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Enlarged viewing is recommended.

Stereoscopic shot of a pyrotechnical show, shot with a base line of about 50 meters, RAW mode with two EOS 550D.

This is a 3D photo, just squint your eyes until two of the four photos overlap.

An illustrated tutorial about Cross-Eye-3D: [link]
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final image of the PKMN Black movie X3 and Zekrom says 'Rom' lol

Credit to the Pokemon Black and White The Movie
Photograph by me
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A Ho-oh papercraft made by me.

You can download it in the button "download file" in the right part of the page.
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Reshiram, G-cis and Zekrom cosplay posing at Pokemonday 2011 in Germany

Reshiram at shadowhatesomochao
Zekrom at LeafBlue
photo at my dad

if your one of the costumes,plz tell me


Reshiram Cosplay by shadowhatesomochaoReshiram Cosplay (FOR SALE! 430 Euro!) by shadowhatesomochaoReshiram Cosplay getting the prize (FOR SALE) by shadowhatesomochaoin front of Reshiram by shadowhatesomochaoReshiram cosplay in the queue (FOR SALE) by shadowhatesomochao
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Zekrom & Reshiram = Harmony

this is an unusual picture, it's about the strange friendship between this pokemons, and the beautiful sky~ <3 :3

up up in the sky Reshiram and Zekrom cares about the world peace, Or something cheesy like that xDDDD. So Sorry :3 I'm sentimental right now

I hope you like it ^^

photo&edit by :iconcarlosperez408:

Idea: :iconrockangel-link:

Pokemon Belongs to Nintendo, obviously :3 <3
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Such a lovely pose.^-^
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This is Blair and Soul together, my two cute little babies.
I just love making them, cant wait to get the rest of the Soul eater gang done.

Next I'll be doing Digimon paper dolls

Blair template = [link]

Soul Template = [link]
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So its was high time I made a update on this collection of mine- I've gotten a fair amount of new stuff to show ^^ Sorry for the awkward spacing too in some places- not sure whats up with that and I can't seem to fix it. Oh well. So I TRIED to remember everything but theres a good chance I failed to mention some things. XD


GDW Japanese DVD's 9 and 11

CUSTOM (Commission) Kagetora Plush (By :devsariti)

CUSTOM (Commission) Gin Plush (By :devsariti)

CUSTOM (Commission) Tesshin Plush (By :devsariti)
CUSTOM (Commission) Akame Plush (By DarkPheonixChild)

Things I've gotten Since the Update-

Akame Plush (Small)

GNG New Edition- vol. 2

GNG Board Game (From 1986ish)

GDW Malaysian DVD (Full series)

GNG Small Brown Ben Figure
GDW (Offical) Japanese Dvd's vol 6,7 and 8 (Almost complete)
Bootleg Akame plush (Gift from a good friend) <3
Orion Mangas - 24 and 25 (With Obi)
GNG (First Edition) Mangas- Almost complete with these too- can't recall which ones I've acquired since this photo.
GDW Postcards (Offical) From Finland x3- have 4 total now.
CUSTOM (Commission) Key rings: Weed and Jerome (Doublesided) and Gin w/ Riki (Double sided) by Velvetloz
GDW Special book (Finally finished this set).
GNG newest Edition vol. 2

GNG Japanese Ads - Flyers x4

And I do believe that is it.......I could be wrong though D: I get so much stuff on a regular basis its hard to keep track of X_X

My husband decided he'd get me a decent bookshelf to display my Ginga Collection on since the bookshelf I had prior wasn't big enough and half of it was in boxes and such.
I'm glad that I now have a bookshelf big enough to properly display it. My Ginga collection is the largest among all the collections I have and I will stay that way- Currently Ginga is the only thing I'm collecting, since its expensive to do so- I've made up my mind and also came to the conclusion that, if I want my collection to get bigger I have to focus on it and nothing else. So there you have it. It was quite the productive brainstorm too since I've sold a lot of my other things to aquire a lot of the new stuff I've gotten/getting.

I do have the full set of GDW Manga (First Edition) 1-60. Though I only have 30 at the moment the other 30 are soon to arrive in the mail. I'm so excited to finally have this set done- i'm very happy that I can now move on and work on finishing the other sets. Like the Orion Series and Ginga Nagareboshi Gin first edition.

This collection took me a good 1 and half to 2 years to get this far- I started collecting in 2009 but didn't start doing so on a massive and more productive scale till 2011- And this is where it is now in 2013- I'm hoping to continue to make it bigger. I love this collection with all my heart. It really means a lot to me. I'm glad my husband had it in him to allow me to do this- since my collecting isn't one of his favourite things about me- I do have a sneaky suspicion that he actually LIKES my Ginga collection- since the entire time I was putting it together and setting it up on this bookshelf he kept coming into the room and saying "That is so cool!" And acting excited. Which is, let me say...rather UNLIKE him in all ways. It made me happy ^^ He has dubbed it the "Ginga Shrine" Since its more like one than a mere collection. I care not, its a shrine to be proud of XD At least in my eyes it is ^^

So without further a-do I shall ATTEMPT to recall and list the things in this photo and then list the things not yet received but coming shortly.

GDR- Ginga Densetsu Riki
GNG- Ginga Nagareboshi Gin
GDW- Ginga Densetsu Weed
GDWO- Ginga Densetsu Weed Orion

:star: Top Shelf :star:
Custom Yukimura plush
Custom Riki plush

Large Weed Plush
Large Kyoshiro Plush (W/Tag)
Small Weed Plush
Small Mel Plush (W/ Tag)
Small Ken Plush (W/ Tag)
Small Kyoshiro Plush (W/ Tag)
Small Weed Plush n.2
Small GB Plush (W/ Tag)
Small Jerome Plush :bulletorange: This guy was a GRAIL Achieved- ^^

Small Akame Plush :bulletblue: This guy was a GRAIL Achieved ^^

:star: 2nd Shelf :star:
GDW Special Selection - (Monkey Arc Compilation) COMPLETE (2 Books)- NEW For 2013-
Gajjou No Kettou Hen 1-3 COMPLETE (Sorry if I misspelled that) XD
GDW Specials 1-7 (Missing one book to complete)
GDW Special Tokubetsuhan
GDW 3rd Ed.- 13,18,19,20
GNG 4th Ed. Book 1,2,3,4 (2 and 4 are the Rare reprint series for the Release of the DVD Set)
GNG First Ed. 2,3,6,7,8,9,19
GDW AnimeCon Post Card
Creation Advance Mel Coaster
Creation Advance GB Coaster
Creation Advance Riki Coaster
Creation Advance Kagetora Coaster
Custom Thunder Bobble-head- Made by GingaFreak
Custom Chutora Figure- Made by GingaFreak
Custom Kurotora Figure- Made by GingaFreak

Custom Jerome Figure - Made by Gingafreak
Custom Yukimura Figure- Made by GingaFreak
GDW Figures- Rocket, Sasuke, Hiro, Mel, Kagetora, Kyoshiro, GB, Jerome, Weed, Blue Weed, Custom Riki (Painted Akame figure), Gin, Akame, John, Tesshin, Ken, George (All W/ Stands)

Custom Keyrings (Double sided) x2 - Gin/Riki and Weed/Jerome

:bulletred: I have doubles of ALL the figures Minus Blue Special Weed (Have only one of him- The Doubles do NOT have their stands- But some are on this shelf behind the mint condition ones. And some are on the very bottom shelf.

:star: 3rd Shelf :star:
GDW English Manga 1-3 (Complete)
GDW Weed Gaiden (Extra Manga)
GNG Special Edition- Finish (Has small Gin Gallery)
GDW First Ed. 60 Books (Completed set)
GDWO- 1,2,3,4,8,9,10,11,12, 14,19,20,24 and 25
GNG First Ed. 1-13, 15 and 18 (Almost complete)
GNG Prism Sticker- Mint on Cardboard backing- Ben & Akame Sparkle
GDW OST Single- (Has Opening and Ending Themes)
Weed Picture (Not Offical)
GDW Pachinko Instruction Booklet (Small)
Custom Weed Figure- painted LPS Husky- Made by me (Needs to be finished)
Creation Advance GDW Tumbler Cup
Custom Kai brothers Figures (Chutora, Akatora and Kurotora)- Made by GingaFreak
Custom GB Figure- Made by GingaFreak
Custom Kagetora Figure- Made by GingaFreak
Custom Tesshin Figure- Made by GingaFreak
Custom Harutora Figure- Made by GingaFreak
Custom Riki Figure- Made by GingaFreak
GDW Figures (Bad Guys)- Blue, Sniper (Murder S), Hougen, Kamakiri, Kaibutsu, Extra Blue Weed figure N.2

:star: 4th Shelf :star:
GDW Art- Book (Gengashuu) w/ Poster
GDW Weed World vol. 3 (Has Mel Papercraft and Mousepad)
GDW Weed World vol. 4 (Has Jerome Papercraft - 2 Postcards and Bookmark)
GNG 5th Ed. Vol. 2 (W/ Poster
GNG 5th Ed. Vol. 1 - Wolf Saga- (W/ Poster)
GNG 2nd Ed. Vol. 9
GNG 8th Ed. Vol. 5 and 6
GNG Shin Gaiden Remix
GNG Shin Gaiden 1 & 2
Anju No Jiromaru Manga
GDW My Dog My Weed
GDW Battle Book (Retsuden) *Two of these- one going for trade*
GDR- Japanese
GDR- Finish Special Edition
GDR 2nd Ed.
GNG 3rd Ed- 3 & 4
GDW Battle Book
GNG Meteor Gin Battle Book w/ poster
GNG Trading Cards- 15,40,42
GDW Photo
GDW Empty Figure Boxes
GNG Collection Sticker Envelope (x4 / x10 stickers not pictured)
GNG Special Sticker Card/Backing/Case
GDW x5 Plush Tags
Custom GNG Kurotora Pin- Made by GingaFreak
GNG Special Stickers x7 W/ Envelope (x7 Envelopes not pictured- only one pictured that holds the stickers)
GDW Doujinshi "Jump"
GNG EP Record *Tomorrow* - GRAIL Achieved*
GNG Book Mark Stickers x7 w/ Envelope
GDW Advertisement booklet/leaflet (I have about 15 different ones)- only this one is on display
GNG Standing Magnet Figures- Riki, Great, Ben, Gin and Hyena
GNG Figures- Small Silver Riki, Small White Gin, Small Bronze Ben, Small white Oliver, Small Silver Kurotora, Large D.Brown Moss, Large D. Brown Sniper, Large D. Brown Musashi, Large Silver Cross (Total of 9 figures currently)
GNG Magnets x2 in Envelope (x3 envelopes in all- only one pictured)- Kai Brothers, Gin
GNG Special Stickers x4 (x3 Envelopes in all- only one pictured)

GDW Malaysian Dvd- Full series

:star: 5th Shelf :star:
GDW Studio Sheets- x60- 3 of which are Originals The rest copies
GNG Studio Sheets (Riki, Fuji w/ Pups, Kisaragi son, Pup Gin, Kai Brothers, Bill) Copies
Custom GDW T-shirt
Creation Advance Large Poster/Towel
Creation Advance Small Poster/Towel
GNG Japanese VHS- 1&2 (Complete)
GDW Swedish Set Dvd (Complete)
GNG Swedish Set Dvd (Complete)
GDW Swedish Dvd BoxSet w/ booklet
GDW Swedish Dvd Boxset (4 disc) - Complete
GDW Finish Dvd Boxset
GNG Swedish Dvd vol. 4
GDW Japanese Dvd 1-5
GDW Taiwanese Dvd vol. 1
GNG Hungarian Dvd Set (Complete)
GNG Bookmark sticker case/Backing
GDW Pachinko Booklet w/ Poster (Large)
Custom Tesshin Statue- Made by Darkpheonixchild
:bulletblue: Extra (Doubles) of GDW Figures -

GNG Board Game (Official) - Mint/ Complete and sealed- Never played

Bootleg Akame Plush from China (Gift)

Stuff NOT Pictured- Sasuke Papercraft, GB Papercraft, Mel, Papercraft, Jerome Papercraft, Weed Papercraft (Copies)- GDW Picture Prints, GNG Collection stickers, x7 empty Figure boxes GDW, Bootlegged GDW and GNG Dvd Sets- English subbed FULL Series.

Other stuff on shelf- Wolf's rain OST 1 and 2 (Bootleg), Wolf's Rain OST - Offical Bandai, Custom Toboe and Tsume figures (made by Gingafreak), Custom painted Kiba and Tsume Figures (Made by me), Monster Rancher Tiger, Green tiger, Gray wolf figures, Wolfs Rain Mangas 1 & 2. And Chi's Sweet Home figures- and Japanese Cat eraser from a friend.

And that's pretty much it from what I recall- And no None of this stuff is or ever will be for sale.
I do plan to finish off and complete all the sets at some point. And I plan to aquire all the plushies in the small size too. Also I'm after the GNG Board Game.

Photo (c) *DunkinUchiha

NOT for free use- Thank you-

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Hey! Bonsoir les gens!!
Chocolat chaud, paresse, week-end... C'est délicieux!
Ça me donnait envie de vous poster une nouvelle photo de mes Lucky Stars! Parce que ce cliché est plein de soleil, de bonne humeur et de joie!

©Murasaki Orchid - Cette image appartient à Murasaki Orchid! Il ne faut pas copier le travail d'un artiste. Il contient tout sa vie!


Hey! Good evening people!
Hot chocolate, laziness, weekend ... It's delicious!
It made ​​me want to show you a new photo of my Lucky Stars! Because this shot is full of sun, good humor and joy!

©Murasaki Orchid - This picture belongs to Murasaki Orchid! Don't copy the work of an artist. It contains all its LIFE!
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-Ginga Densetsu Weed 1-60 (first edition) complete
-Ginga Nagareboshi Gin 1-18 (first edition) complete
-Ginga Densetsu Weed Orion 1-19 not complete
-Ginga Densetsu Weed Figures (21) complete
-Ginga Densetsu Weed Tumbler bottle
-Ginga Densetsu Weed Studio Sheets x34 (in blue binder w/ advertisements)
-Ginga Densetsu Weed Artbook
-Ginga Densetsu Weed & Ginga Nagareboshi Gin iphone 4 cases (not official)
-Ginga Densetsu Weed English vol. 1,2,&3
-Ginga Densetsu Weed Gaiden
-Ginga Shin/GNG Gaiden vol.1&2
-Extra GDW mangas vol. 37&48
-Ginga Legend Weed Battle Book
-My Dog My Weed
-Ginga No Inochi/Inutachi
-Weed World vol.1
Ginga Densetsu Riki
-GDW & GNG mugs (not official)
-Akame and Kyoushiro plushies (not official)
-Meteor Gin (GNG guide book)
-Anju to Jiromaru
-Ginga Nagareboshi Gin 3rd edition (complete)
-GDW figure box

so this is my updated Ginga collection^^ i got all the new stuff for Christmas and i was somehow able to fit everything onto my tiny shelf (which used to hold a bunch of DVDs but i cleared it all out so i could put the Ginga stuff on it) :3

the plushies are bootleg, they aren't official, nor are the mugs and iphone cases but they are all well made, and i still love them:)

i'm happy i finally got that frickin' blue Weed!! it's been three years so i guess it's time i got him^^ but from the ones i've seen on Ebay (the only place i shop) he can cost up to $30 not including shipping,....for a one inch tall little figure...i know he's rare but C'MON!

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