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Alternately titled: Hulk Smash or Hulk + Puny God.

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Dubstep Hipster Cat Free to use



icon plz :icondubhipstercatplz:


More stamps here:
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That'd be the Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man. The whole name wouldn't fit...meh... See the vid on their site for more info. [link]
The stamp is possibly more annoying than the vid :D

Similar Stamp [link]

° Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man is from Family Guy which is a registered trademark of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

°Animation Info°
Made with: Photoshop and ImageReady
Time: 2 Hours
Frames: 16
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Better late than never^^

Changed name to HOT-CIDER ^^

Although I do must apologixe for taking sooooo long, you have no idea^^

I really hope :iconmy-valium: can forgive meT-T

off to the next commission^^
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Piccolo Fan Stamp. [Updated]

Best I can squeeze out of this inadequate gif format.

For a better version of this same stamp please go here: [link]

:thumb135290880: [Flash .swf format]


Dragon Ball Z ドラゴンボールZ - Piccolo ピッコロ Pikkoro © Akira Toriyama

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Yes I know I'm not quite the person to do stamps, especially ones like these. I had some muse to try this out, only because of today. :P Stamps are cute, I'll make them if I had actual inspiration. So sorry for it being so.. boring but I like it clean. Submitting this to a bunch of groups so I can get an opinion on how people like it.

But I'm in school today, right? I take AP World History, and if anyone doesn't know it's Advanced placement (college level) course a high schooler can take. So that's nice and all, and my teacher is someone who well... you can tell she's not deeply religious. She said she's had no religion before and she is not insulting in any way, I kind of find her funny, because I'm pretty much one of the only non religious people in the class (in the school too). She'll make little comments and her tone of voice is very funny when we talk about religion.

So we're talking about the Enlightenment period, and this was a time when the Catholic Church was under a lot of pressure. My teacher was explaining how the church really did use people for their money, was corrupt, and forced people into many religious wars. And then when the topic of the philosopher Voltaire came up (he was a huge critic of religion, calling the church ignorant and so forth) people in the class commented how he was gonna burn in hell and people like that are stupid.

So I'm sitting here thinking, and I think. "Wow, religion is a huge troll!" Thus, this stamp was born.

So many people die for their faith, so much corruption is in the church, so maybe people shove their beliefs down everyone's throat, even to extreme ways by killing them. The Crusades? Seriously. Why can't we have religious tolerance? Seriously, is it so hard to respect people?

This can be interpreted many different ways. So yes, this is my opinion! No, I don't have any problems with anyone religious :B I have many religious friends and respect those who are. This is my opinion.

edit: I'm getting a lot of group requests on this, thank you for those. xD
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I think this is from the second opening. I got the image from photobucket o3o; I only watched the first season of Kuroshitsuji. I have the second one but i havent started watching it yet, but i will soon <3 coz Kuroshitsuji is addictive~

This stamp isnt really my best, for some reason i feel theres something wrong with the animation... or maybe im just the one who thinks that way xD lol I hope it looks okay

Please comment and/or :+fav: before using, thank you! :heart:

Stamp template: [link]
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Similar this works :

Animated Version

For clear and big movie please go to here : [link]

"T-REX Breakfast Time, T-REX is the predator dinosaur is very fierce. and today it seems he was very hungry and looking for something that will be on its prey.

And this for my friends who like this dinosaur, monster or anything :D. and size of resolution 319x180 pixels.

Click the button for what meaning of this stamp

Credit of image on below ;
Character : T-REX from DAZ3D [link]
Background : speed painted and Manipulated by my me.

Done with poser8 and final touch with Photoshop CS5 also with my small wacoom tablet, and some animation with After effect CS5. :D

I made it as print (hope you choose it) ;). and This one without watermark but don't claim this as your. respect the hard works please. and If you just love it, request the print on Deviantart ;) .I need some points more to upgrade my membership on DA :D.

Please don't use this artwork to any purpose, without my permission, other than requesting print version.
The signature on image will be removed as soon as you send me a note to do so.
* For print orders: Price can be adjusted or negotiated, and before adding to wishlist. Thank you.
* And don't forget after :+fav:, please comments are always welcome from everyone :D

I hope you like this one

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