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a dead guy made out of 1000 dead guys
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This is the Redux of this: [link]

With the new Afro Samurai Resurrection out, I thought well since everyone loves the original I'd go and revamp it; since with the original I feel it has alot of glaring flaws and it was only my 3rd ever digital painting.

So heres the updated version, bout 5 hours.

Jedi Mind Tricks
Coca Cola
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Due to destroyed supply lines, even _those_ rations were considered tasty among Kriegers during the defense of Grabstein III.

Uncle Nurgle approves.
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nuevo avatar terraria 1.3
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Teal/green Version
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a concept i have been working on
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"There was smoke. A lot of it. One couldn't see a thing. Suddenly, a figure emerges with open arms as if welcoming someone. The man makes an evil looking grin towards the audience and proclaims: I'M BACK!"

How's that for a self-introduction after more than 6 bloody months without posting sh*t? ;P

Yup, the Panzer is back and ready to roll all over you. *Plays Ghost Division by Sabaton*

Anyway, here's the final project I had to do for the comic/drawing classes. We basically had to write a small story and make two comic pages applying the stuff we learned throughout the year. I got a "10 Felicitado" for this which is like 110% or an "A+" in US grading standars. =P

As you can see, I went with a story about the British invading Buenos Aires for a third time. I really didn't bother thinking in a complex backstory. Just made something that would be shocking and cool visually. ;) No politics involved (I swear). But the brits did invade Buenos Aires twice (Only to be repelled away with the help of some cooking oil). So they could totally go for it again. (Just kidding, I love you brits.)

For those that don't know River Plate and Boca Juniors are two Argentine football teams and they're ht emost popular ones in the country. When both face each other, it's called the "Superclasic" and it's a pretty big event regarding of what it's at stake for that match.

The color work is hand made using color pencils. I got a nice selection so I applied some pretty fitting colors.

The shadows were made along aside the inking process though I also pressed harder on the colors to generate a more gradient like effect to simulate light. Though it did not go as good as I thought it would be.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with this even if it doesn't really match the standars of my previous works here in DA. It's also my first time trying to work on a proper comic page so excuse the relative simpleness of it. I'm not a pro (Yet).

Ok, I still got some drawings I need to finish for next Friday in order to fully pass the course so for this week I'm all booked up. But when December arrives, I should be able to get back to work with my own stuff. I got a few projects left hanging from a pretty good while ago. I'll see if I can get to work on it. But I will also be taking comissions so here's the heads up. ;) Don't worry, my coloring style will be digital as normal and not like this.

I will post later on a picture showing the different stages of this project. They're basically the inked versions, the versions with shadows and the final colored pages to see how it evolved. I don't rule out making a digital colored version of this sometime in the future but right now it's not really a priority.

Well, I hope you like it, I busted my ass for this. ^^;

See'ya in the Battlefield! :salute:
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anatomy practice... spanish class... smart-ass guys thought they knew how to draw muscles... done out of boredom after finishing work...not the best at anatomy but still, practice makes better
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For :iconmorphos-metaphor:
Just submitting cause there's a deadline on these things!! :iconocryplz:

Enjoy (or rather don't :iconjudgeuplz:) Motoko my meanie school girl based off of a love for the meanie girls of Soap Opera Land (not a fictional place, go book a vacation today but watch out for the occasional murder). :nod:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

N A M E. Koizumi Motoko

A G E. 16

G E N D E R: Female

H E I G H T: 5'7"

W E I G H T: 97 lbs

L I K E S:

:bulletblue: Expensive Gifts
:bulletblue: Jewelry
:bulletblue: Lollipops
:bulletblue: Pocky (various sweet things in general)
:bulletblue: Rainy days
:bulletblue: Being Alone
:bulletblue: Jazz Music and Grunge
:bulletblue: Clubs, Bars
:bulletblue: Blending into the background
:bulletblue: Fastfood

D I S L I K E S:

:bulletblue: Love, concept of love at first sight
:bulletblue: Romantic gestures
:bulletblue: Idealists
:bulletblue: Uniforms
:bulletblue: Teachers, School
:bulletblue: Anybody Preaching
:bulletblue: Books, reading lots
:bulletblue: Cheap gifts

O C C U P A T I O N: 2nd Year Student

P E R S O N A L I T Y:

The easiest way to describe Motoko is Fake.

A troubled girl she makes no effort to hide her apathy to the world around her. She has become cynical over time and prioritizes the present over the future - valuing material goods over kinship or any human bond. Directly stemming from this, Motoko has become a manipulator of people by way of getting the things she wants without the burden of companionship. It's not that she undervalues companionship - more like she sees it as having no value at all. To her there is no honesty to be found in the world, and because of this sees little to no point in keeping company with liars. She is ultimately a very selfish person and one that is truly alone with the world.
With a personality like this, Motoko's words are usually clipped and sharp - she doesn't beat around the bush when it comes to telling you exactly what she thinks and she won't spare your feelings. And to beat all, she really doesn't give a crap what you think.

s t r e n g t h s:

:bulletblue: Independent and self sufficient; if Motoko was left to her own devices for a month or even a year she would be able to etch out a living and survive comfortably with no problems at all.

:bulletblue: She is mentally strong and will never break. The wall around her is so strong she'll probably never change the way she thinks or feels.

:bulletblue: Self-assure - there's no situation that'll ever catch her off-guard or cause her to lose her cool. She is never shocked, she never snaps. In short, she is not an emotional person. If somebody should ever do something to make her mad, all they will get is a calculated and deadly response.

:bulletblue: To survive, she will use anything. Secrets, people, her body, whatever. She does it with zero shame and clear conscious.

w e a k n e s s e s. 

:bulletblue: She has an immense disregard for other people and uses them and loses them at an insane rate.

:bulletblue: Likewise, she refuses to see any benefit in having friends or company, but ultimately this is a little hypocritical, as she mainly gets her fun out of harrassing or using people like toys.

:bulletblue: Nearly everything out of her mouth is a lie - and nothing she says can ever truly be taken for truth.

:bulletblue: If she ever gets the upper-hand on someone she will likely blackmail or harass them until she gets bored of it.

:bulletblue: She never applies herself with anything or takes her future seriously.

:bulletblue: Life is a game and for this manipulator of people all's fair in love and war. She can't see peoples feelings beyond their uses in her little game.

H I S T O R Y. 
Motoko lived a fairly typical rich girl's life back in Tokyo and despite her parents often being busy with work she got along with them fairly well. She was also quite popular at school, had plenty of friends and stayed on top of all the latest trends and fashions.

This all began to change when she began to take notice of a teacher at her school, her history teacher. He was... younger than the usual and of course a lot more attractive. She'd had boyfriends before but none of them ever made her feel the way he did. Purposefully she began to flunk history, garnering more of his attention while she hoped to receive some of his private lessons. He lead her on. He made her think she had a chance and then cruelly shut her down, telling her she was just a child and to expect anything of an adult was ridiculous. As if things couldn't get worse, she then later discovered that same teacher and her mother were having an affair.
It was absurd; from what she'd seen her parents had always loved each other very much - they seemed so happy, they'd been living the fairy-tale white picket life.
But Motoko soon realized there was a lot more to life than what she'd "seen". That her parents had been having affairs for years now - that her friends had been slagging her off behind her back for months. That every friend, boyfriend and acquaintance she'd ever met had lied to her face and made a fool of her.

Things only got worse when her father's affair caused him to lose his job, gradually losing their wealth in the process. Her mother and father finally tried for a divorce they'd tiptoed around for years and Motoko, caught in the middle, was sent to her uncle's house in Kirimori where she later attended Higashimori High.

Before the move, something broke within her.
If everyone lied and life was unfair what could she do? To her, there were only 2 options. Be lied to, or be the liar. Be abused, or the abuser.

She'd never be on the backfoot again - they'd never get so lucky.

T R I V I A S. 

:bulletblue: Started Enjo kōsai to stay in her rich friends circle when her family began to lose their wealth, but has kept up the practice since then.

:bulletblue: Motoko is actually very smart academically speaking - but what with her troubled personality and hate for conformity she rarely if ever applies herself in any tests. It's very clear how she passed Higashimori's high entrance exam, however.

:bulletblue: She spends a lot of time texting on her mobile phone. But to who or about what is always a mystery.

:bulletblue: She and Aurelia used to be good friends - by which I mean Motoko used her rather a lot - for shopping trips, homework, and outings in which more of Aurelia's money was spent than she could ever properly account for.

:bulletblue: She occasionally looks at a photo with her and another girl in it.
Moto & Nori summer school age 13 & 14.
Who is she?

:bulletblue: Before her move, Motoko got even with old boyfriends, girl friends and her history teacher - the details of which are better left unsaid.

:bulletblue: She loves men who seem haunted or lonely. They're her favourite.

:bulletblue: She's willing to go to insane lengths to get a reaction.
You have no idea.

:bulletblue: If she ever encountered her shadow self, odds are she would not be coming back.
...She's broken. The mask is so suffocating at this point that there's nothing else pure left of her.

:bulletblue: You were warned.
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More prints for Nagu-con! At this rate I might be able to finish
them all in time TT u TT

Truth be told, I've never actually played a Battlefield game
before. I just think that between that and Modern Warfare
Battlefield has the more... um... iconic cover art (I dunno lol >_>)

This print will be available at Nagu-Con, August 10th through
the 12th. Come to our table in the artist alley and say hi if
you get a chance~!

So when I made prints of this for con, it turned out really dark. I mean, REALLY dark.
The thing is, it looks fine on my computer monitor, but I'm thinkin' maybe it doesn't on everyone else's...
If anyone feels like the drawing is a little too dark, please feel free to let me know >~>

Akemi Homura, Madoka Magica (c) Magica Quartet
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