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Angry dinosaur aliens for the win!


Zuranians: A Reference

Species: Zuranian (Zur-aye-nee-ins) Zuranians plural. 'Dinos' as slang.
Homeworld: Zura
Language: Scree
Classification: Repto-avian

Zuranians firstly resemble a cross between a dinosaur and a bird. Standing around 7 feet tall, Zuranians are streamline and highly adaptive to their cold home. They are covered in a thick insulating layer of feathers; the colors are varied patterns of pale purple and blue, except on their feet, hands, and face, which are scaled. They also have a pale blue underbelly. The feathers are not waterproof, but rather designed to trap in warm air and hold it close to the skin. Off world Zuranians often get over heated because of this. Zuranians have a slim saurian head, with a mouth full of sharp fangs, similar to a dinosaur. Their top row of teeth often pokes down outside their jaws, and adds to the intimidation factor. All Zuranians have yellow eyes that are built to see the outlines of prey and clear vision for miles, similar to an Earth falcon or hawk. Their pupils are slitted. Zuranians also see in color with surprising sharpness, though they cannot see into other color spectrums. They have rather long necks and tails, their tails serving as a very important counter balance when both flying and walking. Their digigrade legs are very muscular, ending in wicked claws capable of slicing though flesh with ease. They have a ‘dewclaw’ on each foot, though this claw serves as an anchoring point to prey, and once jabbed in it’s very hard to shake them off. They have rather long, muscular arms ending in nimble, three digit hands. Their arms also function as wings, with their shoulders and torsos thick with flight muscles. They cannot fly as fast or quickly as a Rerack, but rather they are champion endurance fliers. Reracks will become tired quickly if they had to fly for even an hour, but a Zuranian can soar for hours at a time without any ill effects. Zuranians pretty much look identical to each other. The only way to tell a male from a female is to look at their colors. Males have a green crest, tail tip, and wings, while a female’s are grey. Males tend to be slightly bigger than the females, but females are rumored to be more vicious when provoked.

Zuranians are pure carnivores, eating a diet high in protein and fat. Zuranians prefer to prey on large cow-like mammals, though in times of bareness they will resort to fishing. Zuranians are quite clever hunters, working as a pack to single out and bring down their prey. They will usually fly above, then swoop down to break the backs of their victim, or sneak up on them on ground and attacking as a collective unit. Off world they have a difficult time with their diet, as pure carnivores they are limited by what they can eat without making them sick. So the ones that choose to go off world will usually invest in protein supplements or, if permitted, simply hunt for their own food. So thus you will not find a Zuranian hanging out on a world inhabited by a vegetarian race (which do exist), but rather found at Waypoint worlds and establishments where there will most likely be food to fit their diet. They rather hate sweet foods, and tend to avoid them when possible. They do however, enjoy more hard and bitter alcohol, and tend to enjoy things like aged whiskey over something like beer or mixed drinks.

Zuranians go about procreating much different than most active races in the galaxy. One of the big differences is that Zuranians do not partner or mate for life or long term. Instead, the females will choose a male whom they believe to be the most capable to support them, and they only stay together until the young are old enough to strike out on their own. They begin with a special ritual celebration that takes place about every 7-8 years, which includes a ritual hunt and dance. At the end of the evening, all the males will put on their spoils of war/victory and dance in a clockwise motion around a special fire, making a big racket. Their job is to look like the most eligible male they can be, so the more spoils of victory they own, the more accomplished they look. The females circle in the opposite direction and study the males carefully. As they are a society of ‘survival of the fittest’, the females make choosing the best male seriously; only the strongest will father strong children. So then the female will simple choose a male changing direction and dance with him. And then they simply break off from the group and go off to the female’s dwelling for the mating, which is something similar to reptiles. Homosexuality is pretty much unheard of on Zura, though same sex partners do probably exist, though they do not broadcast it like other cultures. The male’s job is now to keep the female fed as she waits out the two months it takes for the eggs to be developed. She will then lay 4-6 eggs, about the size of a soda can, on a bed of hides/feathers/cloth, anything soft and warm. She will curl around them to keep them warm for the next month; any exposure to the cold will kill them instantly, so it’s important that she never leaves them. The male will continue to provide for his mate until they hatch.

Zuranian chicks are born tiny and covered with a downy layer off soft feathers, resembling puff balls with legs. After being born, the mother will still curl around them, as being wet they stand the chance of freezing to death. But after an hour of drying off, they are able to face the cold by themselves. They both will now take the new clutch to the local priestess to be examined. Sickly and deformed chicks will be quickly killed, rather then waste time and energy to raise a chick that will mostly not survive anyway. It seems harsh, but the chicks that start off life so poorly will most likely not live to see their first birthday. Newborns learn to walk about a day after being born, though they will not be able to fly until they are about 4 years old. They will stay with both their parents; both of them will then begin to teach the clutch basic hunting and survival skills over the course of about 5 years. Here’s where having a skilled mate comes in handy, young that are taught by the best have a better chance of surviving the harsh world of Zura. Then when they are about 6-8 years old, the parents split off, and the young are sent to learn from the village teachers, from there on they learn a trade. They are considered full grown around 13 years old and if they are lucky, usually live to be 30. But as Zura is harsh and unpredictable, most Zuranians are lucky to make it past 20.

The native language for Zuranians is Scree. Scree is mainly composed of body signals along with growls, chirrs, and screeching in different patterns. Basic is rather difficult for a Zuranian to learn, as they are very dependent on body language to convey much of what they are trying to say. When speaking Basic, Zuranians have a gravely accent, and often speak with pauses as they search for the word to best fit what they want to express. Thus, Zuranians off world are rather quiet, not because they have nothing to say, but rather because they don’t know HOW to say something. Zuranians do not have a written letter alphabet, but rather use pictures to represent an object similar to hieroglyphics.

Zuranians are a Paleolithic culture of hunters totally unlike other discovered cultures in the known Galaxy. Their technology has never gone beyond stone tools and basic craftwork, and they have not even domesticated any animals in their homeworld. Instead they choose to live with their world, not against it by trying to dominate them. Thus, Zuranians can be compared to some Native American cultures, with blaringly obvious differences. Zuranians live in ‘clans’, large groups that can number up to about 100 individuals and contain several generations. The clan is headed by two individuals, a priestess and a warchief. The priestess acts like a soothsayer, appealing to the gods for a good hunt or asking advice for the future. The warchief is not always about war, though Zuranians fight among themselves fairly often. The warchief must also be resourceful and clever enough to take care of his people in times of crisis. Warchiefs come into power by challenging the current chief and defeating them, though sometimes a current warchief will pass his role on to a better candidate if they feel they are getting to weak or old for the position. Priestesses are chosen by rituals, where the gods will ‘choose’ a representative for them. Zuranian society is one of depending on each other tightly, without this they will not survive. So the clan is very tight, and punishment is swift on ones who disobey the rules. Zuranians are not a society of rules, but rather a code is set that is mostly unspoken. Things like you obey those who rank above you, when at war you do not kill children, ect ect. Zuranians are huge on respect, and if one feels that they were insulted by another, they have the right to challenge them for their honor. Every squabble is handled in a coliseum type area, not in the streets. There, under the watchful eye of the warchief and priestess, they will handle their dispute with vicious combat until one admits defeat or is killed. This often causes problems off world, an insulted Zuranian feel they have the right to gain back their honor, so they are often in the middle of several bar fights. Zuranians also consider native Zurakis sacred, killing or harming one often results in death for the harmer. This is because Zuranians are extremely suspicious and superstitious, According to legend; their god took the souls of unborn chicks and children and created Zurakis from them. So to kill one is pretty much the same as killing a child, which is a huge no-no for them.

Zuranians have no ‘real’ government. You can say the warchief is something like a dictator, where he acts as a judge, warlord, teacher, and lawmaker rolled into one. The priestess is almost always a female, as Zuranians believe females have a special connection to the Great Mother (their god), since they both are able to create new life. She acts as an advisor to the warchief, informing him if his decisions will find favor with the gods. Citizens are allowed to seek audience with the warchief and offer up suggestions or ideas to help better their clan, though it’s ultimately up to the chief to choose to act on it. Underneath theses two is people like craftmasters, teachers, religious leaders, and generals. Currently the chief selects a representative for Galactic Council, and usually that person is an accomplished warrior or artisan. Right now they are in a rather testy relationship with the Council in general.

Before Zura was discovered, it was pretty much alone, with no prior contact from any other race at all. When a portal opened up in the world, they made contact for the first time with another species, with predictably bad results. Since they are a Paleolithic culture, modern technology frightened them. Unfortunately for racial relations, the explorers who made contact with Zura didn’t follow the rules too well. Firstly you are not suppose to make contact with a race that didn’t reach out first, or a race that’s not advanced enough to be able to accept modern technology with ease. Secondly, you are not supposed to kill or take any wild specimens of life back unless you get express permission form native leaders. Since Zurakis are trusting, innocent, and covered with a thick soft beautiful coat, this opened up a brief illegal fur trade on Zura. Zurakis for a short time, were being poached for their fur or taken off world as pets, but it soon stopped when the natives found out. When a Zuranian representative showed up for Council wearing a coat of human skins, the practice of Zuraki poaching was essentially wiped out. Because of these incidents, Zuranians are extremely distrustful of foreigners or technology. At best another species visiting Zura can expect to be treated as ‘grudgingly put up with’, and at worst barred from a town. Despite their hatred of technology and people, some choose to go off into the world, mostly as hired muscle. Some of these Zuranians didn’t choose to go off world, since now Zuranians started up the practice of exiling people who go against the grain in their society.

Zura itself is a very harsh world. Once a lush forested world, it was knocked off its original orbit millions of years ago by a stray asteroid. Now it orbits much further from the sun, and it’s much different from its original state. Now it’s a world of ice and snow, never thawing out. Zura lost much of its original plant and animal life in that incident, and the remaining life simply changed to fit the new colder environment. Thus Zuranians evolved from the small tree dwelling lizard it once was to the large cunning predator it is today. Zura is mostly covered with small mountains dotted with large treks of frozen forests. Open plains separate these areas, being split up with the occasional large river. Zura has only one large body of water, a large dent caused by the asteroid that knocked them out of orbit. It’s now a huge freshwater ‘lake’ that is frozen over for most of the year. The rest of Zura is pretty much land masses. Zura has two moons, and is the only planet orbiting around their sun. Since Zura had a rather bad experience with other races, they choose not to trade or except trade with other planets.

Zuranians are a society that exists with the nature of things, trying not to work against it. You kill to survive and there’s nothing you can do to change that. They worship a creator God called ‘The Great Mother’, and several smaller deities based on things like hunting, craftwork, ect. Thus they are rather superstitious and religious, but it’s not always the case for off world individuals. They usually have rather serious personalities; after all they face the chance of not living to see another day on Zura. They also come off as rather surly and brash, not really someone to take amusement from random jokes. Though some individuals have been known off world to be lighter in personality, but its rather rare. As a race they favor honor, cleverness, and resourcefulness as desirable traits. Off world they use the strength to their advantage, finding themselves as hired muscle, mercenaries, and even smugglers. Despite their often brash personalities and savage habits, it’s good to have a Zuranian on your side.
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nice bike, really?
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No, Effi's not luring Gerine in to eat her :P She's a nice boa who only eats goats raised on her farm and just wants to make friends! I figured it was time these two get a picture together, since they're my main 2 reptile characters and both albino. I think it'd look neat colored, so you may see that one day when I have less to do x3 I kinda regret making the background a forest rather than a jungle-type setting. Maybe I'll fix that if I ever color it x3

FurAffinity Submission
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Just a sort of sketch of foxy girl in some sort of futuristic armor... Came out partially okay, but in some parts kinda... meh. Still, good test for my new pencil test and maybe idea to work more on later. Might add some colors later.
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one of the inhabitants of the forests and plains tribes in a story that so far exists only in comic shorts and pictures...once i get the stones to post them i'll do it, but for now, they come through in squeaks....

hehe did this one at work today too....
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I just love my new doggie ;3; <3
I gived her curled tail on this feral picture, but it felt soo right. Mayby the anthro picture, her tail comes shorter or someting i dont know x3

Now she has stolen teddy...i wonder who´s teddy that its?

All copyrights mine!
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A 20 :points: sketch commission for ~Scottidoggg his character Peta, Enjoy! :D
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Art (c) :icondocwolph:

Name: Latsana Retkurikro

Age: 905

Height: 10'11"

Weight: 1300 (due to denser than normal bones and muscles and altered body chemistry)

Species: Equestian Unicorn

Gender: Female

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Occupation: Former professional fighter and adventurer. Business entrepreneur and executive, (Onotos Health Corporation)

Special skills: Latsana is highly skilled mistress in countless martial arts and various methods of training that have yielded a body for her of hitherto unknown limits and capabilities. These arts of fighting includes several styles of grappling and extremely precise striking arts not unlike some forms of Karate or Kenpo. She is also master of at least two known forms of soft arts, similar to Aikido and Jujitsu. What little is understood of most of Latsana's training would have people believe that she spends much of her time masturbating. As she does not share her specific training crafts, all some can assume is that she also severely into lifting weights and stretching to and beyond her limits.

She is a highly effective, efficient and creative business owner and executive with one of the single most impressive investment portfolios owned by a single person yielding nearly a giga-credit every calendar year in profits. She has an enormous interest in the various ways a person and become stronger manifesting physically, but also mental and spiritual strength as well.

Powers or Unusual Abilities: As a Unicorn, Latsana is naturally nearly immortal. Compared to a typical unicorn, she is barely an adult in terms of longevity. Her years of fighting and training have developed a body for her of largely untested limits, but she has demonstrated the ability to move a nearly the speed of light for a few brief seconds, survive being dropped from orbit into the ground, and the strength to move of displace well over two planet tons (One Planet tons = 1 trillion trillion tons).

She is also an incredibly powerful magic user have near divine limits of power but has rarely made use of these powers as yet. To go with this vast mystical ability she also highly intelligent having rarely met a mental challenge she could not solve in a few quick moments.

Latsana is naturally a telepath and telekinetic but rarely uses theses abilities in combat but more as a matter of personal convenience. She can easily cancel lesser or equal psionics' abilities for long periods even against multiple powerful subjects with little effort almost indefinitely.


Limitations and/or Weaknesses: Latsana's biggest weakness in that she is not whole. She lacks her original horn, hence the glowing one hanging above her forehead. Because of the way it was removed she suffers from severe headaches from time to time, and her powers are actually greatly diminished, leaving her with barely a tenth of her true power. The lose of her horn is one reason why she relies more on physical power than her magic of mental powers.

She tends not to push herself, pointing to a possible lose of endurance if not strength and power, relative to her build. She appears physically lazy or even chronically tired but she has been in marathon battles to keep in shape lasting days on end.


Personal History:

Equestian Unicorns are born very infrequently, In fact the last one born was known as “Bang Toy” or Miyoshi before she disappeared. Latsana was born quite publicly as her family, a high ranking clan in Equestian society realized that they had a unicorn on their hands when a prenatal scan revealed the small bud of a horn months before her birth.

Latsana was a very advantaged child from the get go. Not only did her family have the best resources to which she could train and be educated. But also she had one of the most advanced set of powers yet seen in a unicorn, only Pegasus Orion, a unicorn stallion who ascended to godhood over 2000 years before was more advanced. Latsana herself has shown little interest in attaining such though most would define her as a demi-god as is.

As her education reached its end and all she had to look forward to was a very un-stimulating life of social climbing and aristocratic intrigue and aggravation, the young unicorn looked to adventuring and combat to satisfy her. Over the insistence and forbiddance of her parents and clan elders, she sought instruction in all manner of combat, coming to settle on a very comprehensive set of grappling and striking arts.

Next came magics. While Equestians have a mystic knowledge bested by a scant few races to include Aphkians, and of course Dragaseir. With her powerful mind, Latsana quickly assimilated all but the most obscure bits of Equestian Magics, Much of the most advanced and tightly controlled Aphkian Magics, but the Dragseir...

When it came to the Dragaseir, Latsana was unfortunate enough to fall into the control of Cliyapi, feared and reviled mother of Dragaseir immortality, devourer of draconic souls, the second of all overgods, Concort of Eclipse and wife to the Dragon of the Sun, and twister of fates. Latsana was taught everything the super ancient, dragon-goddess wished her to know and allowed her to battle to her hearts content... to a point...

When Latsana had just reached 300 years of age, her confidence was high and she challenged her teacher, Cliyapi. The dragoness publicly brutalized Latsana without ever raising any kind of an effort, punishing the unicorn for her hubris and false bravado. To cap off the brutal beating, which left millions who witnessed this with life long nightmares, Cliyapi tore the horn out of Latsana’s head and ate it like a bit of candy.

The Unicorn was broken but not beaten. Though without her horn her powers were radically cut, she was able to recover and form a new horn from her remaining powers. Using the new horn, made of pure power, Latsana focuses her powers through it to cause their growth and expansion. Only as of the last couple fo years has her powers recovered to the point she lost her natural horn.

But during the rise of the Leagues, Power’d, Mystic, Omega, and “Super” (a fairly new League being developed by Supers needing to pool their resources to bring up supers who can keep their way of life viable and relevant), Latsana saw who mere mortals were developing faster than she ever did, even with her real horn.

As part of her research into how this was possible, and in the hopes of recovering her horn or growing as she did before, she started a health development services Corporation, Onontos Health. This company specializes in the development of the techniques and technologies used by the leagues, from simple weight machines, bio analytical systems used to measure progress or diagnose problem, to the most advanced and powerful resistance and training systems, some of which actually had at one time challenged Rae Iksaki’s abilities.

The use of the equipment and training techniques, amassed huge amounts of data to further her efforts. But she needed more. Even using what she had gained, her growth was no where near as rapid as the likes of Rae Iksaki. It proved maddening and soon nearly collapsed into a total mental breakdown.

As a means to further her research, testing the results of several selected persons, not so randomly however, and to relax after learning what Master Serendoe, the former owner of the Power’D League had warned her of : Rae Iksaki is the ultimate power and the ultimate enigma in the universe.

Still she hopes to learn the secret of the might and rapid development of the contestants of her “Little” Bodybuilding contest and use that secret to regain her former glory.

It is also wise to note that no one has every challenged her and won. Even with her diminished powers, Latsana is still one of the most effective and unbeatable fighters alive. She however does not wave this fact into the faces of her challengers. It only serves to make enemies.


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The Day Coming
By: DCAshmore

Warning: Due to some sexual content, younger or objecting persons should not read the following.

The glowing shard of night solid energy that was the horn of the unicorn, Latsana Retkurikuro lit her study as she quietly stroked her heavy bosom to comfort herself, to avail herself of the still throbbing pain of having her horn ripped out of her skull as a willful young mare centuries ago. Powerful though not altogether huge muscles worked lightly as a gracefully styled and perfectly maintained servant droid gently combed her near ankle long mane and tail.

Her grim eyes, aged far beyond their years, looked down at the finely hewn and marbled floor. The lavish details and patterning filled her mind with some calm and peace. The trails of the past few months finally passed and while not fiully victorious, she was still whole if apprehensive.

Her diversion, a contest of feminine might, The Might of Maidens, was forced into a holding pattern because of her trails. Recalling them made her many ritualistic tattoos, all over her body, glow softly with vast mystical power.

She was nude leaning slowly to recline, as her droid pulled her mane and tail into a position that could more easily be serviced. She was the mistress of her own planet but she never longed for solitude. Still she had it. All powerful people craved a normal life, but privilege and power make that very hard. she rolled her head toward a far door in the deep chamber and whispered softly, "Chamaise... come here..."

In mere moments a comparatively tiny Oggremaren Fola strolled in as if summoned by a spell, almost as if out of thin air to walk into the room. Walking briskly but calmly and with aristocratic composure, it took the fola a good two minutes to reach her mistress.

"Mistress," Chamaise bowed lightly and the waist before looking up.

The unicorn smiled weakly trying to come up with something to say to her most loyal servant. Many times Latsana praised Chamaise and even bid her find a mate, but the fola never left her mistress. Unable to think of anything to really say she looked to the fola, "We are back in business. Some the contestants will be coming. Apologies will be sent out soon and a ringer will be invited as a judge..."

"A ringer?" the Fola knew with the term meant. she just wanted to know who the ringer was.

"Another time," Latsana rolled over a bit as the droid started messaging her scalp. "How are the contestants holding up?"

"They seem to be a bit put off by the lack of contact and the delays, mistress." Chamaise said recalling the underlying grumbling and complaints from user group forums...

"No doubt a few of them are more than a little upset," Latsana flicked her ears warding off an uncomfortable mechanical hand for a moment. "I imagine a few didn't make the cut?"

A monitor lit up near by but the unicorn did not look. It listed two who did not past, Bizzy and Rachel Titan. As if she were reading it, the unicorn curled a satisfied grin, "They will do nicely. ‘Invite’ them here. They will be useful."

"Yes, mistress," Chamaise bowed and left quickly.
Latsana reclined to lay atop her large breasts and sighed looking slightly at her own respectable physique. She was not wholly musclebound like her contestants, but she was mighty all the same. centuries as a fighter forged a body not matched until Rae Iksaki, blossomed, but decades of relaxed, decadent living had softened her muscles and gave up much of her definition but little of her power and grace. If nothing else, she gained a fuller bosom. Part of her was jealous that she did not have the body she built up for centuries but part of her bemoaned that having such a form brought her only grief and suffering.

It didn't matter much. This was going to be good and she was going to enjoy it fully...


Stretching on her ornate balcony overlooking her vast estate and wealth for the perch of her massive mansion, Miss Sangi had just had her amorous workout with her lovemate and plaything, a bronze colored Casid cougar named SilverFox. Their sexual exploits were legendary as much as their marathon encounters were frequent.

Known for her cheating ways, Ms. Sangi was always seen as a monster in any competition. She however had just been handed a temporary commission to teach in the Mystic League. Being that she really wanted to fight Makahn, the former men's champion of the Power'd League, and she being the current women's and inter-gender champion, having had that title literally handed to her after his quitting... She wanted to fight him to earn that title and maybe see just what the strongest most powerful person alive, Rae Iksaki, saw in a mere mortal like Makahn... With more carnal desires interwoven.

Silverfox was a limp, exhausted, cat, though his phenomenal male member was still quite firm throbbing hard as he tried to rest. But it hardened involuntarily as a seething red and ash grey horned cat strolled up to him. these horns crowned a gorgeous but wicked face as the unnaturally beautiful body gravitated to his swollen manhood. huge "torpedo" breasts splayed to wrap about the member as an annoyed voice growled sharply, "Don't even think it Jasa. His spent for the day and he is still mine."

The horned demoness instantly dashed into the face of the of Sangi smiling her "face full of fangs", "I don't even get to have the leftovers, you greedy slut?"

"Don't try me, whore," the red maned bitch pressed her face into Jasa's, "I'm not in the mood for buzzkill. What did you come her for?"


"Done. Now get out. I'm starting to loss my classic composure."

Jasa stepped back and in a flash was standing over Silverfox, her influence forcing his erection to strain painfully, causing him to grimace in pain as if it might explode. Veins standing out like wires. A gentle stroke, and the casid cried in pain as the demoness kept on going fading from view.

Sangi wasted little time going to relax his over expressing member and it's owner. Silverfox passed out in her arms as she applied relaxing strokes to the cat's manhood bringing down the size quickly.

"Oh now this is war, succubus."


"I never heard of her," the demon cat sighed thumbing through the catalogue of posing suits and bikinis, "are women supposed to wear these. I've seen more worn but nudists."

The Gym owner, a muscular bear with a thick mustache and beard stood by looking down on the demoness, "She used to be a good girl, so I'm told but she is a nasty one now. Tasted evil and got drunk on it."

"She's a succubus," Lenshana moaned, "She didn't taste evil... well maybe evil cock, but she got laid like not mortal should ever be. Anyway, she's not evil just perpetually horny."

"You don't say." the bear said enlightened now, "Learn something every day... Spot you?"

"You aren't strong enough to spot me, old timer," she said with a huff of arrogance.

"You'd be surprised, missy" the old bear curled up one of his massive arms and flexed the mass of steel hard cables and veins under fur. He took position behind the bar as Lenshana laid back on the bench and gripped it for a series of bench presses.

Ten reps in, the bear signaled for more weight and four large fellows, two horses, a lion, and a bull, dumped on three times as much weight. these eights were special. They have inertia motors, designed to increase their resistance to movement.

Lenshana suddenly found herself staring up at the equivalent of over million pounds as she pushed up hard. The old bear smiled as she pushed.

"Stop smiling you old pervert," Lenshana hissed as even more force was applied, a button push nearly doubling the effort needed to move the bar.

"I'll stop when you stop looking down on your elders, kid,"

"I'm a lot older than you, pops!" her voice cracked as she started to lose her concentration. the weights slipped with the sudden jerk she made to adjust it in her hands. but two huge hands caught the bar.

He easily held the bar and pulling it into place, "Easy there, kid."

Sitting up with a shot she glared at him, " What do you think you were doing? I had it."

"Maybe. Maybe not. I got it anyway. So which suit are you going with?" he asked smartly turning the weights off. Ten million pounds of inertia became a mere 30,000 pounds in seconds.

Lenshana looked at the old bear then herself in the wall mirror, seemingly mandatory in all gymnasiums. She was really among the least massive of the contestants only Rachel Titan had been smaller... She looked at the bear then turning her gaze away slightly, saying, "Which one do you think I look best in? With me fashion sense, I'm liable to pick something entirely wrong."

The old Bear smirked, "I'll tell about this little number my wife wore once to the lake... It was very little but tasteful..."


Rachel Titan had not really unpacked anything, sort of foretelling her own fate at this contest: she'd never even get on stage. This is a body building contest after all and she was not very large. Despite her powers she was really more of a fitness type and not a she-hulk.

She liked looking pretty for a while though she could never let it go long. She had her obligations... and that armor... It wasn't ugly and it did help in her battles, but she did envy the fact that many of her would-be competitors were just as strong dressed as undressed.

Looking at the return trip ticket, she sighed wanting to stay and at least watch the competition.

There was no way she could have competed in this contest... But wasn't some catwoman, named Kayja Laggi in the last one before it was shut down? Kayja was a paragon of athleticism, like Rachel, herself, a fighter... more like a pyrokinetic ninja.. still...

A knock came to the door of her opulent guest suite. Still a soldier, she grabbed her gun and hid it behind her back, tucking it behind her, in her belt, in her pants. She went to the door ready, "Yes. Who is it?"

A pair of clattering assemblages of concealed weapons unfolding, alerted her as she drew her gun, "Our boss would like to speak with you."

"Not interested." she said taking cover ready for them to rush the room firing.

A feminine, but frighteningly powerful and angry voice, grumbled something in a language she did not recognize. several more voices sounded compliant just before a thunderous and deafening palm strike shot the door off it hinges and across the suite to imbed in the far wall. Rachel readied to open fire as she peered around from out of the bathroom. A single massive, but graceful lapine female, wearing a fine kimono, with a sleeve ripped off to expose a powerful arm holding a huge smoking pipe stood there looking at her. Her apparent gun toting minions loomed menacingly just outside.

"I'm in no mood for negotiations. Get out here," the rabbit woman said sending a primal chill down Rachel's back. "You are going to help me find out why I wasted so much on my time for a contest that didn't happen, and what happened to my money."

Rachel, still tucked away in the bathroom, answered calmly trying not to little the sudden terror of this muscle rabbit show, "Your money? I don't follow..."

"My name is Chiuzo Kemono. I put over 500 giga credits into advertising and merchandising the last MoM across known space. Only 1 gig was spent and I want to know where the rest went." Chiuzo was calm but still undertoned with great fury.

"Do I look like some private investigator?" Rachel shot back sensing Chiuzo sitting on the bed. The creaking springs announced that this Chiuzo was gigantic and very heavy.

"You get to keep 2 gig of it if you find it."

"I read your file, criminal," Rachel, still hidden, was calculating a plan of action just as she here the bedsprings being relieved, "You are one of the most violent crime lords.."

"Crime ladies..." A thug corrected getting a glare from his boss.

"...ladies around and thanks to you training in the Power'd League, one of the strongest as well."

"So you understand that I could just walk over there a crush your little head," Chiuzo said low and menacingly, "But that would do no one any good. You are less than a thousandth as strong as I am without your armor so fighting me will do you not good. I'm offering an enormous payday for you..."

"With dirty money..." Rachel winced at sounding like some fictional police character.
"Forgiven." Chiuzo emerged in the bathroom doorway looking straight down at Rachel.

"Shit!" she raised the gun at Chiuzo.

"Watch that mouth of yours, bunny," Chiuzo said doing nothing to dissuade the weapon's aim. "That little thing won't hurt me. and even if you managed to get by me, a fully trained fighter and grappler, you still have a dozen veteran hitmen to escape. All of them ordered to kill you if you try to leave before I have an acceptable answer from you."

Rachel lowered the weapon. She was trapped. Looking up at Chiuzo she let a long exhale before speaking, "You can't trust anything someone tells you under duress."

"The hostess of this contest is a 900 year old unicorn. She's got plans for you already. This will give you something to look forward besides being used and tossed away..." Chiuzo's tone softened but was still vicious, but now not angry or ready to strike.

Rachel knew if she tried to back out she'd likely end up dead. More she could end up used and dead. Chiuzo was known for keeping her word. An "honest" criminal she'd been called. The most powerful one's usually were, they could afford to be.

"You don't seem quite like a crime lord..."

"Crime lady!" the same thug corrected from out in the hall.

Chiuzo smirked rubbing Rachel’s shoulders in that particular way that trainers and sports doctors did to assess a person's muscle condition, ' We lapine-types need to stick together. Someday soon we will make an Empire for ourselves to shame the Aphkei and the Assembly."

"With you as Empress?"

"I'm not here to discuss the aspirations of the greater Oliverian houses. So what is your answer."

Rachel's mind worked fast. The first thing was to have a list of enemies to be ware of . Chiuzo was number one. Next was to live to see the next hour... so she could cancel her ticket for a full refund. She looked at Chiuzo's exposed arm, Dear gods that thing is as big as my whole body... and she has two of them... "As long as I don't have to sign anything right now I'll do it."



Zee “The Ghost” woke up as Chamaise sat next to her in the back of the limo. The demonic dragoness had been drugged. Her body was sore as if after a serious fight but she was not bound or gagged.

"Okay, I know I said no..." Zee hissed as the much smaller fola looked away uninterested.

"You did but I was instructed not to except such an answer. Your aura was easy to control to defeat you."

Zee moped as she just realized she was stripped totally naked. her strongly athletic body was exposed and a certain modesty was all that was keeping her in the car. She wasn't going to go streaking unless she really wanted to. She was stuck. "Fine were are we going?"

"To see my mistress. Even though you will not be on stage. Your usefulness to her is not yet done."

In her personal training facility, Latsana knelt on a mat in the middle of it all messaging her breasts. It was a carefully developed exercise meant to perk up her generous breasts and make them firmer and more productive. It was a relaxing exercise for her as she gently kneaded the mass of her breasts firmly but evenly and smoothly. Such luxuriant breasts were meant to acquire a mate. But this was entirely for her own satisfaction.

Part of her mind drifted in ecstasy of a sexual nature as she heard, swiveling her ears to a chime of a monitor. A gray skinned amphibian alien appeared speaking respectfully, "The site is ready but there is a problem..."

"Problems are meant to be solved, Rondegon," Latsana half swooned half groaned not looking at the monitor. "What is it?"

"A large portal has appeared in the middle of the stage. Psychokinetic energy spikes are burning out our sensors..."

"It must be Jasa Kese. Her master, Tyr Khan, will not be far behind, I'll have the head of service arrange him quarters. As for the portal, call up a mage or something and tell them I need that magically mess cleaned up as quickly as possible. Opening ceremonies will be in two weeks and I have yet to hear anything from Fatima Iksaki, Glory, or Keiluko."

"I'll get to it immediately, mistress." the alien said and a chime announced his connection ending.

the Unicorn arched her back letting her breasts splay across her chest as she began to message her sex. She enjoyed this exercise meant to invigorate her loins and keep her satisfied and thusly less vulnerable to seduction or sexual distraction. It had other benefits but those were not on her mind as much as she might wish...

"It's all starting to come together now. Mmm... yesss.... I really could use a mate." Latsana chuckled as she continued.

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