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End Run | Plot

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 5, 2011, 5:56 AM

160 years before the events of Pokémon as we know the today, the regions were caught in the web of ever rising conflict...

Rival nations, Johto and Kanto, have been competing for centuries. At times the tensions have risen to the waging of wars between them.  Bad economics, unscrupulous trade, spreading disease, and idea theft has been enough to spark high tensions between these two.

Recently, an unknown Pokémon (Mew) has disabled all the automated weaponry on both sides. (However machines are still usable, such as cars.) Being stranded without weapons, both countries have seen a lull in war.  It has been 30 years since the last all-out war, but there is still enough mistrust within living generations to spark the fire. Moreover, the independent actions of occasional guerrilla fighter skirmishes keep tensions high.

In fear of their neighbouring country, Johto sought out a new form of protection: Pokémon.

Up until now, people lived in fear of Pokémon. They were treated like monsters. But since the invention of the Pokéball from Johto, Pokémon can now be tamed. With this they now have a new method to fight.  And each side is willing to toss aside old fears to continue the battle.  

Although armies were being trained, neither side was willing to make the first move. This changed when an anonymous attack was shot out. This was all that was needed to spark the enemy country's distrust, and thus they were plunged back into a new age of war.

It it now your duty to choose to fight for Kanto or Johto, and build up your pokémon army. Choose a side and your faction (navy, air force or army) and prepare for the war of the century.

In short:
End Run a strategy based OCT, where you will be given a set of tasks to fulfill. It won't be the traditional '1 on 1' that pokémon has yielded prior (unless part of your strategy or criteria is to have a 1 on 1 battle.)
It is heavily plot based, building on what contestants do in their rounds.

Now what?
• Read the FAQ/Rules
• Choose a side, get your app
• Get your boots on and prepare for war!

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Always interested in how to advance the medium of colored pencils in this digital world of today.  Here are some categories of where I think colored pencils still hold strong in regards to that specific subject matter and have a future in it.

Animal art-
Very strong, it is something people want and something people buy constantly.  Have not seen many if any digital artist doing pet portraits.  So the market is strong and some people are so talented at making pet portraits with colored pencils it is insane.  So in the future pet portraits will always be one of, if not the strongest point in colored pencil art in terms of selling.  I believe thisl because of the ability to draw fur so well with them.
The Hunter by anniecanjump:thumb307550879::thumb255078811:

Old School Comic or pinup art-
Very nice little niche, one can accomplish and older look and a more traditional look smooth digital art cannot usually.  Not sure of the market but regardless, it is making something others cannot easily with other mediums which helps.  Like the old style of drawing some have and it shows the pencil marks in the work.  Comes off now a days as rustic and aged which is a plus.
:thumb196230283:Stuck in the Middle revised in color by Artman2112Pin Up Series: The Call Of Duty by Somalo1

Custom Portrait-
Will never go away, people will always want a custom portrait of a loved one.  And it brings something other mediums cannot, a single copy, made and given and there it is.  I doubt many would want a digital portrait of themselves or their child but they do want one done the traditional way from time to time.  And if you can draw you will be asked to do these, as awful as some of them might be.  Usually a drawing costs less than an oil painting in terms of time and materials which is a plus as well.
With Honor by xnicoley:thumb325663438:a girl from russia by Zombieyue

Celebrity Portrait-
Always going to be popular and people will always make them.  Not sure how many actually sell well.  They are great to personally have but doubt many actually buy them, still fun to make and practice that is for sure and with the endless supply of images they will never stop.  Plus easy way to get views if the person is popular enough and it is well done enough.  A digital portrait done well of a celebrity just does not bring the same things a traditional one does.
Hayley Williams - Drawing by Live4ArtInLATaylor Swift by True-TearsRachel by Valontine

((((Where traditional colored pencil art will have a hard time playing catchup))))

Comics, cartoons and Illustrations-
Not sure one can achieve what others can digitally, they can change, improve, correct, distort and color better than any traditional medium I feel.  Be in cartoons, anime, erotica, anything they have it digitally and it is hard to compete against it.  Some of the artwork out there looks so realistic, it would be hard for anything to stack up against it.  So in terms of this genre it is hard sledding I feel and will be dominated digitally throughout.  How much faster it is and how much more creative one can be digitally, creating almost anything and being able to correct to the point of perfection and many have.
FisherQueen by pascalblancheImaginary Deviant Heavy Metal by ArtgermLuminae by cellar-fcpturn_off by Agustinus

High Fashion art-
Will be very popular I feel and the traditional aspect to it helps.  Sadly water color art and acrylic painting is kind of taken this over along with the dreaded water colored pencil or what I like to call paint.  Making such beautiful work that is very hard to go up against that are so whimsical, technical yet loose and free flowing.   Just seems to flow and that visual blending really makes it pleasing to look at when there are slight elements of portrait drawing included.  Hard blend and smooth things with just colored pencils but at least the traditional painters got a nitch along with landscape in this.
marilyn monroe in '62 by aramismarronThe Rose by ellejayessPearl Ryukin by PinkParasolPrincess of Roses by rooze23

Not saying any of this is be all and end all stuff, just my observations.  Sure one can break into any of these subject categories and succeed.  Just my two cents on what I have seen around the net regarding these things.  

Kind of a small box that is being put on colored pencils, but there are limitations to the medium and it is hard to find new different ways to break out and make them more wanted, recognizable and free flowing.  Here some of many really outstanding colored pencil works I have found that broke the mold and did something very hard to do and accomplished a much different look with them.
Fairy of the magical forest by RajacennaChristmas by zeldisRenoir by SayuriEyesWhere the wild roses grow by Briscott

So what are you thoughts on this matter?
Howdy friends,

There has been an exciting development! 

A couple of months ago, the folks at Chaosium Inc. [ ], the publishers of the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game, confirmed their desire to publish The Call of Cthulhu (for beginning readers).  When I received word I immediately began revising the now almost two-year-old text and illustrations to ensure that the print version is of the highest possible quality.  I am currently about a third of the way through this process, and thought it would be good time to let you all know that the oft-requested dead tree edition of this story looks like it is actually becoming a reality.

I continue to be grateful for the encouragement of the folks around here, and I look forward to updating you all with any further news as it arrives.

In the meantime, I'm posting up the pages of The Statement of Randolph Carter (for beginning readers) I was working on when the word came through from Chaosium.  Being very much aware of the irregular schedule that I have in posting these things, I was going to hold on to these until I had finished the whole story.  I figured folks wouldn't have to put up with the long waits betwixt posts, but with the whole thing on hold for the moment, you may as well take a look at them now with the adaptation currently incomplete.

(Yes, yes, I know - Dagon (for beginning readers) is also a few pages short of a complete story.  It will get done.  Eventually.)

Take care of yourselves, and be excellent to each other!

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Sci-fi/Space/3D DD's - March 2013

Sun May 5, 2013, 5:57 AM

DD RoundUp

Sci-fi/Space/3D DD's - March 2013

Hornbill-01 by peterku
World on Wire by RobShields
Galaxy Saga - Raijin Regular by Reza-ilyasa
RoboNest by Sinto-risky
New Era by Aeon-Lux
Brawler by AdrianDadich
Meet the agent by nkabuto
you by akreon
The Weeping Woman by stroggtank
Captain's Cabin by uoa7
Fairy by Epar3D
:: The Red Creation :: by vincebagna
Archon by Raelsatu
Space explorer by tsonline
Midday massacre by arsdraw
Wasteland Churches by Brosa
2013 personal work by ThibaultFischer
A Second Home for Humankind by Elitanna
Applibot #8 by ChrisBjors
Gnud the Plush Icebear by ChrRambow
Homecoming by JacobCharlesDietz
Aurora Battle by WillhelmKranz
Bacteria by Alldin
Cyberpunk 20somethin by nathantwist
The Joker by K4ll0
rust hour by tsad
Chase by veprikov
From The Edge by pipper-SVK
Tribute to Danny Luvisi and LMS - Final by HazardousArts

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i died.

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:cakerun: by Kath602
Balloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 4 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 4 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 4 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 4 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 4 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 4 by LuMi-ViEcH
Celebration by Scorpion81Celebration by Scorpion81Celebration by Scorpion81Celebration by Scorpion81

Birthday Card Contest

CELEBRATE by akrasiel deviantART is celebrating its 12th birthday on the 7th August and what better way to celebrate with a card from its awesome members?!
This is where you guys come in!

Make a card!

It is up to you to make a card celebrating dA's 12th birthday! You can use any medium for this, the more creative the better!
If you are into Artisan Crafts you could try your hand at papercutting, or add some little handmade charms to your card.
Mini Birthday Gift Sets by claremansonWe have a Hulk! by LittleGreenFrogButterfly Card by Himmapaangreeting card by megatron73
If you are into Traditional Art you could scratchboard a card, or try a collage or even mix the medias up a little.
Ferret for Russ by MystiqueDeepHappy birthday my dear lamb by ladybirdartWHO: Time for everything by CT02T-Party Rex _greetings card by Maddiox
If you are a Digital Artist you can design something amazing with your program of choice or utilize the Stock and Resources that dA supplies - just check the individual rules!
Unicorn Birthday Card by FluffntuffB-day card by sea-weedOctopus Birthday Card by bensigas+ Happy Birthday + by aamran

In brief

Balloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcH Make a card for dA's 12th birthday.
Balloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcH Unlimited per Deviant.
Balloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcH Any medium is accepted - if you are drawing traditionally/digitally try to involve something related to dA like Fella, art, llamas and such.
Balloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcH Must be a new piece of work.
Balloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcH Credit any Resources you are using.


As always there are some really awesome prizes up for grabs!
First Place - 2400 points
Second Place - 1600 points 
Third - Place 800 points

Submitting and Judging

Entries will need to be submitted into the

Birthay Card Contest Category

by the 10th August 12pm (usa time)

Browse the entries here.

Judges are as follows -
:iconmoonbeam13: :iconunicornreality: and :icondemonmathiel:

Have fun!

Have a great time and enjoy the other birthday festivities! :D



Celebration by Scorpion81Celebration by Scorpion81Celebration by Scorpion81Celebration by Scorpion81
Balloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 4 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 4 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 4 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 4 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 4 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 8 by LuMi-ViEcHBalloon 4 by LuMi-ViEcH
:cakerun: by Kath602
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1. There is no such thing as an "ex-atheist".

An ex-atheist is an individual who has abandoned the atheistic view of the "absence of belief" in a deity. I am one of them.

2. Ex-atheists were never atheist to begin with.

This is false. Atheism has no ideology or guideline in terms of who is a "true" atheist and who isn't. The closest thing to a "guideline" in terms of anti-religion is regarding "Dawkins Scale" representing the various levels of atheism depending on one's confidence level. But even then, there are flaws in the chart that go against reality terms of theism. To say that another individual was never an atheist before coming to religion after they proclaimed to be so is unruly in itself and only encourages that atheism is more like a religion rather than a freedom of religion. This is said because Christianity and other religions do have a guideline determining how true followers will handle doubt in face of a belief system or the existence of a deity. Often this guideline is overlooked when concerning those who have turned away from that religion, thus they have all the reason to be considered "false".

3. There is no ex-atheist who was famous for being atheist before converting, so they do not count as part of the bigger picture.

In that case, I don't see Richard Dawkins being famous for being Christian before he converted to Atheism. I guess he doesn't count as important either, right?

4. Nobody would leave the rationality of Atheism without being brainwashed into religion in some form.

This sounds like something a brain-washer would say, not to mention it reeks of two fallacies:

:bulletblack: Black-&-White Fallacy:also known as the false dilemma, this insidious tactic has the appearance of forming a logical argument, but under closer scrutiny it becomes evident that there are more possibilities than the either/or choice that is presented.

:bulletblack: Ad Hominem: attacks of this fallacy can take the form of overtly attacking somebody, or more subtly casting doubt on their character or personal attributes.

All in all, it's a very weak argument, as there are many ex-atheists (including myself) who have come to God completely on their own terms.

5. Religion does not give you freedom, it cuts you off from it.

So far, I have seen only New Atheists attempt to tell this to a whole number of people who are actually very capable of thinking for themselves, making their own decisions and are satisfied with what they have despite not having everything they want and are content with following religious views.
Again, this argument is only valid to the individual making the claim, thus committing the Ancedotal Fallacy, where someone uses a personal experience concerning their upbringing or they take the first few radical religious persons they come across and use them to represent a whole community of a religion rather than giving objective and solid data to proof their claim.

Religion can only limit how you live your life as an individual if

- You have a shallow outlook in how you should live your life in the first place

- You mistreat your beliefs in a radical manner

- You interpret a belief system in a way they were not meant to be interpreted.

Believe it or not, there are many religious folk who actually discourage pushing their beliefs on others and only share their beliefs to help others with misinterpretations that radical members have caused in their image.

6. These so-called "ex-atheists" were only going through a phase. An act of rebellion.

See Statement #2 . Stating that one was merely an atheist out of rebellion is invalid in terms of individual reasoning, it mostly fits in the False Cause Fallacy where someone presumes that because things are happening together that one thing is therefore the cause of the other -- in other words, they can only assume that when someone was young and atheist that they were only acting on teenage rebellion (btw, if this was true in some way, who is to say those who stay atheist have never left that rebellious stage since?)

7. There are more "ex-Christians" than "ex-Atheists", therefore atheists have more reasoning to leave religion.

There are alot of the anti-religious who try to use the argument that having Christians convert to atheism gives them the upper-hand as the ones who are more logical and with more reason. This kind of argument makes no strong impact because it's a Self-Selection Fallacy argument, focusing on the idea that there are only people turning away from religion, when in fact there are people turning away from atheism. Just look at ex-atheists like Bill Craig, Anthony Flew, and C.S. Lewis who are very well known for their reasoning and logic -- and they are only but a few.
It's very easy to explain why there seems to be more "ex-Christian" sites, stories, and youtubers/deviant etc. It's because New Atheism promises emotional appeal and emphasis on one's pain and personal experience. That is their greatest and ONLY reasoning system, (one which is a fallacy((Emotional Appeal Fallacy))) and the weird thing is they try to shift the style of "reasoning" onto religion. It is very easy for one to be caught up with a false sense of meaning and accomplishment when all they are doing if focusing on a feeling of satisfaction while sitting on a imaginary throne of subjective morality and cynical triumphs over those they claim to be oppressed by.
In regards of "ex-atheists", you will often find both emotional and rational reasoning combined, depending on the level of faith they are currently in. The more mature they become in faith and the more they study about what they actually claim to believe in, the more reasons they have for their faith that are less based on personal/emotional experience.

8. Religion doesn't allow for questioning or doubt/Religion does not encourage you to think or have second thoughts.

On the contrary, Christianity and other religions encourage finding reasons to believe in it. There are scientists and teachers and ministers who seek answers for their questions, no matter how intimidating they seem.

From a psychological point of view, here are some various ranges of a Christian who doubts:

:bulletblack: Factual doubt: doubt that asks for facts, most often scientific or historical. In terms of science, the bible does not give us much detail, regarding how science only talks about "how" things work and not "why". In terms of history, however, it's accuracy is strong and often unavoidable, especially with skeptics like Richard Dawkins. Christians are (or should be) encouraged to explore and ask questions regarding factual information for their faith, since it will more than often give them ways of defending their faith against those who attack it.

:bulletblack: Emotional doubt: doubt that demands emotional satisfaction. This range is tricky because our emotions can easily be swayed and brought up through either guilt, anger, impatience, or bitterness. Christians are taught to confront those unruly emotions and decide whether or not they are worth trusting concerning their own faith. Those who doubt in this range often ask questions like

- "Does God hate me?"
- "How do I know God will give me what I need?"
- "Why does evil exist if he's such a loving God?"
- "If God is there for me, why didn't he help me in this situation?"
- "God sounds so mean in the old testament!"
- "Being a Christian is so hard and unfufilling!"

Alot of these answers can be found in deeper studies of the Bible, should they take the time to look into it. Alot of personal support in this range can be found in devotional books or bibles which focuses mainly on emotional aspects of faith.

:bulletblack: Volitional doubt: weak faith or lack of motivation to follow the Lord. This is often the cause that most "ex-Christians" fall under. This is where a Christian is in need for the most help, since this is more often when people cannot accept or find factual or emotional satisfaction, and end up feeling like they have no legitimate reason to have such a faith in the first place. Some end up falling away, while others fall away only to return at another point in their life.
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Hey guys!! My good friend Fausto De Martini just did an awesome tutorial on Photobashing for us at

Make sure you check it out, it's his first ever online tutorial and you will literally be learning from one of the top artist in the industry today. We're extremely lucky to have him and it's an honor to be the first ones to share his crazy techniques with everyone!
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.... why I try not to comment about people's weight.

I used to attend a particular conference on an annual basis, and so I got to (casually) know the other "regulars" who also used to be there. Every year, more or less, I'd see the same group of people at the speakers' dinner, and we could catch up on the usual "what are you up to these days?" kind of stuff. One of the guys I used to see fairly often was a tall heavy-set fellow (some might call him "fat" or "obese") he'd always been tall, bearded, and big, to me. But one year, he showed up and he had lost a lot of weight. It took me a second to recognize him, and I said, "Hey, Rich! You look great! You've lost a lot of weight!" and he looked at me and deadpanned, "Yeah, pancreatic cancer will do that."

Do I need to belabor the point? I will. First off, I set myself up for a massive head-fuck, by making assumptions about what was going on in someone else's life, and - even though I was being friendly about it - I was horribly wrong. He later mentioned that he wouldn't have replied the way he did if there had been anyone else standing around, because then it would have been potentially publicly embarrassing for me. He'd known me for years and knew I had a pretty "take no prisoners" attitude, and thought he'd reply the way he did, just to see how I reacted.

In fact, I responded, "I'm sorry; that was terribly rude of me, wasn't it?"

I mention all of this because I recently posted a few shots which (predictably) garnered a few comments about the model's weight and appearance.

#304 - Holding a Fall by mjranum

And, as usual, I had to issue a few gentle slappings.

Here's another photo of mine:

Falling Angel by mjranum

Someone who reads the caption under the photo might make the mistake of thinking I was referring to the model's weight. Actually, it's got nothing to do with that - it has to do with some other things the model told me about her health and some other body-related stuff. I was impressed by her even coming out to pose for me, all things considered.

I'm constantly fascinated by how the internet era has encouraged people to leap to all kinds of assumptions about other people, and to jam their feet into their own mouths on a regular basis. Sometimes when they're called on it, they apologize, but often they retreat into postmodernism by claiming it's "merely" a matter of opinion. I've said all I need to say about that, here:

Just My Opinion by mjranum

It seems to me that secular humanist notions of "morality" rely on positive arguments for why people should do the "right" thing but ignore far too much the social value of retaliation. The internet, in a sense, is a great big experiment in what kind of society you wind up with when there is virtually no chance that someone you annoy can bring that annoyance back home to you. That, by the way, is one of the reasons I am pretty careful to always "internet" in my true name, and publish my home address and GPS coordinates - for those who have JDAMs - so that I cannot be accused of running away from my own words. If I ever offend someone so much that they want to show up on my doorstep, I'll deal with the consequences at that time. I used to wonder if the people who made derisive or rude comments about some of the models in my photos would deal with it if the model's husband/boyfriend/girlfriend were to call them to account for their words. I admit there are times I think "I'd pay for tickets to see that."

I don't like to lie to make someone feel bad. (Usually the truth serves better!) But I wonder what kind of reactions I'd have gotten on some of the comments about Jenna's body if I had replied, "she looks that way because she's undergoing chemotherapy and wanted to do one final photo-shoot before she dies!"  After my gaffe with Rich I'm a lot more careful and tend to stick to "what's up with you?"
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