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a dead guy made out of 1000 dead guys
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This is the Redux of this: [link]

With the new Afro Samurai Resurrection out, I thought well since everyone loves the original I'd go and revamp it; since with the original I feel it has alot of glaring flaws and it was only my 3rd ever digital painting.

So heres the updated version, bout 5 hours.

Jedi Mind Tricks
Coca Cola
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Due to destroyed supply lines, even _those_ rations were considered tasty among Kriegers during the defense of Grabstein III.

Uncle Nurgle approves.
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Somewhere over disputed waters in the East China Sea a JASDF pilot in his brand new F-35A helps maintain cordial and friendly diplomatic relations with his counterparts from across the sea.

Safe to say that PLANAF pilot (Also sporting a brand new J-31) is not gonna be too happy to report this situation back to base ;P

An idea that I had in my head for about a year now ever since the Senkaku-Diaoyu islands dispute almost went ballistic. And yes this is of course based on a particular scene from everyone favourite fighters movie. ;D TOP GUN!

"Sorry Goose, but's it's time to buzz the tower!"


Took me a little while to draw that F-35 helmet but I think it turned out allright. The J-31 pilot has however a more classic helmet design but that's cuz I was lazy enough to not dig out if there is any new helmet design made specifically for the J-31. Time will tell I suppouse.

Now I'm off to kiss this account good bye since I think the PLA's cyber hackers are gonna go to war against me xP. hehe

I hope you guys like it. :)

Seeya in the Battlefield! :salute:
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"There was smoke. A lot of it. One couldn't see a thing. Suddenly, a figure emerges with open arms as if welcoming someone. The man makes an evil looking grin towards the audience and proclaims: I'M BACK!"

How's that for a self-introduction after more than 6 bloody months without posting sh*t? ;P

Yup, the Panzer is back and ready to roll all over you. *Plays Ghost Division by Sabaton*

Anyway, here's the final project I had to do for the comic/drawing classes. We basically had to write a small story and make two comic pages applying the stuff we learned throughout the year. I got a "10 Felicitado" for this which is like 110% or an "A+" in US grading standars. =P

As you can see, I went with a story about the British invading Buenos Aires for a third time. I really didn't bother thinking in a complex backstory. Just made something that would be shocking and cool visually. ;) No politics involved (I swear). But the brits did invade Buenos Aires twice (Only to be repelled away with the help of some cooking oil). So they could totally go for it again. (Just kidding, I love you brits.)

For those that don't know River Plate and Boca Juniors are two Argentine football teams and they're ht emost popular ones in the country. When both face each other, it's called the "Superclasic" and it's a pretty big event regarding of what it's at stake for that match.

The color work is hand made using color pencils. I got a nice selection so I applied some pretty fitting colors.

The shadows were made along aside the inking process though I also pressed harder on the colors to generate a more gradient like effect to simulate light. Though it did not go as good as I thought it would be.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with this even if it doesn't really match the standars of my previous works here in DA. It's also my first time trying to work on a proper comic page so excuse the relative simpleness of it. I'm not a pro (Yet).

Ok, I still got some drawings I need to finish for next Friday in order to fully pass the course so for this week I'm all booked up. But when December arrives, I should be able to get back to work with my own stuff. I got a few projects left hanging from a pretty good while ago. I'll see if I can get to work on it. But I will also be taking comissions so here's the heads up. ;) Don't worry, my coloring style will be digital as normal and not like this.

I will post later on a picture showing the different stages of this project. They're basically the inked versions, the versions with shadows and the final colored pages to see how it evolved. I don't rule out making a digital colored version of this sometime in the future but right now it's not really a priority.

Well, I hope you like it, I busted my ass for this. ^^;

See'ya in the Battlefield! :salute:
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More prints for Nagu-con! At this rate I might be able to finish
them all in time TT u TT

Truth be told, I've never actually played a Battlefield game
before. I just think that between that and Modern Warfare
Battlefield has the more... um... iconic cover art (I dunno lol >_>)

This print will be available at Nagu-Con, August 10th through
the 12th. Come to our table in the artist alley and say hi if
you get a chance~!

So when I made prints of this for con, it turned out really dark. I mean, REALLY dark.
The thing is, it looks fine on my computer monitor, but I'm thinkin' maybe it doesn't on everyone else's...
If anyone feels like the drawing is a little too dark, please feel free to let me know >~>

Akemi Homura, Madoka Magica (c) Magica Quartet
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6 july 1944 fight of tanapag, saipan
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I have no idea why it got so popular but I found it rather funny to see so many people doing this
so I just felt like doing one too XD
And here it is! Girly boys for the wiiiin XD :iconimbishieplz:
I named him Yves, by the way he doesn't have always his eyes closed. his eye color is like the bg.
Maybe if I've got time (what I probably won't -.- ) I will do a full body drawing of him and also make another
one, but a girl next time... I'm drawing too much guys lately XD
Ugh... gotta go now do my homework and learn for exams T.T
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EDIT: yaaaaay~ I got in ;v;!
If you guys wanna rp you can add me on skype , ill be there more often:
midori_ringo ( my name is Tikra on skype :3 )

Name: Kinjou Yoneda

Nickname: Yoda, Yo-kun

Gender: male

Age: 17

Grade: first year

Dormitory: Tamagawa

Club: Art

Orientation: bisexual ( he doesnt notice the difference between genders much)


- games

- bubble gum and lollipops

- drawing ( for his game designing)

- mangas/ anime

- writing ( also for game designing purposes)


- people starring at him or crowding him

- doing most sports (because he is not really good at them)

- ridiculing games

- spicy food


He is rather cheerful and loving but not that social around people because he doesn’t know how to interact with them. He is rather smart even if in some areas he is a bit of an idiot (like analyzing feelings). He has a big lack of orientation and gets lost easily, mostly when he is playing on his portable console while walking. He gets very protective about people he likes as well as personal interests. When he gets into an anxious situation he gets really bold, saying things that might come off as rude. He also has the habit to smile when he is actually afraid so he'd seem calm. All in all he wants to be friends with people but doesn't know how to initiate it.


"Dont worry my dear yo-chan, even if mommy isnt going to be here, daddy will be. And if you ever feel lonely or miss mommy, you can play the game we did together. Promise me there will be many more to come, ok?"

Those where the words Yoneda last heard from his mother when he was small. She was a wonderful woman with a cheerful character, yet she had a weak heart. He was sad but knew that she still lived on in her games. She was a game designer that created many worlds for people to venture in and he was very proud of that. Especially of the one they designed together. The base of the story started from an idea of his. In the game, you played a boy who had to go on an adventure to find a witch who cursed his mother. He tried putting all his ideas into the heart warming game, feeling more and more excited as the story grew. That day he realized what he wanted to do. He wanted to be a game designer and create games which will enchant people into playing. He wanted to make his mother proud and continue what she started.

His father found a wife a few years after and he felt happy for him. She was nice but still a bit quiet around the boy, probably not knowing how to interact with him. Still, he didn’t mind that. He knew she had good intentions and made his father happy and that was good enough for him. He also had a step-sister now which was older than him but quite rebellious so he didn’t get to see her that often. They didn't seem to interact very well anyway so it was somehow better like that.

He didn’t really feel like he interacted well at school, being rather anxious and bold around the girls and the guys teasing him about his games so he stopped socializing with many of them and just focused on his games. He realized that during that period he started having a fondness towards lollipops and bubble gum. It was probably a way for him to keep his mouth occupied and not retort to the people around him. He started playing a lot of other games to catch up on some ideas and tricks for stories. With this he succeeded making one friend who shared a mutual interest with him and that was playing games.

One day his father had a talk with him and he told him about the high school his mother wanted to get in when she was about his age. He took out a picture from a box filled with her belongings and reached it out to Yoneda. The picture was of a beautiful High-school which charmed him instantly. He understood why his mother liked it even if he couldn’t exactly put his finger on it. He would do anything to get into that high school.

Besides studying his butt of everyday, he snuck out sometimes to go to his part-time job. They weren’t exactly poor but he knew his father already had to support his wife and a rebellious daughter, so when he thought of going to this prestigious school, he didn’t want to burden him too much. He would still do everything possible to get his hands on a scholarship, yet he just wanted to make sure that he had a back-up plan, just in case. His friend made it possible for him to work in different places as a part-timer without anyone asking about his actual age. He worked as a bartender, in a convenient store , even as a host for a limited period of time. There was nothing going to stop him from going to that school. He was confident he'd get in, no matter what it would take.

Then the time came. He received a letter about his acceptance in the school. He was so nervous his hands were shaking. Once he opened the letter and read the line "you have been successfully admitted to Tachikawa-high" he almost felt like crying. He did it. He finally did it.

His father shared his excitement even if he didn’t like the fact that the High school was in a town rather far away from his. He gave him a envelope, which contained a picture of his mother, the one of his high school and a rather large sum of money. Yoneda didn’t want to accept it but his father ordered him to. He knew how hard Yoneda was working to get in and even if the boy received a scholarship, he still wanted to help him. This was the only thing he could do for him anymore and he wanted to at least let him support his only son. He really did it. He was going to go to the high school his mother loved. From there on he was going to persuade his dream of becoming a game designer and nothing would stand in his way.

He thanked his friend for taking care of him all this time and took his farewells. His father gave him something that was left behind from his mother. She asked him to give it to Yoneda when he found something he loved. It was a portable console with the game they both designed together. So he could always have her with him. He smiled thankfully feeling more motivated then he had ever been.

" Tachikawa-high, here I come!"
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