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this is my first shot at poetry so pleeeeaese lemme know how i did? kinda morbid but i got this idea from.... you guessed it =D Deadspace
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EDIT! Please read!

This, along with my other Dead Space Shadows deviation, has become my most popular deviation to date. I would like to let everyone know, as of today, I'm not currently writing or planning on writing Dead Space: Shadows until further notice. That doesn't mean it won't happen, but it does mean that you probably shouldn't expect it anytime this year (I might be nice and post what I currently have written this Halloween, but that would probably mean all the more that I'll take longer to write it).

I really appreciate the favs and the views, but if you happen to stumble upon this I'd really appreciate it if you took the time to look at my other stuff that I'm working on. Thanks for your time.

End of Edit

Excerpt from Dead Space: Shadows, Introduction - To Extract a Marker

Since I posted a preview piece of artwork earlier, I decided to post a text preview so you guys can see what you're up against. As I add more to the story, I'll steadily add more previews until I'm ready to post the first bit. This is going to be the last time you'll see a submission involving the first preview pic I posted earlier, mostly because I've got a specific logo poster set up for this story (which, by the way, is probably going to get edited. This one turned out so well that I'm having a hard time choosing between the two).

Preview Pic edited with GIMP 2.0, [link]
Dead Space (c) EA Games
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Dead Space 3 prequel / conjecture

Where is Ellie? What happened to her, both before and after the crash? Does she really hear his shouts echoing through the storm, or does she simply imagine it?

This came from me thinking about DS3's setting. If anyone has ever been trapped in a snowstorm, they know how terrifying it can be. One of the most horrific events, in my experience, for sure. Snow steals everything. There's no sound, no sight. It's like the world around you vanished, and then you vanish too.

Thinking back on my experiences in snow, DS3's setting unnerves me more than returning to the Ishimura's med deck.

Anywho this is a rough thing I just wrote tonight, gave it a single pass for errors, and tossing it up. Any crits welcome, as usual.
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Please let me know what you think :)
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After reading the novel Know No Fear, I've heard of the Ultramarines' great domain before the time of the Heresy. Within the story it spoke of the XIII Legion's great realm of five hundred worlds.

Known as the Five Hundred Worlds of Ultramar, or "the New Empire", the realm was the home of the largest of the Space Marine Legions. Mainstream 40k knowledge doesn't have much detail on this realm, so I took it upon myself to name all 500 worlds.

This project tok me two months to accomplish. I surfed the Web, searching for suitable names. Of course, I included the original eleven worlds of Ultramar, as well as any future homeworlds of Ultramarines Successor Chapters, and a few other Imperial worlds. The rest of the worlds are named after actual ancient locations on Earth, mostly from Ancient Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia, or my own derivatives. For example, I may have taken a few of our modern cities' names and re-spelled them, or found ancient-sounding names, especially of Roman origin.

The end result, a list of my own idea of Ultramar: 500 worlds exactly.
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you're like a flooding aorta
or the clutch of a chamber,
a pact that urges my wrists
to assist the split of my carcass in twain
spittled and arching in pain
flattering every angle in bledded refrain
oh god, some scars are eternal
and some phoenixes stay slain



IrrevocableFate you are the best. anyone reading this, i humbly request (and/or vehemently demand) that you give her and her gallery some love.


sneaking in a mini feature, check these out!

Queen RegnantAs you embroidered autumn
into my bones, I heard the
trees giggle to themselves:
"We're going to make all
the leaves change color,
pin them along the sidewalk
for you to follow and we'll
wreathe them in your hair.
You will be our daughter."
You folded apples into my smile,
making it crisp, but sweet. I
took the time to thank you by
shrugging off my sweater and
giving it to you. A daughter
of the trees, braided with their
leaves, needs no protection
from the elements that embrace her.
"Your leaf diadem suits you,
daughter," they say as
their branches weave between
gusts of wind. For once,
I believe them.
   camisadoplanktonic in the human swell
we ate our wings so we'd keep tame
ancillary atoms
consorting with the stratum
when most zooids would withdraw from shore
and haunt places more pelagic
now night will be our cover
with its rorschach eyes and
hormone fodder
for this show and tell philosophy
where psuedo-suns can not deter
from hyperbaric sleep
but the spoils are ours to keep
though vespertine and fleeting
and bled into the water through
sensory secretions
   awake and alivedayworm ouroboros stuck
                in the raven's throat
gets shorter in chunks
     swallowed with a guttural clutter
              of polished solarplates crashing down
the house on blackberry hill
           rewires its shadow
                     block by block everyday.
a world emerges in the backyard
     it is frothing & foaming
with the vividness of a mucous membrane.
the birds in the bushes burp out
             milky kisses at each other
                                  but the outcast eats the days.
someone says that the contrast
that the smell of burnt rubber
   you lurk in the dark and your eyes start firesshe can't seem to grasp the arrowhead
lodged in her chest and pull it out -
she'd rather let it melt into the
plushness of her breastbone than
grip it lightly in her fangs and let
her enamel stain with flecks of
her own blood -
and yet he, who found the stone
she keeps beneath her chest, who
tossed it loftily in her direction and
watched with wide eyes as she rubbed
her thumb across the surface and slipped
it in her pocket, he flicks every word (and
every nightmare) that stumbles across his path
to eternities unknown - he swats at those
mosquitoes, but (i can't tell if) they leave
bites beneath his scales -
and when they get like
this they're monsters - she, with a tongue of
scorching flame, constantly licking and licking
until her tastebuds drop to the ground like petals,
and he, whose head and heart always hover above
the ground, with eyes that reflect the clouds as they
rumble and glide. no one can ever tell who really strays.
   the cultivation of neophiliai.
give in to it:
the insatiable restlessness
that haunts, heavy
in a familiar corner
of your eyeline.
drive toward the night.
halt only when you
can no longer
trace paths of neon
from streetlight to fingertip;
never quite reach the
eventually, stop trying.
look over the paper city
resting fragile below;
tear it to shreds
with vicious intent
and forget,
forget that you have
loved and hoped and
for a moment 
there is only you,
the night, and the need
to fly.
desire like you've
never wanted anything,
search for the novel,
for the fantastical
and the faintest hint
of something new
in the sky-glow.
stand so high atop 
towering blank-faced
mountain ranges;
wonder how they do not
under the weight
of all this empty
  Sibilant by Sorelliena and don't forget: an--unkindness-ofravens.tumblr…
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Some of you have probably seen this before, because it was some authors notes for 'WOTC' over on But, still, since I've got the Kingdom Hearts one here, I figured I'd better put up the original. This is the one for Jak and Daxter, all the games.

All the ones that says 'guilty', I am guilty of having commited at one point or another during my fan career. Might not be as funny, but some of them are really good.

Jak and Daxter (c) Naughty Dog
List (c) Me
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The full title should read MetroidxHalo: Stuck in the Middle with You

Since the dawn of time (or atleast 2001), an age-old question has passed from gamer to gamer: Samus or Master Chief? While I think Samus is the most kick-assiest lady around, I propose this humble answer: Why not both?

Metroid © Nintendo
Halo © Bungie

Author's Notes:
First, this isn't supposed to fit in with the canon.
Second, anything from Prime 2 and Halo 2 and before applies to the characters, so MC and Johnson are with Miranda Keyes, Samus has her weapons from Prime 1, as well as the Pirates being from Prime 1.
Third, this isn't Delta Halo. This is an entirely new Halo.
Finally, I have no plans to include the Ing or the Flood. Maybe in a second fic, but not here.

Special Edition updates: You know what this chapter needed? I mean really needed? AN ACTUAL FIGHT SCENE. Ta-da, problem solved. It was one of the aspects of the original draft that always bothered me, and now it's been taken care of, along with a few odds and ends. Also threw in a tiny bit of character development.

I'm sorry if a bit at the end was somewhat confusing; it took me awhile to figure out how to communicate to the reader that you know who Samus is and that she's a girl, yet the Chief doesn't, and up until the point where she takes her helmet off, he continues to think of her as such. Also, Samus doesn't actually "disappear" during her fight with the Chief; she uses her Morph Ball to roll under him so quickly that he lost sight of her. I tried to make sure to drop enough hints (leaning forward, Morph Bombs), but I'm sure some people might still be confused. It happens sometimes.
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If Dead Space 3 does not feature Isaac and Ellie as space cowboy partners in crime I will be very disappointed.
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The is the politics of warfare. Because some people think the two can be mixed. When in reality it's simply oil and water. The Conventions are flaws that make the problem of combat all the more-so problematic. It's friction. But it's a friction that can, and does need to be removed.

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