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23 April 2010: Updated with my new map style, looks much better. Check out the links if you haven't seen the whole project or want more info.



Part I: [link]
Part II: [link]
Part III: [link]
America Map: You Are Here!


Map of North America, circa 1950. Pretty self explanatory. If by chance you have no idea what this is about, then welcome to alternate history! Basically this project explores what the world may have been like if the Confederate States of America had managed to win in the American Civil War. I use real research to do a lot of it, but in the later parts I'm forced to take some artistic creativity in what happens, as by that time things have changed so much there is no way to determine what is likely and what isn't. It's a bit of a long read, and you may not understand it all, but if you like history and/or a good story, then go ahead and take a look. At the very least you can appreciate the maps and how much I improved over the course of the project.

EDIT: If you're wondering what the states are, I'll list them below. And yes, both Alabama and Alberta are abbreviated "AL." That's okay because they're in two separate countries.

EDIT-EDIT: If you're wondering, the capital of the USA is Philadelphia and the capital of the CSA is Havana.

Alberta, AL
Apsalook, AP
Arizona, AZ
Bahamas, BA
British Columbia, BC
California, CA
Cheyenne, CH
Colorado, CO
Connecticut, CT
Dakota, DA
Delaware, DE
Deseret, DS
Franklin, FR
Idaho, ID
Illinois, IL
Indiana, IN
Iowa, IA
Jamaica, JA
Kansas, KS
Maine, ME
Manitoba, MN
Maryland, MD
Massachusetts, MA
Michigan, MT
Minnesota, MN
Missouri, MO
Montagnais, MG
Nebraska, NE
Nevada, NV
New Brunswick, NB
New Hampshire, NH
New Jersey, NJ
New Mexico, NM
New Russia, NR
New York, NY
Niagara, NI
Northwest, NW (Pronounced "Nor-west," not "North-West," a bit like Newfoundland)
Nova Scotia, NS
Nunavut, NU
Ohio, OH
Ontario, ON
Oregon, OR
Pennsylvania, PA
Philippines, PH
Quebec, QC
Rhode Island, RI
Rupert’s Land, RL
Saskatchewan, SK
Vermont, VT
Virgin Islands, VI
Wisconsin, WI
Yukon, YK

Alabama, AL
Arkansas, AR
Baja, BJ
Chiapas, CP
Chihuahua, CU
Coahuila, CU
Columbia, CL
Cuba, CB
Durango, DU
Florida, FL
Georgia, GA
Hispaniola, HI
Kentucky, KY
Louisiana, LA
Mississippi, MS
New Texas, NT
North Carolina, NC
Sequoyah, SQ
Sinaloa, SI
Sonora, SO
South Carolina, SC
Tennessee, TN
Texas, TX
Virginia, VA
Yucatan, YU
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Tau earth caste chick and her gue'vesa assistant fixing a drone.

Will be moved to scraps in time.
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Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic saluting presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Why is it that the best candidate for president (Paul) is always unelectable, while the worst candidates (Bush, Obama, Palin, Trump) are completely electable?
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:bulletred: Download for full view please ! :huggle:

This is the map of Shiraz, an imaginary land from some of my stories ^^


:bulletblue: Voici la carte de Shiraz, réalisée pour " Sentinelle - Chroniques de Shade "

Y sont répertoriés les villes principales, les îles, les fleuves et les monts ^^

Si vous êtes intéressés par l'histoire, c'est par ici ! [link]

J'avais déjà fait une carte mais étant donné que je l'avais ratée, j'ai recommencé, dans un autre style que je préfère ! :D

J'aime énormément les vieilles cartes de ce genre :la:

Le simple fait de les voir donne envie de voyager !


STOCK : [link]
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EDIT: My swarm has grown quite a bit! Will keep old shot below new shot just to see how much this swarm has grown!

New bug count:

Total Bug Count:
2 Tyrant Guard
3 Magnetic Tyrant/Hive Guard
4 Zoanthropes
14 Ripper Bases
35 Genestealers
10 Ystealers
40 Hormagaunts
60 Termagants
2 Tervigons
1 Trygon
3 Magnetic Carnifexes
1 Stonecrusher Carnifex/Count as Old One Eye
3 Biovores
11 Spore Mines
20 Gargoyles
2 Venomthropes
2 Lictors
2 Shooty Tyranid Primes
1 CC Tyranid Prime
5 CC Warriors
8 DS Warriors
2 BS Warriors

Hive Fleet Cicada in all its glory!

All my painted and playable Tyranid models together. Shootys on the left and stabbitys to the right! This swarm has:

2 Hive Tyrants (dakka flyrant and CC)
1 Broodlord
5 Carnifexes (2 sniper, 2 ninja, 1 uber CC/stonecrusher)
12 Warriors (4 CC, 6 Deathspiter, 2 Barbstrangler)
32 Genestealers (8 retinue, 8 scuttler/feeder tendrils, 16 carapaced)
16 Spinegaunts
24 Termagants
32 Hormagaunts
10 Ripper Swarms
4 Zoanthropes
2 Lictors

Pretty much all I am going to have until we see what the next Tyranid codex comes!

Tyranids and all things Warhammer be property of Games Workshop. Extra sculpting, converting, painting and all that hobby goodness done by me.
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After seeing some Warhammer 40K TF2 mixes, I was all inspired to make a team for the Great Devourer xD.

Meet Team TAN: Tyranid Assault Network

Extremely rough sketches and you can tell were I started and were I was getting tired lol

They may be equipped with their entire loadout, but they can only use one bioweapon at a time. Anyhow, lets get onto the descriptions for each class xD


SOLDIER: Theres nothing that a Solider Nid can't do. All rounded at taking down any biomass with it's trusty Maggetcannon, the Soldier will surely give any opponent a headache as explosive maggets are launched in their general direction.

Bioweapon Loadout:

Maggetcannon: Can hold and fire 4 rounds of highly explosive maggets. Can also maggetjump by firing a magget at its feet while jumping at the same time.

Shotgaun: Standard shotgun like bioweapon that deals more damage the closer the target is. Fires scattering mini borer beetles.

Boneshovel: The soldiers close combat bioweapon. Usually crawling with magget larva that somehow escaped their ammo sack.

SCOUT: One hyperactive Genestealer that can never stand still. Scuttering around the battlefield in random senseless patterns, it loves nothing more then to keep track of the skulls it has batted in with its bonebat.

Bioweapon Loadout:

Scatterseeder: A deadly bioweapon when fired in close quarters. It fires a deadly loadout of razor sharp seeds that can leave its target in a world of pain.

Fleshborer: Standard bioweapon pistol firing deadly borer beetles.

Bonebat: The Scouts close combat bioweapon, can you say BONK, with spikes?

PLAZMO: A nid who loves its Bioplasma. Nothing makes this nid more happy then the smell of burning biomass in the air. Oddly loves to rock and roll. This nid has shown some slight mutability recently and can be seen with different combinations of bioweapon loadouts.

Bioweapon Loadout:

Plazspitter: Fires a short ranged continuous burst of Bioplasma. Can also fire a concentrated blast of air.

Shotgaun: Standard shotgun like bioweapon that deals more damage the closer the target is. Fires scattering mini borer beetles.

Boneaxe: It rocks the world with its close combat biomorph. Has quite a long reach.

Bonus Bioweapons:

Flankplazer: The Bioplazma reaches critical mass when fired behind a biomass target. It cannot launch a compressed air blast, but this biomorph gives its host a wound boost.

Bioflare: Can launch a small ball of Bioplazma from long ranges that lights flesh ablaze when hit. Takes a bit to recharge though.

Biostinguisher: Deals less close combat damage then the Boneaxe, but deals critical hits to targets lit ablaze by Bioplasma.


HEAVY BIOWEAPONS NID: A big bad Carnifex thats tough to crack and can lay down hellfire with its heavy bioweapon loadout. Always appears quite happy as it taunts any form of biomass in its path.

Bioweapon Loadout:

Devourercannon: Slow to rev up, but when in full swing, this monstrosity spews devourer larva at insane rates, ripping apart anything thats caught in the line of fire. The Heavy Weapons Nid is very affectionate of this bioweapon, giving it a name and frequently having conversations with it.

Shotgaun: Standard shotgun like bioweapon that deals more damage the closer the target is. Fires scattering mini borer beetles.

Crushing Claw: The strongest close combat biomorph in the TAN forces. Best to stay out of close combat range with this massive beast.

BIOENGINEER: This nids back is covered in egg sacks, that can hatch into various organisms to help the TAN swarm. Once it has devoured enough biomass, it can fully develop an egg and lay it onto the ground to hatch into one of 4 lifeforms.

Bioweapon Loadout:

Fleshborer: Standard bioweapon pistol firing deadly borer beetles.

Shotgaun: Standard shotgun like bioweapon that deals more damage the closer the target is. Fires scattering mini borer beetles.

Bonewrench Noy only is this a close combat biomorph, it is used to feed the Bioengineers offspring biomass so they may evolve and regenerate damage.

Bioengineer Offspring:

Sentry: They Bioengineer may hatch one sentry to watch over an area. When fed enough biomass, it evolves into stronger forms. The hatching fires borerbeetles at a quick rate. Then it may grow to level 2, were it drops the borer beetles for a twin linked devourer. At level 3, it gains a small magget launcher, which fires 4 magget lava at once.

Dispenser: When hatched, this creature can help fellow swarmates regenerate wounds and generate biomass for its Bioengineer and swarmates.

Deapstrike Entrance and Exit: These organisms psychically connect to each other when both have been hatched. When both are in sync, swarmates just have to stand on the Entrance to be Deapstriked to the Exit. They take some time to regenerate psychic energy for the next Deapstrike.

DEMONID: This nid loves its highly explosive biomorph symbiotes way too much. It even blew half its face off when it mishandled some of its explosive bioammo. The said wound never regenerated, leaving half its skull quite visible.

Bioweapon Loadout:

Nymphaid Spitter: This bioweapon launches volatile nymphaids that bounce around a few times, till they come in proximity of enemy biomass or just explode due to their unstableness.

Stickymite Launcher: This bioweapon fires stickymites that cling to most surfaces. They explode when given a pherimonal signal from their Demonid.

Toxinsack: The close combat bioweapon that Demonid pummels enemy biomass with. It loves to drink in the toxins, enjoying the drunken effects.


MEDIC: This nid keeps all of its swarmates healthy, which is extremely unusual nid behavior. These TAN nids were bioengineered to work as a team though. Its a rare case but with the Team Warhammer battles requiring teamwork, the Great Devourer had to think more conservative for once. This nid has shown some slight mutability recently and can be seen with different combinations of bioweapon loadouts.

Bioweapon Loadout:

Spinespewer: A more high powered version of the Spninefist, it can fire a stream of spines at higher efficiency.

Regenigun: This bioweapon emits pheromones that increase the regeneration rate of the target swarmate. It also draws back some energy which charges the Warpfield generator. When full, the Medic can create a Warpfield on itself and its swarmate for 10 seconds.

Bonesaw: This close combat biomorph seems to have a rather deadly critical hit rate.

Bonus Bioweapons:

Leechlauncer: Fires forth tiny barbed leeches that drain energy from the target they hit, transferring it back to the Medic for some slight regeneration. These leeches do not land critical hits at all.

Adrenamp: Instead of Warpfield, this bioweapon maximizes the adrenal levels of its targeted swarmate, allowing them to land critical hits 100% of the time for 10 seconds. This adrenalrush charges faster then the Warpfield.

Warpsaw: Harder to swing, but it will leech a hefty chunk of energy from the stricken target biomass, which goes to powering up the Warpfield or the Adrenalrush bioweapons.

SPY: A special breed of Lictor bioengineered to be the ultimate covert assassin. It attacks from the shadows and can even psychically trick its pray into thinking its on the same side as them. If it strikes from behind, expect a swift instant death.

Bioweapon Loadout:

Revolvorer: A high powered fleshborer variant were its fleshborer beetles can hit with even higher impact.

Electroleech: The Spy can spawn electroleechs which it can place on key electrical objects. The leech then feeds upon the power supply of the targeted device, disabling it completely while the leech itself begins to swell to a dangerously unstable size. When critical mass is reached, the leech violently explodes, destroying itself and the equipment it was feeding upon.

Backsythes: The spy can take quick jabs with its backsythes, but if they land on a targets spinal column, the violent toxins in the scythes tips will quickly travel to the brain, causing instant death.

Special Spy Abilities

Psychic Trickery: The Spy can emit a psychic frequency that will fool any enemy biomass into thinking the Spy is one of their own team. The Spy cannot attack when emitting this signal due to its taxing nature, but it can still place Electroleeches. Stopping the signal allows the spy to behave normally again.

Camouflage: The Spy can camouflage perfectly to any environment in a flash. While hidden, the Spy cannot attack or place Electroleeches. The amount of energy to execute this ability is taxing, so the spy can only stay hidden for short periods of time.

SNIPER: Another nid specializing in assassination. This nid loves to find nice places to hide, with a wide line of visibility. There it waits till pray wanders by, ready to drive a spike into their cranial biomass.

Bioweapon Loadout:

Spikeriffle: A bioweapon with an enhanced sensory apparatus. It can fire barbed spikes at high speeds. The longer the riffle charges with enhanced senses in use, the more deadly the spike is fired. If the spike hits cranial biomass, the target suffers instant death.

Spinefist: Fires a random spray of spines at the targeted biomass.

Boneblade: A close combat bioweapon with long reach.
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I finally got all the parts in for these guys, so here they both are! Everything was exactly like I hoped......except for the fact that it can't support itself, it would be fine if they used click joint I suppose, but I was always planning for a diorama-esqe base anyways so like this it gives me more freedom to pose then in the long run.

I even manged to build a regular unit from Supreme Commander to give a better idea for the scale, that little blue guy is the one of the Man Tier 3 units available, and the Monkeylord towers over it! xD

Long story short, a great design finally gets the bricks it needed!

For those of you wanting to see the Monkeylord in action can watch the Original Supreme Commander Trailer Or you can just Cut Right to the Good Bits. (IMO the 4 Minute Trailer is entirely Worth it!)

Now I just gotta get down and dirt and do some of the BIGGER Experimental Units!!
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WIP: [link]

This is just a portion of my dinosaur vs megasnake artwork, just practicing out how to lay down the wrinkles, bumps and scales on the dinosaurs skin... i've done lots and lots of trial and error but now i seem to get how it's done! hehe hope ya'll like it!
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Split your lungs with blood and thunder
When you see the white whale
Break your backs and crack your oars men
If you wish to prevail

This ivory leg is what propels me
Harpoons thrust in the sky
Aim directly for his crooked brow
And look him straight in the eye

White whale - holy grail

I recently heard Mastodon's 'Blood and Thunder' again and decided to draw a bit of it. Looks nothing like a whale but I couldn't be bothered looking up ref at the time.

Inspiration taken from one of mai fave mspaint comics. [link]
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A quick sketch of the new Spinosaurus, the last of my Spinosauridae size chart V2
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