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iChadium, a mod for Adium :)


Gems: [link]
DMG icons: by Jonas Rask [link]
Wallpaper: [link]

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T55 battle tank. Used in the game Joint Task Force. Could've been detailed much more, it's not a hipoly object (it was planned in the beginning that the game's engine would move it).
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Tae Combat Armor:

The Terran Alliance Military places a high premium on personal protection. Lacking the enhance physiology of the Valkiir, or the ESP/Telepathy of the Tau. TAE troopers must use superior tactics training and equipment to offset these factors.

Tae Armor makes extensive use of Carbon-Zed ( hyperspace derived carbon crystal)enhanced carbon fiber, ceramics, and energy/heat dissipating aerogels.

The exterior of most armors are semi rigid, with panels of rigid carbon fiber/metallic allow plates. layered over gas, and moisture impervious layers of ballistic fiber and aerogels packets.

Tae Uniforms are generally looser fitting and more ruggedly manufactured that Valkiir and Tau uniforms, Leading to the nickname "Baggies" being used for TAE troopers by Tau Forces

Standard Personal Protective Gear:

A lightweight protective chest and back piece with additional semi rigid panels over. it is optimized against Fragmentation, small arms projectiles, and impact..
Usually it is worn over a set of reinforced BDUS and a thermal, pressure, chemical, and flame resistant, body sleeve. The body sleeve also includes a mask and cowl to protect the face, neck, and head.

Standard Combat Armor:
Issued when combat is expected, or planned. Combat armor adds layers of carbon fiber, ceramic, and metallic alloys to the Basic Protective gear. In addition a combat Helmet is generally worn enclosing the face, neck and head, as well as providing vision enhancement, and data transfer. In areas where needed the helmet is also equipped with a built in respirator, and gas mask.

Shock Armor:
Worn during heavy combats and assaults. Shock armor features heavier rigid plates, and extended protection of the Arms, neck, and abdomen. It also fully encloses the legs.
Additionally Shock armor is fitted with an automated system which monitors the wearers vital signs, and administers a cocktail of enzymes, drugs, and nano surgeons should it detect any massive change in blood pressure respiration, or detect a serious wound.

Field cap:
a light, comfortable cap worn when in uniform, it has some protective value, and had a standard radio and position tracking transponder embedded in the band of the cap.

Beret: worn by elite forces either in normal or dress uniforms the beret is not very protective, but it also contains standard radio link and transponder as well as a second encrypted transmitter.

Enhanced Combat Helmet:
A heavy reinforced piece of headgear that completely encloses the head and protects the face of the wearer. it features a standard HUD system with built in lo-lite, and active UV/thermal No-lite vision enhancement.

M-550k Plasma Pistol:
This high capacity high impact plasma pistol is a modification of a Valkiir design. It has a higher rate of fire, capacity, and can sustain a high rate of fire for a longer period without overheating.
It has a shorter range, and the shot pattern is larger, but this is not considered a major detriment since it is classified as a close in self defense weapon.

weight 2 Kilos
Capacity: 30 (180 charge power cell)
Effective range: 40 meters
Maximum range: 1000 meters

M-75 11mm E-mag pistol:
weight: 1.75 kilos
Capacity: 15 rounds ( power cell incorporated into magazine)
Effective range: 50 meters
Maximum range: 800 meters
Integral laser sight/UV illuminator
fire control system linked to HUD or visor.
low light/IR/UV camera system linked to HUD/visor

Using a series of near superconducting polymer coils the M-75 has the same impact and trauma inducing capacity as a standard issue assault rifle. it's smaller magazine, shorter range and limited power supply keep it from being considered as more than a self defense or tactical entry weapon.
It is designed to fire at maximum velocity, reduced high rate of fire velocities, and a special subsonic velocity for covert operations.
The M75 is preferred in most circumstances due to it's lack of flash and lower firing noise than a plasma pistol. In addition the lack of the Plasma pistols tracer effect allows a shooter to fire without giving away his position.

M-37-E5 E-mag Assault Rifle

Caliber: 6.5mm
Weight: 5 kilos
Capacity: 90 rounds (720 round power cell)
Effective range: 500 meters
Maximum Range: 1200 meters

Electronic Fire control system linked to holo-sight/helmet/HUD
Low-lite, active UV/thermal no light sight Linked to sight/helmet/HUD
Pulse coded UV laser finder/designator

Still in use after thirty years, the M=37 keeps with the policy of relying on projectile weapons as the standard arm of the TAE military. The primary advantage of a projectile weapon is that it has greater penetration and a much lower visual signature when firing. Plasma weapons can not penetrate heavy cover, and give away the position of the shooter every time it is fired.

The M-37 is a hard hitting accurate assault rifle that packs the power of a conventional 7.62mm round used in pre-contact battle rifles. The electromagnetic propulsion system allows it to operate in any atmosphere, or in vacuum.

Coupled with advanced electronics, compressed metal armor piercing ammunition and an optional burst, full auto firing mode the M-37 is the standard rifle of all TAE military forces, and many colonial, and colonial assistance forces.

The rifle sights of the weapon are a simple holographic display. a small display shines on an angled pane of glass which superimposes the image over the shooters field of vision. while not as detailed as a full electronic or holographic sight the simple rugged sight functions well, and is easy to maintain in the field.In addition the small display does not create a large light signature which might give it away to low lite optics.

This modification of the M-37 is a marksman variant of the standard issue M-37 assault rifle. It fires in semiautomatic mode only and has an extended barrel and larger stack of magnetic coils to increase it's striking power, range, and accuracy.
The S2 is accurate out to 1000 meters. At maximum power, it has the terminal impact equivalent to a pre contact 30.06 rifle. although it is capable of firing in subsonic mode, and in special forces unit can reset to fire at the same power as a standard issue assault rifle allowing full auto and burst mode. This modification allows the weapon to be of limited use in close combat should the marksman need to defend himself or provide additional fire for his squad.
The sights of the S2 variant are improved over the standard sights. they include high resolution magnification, vibration damping and a passive optical range finding system.
The electronics package is also upgraded allowing the system to determine ( to a limited degree) wind speed, barometric pressure, and atmospheric composition to adjust the aim point of the rifle for these variables. This system is inferior to a dedicated snipers rifle but they allow far greater accuracy from the modified assault rifle than would be possible without the added system.



A-2150 Defensive Fragmentation Grenade:
Usually used when troops are behind cover or need to deal as much damage as possible over a wide area.this grenade is designed to kill and wound using metal fragments which can cause serious internal wounds to unarmored troopers
The weapon is made up of hollow, preformed brittle sphere of metal with coils of precut wire wrapped around the interior. the filling material is low velocity explosives designed to fracture the casing into lethal sized fragments and create a deadly radius of effect in a large area.
The small size and light weight of the grenade means that a trooper can carry several more than a conventional sized frag grenade. the spherical shape and size of the round also makes it more aerodynamic and easier to throw for most soldiers.

A simple spring loaded mechanical safety lever blocks the firing pin back, when released the circuit is armed and the timer begins it's preset countdown.
The delay time of the grenade can be adjusted by removing the fuse body rotating a small ring and replacing the fuse body into the grenade. normally the grenade has a 4.5 second delay, although it can be adjusted up to one minute, or rigged for instant detonation for use in booby traps and demolitions devices.

A-2150C: an air burst variant of the standard offensive fragmentation grenade. It is fused to detonate before landing using a series of small radar proximity sensors to detonate the grenade approximately six to eight feet off the ground.

A-2158 High Explosive Offensive Grenade:

Unlike a fragmentation grenade an offensive grenade uses concussion and blast wave effects to inflict damage in a smaller area. allowing troops assaulting a position to use it without fear of being hit by fragments from their own weapon.
The thin plastic shell, and preformed high explosive filler are designed to create the greatest concussion effect on detonation. if used in an enclosed space, or tossed into a fighting position the blast effect can still do serious harm to a body, possible causing the loss of limbs or disruption of internal organs.
at a greater distance the concussion and shockwave effect of the grenade can still injure, disorient, and disrupt troops long enough to allow the assaulting force to deal with them without risk.

High explosive grenades are fused and detonated in the same manner as offensive grenades, although they can be set for longer delays to act as an expedient demolition charge.
Newer models of the A-2158 have chemicals added to amplify the flash and sonic report of the weapon giving it an increased disruption and stunning effect on personnel not in the direct are of affect, but close enough to be exposed to the full brunt of the flash and deafening report of the device detonating.

O-2158: Bursting Smoke Canister:
A standard casing filled with a preformed material that gives off a thick smoke when it burns. when the charge is ignited it burns for 30-40 second creating a heavy cloud of smoke which can be colored for signaling, or target marking purposes. While the effect is not as sudden or as drastic as a bursting charge it is longer lasting and highly suitable for use in areas where combustible materials might be ignited by a bursting charge.

OB-2158: Bursting Smoke Canister:
The basic offensive grenade shell is filled with a highly combustible material that produces a thick smoke when it buns. This grenade is ruptured violently by a small bursting charge which ignites the powder spreading it in a wide area. the resulting smoke can obscure vision interfere with breathing and confuse personnel who suddenly find it impossible to see their surroundings or track enemy movements.

OC-2158: similar to the Bursting Smoke canister this version of the grenade is filled with an irritant powder as well as the smoke agent. when ignited fine particles of highly irritating chemical fill the area an make breathing difficult, and causes intense pain. Blurred vision excess mucus production and nausea are common in persons exposed to this compound.

A-2158E1 Assault Grenade
This modification of the standard offensive grenade adds an extended handle to the device allowing a soldier to throw it further as he moves toward a defended position accuracy suffers slightly but this modifications improved range is a strongly approved of by troops forced to assault a fixed position.

I-2140 Compact Demolitions Device "slap charge"

a compressed disc of Cemtol explosive mixed with highly semi stable refined carbon-zed. the high temperature and shock wave of the detonating Cemtol triggers a catastrophic exothermal reaction in the carbon zed which greatly amplifies the initial explosion.
While Cemtol-C-Z is stable enough for military use, it is a very powerful cocktail. A few ounces of this high powered explosive is roughly equivalent to one kilo of TNT. in it's compact container slightly larger than the palm of the hand. it can be fitted with a timer, trip wire detonator, or remote activated detonator.
A tab of high strength epoxy coated material is located on the back of the casing allowing a soldier to easily and quickly slap it to a door, wall, or vehicle.
Many military forces use these handy devices to breach walls, disable equipment or make up hasty improvised devices to deny the enemy access to a small area. Another common use it sto blast a hole in a wall or structure for rapid entry, without using an existing door or window.

For added utility, the casings can be attached to one another to form a larger more destructive demolition charges, the standard issue of slap charges for a Fire Section is enough to completely level a normal home,disable an armored vehicle,dig a hasty fighting position without the use of shovels, or dispose of captured or confiscated vehicles/structures.
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tee design... 2nd entry for Diablo T-shirt Design Contest @ Designbyhumans.
a collab work with :iconprofanebeast:

we need your votes to get this printed. thanks a lot guys!!

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Hummer for the game Joint Task Force.
Texture by me and the high-polyzation from a low poly modell :). Not too detalied though only for ingame animation.
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Prepare yourselves for the biggest heist in history !

Weirdly one of the hardest pics I've ever made

Garry's mod and Photoshop.

100 watchers yay
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Battlefield 4 - Concept Art , Final one will be finished soon, so stay tuned! ..

Different wallpapers for BF4 will be added soon.

By: DevilzNeverCry

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The battleship USS "North Carolina" (BB-55) at the end of year 1945.
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First try of the "Wings of guns" effect. Did good i think.

Lee has entered Badass mode.

The Walking Dead, being my game of the year 2012, i had to do something about it. :)

Garry's mod and Photoshop.

Great Lee everett model by Nikout ([link]), and can be found on the workshop.
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Here's my sprite collection of Jeff The Goomba from everyone's favorite sprite series - Bowser's Kingdom.

But I can't make his Mario's disguise sprites. Sorry.

But enjoy it!

Permission not needed. Give credit to everyone mentioned if used. Thanks!

Jeff The Goomba, Bowser's Kingdom series (c) araskin500 and pthouse

Redone and arranged by Yours Truly and :iconjmkrebs30:

Goomba (c) Nintendo
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