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Enlarged viewing is recommended.

Stereoscopic shot of a pyrotechnical show, shot with a base line of about 50 meters, RAW mode with two EOS 550D.

This is a 3D photo, just squint your eyes until two of the four photos overlap.

An illustrated tutorial about Cross-Eye-3D: [link]
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final image of the PKMN Black movie X3 and Zekrom says 'Rom' lol

Credit to the Pokemon Black and White The Movie
Photograph by me
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A Ho-oh papercraft made by me.

You can download it in the button "download file" in the right part of the page.
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Reshiram, G-cis and Zekrom cosplay posing at Pokemonday 2011 in Germany

Reshiram at shadowhatesomochao
Zekrom at LeafBlue
photo at my dad

if your one of the costumes,plz tell me


Reshiram Cosplay by shadowhatesomochaoReshiram Cosplay (FOR SALE! 430 Euro!) by shadowhatesomochaoReshiram Cosplay getting the prize (FOR SALE) by shadowhatesomochaoin front of Reshiram by shadowhatesomochaoReshiram cosplay in the queue (FOR SALE) by shadowhatesomochao
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Zekrom & Reshiram = Harmony

this is an unusual picture, it's about the strange friendship between this pokemons, and the beautiful sky~ <3 :3

up up in the sky Reshiram and Zekrom cares about the world peace, Or something cheesy like that xDDDD. So Sorry :3 I'm sentimental right now

I hope you like it ^^

photo&edit by :iconcarlosperez408:

Idea: :iconrockangel-link:

Pokemon Belongs to Nintendo, obviously :3 <3
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Such a lovely pose.^-^
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My first paperchilads XD
When a saw this [link] I just had to do my own X3 He he ....

Paperchilds collection [link]

Hidan & Pein belongs to Masashi Kishimoto
art by me XD
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Okay so its about time I did this- now that I have a better place and a shelf to put my stuff on, its much easier to do this now.
So this is my FULL Ginga collection as of today.
There is 2 minor items that isn't pictured but I'll be sure to list them also. There are also a few things that haven't gotten to me yet, but once I do I'll be updating this.

So here we go-

The middle shows the whole shelf and beside it I did a break-down of the shelves up close. Then the other pictures around it are items that didn't fit on the shelf at all.
Some items you can't see unfortunately because of how they are put on the shelf, but I'll be listing them in the shelf breakdown.

NOTE: Download for better view- Though this deviation is NOT for free use- I do not want to see it on anyone else's pages, blogs, RP sites etc.

:bulletblue: LEGEND-
GDR= Ginga Densetsu Riki
GNG= Ginga Nagareboshi Gin
GDW= Ginga Densetsu Weed
GDWO= Ginga Densetsu Weed Orion


Shelf 1- (TOP) GDW Figures- Kamakiri, Rocket, Sasuke, Tesshin, Kyoshiro, Weed, GB, Mel, Kagetora, Hrio, Ken, Blue (Real Figures/Officals) - I have the full set of these. Also my custom Toboe and Tsume Figs are shown)

Shelf 1-(Shelf itself)- Boxed Figures (Gin and Kaibutsu), Coasters (Kagetora, Weed, GB, Riki), Custom Figures (Riki, GB, Tesshin, Kagetora), GNG Figures (Offical)- Large Moss, Large Musashi, Large Akakabuto, Large Cross, Large Sniper, Small Riki, Small Ben, Small Gin, Small Kurotora, Small Oliver, Small Sniper, GDW Figs (Special Blue Weed, Sniper, Hougen).

Shelf 2- GDW 1-3 English, GDW Japanese Mangas (I have a bunch of these- about 30) Will do the actual Number later).

Shelf 3- GDW manges (More from 1st ed.), GDW:O Vol.2 (W/obi), GDR (Japanese w/obi), GDR Finnish, Weed Gaiden, GNG Finnish Special Ed., GNG (First Ed. Japanese Vol 7,8,9, 18), Shin Gaiden 1 and 2, Anju To Jiroumaru (Side story), GDW Battle Book, GNG 2nd Ed. Vol. 9, GNG 3rd Ed (Poket Edition) Vol. 3 and 4, GDR 2nd Ed (Pocket manga), GDW/GDR Extra Manga (Cant recall the name).

Shelf 4- GDW Single OST CD, Tag from Kyo plush, Tag (Large weed plush's), GNG Post Card (Finland), Meteor Gin (Battle book), Standing Magnet Figs (GNG)- Riki, Ben, Great, GDW Figs- George (joji), Akame, Custom Riki (made from Akame), Kyoshiro Coaster, Custom Bobble head Thunder, Custom Figures- Harutora, Akatora, Chutora x2, Kurotora x2, GDW Boxed Figure (John), GDW Tumbler Cup, GDW 2nd Ed (Pocket manga) 4 volumes (cant recall which), Custom Kurotora pin.

Shelf 5- GDW Specials 6 Volumes (one I know is called Taimen Hen) Missing 2 to complete it., GDW- Gajo no Ketto hen vol. 1 and 2, GNG 4th Ed Vol 1-4, GNG 8th ed Vol. 5 and 8.

Shelf 6- GDW Swedish Dvds 1-8 (Complete), GNG Swedish Dvds 1-4 (Complete), GDW Swedish Art-Boxset 8 Discs w/ Booklet, GDW Swedish Boxset 4 Discs, GNG dvd vol. 4, GDW Finnish Boxset 8 discs, GDW Japanese Dvds 1-5 (not complete), GDW Taiwanese/Chinese vol 1 Dvd (not complete), GNG hungarian Dvd set 1-4 (Complete), Yamato 1st Ed. Vol. 19 Manga, GDW Pachinko Booklets- Instruction Booklet (Small), Large Booklet w/ Poster.

Picture 1- GNG Bookmark Stickers x7 - w/ Envelopes (x7)- all different
Picture 2- GNG Magnets (Gin and Kai brothers) x2 Envelopes
Picture 3- GNG Special Stickers x5- w/ Envelopes (x3- one isn't pictured)- Sticker Case w/ Sticker on it- All stickers different.
Picture 4- GNG Mint Prism Sticker w/ Case
Picture 5- GNG VHS tapes 1-2 Japanese- Complete
Picture 6- GNG collection Stickers w/ 4 Envelopes (All different)
Picture 7- GDW Advertising Leaflets x10 (2 are the same, Extra not Pictured, Large one Not Pictured) 2 of them open up like a book.
Picture 8- GDW Art Book (Gengashuu) w/ Poster
Picture 9- GNG PhoneBook Ed. Vol. 2 (w/ poster) Vol. 1 (Wolf Saga w/ Poster) GNG 7th Ed. Vol. 7 x2 (one was sent to another collector).
Picture 10- GDW Plushies (Offical)- Small Weed x2, Small Kyoshiro, Small Ken, Small GB, Small Jerome, Large Weed, Large Kyoshiro.
Picture 11- Custom Kagetora Plush
Picture 12- Custom Gin Plush
Picture 13- Custom Riki Plush
Picture 14- Custom GDW T-Shirt (Features- Gin, Joe, Weed, Riki, Yukimura)
Picture 15- Binder w/ 30 Colour Photos, 5 Papercrafts ( From Weed World Mag.- GB, Sasuke, Weed, Jerome, Mel), 70 Studio Sheets (All Different)- Some are originals and not copies.
Picture 16- GDW Poster towels x2 (One Large, one small)- Both Different (Creation Advance)
Picture 17- GDW Figure Boxes x6
Picture 18- Custom Tesshin Statue (Large)

NOTE PICTURED- Bootleg Englesh Subbed GNG and GDW full Series Dvd Sets (These are the ones I watch)
STILL TO COME- Custom Yukimura Plush, Custom Yukimura Figure, Custom Tesshin plush, (Offical) Small Mel Plush and Small Kyoshiro Plush (Possible).

So thats my full collection as it stands as of today. None of these items are for sale so please do NOT ask. My Extra Small Weed belongs to a friend of mine.


Photos (c) :icondunkinuchiha:
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I Was Board. And Since I Made Jessie and James Plushies. So I Made This :meow:

James/Hojiro Plush: [link]

Jessie/Musashi Plush: [link]

I Hope it look Okay and Please Comment. :worry:

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Money Box made by me.
1.Take 1 bottle and cut the bottle neck,
2.Close the top of cuted bottle neck with a circle of cardboard,
3.Cut the hole for throwing money in it,
4.Use 200 g paper to print decoration models
5.Cut the decoration models
6.Finish with gluing the decoration models
7.Good Luck
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