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"The Second Lunch"

"Ciro" - Scipionyx samniticus eating its second prey,
a Derasmosaurus.

acrylics by brush and airbrush on cardboard

8,4 x 11,88 inches / 21 x 29,7 cm

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Sauropsida
Superorder: Dinosauria
Order: Saurischia
Suborder: Theropoda
(unranked): Coelurosauria
Genus: Scipionyx
dal Sasso & Signore, 1998
S. samniticus dal Sasso & Signore, 1998

Scipionyx is a very small genus of theropod dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous of Italy, around 113 million years ago. There has been only one skeleton discovered, which is notable for the preservation of soft tissue and internal organs. It is the fossil of a juvenile only a few inches long. Adult size is estimated to be 2 metres (approx. 6 feet). The name Scipionyx comes from the Latin word Scipio and the Greek onyx, meaning "Scipio's claw", and for Scipione Breislak, the geologist who wrote the first description of the formation in which the fossil was found. The specific name samniticus means "From the Samnium", the Latin name of the region around Pietraroja. The specimen is also popularly nicknamed "Skippy, or "Doggy"
Scipionyx was discovered in the spring of 1981 by Giovanni Todesco, an amateur paleontologist, near Pietraroja, approximately 50 kilometers from Naples. The fossils were preserved in the Pietraroia limestone formation, well known for unusually well-preserved fossils. Todesco thought the remains belonged to that of a fossil bird. Unaware of the importance of his findings, he kept the strange fossil in the basement of his house until 1992 when he met two paleontologists, Cristiano dal Sasso of the Natural History Museum of Milan and Marco Signore of the University of Naples Federico II, who identified it as the first Italian dinosaur. The magazine Oggi gave the tiny dinosaur the nickname Ciro, a typical Neapolitan name. In 1998, Scipionyx made the front cover of Nature.

Scipionyx is classified as a coelurosaurian theropod. Because the only remains recovered belong to that of a juvenile, it has not been possible to assign this dinosaur to a more specific group. Coelurosaur characteristics included a sacrum (a series of vertebrae that attach to the hips) longer than in other dinosaurs, a tail stiffened towards the tip, and a bowed ulna (lower arm bone). The tibia (lower leg bone) is also characteristically longer than the femur (upper leg bone) in coelurosaurs. Fossil evidence indicates that most coelurosaurs were probably feathered.
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Since i hate superman I tried something else.

Speedy 35 mins. photardshop
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It's true. They did...
I mean, the British put a tax on their favorite drink and they flipped out. Our government is sticking their hands down our pants at the airports, the feds are spying on people without warrants and congress is getting away with insider trading. But as long as we can watch our football games, eat our mcdonalds and play our fucking xbox we'll set idly by and keep quite. Really? Our founders would be so ashamed of us...

and as always, my political work is free to use.
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Hulk art I've done for the Motor City Comicon.

I tried to really capture the essence of the hulk, a man/monster on the brink of exploding with rage, overall I think I captured it.

It came into this world as a pencil sketch while I was watching Terminator Salvation. It ended in PS CS4 after a lot of time dedicated to it.
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The Legion of the damned.

Space marines, that are well..damned. His armor is cursed and therefore is constantly ablaze.

Colored version of this


Listen to Rob Zombie while you view this for ultimate viewing.
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My entry for art jam "The Most epic thing you can imagine"

Try to listen to some epic metal like Dominion when you look at this as it adds to it.

PS cs4 and lots of blood, sweat, and more blood.

EDIT: HOLY SMOKES! thank you everyone for the overwhelming response. I had a number of people ask for this as a print so ask and you shall receive. I think its pretty much every type of print you can get too haha.

EDIT 2: Holy S*** even more of a response thank you all so much.

I just noticed that DAs prints are pretty costly and spoke with a company around me that will do bigger posters for prolly a lil cheaper and 11X17 prints of this (so they will fit in small places!) are available for 10.00 each plus shipping to wherever you live. Note me and Ill get you more info.

Thank you for the DD! <3

EDIT 3: Fixed some crap on it, tweaked the colors and the BG along with other stuff, thanks everyone for all the advice and input.
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Some more 40K work for the 'folio

CS5 and Fringe
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a shanty town built into rows of houses and slums on docks.

For the Lawless Universe.

1.5 hours CS4

This one is "meh" in my opinion, but these are practice so thats why its here. I'm gonna try and upload at least one speedy a day weather its a landscape or character design.

Thanks everyone, I'm doin' my best to respond to all your comments in an orderly fashion :)
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I guess it's inevitable that there'd be another one of these. :D

The original:
Heroes of Science Action Figures by datazoid

Volume III:
Heroes of Science Volumes I, II and III by datazoid

This is an extended version of the original image, with another 25 figures included. Why not just the new guys? Because they're a collection, and collections belong on the same shelf. :D

I've created a FAQ page so I don't have to clutter the comments up with too much TL;DR. Please take the time to read. You can find it here: :D

The most frequently asked ones:
Darwin? - No, wasn't alive in the 20th century.
So few women? - Read the FAQ page, please. Too much 'splaining.
Can I buy them? Can I buy a poster? - No. I will not be selling anything relating to this image. I have no intention of making any money from it.

A few notes on specific scientists, and a roll call of the new ones:

Albert Einstein:
Now with dice!

Erwin Schrödinger:
Now with cat! Maybe.

Gerard Kuiper:
The Kuiper Belt is named after him. He has cool glasses.

James Van Allen:
Another man with belts named after him: this time the Van Allen Radiation Belts. I like his tie.

Neil deGrasse Tyson:
Now with celestial vest, as per a suggestion from Reddit.

Hans Geiger:
Famous for the geiger counter for measuring radiation.

Lise Meitner:
Contributed to the discovery of nuclear fission.

Kurt Gödel:
Mathematician with cool hair.

Henri Poincaré:
Extremely prolific mathematician, and one of the earliest individuals on here.

Bertrand Russell:
May include teapot, if it exists.

Rosalind Franklin:
One of the discoverers of the structure of DNA.

Watson & Crick:
Credited with discovery of DNA structure. Probably didn't wear ties with the DNA double helix on them, though.

Ian Wilmut:
Team leader of the group responsible for turning one sheep into two. Includes sheep -- not sure if it's the clone or not.

Isaac Asimov:
Author of eleventy squillion sci-fi books, postulator of a bunch of things, and a biochemistry professor in whatever time he had to spare.

Noam Chomsky:
Linguist, philosopher and many other things. He may have the coolest name on here.

Brian Cox:
Band member, TV personality and particle physicist.

Bill Nye:

Karl Kruszelnicki:
One of my personal heroes of science -- and a big fan of the uterus!

Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman:
Bringing science to the masses is important, and as far as I'm concerned it deserves you the title of "Hero of Science". Adam and Jamie have been making people interested in science when they otherwise wouldn't care, and for that, I salute them.

John Tuzo Wilson:
I feel the Earth move -- he came up with the idea of plate tectonics.

Robert Bakker:
He shook up the palaeontology world by pushing the ideas of warm blooded giant reptiles, and dinosaurs that grew feathers and stuck around.

Jack Horner:
Discovered Maiasaura and their parenting habits, and was the inspiration for Dr. Alan Grant from Jurassic Park.

Ivan Pavlov:
Researcher into animal behaviour, famous for conditioned responses in dogs (and virtually everything else, by extension). Includes salivating dog.

Jane Goodall:
The only human ever to be accepted into a colony of chimpanzees, thus able to learn all sorts of things about their behaviour. Includes David Greybeard, the chimpanzee.

George Washington Carver:
Agricultural techniques, 300 uses for peanuts (!), awesome moustache. One of the 300 uses is allegedly peanut butter, although it gained popularity independently. Anyone who invents peanut butter is my hero, hands down.

Linus Pauling:
Chemist and peace activitist, and wearer of a mean beret.

Thank you for your time! :D

The names and images of the people in this graphic are the property (and in many cases trademarks) of the individuals or the estates that represent them. The original action figures were designed by Playmates Toys. The animals are from a pack of plastic farm and zoo animals from a dollar store, heavily modified. This image was not endorsed by any of the individuals or estates of individuals depicted, nor Playmates Toys. This image is intended strictly for educational and entertainment purposes.

iPad and iPhone users: if you're using one of these devices, I've only recently learned that they have an aversion to really large images, and actually shrink them down to save on memory. This image is really big, so you will probably need to view it on a computer to read the text properly and see a the details. Sorry! Blame Apple. :)
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More, check the others. I prefer this one the best
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