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"My family went to Norway, and all I got was this friggin' balloon :|"

Another shot from Bergen, Norway (you'll probably see a couple more ;)). This time, I caught a little brat, being mad because his parents got him a balloon instead of a PSP.

Ahh, you gotta love the youth of today.

(PS: I have a soft spot for balloons, so that's not the last one you'll see either :lmao:)


Because I have a soft spot for children. And balloons. Mix the two, and you got me chasing this kid down the street to get a clear shot (I'm not kidding, I got *crazy1ady as my witness). Then, when I finally caught up with him, I kneeled in the middle of the street and waited for him to notice me. He did. Several times. This being the last, when he was clearly annoyed with me! The Street Photography contest says I need to tell what motivated me to make the photo... Well, to be honest - I didn't think about making it. There is no time to think in cases like this - just act.

I guess it was all in the moment. A moment, I'm glad I didn't think twice about before shooting.

Where and when taken:
Bergen, Norway - August 24th, 2006.

Technical info:
Camera: Canon EOS 350D
Lens: Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8
Shutter speed: 1/320 second
Aperture: f/3.2
ISO: 100

- Simply Channel Mixer to convert to black and white
- Curves for contrast
- Slight dodge and burn to certain areas
- Vignetting
- No cropping, straight from camera

- - - - -

Print: [link]
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For your information.

Original design, on top.

But , the lower part is the corrected size of 10x12 inches, I don't have references for the size of the shirt but I think its a good aproximate.

My entry to the contest :)

Vote for me!! :heart:

Design is mine, like the other two desings I submitted already, its a hand made fractal, because I don't know how to use fractal programs, I made a basic shape and then calculated the angle and size to make a spiral.

I'm not kidding.
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this my 2nd design for Okami Fan Art Contest
i hope you like it. ^_^
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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Based on Prophecy of Cetanu: Predator Apocalypse Storyline written by Mike Loh. You can read here: [link]

These are for sale on Etsy: [link]

These are the faces of our Apocalypse. Each representing an end to our existence. Pale Green Death, the White Horsemen representing the Conqueror, Famine in Black and Blood Red War.

This is what the Apocalypse means to me and these are the various path that lead us to our Doom!

Each of the four Masks are custom made and hand sculpted. Each are molded then cast in Resin Fiberglass.

All are hand painted with Airbrush using model paints.

Mask artist: Michael Loh :iconuratz-studios:
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You KNOW I can't resist this kind of crap.

I drew the first a little over four years ago. I've grown up since then, so my drawing grew up with me.

oh btw here's the link to the old one: [link]
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The clack of glass quietly echoed through the cramped, disheveled alley. This was a favorite district for young, travelling businessmen. From the outside, acid neon lights tried to squeeze their way into what was little more than a long hallway of brick and refuse. The droning sounds of bass and club-goers barely penetrated the alley's thick, masoned defenses.

The Salesman found more success persuading customers to allow him to demonstrate his wares here. Stumbling patrons dizzy from drink, music, and women were much easier to entertain with his "curiosities" than the children had been. Their faces were never shaped right.

Controller parasites were a means to an end, nothing more. He didn't fully understand them but they responded to his commands with ease. There was but one way to ensure delivery and, though not at first, it grew easier with every customer. He was pursuing a greater goal but for now, right now, it was all about amassing customers. Never more than one at a time of course; any more and the influence of the crowd normally won out. It had to be a person who hadn't realized they were alone yet. He would talk comforts to them, ensnare them with wonder, and promise more than he had the ability or intention to deliver.

Still the sound of glass clacking quietly echoed. He rose. Something like a smile, tinged with pride, briefly flashed over his lips. His latest customer had been slumped back against the brick wall but now worked to raise himself to full height, filth staining his collared shirt. There was never much blood when the jars were jammed into the customers ruddy faces. The controller parasite would quickly follow its instincts, settling into the place where a face had once been like a hermit crab in a new shell.

The Salesman pulled out a wet hunk of something that resembled ribbed cartilage. It glistened and made a cracking, squishing sound as he squeezed it. Liquid ran down the length of his forearm, gathering at and dripping from his elbow. The customer, reacting as if politely asked, followed as the Salesman made his way back, deeper into the alley, away from what little light struggled to illuminate the entrance.

Another loyal customer, he thought. Another addition to the plan.
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I Love Museum! :D

Adobe Photoshop CS 3
Wacom Intuos 3

please dont use/copy/reproduce/print without my permission, thanks!

Step by Step: [link]

WOW! my 3rd DD! Thank you so much to :iconchocorroles: and :iconatramina: for DD! It's really brighten up my day! :D
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modified for multi screen *rawks out*

please let me know what you think :)

2560x1024 only, otherwise by request . . . or even better could someone tell me how to upload a pack of WPs? thanks!
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Mutant Undead - Don't Smoke.
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It's tragic.

And he was only five, the poor thing.


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