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An alternate flag of the People's Republic of China based off of several original proposals from the Maoist period. This can also be used as a flag for Leftist/Maoist Chinese opposed to the current Conservative-leaning government.

Red represents Socialism/Maoism, the Stars represent the non-wealth based Social classes united under one government, the hammer and sickle represent union between proletariat and peasant, the 3 stripes represent the Yellow, Yangtze, and Mekong(?) rivers.
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In some rare ocasions, the large Utahraptors can bee seen hunting their smaller relatives but hunting other raptors is dangerous, even for the Utahraptor. A fight between the two species is violent, fast and ends with death for one of them.

Jurassic Park (C) Universal pictures
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Despite fulfilling the same role on the battlefield, the M19 Warrior "Bigfoot" was not a direct descendant of the M6 Curtis. Though some common technologies and components were adopted, the battleframe's design was largely reengineered from what researchers could salvage from the remains of downed heavy assaulters.

Major advances were made, such as the reverse development of the third-gen quickboosters found on heavy assaulters, giving these battleframes a more level playing field against the Revelation. Nevertheless, heavy assaulters still retained a significant advantage, having far faster and precise reflexes, whereas the Bigfoot was only as strong as its pilot. Furthermore, quickboosting at high speeds could induce blackouts in human pilots, whereas the Revelation were not physiologically susceptible to such issues.

However, the Bigfoot was a far more expensive and labor intensive unit to produce, compared to the Curtis, so production of the Curtis was not completely halted. Existing Curtis frames were retrofitted with quickboosters and improved engines/propuslion systems.
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23 April 2010: Updated with my new map style, looks much better. Check out the links if you haven't seen the whole project or want more info.



Part I: [link]
Part II: [link]
Part III: [link]
America Map: You Are Here!


Map of North America, circa 1950. Pretty self explanatory. If by chance you have no idea what this is about, then welcome to alternate history! Basically this project explores what the world may have been like if the Confederate States of America had managed to win in the American Civil War. I use real research to do a lot of it, but in the later parts I'm forced to take some artistic creativity in what happens, as by that time things have changed so much there is no way to determine what is likely and what isn't. It's a bit of a long read, and you may not understand it all, but if you like history and/or a good story, then go ahead and take a look. At the very least you can appreciate the maps and how much I improved over the course of the project.

EDIT: If you're wondering what the states are, I'll list them below. And yes, both Alabama and Alberta are abbreviated "AL." That's okay because they're in two separate countries.

EDIT-EDIT: If you're wondering, the capital of the USA is Philadelphia and the capital of the CSA is Havana.

Alberta, AL
Apsalook, AP
Arizona, AZ
Bahamas, BA
British Columbia, BC
California, CA
Cheyenne, CH
Colorado, CO
Connecticut, CT
Dakota, DA
Delaware, DE
Deseret, DS
Franklin, FR
Idaho, ID
Illinois, IL
Indiana, IN
Iowa, IA
Jamaica, JA
Kansas, KS
Maine, ME
Manitoba, MN
Maryland, MD
Massachusetts, MA
Michigan, MT
Minnesota, MN
Missouri, MO
Montagnais, MG
Nebraska, NE
Nevada, NV
New Brunswick, NB
New Hampshire, NH
New Jersey, NJ
New Mexico, NM
New Russia, NR
New York, NY
Niagara, NI
Northwest, NW (Pronounced "Nor-west," not "North-West," a bit like Newfoundland)
Nova Scotia, NS
Nunavut, NU
Ohio, OH
Ontario, ON
Oregon, OR
Pennsylvania, PA
Philippines, PH
Quebec, QC
Rhode Island, RI
Rupert’s Land, RL
Saskatchewan, SK
Vermont, VT
Virgin Islands, VI
Wisconsin, WI
Yukon, YK

Alabama, AL
Arkansas, AR
Baja, BJ
Chiapas, CP
Chihuahua, CU
Coahuila, CU
Columbia, CL
Cuba, CB
Durango, DU
Florida, FL
Georgia, GA
Hispaniola, HI
Kentucky, KY
Louisiana, LA
Mississippi, MS
New Texas, NT
North Carolina, NC
Sequoyah, SQ
Sinaloa, SI
Sonora, SO
South Carolina, SC
Tennessee, TN
Texas, TX
Virginia, VA
Yucatan, YU
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Well, I got bored and wanted to upload something, anything to dA, and this will probably go into my scraps sooner or later. I just found the Motivational Poster maker.

So, all I really want to say to this is, why are people so moronic? Do they expect great changes to happen in 38 days?

It took our 32nd President (elected in 1932) 100 days to pass a majority his New Deals and WWII (1941 - 1945) to bring us out of the Depression completely. Did I mention in those 100 days a majority of the Senate and the House were on his side as well? Did you know in his second term he had a Recession where the stock market crashed again? [link] -- "Roosevelt Recession"

Do you expect Obama to suddenly surpass FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) with a good bit of Congress against him?

I say develop some patience and pick up a history book. -_- Your complete ignorance is what makes the world pick on us. We're in for a long ride and there is no quick fix solution to this crap.

Well, that is the end of it for my rant of boredom. If you see anything historically incorrect, note me. =P This is going in the scraps soon.

Photo used -- [link]
Motivational Poster Maker -- [link]

Note and Edit: I never supported Obama at first, so this isn't because I love him. =P But he is our President. We must support him as he is the leader of our nation. The saying "United we stand, Divided we fall." Wasn't just a wasted breath, you know. xP
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No comments have been added yet. proudly presents: terragen - solitude (adagio of peace)


once again all you see here is fantasy and no reality simulation kind of work. imagine you're on a distant planet. maybe stranded... totally lost. the only thing you hear is the roaring wind that strides through the canyon. the slight sound of smoothly flowing water. you see that impressive wide view of an alien desert like environment... to finally look up into the sky to see a planet's asteroid belt rising... soon followed by the planet itself.


what you see here is a panorama. a wallpaper thought for dual-screen setup.

the actual terragen background consists of 7 different pics. merged and maniped together within photoshop. that was quite a task... beside the usual manip work i did. for the planet i used parts *alyn's planet tutorial and it offered me some hints how to create the belt for the planet. my overall target was to create a well balanced serene scene... and i think i succeeded. =) a great start into 2005.


rendered with // terragen ver. 9.19
terrain created with // /
rendered resolution // 4500x3375
work resolution // 8912x3375
rendering time // 6 rendered pic - ca. 40hrs
render without post process // n/a
post process done in // photoshop cs
post process time // over a period of 3 weeks (ca. 25 hrs work)
total filesize // ca. 550mb
total layers // 47
inspired by // my imagination

happy viewing... and thanks if you read all down to this spot =)


ps: sorry for the large filesize. usually i try to stay below 1mb - here i had no choice. quality counts.
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37 Colored Shape Textures of Various sizes. Made in Photoshop 7.


- Credit is a must, credit lau-marshmallow[dot]livejournal[dot]com
- No hotlinking
- Do not claim as yours
- Do not re-upload the resources anywhere, always link back here
- Do not modify or edit any of the resources
- Comment if taking, here or in my live journal [link]

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All versions of my Baryonyx together =)
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"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous." - Aristotle

Amphicoelias fragillimus (very fragile biconcave) was a large sauropod dinosaur named by E. D. Cope in 1878. And though it is known from extremely fragmentary remains that have since been lost from science, A. fragillimus is possibly the largest dinosaur ever discovered.

I have always loved sauropods and have a deep respect for them. They were undoubtedly amazing creatures. Seeing one in a reconstruction alone is humbling. One of my few regrets in this life is being unable to see a living sauropod. A. fragillimus especially, at an estimated 190-200 feet in length... I'd be perplexed. Stunned. I'd hardly be able to breathe. I'd be like Dr. Grant in Jurassic Park when he first laid eyes on the Brachiosaurus, except I might actually start crying and pass out. It would be very humbling to stand beside something so large it'd make an elephant look small. It's almost hard to believe such creatures once walked on this planet.

Anyway, I hope everyone likes this reconstruction. I gave it my heart. Sauropods are so amazing.

Images acquired via Google images were referenced for this illustration. No copyright infringement intended.
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just part of the painting I am working on at the moment

final -> [link]
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