castle. If his observations were correct, that cave could hold the passageway to the interior of the castle. But the guards were probably nearby that, too… Still, it was their only option at the moment.

Once Roxas threw out the idea, Axel nodded and agreed. "I'll distract the Council guards for you, and you just focus on saving Naminé. Don't worry about me. I'll find a way into the castle and help you finish the mission."

Roxas nodded and quietly stalked over to the cave opening, waiting for the cue. Axel then loudly shouted, "Aye! Council members! A revolution is about to happen that's going to send you men up in flames," he smiled mischievously, forming a flame in his hands as he walked toward the guards.

The blonde knight ran toward the hidden opening, stopping for a second to look back at his friend. It was just enough time for a Council member to notice him and run in his direction. Roxas groaned, summoning his Keyblade and attacked the hooded man. This one must be a new one, thought Roxas. It didn't take long to take him down.

After eliminating the Council member, he crawled into the tight hole. Darkness crept over him, and he felt himself become more claustrophobic by the second. If Naminé wasn't in need of saving, he would have found the quickest route out of the twisting turning tunnels.Suddenly, the cave started opening up, and a grotesque-looking dungeon was in sight. And the weak, filthy, blonde girl chained to the ground was looking right at him.

"Naminé!" Roxas shouted, running up to her and grabbing her weak, shaking hands. Her eyes still had life to them, but the glow in them was faint. "Naminé, it's me, Roxas. Your childhood friend," he told her with desperation in his voice.

Tears filled her eyes, "Ro...xas…" she spoke faintly. There was remembrance in her voice, he could tell that, and as a muddy tear fell from her face, he knew she recalled him. They embraced, feeling the faint warmth their frozen bodies gave each other. It felt like eternity since they were together. He took her frail hand in his and kissed it gently. "You finally came for me."

"I wish I could have saved you back when we were children. You wouldn't have to endure such conditions," he sighed, feeling disappointment in himself for being so late.

"But you're here now, and that's all that matters to me..." A faint smile formed on her lips, and for the first time in what Roxas assumed to be years, she looked peaceful.

Suddenly, footsteps echoed in the distance, growing ever so louder with each step, sending shockwaves of alarm through Naminé's body. "Roxas, you have to help me. They'll take my heart and put me on the throne any minute now...!" She attempted to move, to get up and run with him, but the chain on her ankle sent a shock of electricity up her body, making her scream in pain. It was unbearable for Roxas to watch, but he didn't know what to do. If he attempted to break the chain, would the motion send more bolts of electricity up her leg? Would a possible booby trap go off? The possibilities were endless.

Before he could figure out a plan to free her, a man with blue eyes and pink hair came down to the dungeon, smirking evilly. "Looks like our little Queen has a visitor. Would he like to watch the coronation? It's definitely quite a show!" he laughed, binding Roxas' hands with a vine he had created out of thin air. The man released Naminé from her chains and kept a tight grip on her wrist as he led the two up to the throne room.

Every room they passed through was blindingly white, like sunshine reflecting on freshly fallen snow. In the throne room, a few Council members dressed Naminé into a giant, poofy, white dress, sparkling when the light hit it. A dress that would have looked stunning on her if not for the condition she was in. Then, they forced her into the crystal white throne and bound her there with chains of the same material, entwined with red roses.

She looked so helpless, so much in pain, that Roxas didn't know what to do. His hands were tied, so it wasn't as if he could just summon his Keyblade and attack the pink-haired man. It wasn't fair. He came all this way to save the one he loved and some vines tied around his wrists were stopping him from doing anything. It was pathetic.

"Now, young man," the Council member smiled, "we normally do the coronation ceremony, but a Keyblade wielder should have the honor to perform it." He kicked an evil-looking Keyblade towards Roxas and cut the bonds from his wrists. A sort of magic overpowered the blond male, forcing him to pick up the weapon that will remove his beloved's heart.

No... I'm not going ruin Naminé...! They can't make me do this! Roxas gritted his teeth, forcing every muscle to resist the Council's manipulative powers. Then, something in Roxas' heart started burning inside of him, as if it were on fire. A blinding light illuminated the room, making the Council members fall unconscious and the chains on Naminé's arms and legs to be broken.

Just then, Axel comes bursting into the room, chakrams on fire. "I see I came in the right time, didn't I? Didn't steal Naminé's heart did they?"  When Roxas shook his head he smiled. "Let's finish these creeps off for good."

Roxas nodded, and summoned his Keyblade, finishing their lives and beginning a new golden era.


Roxas pulled away from Naminé's kiss, signifying they were now husband and wife. The happy couple walked out of the cathedral, and was later met by his parents.

"I can't believe the day you came back from the army you had to leave us again, and risk getting killed!" his mother exclaimed with a worried look on her face.

"I had to, mother. If Naminé was put on the throne because I decided not to make the journey, I would have never forgiven myself."

Ventus came up to hug his brother, "It seems like you finally got that happily ever after you wished for, Roxas."

It was very true. After he and Axel took Naminé home, they lead a revolution against the rest of the Council members. Many former militiamen they worked with were at their side, putting up a good fight. One fierce battle led to the extinction of the Council, as well as the end of the Kingdom of Twilight's dark days.

"Not quite yet," he replied. And turning to Naminé, he asked, "My beautiful wife, our kingdom is in need. There was a prophesy, mentioning a man that shines like the sun's rays putting an end to all the evil in the land. I really believe that prophesy spoke of me. Yen Sid and Merlin agree that I would be best suited for the throne, to continue leading the kingdom back into the light. But I said I'd only be king if you were my queen."

Naminé handed him a folded piece of paper as an answer. He opened it up, and inside was a drawing of her and him, dressed as royalty, happily ruling over the kingdom.

"I'll take that as a yes."

And so Roxas and Naminé were crowned king and queen, and a new golden era was once again established for the Kingdom of Twilight.

And they all lived happily ever after~

The end.
*Giant trumpet fanfare!* I'm proud to present my 100th deviation~!!!

This idea came into my head awhile ago. It was one of the many ideas I had for my 100th deviation, but I thought this one would be the best. RokuNami was one of my first KH pairings that I really really really loved. It has a special place in my heart.

I picked one of the 100 Themes for my 100th deviation because, well, my name is in it! What better way to have the big 100 than to make it personal? XD

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Anyway, I hope you like it! Fantasy stories are always fun to do~ Sorry for the length, I thought it should be extra long (in my standards, at least) since it's a milestone deviation~

Roxas, Namine, Ventus, Axel, and all those other characters belong to Square Enix.
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