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Similar Deviations
A new evolution of my signature pistol, the Predator Omega. This is the fourth render step in the project.
Rendered in Blender 2.61 using Blender internal render engine.

Comments and critique are always more than welcome!

Weapon specifications (Obviously fictional.)

Maximum projectile muzzle velocity:
~10,000 feet per second.
Maximum muzzle energy:
~15,000 Joules.
Maximum effective rate of fire:
1,320 rounds per minute.
Maximum effective range:
Maximum projectile temperature:
~3,100 degrees Fahrenheit.
Weapon recoil at maximum design limits:
Dangerous to human hand and arm bones.

Weapon operating principals:
The idea behind the Predator weapon is that of a gravity well projectile accelerator.
In theory inside the barrel of the weapon some form of matter capable of manipulating gravity would be used to produce a gravity well along the inside of the barrel, this effect being used to accelerate projectiles to extreme speeds.
Also inside the barrel are four spiraling metal rails; these rails serve to apply spin to the projectile for gyroscopic stability, as well as being used to apply a large amount of electrical current to the projectile as it travels down the barrel. This charge can heat the projectile to a nearly molten state, depending on the metal being fired and the charge rate of the rails.
The weapon's magazine is designed around a compact mass transfer device, capable of feeding ammunition into the weapon from a remote storage location through an interdimensional.
Finally, on the outside of the weapon are several vent ports. These are used to vent liquid nitrogen around components of the weapon that become hot during operation; such as the barrel, power supply unit and mass transfer system.

Yes, I know that with these specifications this weapon is completely impractical, would likely break the arm of anyone firing it, and could very well be in defiance of multiple laws of physics.
And that's why I love it so much.

All model and texture credit to me, excluding the base salt flat texture; which was provided free of charge by a community Team Fortress 2 mapping site.
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The Serleon MSG-213 Fox. Produced at Berlion Arsenal. The Fox is a personal defense weapon used primarily by special operations teams and guard personnel. The Fox is notable in it's ability to seemingly negate recoil. While there is of course some recoil, it's negligible to the point where a person could fire it one handed fairly accurately. The system behind this is a well kept secret and is unique to the Fox. Attempts to open up the gun result in a fail-safe causing the insides to essentially "explode" out of the gun, rendering it useless and impossible to reconstruct into a working weapon. This system, combined with it's small frame and 50 round helical magazine make this weapon truly deadly in the hands of a skilled shooter.

A reworking of the old Fox design. Also still a semi work in progress, so will be making changes here and there.
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United Systems of Janus [link]

Trinity M5 "Apollo"

Simple laser pistol - powerful, accurate - but bad option against armour or shields. Integrated laser sight. Primary pistol of United Systems Navy's officers/

Producer: Trinity Industrial Corporation
Energy supply: SPC-type energy cell (25 normal pulses; 10 high-power pulses)
Gain medium: terradium gas (red laser)
Rate of fire: Semi-automatic
Effective range: 100m
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VS-26 Coyote Depth Frame.

The darker the color, the closer to the center of the rifle.

The brighter the color, the farther from the center.
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This is a heavy assault weapon conceptualized by =ImpendingEternity that I have recreated as a 3D model in Blender 3D (v 2.59). The top rail system can support (Stated by owner) 200+ different attachments, so I will most likely edit the image with a line-up of models with attachments on them.(Done)

This is the base model, any errors pointed out by the owner will be fixed, and the textured version will arrive afterwards.

Weapon Statistics:

Poly Count: 32080
Face Count: 34012
Time Spent on: 8-9 hours

Go here for more awesome models: [link]

Changelog: (An artist is never satisfied)
Added attachment image.
Made the image alittle better.
Added green tint on the scopes and sights.
Fixed the red laser (leftmost attachment) to make more visible

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Added some colour and more details. 3dsMax.
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This is a gatling type plasma weapon, it's highly inspired from UT99's Pulse gun, and it's supposed to work in a similar way. Fast repeating plasma balls and a central constant spiral beam.
Here is the design concept:…
<da:thumb id="192674584">
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OK and this is my left over equipment for my Gundam Alexia.
For my friend suggested to me that he looks too lean and I made this!... He became bigger than ever! :jedi::jedi::jedi:

I think this equipment was used in offending earth federation's fortress and inburst the atmosphere....:D

I described about the Apara Equipment in this pic, also you can check whirling animation here: [link] and my original designation 3 years ago here: [link]

And if you noticed, X12 has triggers rotated inside the gun body, also X11 could be drawn beside his arms... and about "apara hana", maybe this name means flower in the mortal world, which 3 thrusters at its bottom seemed not cleary shown in the rendering. Also it's extremely long, also not distinct in the viewpoints. :D
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Damn! This one took ages to render all parts! =D

....but was lot of fun =D

Ok, here it goes. This gun from :iconthe-last-dragon-kni: is a kind of laser pistol that can receive all kinds of modifications to become... well... anything, from a laser shotgun (rotating laser in 180 angle like those grenades of Dead Space!) to a laser gatling, from a plasma caster to a precision rifle and so on...

I really got disturbed by the lack of different sights (red dot sight, iron sights, scopes...) in the gun description, but I believe it accept most of scopes and sights from other guns...

Here is a brief description:

The Beginner

Class: Laser Pistol

Ammo: Electron Charge Packs

Damage Per Hit: 10

Damage Per Second: 20

Spread: 1 inch per 10 feet

Description: This is a Stock weapon for Every Mixer, Though no two are the same, with over 4 dozen mods, They are fully customizeable, and can be made into anything from a Laser assault rifle, to a Laser cannon. Its inintal appearance is that of a Laser pistol with a Laser rifle, MFC Assembly (The ammo port) That fits Electron Charge Packs into it. But after enough mods have been installed, It looks liek a totaly new gun.

Health: Varries (100-10,000)

Mag: Varies (2 to 50)


Stock Mods: Short Stock (Like a RCW, Improves Acc slightly, makes it easier to Handel.) Compound stock (Mix of the RCW and Laser Rifle, Improves Acc Greatly, slightly slower to draw)

Barrel Mods: Long Barrel (Gives a longer ionizing chamber, making the lasers more damaging. 50%)


Multi Barrel (Ads a Gatling type barrel making the gun fire Much faster. 100% to DPS)


Split Barrel (Makes the laser a Shotgun spread. X3 to damage)


Plasma Tunnel Mod: Ads a Gatling Type barrel, But it dosent move, insted it fires 9 lasers in a circle, super heating the air Within the 'Tunnel' and causing a Ball lightning type effect to occur. (Only 1 Shot. Ads Plasma Damage, Ball Plasma depends on teh conditions. Like how much water or dust is in the air, More stuff, stronger plasma)


Laser Assembly (Aka Lenses): Finley Grained ( Glass lenses with a magnificent grain, But wares down very fast. X3 to damage X2 to Weapon degradation)


Endurance Lenses (Hard Plastic lenses, They are Dull but wont ware down as fast. x.75% to Damage, weapon degradation X50%)


Master Lenses (Only master Mixers can make these, They are Crystal lenses made of diamond, with an extreme edge. Giving a doubly powerful Beam)


Special Mods: Laser array Upgrade (Makes the Beam 3 times as thick, and ads an Overcharging effect. Makes weapon 5 times as strong, but east away at the wiring, and lenses at insane rates. x5 to damage 200% Weapon Degradation)


Wavelength Inhibitor (Colors teh Beams, From Red to Purple, Purple being the most damaging, But also doing more damage to the gun.)


Self Destruct (Ads a charger to the body, that when activated sucks all the power out of teh cell and begins breeding the energy for 20 seconds, when its completed the gun explodes with the force of a large plasma grenade with lethal effects)


Thumbprint lock/DNA Scanner ( Allows Only one person to use this weapon VIA Thumb print recongation, taken from an old lock and added to teh energt assembly. Later may be upgraded by a Master Mixer to a DNA lock.)

Ammo Housing Mods: Giga Capicter (Houses all the EC Pack's charge for one massive bolt, But degrades weapon at terrifing speed. X50 to Damage 1000% Weapon Degradation)


Micro Charger (Ads a Superconducting coil to the ammo housing, Makes energy much more efficient, Making the cells last longer. +20 to ammo count)


Body Mods: Heavy Frame (Using stronger materials it improves the guns health by 100%)


Collapsible frame (Using small latches and bolts it can fold the barrel if one is added, and teh stock if one is added into the body for easy carry and concealed carry)


Nitrogen Tank: Ads a Liquid nitrogen tank to cool the laser assembly and super cool the wiring and cause superconducting, Improving damage, ammo and durability. ( Ads 50% damage, +15 to ammo, 100% to weapon health)
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The Tensha Heavy Arms VA-6 Heavy Assault Rifle. Nicknamed "The Jackal."

The VA-6 is the workhorse of the Vredden military. Originally created as a replacement for the VA-4, it has undergone various upgrades and modifications and has eventually phased out all other rifles, taking it's current place as the standard rifle for all Vredden armed forces. The VA-6, despite it's appearance, is a very center-heavy rifle weighing in at an even 6 kg. Despite the thousands of attachments made for the rifle over the years and it's near perfect track record in the field in terms of reliability, it is slowly being phased out by the VA-7.

Has about 150 more layers that it actually needs and took about 6 months of redesigning OVER AND FUCKING OVER AGAIN. But yea, it's done. Fuck it. Enjoy. Drop a comment and let me know what ya think and where I can improve.

All is copyright of me.

For the awesome 3D version by :iconttrlabs:
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