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A young girl of the age of four
Sat silently on the kitchen floor
Eating cookies to her hearts content.
Unaware of any ill intent.

She ate until she could no more,
And quickly moved up off the floor,
She put her vice back in its stash
For her room she quickly dashed.

As she walked through the room,
She heard a voice mutter "doom"
Unsure of it she couldn't see,
What in this world could it be?

But the darkness made her blind,
No trace was there for her to find
So warily she kept on walking,
And silently it continued stalking,

Her heart raced as she peered,
Pace quickened as she steered.
Not stopping for any hesitation,
Kept heading for her destination.

In her room, door slammed shut,
Her imagination cought in a rut,
Of horrors recently conceived,
Monsters so vivid she believed,

Then as the  floor boards creeked.
Overcome she quickly peeked.
Nothing seen, nothing moving,
but the danger was ever looming.

But she kept staring,
Nostrils flaring,
Struck down by fear,
Horrible images did appear.

In her room, door locked shut,
In her bed she curled up.
Watching shadows on her wall,
Tightly clutching her favorite doll

She noticed something oddly prying
Something watching, something spying.
It started creeping towards her bed,
She stiffened with a sudden dread.

She shut her eyes so very tight,
Not sure if she'd survive the night.
She felt it graze her tiny arm,
Triggering every alarm.

And as she wished her mom goodbye.
She couldn't help but begin to cry.
Then the beast licked her little head
And she knew she'd soon be dead.

Then it let out a fearsom mew,
And finally she thought she knew,
So her eyes flung open wide,
To find her kitten by her side.
A suspensfull tale of a little girl and what took place during her late night cookie raid.
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~~~~Big day~~~

2D was sleeping soundly in his room when he suddenly felt a shaking on his shoulder. "Uhn?"  What was that? WHO was that?!  "Wot?...'o?"  He didn't open his eyes.  "...Stop shakin' me!"   A giggle sounded and the shaking stopped. Noodle.  "Noodle-luv...wot're ya doin' in meh room?"  He rubbed his eyes sleepily.   The young guitarist smiled. "It's big day today, 2D-kun!" She started to pull him up from the bed.  "You must get ready!"  2D blinked several times, trying to make up fast enough. "Wot?!"   Was it really the day to get married?!  A giant smile showed on his face. "Woo!" He sat up straight, ignoring the small pain from the still healing gash in his stomach.  Noodle jumped back in surprise.
"2D-kun.  I help you with outfit, yes?"  The singer smiled and nodded. "Yeah...sure ya can , Noods." He got up off the bed and slowly went to his closet, his heart beating quickly.  2D opened the door and stared at the dress with awe. "..." Shakily, he reached for it and smiled wide. "I 'ope dis wedding goes well..."  A feeling in the pit of his stomach said differently. "Ah well..m'sure everyfing'll work out jus' fine...right Noodle-luv?"  She nodded and bowed, adjusting her radio helmet. "Go on and put dress on, I want to see, yes?"
The young Asian was so excited for 2D that she was hopping up and down.  2D watched her and chuckled. "Wot? Ya 'avin' a seizure over dere?"  He joked.  Noodle stopped bouncing and shook her head. "Am just excited to be...part of wedding, yes!"  Although, it confused her greatly that 2D wanted to wear a dress.  He was male after all.  But she decided to leave it alone.  It's what 2D wanted.  

The singer asked Noodle to step out while he stripped and redressed himself in his wedding gown. He turned to his full sized mirror and looked himself over.  His face was bright red, making the dress look even whiter on him. It was beautiful.  Almost too beautiful, making him feel slightly self conscious.  His mind went blank for a moment, and he stood there, staring at himself in the mirror.  The strapless dress seemed to glow around him. "..."  He didn't even move until his door opened and Noodle stepped back in. "2D?  I brought something for you, yes?""  She set a bag down on the singer's bed, pulling out some fake roses and white dress gloves.  "This came with your dress.  I found it out in the carpark."  Noodle had no idea how it had fallen and gotten away from the other stuff.  But, that didn't matter now.  The blue-haired singer blinked a few times and walked over, picking up the decorated bag and looking in it.  The only thing that was left was a rosey ponytail.  He smiled and took it, walking back over to his mirror and fixing his hair, using said ponytail.  After doing so, he turned and looked at his hair and smiled wider. "So pre'y!" 2D's hair was now in a bob, making it look professional.    Noodle nodded and game him a thumbs up. "Kawaii!"  Her shirt sleeves fell loosely on her arms.  She really liked to wear clothes that seemed 4 sizes too big.  The shorts fit perfectly on her, but her shirts always were too long and big.  That's what made her cute.  When she put her hands down, the sleeves covered her hands.
2D chuckled and went over to the bed, grabbing the gloves.  He got a glimpse at the clock on his bedside table and his eyes went wide. "11:00 A.M.?!"  What was Noodle thinking?! Why didn't she wake him up sooner?!  "Ya shoulda woke meh u' 'bou' free 'ours ago!" He was frantic in putting the gloves on and pinning the roses to his dress and hair. "Why va 'eck didn' ya wake me u' 'round 8?!"  Noodle smiled. "Russel and I  already set up  park for  wedding. There is no need  panic.  The food, drinks, and cake will...get there in time, yes?"  

The blue-haired singer blinked a few times, calming down. "Wai' an' Russel did va arrangin'?" This made his eyes water. "Oohh...fank you!" He wrapped his arms around the guitarist, getting a surprised, yet happy squeak from her. "It okay, 2D-kun!"   The singer got up and smiled as Noodle pet at the frills on his dress. "Pretty..."   Her English was enhancing greatly. " Mu'doc rea'y, yet?  I wanna see'im in 'is tuxedo!" He made a dash for the door, but was stopped by the young Asian's quick hand. "No. You cannot see him yet, yeah? It is rules!"  She smirked and pulled him back down to the bedroom. "I want do your making up, yes!"  She clapped and pulled 2D down to the bed and grabbed a few things from her pocket.  A container of blush,  eye shadow,  lipstick, and a small dash of glitter. "O-Oh...Noodle, da's no' really necessary...bu' fank ya, lovely..."  But, she was persistent and held him down with one hand. "I got this...for you! You wear!"  Noodle pouted and took out the blush, dabbing it with the brush, and slowly and gently, she added a tiny amount to 2D's cheeks.  It brought attention to his eyes.  But what didn't?  
Putting the blush up, she took out the eye shadow and sighed. "Close eyes." He did so as she brouth the eyeshadow brush to his eyes and gently added a bit of purple to his eyelids.  It only made his eyes even more noticeable, but that wasn't going to change, so there was nothing to worry about. The lipstick was brought out next and 2D opened his eyes. "Uhh...I fink I can do vis, fanks.."  The singer took the container of lipstick and stood up, going to the mirror.  And, taking his time, he added a small layer of red to his lips.  Rubbing his lips together, he made sure that it was evenly layered on each lip.  After doing so, he turned to the bed and saw Noodle with an opened container of glitter. "...Noods...I really don' fink I need dat..."  Again, he was ignored and Noodle flicked a few pinches of glitter on his dress.  "Pretty!"  

After getting dressed up, the singer smiled at himself in the mirror.  Damn, did he look like a girl.  His eyes flashed over to the calender and he realized something, making his face flush. "...Noodle...Ih's Valen'ine's Day..."  His arms dropped to his side and he squeaked. "I'm...gettin' married on Valen'ine's day!"  He hadn't realized that the wedding date was schedueled on a holiday.  Holy shit!  ""  Noodle smiled at him and went over to the crib in the corner of the singer's room. "Hallo, Lucinda-chan!"  She beamed at the now waking up child. "Nnm..." Lucinda opened up her and looked up at Noodle.
2D grinned and went to the bottom drawer of his dresser, pulling out a small pink dress. "'ere!"  Lucinda needed to dress up for the wedding too!  The bluenette walked over and Lucinda up.  She protested at the sudden movement and started whining. "Nn!!"   Why was she being moved?! She didn't want this!
2D set her back down and stripped her of her onesie and started to put the dress on her. "Shh. Sto' squirmin', luv."  The dress was put on after a bit of kicking from the infant.  
Then, 2D grabbed the baby dress shoes and put them on Lucinda's tiny feet. "Aww..."  The singer stopped and took them off. "Whoops...f'got the sockies!"  He giggled and went over to the closet, opening the tiny box in the back of it.  Pulling out some white socks, he went back over and put them on a squirming baby.
"Nn! 'ey! Stop vat!"  The socks and shoes were put on, but it was a hassle.  Lucinda was awake now and energetic.  Her legs kicked again as 2D started to get close, but he dodged and pulled her into his arms. "No. No' now, luv."  2D kissed her forehead and sighed. "I fink we're rea'y..."  The young guitarist had just stood there, watching the mother/daughter struggle. "Ok.  But I wait for Russel to call."


Murdoc's wake up call wasn't so lovely, however.  He was thrown off the bed after several gentle attempts by Russel.  And how he got into the Winnebago, I have no clue.  The bassist was dragged up off the floor and pulled into the bathroom.  Russel had forced him to take a shower and shave.  When that was done, the tuxedo was throw into the Satanist's face and the drummer walked into the living room to wait.
When Murdoc had gotten fully dressed, he was forced to comb his hair back nicely and cologne was dipped on him, causing the bassist to gag.
He was angry at Russel for forcing him to do this.
All of this took about an hour to do and Russel literally dragged the still angry Murdoc out of the Winnebago and threw him into the Geep.
"We still gotta get the rings from the shop, man." The drummer spoke around his cigar.  Murdoc grunted.  His way of saying. 'Whatever'
All he wanted to do was get the wedding over with and have his life with 2D and Lucinda.  This wedding was going to be awful, he could tell.
Something was going to happen.  His hair was bugging him to tears.  He hated showing his eyebrows, but if he messed with th hairdo, Russel would probably break his nose again. Best to keep it safe.

After 20 minutes of driving, the Geep arrived at the jewelry store.  Murdoc was the first to get out and walk in, while Russel struggled to get his heavy set body out of the vehicle.  When he finally got in, Murdoc was at the counter, talking to the owner and asking for his rings. Now.  He was antsy about the whole situation. And being in public in a tuxedo wasn't the best way to be discreet about getting married.  So, after getting the rings, the worked-up bassist rushed out and hopped into the passenger seat of the Geep.
Impatience seeped into him. "C'mon, lardass!!"  He growled out and tapped his long fingernails against the armrest.   Russel grunted in irritation and followed, getting into the Geep as fast as his body would allow. "Calm down, ya crackah ass..."  He sighed and drove in the direction of the park.
Once they arrived, Murdoc quickly got out and went over to the covered area.  "...This is where we're gonna have the food and shite, right?"  He placed a hand on one of the concrete tables.
The out-of-breath drummer nodded and sighed. "The food is being catered here now, man.  The guests'll arrive around 1:00.  And try not to fuck things up, Muds..."  The bassist blinked. "Who's all comin'?"   Russel stopped and though about it. "Uh...2D's parents...My friend Cynthia from the movie theatre...I think 2D's Aunt Rose...and that's about it, man."   Murdoc's eye twitched.  "A'fuck?!"  He stopped and took a deep breath. "2D's dad's comin'?!"  That was why Murdoc had a bad feeling.  David was going to fuck things up!!

Russel took a deep breath from his nose. "Just...stay here, okay?!  I gotta get  2D and me when everyone's here..."
He turned and rushed to the Geep and dialled Noodle's number.  "This is gonna be a looooong day..."


Noodle eagerly picked the phone up and smiled. "...Hm?  Oh.  Okay. Yes. I will."  She hung up and turned to 2D. "Russel-sama is on way.  Show me how play Pong."  She was told to stall for time. So, that is what she was going to do.    2D blinked and lifted his dress up a bit, walking over to the TV screens and turned them all on. "Okay...ya really wanna know 'ow to play"  He got a nod from the guitarist.  "Alrigh'..."  He took both controllers up and handed one to Noodle. "Vis is 'ow ya play.  Move dat fing up an' down an' try blockin' va ball comin' yer way..."  The singer moved his up and hit the whit dot, making it go towards Noodle's side.  She moved the stick up and down and missed it. Oh well.  Practice makes perfect. "Goo' try, luv."  
They played the game for what seemed like hours until finally the singer's door opened and Russel walked in. "You guys read--"  When he saw 2D, his eyes widened and he bit his lip to keep from laughing.  He looked ridiculous.  A man shouldn't wear something like that.  2D turned and lost the game. "Oh! 'ello Russ!"  He turned back and frowned. "Oi!" His eye twitched. "Chea'er..."  2D pouted at Noodle, who only grinned. "Hehehe."  

Both got up and followed Russel out of the room, jumping excitedly.  Lucinda was carried by 2D, looking around the excited group. "Mn?"  She blinked and looked at 2D's hair, wondering why it was put it like that.  Why was mommy so dressed up?  Where they going somewhere special?  Yep!
The singer got into the passenger side of the Geep while Noodle bounced into the back, gripping the bar in front of her.  "I am excited! Are you, 2D-kun?!"
He turned to her and smiled nervously. "Y-Yeah..."   Russel got in last and stuck the keys into the ignition and started the Geep, slowly driving out of the carpark and down the road.
Long travel.  It took almost 30 minutes to get to the park, but 2D preoccupied himself with playing with Lucinda.  He enjoyed hearing her giggle.  It just made him smile even more.  "Aww...aren' ya jus' a cu'ey..." 2D sighed happily.  "Soon...we'll be closer ven evah..." Lucinda giggled cutely and reached up for 2D's face.  But he pulled away.  "No'll 'ave to wai'..."  His headed lifted and he watched the trees rush by in a blur.  2D's main focus was on getting married...with Murdoc.  The realization sent chills up his spine.  The blue-haired singer was going to unite with the man who gave him the brain troubles he has now.  It seemed...weird.  

The snap of Russel's fingers brought 2D back into reality. "Huh?"  He turned his head from side to side, looking around.  The park.  "Wo'? Wo' is i'?"  2D blinks and turns to face Russel. "We're here, D..."  The singer's eyes widen and his cheeks turn pink. "Oh-Oh?"  He got out of the Geep, his white dress shoes clacking on the asphalt.  Almost falling, 2D clutched Lucinda tightly, but gasped as Russel took her away. "Uhn?"  Then the singer slowly calmed down.  Noodle took out a basket of flowers.  "Russel.  Are all guests here?"  She bounced on one foot in anticipation. "Nn!"  Russel shrugged and brought his phone out, making sure 2D didn't go past the opening into the park by put blocking the way.  When the phone was answered, the drummer's voice quiet and delicate. "Is everyone here?"  
Murdoc nodded. "Yep..Now they're all sittin' and waitin' am I..."  The bassist even sounded nervous.  His eyes darted to David every now and again.  The younger band member's father glared at the olive skinned man with pure hatred.  

The drummer closed the phone and walked over, taking 2D by the arm. "C'mon D."   The singer blushed, completely nervous and not ready. "N-No! Wai'!"    Russel sighed and let him down the walkway into the park.  Immediately, they saw Murdoc at the end, a look of shock on his face.  A few people turned as some music started to play.  The scene and music made 2D blush even brighter as he was led down the sidewalk towards Murdoc.
The bassist's eyes seemed gentle and he looked at 2D walking closer.  "...Stuart..."  
Noodle followed, throwing flower petals on  the ground, then she pulled the rings from the basket and smiled, handing them to Murdoc.
2D's heart raced as he looked around the area.  His mom, dad, and aunt were staring and watching.  Great.  When the singer saw the rings, he nearly squealed. "Eh!"   The big moment.
Slowly, one of the rings was popped out of the box.  No preaching, no ceremony, just a band of trust for each oher.  Seemed simple enough.  The gold band was just about to be placed on 2D's finger when a familiar voice broke out, angry. "I object to this marriage!"  All heads turned to face the back where David stood. "...Dad?"  2D whimpered and teared up. ""  

Rachel placed a hand on David's hand. "David! Stop!"  She hissed up at him.  He ignored her and stared at the couple at the farther end of the park.
"You! You have corrupted  my son's mind with all of yer trash! I will not except a homosexual in my family!!"  
The singer felt so embarrassed and slowly, the ring was removed, which made 2D gasp. "M-Mu'doc?!"  That was all he could take.
Running dow the walkway, 2D ran pat everyone and put his head in his hands, crying heavily.
His dad had to ruin EVERYTHING!!  The singer's make-up smeared as the tears rolled down. "Why?! Va's no' even fair!!"
They were about to get married! Then David had to speak up.

"Mh mh..." The bluenette whimpered in the corner until a hand rested on his shoulder. "Huh?"    He looked up and smiled wide, seeing Murdoc. "M-Mudsy!"  2D clung to him. "I-'m so sorry!!  Murdoc pet the singer's head. "Hey's ain' yer fault...yer dad's just an arse..."  
The bassist tilted forward and kissed 2D on the lips, slowly putting a small ring on 2D's finger, which caught 2D's attention. "Hm?"  Looking down, his smile widened. "I love ya, Mu'doc..."   He lifted his hand and looked at the new cold ring on his finger. "Muds..."  His lanky arms wrapped around Murdoc and he climbed to his feet, only to be picked up bridal styly by Murdoc. "W-Wo--"  Murdoc smirked. "We're skippin' the cake and snacks..."  The bassist purred into 2D's ear and carried him off towards the Geep. "We'll stay at a hotel fer a bit...jus' fer our honeymoon, how 'bout that?"
2D only giggled and nodded, wanting to be taken away.  
Russel and Noodle could get a lift from Rachel.

Murdoc and 2D had some 'business' to take care of.

This one is longer.
Marriage...sorta... XD

I was sleepy at the end.
I'm sorry. Hope you can understand.
If ANYBODY has a problem with reading it...just let me know...


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Artist Comment: Urgh...Stupid computer is stupid...

~~~Next Morning~~~

2D awoke from the sound of Lucinda whimper. "Hm? Wot? Wot's wrong?" His voice came out raspy and hard to understand.  
He looked down at the infant and smiled softly.  "Ya 'ungry?"  Lucinda didn't answer, but she did thrash her arms about, requesting something.  2D sighed and sat up, wincing from the newly opened wound. "Ow...Okay 'old on, little luv."  The singer picked up the child and delicately lifted her head up to his right nipple. "Go on..."
She looked at it and then up to 2D's face, moving her mouth onto the bare nipple. Small suckling sounds were made as she heartily drank, her eyes closing. Her hunger pains disappeared quickly as she got a good amount of breast milk. "Mhaah." Lucinda pulled away and started whining quickly.  2D grimaced. "Now now, Jus' wait a minute.."  He picked her up and burped her, making the whining stop.  "Good..."
The singer got out of bed and slowly went over to the infant's play pen. "Here..."  She was set down in the pen, as was her stuffed elephant and tiny blanket.  He watched as Lucinda started to chew on the elephant's ear. "Aww...isn' dat da cutes' fing evah?"  His hand went to his hurt stomach and looked at the hand.  "...Wot?..." 2D looked down to see blood, dried and new. "Oh mah...God.."  He turned to his bed and saw more on there, staining the sheets.  Why the Hell hadn't he noticed before?!  The singer twitched, grabbing his cell phone.  His clumsy fingers dialed Noodle's number somehow and he waited for her to pick up. He was looked like a ton of blood to him. "Ehhh! P--Pick up!

In the young guitarist's room, the sound of chimes was heard, waking the girl up. "Nani? dare ga itsu?!"  She sat up straight and looked at her cell phone, watching it vibrate for a second before picking it up. "Hai? 2D-kun? What's wrong?"  The conversation was short.  Having been told the situation, Noodle was out of bed, her nightgown flying in the breeze. "Sore wa damumādokku!"  The young Asian grabbed her medical kit and headed down the hall and down the stairs to the singer's room. "2D-kun?" She called, out of breath.
"I'm here? Are you okay?"  Noodle bit her lip, hoping she hadn't made it too late.  But to her relief, the door opened slowly and the singer's head poked out. "Heh..'ey Noodle-luv..." He opened the door so that she could step in.  And she did, her eyes scanning the bloody bed and the equally bloody singer.
"Okay..." She opened her kit and brought out alcohol wipes, gauze, and painkillers. "Here we go."  Noodle opened the wipes and started to clean the wound of blood, making his stomach nice and clean, although it was painful due to the alcohol. "Now. The cut is still closed due to the wrapping it up in gauze will keep it from splitting open all the way."
The said gauze was taken out of the kit and slowly wrapped around the singer's torso, getting unhappy whimpers from 2D. "Stop squirming...There."  She pinned the gauze down and observed the bandaged singer. "It looks better, 2D-kun."

The bluenette looked down at his stomach. "Yeah...and it feels bettah too.." A small smile played on his lips. "Fank ya..."
Noodle nodded at him and went over to his bed, stripping its sheets off. "Now. I will be back to scrub the bed clean...don't hurt yourself, Nii Nii."
She left with her kit, heading back up to her room.
2D looked up at the door and sighed. "Wot'm I gonna do...?"  His mind was on the bassist.  "I love ' much...but...'e's so abusive..most of da time..."  Grabbing a shirt, the singer went up the stairs to the carpark, hoping to talk to Murdoc without getting punched again. With a heavy sigh, he walked towards the Winnebago, shakily knocking on the door.  "...M-Muds?" Lucinda was safely in the play pen still, safer that way.  He knocked again, getting a bit impatient. "Muhdoc. Open up."  The distint sound of mumbling got 2D's attention. "Mudsy? Please open up f'me..." He used his cutest accent to work Murdoc's nervous.
It worked alright, the door slowly opened and the bassist's head stuck out, his mismatched eyes staring down at 2D.
"Stu...?" The young singer smiled. "Muds. Can I come in?"  He didn't wait for Murdoc's answer, heading up the two small concrete steps to the Satanist's Winnebago.  Murdoc nodded and backed up, giving him room to walk in. "Stu. I'm sorry fer hittin' know I love you..."
2D smiled at him, wrapping his tiny, frail arms around Murdoc's neck. "I know vat...I love yew too.." His cockney accent returned to him as he hugged the bassist that he loved so much.  Proper English sucks anyway.

The two were now on the couch, hugging and cuddling each other, apologizing for random things. "Stuart. D'ya f'give me?"
2D nodded and kissed the bassist on the lips tenderly. "Yeah...of course..."  Murdoc smiled, letting 2D rest his head on his shoulder.  The bassist sighed in relief. "So..ya still wanna marry me?"  The singer sat up and looked at Murdoc defiantly. "Well...duh! I love ya too much to say no."
He laughed and snuggled against the older man. The Satanist sighed. "...Great..but I've realized that I need to be more careful wit', my love."  Murdoc bent forward and kissed his lover's pale lips. Once their lips parted, 2D was next to speak. "No need to say sorry, Muds..."  The two stared at each other for a moment, silent. Then Murdoc decided to speak up. "When d'ya wanna go ahead and get month?"
The singer's lips curved into a big smile. "Sure." The bassist wrapped a firm arm around 2D. "Great...Order yer dress and I'll order my tux on the same day okay?  And you'll need to invite yer mum and dad to the weddin'...I guess."  This made 2D frown.
"Well...I-erm...I've nevah actually...told meh parents dat 'm wif ya or nuffin'...or dat 'm gay."  He looked down to the floor.  Murdoc blinked in confusion. "You...never told'em 'bout nothin'?! Not even Lucinda...?  Wow..."  2D sighed. "An' can we keep va weddin' somewhere isolated...somewhere not a lot of people know 'bout?"  The older man nodded, petting the singer's head. "I planned on it anyway..."  2D smiled,
"So, it's all settled...?"

Murdoc laughed and kissed his love again. "I don't know yet...but we got another month to  take care of it all."
The singer sighed again. "I jus' 'ope vat when I do tell'em...vey don' freak out."  Murdoc just stared at him, wondering why he was using that accent so much. "Yeah. Me neither...I'm the one they'll try and kill." He let out a hearty laugh.
"Oh...This'll be fun..."  He kissed the singer on the nose, making 2D laugh. "Not if I convince'em not to, luv."
The Satanist smirked at 2D's confidence. "Mmmmaybe, luv...maybe."  The two had made up and were now happily talking to each other.  It was nice to be together again and not hurting one another..
Sorry...have to wait.

Sorry for the lateness and shizz.
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~~~~~1 week later~~~~

"Whoa, D! That's a lot of food." Russel gawked at the table covered in breakfast food. The singer, blowing on his pancakes, looked up at the drummer. "Oh, ello."  Russel walked over to the table and sat down. "Yo, you're eatin' quite a bit of food, this mornin'." 2D blinked at him and looked down at his plate. "Well...I-Um...OH! Hi, Muds!" The bluenette waved at the bassist walking into the kitchen. "Hey..'D." He lazily waved back, heading for the fridge, then looked over at the table. "Holy bollocks! Ya think ya got enough food there, mate?" 2D frowned. "It isn' dat much food." Murdoc scoffed. "Russel doesn't even eat that much, 2D." Hurt showed on the singer's face. "Yer callin' meh fat, den?" Murdoc's smile faded. "Wait, no! Yer as skinny as a twig!" The singer pushes away his plate and got up from his chair, only to be pushed back down by Murdoc. "Jus' eat..." Russel shook his head and grabbed a bag of chips, heading back to his room. Looking to make sure they are alone, Murdoc leans down and kisses 2D's forehead. "Ya can' be so sensitive, luv." 2D grinned at the Satanist's kindness. "Anovah one." He tilts his head up. Murdoc smiled and placed a kiss on his lips. "Mmmm." The singer grinned widely as soon as Murdoc pulled back. "I love ya." Without hesitation, Murdoc returned the smile. "Love ya too." Heavy footsteps interrupted their moment, making Murdoc pulled away from 2D and head to the fridge, pretending to argue with the singer. "I told yew! All those special effects are cheesy!" 2D gladly played the game, watching Russel appear back into the kitchen. "Forgot my dip." 2D was too concentrated on Murdoc to hear the drummer. "Dey are not! Da special effects are wot make da movie, Muds!" Getting caught in the middle of the 'arguement', Russel groaned. "Are you two still arguin' about that zombie shit? Just let it go, man." Before either of the two men who answer, Russel was out the door, on his way back to his room. 2D smirked and turned his gaze to the Satanist. "Ya do realize dat we 'ave to tell dem sooner or later..." Murdoc just grunted as a response, walking back over the 2D. "I dunno, Stu.." He squeezes the singer's shoulders gently.

"Damn it!" The bassist yelled at himself, pacing the floors of his Winnebago. "When am I gonna do it?!" He growled angrily, looking back to the package on his table. "When?" His expression change from anger to fear as he heard a knock on his door. "'old on!" He quickly took the package and shoved it in a cupboard. As soon as he faced the door, it opened and 2D stepped in, happy as can be. "'ello Murdoc." The Satanist smiled nervously at the singer, watching him approach. Before he knew it, 2D began kissing him gently, nudging him towards the couch. Obeying his hint, Murdoc grabbed 2D's arm and plopped down on the couch, bringing the singer on top of him. Giggles escaped the vocalist as he began kissing the older man's neck. A few moments after, the bluenette was sliding his tongue into Murdoc's mouth. "Mmm." The Satanist had his mind on other things though, and 2D instantly knew. Pulling away, he looked at Murdoc. "Muds, is everyfin' awroight?" Snapping back into focus, Murdoc nodded at the singer. "Yeah, just got a few things on my mind." Curiosity filled the singer. "Wot fings?" His grin was almost irresistable. "Secret things, luv." This made 2D frown. "Why can' ya tell meh?" Murdoc, giving 2D a kiss on the cheek, reassured him. "You'll know soon enough." The two stared at each other for what seemed like hours when 2D finally yawned. "Awroight...I fink I should go to bed now, 'm tired." Murdoc smirked and held onto the singer.  "Yew can sleep 'ere...I plan to have a band meeting tomorrow anyway.." Snuggling close to Murdoc, 2D nodded. "Ok..." Closing his eyes slowly, the singer drifted off to sleep, leaving the Satanist to think of his plan. "Tomorrow...I'm doin' it.." He watched as 2D's chest rose and fell with each breath. "I really do love 'im." Soon, the Satanist also dozed off to sleep, his dreams filled with confusion and paths.

~~~~~~Next Day In the Studio~~~~~

2D sat patiently on one of the couches in the Studio kitchen, wondering why they were having a band meeting so suddenly. To him it didn't make much sense, he hoped Murdoc wasn't planning something Satanic. Before long, Noodle was also in the Studio, dragging Russel in as well. "Russel-sama! Sit on couch!" She demanded the beefy drummer to the couch across from 2D. "A'ight, chill baby girl." He gently pet her on the helmet, enjoying her confidence. "Hai. Um..Watashi-tachi wa koko de nanidesu ka?" Russel took a moment to translate her. "I'm not too sure, Noods. Muds's always doin' shit." She looked up at the drummer and blinked, wondering what he means. 2D watched both of them talk while he waited for the bassist to come in. "Where is 'e?" Looking to the doorway, he imagined Murdoc walking into the Studio, in all his Satanic glory. But, no such luck. Feeling a tug on his shirt, 2D turned his head to see Noodle smiling at him. "Oh, 'ello Noodle." He gave her a quick pat on the helmet, looking back at the doorway, seeing Murdoc turn into the Studio. "It's about damn time, man!" Russel shouted from across the room. Murdoc answered with a witty but always effective comeback. "Shut yer face, lardass!" Before the fight could get anymore out of hand, 2D dragged Murdoc down onto the couch. "Stop, yer gonna get 'urt. Ya know very well Russel can kick yer arse." The bassist grunted lowly, sinking into the couch. "So, What's goin' on, man? Why are we all here?" The drummer asked sitting back down. This reminder made Murdoc stand back up. "Oh yes...I called yew lot here for an important reason-" Russel cut him off quickly. "If it's about how ya worked that riff yesterday, just stop." 2D rolled his eyes. "Why da 'ell would 'e bring that up now?" Murdoc cleared his throat. "Can I go on? Thanks."

After getting everyone calmed down and concentrated, Murdoc quickly explained. "This like any other band meeting, this is going to be quite different." He was pacing nervously in front of 2D, wondering how to do this. "Ok. I'll just be straight forward about this..." He gestured for 2D to stand up. 2d hesitated for a bit, but soon is on his feet, walking to Murdoc slowly. The Satanist quickly wrapped an arm around the singer shoulders, bringing him closer. The other two band mates stared at them, wondering what was going on.  Murdoc looked from the Russel and Noodle to 2D. Finally making his decision, he leaned a bit closer to 2D, their lips gently touching. "Mmm!" 2D grunted in surprise from the kiss, concerned about what Russel and Noodle would think. When he pulled back, 2D was blushing a light pink, staring at the drummer, reading his expression. All he could see was shock, on both of their faces. Noodle's  expression was the best, for she was hardly ever fazed by anything. When Murdoc finally faced the seated band members, his heart was beating quickly. "Yeah, believe it." It seem like hours of silence before Russel finally spoke. "How long..." 2D jumped in on this one. "Almost two months." He beamed at the drummer.  "But...why are you tellin' us this, man?"  Pushing 2D behind him, Murdoc stepped up to the drummer. "I have reasons." Barely able to contain his excitement about it anymore, 2D hugged Murdoc tightly, facing the others. "And 'm 'avin' a baby!" Silence, once again, filled the room, untill Russel started to laugh. "'D, Ya high or somethin'?"  Murdoc, rubbing the bridge of his damaged nose, looked up into the singer's eyeholes. "I told yew, they ain' gonna believe it." Feeling completely stupid and embarrassed, 2D began walking away, only to be caught by the arm. "Murdoc...let go." He shook his head. "Still got one more thing to do, luv." The ability to call him 'luv' in front of everyone seemed to give him much more confidence. "alright, ya been meh singer fer a long time, I know ya up and down and even though I yell at ya every now and then-" Noodle interrupted. "And beat him." Groaning, he continued. "Even though we have those downsides...I love ya..."  Quickly he got down on one knee, digging in his jacket pocket, pulling out a box. "So...Stuart Pot.." He slowly opened the box, revealing a diamond ring. "W-Will ya marry me?" He felt himself grow cold instantly, wondering if this was a good idea. Everyone remained quiet, not wanting to be the first to speak.

Finally after a long, hesitant silence, 2D took a step towards Murdoc, leaning down and wrapping his arms around him tightly. "Yes!" The words couldn't have come out any happier. Heat flowed back into Murdoc's body, allowing him to breath normally again. Taking the ring from the box, he placed it on 2D's ring finger.  Tear flowed down the singer's cheek. "I love you, Muds." He hugged him tightly. Murdoc looked back at Russel, seeing his shocked expression made him laugh out loud. All the while, Noodle turned her head to Russel. "Russel-sama. Is this the weirdest thing that can happen?" He nods slowly, getting up off the couch. Not quite used to it, he watched the two kiss passionately, doing so made his stomach churn "Well...congratulations...I guess. Good luck and all that. I've got a headache'm leaving." Noodle nodded at the two and headed off back to her room, leaving the lovers alone. 2D smiled tenderly. "Fank you, for lovin' meh." Murdoc couldn't help but smile back, nodding. "It wos easier than I thought." With that said, he walked towards the lift with 2D, arm in arm.
I sure hope that it isn't too sappy.

I tried and it's late! D:<
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Thin fingers wrapped around my throat,
My mind begins to slowly dote

Tightly they squeeze to end my life
I gasp but it won't relieve my rife

Tears fall down my cheeks
leaving long and stinging streaks

Fingernails dig deep into my skin,
What I've done to deserve this was a terrible sin

The dark spots dot my vision,
My world with the spirits has reached a collision

I will come back, my enemy.
Your foolish eyes cannot see

This is only the beginning
So don't start to think you're winning

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How long had it been? Three months? Three, almost four months since 2D left Kong studios. The whole place wasn't the same at all without the blue haired singer. He was a part of the place. He was a part of the band. He was a big part of their FAMILY. None of the band members had the feeling to do anything. Noodle had spent the most of her time by looking out through the window like a puppy that waited for its owner to come home and play with it. She had waited like crazy for several hours every day for the singer to come back. Sometimes when she wasn't looking through the window every fifth minute she used to walk into the singer room and lay down on his bed. She used to fall asleep there and later the drummer had to come and pick her up and carry her back to her own room. Russel felt horrible to see the poor girl suffer like that. He had tried his best to make Noodle feel better. He always used to walk up to her and ask her how she felt and suggested different things they could do together. Last week she had been sitting on the floor in the lobby in front of the door for almost 6 hours without moving. Russel had walked up to her and tapped her shoulder.

Russel: Hey baby girl. Don't you wanna play some video games?

Noodle: *shook's her head* no…

Russel: I know! Why won't we drive into the town and try out that new sushi bar.

Noodle: Not hungry…

Russel: Noodle. I'm sorry to tell you this. But he has been gone for a long time and I don't think he's coming back.

Noodle: *Jumps up and glares at him in anger* HE IS COMING BACK! HE WOULD NEVER LEAVE ME ALONE! WE ARE A FAMILY!

With that she had ran away to her room and locked the door. Russel had solaced her when she felt very bad and down. He could understand how she felt. He missed their singer too. The band hadn't done much at all in a while. No concert or shows. No playing or anything. Neither Russel nor Noodle had spoke to Murdoc for almost 2 months. After 2D left the bassist had locked himself up in his Winnebago and had stayed there for most of the time. The band had got the information where their singer was now. 2D had gone to France and had got the job as a model there. 2D had talked about that he wanted to be a model or an actor once. None of the three could understand why he wanted that but he seem to have successes. The band had found 2D's picture's in magazines and even on some stupid publicity for branded clothes. They had seen that already a mouth after 2D left. It seemed to go on well for their blue haired friend. When Murdoc had seen the first magazines he had ripped them in pieces and then burned them up. Noodle and Russel only sighed when the bassist go all crazy like hell. After that Murdoc locked himself up in his Winnebago and didn't come out. He drank and smoked like never before. He told himself that he was celebrating that he had got rid of the twerp. But he was actually mad at himself for letting the singer had gone so easy. It was now an afternoon around the grey building that now seemed even more desperate then before. Noodle and Russel walked down the stairs to the car park to see how Murdoc was doing. They hadn't seen him in a long while. They were lucky today, Murdoc hadn't locked his door. Russel opened the door to the Winnebago and let Noodle jump in first.

Noodle: Murdoc-san! Me and Russel-sama wondered if you-

Noodle went all silent when she felt a horrible smell. She sniffed and felt a disgusting feeling in her stomach. Russel could feel it too and looked around.

Noodle: Puueeww! What is that horrible smell!

Russel: Oh man! It smells like something died in here.

Murdoc: Yes… My career…

Noodle and Russel blinked and turned to see where the voice came from. The whole Winnebago looked like a junkyard. There were empty cans and bottles everywhere and most of the floor was covered in dirty clothes and other garbage. Noodle's and Russel's eyes fell on the couch were the bassist sat all drunk and half naked. He had some old unzipped jeans on him and held a half empty beer bottle in his right hand. He raised the bottle just like if he wassails. Russel sighed and shook his head slowly and Noodle slowly kicked some of the bottles and clothes out of her way. The bassist drank up the last liquid in the bottle and groaned. He shook the bottle a little to make sure that it was empty. Then he threw it right into the wall which made it brake into splinters. Russel glared at Murdoc who only chuckled back.

Murdoc: Isn't this just great!? Eh?

Russel: Look man! I know it's hard that D left. But you really gotta do something with your life.

Murdoc: WHAT LIFE? The music IS my life!

Russel: I know that…

Murdoc: *chuckles* Hehe… My singer just left! Just like all other of my other bands. Just
when you're on top *hick* Every…Everything just f-falls down!

Russel: Easy there man.

Murdoc: He just left to go to the land of gayness! France… FRANCE! Just to become a model. A BLOODY MODEL!

Russel: *sighs*

Noodle kicked some more of the garbage out of her way. As she just kicked some old landury out of her way a suffering croaking was heard. Noodle flinched when she saw poor Cortez jumping out from under the giant pile of clothes. Cortez flew and jumped around on the floor to get rid of a sock that covered his head. Noodle Kneeled down and picked up the bird in her arms. She pulled off the sock from Cortez head and he croaked and shook his head.

Noodle: Poor Birdy…

Murdoc: Ohh look! There was the little sod!

Noodle: How could you let Cortez drown in junk!?

Murdoc: Why would I care!? *hick*

Noodle: You're disgusting Murdoc-san!

Murdoc didn't care about the little girl and grabbed another beer bottle that stood on the table. He took a sip and groaned. Russel shook his head and looked around the room.

Russel: Man! This place looks like a junkyard!

Murdoc: I know! Nice right! Hehe…

Noodle: …

Russel then noticed a magazine on the floor. It wasn't just any magazine at all. It was a French fashion magazine! And who was on the cover together with two young girl models. 2D of course. He wore a dark blue outfit with the girls had small tiny dresses. It seemed to be some kind of summer collection or something like that. Russel onlt shook his head. He didn't know anything about fashion and that crap. He just thought that the black hat 2D wore didn't matched the pants he wore at all. He gave Noodle the magazine and looked at the bassist. Murdoc had just finished his beer bottle and threw it to the floor.

Russel: I thought you hated to see what D have become.

Murdoc: Of course I do!

Russel: Then why do you have Magazines with him in your Winnebago?

Murdoc: None of your bloody business!

Russel: If you miss him that much just call him.

Murdoc: I don't miss that dullard!

Russel: Yeah right! Is that why you glares at his picture all the time?

Murdoc: Shut up…

Russel spotted Murdoc's cell phone on the table. He grabbed it and looked at Murdoc who didn't seem to care at all.

Russel: You know if he changed his number?

Murdoc: *shook's his head*

Russel: Then call him!

Murdoc: I had already tried before and he just hangs up when he hears my voice.

Russel: I'm not surprised. But try!

Murdoc growled and grabbed the phone. He slowly typed in 2D's phone number and pressed on the green button. He waited a while as he heard the signal from the phone. Russel and Noodle looked at the bassist and waited. Murdoc glared back at them. Suddenly he heard the signal stop and a familiar voice he hadn't heard for a long time was heard on the line.

2D: Ello?

Murdoc: umm… It's Murdoc.

2D quickly hanged up. Murdoc growled and threw the phone hard into the floor. It didn't break at least.

Murdoc: SEE!?

Russel: *sighs*

Noodle picked up the phone and typed in 2D's number again. She then pressed the button and waited. She waited until 2D answered again.

2D: Let me be Murdoc!

Noodle: 2D-kun!? It's me!

2D: Noodle!? Oh god I'm sorry!

Noodle: 2D-kun… I miss you so much.

2D: Noodle. I'm so sorry. I miss you too.

Noodle: How is it in France?

2D: It's okay. How's it at Kong?

Noodle: It's Hor-

Murdoc: *take's the phone from Noodle's hands* Its great here Face ache! We're having a great time here you know, it's party time 24 hours at this place.

2D: Sounds nice for you then…

Noodle: *jumps up and down beside Murdoc* Don't listen to him 2D-kun! He's lying!

Murdoc: *push her away* as I said only parties. I bet there in France you can't do anything else than sit on your skinny ass and eat cheese and grapes!

2D: Actually. It's great here! I finally got some people around me who actually appreciate my work!

Murdoc: Oh really!?

2D: Yeah! And I really like it here! How's it going with the band?

Murdoc: It's going great!

2D: Really? You got a new singer yet?

Murdoc: We don't need a new bloody singer. In fact we don't need a singer at all! We're doing great without you!

2D: GOOD! Because I have never felt better in my whole life to get rid of you!

Murdoc: Look who's talking!

2D: Tell the other's I said "Hi"! HAVE A GREAT LIFE YOU BASTARD!



Murdoc: FINE!

2D and Murdoc hanged up at the same time. The both of them sighed and said together at the same time.

Murdoc & 2D: He doesn't even miss me…

Noodle and Russel blinked at the bassist. He sighed and crossed his arms.

Noodle: *sighs*

Russel: Don't worry baby girl. Things will be okay.

Murdoc: OH SHUT UP RUSSEL! You know that 2D will never come back! He's gone. HEY NOODS! You heard that? HE'S GONE FOREVER!


Noodle cried hard and ran out of the Winnebago. Russel sighed and rubbed his neck. Murdoc groaned and kicked some old clothes out of his way.

Murdoc: Sweet Satan that she has to be so sensitive!

Russel: Smart move man! You just had to do that didn't you!?

Murdoc: What?

Russel: Do you know how much baby girl misses D!? They're like siblings dammit! She's depressed without him!

Murdoc: Boohoo then…

Russel: You're incredible…

Russel noticed at least five more magazines on the floor that was almost the same as the other. There were French fashion magazines with 2D on the cover, all in different clothes. Russel walked up to them and picked them up. Murdoc flinched and glared at the drummer.

Murdoc: Let them be!

Russel: *drops them and shook's his head* Do as you wish with them.

Russel walked out of the Winnebago and left Murdoc alone. Murdoc glared at the Magazine with 2D on the cover of it. He picked it up and growled. Why had 2D left his band? Why had he left HIM? Murdoc threw the magazine on the floor again and stared up in the ceiling. He suddenly felt a pressure on his shoulder and looked up. It was Cortez who glared at him. Murdoc blinked at the bird.

Murdoc: What do you want?

Cortez: KRAHH!


Murdoc got up from the couch and chased Cortez around in the Winnebago. Wasn't it enough that 2D had left and his other band members were mad at him? Of course not, he just needed to have a bird teasing him all the fucking time.  Noodle cried hard as she ran down to 2D's room. She opened the door and then closed it hard with a slam. She pressed her teeth together and clutched her fists hard. She was sad, angry and heartbroken at the same time. The poor little Asian girl looked around the empty room and sobbed. There still were lots of 2D's things left but yet not. Noodle walked up to the singer's bed and crawled up in it. She hugged the pillow hard against her little chest and sobbed harder. The poor girl couldn't stand thinking about that her big brother was gone. It sure was a while ago since he left the grey and boring building but it didn't turned out better for that at all. Noodle closed her eyes and imaged a picture of the band singer. She saw every detail of him in her head. His deep and black hole eyes that always seemed to be filled with love. His toothless smile that both irritated and cheered people up all the time. The way he dressed and his way to act. His blue spiky hair that actually were kind of soft to touch and of course his voice. She could never forget how he sang or spoke to her. Noodle growled and threw the pillow on the floor and kicked it away. Then she stomped her foot into the floor and wall hard. She sobbed and pulled her hair. Why had he left? Was it her? Was it Murdoc or Russel? Was it the band? Or was it maybe the FAMILY? Noodle knew it was something between 2D and Murdoc that had started everything but still it maybe was something else. Noodle calmed down and sat down on the bed. Tears ran down her cheeks and dripped down in her lap. She didn't bother at all about it. She sobbed again and lifted up her heavy feeling head. She looked around the room a final time before she sighed quietly.

Noodle: Why… 2D-kun! WHY!

2D's eyes shot open just as if he had heard the little girl's words in his head. He blinked slowly and looked over at the balcony. The big balcony door's were open and showed him a beautiful view of Paris. 2D sat in his bed looking at some stupid pictures of a new collection he would pose for the next day. He lived in his own room in a special house for models together with a few other girls who also were models for the French fashion collection. 2D sighed and threw the pictures aside. This wasn't what he would have chosen at all but it was better than nothing. The singer quickly checked his cell phone if he maybe had got a new massage or something. When he saw that he hadn't got anything he frowned and put the phone into his pocket and walked out on the balcony instead. He picked up his pack of cigarettes and put one between his lips. He then lighted it with his lighter and inhaled the smoke from it. He sighed and looked out over the lighted up town. He could spot the Eiffel tower that was all lighted up in the night. He had to admit that it was a nice view to him. Still he thought that Big Ben in London was a little better than this. 2D took another deep puff from the cancer stick and stared up in the night sky. It was just as Paris lighted up, but by stars and not light. 2D sighed and thought about what the others did right now. He remembered that Murdoc had told him that they partied all the time since he left. 2D shook his head in anger. Why would he care anyway? He had left the band. He didn't need Murdoc to tell him what to do all the time. And he wouldn't stay here forever. After this stupid model job he would probably settle down somewhere else but not in France. He actually had grown tired of hearing those stupid French accents all the time and those model girls he always had to pose with. They were always shouting for makeup and screamed as fast as they broke a nail. 2D sighed deeply. He really missed Kong studios. He missed Noodle, Russel and most of all Murdoc. He knew that Murdoc didn't cared but still he did miss the green bassist. The singer finished his cigarette and walked back inside again. He sat down on the bed and checked his cell phone again. Maybe he should call them. 2D was just about to type in the number to Murdoc's cell phone when he suddenly stopped. He couldn't do it. He just couldn't! 2D laid the phone on the bed and walked into the bathroom to take a shower before bed. As the singer took his hot and relaxing shower he got a message on the phone. It was from the guitarist who had sent the quick message. On the phone a message was showed and said with big letters. "PLEASE COME HOME 2D-KUN!"

Chapter 18 XD

Wow this story went very long I must say... Oh anyway ^^
Enjoy this chapter. The chapters will get longer later because the story will soon near it's end. But it will be a few more chapters of course. Maybe just a little bit longer. Anyway. enjoy! Of of course some more fun with cortez XD



gorillaz (c) hewlett & albarn
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I decided to stop dilly-dallying and get right to the birth :D


~~~~The big day~~~~

It's been nearly a whole month since the last ultrasound, and 2D was tired of the being inside of him.  He was so tired of the kicking as well as the cramps he got FROM the kicking. As he sat on the couch in the Winne, his mind began to roam again.  The diaper changing, the child bathing, teaching her manners. "Ugh!"  He just wasn't ready.  His eyes focused on the clock on the wall, his mind still racing. "Everybody's here wif no camera to see...don' fink 'm all in dis world...da camera won'--" He cut himself off with a yawn.  His attention turned to the door as it swung open and the bassist stepped in with a plastic bag. "Oh, 'ey Muds."  The bassist smiled and handed the singer the bag. "I jus' went to Taco Bell." Digging into the bag, 2D quickly unwrapped a taco and bit into it. "Mmm. Fanks Muh-doc!"  He spoke with a full mouth, making his speech messed up even more. "Yeah..." Sitting on the other side of 2D, Murdoc sighed and watched the singer down the food in an impressive amount of time.  "Slow down, Stu...yer gonna choke."  A loud burp escaped the vocalist. "S-Sorry, Muds.  I was jus' a bit hungry..." The bassist yawned and popped his back.  He let out a burp himself, mostly from the Enchilada meal he had earlier.  Sniffing himself a few times, the singer grimaced. "I need to take a shower..."  Murdoc nodded and got off of the couch to help 2D up.  Groaning from the exertion from getting up, 2D waddled to the bathroom and closed the door.  Murdoc sighed. "Any day now...and I'll be a fuckin' dad..."  He brushed his fingers through his hair. "I don't know if 'm ready."  Walking over to get his coat, the bassist grabbed his keys and was about to leave when he heard a crash from the bathroom and 2D's screams. "Stu? STU!"  He dropped his keys into his pocket and zipped to the bathroom, swinging the door open in panic. "Wot's wrong?! Why're-" His eyes widened.  2D was on the floor, holding his stomach in pain. "M-Murdoc! 'elp me!  It 'urts!" Murdoc noticed a wet spot on 2D's sweatpants. Stepping over the singer's long legs, he helped him to his feet. "Stu, wot's it-" A shrill cry of pain escaped 2D's lips. "Yes!"  Murdoc felt 2D's fingernails dig into his back as he picked him up. "Don' worry, we're on the way to the hospital." Whimpers were the only responses that the singer could let out.  Carrying a shirtless singer out of the Winne, Murdoc hurried himself to the Astra in the corner of the Car park. "Don't worry, Stu."  Reaching the car, the bassist placed 2D in the passenger side as he hopped into the driver's seat.  Breathing heavily, 2D yelped in pain as the contractions started. "AH!" He clawed the seat, trying to release some of the pain. Quickly starting the car, Murdoc stepped on the gas and went straight down the curvy road, heading directly down the main street."

~~~~After the hassle with traffic~~~~

Murdoc roughly drove into the hospital parking lot, almost crashing. "AH!"  The singer's pained screams broke out through the quiet night air. "Muds! Do sumfink!" Growling, the bassist kicked the door open, literally dragging 2D out of the car. "C'mon, legs. Go faster!" He rushed towards the entry of the hospital, panting. "Oi!"  Hearing the scream from the waiting room, a nurse dashed behind the desk. "Oh! What's going on?"  Irritated at how stupid the woman was, Murdoc yelled out at her in a panicked tone. "Wot d'ya think?! He's in labor for Satan's sake! Do somethin'!"  Quick to understand, the nurse rushed into the Emergency room, leaving Murdoc with a screaming 2D. "Stu! Take deep breaths, just like we practiced."  Shakey attempts at the breathing techniques were done as the nurse brought a gurney out into the waiting room. "Sir, the surgeon is waiting for him, you can use this to make it an easier way of transport.  The room is at the very end of the hall."  Thanking her, Murdoc placed the singer on the gurney and hurried past the double doors to the Emergency rooms. "We're almost there, Stu." He watched as the singer grit his teeth in pure anguish.  His fingernails dug into the soft cushions of the gurney. "Muds...!"  Pushing through another door, Murdoc found a woman waiting by an operation table.  The sight nearly frightened him. "Oh! That was quick.  Is that Stuart Pot?"  The bassist nodded quickly, helping the surgeon set 2D on the table. "Ok.  I need you to hold him still while I put an IV in him."  He agreed and held down the singer's flailing arms as the surgeon stuck a large needle into his right arm, causing 2D to squeal louder. "Stu, stay still! It'll be over with soon!"  The singer yelped in pain once again and started to shake from fear as well. "Muds! 'm scared!  Don' let 'er do dis!  I don' want a C-section!  I don' wanna feel pain! Please Murdoc!" The bassist gulped and watched as a breathing mask was placed over 2D's face. "Wot's that?"  The surgeon's voice was quiet and comforting. "It will put him to sleep while the surgery is under way."  The singer's eyes slowly began to close, his cries quieting down. "He won't feel any pain during, but I will assign him special medication for him to take after the delivery."  The bassist nodded and held the singer's hand while he went into a medicated sleep. "I'm stayin' with him while this is being done."  She nodded as she got the tools required for the job out.  The sight of most of them made him cringe.  They all looked so dangerous.  He didn't really want any of them digging into his lover's flesh.


As the surgeon picked up a scalpel, the bassist brought a chair up to the table and sat next to 2D.  Murdoc watched as the scalpel was lowered to 2D's abdomen, making him twitch with fear. "  He grimaced as the blade dug down into the singer's skin.  The surgeon made a clean cut right down the middle of his stomach, some blood drizzling down the sides of it. " can't feel any of this..right?"  She nodded, using skin forceps to fold back the skin.  Murdoc instantly turned his head, almost at the verge of puking. "Agh!"  The sound of skin splitting made the bassist twitch yet again.  The surgeon carefully dipped her hands into the incision.  Slowly and painlessly, she stretched the skin out a bit.  2D's hand lazily wrapped around Murdoc's, causing him to looking up at his face.  The singer's eyes were closed, his mouth curled into a small frown.  Either way, it was cute.  He gave his cheek a tender kiss as his eyes darted towards the cut in his stomach. "Geeh..."  The noises that the surgeon's hands made while digging into the womb made him sick. "Sweet Satan...'m gonna puke."  Just as he was about to spew his guts out, a high pitched whining was heard right beside him.  Turning his head, the bassist saw the suregeon pull out a bloody newborn from the giant incision.  Murdoc opened his eyes wide at the creature before him, it's shrill crying caused him to get a headache.  The rest of the events went too quickly to capture.  All he could remember was a nurse rushing in and helping to cut the umbilical cord.  After that, the screaming infant was taken out of the room, leaving Murdoc with quiet once again. " that it?"  he watched the surgeon remove her dirty gloves and put on clean ones.  She shook her head and grabbed a box, carrying it over to the singer.  She set the box down and pulled out a needle and some suture thread.  Biting his lip, the bassist watched as she slowly started to suture the incision up, wrapping it up in gauze after.  All this time, Murdoc had his hands on 2D's. "Stu?"  He lifted one of his hands to the singer's face, moving the hair out of the way.  "He won't wake up for another two hours.  At this time you will both be able to see your new, healthy baby girl."  He turned to face the surgeon as she spoke, and the realization set in.  Baby.  He was a dad now, a new responsibility for him.  "Alright."  He placed a gentle kiss on 2D's forehead, leaning back against the chair. "In that case...'m takin' a nap."  He saw her nod before he closed his eyes, drifting into a quiet slumber.


The bassist was shaken awake by a tender hand.  "Hm? Wot?"  He opened his eyes and was face to face with a beautiful nurse, probably in her twenties. "Hello, sir.  Your friend is waking up now."  She backed up and left the room quickly.  Murdoc turned to see the singer moving around on the bed. "Stu?" At the sound of his name, 2D opened his onyx eyes. "Muds...?" Sitting up, he winced in sudden pain. "Ow!"  He fell back down onto the bed, holding his stomach. "W-Wot's goin on?  The bassist smiled a bit. "Ya went into surgery, luv.  Fer the baby." 2D's eyes widened. "Baby?! Where is she? Is she awright?!" Murdoc set a hand on 2D's. "Yes, yes. She's jus' not in here...we'll see 'er in a bit."  The singer whimpered. "Muds?...'m not really ready."  Patting his hand, Murdoc sighed. "I really ain' either...we'll both have to get used to being...parents."  2D whimpered a bit, trying to lean up.  Understanding, the bassist bent down and pressed his lips to the singer's.  Both were too busy to notice the nurse return to the room, pushing a clear crib in front of her. When the kiss ended, Murdoc was first to notice the nurse. "Gah!"  2D nearly jumped and turned in the direction that Murdoc was looking. "Oh!"  His eyes focused on the crib, seeing a pink bundle of blankets inside. "Muds! Is dat-"  The Satanist nodded and still held the singer's left hand. " is."  A content yelp of happiness escaped the singer as the nurse took the bundle out and gently handed it to 2D, telling him the proper way to hold a baby.  Listening intently, the vocalist held the head of the covered baby up by his arm. Watching it made the bassist happy deep in his cold heart.  "Murdoc...ya wanna see?" He nodded and leaned over to look.  Suddenly his eyes widened.  She was adorable.  Her eyes were closed, but her skin was a pale olive-green color.  Her hair, what was there, was a light blue.  

He just couldn't believe it.  "Muds, isn' she adorable?"  Not able to find words, the Satanist bobbed his head up and down in a slow nod.  "I fink dat she'll be 'appy wif 'er new family..."  He smiled and tickled the infant's belly. "Why 'ello dere, 'm yer mum."  The only response he got was a few baby noises. "Aww."  He laughed a bit, which made his stomach hurt from the recent surgery. "Ahh..."  The Satanist smiled, chuckling a bit himself. But, he soon frowned when he heard the child's cries ring through the room. "Wot's wrong? Wot'd I do?" The nurse smiled. "Uh-oh.  Sounds like she's hungry." 2D blinked, confused. "Wot do newborns eat?"  She laughed. "They drink breast milk."  Murdoc held in his laughter at the singer's expression.  "B-But, I can' feed 'er like dat, I'm a- Aaiiiee!"  He immediately looked down to see the infant trying to get at his chest. "Well." Murdoc chuckled. "There's somethin' there that she wants."  2D groaned and pulled the baby back, nervously unbuttoning the top of the gown.  Then, he tugged the material down enough for his bare nipple to be seen. Finally realizing that the singer's chest had swollen some, Murdoc watched carefully as the baby's mouth latched onto the said nipple, suckling on it hungrily.  The feeling was unusual to 2D and it made him twitch in discomfort.   Murdoc on the other hand, was enjoying the scene in front of him and was disappointed when the baby finally let go, falling right back to sleep.   2D sighed in relief that the moment was over. "Muds.  She's so cute. Are we still goin' wif Lucinda?"  The bassist nodded, sitting on the edge of the bed. "Yes.  How is this, Lucinda Lydia Niccals?" The singer's eyes went wide, a huge smile formed. "It's...perfect!"  He giggled and looked down at the baby in his arms. "Lucinda Lydia Niccals...'ow d'ya like it, cutey?  Lucinda opened her tiny eyes a bit, making Murdoc gasp.  They were the same color as his own.  Red and black.  He looked as she giggled and cooed with joy.  It was official, she was part of the family.
The birth! 8D

I'm sorry if it's not the best. I couldn't think of how it should go >-<
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Artist's comment:  I can't believe I couldn't think of ANYTHING good.  I literally spent 2 weeks restarting this over and over. And still nothing good came out of it.  Fuck...I'm so sorry...There will be things that I look forward to writing out...but it'll take some time to get to them...I'm filling in the boring stuff as much as I can.  Forgive me. :C


"Wot the fuck happened?" A distant, muffled voice asked.  Murdoc's voice. "Well...we DID get along for the first few minutes...and turned rotten real fast.  David--"  Rachel's voice was cut off quickly. "Oh! It's always David!  If he's got a problem wit' me, then me and him'll talk it out!  He needs to leave Stuart out of it!"  The bassist was getting angry. "I know..."  A quiet growl. "Where the fuck is he, anyway?"  There was a pause. "At work.  Stuart's in here."
A door opened and light blinded the newly woken up singer. "Ngh."  Murdoc walked over. "Yer awake, good."  2D rubbed his head. "...Where's Lucinda?"  Rachel came up to the bed, the child asleep in her arms.  "Here, sweetie."  2D was handed the infant gently. "...Will you at least stay for lunch?  I made a few sandwiches for you and Murdoc, dear."  She asked with hope in her voice. "Sure, mum."  He smiled.  The young man smiled politely and slowly got up from the bed. "...Muds..."  Murdoc looked over at the singer. "Shh. Let's jus'--"  2D shook his head. "I love you." Murdoc smiled softly, watching 2D get up off the bed. "...Hm..I love ya too, Stu."  He walked over and wrapped his arms around the singer, kissing him on the lips once, pulling away.  Chuckling, 2D took Murdoc's hand and led him to the kitchen, sitting in one of the dining chairs. Lucinda was cradled in his right arm.
Murdoc let go of 2D's hand and sat in the chair next to him. "Hmmn...Smells good."  Rachel smiled and set pre-made sandwiches in front of them. "Here."
Next, a bottle of water was passed to 2D, who opened it and drank some. "Fanks, mum."  Murdoc was handed a bottle of champagne. "Wot--..."  He looked up at Rachel in confusion. "It's the only alcohol we have.  We don't drink here.  It was a gift for us."  

The bassist took the drink and popped the top off.  Next, he downed about a third of it. "Ahh..."  Nice and refreshing. "Thanks, Rachel."  He smiled at her as kindly as possible.  It was enough. She took it and nodded. "I really wished that the visit hadn't turned out the way it had. Sorry."  She looked at the table in slight shame. "
Murdoc grunted. "David's an asshole.  I dunno why ya still love'im."  Rachel looked up to stare at Murdoc. "Because...He's not picky about much..except when it comes to the biblical things...he's very religious.  We get along 98 percent of the time."  She let out a long sigh. "I'm sorry, Stuart..."  2D looked up at his mother. "Vere isn' a reason fer ya to be sorry, mum..fings 'appen..." He smiled politely.  "Besides...Muds an' I can deal wif' dad's's jus' one person...right' Muds?"  The bassist nodded quickly. "Yup.  I could care less 'bout wot he thinks of me."  A quiet chuckle left him. "I don't give a shite."  2D sighed and looked down at Lucinda.
"..."  She looked so happy and peaceful.

" long HAVE you and David been married?"  Murdoc finally asked. "...." Rachel sighed. "...Let's see...hmm...About 40 years."  The bassist's eyes widened in astonishment. "Whoa. I don't think I could ever commit like that."  Rachel frowned and stared at Murdoc. "You better with my Stuey." She stated with a bland tone. "I want him to be happy for a long time."  Her gaze pierced into his soul. "...Right. I'll do my best."
Rachel smiled at the bassist. "Good."   2D finished his sandwich and got up, stretching
Until finally.
"Okay, Rachel.  It was fun an' all...but we need to be headin' back." Murdoc got up and popped his back. "C'mon, Stuart."    2D nodded and got up also, being gentle with Lucinda.  "Awright.  Fanks fer invitin' meh, mum."  He walked over and kissed Rachel's cheek. "I love ya, bye!"  He left with Murdoc quickly, closing the door behind.
"Vat wasn' so bad..."  Murdoc turned to him. "Awful.  If he ever does somethin' like that to you again...Grr..."  The bassist stormed off for the car with 2D following right behind. "Wai'!" He reached the vehicle and got in. "...Can I get an ice cream, Muds?" He begged.
Murdoc growled. "Wotever..."  The Geep was started and they both headed to the ice cream shop, 2D falling asleep on the way.  He dreamed about kittens and butterflies.

When they got there, Murdoc looked over at him and blinked. "...You..."  He smiled. "Cute...All I can say."  He pulled out and drove back home.
Once they got there, the bassist shook 2D awake gently. "Hm? Wot?  Apple pie?"  The singer looked around and sighed. "We 'ome already?"  Murdoc nodded and got out, taking the keys with him.  "Muds, where ya goin'?"  2D asked as Murdoc headed for the Winnebago.  "Bed...?"  The singer got out too. "Can...I join you?""  He purred.  Murdoc bit his lip and looked over at him. "....Sure."  A grin spread on his face.  Black eyes widened. "Cool! 'old on while I ask Noodle to watch 'er."  He dashed away and ran up the stairs with Lucinda, going straight to Noodle's bedroom.
4 sharp knocks were administered to her door and he bounced on the balls of his feet, eager.  "Hnn..."
When Noodle opened up, Lucinda was handed over. "Please watch 'er!"  He smiled and left the hallway, going back to Murdoc's Winnebago. When he opened the door, soft rock music was playing and the lights were off. "...Muds? Where are ya, luv?"  
There was a low chuckle from the bedroom and 2D walked over to it, opening the door. "...Muhdoc?"
The bassist was laying on the bed, in only his underwear. "Hey there, Hmhmhm~"  He purred. "Come on in."  2D smirked and started to take his clothes off, his shoes the first to go.
Within 2 whole minutes, 2D was stripped down to nothing, crawling on the bed.  

Murdoc wrapped his arms around the singer and pressed his lips to the singer's neck, kissing along it to his jawline. "Mhh.."  2D blushed and closed his eyes, feeling a caulloused hand moved down his body. "Uhn..." The bassist licked along where he bit. "Mhh..y'like?"  He bit down at the crook of 2D's neck, causing 2D to yelp. "Ahn! one 'urt."  Murdoc chuckled and kissed the spot, licking up the blood. "M-Muds..."  He moaned, wrapping his own arms around Murdoc's waist.
He seemed eager to fuck. "Mhm.."  The Satanist smiled, moving his hips along the singer's, causing 2D to let out a high pitched moan. "Nnn!"  A quiet whimper left the younger as he moved his hips back and forth, almost begging for contact. "Muhdoc..."   The bassist didn't seem too anxious to give 2D what he wanted right away.   Teasing him with his body. "Ahnn...Stop!  Y-Ya doin' vat on purpose..."

Murdoc's hand went up to 2D's chest, rubbing. " tense."  That hand slid down past 2D's crotch, making him moan heavily. "Stoppit!  Jus' fuck me, Muds."

The bassist laughed and pulled 2D close to him, pressing his lips to the other's. "Mhh...very well."   2D was pushed down on the bed and Murdoc lifted his legs up.
"Wai'!"  He called and pushed Murdoc off.  The singer then dug around the room until he found the thing he was looking for.  A condom.  
The Satanist grunted in annoyance. "Wot the fuck?  I ain'--" "It's jus' fer safety, luv."  Murdoc grumbled and snatched the rubber, open the package and taking his underwear off quickly, which surprisingly he hadn't done yet.  The condom was put on and he glared at the singer. "Happy yer highness?"
The bluenette grinned. "It'll work."  His arms wrapped around Murdoc again and pulled him close. "Now...let's get frisky!"  He giggled and pulled him down for a kiss, while Murdoc immediately went for the gold.
I'm so sorry for ruining this story >:C
IT'll get better...I hope. :I

forgive meh.
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Why is it that it's okay for a man and a woman – a boy and a girl – to kiss in public, or two women to lock lips onstage, where if it were two men, it just wouldn't be accepted?  Don't say it's not true, because it is.  It's okay for Madonna and Britney or Madonna and Christina or Kylie and Ana Matronic to kiss onstage, but when Adam Lambert kisses his guitarist, it's unacceptable.  It's an abomination.  "What if our children saw that?"  "Oh, we're so sorry, overly-concerned extreme Christian American.  We'll fine the network and scold Mr Lambert, even if it was after the watershed.  Meanwhile, treat your undoubtedly emotionally scarred children to a game of Call Of Duty or Grand Theft Auto.  We'll make sure all of our guests suppress themselves from now on."

It's pathetic.  Let people express themselves.  You need to let your children to grow up to be tolerant and strong, not ignorant and weak.
Hello there!

This is just a piece I wrote in Villiers Park. We were given a newspaper and had to write sometime in five minutes based on a headline or something. There was an article about Kylie Minogue kissing a lady from Scissor Sisters, and then this spewed out of me. I think there's some truth in it.

Some good news is I've been writing recently! It's mostly been fanfiction, but the plots are original. I think I'll definitely post it if it ever gets finished (which hopefully it will because OMG I have ideas!).

Anyway, hope you like this!
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Because of Doctor Who I am Afraid of...

   1. manikins
   2. Christmas trees
   3. cats
   4. monks
   5. school food
   6. clocks
   7. blue tooth devices
   8. TV's
   9. cupboards
   10. children's drawings
   11. MRI machines
   12. straws
   13. gas masks
   14. brass bands
   15. statues
   16. blinking
   17. the dark
   18. shadows
   19. libraries
   20. cracks
   21. coma patients
   22. hospitals
   23. ...and hospitals again
   24. cars
   25. weight loss pills
   26. drums
   27. water
   28. music
   29. pigs
   30. old ladies
   31. old people in general
   32. wasps
   33. pictures of angles
   34. things stuck in my eye
   35. eyes
   36. fish
   37. tattoos
   38. waiting "five minutes"
   39. "Bad Wolf"
   40. dreaming
   41. protesting
   42. forgetting
   43. 42
   44. computers
   45. friendly ghosts
   46. steel
   47. sewers
   48. having type A+ blood
   49. theaters
   50. reality TV shows
   51. lipstick
   52. not having tea in an emergency
   53. diamonds
   54. fireplaces
   55. the moon
   56. scarecrows
   57. children
   58. exhaust
   59. buses
   60. the corner of my eye
   61. insignificant doors
   62. the upstairs apartment
   63. the ground
   64. nights with no stars
   65. blue envelopes
   66. reflective objects
   67. mail
   68. kindness
   69. silence
   70. hotels
   71. the oval office
   72. department stores
   73. Van Gogh paintings
   74. weddings
   75. coronations
   76. plastic
   77. bodies that seem to be dead
   78. Utah
   79. space exploration
   80. the word "Magpie"
   81. myself
   82. voting
   83. what I can't remember
   84. no ducks in a duck pond
   85. imaginary friends
   86. my childhood best friend
   87. modern technology
   88. Shakespeare
   89. Centurions
   90. eye patches
   91. journals
   92. spoilers
   93. Easter eggs
   94. geniuses
   95. Agatha Christie mysteries
   96. copycats
   97. government officials
   98. astronauts
   99. history
  100. Steven Moffat

...101. Doctor Who
It was surprisingly simple to create this list of 101 things I am now afraid of because of Doctor Who. Now, if you are a fan, try and match up which number goes to which episode. Have fun! Some things can go to more than one and some connect to Doctor Who in general.

I originally posted this here: [link]

Is there anything I missed? Add to the list in comments!

I thought of trash piles while I was posting this.
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